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Appalachian State University[]

Canceled due to lack of funding.

Arizona State University[]

Auburn University[]

Broad Institute[]

  • Rejection [18/03]

Brown University[]

8 candidates selected in Feb, 2011

Cal Poly Pomona[]

California State University, Fresno[]

California State University, Fullerton[]

California State University, Northridge[]

hear anything?

Carnegie Mellon University[]

interviews start in late Feb, still interviewing till early April, 2011

College of Charleston[]

position filled 4/11

College of the Holy Cross, MA[]

  • Informed of being on short list 01/10/2011.

Columbia University[]

  • Rejection e-mail (Apr. 13)

Duke University[]

  • Rejection notice Feb 2011. 400 application received, short list decided.
  • Rejection notice 15Feb.


  • Rejection notice 18-Feb 2011.

Florida International University[]

Furman University[]

  • Campus interview scheduled.


  • Last candidate Interview was Mid March, 2011.
  • Any offer made? Any accepted?

Georgia Tech[]

Harvard University[]

Imperial College London[]

  • Rejection [Feb 2011]

James Madison University[]

Loyola, MD[]

  • Phone Interview Jan 2011.

Loyola University Maryland - Clare Boothe Luce Professor[]

Manhattan College[]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology[]

  • EECS : Rejection [21/03]
  • Media Lab: Interview in Feb and March. All done.


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Missisipi State[]

  • Rejection Email on 01/19/2011

New College of Florida[]

  • Posted: June 1, 2011
  • Deadline: July 1, 2011
  • Job start: August 7, 2011
  • Visiting Assistant Professorship
  • 1 year, with possible renewal
  • Teaching load: 2&2

New Mexico State University[]

New York University[]

  • any news?


  • Got a short-list email in Dec. 2010.
  • Reference letters requested on 7th Feb.
  • Offer made in March.

Northeastern Univ.[]

Oglethorpe University[]

  • Phone interview 01/04/2011.
  • In-person interview day 02/01/2011.

Ohio State University[]

Rice University[]


San Francisco State[]

  • Rejection [Jan 2011]

South Carolina State University[]

Stevens Institute of Technology[]

  • Onsite Interview Invitation (Feb. 25)


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Texas State University - San Marcos[]

TTI Chicago[]

  • Several interviewees selected

Univ. of California - Irvine[]

  • Any news?

Univ. of California - Los Angeles[]

Univ. of California - Riverside[]

  • Any news? (not so far [18/03])

Univ. of California - San Diego[]

Univ. of Chicago[]

  • Faculty candidate interviews in January and February.

Univ. of Connecticut[]

Rejection email 4/29/2011

Univ. of Florida[]

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Univ. of Houston[]

Interviews announced

Univ. of Maryland[]

  • Rejection email 2/14/2011

Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst[]

  • Interview request, late January.

Univ. of Michigan[]

Univ. of Michigan - Flint[]

Univ. of Minnesota[]

Univ. of Nigeria Nsukka[]


Univ. of North Carolina at Asheville[]

Position filled 3/11

Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[]

Univ. of Rochester[]

  • Several interviewees selected

Univ. of Southern California[]

Univ. of South Florida Polytechnic[]

Univ. of Utah[]

  • Interview request, early Feb.

Univ. of Washington[]

Univ. of Waterloo[]

  • Interview request, early Feb.

Univ. of Wisconsin[]

  • Several interviewees selected

University of West Florida[]

University of West Georgia[]

Tenure track closed unfilled, Visiting position available.

UT Arlington[]

  • search is complete and offer is made. 3/25/2011

UT El Paso[]

  • search has been cancelled. No hire this year. 3/21/2011

UT Eau Claire[]

  • Skype interview scheduled on 01/10/2011.

UT ST Marcos[]

  • Phone interview 02/2011

Valdosta State University[]

Position filled 4/11

Virginia Commonwealth University[]


  • Onsite interviews scheduled (Jan)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute[]

  • Rejection Email on 01/04/2011.

Wayne State University[]