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2010-2011 JOBS:[]

(please list school, job type/sub-speciality, deadline)

American University in Cairo (TT cultural) Nov 15[]

Informational interview scheduled at AAA on Nov 18 Skype interviews will be scheduled in Jan. Video interview scheduled in Jan. by email (12/13) There is an internal candidate, FYI. Q: Just wondering how/where you heard that? Offer expected to be made in about 2 wks. (1/3) ...then there was a revolution

American University, DC, 7 Tenure tracks - Deadline Sept 15**[]

Short lists made for some of these positions, but not all (11/2) Q: Wondering which ones and also if you could let us know how you know what you know. A: I am not the original poster, but I found info on the poli sci jobs wiki which indicates that the Transnational Crime, Terrorism, Corruption" and "International Organizations and Global Governance" positions have scheduled job talks. I applied for both and have heard nothing. The posts on the poli sci list aren't dated. (11/8) A: I am the poster who made the short list comment. I am at a DC school and get the announcements, clearly labeled "job talks," and can confirm that job talks are scheduled for the transnational crime, international politics, global environmental policy, international communications, and Korean studies positions (11/15). For what it is worth - and maybe this will make folks feel better - out of the 10 or so announcements for job talks I have seen, not a single one features an anthropologist (all political scientists except for one sociologist and one communications scholar, I believe). SIS is a very political science heavy program so this is not too surprising.

Antioch College (TT cultural anthropology)[]

-received confirmation of submission/diversity survey via USPS (dec 4) -me too -any movement? (02/07) -haven't heard a word (2/7) - received phone call asking if still interested in the position. candidates to bring in for interview must be cleared by president before confirmation (2/16)

Appalachian State University (Non-TT cultural anthro)[]
Arizona State University, (2 TT Asst Prof, Justice Studies), Nov 29[] - Received diversity survey (12/16)

Arizona State University[]

•Lecturer, Barrett Honors College • •Qualifications: A PhD in any field of social sciences, (including interdisciplinary and area studies, e.g. African American studies), or natural sciences (including interdisciplinary programs, e.g., environmental science), is required. Applicants with specialties in Asia, Africa and Latin America and/or whose teaching and research engages diverse perspectives and contributes to knowledge about our multicultural society are particularly encouraged. Experience leading discussion seminars is desirable. •Deadline: March 4, 2011

Austin Community College (Anthropology)[]

Anyone heard anything? (02/07) Yes, scheduling interviews (2/7) Campus interviews scheduled for mid Feb

Baruch College at CUNY[]

Materials received mail Materials rec'd letter and applicant pool (diversity) survey, stated review begins Nov 1. (10/19) Job search cancelled If so, I'd like to request letters of apology to my 3 referees for wasting their time.(X5) Can you tell us how you know the search was cancelled? Did you talk with the department directly? A:I am not the same person above but when I saw this, I wrote the chair of the search committee. He confirmed. He mentioned that the search might be announced next year but there is no guarantee. General query: Why do some schools insist on torturing people and soliciting letters from hundreds of applicants? Totally uncalled for. I wish this was a clever ruse to diminish the applicant pool. The position is no longer on their HR page, but it is an easy app, might as well send it in if you were planning to since there hasn't been an official statement yet. It's not, the search is definitely cancelled; I too communicated with one of the search committee chairs. She apologized profusely for the inconvenience. Happens all the time, their tenure track line was taken away by the university. Received official letter stating that search was cancelled and the chair was "frustrated" "embarrassed" and full of "chagrin"(11/1) I got my letter today (11/3) and appreciate the time it took and the sentiment it expressed. Still, sucks to have required references in advance for nothing. I am glad most jobs aren't doing that. I wonder how many applicants there were...

Bowdoin College (TT; Indig Peoples N America), Oct. 30[] Request for references (10/18), x2 (10/28) I wonder if they just automatically requested references? In my 5 years on the market, that has never been the case. See the UPenn comments below. Automated requests do now happen with applications being accepted on-line. That's true. The Bowdoin requests weren't automated and came with requests for addt'l materials. Well, my references were contacted, but I did not receive a request for add'l materials. Guess that means I'm out. Campus visits scheduled (Dec 3) Not true. They were automated; they just didn't seem like it. Nice to make yourself feel better, though, when your refs say that were contacted...sigh Offer made and accepted (via mail), 1/10

Boston University (TT; Cultral Anth), Nov. 1[]

diversity survey received request for more materials 11/12 Rejection received by email 12/3 (x2) Question for person who received rejection email: had you heard anything between being asked for more materials and that email? (i.e. was there a round of phone interviews or anything?). Curious because I'm still waiting to hear anything . . . sorry about your rej. email! Job talks are scheduled - they are listed on their web site.

Brown University (American Indian Studies), August 2010[]

AMERICAN INDIAN STUDIES at Brown University Brown University's Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America (CSREA) announces a tenured position at the associate or full level in American Indian Studies. We are seeking an interdisciplinary scholar with grounding in the humanities or social sciences whose work in the field will contribute to the study and teaching of race and ethnicity at Brown. Of particular interest are applicants whose work includes the study and practice of public scholarship, such as museum studies, ethnographic filmmaking, or public history or anthropology. The appointment will be shared between CSREA and the department appropriate to the candidate's educational background and primary field of research, including but not limited to American Civilization (including Public Humanities), Anthropology, English, or History. Appropriate candidates may also be appointed as a curator at Brown's Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, a teaching museum with extensive Native collections. We welcome applicants whose research focuses on Native American/ American Indian/Native Alaskan topics. A Ph.D. and publications and teaching experience appropriate to a tenured appointment at a research university are required, as is a commitment to teaching excellence at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Brown University is an EEO/AA employer.

To apply, please submit a letter, a complete c.v., and the names of at least five distinguished scholars who can provide references to: Profs. Evelyn Hu-DeHart and Steven Lubar, co-chairs, American Indian Studies Search Committee, CSREA, Box 1886, 150 Power St., Brown University, Providence, RI 02912. Review of complete application will begin on December 15, 2010, and continue until the position is filled. Inquiries are welcome. Please e-mail Prof. Evelyn Hu-DeHart, Director, CSREA, at, or Steven Lubar, Director, Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, at

Q - Has anyone heard anything?

California College of the Arts (Ethnography)[]

-Has anyone heard anything? (02/07) Received a diversity form in the mail last week sometime, but otherwise not a word. (2/8) Phone interview scheduled via email (2/18)

Cal Poly Pomona (TT Asst Prof) Dec. 1[] All materials may be sent via the email address provided, except for the official transcript. I just emailed to ask because it is not clear in the advertisement. Is it me or are the materials required for application for this job insane? It is not just you. Yikes. I guess that is one way to avoid 500 applications. Indeed. In particular, 5 referees is a LOT to ask from a freshly minted PhD. Affirmative Action Form received (11/22) Yes, I know many who refused to apply simply because of the excessive applications... Any word? interviews? request for more info? rejection letters? (2/7) Search is still open (2/10) Any info on their timeline?

California State University-Fresno (TT Asst Prof Cultural Anthropology)[]

Interviewing at AAAs Q. Has anyone heard anything since the AAA interviews? A: Nothing since my AAA interview (12/14) Campus visit scheduled (12/22) Campus visit postponed Received word that search has been canceled due to budget problems. Ditto above - campus visit cancelled - causality of CA budget cuts (2/6)

California State University-Northridge (TT Asst Prof Joint Anth/Geography) - Review Begin Oct 15[] Materials Rec'd letter Phone interviews scheduled & request for add'l materials (11/8) Inside Job What does "inside job" mean? Internal candidate? Where did you get this info? Really worried about how CA budget cuts might affect all CSU hires this year, next year... awful Rejection letter by USPS (1/21) said they had "lots of applicants", invited "small number to campus"

Colby College (One-year sabbatical replacement, Int'l Studies- human rights/anthro)Nov. 1[] request for AAA interview (11/12) x3 (does anyone know if these two jobs at Colby are related?) A: I don't think so... I do not work in Latin America and I got an interview for this one? Received post-interview follow-up email, and request for specific add'l materials Invitation for campus visit/teaching+research presentation (12/13)(X2)

Colby College (one-year faculty fellow, Anthropology - sociocultural/Latin America) Nov. 1[] Request for AAA interview via email (11/5) x3 Request for specific additional materials at AAA interview (11/18). Email acknowledging they received these materials (11/30). Invitation for campus visit/job talk (12/10). Q: When are these scheduled for? A: Mid-february to the end of the month.

College of the Atlantic (Full-Time, Mid-level) Rvw. begins Sept. 22.[]

Link: Q=Anyone know the final word on what happened last year? Is this the exact same search (and what happened to the previous finalists?) A=This is essentially the same search as last year (funding/timing issues of the search). The previous finalists were sent a very kind letter and, at least this one, will be applying for the position again! Note that they have an adjunct teaching there now who fits the job description pretty neatly! -Yes, but I have seen so many situations in which everyone including the adjunct thinks that the adjunct will be the hire and they end up hiring someone else... I think the description is so broad it fits many of us nicely :) -Is it the same search? Last year it was for an assistant, yes? this year seems to be for associate or full. a=it's the same position advertised last year. The school doesn't have designations like 'assistant' or 'full' professor (check out the school's website for more information) -materials received e-mail (9/20) -friend had phone interview last week (10/7) Anyone else get a phone interview? A: Yes, the same week as the person mentioned above. No word since then. Heard from a colleague that an offer has been made (11/11) Wow, could be the 1st offer of the season - congrats! I went in for a campus interview in October. I'm wondering if the offer has been accepted yet. Thanks. Offer accepted

College of William and Mary (Asst Prof, Joint Anthropology/ American Studies) Nov 29.[]

Link: -Additional materials requested (12/09) x4 -was the request for anything other than reference letters? (12/17) -Yes, I was asked to submit a statement of teaching philosophy, syllabus, teaching evaluations, and academic writing samples (x5). -Telephone interview scheduled (01/25) x5 -Any word about on campus interviews? (2/16) - invited for on-campus interview in late February (2/17)

College of Wooster (visiting Asst Prof) Jan 10[] Received e-mail that application was complete (1/12) Received e-mail with Affirmative Action form (1/19)x2 Email request for course evaluations (1/20) Invitation for Campus Visit/Job Talk (02/03)

Colgate University (Tenure stream Asst Prof) Oct 1[] This job posting seems to have been removed from the AAA site. a=Unless colleges continue to pay to have their job posting included in the AAA website, it will be removed eventually. This does not necessarily mean the job has been cancelled. That's why it's always a good idea to either print out or digitally save the job postings as soon as you see them. a=agreed. still here, too: -materials received letter/ diversity form (via USPS) 10/5 (x4) (11/2) x1 - invitation to campus visit/job talk 11/5 x1 -Wow, moving fast. Just wondering for those invited to campus what your geographic area is? -I have a hunch there might be an inside candidate. -I believe the inside candidate is not being considered for the position. Anyone know if an offer has been made yet? Yes, offer made (12/7) and accepted. Rejection via email ("received three times the usual number of applicants") 1/27

Cornell University (Open-Rank) Sep 30[] Materials rec'd email (10/7) (x13) Request for further information (11/5)(x4) Q: has the SC scheduled any AAA interviews yet? A: i haven't received word of an AAA interview, but gave them contact details when i am at the AAA and told them my availability. AAA interview (11/20)(x3) Campus visit scheduled (12/10) (x5) Any news anyone?

Cornell University (2 positions - Joint with Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (FGSS) Nov 1[] Materials rec'd email (10/29) Request for materials (12/2)x3 Q:Do you mind saying what kind of materials and if you were given a deadline? A:Just a one sentence email requesting my dissertation. No deadline given. A2:They requested I send an additional writing sample. No deadline either. Campus visit scheduled (12/10)x4 Any news anyone?

Culinary Institute of America (Food Studies)[]

-any updates on this one? (02/07)

Denison University (3 year, visiting, Soc/Anth dept)[]

AAA interview requested (11/5) AAA interview requested via email (11/5) x3 Request for Materials/Letters sent out to 12 finalists (02/09)

Denison University (TT Asst Prof, Soc/Anth dept) Oct 4[] Three sociologists have been interviewed. (11/17/2010) Email reporting search closed without hire, will re-open search next year (1/25/2011)

Denison University (TT Asst Prof, Environment)[] Snail mail letter received acknowledging receipt of application; will be contacted if there is further interest (11/10). Request for letters of reference 11/8 Campus interview scheduling in process 11/22 Anyone contacted yet for on-campus invites? 11/30 Yes, scheduled for early December. Thought so. Good luck!

Duke University (TT Asst Prof, Med) Oct 1[]

Materials rec'd email (10/8) X5 invitation to interview at AAA extended via email to 10 people on the long shortlist. Requested second writing sample (11/9) shortlist created (12/13) Rejection email (1/27)

East Tennessee State (TT Asst Prof) Nov 2[] wow. this is a confused/confusing call for candidates (environmental, Native Am Studies, visual media, and religion... and 4 years of teaching)

Elon University (TT Asst Prof Anthropology, Medical/Applied) Dec 3[] Materials received letter (via USPS) (10/11) (10/18) (via email 10/22; 11/3, 11/4) Letter that search committee plans to interview at AAA meetings (X4, contacted to schedule as per letter) (10/27) [clarification: does this mean that they've already scheduled interviews for AAA?]A: Yes; of course, I'm not sure if this means they've scheduled ALL those they plan to. My letter just asked me to schedule a slot with them. (x2) Q: Are they interviewing everyone who applies? They just got my app yesterday and sent a letter the same day to schedule an interview. This leads me to think they are just interviewing everyone who will attend the AAAs? A: Probably - many schools use the AAA interviews to narrow their applicant pool; sometime others only will see candidates on their long short-list, but this is less common A: I got the materials received letter, but nothing about an AAA interview, so maybe some of you ARE on a long short-list. Congrats! Materials received letter & diversity form by email (sent by dep't admin). No mention of AAAs, but honestly this email had to have been sent a mere hour or two after my packet got there. I wonder if they used up all of their AAA spots already(11/5) A: They received my app a few days ago (~11/3) and I rec'd a materials-received letter with a note that they had one slot open at AAA's. So I suspect that they gave slots on a first-apply basis. Email announcing long-short list of candidates, and requesting rec letters by Feb. Search committee reconvenes in early Feb. to determine phone interview-candidates (if candidates weren't interviewed at AAAs) and then short list of 3 candidates for campus visits (12/8 ; updated 1/31) x1 Rejection via email (2/11) (x2) Skype interview to be scheduled sometime after Feb 10 (2/1) Q: Have these been scheduled? Skype interview 2/18 x2 Do the above Skype interviewees know when they plan to extend invitations? Campus invites, anyone

Florida International University (TT Asst Prof, gender and sexuality) Feb 15 postmark[]

Franklin and Marshall (TT Asst Prof (2), Lang and Culture and Med Anth), Nov 5[] Materials received letter in the mail, personally signed by Chair, nice touch! (10/23) x6 Letter reported that search committee plans to interview at AAA and campus interviews will be held in Feb/March. The chair noted that they have a good track record in keeping searches "efficient." Good sign. AAA interviews anyone? F&M has Saturday 9:00-1:00 reserved at the placement center ( ) So they will presumably interview 12-16 people. AAA interview scheduled for Friday (11/12) x3 AAA interview for Saturday (x?) Requested additional materials for next round candidates (x2). Can you say when this request came, and how? Also, was it for only one of the positions, or both? A=it came earlier this week via email. I don't know which position. Campus visit scheduled (1/15) Rejection letter received by mail, stating that 2 hires have been made. (3/24)

Gettysburg College (1-yr sabbatical-replacement)[] Request for additional materials by Feb. 28th, after which hope to move quickly to a short list (2/10)

Hobart and William Smith Colleges (TT Asst Prof, applied/public policy) Nov 1 (review begins)[] Materials rec'd email and diversity survey (10/25)x2 (11/4) Contacted by phone for AAA interview (11/12) x5 Committee expects to make short list asap and invite candidates out in Dec. 5 Candidates invited out for campus visits in December Have been invited or will be invited? (Not sure, I'm not the original poster, but the first two weeks of December are here, so no word is probably not a good thing. :( ) Offer made and accepted

Indiana University of PA (TT Asst Prof) Jan 2011 (review begins)[]

NB: Although the ad includes teaching Asia courses, the search is open to candidates working in areas besides Asia (email from dept. chair). AAA interviews conducted Anyone know what "Review begins January 2011" implies? It's Jan 6th - do you think one can still apply? In the ack letter, it says they will not begin review until late Jan (1/13) Anyone heard anything on this one yet? Nothing here(2/18). Ack. letter with request to fill out HR forms (2/19).

Iowa State University (TT Asst Prof, Political Anth) Oct 14[] Request for additional material (10/8) (10/21) Campus visit scheduled (11/10) Rejection email (1/20)

Loyola University Chicago (TT Asst Prof, Applied cultural) Dec 15[] Contacted by email for AAA interview (11/4)(11/11)x3 Q: Job ad states review of apps BEGINS Dec 15. Guess I missed out on this one for believing it! Oops. A: I noticed that they had a spot on the interviewing calendar so I pushed an app out (x2) (as I think I missed out on Elon for not getting it out earlier and am now being interviewed. You could always overnight an app if you want to be considered or apply on site.) A: AAA website says that Loyola is not accepting applications on site. The meatiest parts of the application are electronically submitted, so it might make sense to try to get those in over the weekend and send along the rest via mail soon. You can submit your supp. materials online or by mail - this is stated once you login to the online system (although job ad said to mail some elements separately). Short list decisions will be made in Jan. and candidates invited to campus in Feb. Request for letters (~12/15) Q: Was this a request for letters sent to the applicant, or to letter writers? Also, the app deadline was 15 Dec, so was this just part of the application process? Or did you apply earlier and then get a request for letters? Thx. A: I applied in Nov and my referees rec'd automated requests on 12/1 and I wasn't notified at that time. Update: Committee meets next week to determine long short-list of 10-20 to request add'l materials. Expect to interview 3-4 people in 2nd half of Feb possibly into early March depending on scheduling (1/14) Interview scheduled for mid-Feb by phone (1/29) x2 3 campus interviews will be completed by Feb 16th

Loyola Univ. Chicago (Instructor, Applied) Dec 15[] -Any word on this?? Campus interviews scheduled for end of Feb. (2/1)

Luther College, (TT Asst Prof, Environmental) Oct 25[]

Request for more materials (10/29), phone interview (11/1)x 2 On a very tight timeline. Hope to do campus interviews in Nov. and have this thing wrapped up by the end of the year. Campus interview scheduled. x2 Offer extended. Offer accepted 12/10

Marlboro College, Social Science/Writing Nov 12[]

Phone interview scheduled (12/30) Campus visit scheduled (1/20)

McGill University, Legal Anthropologist Nov 15[]

Instructions say to mail in the applications, but it says the writing sample should be in electronic format. Any ideas what they want here? A=all application materials can be submitted by email to the address in the job announcement. Updates anyone? I'm dying to know more about this one and the status of their search. A=search closed. Candidate selection in process. Diversity form received by email (11/29) (x3) Requests for more materials (refs and writing samples) 12/21 Campus visit scheduled (1/28)

Miami Dade College (Cultural Anthropology)[]

-any movement on this one? (02/07) -friend who applied sent email to dept. chair but no reply (02/07) -interviewed w/SC via Skyp; phone interview w/Dean (2/5?) -did they provide any details - e.g., how many candidates are they interviewing; what's the teaching load; are they doing campus visits; when do they hope to have a decision? (2/14)

MIT (Women's/Gender Studies in Middle East or North Africa) Dec 1[] Request for additional materials received. Q. Out of curiosity, what kind of materials? Q. What date did you get the request? I was asked to submit examples of my writing on December 15th and was told to submit them before January 3rd so the committee will have time to review them in the course of the month of January. The committee will then invite a few candidates to come to MIT for on-campus talks in February. Any news anyone?

NC State University Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar (Cult Anth), Mar 31[]

Has anyone been contacted about this position?

New Mexico State University (Asst Prof, Med Anth) Nov. 15[] Q: anyone heard anything at all about this one? A: Not a thing :( I haven't heard anything (including even just a confirmation receipt), but the department appears to have gotten a second line and has posted a search for an archaeologist (with the same materials requested and a 12/10 deadline). Letter confirming application/affirmative action survey; states timeline for review mid-November, hiring by February. Rec'd call to schedule phone interview next week (12/4)X3 Invited for campus visit (mid-Dec) Rejection letter received by USPS (1/10) On-campus interviews (x3) held early-mid Jan.

NYU Abu Dhabi campus, Sept 15[]
NYU Latin American & Caribbean Studies (CLACS), Jan 7[]

Request for additional materials (1/24) Any updates?

North Dakota State University (Cult Anth) Nov. 1[]

- email request for letters (11/03)x2 - phone interviews conducted (11/17)x2 - invitation for campus interview (11/23) - Offer made and will likely be accepted - Email notice that hire was made 2/11

Oakland University (Rochester, MI) (TT Asst Cultural) Jan 3[] Campus interview scheduled in early Feb (1/14) Committee plans to make offer around Feb 24th

Ohio State University (TT Asst Prof, Infectious Disease/Health specialization) Nov 1[] -materials received letter/diversity form (10/20 via USPS) -request for additional materials (11/12 via email)

Oregon State University (TT Asst prof, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Health & Social Justice)[] Quite possibly the least informative job posting ever on the AAA site?Agreed. I mean, where are we supposed to send our materials, e.g.? A: Here check this out - Q: Anyone heard about AAA interviews yet? They have a bunch of time blocked off... Q: Just curious... how many people got last-minute calls (or texts) for AAA interviews (x2)? And were these based on CV drop-offs (x2), or did anyone get an interview based on a full app submission? A: I applied online prior to AAAs and haven't heard anything, no interview, no contact period. (x2) It's a bit frustrating that those who just dropped CVs seem to have been at an advantage (same for Wheaton - see post below)? what does this mean? If the option exists, it's better to drop off CV at conference rather than apply ahead of time on line? A: I applied in Sept. and also dropped off a CV at AAAs (mostly b/c of confusion about the job posting, which was in Women's Studies. Had a brief interview and request for more info, not sure what the process is, but was told more decisions would be made in mid-Jan A: Email requesting phone interview in early January (12/20) x2 . Notifications will happen later this week for campus visits in late Jan/early Feb. Any word about on-campus interviews? A: I haven't heard anything about on-campus, and my phone interview was 1/7. So either everyone who got on-campus interviews doesn't check this wiki, or they haven't scheduled. But that's a bit surprising, since they said they'd be trying to bring folks out at the end of January and making a decisions in early Feb. (1/16) Invitation to campus interview for this one (they have multiple searches running) 1/19 (Congrats! If I may ask, were you notified by email or phone?) A: for the race/gender/health one - they called. The former search committee chair got tapped for an admin job, which may be why it took a while for them to notify people they'd interviewed by phone? Rec'd rejection email stating that they had chosen candidates for on-campus interviews (1/5) (This is getting confusing. Wasn't this for the other job, the Latino studies one?) rec'd email saying final candidates for campus visit were already informed and that the rest of the phone interview candidates remain in 'active status' They had some shuffling with the former search committee chair which is why it took a while (2/2) When are campus visits scheduled for?

Oregon State University (TT Asst/Assoc Prof, Local/Global Food Systems) 1 Dec[]

Candidates talks listed on the OSU School of Lang, Culture & Society website:

Oxford College of Emory University (TT Asst or Assoc Prof) Dec 1[] EO/AA form received (USPS) X3 AAA interview scheduled 11/12 - x3 Any word from AAA interviews on their timetable? Phone Interview scheduled 11/30 (x2) Anyone else get a phone interview? Did you hear about a timeline? Those who have phone interviews - did you also interview at AAA meetings? Yes (x2) No (x1) Letters requested from references 12/14 (x3) Short-list decided back in Dec. <-how did you find out if you made it? Have candidates been invited for campus visits? (2/5) Haven't heard anything yet. -campus visits scheduled for late Jan./early Feb. (02/07)

Oxford University-Keble College (Lecturer, Med Anth)Oct 20[] -Materials received email (10/12) (10/19 x2) - You did not make shortlist email (10/29 x5)

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (TT Sociocultural)[]

Portland State University (TT Asst Prof, Applied Med Anth, Latin America, Caribbean & Native N. America), Oct 31[]

Materials received email with detailed chronology of the selection process (10/4) x2 (10/19) x2 [I wish more SCs sent out emails like this one.] (10/21) (11/1) Not selected for preliminary interviews email :( (11/4) x7 [They received 80 apps and selected 13 candidates for prelim interviews] [Those don't seem like such bad stats to me. I was rejected too, but still find those numbers to be better than I expected!] Q: These odds were good, but none of us made it through, so here's a question. I'm an ABD med anth with diss Africa/applied Urban USA experience, so I didn't meet their geographical requirements. I'm wondering how many of you also a) did not meet their geographical requirements or b) are ABD? A: I'm a med anthro, PhD, met geographical requirements and also work in Africa, but no luck. A. I'm ABD med anth, applied experience, Latin America/U.S. but no luck (can I admit I was surprised?) A: Glad I wasn't the only one to bring this up. I'm ABD, med anthro (have MPH), applied exp. in U.S. and Latin America, Latin Am focus. No interview. Received request for preliminary interview at AAA (11/3) A: PhD, working on MPH, background in Caribbean, no interview (Previous respondent: did you mean 11/3 rather than 10/3?) A: I am not that person, but received a preliminary request (asking for 3 syllabi, 4 letters, etc) on 11/3 and a request to schedule an interview 11/8. A: PhD, background in US/Caribbean, med anthro/public health experience with Caribbean pop in US, no interview A: if the Reed people get together at AAAs to drown disappointments in drink, maybe we should join in? A: I applied to both jobs, do I get to have 2 drinks? A: invited for campus visit (11/30)

Purdue Univ (TT Asst, joint with Af Am Studies & Research Ctr) Nov 1[] Materials rec'd letter and diversity survey (10/19) Why were the comments posted here earlier deleted? Email received about AAA informal conversation. (11/11) x5 - Request for references sent to applicant via email 11/15 Email that they have "medium" list and will likely select finalists by next week (12/16) Did the email indicate if the recipients are on the medium list or not? A: If you received the email then you were not selected for the "medium list" Not appreciated that the email was cc'd to everyone on that list without any privacy for candidates - very unprofessional. I wrote to the administrator to complain, and she wrote me a very apologetic email. Of course, since she repeated her mistake with her "recall" email (Does she know how email works?)that still did not Bcc the names, I am unsure how apologetic she really is. Well I know where they can stick that pencil they gave me! -a second email the same day says they "would like to recall the message, 'Purdue Anthropology.'" Anyone know what that's supposed to mean? (12/17) Campus visit scheduled.

Quest University Canada (full-time Cultural Anthropology) Nov 1[] Automatic response to materials received-committee will begin reviewing applications on Nov 1 and "hope to have a short list of candidates ready by mid-November." (x2; also note, auto-response stated that only those candidates on the short list will be contacted, so I suppose whoever hasn't heard anything by 12/1 should probably presume that they're out of the running) I emailed my app on Nov 1st - it was received at 5:01 pm, and I got an auto-reply stating that they were no longer accepting applications as of 5 pm. I realize I was pushing it, but X#$@^ it would have been nice to know there was fixed hour-deadline beforehand. Phone interview in mid-November (x2) References contacted (x2) Offer made (Jan 2011)

Quest University Canada (full-time Global Studies) Nov 1[] Automatic response to materials received-committee will begin reviewing applications on Nov 1 and "hope to have a short list of candidates ready by mid-November."

Reed College (TT Asst Prof) Oct 18[] References contacted for letters (05 Oct) x4 (Oct 28) x2 Materials rec'd email (25 Aug) x1 (13 Oct) x2 (18 Oct) x3 (19 Oct) x2 - Anyone heard from them about a AAA interview? (11/3) - Request for ref letters (sent directly to writers) 10/29ish x1 - Request for AAA interview 11/7 x2 - How did you receive this request? E-mail/snail mail/phone? (Email) -Request for ref letters (sent directly to writers) 11/4 -So they already asked for interviews, but are still asking for recs from some people? This makes no sense. Do you think that means if our references were requested, but we weren't asked for a AAA interview, that we are being kept on some sort of a longer short list or is this timeline just strange? -There was some previous chatter about this that someone deleted, but I'm not sure what to think. I am one of the references requested/no interview people. I'm wondering if a college HR person was doing the initial screening/letter instead of someone on the SC. If so, the SC may not have ever been into some of us. I only say this because, an HR person sent me an email to get my referees moving more quickly and mentioned that the SC would be moving quickly. I hate feeling this depressed about going to New Orleans. (11/11) -I noticed that was erased b/c I was going to reply, but then it was gone. The chair of the Reed's Anthro Department emailed my referees. My advisors forwarded me the message to let me know that they had been asked for the letter. I am ABD and figure they got applications from many folks who have the degree in hand or who have been writing for quite some time. I feel happy that they liked my cover letter enough to ask for the refs. At least I got some attention! I guess one key to not getting depressed is to have low expectations... (11/11) - Thanks for replying. I am the slightly depressed previous poster and that makes me feel better. -Maybe all of us going to the AAAs with no interviews should have a beer together. Or if we all want to remain anon we can just agree on a time and sit down wherever we are and have a drink in honor of ourselves. Not that I can really afford a beer... but hey, life is short. Q: Has anyone who had an AAA interview with them heard anything since? Got a sense of their timeline? A: Received an email from interview chair requesting writing samples and syllabi (12/09/10) Any movement? - I also received request for more materials in December, and have still heard nothing. I know that this is the first week of their semester, so perhaps the committee will meet this week or next. They told me it would be a long wait. How many of us in this boat? (x2) - I know someone who had an interview last week and reports that s/he is one of four and two others had already been completed. (2/14)

Regis University (TT Asst, Anth or Soc) Dec 5[] Campus visits will be scheduled in early Feb. Email notification of advancing to next round. Candidates will receive a package by mail to complete additional questions due back by Jan 19th. Short list of 3 candidates will be decided by Jan 20th and interviews scheduled during first 3 weeks of Feb. (1/5)

Rhode Island College (TT Asst, Anthropology) Jan 7[] Letters requested from references (perhaps an automated request?) Good question Was this automated. Ref said was contacted in Nov but haven't heard anything... I uploaded letters to the online application site using Interfolio, so I'm guessing it was automated request for more materials (sample syllabus) (1/31) x3 campus visit scheduled for early March (2/19)

Rutgers (open rank, Caribbean Studies)[]

-any word on this search? (02/07)

Seattle University (TT Asst, Anthropology) Dec 1[] Q: any details known about this job? Are they strictly into candidates with SE Asia/Oceania specialization? A: There is a lecturer in the dept. who fits the job description pretty well. the department chair at seattle, jodi o'brien, is amazing AAA interview (11/14) x2 References contacted for letters (11/19) References rec'd automated request even though ad didn't specify sending letters for first round I don't like that my referees have to write letters if I'm not being considered; they received this automated request. What to do? A: I contacted them & they do not need letters until the next round. They begin screening apps this week, and will have a short-list in Jan (at which point they will request references). Rec'd email rejection (12/4) (x2) Rec'd Email rejection, but I was impressed because it was quite personalized and really nice. Letter mentioned that they will prob have to go with someone with SE Asia/Oceania specialization after all. (12/5) (x2)

Simon Fraser (IPinCH ethnographer) Dec. 15[]
Southern Oregon University (TT Asst Prof, Sociocultural) Jan. 31[] Rejection email (1/28)x2 (concluded initial round of selections) Phone Interview scheduled for 2/5 Referees contacted by phone (2/8) SC expects to complete search by end-Feb Campus visits scheduled (2/14)

Stanford University (TT Asst Prof, Med Anth) Nov 15[] Diversity form email (10/4) (11/3 x3) Somewhat amused by judicious use of all-caps in email to request reporting. AAA Interview (11/10 X 2) Request for letters of recommendation. Request was emailed directly to my referees (11/24) Not able to ask you for campus visit email (1/8)(X2) Rejection email (1/18) x5

Stanford University (TT Asst or Assoc Prof) Nov 15[] Diversity form email (10/26) x2 (11/3) x3 AAA Interview (11/8) x3 Any updates / contact? my friend told me they created a shortlist of 5 candidates, are currently doing campus visits. email rejection (1/13) - first time I heard this: they will send any app. materials you want back to you (a small consolation for the environmentally conscious) (x6) word is that an offer was made (2/14)

SUNY Oneonta (Asst Prof, Women/Gender & Africana/Latino Studies) Dec 1[] Contacted for phone interview for late January (12/30)

Swarthmore College (VAP Cultural Anthropology)[]

Campus Visit 2/7

Texas Tech University (TT Asst Prof) Review begins Jan 15[] Job #82678 NB: open to any specialization -any movement on this search? (02/07) E-mail announcing "long list" and requesting letters of reference (2/11) x2 Phone interview scheduled (2/16) x2

Tulane University - Zemurray-Stone Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellows[]

-open until filled; any news on this search?

Union College New York (Visiting Asst Prof, Cultural)[] application materials received (1/20) x2

University College London (Medical Anthropology, Lecturer)[]

Is there a link to a position announcement? I looked on their website and didn't see any post listed. Thx (2/16) Thanks so much!

University of Alaska (TT Asst Prof, Med Anthro) review begins Jan 15[]
University of Central Florida (TT Asst Prof) Rvw begins Nov 1[] Anyone heard anything? Anyone get AAA interviews? Crickets ever since I applied... (12/10) email stating that the job search has been cancelled (01/05)

University of Chicago (TT Asst Prof) Review begins Dec 1[]

Request for more materials (1/10) x4 - committee meets 1/24 to decide on short list -How did you hear this? (1/21) Campus interview scheduled (1/25) Five people invited to campus interview stage. 3 candidates already brought to campus, committee meeting to decide scheduled for beginning of March

University of Dayton (TT, South Asia or Latin America preferred) Reviews begins immed., closes Dec 1[] Arcane web upload instructions and they want *undergrad* transcripts too? Maybe the $45k will prove irresistible... Someone deleted my previous post...but $45k in the midwest isn't a bad salary. Compare cost of living there and other cities where the starting is $56k but rent, etc. is twice as much. Yeah, I suppose. I guess I just hate dredging up ten year old transcripts. This is a post with very high turnover in the last several years. In this market, any job is a good job, but as someone who ended up turning down their offer several years back after a chance meeting with the person I would have replaced, if you get an offer here ask for very clear guidelines on workload. Caveat emptor. Thanks for the information...this is good advice for anyone taking a position! Phone conversation/interview. Search chair called out of the blue to ask if they could contact my referees, then asked a few questions about my teaching and research, and talked up the department. Said they were down to a short-list of six and would send campus invitations by mid-Feb (2/1)

University of Delaware (TT Asst or Assoc Prof Medical Anthropology) Review begins Oct 15[] Med anthropologist Katherine Dettwyler has been adjuncting at U Delaware for several years. Curious to see if they are trying to give her a full-time gig. Perhaps, but they seem to be doing an awfully good job advertising this job. . . it's popped up in multiple locations, and I even received an email from the Search Chair herself (I presume this is because I'm a member of SMA, and/or on the AAA Career Center list). Hi, this is Kathy Dettwyler herself. I have been a Supplemental Faculty member at UD off and on since 2001, and hope to continue part-time for the foreseeable future, but the search for a medical anthropologist is not an attempt to "give me a full-time gig." Indeed, I did not apply for the full-time job. I am extremely happy teaching part-time, speaking at breastfeeding/lactation/nutrition conferences, writing books, and working at the local Great Harvest Bread Company making cookies and scones. I have wonderful colleagues here at UD, it's a great department, and a perfect place to live, a nice college town close to big cities. Partly because I don't have to attend faculty or committee meetings, or publish according to someone else's demands and timetables, I have a new cultural anthro introductory textbook coming out in January 2011 from Waveland Press. I am really looking forward to having a new colleague who is a medical anthropologist. I'm not on the search committee, and indeed not a regular member of the faculty, so I have no say in who they pick, but rest assured this is a real job. A: Thanks for the input + clarification - good to know! Now I would like to find out everything about how one might "get" the position you have. Sounds like a great balance. (agreed...way to go, KD!!) "Making cookies and scones"-just beautiful! -Materials received (10/11) (x2) Q: does the inclusion of an email address imply that we can email the materials? Anyone know, before I write them? A: I inquired. They want the materials (and letters of rec) to be submitted via BOTH email and snail mail. Request for more materials (10/29)(x2) (was this request via mail, tel, or email?) A: The request was via email. I also got the request for more materials. Personally, I think the request is ridiculous. They want publications or if ABD, entire dissertation, teaching philosophy, sample syllabi, course evals, statement of proposed courses, statement of discovery/service learning, list of grants that you will transfer, statement of inter-college research and teaching, and anything else. I've never been asked for all of this with a turnaround time of one week. Wow. This just about killed me this past week. Ended up sending well over 100 pages of stuff. (A: I hate to admit it, but this makes me feel kind of okay/relieved about not getting a request for materials) A: Be grateful that you were chosen. I would have gladly sent them twice that many pages. -Invite for campus visit/job talk in early Dec.(11/16) -Succinct rejection by email, 1/31

University of Denver (Post Doctoral/Lecturer in Human Migration)[]

University of Hawaii-Manoa (TT Asst Prof Medical Anthropology) Nov 1[] Is anyone else have trouble submitting via the website? I continually get an error message after hitting Submit, and need to re-fill in the form (yes, I've tried multiple browsers). It worked fine for me on Safari and I actually thought it was the most user-friendly webform academic job application that I've ever done. There is a spot on the bottom of the page (after references) for entering the password again; I missed it on first pass but my information was still inputted when I used the back button, so I just typed it in again and submitted. EEO request received a couple of hours later. (10/21) Okay, I got it to work. First, one has to be sure that the file names (including .pdf) are less than 20 characters without any spaces. And it seems there is a character limit for the names of references as well (I had included titles, but when I removed them it finally worked). Also, it's helpful to know that you can update any of this info after submission. It would not work for me in Firefox, but worked in IE -materials rec'd email (10.28)(11/4 x6) - Before the wiki vandal removed a bunch of stuff, someone had asked if anyone knew if Hawaii was interviewing at AAA - I don't know, but noticed a panel with a Hawaii-Manoa med anth person on it in the AAA schedule. -request for AAA interview (11/11) Q: wondering, for the people who get interviews, what your geographic area(s) are? A: Native North America -Campus visit scheduled (12/15) -Job talks appear to be scheduled here:

University of Iowa (TT Asst Prof Medical Anthropology - Aging) Nov 8[] Referees contacted (11/12) x2 Campus visit scheduled for late January (12/13). Offer Accepted (2/27)

University of Maine at Farmington[]

Request for more materials (12/15) (x2) Request for phone interview (1/20) (x2) Phone interview (1/26) - (2/4 Haven't heard yet about campus invitations, anyone else?) Haven't heard anything yet either - wondering if snow storm forced school closure??

University of Maryland (Environmental) Nov 1[]

Request for more materials (10/21) x2 Got rejection in Nov. Wonder if they want a real environmental anthropologist... Got a rejection a week or so ago (in the mail) after having received a request for more info. Said that they had 83 apps, invited materials from 12, interviewed 4 and were going to offer the job to one of those four. Curious about the statement before mine..what do you mean by "wonder if they want a real environmental anthropologist"?? Sounds like someone who has a very high opinion of their place in the world :) sounds like someone is trolling... Anyone ever know if they actually offered this to someone?

University of Maryland (Medical) Nov 1[]

https://jobs.umd.ed Someone else can apply for this one. After filling out the online app, I was prompted for letters and 2 writing samples before Nov. 5. I think it is total BS when they don't put those sorts of requirements in the ad and then expect you to have them available. I did not have the same issues as the person above. Perhaps you can contact HR. I have had luck with HR folks when I've had issues with online applications through their systems. Request for additional materials and letters of recommendation (10/28) -Invitation for job talk/campus visit in early Dec, chair stated that decision will be made before end of year(11/11) -Offer accepted! (12/17)

University of Massachusetts-Amherst (TT Asst Prof Public Anth) Dec 15[]

EEO and waiver of access to letters, by mail (12/30) Semi-finalists (10) contacted by email to request additional materials & schedule phone interviews (1/11) x2 Rejection letter rec'd by mail - they had 95 total applicants (1/24)

University of Memphis (TT Asst Prof, Med Anth) Dec 1[]

Contacted by email for AAA interview (11/4) Request for letters of recommendation (12/1) Request for phone interview (12/1)

University of Miami – Coral Gables (Associate Director of the Center for Latin American Studies)[]

-haven't heard anything yet (02/07)

University of Michigan-Flint (TT Asst Prof, Sociocultural) Dec 15[]

ack by email and request for letters (unsure if letter request is generalized for all applicants or not) (12/1) got same email, must be a general request (12/1) ditto (12/16) with deadline for letters by (12/31) Emailed Prof Schellenberg to let her know my letters may be late because of the short turnaround, she seemed nice, said she'd make a note for my file. That said, why didn't they just ask for letters with the application rather than leading us to think they'd be contacting referees? -Email from search chair, noting that my application is under consideration, and asking if still interested in the position (1/15) (x4) -Email from search chair, noting that they will have a short list by Feb 4. (1/18). -Phone call from search committee member verifying interest in the position and permission to contact refs by phone. They are planning to finalize the short list this week and invite candidates asap (1/31) x2 -anything yet? (2/8) -No. (I was last contacted on 1/18) -Refs contacted by phone (2/7) -Awaiting budgetary approval to invite 5 short list candidates in Feb-March (out of 85 who applied). Contacted by phone to arrange possible dates (2/8). -for clarity, does this mean that all 5 candidates have been identified and contacted? (2/10) -Campus visit scheduled in Feb via phone (2/11) (X3)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (TT Asst Prof, area open) Nov 15[]

request by email for additional materials and letters of recommendation (11/24)x5 Did anyone get a confirmation when they sent the additional materials? I did not hear back (even "received"). I submitted materials for Dec 1 and also did not get any kind of confirmation x2 Letter writers did not receive confirmation either. Campus visit scheduled for early 2011 (12/22). How were you contacted for campus visit? 6 candidates are interviewing on campus between late Jan and mid Feb. -received e-mail on 1/21 that they had already made decisions

University of Minnesota, Morris (Lecturer in cultural anthropology) Dec 1[] Phone interviews the week of Jan 24 Phone interview 1/24

UNLV Multidisciplinary Studies (TT Asst Prof)[]

Phone interview scheduled for mid-December (x1) Campus visit/job talk scheduled for end of January/beginning of February (1/5)

University of New Mexico (Assistant Professor, Ethnology) Dec 5[] request for additional materials (syllabi, publications, letters) by email 12/14 (x2) Any movement? sent in additional materials, haven't heard a thing since, assuming I'm cut, 1/28 (x3) Rejection email rec'd ("we were not able to include your name on a list of viable candidates") 1/31 Any movement? Campus visit, anyone? Campus visit/job talk scheduled for end of Feb/beginning of March. 3 finalists (2/11)

Univ of Notre Dame (TT Asst Prof, Lang + Culture) Oct 29[] Email request for AAA interview, rec letters and add'l materials (11/9) 11 candidates on long list for AAA interviews (possibly more skype interviews for people not attending AAA). Letter from chair acknowledging app - AAA interviews will be followed by a round of phone interviews (11/12) x3 Ling Anth Wiki indicates shortlist has been drawn up (12/9) Two offers from campus interviews made and turned down. Does anyone know whether this search is still on? (3/22)

University of Oklahoma (TT Asst Prof, Native North America) Review begins Nov 1[] Anyone heard anything about this job? They are supposed to be doing interviews at AAA, so I'm wondering if they've contacted anyone? How do you know they are interviewing at AAA? The revised job ad (the one with the Nov. 1 date) mentioned they were going to do interviews at the AAA. See: Request for letters of reference to letter writers by email (11/8)X 2 Just heard from one of my reviewers that they requested a letter from him for me, Dec 3 Campus visit scheduled for Jan. (12/13)

University of Oklahoma (TT Asst Prof, Latin America) Review begins Oct 1[] Materials received email (9/23) Campus visit scheduled (friend) approx. 11/10

University of Pennsylvania (Visiting Position, Anthropology/Africana Studies)[]

-anyone know what's going on with this search? (02/07)

University of Pennsylvania (Lecturer Heath & Societies Prgm in Dept of Hist and Soc of Sci) Rvw begins Nov 1[] references contacted for letters (11/1)x2 Q: someone posted previously that they suspected referees were contacted automatically; anyone know if that is or is not the case? thanks. A: my adviser told me it looked automated. I find it somewhat frustrating that it asks for letters when the posting said it just wanted referee contact info at this stage. It's a shame, but this is the case because my letter-writers cringe each time I ask for a letter, even if I have every right to ask! I have been somewhat strategic about the jobs that require letters upfront for this (sad) reason. To the above poster: do not let difficult letter writers prevent you from applying to a job! As hard as it can be to continually request letters, this is part of their job and you should not eliminate any schools to avoid inconveniencing a professor. (This is coming from someone who has dealt with completely unreliable letter writers myself.) Maybe consider using Interfolio - it is less personal but at least guarantees that a form letter will get there. Campus visit scheduled (12/10)

University of Pittsburgh (TT Asst Prof). Specialization: Language & Culture. Oct 20[] Materials rec'd email x 3 the linguistic anthro wiki reports a AAA interview request on 11/5. Offer reportedly accepted (3/22)

University of Regina (tenure-track assistant professor, sociocultural anthropology)[] on-campus interview scheduled (12/8)

University of Southern Indiana (TT Asst Prof, cultural anthro, Latin America)[] Received letter confirming app received (12/13)(x2) Phone interview scheduled (12/16) (12/17) x1 SC stated decisions on campus visits to be made by end Jan References contacted by phone (1/11) Campus visit scheduled for early Feb (1/21)

University of Sydney (Lecturer, Anthropology/Spanish and Latin American Studies)[]

any word? (02/07) no, application submitted online but no word since (2/10) -telephone interview scheduled (2/15)

University of Texas, Austin (Tenure Track, African Diaspora Studies)[]

crickets! is it me or is every UT-Austin search like this? (02/07) Agreed. Exempting the UT Institute for Historical Studies, who are very communicative. -rejection email; SC received over 250 applications! (2/15) -has anyone else *not* received a rejection email? (2/17) -it's odd because the message was sent an old email; perhaps, this was rejection email from the previous year's search? (2/18) -unbelievable! was told they were cleaning up files of a staff member on leave and they really don't know if the rejection email they sent was for the previous year's search or the current one! despite the fact that this matters a great deal, they offered no apologies and expressed no sense of urgency in clearing up the confusion. (2/18)

University of Toledo[]

materials received (10/20 USPS) rejection letter (11/17) - states candidate has been selected already.

University of Utah (TT Asst Prof or Assoc Prof) Nov 15[] I can't tell if there are two positions or just one here. It is listed twice on the AAA website, but it looks like an error, perhaps. It looks like two jobs: there are different job numbers attached to each job. "Invitation to Identify" (ie diversity questionnaire) via email (11/10)(X3) email requesting letters (12/10) Any news since submitting letters/writing samples in December? Was hoping to hear something (either way) by now. (1/12/11) nope, haven't heard anything yet...also hoping to hear something soon! (1/15/11)

I applied for both jobs and received an email asking for more information (in late 12/10). I asked which of the two jobs I was being considered and they replied that there were building one big long list. Until now (1/21/11) I still haven't heard anything more.

Did they not say early January?

2/15/11 Just wondering if anyone has heard anything? Still waiting, and wondering . . . . 2/16/11 No word here yet either... Q: Can't someone just write the chair? Is this such a faux-pas? FWIW, the physical wiki is showing that interviews have been scheduled.

University of Vermont (TT, Asst. Prof with Food Systems Focus - any subfield) Nov 1[]

Has anyone heard anything? (1/26) Physical Anth wiki indicates that interviews have been scheduled.

University of Virginia (TT Asst Prof, Japan) Rvw Nov 1 for AAA interviews[] Materials Rec'd email (10/5) How many jr, Japanthropologists are there I wonder? a=I know one :) q= Anyone hear from them about AAA interviews? Was asked to meet to discuss the position at the AAAs today (11/11)X2 and they stated that phone interviews will happen late Nov/early Dec. Told at AAA interview that they won't be doing phone interviews after all, and will contact applicants on the short list around mid-December Any updates? (12/9)? I wonder if they have made some cuts. Haven't heard anything here (12/13) "we have not included you on our short list of candidates to bring to UVA for an extended interview[...]I expect to have more news in early March" Good luck to those who made the short list! (12/21) Campus visit scheduled for early February.

University of Washington (Lecturer, non-TT)==[] materials received email (10/28) (11/10) (12/30) AAA interview scheduled (11/12) Request for letters and additional materials (12/15) campus interview scheduled (1/24)

University of Wisconsin, Madison (TT Asst Prof, Intl Studies (home in Anthropology)) Oct 15[] Materials rec'd email (10/22) x4 (10/26) x2 Heard from a colleague that they got close to 500 apps - yikes! (10/28) x2 Any news from anyone on this? If they really have so many to go through, it might not be until January that anyone hears anything... Met a prof from the anthro dept today at the aaa meeting who said, unofficially, that they have shortlisted 6 people for campus visits/job talks in the next month or so (11/20). Just a question for clarification-did this prof say the shortlisted candidates have already been contacted, or just that they've decided on them? He didn't say if people had been contacted yet or not. Rejection mass email (1/6)x3. Said they got 491 applications and had 6 finalists.

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (TT Asst Prof, Global Studies (home in Anthro) Nov 15 (review begins)[] Materials rec'd email (10/26) Just spoke with a friend going through a Global Studies program tonight, who said they have already selected candidates to interview...and I'm not one of them. Sigh. (11/30) On-campus interview on 12/1, rejection email rec'd 12/16 stating that they had made an offer and it was accepted.

University of Wisconsin-Stout (TT Asst Prof, Legal or Med Anth or Public Policy) Nov 26 (review begins)[] Are we serious? *Undergraduate* transcripts? I called to confirm. They want undergraduate transcripts. Materials rec'd/Diversity survey by email (12/7) Email request for phone interview in Dec and add'l materials by Jan 17 (12/16) x3. Said in phone interview that short list will be decided on 1/18. Email from chair that references will be checked (by phone). Committee meets again on 1/21, presumably to decide on a short list (1/18) Any word on campus interviews? Interview scheduled for early Feb. by phone. They expect to conclude search by mid-Feb. (1/27) Committee will make final decision on 2/11.

Vanderbilt University (TT Asst Prof)11/10[]

Materials received/diversity form letter received by mail (11/1) Q: Anyone heard from them about interview process? I'm wondering if they've cancelled this search? They are now conducting a separate search for a lecturer to fill the deceased person's classes for one year. That's a sad situation. A: They look like 2 different searches as the tt position specifies cultural, whereas the research associate position seems to favor an archaeologist- but I could be wrong, so if anyone has the scoop! I don't know, but it was listed in the latest November issue of AN News. It is a later deadline (and late for AAA) so maybe they aren't using the AAAs- November 10th doesn't allow much time for review... Request for more information, writing samples, and informal AAA interview (11/15) x3 Did anyone get a sense of a timeline? Request for more information (syllabi, teaching evals, theoretical statement) (12/27)x2 Invite for campus interview mid February

Wake Forest University (TT, Asst Prof), Nov 1[] Diversity survey received (11/12) x3 I see they have times blocked off for interviews at the AAA. Anyone been invited? Request for more materials, scheduled AAA interview 11/11 (any news, here?) Had AAA interview and phone interview 12/2 - no news as of 12/16 request for missing recommendation letter 1/13 email invitation for on-campus visit 1/24

Wayne State (TT, Asst Prof) Oct 15[]

has anyone heard anything yet? A: A friend has an AAA interview scheduled.x3 Q: Has anyone heard back after their AAA interview? A: No, but during interview they said it would be a quick turn around... so not sure what is happening. (x2) received request for additional materials mid-December, following AAA

Wayne State (TT, Asst/Assoc Prof, Urban Anthro) Jan 10[]

Phone interview 1/27 Has anyone been invited for campus visit? (2/8) Anyone know if there is an inside candidate? (2/16)

Westchester University, PA (TT, Asst Prof, Applied Cultural, Latin America focus) Jan 14[] Received call requesting letters of rec, 1/28 (x2) Received call requesting campus visit/interview, 2/07. Any idea how many candidates have been called out?

Wheaton College (Mellon Foundation Postdoc, Islamic Studies)[]

Interviewing at AAAs, setting up appointments now Q: If I sent the letter before the AAAs and was told that there are no more slots for interview, but then at AAA they were still accepting CVs, does that mean they are not interested, and that this is a "polite" way of saying no? Regarding comment above (under Oregon State), my friend who applied ahead of AAAs got an interview. Post-interview contact indicated it might take a while before decisions can be made about campus-interviews, since multiple departments are competing for the position. Thank y'all for the replies. Letters have been requested (12/15) Any word on this? they asked for letters in Dec. but nothing again (2/7)

Wittenberg (TT anth in a soc department, East Asia focus) Dec 15[]

I guess they never settled on anyone last year? I wondered about this too. Glad the search is still on! Phone interviews scheduled for 12/20 Email saying 3 campus visits have been scheduled (not me!)(1/6)

Yale University LGBT Studies / Social Science Position[]

Short list settled and candidates being invited to campus.

Who is on this page for '10-'11 search?[]

Looking for first job: 23[]
Have a job, looking for new one: 37[]

adjunct:5 visiting: 9 postdoc: 13 tenure track: 9 tenured and bored: outside academia:1 dual career: 2 participant observer (ABD learning the ropes before diving in):1

Have a job, not looking for new one:[]

responding to public gossip/second-guessing/rumor mongering: 1

Search committee member observing discussion: 2[]

Discussion and Questions:[]

-Q: I have to teach a class as part of an on-campus interview, but don't have the course syllabus or any other contextual info. Any suggestions? -A: I would ask them for some more information on what they are expecting from you and what you can expect from the students. A: I just did a teaching presentation as part of a campus visit and found it a very useful experience - very helpful to get a sense of students and the classroom environment at a school. I asked for the course syllabus ahead of time and they happily forwarded it to me. You can ask what students have been reading and see if you can fit your talk into that line of learning. Be engaging and have fun!

-Q: Am wondering if any of you have thoughts about a) looking for a stable job at a less "known" institution, vs. b) sweating it out for a year or two adjuncting or in shorter term positions. My longterm goal is to be in a research university, so I suppose the goal is to maintain a "research" profile. I am just concerned about questions of "branding" so to speak. Any thoughts? -A: At this point, I will take what ever I can get. If I had the option of an amazing postdoc or a VERY undesirable TT spot, I'd take the former.

-Q: After coming back from a campus visit, is it advisable to send thank-you emails to everyone you met with (I'm definitely sending one to the search chair), or is that overkill? -A: I'm thinking it's too much so I'm just sending along my thanks to all in my correspondence with the SC Chair. Besides, if I sent emails to everyone I met, including lunch and dinners, it'd be nearly 20 people! What do other people think?

-Q:This is my second year on the job market, but so far things are looking up this year. What does everyone else think? I'm especially curious to hear from people who have insight into job searches from a few years ago (i.e. pre global-econ-collapse). -A: Mine too; I'm not sure this year is better so much as searches have started earlier. I know many of the search committees from last year were utterly overwhelmed by the number of applicants they received for each position. So some starting early. However, I'm hopeful as of luck all! -A: I am just starting my second round as well. I am heartened by how many jobs are already showing up. It was well into the semester before we saw this many last year. -A: Really? Seems like a sparer list to me, when compared to last year & the year before. At least these jobs seem stable, i.e., not subject to being cut at the last minute. -A: This is starting to get depressing. There was a nice early crop, but I am waiting for round two...especially since round one schools haven't seemed too interested in me so far. -A: I waiting for the next round to start up. Things have been pretty dry lately.

-Q: This might seem like a really inane question, but is there any reason why we shouldn't use our home addresses for all communication? I feel like I should use my institutional address, but it's just more convenient to use my home one. -A: I avoid putting any school/work info as my contact info, as it could be construed as misuse of school resources - but then again here in Illinois we're getting bombarded with appropiate use of work place resources (I'm an adjunct). So to avoid any possible appearance if impropperiety I put home address, phone & e-mail. Just my 2 cents. -A: Thanks. I guess I'd presume it's different for graduate students. Shouldn't our departments 'want' us to use resources to get jobs? I'd hope so. -A: Current grad student here. I've always used my department/institutional address for 'official' communication. Between leases and fieldwork and such, it has been the most consistent address I've had over this last (near) decade. I can't imagine why it would be a problem for jobs. That said, I have friends at other schools who have used their home addresses to no great calamity. -A: Search comm member here. From the search perspective, either is totally fine. You should check with your dept. chair as to whether you can use dept. letterhead and your school e-mail for searches. At this research I university, both are encouraged as we want our students to get jobs, but other places may have stupider regulations.

-Q: I am wondering if it would make sense to move the 2009-2010 search to a different wiki-site (thread? not sure of the terminology here)? As the job season goes on, this wiki is going to get long? I don't really want to do this though, as I don't want to mess anything up. -A: Done :) -A: Thank you!

-Q: How do we get more people using this wiki? Send links around to list-serves? Things seem so quiet, and I know that can't be. No more requests for AAA interviews? -A: I think we're seeing some of the same issues as last year. Search committees were entirely understaffed to get through the hundreds of applications that they received. In years (ages?) past, a job might have received interest from 75 people. Now, there are hundreds applying. Last year, I received a flurry of emails the week before the AAAs to set up interviews. A few even sent emails DURING the meetings. I don't know if that's all of it, but I suspect that contributes to the situation

-Q: I just joined. Thank you for keeping the posts short & informative. This is my first go-round in an academic job search. Anyone have good advice for dealing with rejection? :) -A: Don't take it personally. These searches are not about us the candidates, they are about personalities in the departments. That makes it unfair but means you really shouldn't take any of it personally. And if any of us survive to be academic anthropologists through this terrible situation... we will be scary opponents at faculty meetings, that's for sure. Think of what we have to do just to survive == suffer and fight and wait years in limbo just to get a job that was almost handed to the people who have tenure now. -A: Another way of dealing with rejection is using it to make yourself a more humble and compassionate person. Remember too that you are choosing to put yourself in this predicament and that you have other career options even if you don't realize them right now. thanks, great advice. having worked 10 years outside academe before coming back to school for a PhD definitely helps me feel less desperate but I appreciate the advice :) This process is unlike any other job search I've ever done!

-Q: Does anyone know if there is a standardized list or wiki for Anthro jobs in Europe? Or would those presumably come across the AAA site (it can't be that they all do!).

-Q: Especially for the women here, what do you plan to wear for AAA interviews? Do you think it's necessary to wear a suit with a button up shirt? Or would a jacket with a scoop neck blouse and tailored slacks/skirt be okay for an AAA interview? What about nice sweaters rather than jackets? I feel that my suits are kind of stuffy and formal for the Anthro crowd, but maybe not? What is most appropriate could depend a lot on the school in terms of geography, I suppose (California=less formal?) and kind of school (small liberal arts vs research U)? Would you dress the same or differently for a job talk or an AAA interview? -A: My advisor told me a suit is standard, but if you're more comfortable in a dress and a blazer, or something similar, then it's okay to do it. I am planning on wearing a suit, but not with a button-up blouse. -A: Suits are rather standard, but you can jazz it up with a silk scarf and some jewelry. If you did your fieldwork in a place with unique jewelry, you can wear a couple pieces of it to show some personality. -A: Or an ethnic hat. Anthropologists *love* ethnic hats. Likewise belts. -A: I was planning to go more casual than I would for a campus interview. Classy solid dress with scarf. Am I crazy? Should I be shopping right now? (Just to clarify, I asked a friend-who is a 50y/o, trendy, French History prof-and she is the one who recommended the dress/scarf combo.) -A: I have many friends who have interviewed and never saw anyone in a suit. Dress pants and a sweater or blouse are fine I think. I think we should be allowed to dress like we are going to teach a class. I never wear a suit to teach in. I also can't afford to buy new outfits just to interview in. -A: Totally agree. How many anthropologists ever wear suits to work? I'm wearing slacks and sweater. In addition, and this might be controversial, but I've had another female Anthropologist friend tell me she has been told numerous times by male colleagues that she "intimidates" so we need to keep this gender dynamic in mind before we go spend money we don't have on power suits. -A: Money is a good reason not to go with a suit. Fear of intimidating potential colleagues? Dressing down seems like a bizarre approach to that problem. -A: All the women that I know have worn suits to AAA interviews. I'll be wearing mine: black pants/short jacket with a brightly colored silk sleeveless blouse and maybe an ethnic necklace. My other outfit is black pants, black top, pin-striped jacket, ethnic jewelry. -A: I don't like power suits. Never have. So I won't be wearing one. I interviewed last year wearing slacks, nice flats, and a dressy cardigan - without any ethnic touches - and I got called for follow-up in interviews in all cases. Not a final job offer, but I seriously doubt this has to do with my not wearing a powersuit. I vote for looking professional - but most importantly, feeling comfortable and in your own skin. Perhaps it's a east coast/west thing, or should i not be so simplistic? -A: As a search committee member, I'd say just dress "nice" - you're not working for Goldman Sachs, but don't come in T-shirts or jeans either. Since this year is NOLA, a nice blouse and slacks is perfectly acceptable. Don't do more make-up than you're used to doing normally either! -A: I suited up for an AAA interview and I am glad I did.

-Q: Hi all, this will be my first time interviewing at the AAAs. Would those of you who have done it before mind sharing the ins and outs? I'm sure that each case is different, but are there some standard questions one can anticipate? And did you spend much time preparing, i.e. practicing a short blurb to describe your research etc? The above thread on what to wear (for women) was helpful. I'd especially love to hear from those who successfully moved from the AAA interview to a campus visit. Thanks!

-Q: This is my first year on the market, but it seems like many universities are moving their search schedules up, in hopes of wrapping up and making offers well before what I thought was the usual Spring timeline of February/March. Am I wrong about this? If any of us end up in the enviable position of receiving an offer in December or January, well before some postdocs have made decisions, should we accept the first offer and withdraw from the postdoc pool? Is there a way to negotiate this if you just have one bird in the hand? -A: Yes, more universities are moving timetables earlier, some do it in order to pressure decisions and get their candidate first or to ensure that they get the contract signed before the university makes any unexpected cuts. DO NOT withdraw from post-docs if you get an offer. You can accept the offer then later negotiate with the school to let you take a 1-yr post-doc if you get it in order to advance your publishing before you take on more teaching responsibilities at their school. You need to present this as a win-win: they save 1 yr salary while you take the post-doc and you increase your chances of tenure with them. Many people have been able to work these things out. In addition, if you are still in the running for another position that you want more than the one offered, try to delay your response as much as possible and if worst comes to worst and you have to consider re-neging on the 1st offer for the sake of a better one, do not rule it out. This is an insane job market and that dream job may never come around again. Just be completely sure you are ok with burning the bridges at the 1st school.

-Q: OK, so you do the AAA interview circuit, then what? What happens next (typically)? -A: They usually make the next cut within a week/10 days of the AAAs and invite people to campus. Sometimes there is another round of cuts made between AAAs and campus based on references and supplementary materials, but in my experience campus visits (or silence) follow AAA interviews.

-Q: INFORMAL POLL about REC LETTERS & from an applicant who wants to use Interfolio, but still isn't convinced that it's acceptable to most programs (also, any comments or input welcome!): How many people use Interfolio's standardized rec letters always? Sometimes? 1 Never? x3 I like Interfolio for some things (including printing/delivering the big packets of publication samples, student evals, etc that some jobs are requiring up front), but not these letters. If your letter writers are uncooperative, I'd have a conversation with them. Do you have any sense their reluctance is coming from a feeling they can't write you a really strong letter (if so, LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!)? Do they not use a word processor to just change a few relevant bits once they've written their first letter? Do they realize how important this is to you, a person they've invested years in training? I feel quite guilty having to bug my busy letter-writers for a bunch of first-round applications too, but if they're really giving you trouble I'd seriously look into why that is, and use Interfolio as a last resort. -A: I have been lucky enough to have advisors who will write/send off letters for each job. I've considered Interfolio, but haven't needed it yet. I think it will be a bigger help once I am out of the area and can't do things like make addressed envelopes for my writers, etc. -A: I used to contact my references every time I needed letters upfront for an application, but it was work for me and for them and most of the time there was very little "tweaking" necessary if the letter was strong (all were happy to share the contents with me). The best thing about Interfolio for me is that I can have confidential letters on file and can send them faster and to more locations (especially since some referees are at overseas institutions). I keep my referees up to date about where I am applying and provide an updated CV in case they choose to tailor a letter (most of the time they don't), but I leave it up to them. I'd be surprised if hiring committees require more than the basic letter. What's wrong with that? If the letter is strong and points at your specific strengths/talents/personality, isn't that good enough? -A: Interfolio is the way letters will and should go. I have received interviews and was the top candidate for a post-doc at a prestigious university (lost to the inside candidate)-all with Interfolio. It gives me the control in the job search. Your cover letter is where you make a case for yourself. In the letters I write something about using Interfolio to limit the work my committee has to do. Maybe I have lost out a job - but I don't have to spend my time stressing if X, Y, or Z sent my letter - OR if X says, "this does not sound like a good fit." Hope this helps. -Q: related question: any knowledge about how generic letters are perceived by committees? My department has implemented a "system" in which a staff person sends out all reference letters for faculty. Faculty are relieved, many students are spared the angst of trying to locate faculty or get a response/commitment from them, but I'm wondering how committees read these letters. -A: This seems bad to my (ABD) ears. You mean your advisors aren't writing for you at all?! Or just that a secretary is the one who prints and sends? I thought the whole point of letters was the relationships we've cultivated.

Qs: How to approach a job talk? An overview of the dissertation? Focus on one chapter with some background of the rest of the dissertation? What worked for other people who had campus visits? What didn't? -A: I've heard that its best to focus on one chapter. This allows you to do the tricky thing of making the talk both theoretical/polished enough for the faculty in the audience and also make it interesting/approachable for undergrads.

Hey people, stop deleting stuff. I've had comments deleted multiple times and it is frustrating. -Agreed! That's lame, kids.

-Q: If, by a fortuitous twist of fate, one does get an offer for a TT job, how long do hiring committees usually allow you to think before making a decision on whether or not to accept? -A: I asked around. The response was that two weeks would likely be the longest that a school would be willing to wait. Some schools may ask for a decision more quickly. -A: A week is the minimum, usually. I once had nearly 3 weeks, since I had to wait until after their spring break to hear about the possibilities of a spousal hire, which did not come through.

-Q: Curious that I'm not getting rejection emails for several jobs that others have mentioned, but no nibbles either. Any thoughts about what this means? -A: I've learned that the only safe bet with the job slog is to expect the unexpected and that there is no normal situation. It is entirely conceivable that you fell through the cracks. I received a rejection letter last year in September, when the job was offered and accepted in March (and reported on the wiki for months). Another department wrote personalized, signed letters of rejection incredibly fast after the offer was accepted. Some committees and departments are just better at it than others. -A: Another possibility is that the search committee immediately sent rejections to applicants who did not make the first cut, but will wait until after the position is accepted to send rejections to the remaining candidates.

NOTE: There has been a discussion on Chronicle Jobs forum about wiki academe vandalism.,44410.0.htm

Observations from 2008-9 search: -submit your application as early as possible because interviews tend to be scheduled before all are received. -if you don't get an 'application received' letter, it doesn't mean anything so don't stress. -if no word, they did not lose/misplace your application! -never, under any circumstance, contact the search committee for info on status of search. -yea, because if you treat search committee members like humans, they might start treating you like humans and the ontological status of academia will begin to crumble... -I disagree with the comment above. While contacting search comm members is a very bad idea, contacting the administrative assistant in charge of the search is a good idea, especially if you want to make sure your portfolio is complete - i.e., all your letters are in, etc.

-Actually, I disagree it is a bad idea to contact search committee members. I just depends on the situation. So, it is bad form to email them and ask "what's up, whattabout me?," it is not bad form in other situations. So, if you get a letter from a school saying your app is incomplete and it is signed the search chair, but you know you sent all in, then, yes, contact them. If it is a small program where the search chair is also the coordinator, then, if there are crucial questions, contact her or him. Indeed, some programs want you to email your stuff directly to the search chair. If they are too swamped to reply, you might be afraid your attachment did not open. This is bread and buttah. By all means, contact them to make sure all is well. Other times, an office coordinator automatically ccs search members on emails to applicants, so what can you do. Just be a human being, like the post above states. "Playing the game," pretends that there are actual rules to win, which, by now, you have to be a first year grad student to still think that.

Good signs: -requests for additional materials (writing samples, evals, reference letters). -any personal emails or contact. -second, third requests for materials...very good sign.

Bad signs: -no news is, generally, bad news. -no contact after AAA interviews. It happens.

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2009-2010 search here.

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