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This page is for dissertation fellowships for 2015-16 (including research fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, and other predoctoral opportunities).

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AAUW Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • application is the bane of my existence
  • I concur with this sentiment. All of the dislikes x5
  • I was not allowed to apply because I received a small, one semester fellowship already.  This is lame.  The decision of banning people with previous fellowships should be based on the amount and/or the length of time for those fellowships.
  • Is anyone else having issues with the online application form for the AAUW International Fellowship? I have had several - starting from the registering process, and now some fields are not allowing the content I enter to be saved. It keeps giving "an error occurred" message. And I have been at it all day! I could have submitted my application long back, if things were working properly! Anyone else having similar issues? Please let me know. Thanks!
  • I was also having issues before the deadline, and actually was unable to submit in time because of issues on their website. I also called them to try and figure out if there was anything they could do. I would just like to say that the people I spoke with in the tech department were extremely rude and mean. I spent hours working on the application and was unable to submit because of their technical problems. However, the people working there told me there was nothing they could do and that it was basically my fault. They were extremely rude. Honestly, they sounded like uneducated rednecks. I have lost all respect for AAUW.
  • 1/18/15 -I didn't have any issues... I was actaully EXTREMELY grateful they extended the deadline 2 days. My advisor was dragging his heels to review my application for me before submitting it. Those 2 days were perfect. Now this waiting game is just torture. 2 months down.... 3 months to go :(
  • 1/18: I agree; AAUW was really generous. I'm abroad this year, but I managed to submit all materials (including to arrange for my department administrator to receive and scan an official transcript) by the deadline.
  • Has anyone's status been updated in the portal?  On last year's wiki someone wrote: " My application status still says 'recommended.'" Curious to know when in the process those updates were made last year or if anyone has seen a similar update this year.
  • 3/16: no change here. Judging from the dates on last year's comments we might not see anything until April.
  • 3/19: My status says "submitted"... is that what everyone's say? x2
  • 3/19: 26 days left according to the count down on my phone... I dont know why I keep checking.
  • Applied (Dissertation Completion) - x8
  • 4/4: Does anyone else's status say something beyond "submitted"? And, also, do they just notify by putting up a list of winner's? No emails or anything?
  • Mine also still says "Submitted."
  • 4/6 - NINE MORE DAYSSSS! My status says "Submitted" as well. And my understanding is they post it online and send the notifications in the mail. The website says: "On April 15, 2015, notification of awards mailed to all applicants. Fellows and Grantees posted on AAUW's website." This wait is killing me!
  • 4/7 - Ladies - just wanted to say, this is one of the few (actually probably only) fellowship(s) that I have applied for in which I won't be disappointed if I am not a winner because, regardless, it is nice to see women supported in this man's world!! I wish you all lots of luck! x3
  • 4/9 - SIX MORE DAYS! Less than a week now :)
  • 4/14 - One day moooore! Good luck to everyone. X2
    • EEEEK! Tomorrow!!! The 5 month suspense has been killing me!!! Good luck to everyone as well!!! X2
    • At the risk of getting a little too crazy...does anyone know around what time the list is posted? 
    • No idea unfortunately. But that's not crazy at all. I feel the same way. I will probably start trolling the AAUW website around noon (EST time). They are based out of Washington D.C. so 12:00pm EST sounds like a reasonable time to keep refreshing the AAUW site right? or maybe I am just as crazy too :)
  • The list is up! 
  • And I am not on it!
  • ^^ Ha! Me either! Sigh... only one person from my state too, STEM, naturally. I'm history - not sure why I bothered!
    ( not on it either.... oh well. Tried not to get my hopes up, but I am disappointed!
  • I applied for the international fellowship. It looks like the list of international and american fellows are identical. Possibly an error? (Clinging to last straws of hope..) X 2
    • I concur, same boat. And in all previous years the lists for national and international have been different. Anyone contact AAUW about this? I'm now preparing to be not on "the list" for the second time this morning!
      • UPDATE: looks like they've fixed it, though it didn't help me! Congrats to all awardees!
  • I guess there is still some small hope that those of us not on the list might be selected as alternates? 
  • How can you tell what field they are in? for the person that said "only one person from my state too..." just curious how you know or are you guessing based on the school they are attending?
  • ^^ Google.. Most people have a CV up on the web.
  • Yep, I googled - creepy I know, but it made me feel better!
  • Received my "Welcome Letter" email today (4/15/15) at 8:09AM PST this morning. 
  • Did anyone get the being-an-alternate email?
  • I was selected for the award but will have to decline (x2)
  • I think last year people got the "alternative" notice via snailmail, which arrived around April 19th. So, not all is lost, right?
    • I got a snailmail letter today (4/18) letting me know I'm an alternate. They don't let you know where on the list you are, so... back to the holding pen to wait with bated breath.
    • Its me who received the email (04/15) again.. do you know how many alternates there are every year? Also, are you an alternate for the American or International fellowship? I am an alternate for the international fellowship.
    • Hi! I have no idea how many alternates. The letter I got said that they can't let you know how many alternates or where you are on the list (so, as helpful as you can get, basically!). I'm up for the American. Congrats on being an alternate, though! It's something.
    • Hey.. thanks for this. Ya, I guess there is no way of estimating our chances. Will just have to wait and find out. Good luck to us!
    • Also got a snail mail letter (4/18) informing me that I'm an alternate for the American fellowship.
  • I got an email saying that I have been selected as an alternate (04/15)
  • Snail mail rejection letter received on 4/18. (posted 4/19)
  • 4/20 - Recieved my welcome packet in the mail today. It wasnt as informative as I had hoped. Curious about more logistics. Still exciting!
  • Still waiting for my rejection... Since they charged an application fee, I am hoping they will at least bother with sending me one :-(
  • Still waiting for my rejection x2 (04/25/2015). I applied for international.
  • To those who won - are your stipends above $20,000? If you have a stipend above 20K does this make you ineligible??
    • I'm assuming you won the award?  The contract stipulates you cannot take another award that is more than $20K (AAUW must be the largest source of your financial awards).  However, you can accept other awards as long as it is under $20K (by how much less, I don't know).  Tuition remission and health insurance do not count.  
  • Have any alternates heard anything? (5/6)
    • Not yet! (5/7)
    • How about now? Anything either way? (5/22)
      • I haven't heard anything, no. From the wiki for past years, it looks like they don't send rejection notices to the alternates... (5/22) x 2 (also UGH) (UGH x2)
      • I just heard yesterday that I have been selected to receive support next year. I hope a couple of you hear the same! (5/28) x2
      • For the person who heard, how did AAUW notify? Email or mail?
      • I'm not the person above, but also got the good news - it was via emailLikewise, via e-mail. I'm still waiting on the physical acceptance packet. 
  • Received an email yesterday saying that I had been moved from "Alternate" to "Accepted."  (I thought that we were supposed to email them if we wanted to stay on the Alternate list?  I didn't, but I guess that they just keep you on the list anyway?  Also: WOW this is late in the game.)  In any case, I accepted something else back in March, and so will have to decline/release the award back into the wild.  As another poster said earlier, I'm very pleased to be in the company of the AAUW applicants, and am psyched that someone else gets to enjoy the award.  (6/12)
  • I just got an offer, which I'm going to accept - thanks so much to everyone who declined it!! (7/2)

ACLS / Luce Dissertation Fellowships in American Art[]

Applied x1

Does anyone know when we should be hearing news?

  • Any time between now and the end of the month, according to past years (3/10).
  • Received rejection via email (3/16).
  • Received acceptance via email (3.16), accepted 3.19.
  • Research I 

ACLS / Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships[]

  • applied x30
  • Is it correct that there is no place to submit a CV? Just publications and funding.
  • Correct!
  • Informed about a week after the deadline that my application was being withdrawn because I wasn't humanities/social sciences enough.  The decision is based solely on the department that you belong to and not the work that you do.  :-(
  • Anyone know when the various cuts and/or final award announcements are made?
  • Last year it was mid-to-late March that award announcements started going out. According to the Wiki, it was on a rolling basis, with some rejections coming rather later, but awards coming earlier. (26 January 2015)
  • Thanks.  Good to know,
  • In reference to the mid-March announcements...that was true for last year, however, the year before many announcements began rolling in on the Friday of the first week of March. So, a week from today we can begin to frantically examine our in-box (and Spam folders) with purpose. (2/27)
  • Do they usually notify those who get accepted first? (2/28)
  • As I've read the earlier wiki, it seems that they let people know in order irrespective of whether of not they are accepted. (3/2)
  • Is this week the week? (3/2)
  • Could be. I emailed a few weeks back to inquire (I had a good reason) and the office replied, "Notifications will be sent via email in early March." Though how the office will define early March is anyone's guess. (3/4)
  • Oh, good. Now I can check my email every five minutes for the rest of the week. (x3)
  • My guess is that it's a bit early, but it's certainly possible according to the experience of past years. I think if any awards are announced this week it won't be until Friday. I still think we'll be waiting until next week, or the following. Patience is a virtue, right? (3/2)
  • Does anyone know if the notifications come in the mail or via email? (3/3)
  • Email only.
  • Last year it looks like the majority were notified on or by 3/19. Even though I know it probably isn't going to be this week, I can't stop hoping I will have a notification waiting in my inbox (or spam).  (3/5)
  • Ugh, I really thought today would be the day. (3/5)
  • Is anyone here in a situation where you can finish a poor dissertation without the funding this year? (3/5)
  • I am. Currently drafting my final chapter - can get revisions in for an August graduation. Would still greatly appreciate this fellowship so I can focus on publishing stuff, and padding the CV in the off chance I could actually land a job for 2016/17. (3/5) x3
  • This may be a panicking question (because all my fellowship questions right now are tinged with panic), but does this award also include tuition remission? I assumed it does when I applied, but I'm unable to find anything that actually articulates that on their website. Anyone who has won this award in years past or knows anyone who has one it in years past know how this works? I haven't heard anything from the ACLS/Mellon people, but I was just curious. (3/6)
  • The fellowship is awarded with a token 5k tuition payment to your university, with the understanding that your university will cover the rest of your fees. I have never heard of a university not covering the difference, but I suppose it could happen. But for most intents and purposes, yes: this fellowship includes tuition remission.
  • Thanks so much! I thought that was probably the case, but I wasn't certain.
  • This is really splitting hairs, but does anyone know whether they typically announce in the afternoon or morning? Or is there no pattern?
  • If my neurotic memory is remotely accurate, I think most notifications for this fellowship in the past have been between about noon and 3pm....
  • Two distinct upshots of not getting notified this afternoon. First, it saves me from being depressed all weekend in the statistically probable event that my application is rejected. And, second, it gives us obsessive types (maybe that's all of us) two days off when we know for a fact no one at ACLS is going to notify us of an award. Silver linings everywhere...
  • Do you think at this point it's late enough we won't hear today?
  • ACLS is in NYC, so another hour till 3pm (assuming they won't notify between 3 and end of business). Will take the silver lining for the weekend though. Do we know if they always notify on Fridays?
  • No they do not always notify on Fridays. A couple years ago was a Tuesday, another year it was a Thursday. I'd tend to think at this point  (2:10 EST) we're not going to hear anything today. Happy weekend!
  • Has anyone received any notification of any sort by today? (6 March 2015)
  • No notification yet (3/6) x4
  • Just called ACLS (3/6).  The committee will meet this weekend to review applications, and we should receive letters "within two weeks at most."
  • Phew. Thanks for calling! I see from previous years that all applicants are notified together, albeit on a rolling basis. So I suspect they will start notifying earlier and continue for more than a couple of days.
  • Same news was just confirmed by a faculty member in my department who is on the committee. (3/6)
  • Is the faculty member in your department in the committee on the subject area or the more general level? (3/7)
  • I don't know if I can wait two more weeks without my head/heart exploding. lol. Thanks for calling and finding out more than speculative information. 
  • It's weird that the committee has not reviewed the applications yet. So from October to March, were our applications just with the program officers? (3/6)
  • I think the applications go through more than one committee (first in your subject area, and then at a more general level)
  • Thanks for sharing this. Any news on whether "meeting this weekend to review applications" means making final decisions or whether there are more rounds of meetings (more waiting) ahead?
  • ^^Thanks for providing some Sunday evening entertainment, folks. Not to be a buzzkill, but you do realize that these fellowships are going to be awarded to people who have already published articles and secured prior Mellon/Fulbright fellowships?
  • ^What, like it's hard?
  • Your cynicism tastes pretty stale and is so uninspired. Not to mention that you're wrong. Sure, some awards will go to those who won awards before, attend the Ivy-top 10, or have published a bunch. But many do not. A colleague at a non-Ivy R1 institution who had never published and never received Mellon money won this award two years ago. The problem isn't that all the awards go to people who published and already had fellowship money -- the problem is there are 1200 applicants a year, a majority of whom present strong proposals, and only ~60-70 awards to give out. (x2)
  • Come on - we've got to be kind to each other. I would guess that most of us think you're both right. The cynicism is well placed - most of the 60-70 awards DO go to Ivys/former Mellon grantees /publishing powerhouses. But at the same time, "you can't get a grant you haven't applied for," so yes, sometimes it goes to someone deserving who didn't do the above. In the end, MOST of us are probably deserving (and considering the length of the application, self-selected) but the money isn't there for more of us to get the necessary support, so why cut each other down (either as cynics, dreamers or a combo thereof)? 
  • How would they even know if we published papers or not? It's not like we gave them a CV. They are definitely not going to Google us. Also, if it is true that they pre-screen the submissions based on previous achievements rather than the content and the execution, I would be disappointed at the organization as a whole.
  • Wasn't there a spot to list publications and fellowships on the app? (I thought there was). If not, I did include them in the 'scholarly trajectory' section of the application. Also, have you looked at the CVs of past winners? They do suggest that prior fellowships and publications matter.  
  • oh maybe there was... it's too long ago now and I have my first publication since. I still hope it's not a large factor for the consideration for the fellowship.
  • Yes, there was a spot to list publications and previous awards around page 3 of the application. (Can still see my submitted application. This was after educational info and before the diss title and abstract - could list up to ten awards and up to eight publications.) 
  • How exactly do they evaluate applications? Is it just publications and fellowships?


  • (x7) Acceptance received 4pm, 09 March via email
  • Congrats! Anyone else heard anything? Nothing in my inbox or spam.
  •   Nothing x5
  • Congratulations. Do you know if all the acceptances go out at the same day/time? 
  • Congrats! Which discipline are you? Music. Women's Studies. 
  • Acceptance rec'd 4:04pm, 09 March via email - American Studies
  • Were you the one who posted above?
  • No, I just modeled my post after the first and included my discipline.
  • Thanks! And congrats!
  • Of course! And thank you!
  • Gah - nothing here. Looks like the winners are being notified today! Congrats to you all.
  • Don't forget--in the past, they've notified on a rolling basis, so all hope is not lost.
  • He :) - I hope you are right! (I just can't help but be pessimistic on this one despite submitting what I think was a pretty strong application and strong professional record. Damn them! My name is at the end of the alphabet though. 
  • I've looked at the past years of this wiki, and I didn't see anyone get an acceptance that came after the initial wave. (Some people got alternate notifications.) Looks like I have a date with some booze tonight!
  • Acceptance here too - provisional on professor saying I'm still on track (thankfully am) - in history.
  • Congratulations! Did you receive your notification at around 4pm, too?
  • Yep, it seems like there was a batch that went out around the same time. Thanks! 
  • Any sociologists receiving emails of acceptance?
  • Yep-- received mine around 1pm PST/4pm EST.
  • I guess it's time to accept defeat then. 
  • To the sociologist who got accepted, are you from an Ivy or any of the top sociology schools--Berkeley, Michigan, Wisconsin, NYU?
  • I'm from Berkeley
  • ^ Thank you for that. Congrats to all!
  • Acceptance received 3pm (CST), but it got caught in my "social" folder in Gmail for some reason, so make sure to check there.  I'm in History (non-Ivy). 
  • Congrats everyone! Looks like the rest of us will receive rejection letters tomorrow? Good times!
  • Out of curiosity (win, lose, waitlist, whatever you are): is ACLS/Mellon the biggest humanities completion fellowship (in terms of numbers who apply) in the US? And if so, do any of you have an idea as to why? I applied because, while I already have funding, it always looks nice to have an external award on your CV - plus the stipend is generous as far as stipends go. Was just curious as to why it is this fellowship that elicits such a discussion every year...
  • I think you've answered your own question. I'd always heard that Mellon/ACLS is the most prestigious and selective humanities completion fellowship in the US.
  • Anyone in Modern Languages with an acceptance? Congrats to all
  • Anyone in Art History? Congratulations!
  • Any anthropologists?  Congrats to all of the recipients!
  • Any news today? (3/10)
  • I'm assuming there won't be until around 4pm on the east coast. 
  • Acceptance -- email 3/14 at 12pm. (Anthropology) But I am declining because I've taken another offer. Also assume I was wait-listed, because first round of acceptances went out on 3/9? If that is consolation to folks.

  • Alternate Notification Section
  • Notification of alternate status, 12:21pm EST (I imagine the chances of this turning into a fellowship are slim, right?)
  • Any other alternates on here? Does anyone know how many alternates there typically are? And when do awardees have to accept? Congrats to all who won!
  • Alternate (3/10), Anthropology. (R1 Public U, national fellowships but no publications). Condolences to all the rejections after that brutal application--I fully expect to join the ranks soon enough.
  • I was lurking here and can speak to the alternate list; I was an alternate in 2012 and did evetually get the fellowship. I got the alt-list notification on 3/9/12 - the list wasn't ranked but I was told it was 'very short' or some such thing. I got the notice that I would, in fact, get the fellowship on 4/3/12. I am not certain exaclty what happened, but you have to assume that with ALCS being so competitive, at least some of the winners will also get job offers. Of course this may not happen for you, but I wanted to chime in to let you know that moving from the alternate list to the funded list can happen.
  • Thanks so much for weighing in! It's mind blowing that the list isn't ranked.
  • You're welcome. I misspoke - what I meant to say was that they did not indicate rank on the alternate list in their email to me, and I never asked, either. However, it's probable that the list is ranked, but that they don't make the rank order public.
  • Makes sense. Thank you again! I really, really appreciate it.
  • 3/18: Still no word here on alternate status (anthropologist above). Anyone hear anything? Another thanks to the poster above for further info. <-- I did get bumped up, so there's hope guys.
  • Thanks for the news. Fingers crossed, but expectations low.
  • To the awardees: would someone mind posting the accept by/reject by date indicated in the acceptance email? Antsy alternate here trying to figure out what to do for next fall, and assuming that this date has already passed.  Thanks!  
  • Acceptance deadline is April 2
  • Thanks--much appreciated. (and also, arrrrrgggghhhh)
  • Based on past years, today would be the day (the day following the confirm/deny deadline) that alternates hear something (or don't). Anyone?
  • Anthropologist above again. For the sake of posterity, for future alternates, what limited information I can provide: This year, alternates were notified of alternate status on 3/10. The acceptance deadline for awardees was 4/2. As in past years, it was allegedly a "short list," but with no indication of ranking or probability. After a month of no word, I emailed to ask the contact person if there was anything--probability, ranking, time of expected announcement--that she could tell me, since I had to find other work for the fall and time was short.  She replied that indeed, the list was ranked, but it was their policy not to make the rankings public. Notifications within two weeks. Completely unhelpful. I finally was rejected today, 4/13.  In my experience, being an alternate is basically a very unpleasant purgatory that allows you a month to work through the five stages of grant rejection grief while compulsively checking email. Obviously, some percentage of the 'very short list' is awarded, based on other people declining because they got TT jobs, or better postdocs, or whatever--something I'm sure varies year by year. But, without some degree of mercy from ACLS, (or more info from lurkers who watch this wiki and go through the process. hint hint.) there's simply no way to know whether you're in the percentage of the short list which is likely to be awarded based on past year non-acceptance percentages, or whether you essentially got an 'honorable mention' consolation prize because the award committee got two sugars instead of three or a butterfly flapped its wings in Brooklyn or whatever miniscule factor existed that caused your years of work (along with 930 other proposals) to be passed over when it was clearly equally award-able. That's just the bitterness talking--off to do some adjuncting so that I can never finish my diss! But seriously, good luck to the alternates and condolences to us rejects. My advice is to assume you didn't get it, so you'll be pleasantly surprised if you do and won't waste a month thinking about it either way. And those who got it better do some earth-shattering work:)
  • Awarded alternate status:   x3
  • Moved from alternate to awarded:   x1
  • Unawarded alternates: x1
  • End Alternate Section
  • Rejection (3/10, 10:34 PST) (x3)
  • Rejection (3/10, 1:34 EST), Political Science... is there any way to get reviewer's comments? Just curious to know what they thought of my project since I get almost no feedback at my home dept!
  • I asked for reviewer's comments on my application, I just replied to the email I got (no response yet). 
  • I followed your lead and recieved this enlightening reply:  "ACLS’s reviewing system allows evaluators to release comments to applicants at their discretion, but it does not require that they do so. Thus it is possible to not receive comments from all, or even any, of the reviewers who participated in the assessment of your application. In your case, unfortunately, reviewers did not designate any comments for release to the applicant."
  • I received the same response to my request for comments.  It was disappointing as I was hoping for comments at the least to help improve my grant writing.
  • Rejection (3/10, 1:35PM  EST), Sociology, R1, non-Ivy
  • Rejection (3/10, 1:44 EDT), Anthropology (FYI--I have multiple publications and earned a Fulbright & NSF for fieldwork; Ivy, R1) --> Oh wow, we're the same! (sociologist below)
  • Rejection (3/10, 1:45 EST), Sociology (Non-Ivy, R1, 4 publications, Fulbright and NSF DDIG)
  • Rejection (3/10, 1:45 EST), Modern Languages (Spanish). Non-ivy, private R1.
  • Rejection (3/10, 10:40 PST), Modern Languages. Non-Ivy.
  • Rejection, art history, from a big ten u
  • Rejection (3/10, 5:40 GMT), without silver spoon in mouth.
  • Rejection (3/10, 1:43 EST)
  • Rejection, decided to quit graduate school to train for IronMan 2016. Let the ruling class shower their children with fellowships; I'll be running/biking/swimming. (x4)
  • Rejection, Anthropology 3/10
  • Rejection, History - already have a job lined up luckily #nomoreplanB
  • Anyone else still heard nothing? I'm wearing my lucky fellowship news tshirt and everything <--Still nothing here, either, and it's approaching 4:00 pm EST. Are we to expect another round of rejections tomorrow? Still no news for me either. (2:40 PST)
  • Rejection (3/10, 11.40 PST), History. (FYI - I am Ivy with multiple publications in top-ranked journals and previous Mellon there ya go, it's a tough one). 
  • Rejection (3/10, 1:39 EST), English (Medieval)
  • Rejection (3/10, 12:51 CST), History, private school (non-ivy), 1 publication.
  • Rejection (3/10, 12:40 CST), Comparative Literature, private R1/top 20 university
  • Can anyone clarify the order of notifications (e.g., based on past years)? Name, field, etc.? Congrats to the recipients!
  • Rejection (3/10, 12:41 CST), History, Non Ivy League. 2 publications. Large midwestern state university. Congratulations to the winners.
  • Hoping that posting my rejection here mitigates my sorrows. (x3)
  • Alternate (3/10), History. Congrats to winners!
  • Still no news here. I know two people in my field (Anthropology) who received rejections already.
  • Nothing here, either (3/11 10:00 am CST) There has been one posted acceptance, one rejection, and one alternate for my field (History). I wonder what it means if we didn't hear Monday or Tuesday. Maybe there were so many applicants they have to space out the rejections over several days. :(
  • how are you all seeing posted acceptances and rejections? <-- Sorry if my comment above was confusing. I was referring to the acceptances/rejections that people on this discussion board have "posted."
  • FYI, I hadn't heard anything (despite checking spam folders religiously) and called. Rejection. BUT all notifications should have been sent out, so if you haven't heard you might want to call. (3/11, 4:20 EST)
  • I also had not heard anything and called today (sadly, rejected). All notifications have been sent out so if you did not receive anything then you should contact ACLS (3/12, 3:33 CST). 
  • Acceptance, art history, public R1. 
  • March 16--Still haven't heard anything (history). Am I missing something?


  • Rejected here. Asked for reviewers' comments and I got this response: "ACLS’s reviewing system allows evaluators to release comments to applicants at their discretion, but it does not require that they do so. Thus it is possible to not receive comments from all, or even any, of the reviewers who participated in the assessment of your application. In your case, unfortunately, reviewers did not designate any comments for release to the applicant." (3/12) (x3)
  • After being rejected, I received a different message about the comments. Apparently, there is some variation here. But, if there are comments, it seems that they will not become available until later in April: "We received your request for feedback on your application to the Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship program. ACLS’s reviewing system allows evaluators to release comments to applicants at their discretion. Hence, it is possible to not receive comments from all of the reviewers who participated in the assessment of your application. As we are still in the midst of the fellowship selection season, you will receive an email with the comments that reviewers provided on your application by late April." (x2)
  • I got the same as the above (ie, we'll get them to you in April). I am thus wondering if there is some sort of internal process we are unaware of - ie, that, given the volume of applications, they cut some outright and they never go off for peer review, and therefore there are not any comments. The "semi-finalists" do go to peer review, so you'll get comments. It'd be interesting to know the reality of it, but my experience in the past with some of the big Mellon awards is that if I've won or been short-listed, I receive comments. If I was an early reject, no comments.  
  • Accepted (3/9). Also, this is my first time seeing this wiki, and it is probably the craziest/most neurotic thing I've ever seen in my entire life. I drove myself crazy enough without this. Why make it worse?
    • Could not agree with you more!! I came across this wiki a few years ago and have periodically checked when applying for stuff, but on the whole attempt to avoid the fracas. It's pretty ugly. And insane. This thread - the Mellon/ACLS - takes the cake for being the worst year after year after year. Still cannot figure out why either - I won a Mellon dissertation completion fellowship this year through another organization on here, worth the same amount of $$, but people really go apeshit over this one. Just remember it's presumably a job you want in the end. Eye on the prize. 
    • Yeah, me too guys! I won this fellowship and I read this wiki for years too, so I just thought I'd come here and post about how everyone else who reads it and posts is ugly and neurotic! I mean, it's not like their only chance to finish up six years of labor hinges on an opaque and arbitrary review process or some crazy shit like that! Well, gotta go spend my 32k, hope the 1000 people who failed can realize the wisdom of my post and just chill already! Peace!
      • Sorry you're bitter and entitled. 
      • I'm definitely bitter--you got me there. But I would say 'entitled' is a better descriptor for someone who wins a fellowship, and then for whatever reason decides the best thing to do with a fellowship wiki is an unintentionally ironic self-congratulatory post about how neurotic all the losers who post on the wiki are. Launching personal attacks on a bunch of random strangers mostly attempting to console themselves and each other and/or help each other out with information not othewise available, is just lame.

ACOR-CAORC Fellowship[]

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship[]


American Academy in Rome - Rome Prize[]

  • Applied x3
  • Any word about interviews?
  • Interviews (Skype or NYC visit - applicant's choice) were scheduled in Jan. for Feb. (2/6)
  • Rejection via e-mail (3/16)

Andrew W. Mellon Predoctoral History Education Fellowship at the Museum of the City of New York []


  • Three Fellows will be selected to be in residence at the Museum of the City of New York for fourteen-months beginning in July 2015, during which time they will be fully integrated into the life of the Museum.
  • Received offer 5/7

ASA Minority Fellowship[]

Applied (x3)

  • Any idea if winners are notified earlier than non-winners?
  • According to the website we will be notified at the end of April (3/30)
  • Happened to come across an annoucement online - a department annouced one of their students as a fellow for next year. So it looks like winners have been notified....
    • Dang. I was really hoping for this one. Assuming we're talking about same person, it looks like ASA notified her yesterday (4/16). A news bulletin for a different student was posted 4/14 too.
    • Dam! I really was hoping for this one .....better luck next year.
  • Rejection email received 4/21.

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Research Fellowships, Harvard University[]

Berlin Program for Advanced German & European Studies (Freie Universität)[]

  • Applied x4
  • Last year, announcements went out the second week of February, so we're not far away. 
  • Awarded a fellowship Oct '15-Sept '16 (02/06) x2
  • rejected 2/6. For the record, 63 applications total. Letter did not say how many awards. x2
  • From previous years, they accept btw 10-12 doctoral candidates & 2-3 post-docs, depending on funding levels.

Boren Fellowship[]

  • Applied x1
  • This is followed more closely on grad cafe, but it can also be a dissertation fellowship depending on when you apply in your grad career.
  • Last year, offers went out on April 18.  Website says notification by late April.

Bourses Jeanne Marandon?[]

  • Trying to find out how many doctoral awards they give out per year, and when they notify - anyone? 
  • Waitlisted, notified by email (4/3) x2
  • Current Marandon Fellow here. I received word of my acceptance on April 16 last year. There is a least one other doctoral student in France on a Marandon Fellowship now, so it seems that they do award multiple fellowships each year. However, I'm not sure how many in total they award - the 'historical memory' of the fellowship, at least published online, is not substantial.
  • Source at the SPFFA says to expect notifications for people on the waitlist in mid-May when the SPFFA convenes for the last time this academic year.
  • Accepted (previously waitlisted) (5/12) x2

Boston College - African and African Diaspora Studies Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied (x5)

  • 4/9/15 Anyone have any updates on this yet? Looks like people last year heard around this time...
  • 4/9/15 Radio silence here.
  • 4/9/15 Ditto x3
  • No news as of 4/13 3pm EST. x3
  • I called them up at the end of last week and they said that notifications would be going out early this week via snail mail. Also that you could ask them to send the notification via email, if you preferred. I didn't do that, but might end up doing so if nothing arrives in the next couple of days... Nothing in the mail today!
  • No news, mail, email, or otherwise, as of 4/17. x3
  • Rejection in the mail today!!! Apparently there was only one fellowship this year?! x4
  • Still no response (mail or e-mail) as of 4/22 x3
  • I still haven't heard anything as of 4/27; I'm going to inquire.
  • No response yet (5/6)
  • a student at my university has received and accepted this fellowship

Brown Diversity Fellowship[]

CAORC Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship[]

Applied x4

Any idea when notification letters go out?

  • I read April 15, 2015. Anyone know if you have a fighting chance for these general CAORC fellowships, if you're rejected for another fellowship by a specific AORC?  Just got a rejection a couple days ago from a CAORC research center, so not really holding out hope that CAORC headquarters will like my project if the research center I proposed working with, doesn't. 

No news yet on my side (4/4)

Still no news this past week, do you think it'll be mid-April or end of April? (4/11)

  • I received an email on April 7 requesting further paperwork for a possible affiliation with a specific ARC (noting that the request was not an indication that I'd received the award); the email said they will announce winners by 4/17. 

Received rejection via email (4/14)

Rejection via email. Subject heading was for Mediterranean but one sentence thanked me for applying to the Multi-Country. Not sure what to make of it? (4/14) 

  • Same here, and I applied to both as well; I think it's just a typo. (4/14)

Rejection via email (4/14) x4

CAORC Multi-Country Research Fellowship[]

Applied x4

Rejection received via e-mail 4/15, 10:11 am

Rejection received 4/15 via e-mail. x4

Acceptance 4/15- short email w/ no information about number of applicants etc. 

Carter G. Woodson Institute PreDoctoral Fellowship at UVA (African & African American)[]

  • applied x2
  • Got in - received a letter on 1/20 - very early decision!
  • snail mail rejection, 3/4

Carter Manny Award[]

  • Applied x1
  • Notification pushed back until after September 21

Center for Democracy, Development and Rule of Law (Stanford) Predoctoral Fellowship[]


  • Rejected via email, 3/13/15.  Email noted only four fellowships were awarded.


  • Anyone else heard anything from them? Have awardees been notified? (3/24)

Center for Jewish History, Graduate Research Fellowship[]

The application deadline for Graduate Research Fellowships starting in Fall 2016 is February 2, 2016.

The Center for Jewish History offers ten-month fellowships to doctoral candidates to support original research using the collections of the Center’s partners – American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum, and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Preference is given to those candidates who draw on the library and archival resources of more than one partner institution. Fellows must be in residence at the Center from September 2015 through June 2016 and applicants should have completed all requirements (i.e., coursework, exams, dissertation proposal) for the doctoral degree except for the dissertation. It is required that each fellow spend a minimum of three days per week in residence in the Lillian Goldman Reading Room using the archival and library resources. Fellows must also participate in the Center for Jewish History Fellowship Seminar Program, attend bi-weekly meetings of the fellowship program cohort, deliver a minimum of one lecture based on research conducted at Center, and submit a report upon completion of the Fellowship describing her/his experience as a Center Fellow. Fellowships carry a stipend of $17,500 for a period of one academic year. Fellows from universities more than 125 miles away from New York City may be entitled to additional funding of up to $5,000 to offset moving expenses.

Eligibility- The fellowship is open to qualified doctoral candidates from accredited domestic and international institutions. - Fellows must be in residence at the Center from the beginning of September 2016 until the end of June 2017. - Applicants should have completed all requirements (i.e., coursework, exams, dissertation proposal) for the doctoral degree except for the dissertation. - For non-U.S. citizens, it is the responsibility of the applicant to have the appropriate visa for acceptance of the award during the ten-month fellowship term. The Center for Jewish History is not a visa-granting institution but it will help facilitate the visa application process.

Requirements for Application 1. Cover letter stating area of interest, knowledge of relevant languages, and how the project relates to the general mission of the Center for Jewish History 2. Curriculum Vitae, including contact information, education, publications, scholarly and/or museum activities, teaching experience, and any other relevant work experience 3. Research proposal of no more than four pages double-spaced, including specific reference to the collections at the Center and clearly stated goals for research during the period of the fellowship 4. A one-page bibliography of important secondary sources for the project 5. Graduate school transcript 6. Three letters of recommendation, which address the significance of the candidate’s work for his or her field, as well as the candidate’s ability to fulfill the proposed work. Please ensure that your application indicates the names and contact information of those writing letters of recommendation on your behalf. 7. Letters of recommendation should be sent under separate cover – preferably by email or dossier service – to the address below. 8. Please submit application materials 1-5 by email as one continuous PDF file. Transcripts may arrive separately to the below address or email address.

The schedule for the application process is as follows: - All application materials, including letters of recommendation, must be received by February 2, 2016 for consideration. - Announcement of grant recipients: April 2016 - Commencement of grant period: September 1, 2016 - Conclusion of grant period: June 30, 2017

To download the full application guidelines, please visit

Applications are to be submitted to: Christopher Barthel, Ph.D. Senior Manager for Academic and Public Programs, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011, United States of America. Email:

Center for Jewish History, Lapidus Summer Fellowship Program[]

The Center for Jewish History and the American Jewish Historical Society offer a six-week Fellowship to recent Ph.D.s and doctoral candidates conducting original research using the collections of the Center’s five partners: American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Fellows will take residence at the Center for Jewish History in NYC from June 15, 2015 through July 24, 2015. Each Fellow will be required to spend a minimum of three days per week in residence, working with archival and library resources in the Center’s Lillian Goldman Reading Room. Fellows should plan to be in residence the full week of June 15, 2014 to participate in orientation/archival training sessions. Up to six Fellowships will be awarded in summer 2015. Applicants should be recent Ph.D.s, ABD or in the process of writing their dissertations.

  • Application deadline: April 17, 2015
  • Full description and application guidelines are available at

CFD - Consortium for Faculty Diversity Pre and Post-Doctoral Fellowships[]

  • Applied (x5)
  • Contacted (list school and department)
  • Contacted by Denison, request to apply-Art (could you give more info? date contacted, nature of conversation?) Applied directly to job posting after being contacted, subsequently was not selected as a finalist for interview at CAA.
  • Yes, please give more info- btw has anyone every received this fellowship by being contacted by schools based on their application in the CFD system?  Seems like schools use this when they want to recruit a particular candidate, not to browse to fill a position.  Can anyone verify this?
  • Does anyone know how this fellowship works? Do most people contact the department they would like to be hosted by directly? What about the contact person at the college? Please help!
  • Was contacted by a college and told I was on a shortlist (Jan. 8) and asked if I was still interested and that they would make decisions around end Jan.  Said yes. Then no further contact.

Charlotte Newcombe Fellowship[]

  • applied x9
  • 11/11: I submitted my supplemental materials via email last Friday 11/7, but I have yet to receive confirmation of their receipt/inclusion in my applicatoin. Anyone else? 
  • 11/12: I did not receive confirmation either, but when I checked the status of my application online it showed that everything had been received. 
  • 11/14: I sent my stuff in yesterday, and it had not shown up in my account yet.  So, I emailed them, and they said that they actually convert the documents by hand and it can take up to 5 business days to do so.  As long as you emailed them in by the application date they will count as on time.
  • 11/14: Thanks y'all. My documents are now appearing as received. Good luck everyone!
  • 11/14: The list of selection committee does not list anyone for the field of performance studies, although applicants can select performance studies from the drop-down menu. Does anyone have a sense of how this will work? 
  • 2/5/15: any word yet? it looks like in the past they have started to notify about finalists between 2/22 and 2/28, but you never know...
  • 2/18/15: Any news?
  • 2/18/15: Haven't heard anything yet.
  • 2/18/15: Nothing yet. Based upon previous years, I am guesing that finalists should learn about advancing sometime between next Tuesday (the 24th) and Friday (the 27th). 
  • 2/18/15 When I submitted this thing I thought I would just forget about it, but here I am.
  • 2/19/15 Just found out I'm a finalist (x3)
  • 13% of >500 applicants are finalists.
  • 2/19/15 Rejection received by email. Pretty general response - "over 500 applications were received this year for 22 awards." x5
  • 3/7/2015: Has anyone heard anything else?
  • They're meeting on 3/20 to select winners. Notifications will go out the next week.
  • 3/20/2015: According to the last email I received, the Selection Committee is meeting today to decide on winners.  Does anybody know about how quickly finalists are notified after the selection meeting with their final status?
  • In past years they haven't released results until the following Monday. Maybe we'll get lucky?
  • 3/20/2015: Did anyone receive confirmation of final documents receipt?
  • 3/21/2015: Any day now!  I believe decisions were made yesterday.
  • 3/23/2015: Is today the day? If so, does anyone have any idea when they will send out emails?
  • I sure hope so.  The wait is agonizing.  I really have no idea what time the emails are sent out (if it even happens today).
  • Any news?
  • None so far.  There is a certain amount of relief finding out I'm not the only one without an email, but some sort of news would be better.
  • Maybe the notifications aren't coming today--it's almost 4 pm EDT...
  • Why is everybody convinced they must come today? Their email said: "Th[e] committee will be meeting on March 20th to decide this year’s Fellows. Word of their decisions will be sent by email the following week". That gives them until the 27th. Chill out everybody! (Or am I missing something?)
  • Because as far as I know, for the past few years the decisions have been emailed the Monday following the Friday the Selection Committee met (meaning today).  This obviously isn't carved in stone.
  • 3/24/2015: Apparently it wasn't carved in stone, unless we were all no go's. Relax, we'll all hear soon enough. Obviously our projects are all good if we've made it this far--definitely something to remember going forward. Good luck everyone (including the lurkers who don't post) :)
  • Rejection 11:15am EDT x3
  • I got an award offer at 11:07 AM EDT (3/24/15) x4
  • I got the award offer this morning (and am one of the X's above). I just wanted to add something. The fact that I have gotten this fellowship while being rejected from all the myriad less selective ones that I applied for, for which my project was definitely a better fit than it is for the Newcombe, confirms in my opinion how almost entirely haphazard this whole process is. Sorry if this input is unwelcome.
  • (3/25/15 at 3:30 AM EDT) I am a finalist and I have not heard anything yet.  Someone please put me out of my misery. EDIT: I got no sleep last night and my award offer was in my junk mail. I can't believe it. Congrats to all of the finalists- applying for fellowships is such an ontological struggle and I'm just so happy right now I need to go get an ice cream. 
  • just made a very difficult decision to decline the award, so at least one more should be coming
  • Thanks for the info... the deafening silence was very demoralizing.

Chateaubriand Fellowship in the Humanities[]

  • Applied x 8
  • Anyone know when they usually announce this?
  • For the past three years it was announced April 30.
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • I called yesterday and the person I spoke to said the committee met last week and the results will be emailed this week.  He also said they may be posted on the website.
  • Accepted. 11:30AM EDT 4/30.
  • Still nothing here. I think this is a bad sign. 12:13 EST, 4/30.
  • Rejected, 12:40 EST, 4/30.
  • Accepted! 11:24 AM EST 4/30. 115 applications, 15 fellowships (6 year-long, 5 fall, 4 spring). Best of luck to everyone.
  • Accepted for 8-month grant, 4/30. I already accepted a Fulbright for next I think I have to turn it down...
  • Rejected 12:21 EDT, 4/30
  • Offered spring fellowship. Rejected on 5/1 due to winning an alternative fellowship.

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Doctoral Fellowships[]

Doctoral candidates who are non-ROC citizens and who are enrolled in an accredited university in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, or South America may apply for financial support for writing dissertations in the field of Chinese Studies in the humanities and social sciences. Citizens of the ROC should apply for Dissertation Fellowships for ROC Students Abroad.

CLIR/ Mellon Fellowship[]

  • applied x12
  • Any word on this one yet? Or on when announcements are usually made? (2/16)
  • They notify on April 1st, as per the email confirmation they send when you submit your application (2/17)
  • Technically yes, but they actually seem to notify successful candidates earlier than that. From last year's thread: "According to past forums, CLIR/Mellon notifications came on March 4 (2011), March 12 (2012), and March 20 (2013) by email. Those days were, respectively, the first Friday, the second Monday, and the third Wednesday of the month. Last year, rejection emails went out March 28." Although last year apparently nobody dropped a line to say if/when early acceptances had gone out. (2/17)
  • Last year (2014) final recipients were notified on April 1st; there were no "secret" early notifications.
  • Very interesting. Thanks for letting us know how it went last year. (3/19)
  • Does they do interviews for this? I'm thought they used to (though I may be confusing it with another grant)
  • I haven't heard of interviews for this, but this is my first time applying so I don't know much about the process. (3/2)
  • No interviews for this one (at least not within the past 10 years), nor a waitlist. Just a straight yes/no. (3/3)
  • For the record, I applied for CLIR/Mellon fellowship in 2012-2013, and I was notified on March 27th, 2012 that I was not awarded a fellowship. The competition was for 17 awards out of 497 (17/497), and I seriously doubt they've been able to expand. As far as I know, there are not any waitlists or anything. Just yes/no.
  • Has anyone got any news? (3/24)
  • Acceptance went out today in the mid-afternoon. Told not to say anything. Decisions will be rolling out the rest of the week. (3/25) x3
  • Nothing here (3/24) x5
  • Thanks for posting to let us know and sparing me a lot of anxious waiting. And congrats on your acceptance! (3/26)
  • Thank you! Does anyone know if all the acceptances went out and it's only the rejections they're sending now? Basically: should I give up hope?
  • Acceptance 2/25 (...after 47 rejections from other jobs/postdocs/fellowships this year...) Don't give up hope!  Yesterday's email said "the notification process to those selected to receive fellowships this year will extend over the coming week."  Also: 16 awards out of 486 for this round.  Mentally beaming good luck and a straight Scotch to everyone out there.
  • Acceptance 3/25. The email said that they would be notifying people through next week. Good luck, everyone!!
  • Congratulations! So the email indicated that they'll notify successful applicants through the week of March 30 through April 3? Thanks. (3/27)
  • Yep. And then further that the announcement would be made public in 'early April.'
  • GAH! Anymore news anyone? (3/31)
  • No news here. Expecting a rejection tomorrow. (3/31)
  • It's probably safe to assume if you haven't heard anything before today (10:30am EST here), a rejection letter will be winging its way to you this afternoon. I know that's what I expect. UPDATE 11:45am EST. Not this afternoon, but as I predicted, just recieved a rejection email (4/1)
  • Rejection email. (4/1) x6
  • Email to CLIR. Do you agree?  
  • Thank you for your email.  I am disappointed that your organization has decided not to provide feedback the applications which are rejected.  Given the statistics that you provide, only 3% of applicants receive a fellowship.  That means that the remaining 97% of applicants have labored for nought.  Presumably the Mellon foundation sought to make money available so that scholars would be more productive.   Paradoxically the Mellon foundation is effectively taking up a non-trivial amount of time of four hundred and seventy scholars for no palpable benefit.  That seems a shame, and contrary to CLIR's mission of advancing knowledge.  It is surely not CLIR's fault that there are many applicants, rather that is a sign that the award is prestigious and no doubt of immense benefit to the 3% of applicants who receive the award.  But CLIR should consider how it can fulfill its mission vis-a-vis the 97% of applicants who do not receive awards.   Now CLIR presumably produces review sheets for the applications it reviews.  If these were released to the applicants, at least the process would help those applicants to understand weaknesses in their proposals and would enable them to produce better applications in the future.  In this way the process might have some benefit for those four hundred and seventy scholars whose many hours of work have not been rewarded financially, and moreover CLIR as an organization might feel assured that it was advancing the scholarship not just of the sixteen scholars whose projects are accepted, but of all four hundred and eighty-six. 
  • That email presupposes that all the applications had "weaknesses" other than they didn't catch the eye of the individuals who served on the decision committee. At those odds, every application is basically a shot in the dark. If you didn't know that going in, you do now. (x1,000)

Columbia Society of Fellows[]

Columbia University GSAS Internation Travel Grant[]

  • apply x1

Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine Dissertation Writing Fellowship[]

  • applied x3
    • Does anyone know when we should be hearing from them?
    • I thought I remembered seeing an April date for notifications when applying for the fellowship, but haven't heard anything yet... anyone else? (4/14)
    • Still no news x2 (4/15)
  • Rejected via e-mail (4/16 @ 2:24 pm):  "Unfortunately, there were more applications that were worthy of awards than awards to give."

Council for European Studies (CES)/Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship[]

Eligibility: Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowships are intended to facilitate the timely completion of the doctoral degree by late-stage graduate students in the humanities working on Europe.  

To be eligible an applicant must: be ABD (year 5 and above); be a US citizen or green card holder; can have no more than one full year of dissertation work remaining at the start of the fellowship year as certified by his or her dissertation advisor; be enrolled at a higher education institution in the U.S. that is a member of the Council for European Studies Academic Consortium. Students whose universities are not currently members of the CES consortium may apply, but they are encouraged to apply early in the application season so that every effort may be made to enroll the institution in the CES member consortium and, thus, establish the student's eligibility by the application deadline.

The applicant must also have exhausted the dissertation completion funding normally provided by his or her academic department or university, and he or she must be working on a topic within or substantially overlapping European Studies.

- Applied, 26 Jan 2015. Anyone else? Bon courage! (x7)

  • - Are we supposed to receive confirmation that all materials are received? Or only if something is missing?
  • Last year I received the following message upon submission: "Your Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship Application form has been received by our staff and will be reviewed shortly. Please make sure to contact your recommenders directly and provide them with this link to the recommendation form: They will not be automatically contacted by this application." I was only subsequently contacted regarding a missing rec letter.
  • I emailed this year after submission to make sure my (already submitted) recommendation letters would be automatically matched with my application. They replied and said that they would be automatically matched. I assume they don't send out any further confirmation.

- Applied 19 Jan 2015. Any other applicants for the pre-dissertation version of this grant on here?

  • I also applied for the pre-dissertation grant but have yet to hear anything. One of the posters below noted that decisions might be in Spam folders, but I have not received anything in mind. Have any other applicants received decisions about the pre-dissertation version? (4/8) 
  • I haven't heard anything either way for the pre-diss grant... anyone else? (4/9)
  • I applied last year. I got my rejection on April 14th. So...hopefully we hear (better) news soon! (4/10)
  • So, CES posted the names of the five winners on its website, but has yet to send out, to my knowledge, any formal rejection emails. Stay classy, CES. Congrats to the winners. (4/15)
  • Are they really not going to send rejections out? I would like an acknowledgement that my application was received since we never got that on the front end... has anyone received a rejection? Please post if/ when you do!
    • No rejection received yet (4/20). If the CES is really going to post the winners like it's a middle school baseball team and not send out any formal rejections to applicants, well...we know what kind of organization CES is now. Rather bush league on their part.

- Here we can post updates about the Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the AY 2015-2016. Does anyone know when the successful applicants have been notified in the past? Rejections? Any news at all? (3/10/2015) 

  • - In years past, successful candidates have been notified in early April (last year was the 8th for most people), or the very end of March. It seems that rejections come after the dust settles regarding who accepts or declines the fellowship. So, I'd say we're probably at least 3 weeks away from any notification. My guess (purely speculative) would be the week after Easter weekend. (3/11)

- Just thought I'd like to ask... as anyone heard anything? (3/24)

  • - Nope (27/3).
  • - Nothing as of 3/31.

I looked at previous years. It seems that acceptance emails go out a week or so before rejections. They usually are received in the last few days of March or the first few days of April. Sometimes they came on Saturdays. Last year, acceptance emails were sent to some people a few days apart. If this year follows this pattern, we may hear something this week

- Does anyone know the stats on this fellowship? fellowships given vs applicants? agh. any news anyone?

  • They award 10. In past years I've heard they've received 200+ applications.

Awards were announced on Thursday (2 April) for the Diss Completion Fellowship. Congrats! 

  • Do you mind if I ask how you know? Did you get one? (If so, congratulations!) 
  • Agreed with above - how do you know? 
  • In the past, CES has written on this page, so it's possible the 3% of applicants who won a fellowship aren't among the readers here (and why we didn't hear anything), and someone from CES wrote the above announcement.
  • Does anyone want to contact CES and find out? I find it unlikely that no one who posts on this wiki would have gotten an award, given past years.
  • I called CES at 10:30am EST this morning. They have indeed sent out notifications last week. The person I spoke to used language indicating that first notifications to recepiants had gone out last week, and the Council planned to send out notifications by the end of the week. I take from this one of two possibilities: (A) Recipents have just a few days to decide before they send out offers to an established short list, or (B) they are simply taking their time to send out official rejections. In any event, it doesn't look particularly bright for any of us who haven't heard anything.
  • Cool, thanks. Last year, some people received award notifications on 4/3, and others on 4/8, which suggests to me that some people turned down the initial offers, and CES has a waitlist. So there's a slim glimmer of hope.
  • Check your spam folders. My acceptance email was sitting in there for almost a week before I saw it! (It came 4/2, just as the previous poster noted above)
  •  Indeed.
  • Has anyone received a rejection yet? (4/9)
  • I don't think rejections have been sent out yet. According to the above record of phone call, rejections and waitlist/last award notifications should be sent out today.(4/10, EET 2:45)
  • To clarify - I'm the person who called on Monday. The staff person did say they hoped to get out notifications by the end of the week, but that wasn't a promise. So, while I imagine that is what they're aiming for, it may not be a guarantee. 
  • Any rejections yet? (4/13)
    • Not yet - but I'm assuming tomorrow (4/14). I feel like by the middle of this week we should hear something. One thing about these awards that aggravates - winners are notified well in advance of losers, which makes the wait all the more arduous because you know you're out and are just waiting for the formal word. 
    • I think we share your frustration, but they have to have a way of maintaining alternates. I think the best way to do it is, much like fulbright, have 1 notification date of Selected, Alternate, or Not Selected. Then the Not Selecteds know and do not have to wait. The bad thing about CES is that some of those of us who have not received Rejections have already been rejected, while others who have not received Rejections are on a waitlist, to be promoted to Accepted if someone declines the award to take another award. It's not very considerate, especially considering that there are various other fellowships that require you to respond and accept quickly, often before the CES and other late-announcing fellowships make their announcements. 
    • Just to add (4/15) - I applied for this last year also and never received anything after the confirmation email - no rejection notice at all. I assumed this meant they didn't send rejection notices, but I guess it could have been a glitch.
  • I can say for certain that all notifications will be sent out either Thursday, Friday, or Monday. (posted 4/15)
  • I need to know immediately if anyone received a late acceptance (in other words, and email that did not go out on 4/2). Please notify. Also, has anyone received rejections yet? This is somewhat urgent. (4/17)
    • Seeing that only one person on this entire thread received an acceptance on 4/2, and that no one else has mentioned anything about acceptances or waitlist status, I think it's safe to assume we're all on the same train bound for Rejection-land. (4/17)
  • Still no rejections sent out yet, huh? (4/20)
    • I have not yet received any word. I'm not sure how typical this is, but last year I never received any word from them at all, rejection or otherwise. (4/20)
    • It's very comforting to know that this organization doesn't really care about sending courtesy rejection notices, yet feels comfortable adding rejected applicants to its mailing list to solicit funds. 
    • If you didn't receive a notification (like me), the website says to email their office. Hopefully they can fix the problem in the future. This is what the website says as of 4/21 at 4:18pm EST: The Application Period for the 2015 Fellowship Competition is closed! Notifications were sent on April 17. If you did not receive a notification, please contact the Council at:
    • ​Weird. I definitely never heard anything. How many never received any notification?
    • I e-mailed this morning as per their website instructions; no reply (4/22).
    • I also never received word from anyone until I emailed them. This is also the case for 2 colleagues of mine. I believe the CES simply doesn't email rejections, which is dreadful and disrespectful.
    • I emailed and they forwarded a rejection email supposedly send on April 17th, but it is absolutely nowhere in any inbox, and doesn't come up after a search. (4/23) I had the same experience: emailed on 4/22 and received a forwarded rejection supposedly sent on 4/17 along with an email saying CES was having problems with its email system. (4/27)


Applied x4

  • Last year, notifications went out last week of March. 

Status on DAAD Portal changed to "Application Rejected" (02.04) x2

Status on DAAD Portal reverted back to "application submitted" (03/09/15) x3

  • A user over at GradCafe emailed them and the New York office said that they do not know why the change int he Portal status, but final decisions have not yet been determined. 
  • Another user at GradCafe emailed 3/18 and was told decisions would go out "end of March/early April."
  • Received acceptance (3/31) x3
  • Also received two-month language grant prior to research grant start date (4/8) x1

Rejections also came on 3/31

  • Acceptance, short-term (4/7)

Dan David Prize[]

  • Applied in late February. Does anyone know when the notifications will be out?
  • Rejection (04/13) x2

Danforth Center on Religion and Politics (Washington U. in St. Louis)[]

  • rejection email (2/18)

Dartmouth College[]

The goal of the Chavez/Eastman/Marshall fellowship program is to promote student and faculty diversity at Dartmouth, and throughout higher education, by supporting completion of the doctorate by underrepresented minority scholars (including African-American, Latina/o, and Native American scholars) and other graduate scholars with a demonstrated commitment and ability to advance educational diversity.

Application deadline: Feb. 1, 2015; Award announcement: April 1, 2015

  • Applied (x4)

Anyone heard anything? It's supposed to be today, right? It's now 3:18 PM ET... I suppose we'll hear by 5 PM, no?

  • Last year, they sent out notifications on 4/8. I hope we find out soon, but it may be a few days.
  • A bit ridiculous that they don't stick to their deadlines. Does anyone know what happened to the Affinity House program? There is no more info. about it. The fellowship page used to advertise it and so did the campus housing office, and now it's all but disappeared from the web.
  • If you are pressed by other deadlines, they have already informed the 3 recipients.  The affinity positions are not continuing, due to Dartmouth College's overhaul of the undergraduate housing structure.
  • Thanks for the update - best of luck to everyone waiting to hear from other fellowships. (04/01)
  • Thanks to all for the updates. Just to clarify--they have already informed the 3 recipients of the affinity positions or of the Chavez/Eastman/Marshall fellowship? Thanks for clarifying. 
  • send the rejections already, so cruel to keep us waiting
  • They have informed the 3 fellowship recipients (Chavez/Eastman/Marshall)
  • Thanks for this info. Could they be waiting to tell us because we are alternates? Do they have alternates? By when do the fellows have to respond and accept/decline the position? I emailed Ruth Dube yesterday to ask when we might hear something, and she still hasn't responded. Naively I'd like to think that it might be because I'm an alternate. (Unlikely, I know.)
  • Me again. Rejection received 4/3.
  • Rejection received 4/3 (x2)

Dedalus Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund[]

  • Applied
  • Any news? (4/20)
  • Has anyone recieved notifications? (4/30)
  • Based on previous years, it seems like notifications go out in late May. (5/5)
  • I emailed them to ask for a notification date and their only response was that I wasn't a final nominee. So if you email them and get an actual date, you are probably in the running! (5/7)
  • ^^Thanks for the tip -- I just sent an e-mail and was told early June. (5/8)
  • ^^Agreed, thanks for the tip. Email sent, waiting on response. (5/8) 
  • Anxiously awaiting... Does anyone know if notification are done via email or postal mail? (6/3)
  • A friend who received the fellowship last year heard via postal mail in late May. A thin envelope from JP Morgan Chase - don't throw it out, even if it looks like a credit card offer! (6/9)
  • Acceptance received via mail (6/13)

Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship[]

  • Received e-mail with invitation to interview (12/23). +1
  • Does anyone know if the interview requests are rolling, or if we haven't heard by now, better luck next year? (1/6)
  • Interviews happened on 1/24. Haven't heard anything since the interview. Has anyone else heard? (2/2)
  • I have not heard anything since we left DO. (2/2)
  • So...still nothing? (3/4)
  • From looking at the 2014 and 2013 threads, it should be coming this week...hopefully (3/4)
  • I emailed to ask about a different DO fellowship (but they could be on the same timetable), and was told that candidates will be informed by the end of next week at the latest. I wonder if that means acceptances this week, rejections next week, but it should be soon. (3/5)
  • I've heard through the grapevine that senior fellows were notified (3/10). Any word on junior fellowships?
  • Junior Fellow acceptance (via email). Note: was never contacted for interview.
  • To the person who got accepted (congratulations!), what program are you in? Has anyone received rejections?
  • Rejection letter received via e-mail. (3/25)

Eleanor Tufts Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Southern Methodist University[]

Fisher Center Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Hobart and William Smith Colleges[]

Five Colleges[]

  • Applied x13
  • Skype interview request 02/02/15
  • Anyone know if they have already picked their fellows? I'm trying to decide whether its still worth applying...
  • Offer extended 02/13/15
  • wow, that was quick! Are you the same person who had the Skype interview? Anyone else hear anything?
  • crickets as of 2/25
  • I called the Five Colleges consortium. At least three colleges are still looking at the applications. Decisions have been delayed in part due to the weather. They expect to let people know in March, although the dates remain unclear. Decisions are made by committees specific to each college. (2/26)
  • Thanks for calling!  It's nice to know they're still evaluating applications.  Fingers crossed...
  • I got sick of refreshing this page just to hear bad news... While they are still evaluating apps, I am not certain if they've made any shortlists already. Good luck to everyone!
  • Oy. I hope I get this. . . I wonder which college did the skype interview? Congrats to that person. . . 
  • Rejection. Notified via interfolio 3/11. Congrats to Winners. x5
  • did you get an email from interfolio? or was it posted there?
  • email from Interfolio
  • I haven't heard a peep. What gives?
  • I just heard this morning. Was on a short list but they awarded a candidate in another field. :( If you call they will update you on your standing.
  • Thanks for this. Just called, and was told that people who have not heard are very likely "still in the running" since 2 schools have not decided yet. No word on how short that list is though.

Ford Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Applied x16

I have a question. The instructions say to complete an annotated bibliography, one page double spaced. This is actually quite impossible, given that most citations take two lines--leaving NO space for annotation. What is everyone else doing about this issue? Transgress the page limit?

  • In the instructions pdf, it says one page, double-spaced. In the "application components" website it doesn't specify, it just says two to three sentences each and no more than ten sources. But if you actually log on to your uploads page in the online application it says that it should be single-spaced. So mine (since of course I'm still working on it...) will be one-page, single-spaced.
  • Thanks for answering! I already uploaded mine, it is double spaced and doesn't go beyond 2 pages. I guess when you have three distinct sets of instructions for what to do, this is what happens. However, I wish I had done what you are doing!

I also have a question. The form is requiring that I put down a PhD institution in addition to my proposed fellowship institution. I'm fine entering it again, but it is asking for dates of attendance. I have already entered my expected graduation date in the proposed fellowship institution entry. Should I enter 11/2014 for the end date for the PhD institution as I am currently attending?

  • I was also confused by that. I put 11/2014 as the end date for my current institution.

Does anyone know if we'll receive some sort of status update before April?

  • There are no updates before decisions. Winners are usually notified in late March or early April and alternates, honorable mentions, and everyone else shortly thereafter.
  • I believe people starting hearing on 3/25/14 last year, so maybe we'll hear back next week? (3/17)
  • As far as I can tell, most of the acceptance emails went out on a Friday, with the alternates/honorable-mentions/rejections going out the following Monday. If it follows last year's pattern exactly, that would mean acceptance emails will be going out this Friday. However, there seems to be variation throughout the years, so I don't think we have any good reason to think they'll be on the same timeline this year. (3/17) x2
  • I agree with the poster above... last year the acceptances started going out on Friday of this week. One way to see an updated list as folks are offered and accept a fellowship is by clicking through to the 2015 directory. Nothing is on the page yet though. (3/17) 
  • Last year was the first time in a while that decisions went out before the first week of April though.
  • I think there's a good chance they could be out at the end of this week or next week.  The website says the decisions will be announced in March 2015 and they'll need at least a week to leave time for alternates.
  • I called this the National Research Council Fellowship Office this morning, and they said announcements will be made "probably by early April." I'm not sure if the person I spoke to really knew since the Program Announcement clearly states March 2015 as the time awards will be announced. (3/19)
  • I applied to several fellowships last year, and almost all of them announced past their written dates, even if only by a few days.
  • Award offer just received!! (3/23/15) - Congratulations!! Did you get an e-mail? What time / time zone?
  • Thanks, it was an email at 12:25 pm EST.  Good luck to everyone!
  • I have just read of another award offer on gradcafe - received at 12:45 p.m. EST. I guess the time is running out on us?
  • I find it so strange these are done individually or staggered in some way, given that its email. 
  • Award offer received at 12:42pm EST via email.
  • Congrats to the recepients! Do they notify all the winnners at once?
  • Sigh* I guess there's always next year.  They'll probably notify the rest of us this this week.
  • Congratulations! What fields have been notified? Anybody know? (3/23/15)
  • I've been wondering the same thing? Do they all go out at once?
  • Not sure about all areas, I'm in Sociology and found out today. x2  (+Geography)
  • American Studies 
  • Any news today? Hopefully, there are still some acceptances to be announced... (3/24/15)
  • No news here (3/24  1:20pm est)
  • I wish they would already just say it - rejection - so I could move on with my life! I mean it's been the whole day without any info... (1:30 PST)
  • I know how you feel, we already know, pretty much, but it helps to have it confirmed.  Holding out hope for an honorable mention as encouragement to re-apply next year! (3/24) (x2)
  • Have any anthropologists heard anything?
  • I am an anthropologist and have not heard anything. Have you now heard back? How many people have acceptances? Rejections? Honorable mentions? --Hi, it's me again, the anthropologist from above. I still haven't heard anything...
  • Me either (6:16pm EST) are you at the SfAA's? Glad I'm not alone!
  • I am a political science applicant for the diss fellowship, and have not heard anything.  I have not seen anything about notifications of alternates or honorable mentions here, or on gradcafe. I doubt the've been sent out yet (3/25 12:30pm EST)
  • Anyone from Comparative Literature out there? I have not heard anything yet (03/25/2015, 9:30 PST), any ideas why it is taking them so long to notify people? It seems that the initial wave of acceptances was posted on Monday, but then there was nothing yesterday and so far there is nothing today. Such a drawn-out process... - it is all quiet here on the west coast - at this point I feel that any e-mail would already qualify as HM, I just want to receive any mention that my application is actually somewhere out there:)
  • I have this insane idea that I forgot something and my application was never even looked at.
  • If your application was submitted (but was missing a necessary component), then they would have informed you soon after the deadline for final materials (in Jan.) that your application was not being considered.
  • I actually did mess up something in my application initially (I indicated the wrong date of anticipated degree completion) and they emailed me shortly after the application closed to say I had been disqualified. I replied that it was an error and they fixed it and put my application back into consideration. So you'd probably have heard something if that were the case. (3/26)
  • 3/25/2015--Talked to someone at Ford today (4:00 EDT). They're hoping to have all notifications by Friday. Also, over 2,500 applicants...That's a lot of people to notify!!! (Thank you for posting this!!! x2)
  • Did you ask if they were done notifying all accepted recipients?
  • Is it limited to 30 Diss awards?
  • What is strange, though, is that none of the people on this page or on gradcafe seem to have been notified since Monday. I would imagine that at least some of us would have received some form of notification in the past three days. Perhaps, they won't be notifying people until Friday.
  • This is the person who spoke to someone at Ford. No, they did not indicate that they were done notifying all accepted recipients, but I can't testify as to whether or not there were more acceptance emails to go out. I have no idea about the number of Diss awards. The person I spoke to was very clear that they've been sending waves out since Monday and that they hoped to be completely done notifying applicants by Friday. Given that there are over 2,500 people to notify, I think that it is reasonable to expect that not everyone who has heard from Ford has posted on this wiki page or gradcafe. The staff at Ford was very sympathetic to the plight that many of us may be facing regarding funding/career decisions. I really think that they're doing their very best to notify people as quickly as possible re: the status their application. Good luck everyone!!!!!
  • Congrats to the recipients! Best of luck to the rest of us! Maybe tomorrow I can stop obsessing? Please! (3/25) - Second that!!  (...and still I wait 3/26)
  • Had to decline the award so there's at least one more coming
  • Which discipline? (Since it seems that there's a set number of awards per area)
  • ah yes, American Studies
  • Notification of alternate status received x5 (03/26, 6:00 pm EDT)
  • Interdisciplinary studies x2
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Philosophy, of all things.
  • astrophysics
  • Any Religious Studies notifications?
  • Could they be doing this alphabetically (instead of by type of response--i.e. yes, alt, no)? My last name starts with "R" and I haven't heard anything yet.
  • Sorry, I don't think that's the case - my last name also starts with R and I was notified of receiving the award on Monday. --Okay, thanks. Congrats!
  • I heard from colleagues several Alternate notifications sent out this morning (3/27) - Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Received alternate for a humanities discipline. If not chosen, will be placed on honorary list. (3.26)
  • Just received an email for honorary mention. I am in Biology. (3/27 3:57 EST) X2
  • Rejection received today - Education (3/27 3:58 EDT)
  • Received honorable mention in Anthropology today (4:54 EDT). x2
  • Honorable mention in English. At least the wait is over! Congrats to all recipients. (3/37)
  • Honorable Mention. Can this go on the CV? -- yes you can!
  • Rejection. 3/27, 2:15 PM CST. Anthropology (cult/ling)
  • Rejection, 3/27, 4:00PM EST, Sociology
  • Anyone have any idea what the chances are of receiving the fellowship if you're an alternate (in history)?
  • Update!: I was an alternate and received an email on Friday 4/3 that I was awarded the fellowship. So it is possible! (Which discipline?: History)
  • I've seen people in previous years post that they received the fellowship after being made an alternate. However, I don't think there's any way to figure out your likelihood in advance. It will mostly depend on whether those who were offered fellowships through Ford have been offered other fellowships they decided to take, or were offered jobs.
  • Yes--received a fellowship on 3/23 and declined on 4/2

Ford Predoctoral Fellowship[]

  • Applied, so I thought I would start the conversation. Based on past years, it seems like decisions are being made sometime aroudnd this week (4 Mar), and notifications will go out in approx. 3 weeks.
  • Still havent heard anything. Applied for predoctoral last year and got the rejection email 3/24/14 so im thinking this upcoming week might be the week we start hearing. Anyone alse heard? 3/22/15
  • Haven't heard anything either. I applied for Predoctoral this year; the materials said March for notificatilon, so this week is sort of the end of the line for that scheduling. I also checked with friends who applied for Diss Fellowship—silence for them, too. (3/22/15)
  • Just saw someone on gradcafe got it.  acceptance letters are being sent out...(3/23)
  • What fields have been sent out already, do people know? (3/23)
  •  Grad Cafe announcement said Chemistry
  • Has anyone heard back for predoctoral recently.  And who has heard back in the life sciences? (3/26)
  • Predoc, cultural anthroppology - no word (3/26) (x2 [as of 3/27 11:30 EDT])
  • Perhaps predocs are going to hear after the dissertation does.
  • Just received rejection notification. Does Ford provide reviews the way NSF does? (3/27 12:52 EST)
  • They provide a review summary. It doesn't contain much information - it's usually just a form with your rankings on various measures - but it's still helpful if you plan on re-applying or on applying for the dissertation fellowship.

Frank M. Cushing Science Policy Fellowship[]

Frederick Douglass Institute Predoctoral Fellowship[]


  • Applied also.  Does anyone know when we're supposed to hear back?
  • People seem to have complained it was disorganized in past years, but looks like late March/early April
  • Ok, Thanks! No word yet
  • Fellowship applications are under review. Announcements will be made mid-April. 3/30
  • Does anyone know the exact financial award? It says adjunct faculty and possible housing but thats very vague imo.
  • This is for the fellowship at University of Rochester (for which the award is $26,000), not the Frederick Douglass Institute Teaching Scholars Fellowship in Pennsylvania

  • Anyone heard back? (4/27)
    • Nothing yet x2 (4/28)
  • Still Nothing x2 (5/4)
    • crickets (5/11) x2
  • Rejected (5/15)

Frick Collection Andrew Mellon Curatorial Fellowship[]

Fulbright IIE[]

  • applied x4
  • Gradcafe seems to think that notification of (non)recommendation will come out tomorrow, Jan 16, well in advance of the stated Jan 30 date. We'll see!
  • Got notification of recommendation. 10:12 AM on 16 Jan. Does anyone have a sense of the percentage they drop in the political vetting process?  "This letter is not notification of a grant since the number of recommended candidates exceeds the number of awards available. "
  • They say at the bottom of the info for recommended candidates that the screening committe typically recommends between 1.5 and 2 times the number of applicants as there are grants. I applied to Germany, which gives out about 80 grants annually, which means I'm one of roughly 120-160 who were recommended.
  • Also notified of recommendation by e-mail, Jan 16   x10
  • As of 2/22, IIE still hasn't updated their statistics to show this year's numbers of applicants and precise award numbers... last year they were updated in January for study/research. Anyone have news on this​?
  • Belgium and Luxembourg joint decisions (at least for ETA) went out 03/04. The decisions are finally beginning. 
  • Japan decision received (3/13) x2
  • GradCafe thread indicates notifications on 3/13 for:
  • Indonesia
  • Norway
  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • Ecuador
  • Spain decision received (3/16)
  • Andorra ETA decision received (3/16)
  • Jordan ETA decision received today (03/17)
  • Accepted to Germany Full Research Grant. Email received 03/18 at 13:22 EDT. Subject said: "Fulbright Application Status (P)" x2
  • Notified of Alternate status for Germany, for Full Research Grant.  Subject line: "Fullbright Application Status (A)."  I'm curious, are all finalists who are not elected to "principal" status de facto alternates, or have some finalists indeed recieved final rejection emails?  Just wondering what the alternate field numbers are.
  • Some people will be rejected. The GradCafe thread indicates a few people were rejected at this stage in previous years. 
  • "Alternate" Status for France (3/20)
  • Has anyone selected as a principal figured out how to upload documents on the Student Service Portal? Nothing appears under "Programs" for me. (3/20)
  • Yes, it is working. There should be text on the "Programs" page, and near the bottom you should see your participant ID number. If you click on that it takes you to the page to upload.
  • In case anyone else runs into this, I had to put in a ticket through IIE to get this to appear. There was some problem with the system. (1/23)
  • Financial info arrived today for country with commission (3/23)
  • How many days/weeks did this come after your original notification? Did the financial info come by e-mail or regular post? (4/1)
  • Anyone know what the dates of the orientation are?
  • It depends on the region/country, and not every country has one. (3/24)
  • The China decisions are still not out.  Does anyone have any idea based on prior years when notifications go out for China?  (4/8) 
  • Alternate status for Georgia (4/13)
  • China acceptance received (4/24) 

Fulbright-Hays DDRA[]

  • DOE website says notices will go out before Sept 30th. I know in 2012 my school heard back at the end of August. If anyone hears, please post.
  • 9/17/14 - Just heard good news from my campus representative. Good luck!
  • 9/17/14 - Haven't heard from my campus representative yet.
  • 9/18/14: Just received bad news from my campus representative. 
  • 9/18 - Received email from campus rep this afternoon. Seems that most people I know heard back today.
  • 9/19 - just met someone from UChicago who heard back (yes). I'm at UCSB and haven't heard anything yet.
  • You may want to contact your campus rep. The national deadline to accept/decline is 9/23.
  • Really? I thought they until the 30th to contact all the applicants. That's what the fed res says.
  • I believe that is only the date by which the DOE was required to make the annoucement. The form DOE sent out to principal awardees and alternates (it appears to be the same form for both) must be sent back to the DDRA director by Tues, 9/23 or the DOE can/will retract the offer.
  • Just heard back this morning- didn't get it. But congratulations to all who did!
  • 9/25/14 - For those of you who did get it/were designated as an alternate, did you receive confirmation that your acceptance/rejection form was received by the DOE?
  • 9/26/14 - Glad someone else was wondering this! I got it, sent in my acceptance/rejection form and haven't gotten any confirmation that it was received.
  • 9/29/14 - I did not receive a confirmation yet that my acceptance of alternate status was received. I know that at my university, there were 10 applicants. One made it through, and I was offered an alternate position.
  • 10/1/14 - Any alternates hear back yet if they were accepted?
  • 10/2/14 - I heard on 9/25 that I was moved from alternate to principal awardee
  • 10/10/14 - Any alternates hear back yet? Applications remain open until today. 
  • 10/19  Anyone know what the cutoff was? I had 100 from one reviewer and 93 from another and didn't get it. 
  • 7/8/15 - Anyone know when they will announce winners for the 2015-16 competition? It seems like end of the month would be in keeping with patterns, but the time frame has moved a few times so I'm not sure.
    • 7/9//15 - Curious here, too. The proposal deadline was moved up several weeks in Spring '15, but the Federal Register lists the same notification deadline as years past (Sept 30)-- which makes me skeptical about hearing before September. 
    • 7/16/2015- Also curious. If they do wait until the end of September, I'll be especially curious how/if they actually process award acceptances and disbursements in time for October research start dates. Anyone know how this has worked with the delayed competition the last few years?
    • 7/18/2015 - What I can glean from forums about September FH notifications (for Oct 1 start dates) in years past: 1. Make sure you have IRB approval and other relevant docs ready to send in immediately, 2. They work quickly so my impression is you can expect to travel Oct 1 or soon thereafter, 3. There's a very short window (like 1 week) to accept/decline, alternates may be pushed up on a rolling basis for a couple of weeks after that-- sometimes as late as 5-6 weeks after initial notifications, 4. Grad reps often hear a week or two in advance from the Dept of Ed that they can expect news soon, so it may be worth bothering them. Best of luck!
    • 8/3/15 - I wonder what the purpose of moving up the deadline was if they aren't going to announce until September. You'd think they'd want to do it before the academic year started. Oh well. 
    • 8/21/15- Anyone want to start anxiously predicting the notification date? Do you think they will actually wait until mid-late September, or will they put us out of our misery and notify earlier?
    • 8/21/15 - I'll take you up on that prediction offer - my guess is the week of September 7. I don't think anything happens in government or corporate or non-profit realms or anywhere in August.  
    • 8/24/15 - Hmm. I really thought the end of the month was realistic, but you make a good point about August. For the sake of the game, I'll say we know before Labor Day weekend.
    • 8/27/15 - Fulbright-Hays notification is out NOW! just heard from my campus rep this morning. Ask if you have not yet heard! Good luck to all! 
    • 8/30/15 - Thanks to the poster above for the heads up about Fulbright-Hays. I've heard no word from campus rep still. Have any unsuccessful grantees / institutions received news?
    • 8/31/2015 - Are all F-H notifications out?
    • 9/2/2015 Still haven't heard a peep...
    • 9/1/2015 Heard back from my university. Not sure if everyone was notified of status but I reached out and our admin had received results. This was 8/27.
    • Heard back 8/28 from campus rep, named principal candidate. Other applicants from my university have not received news.
    • 9/22/15: Anyone? Anything? Bueller? Bueller?
    • Notified of rejection 9/23/2015
    • CO notified of institutional results (we had at least one grant awarded) around 8/27/2015. Peronsally notified of rejection 9/2/2015, after pestering my CO.
  • 9/29/2015 - Is it possible to receive reviewer comments on declined Fulbright-Hays proposals? If so, how do I get them?

Gaius Charles Bolin Fellowships, Williams College[]

  • Applied x8
  • Offers (include department)
  • Request for additional information (include department)
  • Interviews (include department)
  • already had an interview with department was nominated for fellowship, waiting to hear back. anyone heard anything?
  • Rejection Letter (include department)
  • received via email ​x1
  • received via email x1 (sociology) 2/3/2015
  • Recieved via email (political science) x1
  • Recieved via email (Art and WGS) 2/3 "220 applications for 2 jobs"
  • I pulled this from one of the Interfolio pages for the fellowship : "Candidates should apply via Interfolio before November 15, 2014 with: a cover letter with a description of your teaching interests;  this letter should also explain how you fit the eligibility criteria for the fellowship; a full curriculum vitae; an official graduate school transcript (the grad school must upload to Interfolio) and three confidential letters of recommendation; PhD applicants: a copy of the dissertation prospectus, preferably limited to 10-15 pages and a timetable for completion of the degree. Post MFA applicants: project description, as described below:   Writers: 2-3 short stories, 10-15 poems, or novel passages not to exceed 50 pages; Visual Artists: 20 images; Theatre Artists: sample of design portfolio; Musicians: complete list of works or significant performances; Choreographers/Dances: documentation of performance; Film and Video: links to works."

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and Research Center Fellowships[]

  • Does anyone have any insights into this one? It's my last shot at a fellowship this year and I'm desperate to hear from them. Any updates would be greatly appreciated! (4/14)

Getty Library Research Grant[]

  • Applied 
  • - Heard from from them in the positive in December by letter, but not by e-mail x2

Getty Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship[]

  • Applied x6
  • Any news on this one? In the past they have sent out notices the second week of February via email. x2
  • Called the administrator and she expects the foundation to notify applicants end of this week or next.
  • Thank you for calling!
  • What date did you call? Thanks!

2/17/15 Havent heard anything  yet. x7 :(

If someone is following and got a yes from the Getty, could you please post?

  • 2/24/15 I heard through the grapevine that yes's have been called
  • 2/25/15 No email notifications -either yea or nay- yet. 
  • 2/25/15 Got officially turned down via email. x3

3/01/15: Is there anyone else who still hasn't heard anything elther way? yes (x6) Any speculation as to what is going on / why so many of us are still waiting? 

  • I think we're just the wait list; apparently they want a lot of insurance?
  • -Well then ... anyone know by what date first group of successful applicants needs to confirm acceptance?

3/02/15: Of those of us who have heard nothing, how many applied for predocs and how many for postdocs?

  • --predoc x2
  • --postdoc x 4

3/02/15: I'm wondering it if has something to do with the split between themes of the Research Institute and Villa this year -- those who are waiting, did you apply for RI or Viila?

  • --RI x 4
  • --Villa x2
  • 3/03/15: Email Rejection 
  • 3/23/15: Still no word either way! Waiting to hear about predoc app to the RI.
  • 3/31/15: Application (finally) rejected via email. x2

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

- Applied (x5)

- Anyone know how many applicants this award normally has? I just searched what they posted online on the 'past fellows' page, and there are 14 fellows for 2014 and 9 for 2013. 

  • - I was curious about the number that applied, which I don't think is listed anywhere on the website. I'm just curious what kind of odds I'm up against - is it a 2% chance, or a 12%, or a 22% chance? I'm in History, and they seem to select roughly 5 history PhDs to fund a year - but I've got no idea how many apply. In the end, I suppose, it won't change the final outcome. (2/27)
  • I don't think they publish that information. I couldn't find any at least. They didn't include it in rejections last year either. My guess, however, is ~100-300. General fellowships received ~400-600 in recent years, and since this one is topically-focused I have to think it attracts half as many (or less).

- When in June do they usually make announcements?

  • -- Last year announcements began on June 18. Oh the wait!
  • I know! They announce later than almost every other fellowship program.

- One month to go! Does anyone know around what time in June they announce?

  • Typically during or around the second week of June.

- Any news? (5/30)

  • Nothing yet (5/31). I hope they will announce this coming week.
  • Someone could call the office and ask when their Board of Directors is meeting -- they are the ones that make the decisions, and notification is based on their meeting schedule. That'd clear up any uncertainty for all of us. (6/1)
  • I just called and spoke to administrator. She said decisions will be sent almost immediately after their Board's two day conference which is June 17-18 (e.g. decisions will get sent early in the week). She also said that decisions will be sent via email and post to both awardees and those not awarded rather than a lag between emails for those that received an award taking a week to decide while the rest of us wait in anguish. Patience everyone! We'll know in a few weeks. (6/2) Thanks a lot for calling!
  • Sounds like we'll find out this Thursday or Friday. Good luck, everyone!

- Updates? (6/18)

  • Just received a rejection email - good luck to others! (6/18)
  • I also just received a rejection email. Congratulations to those who received good news.
  • Rejected at 4:01 p.m. CST (6/18)
  • Did anyone not receive an email today, either acceptance or rejection? No word here (9:25pm CST 6/18)
  • Rejection at 4:23 p.m. EST (x2). Congrats to those who received good news! (6/18)
  • I too have heard nothing yet...any acceptance e-mails out there?
  • yes, acceptances have been sent.
  • I have not received a rejection or an acceptance yet (6/20), will likely call on Monday to find out what my status could be. (x2)
  • I have yet to hear back. Anyone has an idea why certain applicants were not contacted yet? I checked on the status of my application several months back and was notified it was recieved in full, so I don't think its a question of an application being incomplete. I gather that by this point it is probably a rejection, still, it would be nice to hear something back. (6/22)

Harvard Society of Fellows[]

Campus invitation (9/23, x1)


Heanon Wilkins Fellowship, Miami University of Ohio[]

  • This can be a dissertation year fellowship, but the very last line of the description indicates that the normal teaching load for a Heanon Wilkins Fellowship is 3-3. Anyone out there who's done this (and completed a dissertation during that time)?

Henry Roe Cloud Dissertation Writing Fellowship in American Indian and Indigenous Studies[]

IHR Mellon Fellowship[]

  • After this fellowship mysteriously disappeared from the IHR website, I contacted the Mellon Foundation and confirmed that this fellowship no longer exists. 

IHR Dissertation Fellowships[]

  • applied (x1)

Illinois Institute of Technology Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Philosophy[]


Ithaca College Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x2) 
  • Rejected 2/26, check your spam folder
  • Is anyone still waiting to hear back?
  • Not anymore, rejection 3/2
  • Has anyone received an acceptance letter? 
  • Still haven't heard back anything 3/26. Does anyone know if winners have been announced already? 

Jack Kent Cooke Dissertation Fellowship - DISCONTINUED[]

  • This has been discontinued. As stated on their website: "As a result, the Board of Directors decided to reduce the number of scholarships the Foundation offers by ending two graduate scholarship programs – the Graduate Arts Award and the Dissertation Fellowship. The last cohort for each program was selected in the spring 2014."

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship Program[]

  • Any news? Last year heard that they verified addresses for probables. x2
  • Still nothing? x2
  • Informal notification via snail mail 3/23
  • Acceptance? If so, congrats! Was it from the NYC offices or the Tokyo headquarters?
  • "Informal" notification from the JF in NYC was sent out on 3/20 for awardees and alternates. Formal notification will come later in April. 
  • From a staff member's email response: official letters will be sent from Tokyo sometime next week; expect them to arrive during the week of April 20. 4/8
  • Official acceptance letter arrived today from Tokyo (posted April 15th). 4/20

Josephine de Karman Fellowship[]

  • Applied x10
  • Can't believe we finally find out tomorrow! Good luck to everyone, and please post on here when you hear anything-- looking at the discussions from past years, it seems like it can take a while for the responses to trickle down.  Fingers crossed! 
  • How do you know we will find out tomorrow? I thought they usually notify on Saturday..
  • I have email communication that the committee is not even meeting to discuss applications until April 25.
  • I just called and got the voicemail - "the committee will meet on Saturday, April 25 to make the final decision. If you do not hear from us that Saturday, it means that you have not been selected." So, two more weeks and a crazy Saturday wait, right? x2
  • Thanks for calling them! I was way too anxious to do that.. x2
  • TODAY - anyone else nervously checking their phone? x3
  • Any acceptances? No news here. (6pm CT)
  • Nothing yet - it looks like we are past the 4:30 p.m. mark from last year when two acceptance e-mails were sent (4:45 p.m. PST)
  • Nothing for me either 8pm EST. At this point, I am assuming I didn't get it. 
  • Got the acceptance phone call around 4:30 EST. They sent an email also. -- Congratulations!
  • --Thanks! I'm actually going to decline [wish the de Karman covered fees + healthcare separately from the grant :( ] so if anyone has been named an alternate, I hope this will open it up for you... 
  • -- That's unfortunate :-( I hope you have another source of funding. Luckily for me, my institutions guarantees funding all of my remaining fees and health insurance from their own pocket, if I get a fellowship that doesn't cover everything. 

Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship[]

Kress Foundation History of Art Institutional Fellowships[]

  • Florence
  • London - 2
  • Leiden 
  • Munich - 2
  • Paris- 3
  • Rome - 1

Any news? 

  • Received rejection letter from INHA, Paris, 2/20/2015 
  • Received acceptance via email, ZIKG, Munich, 3/9/2015

Any news? It's the end of March and I thought I would have heard something by now.

Which program are you wondering about? They each notify, not through Kress.

  • Waiting to hear from Leiden (4/1)
  • Seconded. I received my notification via email, and almost 3 weeks later via snail mail. All communication has been through the institution, not Kress. Also, I believe that there is only one fellow accepted per institution, so if you applied to one of the institutions that already notified their acceptances then I'd be on the lookout for a rejection shortly.
  • Received acceptance from Courtauld/Warburg, London, 04/01/15

Lehigh University Pre-Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Latin American Studies[]

  • Applied, but the application said they would be sending out interview requests in January. Anyone get one?

Lake Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship[]

The Lake Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship supports emerging scholars studying subjects related to faith and giving (philanthropy) in a variety of academic fields. Fellows:

  • Receive three stipend payments totaling $22,000;
  • Attend a meeting of the Lake Institute Advisory Board in fall 2015 and meet with the Research Committee;
  • Are invited to special research-focused Lake Institute engagements;
  • Have the opportunity to take advantage of the Lake Institute’s resources and expertise;
  • Participate in the Lake Institute Network of Emerging Scholars;
  • Actively engage with research teams and thought leaders within the field of faith & philanthropy;
  • And share their research through information on our website and citations in our seminars.

Applicants must:

  • Be candidates for a Ph.D. degree at a graduate school in the United States;
  • Fulfill a pre-dissertation requirement by December 31 of the year applying, including approval of the dissertation proposal with the expectation that the dissertation will be completed no later than July of the year following the fellowship grant year;
  • Have not received a similar grant or fellowship for writing of the dissertation.
  • Acknowledge the role of Lake Institute resources when the dissertation is cited, published and/or presented;
  • Submit the full application packet, with all documentation, transcripts & recommendations by January 31, 2015
  • For more information contact Lake Institute at or
  • Has anyone else applied to this? Any ideas when decisions are usually made? (3/5)

Lemmermann Award[]

Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research[]

  • Applied x 3
  • Any ideas when results are released?
  • The webpage says that notifications go out in May.
  • E-mail notification: Not funded (5/22 @ 11:05 am)

Library Company Of Philadelphia Dissertation Fellowships[]

Anyone receive any updates on this yet? (4/14)

Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Has anyone received news yet? Or if not, heard anything about when the selection committee is meeting?
  • Nothing yet. (4/7)
  • I called them last week and was told the selection committee would be meeting "after Easter."  That would be this week.  (4/7)
  • received acceptance e-mail today, 4/7. (x2)
  • It sounds like those that were selected received an e-mail, right?  I didn't receive an e-mail, so I'm guessing I wasn't selected.  Congratulations to the winners. 4/8.
  • any other acceptances or rejections to report? still haven't heard.
  • I believe letters were sent out mid-week.  People should start receiving them soon.  Does anyone know if winners are notified by e-mail first?  The fact that someone here states they received an e-mail makes me think that winners receive notification prior to the letters being sent out.  Can anyone else confirm this?  4/10 -- I was one of the accepted from above, was told that they met 4/7 and sent out acceptance emails right away but mailed rejection and acceptance letters, so to not publicize widely until letters had been received.
  • it would match the past pattern, yes. 
  • Any updates on this?  Has anyone else heard back?  No response here.  4/11
  • Rejection letter came in the mail today (4/11).
  • Thanks for those keeping us in the loop and congratulations to the recipients.  I finally received my letter today (4/13).
  • In case anyone is still checking this, I see that the list of recipients is up on the Louisville Institute's website now.  (4/21)

Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund Grants (for Nor-Cal schools only)[]


any news on this yet? looks like past years' acceptances came around this week or next week. (3/9-3/19)

  • Nothing, so far. I have been checking emails every fifteen minutes.
  • No news here either. I wrote the coordinator to gently enquire about when we might find out but didn't receive a response. 

Has anyone heard anything yet? No news here... (3/21)

  • no news here (3/21)
  • none here either 3/22
  • nothing yet. slowly going insane. (3/22) x2

Does anyone know how many fellowships are awarded each year? 

Still nothing? Did anyone hear back from the coordinator? 

  • No. No news from coordinator.

has anyone else tried contacting the coordinator?

  • tried but no reply whatsoever. 
  • I also tried several weeks ago, and still haven't heard anything. Anyone have any idea what this might mean? (3/31)
  • I tried again, last night (I'm the same person who tried a few weeks ago...) is odd that we've received no reply because she was very responsive during the application process. Maybe someone should try calling?
  • I called her on Monday, and she thought that she'd be able to e-mail us that afternoon, but it seems like it didn't happen. Not sure what's going on. (4/1)

Just out of curiosity, how many people are posting here? We might not have a lot of people updating... 

  • well, there's at least two of us. (4/6)
  • three! (4/6)
  • four! (4/6) really hoping we hear soon, I feel so ridiculous for checking my email so often. Anyone know how many of these fellowships are awarded each year? I feel like its such a long shot (but I think that about all fellowships...)
  • five! (4/6)
  • As far as I recall, they awarded four fellowships last year and had ~100 applications. First they send out the rejections, followed by the acceptance letters the same or the following day. The coordinator is a very nice person, but she rarely responds to emails in a timely manner (even to those send by current fellows).
  • I'm wondering if maybe they sent out the acceptances last Monday, and haven't gotten around to emailing out the rejections... particularly since there are only 4 fellowships, and only 5 or 6 of us posting on here. Either way, I hope we find out soon!
  • six! (4/9) I've basically given up on checking my email at this point... 
  • Ahhh! Agonizing. 
  • Any news from the person who called the coordinator on 4/1? Has anyone tried calling again?
  • No news. I think it would be great if someone tried calling again.
  • At least one acceptance went out today. (4/10)
  • congrats on the acceptance! anyone else hear anything? x1: Congratulations! Nothing here either way, yet...
  • congrats on your acceptance! I am taking this as the sign that the rest of us will get rejection letters on Monday. Good luck to all who are waiting on any other fellowships & grants
  • Any rejections received yet?
  • Rejected by email (4/14) x5
  • alternate (4/14) x2
    • congrats! good luck!
    • taken off alternate to acceptance, 4/27 (for remaining alternates or future applicants) x2 (5/8)

Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation Fellowship (Kenyon College)[]

  • Applied (x2).
  • Is it correct that the application is just employment and school history on their career site? No other info at time of application?
  • 2/5 Interviews have been conducted.
  • Did not receive an interview 2x 

Marquette Mitchem Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • applied.
  • rejected, 2/24 x2
  • campus interviews completed

Mary Isabel Sibley Fellowship (Greek)[]

Fellowship awarded by email 4/13

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Diversity Predoctoral Fellowships[]

The School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology invites applications for the 2015-2016 Diversity Predoctoral Fellowships.  The purpose of the Diversity Predoctoral Fellowships program is to enhance diversity in the School and to provide the Fellow with additional professional support and mentoring as they enter the field. Members of racial and ethnic groups that have historically been underrepresented in the humanities and social sciences and from disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 

  • For full posting, see
  • Applied x2
  • Any news?
  • Called them up yesterday (1/6). It seems decisions are still being taken. Anyone else contact them? <--Yes, via email (6/1/15). Similar response.
  • Rejection via e-mail (6/5)
  • Anyone else still waiting to hear? Does anyone know if any other news has gone out? (6/9)

McNeil Center for Early American Studies Fellowships[]

  • When clicking on the submission link, I get the following error notice: "Thank you for your interest in this survey. Unfortunately, it is only available to participants coming from specific websites." Anyone else? (11/9)
  • applied (2/2) x2
  • Anyone know when this one is announced, either way? (3/20)
  • The confirmation email said early April, but I heard the committee is meeting only in the second week of April. (3/20) x1
  • Accepted (4/8) x2
  • Congratulations! x2
  • Rejected (4/8) x3
  • Has anyone else who applied to this not heard yet? I double- and triple-checked my spam folder this morning, nothing there yet (4/9)
  • No response here yet. Looks like they maybe are staggering announcements? (4/9)

Melvin Kranzberg Dissertation Fellowship[]

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art History Fellowship Program[]

  • Applied x7
  • Rejection received by email (2/26) x3
  • Has anyone received an acceptance yet? 
  • I received an acceptance today.
  • Is anyone else still waiting to hear either way? 
  • Yes, still waiting to hear. When was acceptance received and was it by email?
  • Has anyone still not heard anything? (3/8)
  • Yes, original questioner about waiting to hear, I have still heard nothing (3/9).
  • Those who have been accepted have until March 20th to return paperwork -- anyone on the informal waiting list (ie those of you who haven't heard yet) will most likely be informed after that date. Keep up hope!
  • Is anyone still waiting to hear? (3/23)
  • Yep, still waiting. (3/24)
  • STILL heard nothing. (4/1)
  • Also still waiting (4/1) 
  • Still waiting (4/6)
  • Still waiting lol, I think it must be safe to assume a rejection by now (4/10)
  • Yes, that's what I'm assuming. Any plan to email for a confirmation? (4/10)

Michigan Society of Fellows[]

Miller Center Fellowship in Politics and History (UVA)[]

  • Applied (x4)
  • Any idea on the number of applicants/awardees in recent years?
    • 2014-2015 had 124 applicants and 2013-2014 had 121 applicants, based on my lovely archive of rejection emails :) Seems like 8-10 fellowships are awarded every year.
      • Great info. Thanks. And good luck to both of us this year!
  • Any idea when notifications go out? It seems that in previous years the Miller Center announced fellows in late April? (3/8)
    • They usually announce at the end of the first week of April. They did the past two years and four years ago at least. Three years ago they made announcements the third week of March though.
    • Thanks! Does the Miller Center conduct interviews for these fellowships? (3/8)
      • Not that I know of...
  • Has anyone heard anything? I emailed the Miller Center early last week but never heard anything back (3/24)
    • Nothing yet here. I know someone who was notified last year on 4/1. Fingers crossed we hear this week, though!
  • Accepted (3/25) 6:59 EST. The e-mail indicated that there were 128 applications this year.
    • Congratulations! Should those of us who haven't heard anything give up all hope?
      • I say we don't lose hope yet. I heard that last year they came out in waves over a couple of days. I'm mostly just amused thinking about someone in the office at UVA sending emails at 7am!
  • Nothing here yet as of 10:15 EST (10/25) - anyone else hear of an acceptance today?
    • Nothing here. Would the person who received an acceptance mind sharing any details from the email? (3/25)
  • I emailed them yesterday (3/25) to inquire whether all acceptances have been sent out. Their response was that all applicants will receive notifications within the next two weeks.' I feel it's a diplomatic answer to saying 'yes, all acceptance are sent already, and you will not be awarded a fellowship.' i really hope that I am wrong
    • I received essentially the same response yesterday evening (3/25): "Applicants will likely receive decisions within the next few weeks." I responded by asking if all acceptances had gone out, but I haven't received anything as of 9:52 a.m. EST (3/26).
    • In the past, I believe, the Miller Center has waited until it had its full cohort before sending out rejections, rather than using a list of alternates. It is likely that at least one or two (if not more) of those initially selected will either get TT jobs or more prestigious / non-residential fellowships (ACLS), so I wouldn't write it off quite yet.
  • (3/31) Notification email received from Miller Center stating decline of award.  Notes over 120 applications received. x4

MTSU Underrepresented Minority Dissertation Fellowship[]

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • (3/18) I was notified today that I am a semi-finalist (one of 61).  Final decisions to be announced in May.  30-35 recipients will be chosen for the award.
  • applied x9
  • Anyone know when decisions are made about the first round of cuts?
    • (3/18) Just heard back - didn't make it to the finalist round. x2
  • What about final announcement of awards?  Is it really as late as May?
    • I think so. A faculty member gave a talk at my university. I got a chance to meet with her, and she outed herself as an application reviewer. There are 2 rounds. In the first, they decrease the pool of ~400 applications to 60. In the second round, held at AERA (so mid-April this year), they select the fellows. It was unclear if there will be some sort of notification after the first round.
    • Thanks for the info.  That's helpful.
  • Anyone heard anything? I know it should be any day now.
    • Probably later this year because the AREA conference is being held later.
  • Has anyone viewed their application since they've submitted it? I went to check on mine today and the section I filled out on publications, conferences, and work experience is not listed in what appears when I click the "View Application" option. Everything else appears fine. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem?
    • Looks like mine is the same. x3
    • Thanks for checking and for letting me know! Since both of our applications are like this then it is probably ok.
  • So...has anyone heard back yet?
    • Nope (3/14) x3
    • Nope (3/16) x4
    • Last year notifications went out one month before the AREA conferecne I think. This year's conference is April 16. 
    • I think the first round of notifications will start goin out March 20th.M
      • They went out 3/18.
      • Email notification 3/18 2:35 PM CST--finalists have been identified for a second round of application reviews. I was notified that I am not among the finalists
  • Anyone slected as an awardee or alternate? (x1)
    • Biting my nails ... going by the schedule last year, notifications should be going out very soon. Any news anyone?
  • Finalists: any news about final selections? (05/07)
    • Nope. I don't know what the sample size is, but there is at least two of us waiting, which by my reckoning means that it is 75% likely that they have not yet announced awards... otherwise, i suppose we could both be alternates or on a waitlist. best of luck to everyone and fingers crossed!
    • I haven't heard anything yet either.
      • interesting. sounds like that's at least x3? i am the nope right above. p.s. sratch that, just received a negative (5/7). congrats to successful applicants, and best of luck everyone!
  • Got it! 5.7.2015. 10.22AM.

National Gallery of Art CASVA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship[]

  • Applied x3 (Twenty-Four-Month Chester Dale), x1 (Twelve-Month Chester Dale)
  • Applied Samuel H. Kress
  • Applied Paul Mellon
  • Interview phone calls have been (still being?) made
    • Good to know! Can you provide more information? Were you e-mailed or did you receive a letter prompting you to arrange interviews? (I want to know if I can go ahead and give up hope :) )
    • yes, date for this?
    • Website says candidates will be invited "in early February 2015 for interview" but the comment up there was posted in mid-Jan...
    • In the past few years, calls for interviews have gone out around 1/22.  However, it would be great to hear further confirmation that calls have already been made this time around.
  • Received emailed rejection, to be followed by a hard copy in the mail 1/29 x3

National Science Foundation (NSF)[]

DDIG for Cultural Anthropology One friend was rejected on Fastlane - has anyone else heard back?

  • as of 3/31, application status on fastlane still "pending." no clue how many rounds of selection there are, or when final announcement will be made
  • Notified 4/16 that I have been recommended for funding; in my case, the notification was slow due to co-review with another division. Best of luck to all of those still waiting! 
  • Received decline e-mail on 4/17, even as application is still "pending" on Fastlane. Was told that official decline notice will go to PI in a few weeks.

AUGUST 2015 DDIG for Cultural Anthropology

  • 10/27/2015 - Has anyone heard back one way or the other? My panel date is listed as 10/19 in fastlane, with proposal still "pending."
  • 11/02/2015 My review panel date is listed as 10/15 in fastlane. Proposal still pending, haven't heard either way.
  • 11/05/2015 Still "pending" here! Panel was 10/19.
  • 11/12/2015 PI and grad student received notice of recommendation for funding via email with a list of steps to take. 

NIFA Postdoctoral/Dissertation Fellowship[]

Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study Graduate Fellowship[]

  • rejected, 3/16

NYU Postdoctoral and Transition Program for Academic Diversity Fellowship 2015 []

Penn State Postdoctoral/MFA[]

Predoctoral Fellowship for Excellence through Diversity (UPenn)[]

  • Applied (x6)

Last year, applicants said they had to wait until may to hear on this? Anyone have further knowledge on this?

  • Was third week of April last year.

Is there an interview process for this fellowship?

  • Rejection via Email (04/02) Best of luck to everyone. x2

Anyone know anything else about a timeline for this? I'm pretty sure I don't have a good shot, but it would be nice to know for sure.

  • You should have heard by now. I'd send an e-mail.
  • I agree with ^^^. Penn sent the first round of rejections on 4/2/15.  I was rejected.  Since you have not heard from Penn yet, I would definitely send an email asking about your status.

I'm the one who posted above asking about a timeline. Got a rejection email today (5/1). 

Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation/ACLS Dissertation Fellowships in Buddhist Studies[]

  • Applied x2
  • Notification of acceptance 3/28

Phillips Exeter Academy Dissertation Year Fellowship[]

Princeton Society of Fellows[]

RBS Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in Critical Bibliography[]

  • Applied x2
  • E-mail received on 1/29 about selection as a finalist
  • Still sending out e-mails on 1/30? I don't know...
  • Finalists selected at the end of January. Interviews have been held.
  • Phone call notification of award (2/23)--Were all phone calls made on 2/23?
  • Not to give false hope, but: I noticed the above update was made by someone with an IP address from Antwerp, so just possibly the SC is notifying North American applicants some other time/way? I know a few finalists and one teacher at RBS and no one has heard anything one way or the other.
  • I was also notified of acceptance by phone on 2/23. I am a North American applicant. 

Sarah Pettit Doctoral Fellowship (Yale)[]

School For Advanced Research Weatherhead Fellowship[]

  • Applied x6
  • Any news yet
  • nothing in my inbox (3/12), (3/16)
  • rejection 3/17, 12:23 PM CST
  • rejection same time
  • rejection (3/17 12:00pm PST)

Sheng Yen Education Foundation Grant for PhD Dissertation Research[]

Sigma Delta Epsilon - Graduate Women in Science Fellowship[]

Smithsonian Baird Society Resident Scholar Program[]

  • Deadline was 1/15/2015
  • Applied x2
  • SOLAA selection status says "Received" but I think that's them receiving the package?  Anyway, haven't heard anything.  Anyone know when to expect word?
  • Received email "preliminary note" that I've been recommended for an award; official award letter will go out later. (4/23)

SSRC Drugs, Security and Democracy Fellowship[]

SSRC Pre-Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied x2

  • Anyone remember when notifications were supposed to go out on this?
  • -->the website states people will be notified in April. However, I received an email saying I didn't receive the fellowship today (3/11/15). They did say they would send out feedback from reviewers by next month.

SSRC International Research Fellowship[]

  • applied x19
  • Based on previous years, some requests for transcripts should be coming out soon, maybe even within a week? (1/29)
  • Transcript request via email (2/5 ).
  • Also recieved a transcript request via email (2/5) @ 3:02 pm MST
  • Also got a transcript request via email (2/5) at about 5:00 pm 
  • Also received transcript request via email (2/5) at 5:02 pm EST x2
  • Transcript request via email (2/5) at 2:02 pm PST (same as above)
  • Transcript requested (2/5)
  • Sigh, no transcript request here. It was a long shot anyway. (2/5) Note: other years, some requests have come a couple days after the initial flurry.
  • Anyone know what the chances are for those sending transcripts? (2/6)
  • This is a quote from 2013-2014 wikia: "My understanding of the process, which is based on following message boards over the years and some conversations with professors who have served as SSRC reviewers, is that the pool is cut to around 200 at the "transcript request" stage. So the first cut is quite a significant one (they have received 1,100-1,200 apps in recent years) when compared to other agencies (Wenner-Gren, for instance, cuts about 50 percent in their first round.) The national panel meets in April to go over the remaining 200 or so apps that received transcript requests and they select the 75-80 winners.  The reviewer comments are generally useful and encouraging, but unless you crack that top 15-20 percent, you won't be getting them." Also that year there was 1185 applicants and SSRC awarded 80 fellowships. So, once you have received transcript request chances of winining are much beter than receiving transcript in the first place. Good luck!
  • Got my rejection letter in the mail. Good luck everyone! (2/7)
  • I also got a rejection letter today (2/9). x3
  • Vague letter; over 1,000 applications submitted. Best of luck to all of you who are still in the running!
  • Transcript request via email (2/9) around noon EST x2
  • I wonder if they might be informing us about our fate in alphabetical order? I'm located towards the end of the alphabet, and I haven't yet received either a transcript request or a rejection (2/9).
  • Finally! Rejected via snail mail (2/10)
  • For those who received a transcript request and submitted transcripts, did IDRF confirm receipt?
  • No x5
  • Still no as of 2/22; doesn't seem like they're going to confirm
  • I specifically asked for confirmation, and they did confirm the same day
  • Any previous winners (or any one in the loop) combine the IDRF with another grant? How smooth was the process?
  • I'm wondering about this too (especially about combining with Fulbright US Student). I remember hearing that it's difficult to combine two government-funded scholarships (and SSRC is "independent"), but do not know much beyond this.
  • 3/31: Spoke with someone on the phone. Some notifications have already gone out, final decisions made mid-April, final notification by early May.
  • "Some notifications have already gone out" -- as in rejections or offers?
  • Original poster here- I took that to be a reference to rejections sent in February, given the "final decisions" comment about the middle of this month, which is the standard timeline for years past.

Email notification of provisional award (4/13/15) x3

  • acceptance email states that 80 awardees were selected from a group of 1010 applicants represeting 34 universities and 15 disciplines 
  • They said I'd be getting feedback on my proposal by the end of April... still nothing

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations Dissertation Completion Fellowship (SHAFR)[]

Smithsonian American Art Museum Fellowships[]

  • Named as "Alternate to named fellowship" 3/13/2015
  • "Alternate" 3/13/2015

Stanford Humanities Center Fellowships (Geballe, Mellon, Liebermann)[]

  • This is in-house only.
  • Received email notification of Geballe Fellowship (3/18)
  • Received acceptance for Mellon Fellowship (3/18)

Taiwan Fellowship[]

UNCF/Merck Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • The website says to expect application status updates by 4/15/2015. Has anyone heard anything yet? (4/13)
  • Email received today (4/14) says to expect a notification by May 4.

United States Institute for Peace (USIP) Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program[]

  • Anyone applied to this?
    • I applied. Still no news. 
    • Any news on this one? (May 6)
    • It says on the website that they should announce by May 12.
    • Still no news (May 12). x3
    • Rejections out. 160 applicants, 5 fellowships. X2

University of California, Santa Barbara Black Studies Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • See details at Black Studies (UCSB) 2015-16 Dissertation Fellowship
  • rejected, 3/24 x3

University of Connecticut, Pre-doctoral In-Residence Fellowships[]

  • This program has been dismantled, per an email I received from the provost's office.  [I posted this a few days ago and someone deleted it.]
  • If this is in reference to the Vice Provost's diversity program, that's really unfortunate. It seemed like a good program. I definitely would have applied if it were still around.

University Fellows Program, University of Wisconsin-Platteville[]

USF Ethnic Minority Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Applied x5
  • Email rejection, 3/10
  • 3/25 Has anyone else heard back? I haven't gotten any response. The application site says my application is still under review. It's not really clear who to contact with questions.
  • Have not heard back yet and my app also says still under review? Hope to hear soon though!
  • Has anyone heard anything more????
  • Still waiting...
  • Anyone else going crazy? Anyone else hear anything (4/17)?
  • The committee is supposed to make their final decision this month. I'm not sure if they have already and I just haven't gotten notification yet, but it should be soon (5/15).
  • They are a whole month and a half behind their schedule from last year so I emailed them the other day. They sent me a rejection letter later that same day. :-(  They, apparently, have already decided but haven't sent out emails. I'm not sure if they even plan to send out emails to everyone or if they only told the winner(s)... (5/16)

UT-Austin AADS Dissertation Fellowship[]

UT-Austin Ransom Center Research Fellowships[]

Wenner Gren diss fieldwork research grant[]

  • applied x5
  • Any news about the 1st round decisions?
  • No news yet (2/16)
  • Received notification of success at Stage One (2/17) x7
  • Rejected, stage 1 (2/17)
  • anyone else receive notification one way or the other since 2/17?
  • Nothing. Hoping for a final decision this coming week (4/5) x 2
  • I'm dying of suspense. Just dying! x 5 
  • Suspense beats rejection.

  • Just got an email from W-G this AM (april 13) asking for updated budget and funding status from other agencies (x4)
    • this is a good sign, yes?
    • in previous years, have people received this email but not received funding?
    • from what I see on earlier versions of this wiki, if you get this budget request email you have the award. My email specifically says there is no need to re-apply for May 1 deadline, so I am taking this as a win. Best Monday ever!
    • I HOPE SO x2
    • Also received that e-mail around noon yesterday (4/13) and sent back a revised budget with a minor reduction in my request at about 4 pm. Have not heard back yet (as of 1 pm on 4/14). Freaking out. UPDATE (4 pm. 4/14): Heard back from them saying they'll make decisions over the next few weeks and will let me know if they need any more info next week. Really, really hoping the next stage in this process is notification in the mail! 
    • Agreed! Even though everyone seems to say that email means we got the fellowship, I'm going to be anxious until I get a letter in the mail! Let me know when you hear... I'm on the West Coast so I assume it will take a few more days.
  • I guess at this point I'm waiting for rejection. Has anyone received reviewers' comments yet?
    • Rejected indeed. April 13. Given a score of 2.7 x1
    • Also rejected. April 13. Score: 3.3 Reviewers' comments were right on.
  • I haven't heard anything either way... what does that mean? (and yes, I've checked my spam)
    • I wonder if it means that you are on a wait list, maybe? The W-G might be waiting to hear on the funding of the initial emails they sent out for budget updates to see if they can fund a few additional projects too? Just a thought, stay positive! You could also call them now and ask, since most notifications sound like they are out...
    • Original poster here: Thanks very much for the positivity! FYI: I did end up getting the budget request email! It came almost 5 hours after the first folks on this forum were posting. So, they definitely send them out in rounds in case anyone else is waiting and wondering.
  • Does anyone know if I can 'mess up' my response to the budget request? Can I push back against some of their requests to lower costs?
    • You can certainly further justify why you need what you requested, but definitely check with your advisor before you sending it back to them. From what I've seen in my department and heard about from others, when it comes to things like transcription, it's hard to get them to change their minds. WG is up front about that on their website, too. I've not heard of someone getting turned down for pushing back a bit on their requests. They do not usually come out and say, "We won't cover this!" but will instead ask you to further justify your request and consider what you have to say.
    • Thanks! I lowered/changed the easy thing (cost of computer from mac to pc), but I'm trying to get them to fund my research assistent (whom I mainly need for help with language, translation and safety). I wasn't planning on using her for transcription at all. Any thoughts on that? I'm actually a geographer, so my advisors aren't totally sussed when it comes to the Wenner Gren.
    • general, WG does not fund translation. Barring unusual circumstances, anthros are expected to be able to speak the language in the places where they work (though whether or not fluency is always expected to be at the necessary level to conduct research, I'm not sure...and archaeologists and bioanthropologists may work under different expectations). But if your assistant is crucial for your research and you can make a strong case for it, they may still cover it. In any event, I doubt your chances will be hurt if you try. At this point they've evaluated your proposal and are interested in funding you. For anyone thinking about applying or in the process of figuring out budget reductions, here's some info about what WG usually doesn't fund:
  • Has anyone revieved official notification in the mail yet?
    • Not today (as of 7 pm on 4/17). I think people usually receive the mail notification a week to a week and a half after the "no need to reapply" e-mail, but it could depend on whether you had budget changes or updates, etc. 
    • Very anxious. As of today (4/20), I haven't heard anything. Has anyone else heard?
    • still nothing (4/22) x5
    • Received official notification of approval by mail (4/24), letter postmarked on 4/22.
  • WG asked me for a second round of budget changes Monday (4/20), and I have heard they did this with other folks from my department as well. I suspect they can not make definitive offers, until they have all the final budgets, and know how they will divide their funds. I'm thinking that letters could take another week or so. 
  • They also asked for a revised budget. 
  • In an email sent out earlier today, they said:"Decision letters will be mailed out via regular mail starting this week."
  • When did you get the email about decision letters? I was also asked for a revised budget on 4/14, but did not get an email today (4/23).
  • I didn't receive the e-mail about decision letters either. I was asked for a revised/updated budget on 4/13.
  • received official letter with award in the mail yesterday 4/24 (I'm in New York, so it was quick).
  • Received official letter in the mail today (4/27), also postmarked 4/22. I'm in the midwest. 
  • Me too. Official letter (4/27). On the West Coast.
  • I guess I have slow mail, because I'm still waiting. Is anyone else still waiting? (4/29)
  • Yes, I'm still waiting too (5/2). Has anyone in Canada recieved their letter yet? I'm on the west coast so a delay was expected.
  • For future reference to those on the west coast of Canada, my letter arrived May 7th after 17 days in the mail.

Applications that were due May 1, 2015

  • First round notifications:
    • Just received confirmation that my application has gone through to Stage 2 (approx. 1/3 of Stage 2 applications are successful) 8/3/2015
    • Wrote to W-G Foundation about status of application, since I haven't heard a peep about Stage 1 still! 8/4/2015
    • 8/19- Got word that I didn't make it to Stage 2. I found the notification in my SPAM folder, so if you still haven't heard anything you might check there.
  • Final notifications:
    • Should be coming anytime before 10/5/2015. Please post any news here!
    • 10/5/ - One person reported the budget request e-mail via GradCafe. 
    • 106/2015 - rejection e-mail first thing in the morning. 
    • 10/5/2015 I received the budget request email as well
    • 10/11/2015 I received my acceptance letter in the mail from WG on Friday afternoon (Oct 9th). No email notification, but they sent the full package of forms and reviewers responses by mail.
    • 10/14/2015- received acceptance letter in the mail

Winterthur Dissertation Fellowship[]

applied x1

  • Heard back in the positive 3/31/15, one-semester research fellowship.

Woodrow Wilson Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies[]

  • Information:
    • Deadline October 15th 2014
    • $5,000 fellowship
    • Notifications in February
  • applied x3
  • 1/12: Recieved email informing me that I am not a finalist. "Almost 200 applications were received this year for 10 awards." x5
  • 1/12: Received email confirming that I am finalist. 29 were selected to move on. x3
  • 2/5: Any news?
  • 2/6: Guess this means that "early February" means next week...
  • 2/9: Informed by email that I did not receive a fellowship. x1 

Yale University - International Security Studies - Predoctoral Fellowship[]


International Security Studies at Yale (ISS) invites applications from advanced doctoral candidates for its Smith Richardson Predoctoral Fellowship. The fellowship offers the support and the unique resources of ISS at Yale to ABD scholars within one year of dissertation submission. Applicants will come from the field of security studies, with an emphasis on international, diplomatic, or military history. These fellowships begin each September with a term of one academic  year.

  • For full details see
  • Please submit a vita, a 3-5-page research proposal (describing your work and how the fellowship will be used), transcripts, a short (no more than 50 page) writing sample, and three letters of reference (one should be from the applicant’s dissertation advisor) to: Igor Biryukov, Senior Administrative Assistant, International Security Studies, Yale University, PO Box 208353, New Haven, CT 06520-8353, or via email to
  • Fellows must be in residence in New Haven or its environs during their fellowship year. Eligible candidates will have completed the archival research for their doctoral dissertation, and winners will be expected to use the award to make substantial progress in writing their dissertation. Applications from non-U.S. citizens are welcome, but successful applicants bear final responsibility for all immigration-related issues.
    • Heard back on April 28. Accepted!