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AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Applied x26
  • In case anyone else was wondering if notifications might go out today (4/13) as it is the last business day before the 15th, the answer is no. I am in the position of having to accept/decline another award by Monday morning, and I emailed to inquire whether the announcements will be made before then. I received the following terse reply in less than three minutes: "Notifications will not go out before April 15th. All notifications for all of AAUW's programs will go out on April 15th." Good luck, ladies!
  • ^^^ thank you for letting us know! I have been hitting refresh every 5 to 10 minutes. :)
  • The information on their website states that "Notification of decision e-mailed to all applicants. When April 15 falls on a weekend, notifications will be emailed on the next business day. AAUW is not able to honor requests for earlier notification." So they will send out notifications on Monday, which is April 16. Good luck!
  • Except last year the 15th was a Saturday and they emailed everyone on the 14th. And the response email to the inquiry above explicitly stated that all notifications would go out on the 15th. In previous years, they have also emailed as late as 10pm EST, so business hours apparently don't mean much. I don't think we can really assume anything at this point. 
  • Ugh. There go my plans to be calm until tomorrow then. 
  • ^^^ditto! Gonna go try and busy myself. Hope we hear soon for the person who has to tell the other grant yes or no by tomorrow morning.

The website says the directory has been updated and notifications sent, but the directory has not in fact been updated. Has anyone been notified?

  • ^^^Not yet! I'm guessing the emails will be going out throughout the day.
  • ^^^Not yet, no messages via email or the online system.
  • ^^^Nothing. I really, really need to know this morning for my internal grant decision. I’m keeping someone else hopeful. :(

4/16 9:10 am CT -- Still no email. I've been refreshing my spam and inbox folders and their webpage like every 5 min. Deep breaths, y'all! Deep breaths! (x2)

The more time I spend on the website, the more I'm like "Well, it's been four years since anyone at my school has won. And I don't work on women or gender directly. They probably won't give it to me." So here's just a little reminder (for me and for you) that we are all trying to do something difficult and we know we need support. We're already courageous, unusual women. Stay strong whatever the outcome! 4/16 10:22 am EST

  • ^YES. Academia is already so hard on women. Support each other and be kind to yourself. Remember that you belong here and your work is important!

I've been blocking all internet on every device for periods of 20 minutes so I can get any work done. You'd think they'd email very soon after the website was updated, eh?

4/16 10:55 AM EST: got an email that I won the American Fellowship! [hope I am editing correct. It's my first time]

  • Also received notification that I won at 9:55 am CST on 4/16.
  • ^So if we didn't receive notification at 9:55 am CST/10:55 am EST on 4/16, it is likely a rejection, correct?
  • ^^^ same question here. Feeling really shitty right now and would just like closure if it’s a no.
  • Question: Do you think that they'll wait until everyone's accepted to send out rejections then? Or do they reject unsuccessful applications right off the bat? 
  • Based on the website, and previous wikis, all notifications (acceptances, alternates, and rejections) should go out today. 

4/16 10:39 CST: got the email I won the American fellowship and I have declined it as I already got the Ford Foundation.

  • ^^So it looks like not all acceptance emails are going out at the same time. No word yet on alternates or rejections. 4/16 12:00 EST

Can we start a tally? Don't forget to update:

  • Awarded: x3 (based on info above)
  • Not Awarded: x9
  • Alternate: x3
  • No Word: x7

Last year they sent all announcements within 25 minutes of each other, first rejections, then alternates, then acceptances. Maybe they discovered that a bunch of awardees declined immediately like the above poster who already won something else and decided to send acceptances first this year so that they could reduce the number of alternates?

  • ^This seems like the best explanation. No word yet here, but I assume that means rejection. I'm betting all winners went out early this morning am (see above timeline), and alternates around 11 am - 2 pm CST, followed by rejections by mid afternoon CST, which would be close of day EST. Best to tell folks hard no at the end of a day rather than beginning...on a Monday, no less. 
  • ^^^ that makes a lot of sense unfortunately for those of us still waiting.
  • ^^^^I gave up waiting all day, and emailed them at the address listed at the AAUW website. Haven't heard back. 
  • ^Let us know what they say, if they reply. They may say all winners and alternates have been notified as of x time, which would mean anyone still waiting would be rejection. 
  • I will definitely leave info on the thread if/when I hear back from them. 
  • ^^ This is me, and I just got the official rejection. But it wasn't in reply to my individual email. I updated the tally above. 

What subjects do y'all study? I applied for Anthropology and Archaeology.

- Anthropology (Cultural with a focus on Education)
- Geography (no word)
- History (rejected)
- Comparative Literature
- Sociology (no word)
-English (got a congratulatory email this morning. I'm the same person who posted earlier).
-Ecology (rejected , already in tally)
-American Studies (no word)
- Religion
-Biology (rejected at 2:53 PM EST, added to tally. ) 
-Chemical Engineering (alternate at 3:03 PM EST)

I think I'm just going to assume the worst in this case. It's almost 2pm CT and still no word :( (x2)

  • Rejection email at 1:53 pm CST :/ x2
  • Rejection email 1:54 CDT oh well it was a huge long shot being in the humanities and not working directly on gender (x1)
  • Rejection e-mail 2.53 EST. Added to tally. Congrats to those who did get it :) 
  • Rejection at 2:55. It was a carefully constructed letter, at least! Congrats to everyone who received the award!
  • Rejection at 2:53 EST. Also humanities, not working on gender. C'est la vie.
  • Rejection 2:53 EST, humanities. Time to put the few remaining hope eggs in the very precarious Josephine de Karman basket.

I got designated as an Alternate 12.19 MST. International Doctoral Fellowship (added to the tally)

  • Alternate notification received, 3:03 EST (Anthropology). Let the anxious waiting game continue...
  • Alternate, English.  Does anyone know what the numbers are here? number of alternates or how many get off the alternate list?  Any way for us to update AAUW on new publications?
  • Rejection 3:49 EST, music
  • Alternate, International Doctoral Fellowship, Chemical Engineering, 3:03 EST. (added to tally)
  • Someone asked earlier, so I'm posting here: The deadline to accept / reject is listed as June 30 on their website, but in the email I received earlier, it asks for a decision by May 15. 

Has anyone else still not heard about their status?

For those that received the award or are alternates (congrats!) quick question: at the time of application submission last fall how close were you to completetion (i.e. how many chapters were complete out of total chapters)? Thanks! 

  • Hi! New poster. I was told at 10:55 AM EST on 4/15 that I was awarded one of the American Fellowships. To answer your last question, I still had 7 months left of fieldwork to complete at the time I submitted my application. No chapters written or anything like that.

$ Hi any  news? This place has been quiet for sometime. Did anyone here get off the waitlist? If yes what date

  • Hi! I got off the waitlist on 10/1--way after I had made my peace with not being a Fellow!

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program in Education Research[]

  • I wish trolls on socjobrumors wouldn't keep giving me panic attacks--- someone's poster on there that acceptances are out! Can't be true right? Too early?!? 8 march 2018
  • Definitely too early. Havent heard anything yet as of 4/30. Has anyone received notification?
  • 5/11 no word. Anyone hear anything? *update: didn’t get it*

ACLS / Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships[]

  • Applied x25

March is here! Anyone else freaking out? Or just me?

  • Freaking out, too. Last year, people started getting notifications March 13th (x4)
  • The year before, if I am recalling correctly, folks were notified mid-week on the 13th**. If they keep to a similar pattern it looks like late next week is the earliest notifications will be sent. Not much of a help, I know, but it's a thought that keeps me from checking my email compulsively! 
  • Freakinggggg out! I need this so desperately, didn't apply for anything else. Post on 8 march.
  • Very, very much so freaking out! Is it just me or have the days gotten way longer lately?!
  • Acceptance notification (March 12) x6
  • ^ Can you give a few more details, please? Which discipline? Date/time of the email? 
  • I was notified of acceptance at 9:34a today (3/12). English
  • Anthropology, received acceptance 9:34am (3/12)
  • History, received this morning. (x2: also history, received this morning.)
  • Music, received this morning (3/12).
  • Anthropology, acceptance (3/12, 9:34a) 
  • Is there any non-delusional reason to think that those of us who have not yet received a notification (12:55pm EST, Mar 12) are still in the running?
  • I guess it really depends on whether they sent all fields/applicants out at once, or are doing them in batches. Waiting and nervous (x1)
  • I wouldn’t bet on it. My sense (from having religiously studied this wiki from the last few years) is they send out all acceptances at once. And rejections a day later. One could hope for an alternative email but chances of getting an acceptance at this point are slim to none. :/
  • I suspect you're right.
  • Agreed that the remaining hopefullness is probably futile. Still, I've never checked my "Spam" folder more times in a single day.
  • So 2xhistory, 1x English and 1x anthropology. Anyone other disciplines? Anymore social scientists?
  • I'm going to take a page out of the postings from two years ago: most likely rejected, so will enjoy ice cream with my boyfriend and the greatest f**k ever.
  • 😍

I bought a pack of cigarettes- rear ended my car on the way back. Fml

  • ^^Ugh, I spent all yesterday feeling sorry for myself, but it sounds like your day was way worse. Congrats to everyone who received and award, and congrats to all of us who did not for just having completed that long application. Now to decide if it is worth it to put myself through it again in a few months...
  • Rear-ended my car I can relate. My spouse was laid off from her good paying job last Friday (day before my birthday) and my department says they probably won't have any money for sixth years due to increased cohort size. Anyone else apply for the Josephine de Karman? That is the last of my grasping at straws fellowships that is still out (after two at bats).
  • No, they require US residence and I don't want to stay here anymore. Am serious considering looking for non-academic track work and trying to write diss from 4 am to 6 am each morning over the next year. That way at least I'll get a toe in on the real world ladder, and frankly, although I love academe, I just don't have the resources to stay in and try for the job market, I gotta eat. Envy people who have parents of spouses to split the financial burden. But I guess there's a reason why there are such people from my kind of background (non white, divorced parents etc.) in the academy. Time to wake up and smell the industry job coffee :(
  • Sorry to hear that. That is a bitter pill to swallow. You are right, I am fortunate to have a spouse who had a good job (although she immigrated here from Chile and it took years for her to be able to work in her field). As state funding has disappeared for higher education across the board more and more of those of us of modest means are definitely being not so gently shoved out of academia.

Anyone receive a rejection or alternate notification today? (Discipline: Music; 3/13)

  • Was this a rejection or alternate? 
  • Neither, just stating my discipline. 

If no one has gotten an email about being an alternate, and if some of us have gotten no word about anything, might it be safe to think that we are the alternates and we won't hear anything until awardees accept or reject their offers? This is me being hopeful. (Discipline: Anthropology; 3/13)

  • -- Last year, the rejections were sent out two days after the acceptances, so I think many of us will likely hear tomorrow (Discipline: English; 3/13).
  • My advisor is still holding on to hope, haha. I don't know why they don't send out rejections with acceptances.

Are there no alternates on this wiki? Pretty sure they'd send those out with the acceptances. I mean surely they don't grantees only 48 hours to say yes.

???? Could anyone who was awarded a fellowship tell us how long they give you to accept or decline the award? All of us "heard nothing" folks are trying to get a sense of what we can expect. Thanks in advance for any takers!!!

  • - Awardees have until April 9th to accept the award
  • Thanks! 

Any rejections today? (3/14): I really thought they’d be out by 9.30 am est today, given their previous years’ pattern. I just want to be done with this process

  •  Nothing yet
  • Me too, could use some closure.
  • Right!? ugh.

Sick of waiting 😖

  • What I don't understand is why they don't just send out a batch of emails that is a) offered, b) rejected, or c) alternate. There are clearly alternates because some people hear nothing then get offers and rejections at staggered dates. However, I have yet to see someone say they received an email saying they were an alternate (maybe I missed it as I was combing backwards?). Any thoughts on why they might not send out alternate status emails? 
  • ^^^^ There are clearly alternates because some people hear nothing then get offers and rejections at staggered dates. ^^^^^ where'd you hear that? I never heard of delayed offers????? Also, alternates might not be on the wiki. Agree though. Their modus seems very heartless. As if they didn't realize we're humans
  • -There aren't that many of us on here (according to the above number that 23 said that they applied) , so maybe alternate notifications went out and we just haven't heard from anyone who got the email? I don't know, I am inclined to be pessimistic for the purposes of moving on but i'm also sick of waiting! 

- I applied in philosophy; no official word in any capacity as of 3/14 (2:30 PM EST).  Any philosophy people get the offer?  Or get an alternate/rejection e-mail?

Just called the office cause I can't focus on anything else. The program manager said that she couldn't give me updates on my status (not surprising) and that they have "their process" which includes sending out things in waves. She did say that alternate emails went out though. :/  Fantastic. 4:48pm (3/14).  In that case, it sounds like those of us who haven't heard anything have definitely been rejected :(

  • Waves. Pffff. Waves of bullshit.
  • Bullshit it is. Chocolate is my drug of choice this week. All you hollow Easter bunnies at the grocery store you better run.  
  • waves of bullshit. love it. in solidarity with all my fellow rejectees <4
  • Lol@waves of bs. Figures, grant administrators are some of most horrible humans I've ever encountered. If you know hitchhiker's guide, they're Vogons.
  • Seriously--wtf is up with their "process"? Most places send rejections AT THE SAME TIME OR BEFORE they send acceptances. 

I BETTER get my damn rejection email today (3/15)!

  • Whoever wrote this, you are my favorite person today. 
  • Yup. Rarely have so many grad students, including myself, craved rejection. (x4)

Rejection (Assumed) TODAY at....? UGH.

c'mon! Do we need to stage a walk out just to get our rejection letters? Seriously, someone should write about this shoddy process on Inside Higher Ed, or one of those places. Why are these yahoos allowed to get away with this kind of meannes? 

  • ^^Well, you know if that happened, the comments section would just be full of people saying, "See, these goddamn millennials expect instant gratification now in the digital age. They have no patience at all." And, to be fair, this whole dystopian hell is only possible because we aren't simply checking the snail mail when we get home anymore. The internet is a bittersweet pill, my suffering friends.
  • Maybe tomorrow is the day they'll undertake the onerous task of pressing a computer button and auto generating our rejection emails. Friday afternoon, avoid pesky phone calls and questions. **--YUP. That's the corporate way.

Just read back through the past few years of this thread, and someone mentioned that this process may involve waves of notifications because the reviewers can't get through all 1,000+ applications at once, and they have to do them in rounds. This does seem plausible. BUT, there didn't seem to be people who posted about acceptances later in the process on the past threads (maybe they just didn't sign in to do it?). What do we think?

  • ^ I'm pretty sure that if the alternates all went out (as per the office caller who posted above) then all the acceptances did, too.
  • Yeah, that's not how it works: reviewers only read applications in their own field, not all 1,000. 

Maybe reviewers only read in their field (I've heard otherwise from faculty who've reviewed in years past). Say they did and they had 100 applications to read, it's possible that they do them in batches of 25 or even 50, and for each batch, they group them into acceptances, rejections, and alternates, with some sort of quota system. While this may read as naively hopeful, I've yet to another explanation for why we've heard nothing. This scenario is definitely plausible. 

  • Unfortunately, I just read the FAQ about this fellowship on the ACLS website, and it seems that there is a two stage review process: the first stage is scholars in your field, but the second stage is a panel from across different disciplines. I'm guessing that in the second stage, the acceptances/alternates are a collective decision from this one panel.
  • -I'm really enjoying the thought of people applying for this for the first time next year opening this thread and being like WTF IS THIS PROCESS. I have been thinking that this entire week. 
  • I went to talk to my dgs about options and dgs goes let's wait till you actually get a rejection.....😣😭🍤

Nothing. At all. Still. (3/16, 12:38pm) (x2)

  • really want this hellish waiting to end, just don't get why they'd make us sit around stewing in our sad, rejected juices for 5 days +. very dissapointing.
  • Yeah they’ll send it later just when you’re settling down making weekend plans. I am seriously boycotting the ACLS so it becomes less prestigious. Can’t be prestigious if nobody wants it.
  • ^ Good Luck!
  • --I wrote to them on March 13th saying I was aware that some people had been notified and asking if they could update me on the status of my application. At 2:34pm EST today (3/16), they respond: "Notifications will be sent via email in late March 2018.  We cannot provide additional information prior to that time." Umm. OK. Except that clearly notifications were sent mid-March. Why does it take another 1-2 weeks to send rejections (or, however unlikely, alternates)?
  • - at the risk of sharing my (most likely) false hopes: I don't think we'll hear until after 3/20. Someone in my program got accepted on 3/12, and before the official paperwork/whatever is sent, he said he has until 3/20 to say whether he's still likely to take it (which is separate in some way that I don't understand from the April 9th deadline for acceptance/rejection of the formal offer).  So the only way I can make sense of the process is that the thinking might be: maybe some people will decline (got other offers, decided to finish) right off the bat, and then they accept a few more to fill their slots, and after that there are "official" alternates and rejections.    Or, you know, maybe some administrator is reading this and just enjoys watching folks twist in the wind.
  • ^^This makes a lot of sense to me as a possible explanation for the delay. I too was thinking that perhaps there might be some brief window in which they want to fill as many slots as possible, and then notify everybody else all together. But I can't for the life of me see how this is an improvement in literally any way over the winners/alternates/rejected folks all finding out at once. Nobody from the rejected list would be an alternate anyway, and some of the alternates would end up being awardees either way. It's just that this way, they don't know it's happening if it happens within the first 10 days. How is this better?
  • ^^Also if 1000+ people apply, don't they have people they could definitely rule out?? Like, I don't think that it would be fun for those in the middle to have to wait, but if some people are cut after the first round of reviews then why can't they send those notifications out with the acceptances? Hmm......
  • TOTALLY irrational process- SSRC sends out their first batch of rejections super early, within a month of application, then in the next round they just tell everyone accept/reject/alternate simulataneously--same with AAUW and Fulbright and Newcombe--why should Mellon have their own bizarre process that several people with advanced degrees can't work out?!?!? The process is not rational, that's all there is to say.
  • Just emailed them and hoping they might take pity on me because I have been offered another fellowship (specific to my discipline) that I need to accept or decline ASAP. I feel awful putting alternates for this other fellowship on the hook on behalf of Mellon/ACLS, but I'd hate to accept and then find out I (somehow against all likelihood) recieved a Mellon/ACLS fellowship. Wishing there was a standard deadline for this as there is for grad school acceptances!
    • Follow up: just got a response. Rejected (English). Disappointed, but makes my descision easy. 
  • Congrats on the acceptance on the other fellowship! When you do talk to them, please try and get whatever you can about why we are sitting in this bullshit limbo and report back! 
  • If it is that urgent I would call them first thing tomorrow, no telling when/if they would respond to the email (I would imagine they have gotten dozens of emails trying to squeeze information out of them about statuses).
  • I had emailed on Friday (3/16) because I also have a deadline to respond to another fellowship. No luck. They responded quite promptly and said they can give no updates at this time and emails will be sent in late March.
  • Rejection email (3/19/2018) 9:25am, Discipline: Classics (we hardly ever win any of these--so not surprised!).
  • Rejection email (3/19/2018) 9:23 am, discipline: History (x3)
  • Alternate for an award (3/19/2018), Comparative Literature.
  • Coveted rejection email received (3/19/2018), Anthropology.
  • Rejection email (3/19/2018) 9:51am, Music (x2)
  • Rejection email (3/19/2018) 9:31 am, discipline: English x2 "over 1,000 applications for 67 awards." Hang in there everyone!
  • Rejection email (3/19) 9.24 EST, discipline: Comparative Literature - The email format is different this year though - nothing about feedback. Wonder if we can still ask for it?
  • Rejection email (3/19/2018) 9:25, Art History Replied asking if feedback could be provided-- will update if I get a reply.
  • Rejection email (3/19/2018) 9:20 am, Theatre. I replied asking for feedback as well, despite there being no language about it in the rejection notice. Like the above poster, l'll loop back if I receive a response.
  • Rejection email (3/19/2018) 9:27 am, American studies
  • Rejection email (3/19/2018) 9:24 am, English. So, since reading about the acceptances last week, I didn't have any hope, and instead went around asking people how to get over rejections like these. I got two reasonable pieces of advice, which I thought I'd share to keep everyone's spirits up: (1) that this fellowship creates a false sense of scarcity and 'prestige' and should in no way reflect on the validity or worth of our projects, selves and future careers; and (2) that applications for things like these boil down to how well we "communicate" our projects. For whatever it's worth -- at least we made ourselves write a proposal we can work with in the future. Onward! 
  • Rejection email (3/19/2018) 9:23am, Discipline: Theology (almost no one in theology has received this fellowship, so wasn't really expecting it. Still a bummer.)
  • 'Rejection email (3/19/2018) '9:39am, Discipline: Mass communication 
  • Got my long awaited *rejection* this morning (sociology) at 9:33am EST. To everyone still waiting, good luck. To those who got rejections, remember this does not reflect on your worthiness or value. Successful academics leave a trail of rejections in their wake: apply widely and often!
  • Alternate notification (3/19) x2
  • Accepted from alternate list (3/20)
  • Anyone know how many alternates are ultimately funded and how this process works (i.e., is it done by discipline)?
  • Feedback, if solicited and available, will be provided in the summer --according to email response I received today (3/22). (x3)

Is anyone else waiting for the official letter? They said they would send it late this week. 

  • I'm still waiting too -- could be snow-related delays...
  • I just got a form email this morning (about 11a EST) providing me with a username and pw to log in at the ACLS website, from where I can now download all the official paperwork I've been looking for in the mail all week (acceptance letter to sign, financial details, fine print-y type stuff). Yours will probably be coming in the next few days? 
  • 3/29--FYI, for anyone who might be having this problem: I had trouble downloading the PDFs from the portal (they gave an error), even though all my other PDF downloads work fine. I contacted them and they promptly sent me the forms. 
  • 4/9 deadline to accept is today. have any alternates received news?
  • Anyone invited to give a job talk at the workshop? 
  • Got rejection feedback today --most of the comments were actually very helpful and constructive. Glad to have this feedback as I gear up for funding app season again (9/5).

Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Dissertation Fellowships[]

Applied x4

It looks like last year, schools posted announcements about recipients around April 11-12, which suggests emails went out a few days earlier. Who else is waiting with me? (April 1)

  • raises hand* - not confident about this one, but I promised myself a good burger at one of my favorite burger places either way, so I'd really like to hear back soon. (April 2)
  • I emailed the AMS office about likely notification dates, and their response was "late April/early May." So let's not start holding our breaths for another couple of weeks! From what the head of the committee said at an info session at AMS Rochester, it seems that they wait until other notificiations are out (e.g. ACLS and Council for European Studies completion fellowships) before they make final decisions, so that they know their first choices will actually accept the fellowship. (April 6)
  • I see this as meaning that they'd still notify winners earlier (after all, winners can accept on an honorary basis only) but keep an alternate list, and then final decisions come out later based on how many accept the $$ (which relies on decisions from other fellowships/jobs). 
  • Has anyone heard anything yet? (4/10)
  • Nope. (4/10)
  • No news here either. (4/10)
  • 4/17 - At this point I'm going to assume the winners have been notified and they're just waiting on their confirmation before they send out rejections. (sliver of hope: they get something better and we're alternates...)
  • If they’ve actually decided to wait until the end of April to notify everyone (as the poster above heard in Rochester), there’s still hope! I haven’t seen any schools posting press releases about winners yet, which happened very soon after notifications in prior years. I just hope they send out rejections in a reasonable amount of time and not, like, in July or something. (I’m more concerned about the fact that I’m in a weird sub-discipline that senior scholars are either excited by or very, very skeptical towards, and no one from my school has ever won.)
  • Just FYI, last year I got my rejection on 4/18. 
  • Good to know--thank you! 
  • 4/23 gosh darn it, where are the notifications? I want that burger!
  • Still no news here. I have plans with family this weekend, and I will be able to enjoy them so much more if I’m not constantly checking my email.
  • I haven't gotten anything either, but I wish I could team up and go get an AMS 50 sadness burger with you, friend-o! 
  • 4/24: I also have applied for this, but have been awarded a national fellowship for the upcoming year. It is my understanding that this organization will be announcing the new fellows on their website tomorrow. My strong hunch is that the AMS will quickly follow suit: I would guess either by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I don’t have high hopes for the AMS-50, but even so, I think the decision to accept the award on an honorary basis should I be a finalist should be mine to make (or anyone else who might be in the same boat) and not the committee’s once they see the announcement from the national competitions. In other words, ANNOUNCE ALREADY!
  • I can’t apply for a lot of the big US dissertation grants (not at a US school), and this waiting is ridiculous. Surely the committee has met already and at the very least has their shortlist. Why couldn’t they contact their initial recipients now, with a clear policy of “you are not allowed to “stack” completion fellowships and must decide if you are accepting the stipend on a full, partial, or honorary basis by X date.” (Also, is anyone else having little moments of panic whenever they get an email from the AMS-Announce list?) (4/25)
  • According to the AMS bylaws, the committee would have finalized their decision in March. I'm making the assumption that they've notified the winners, but the winners are perhaps waiting on other fellowships that give out more money and haven't yet announced, particularly Mellon-CES. There's not that many of us on this wiki, after all...

5/1: Still no news...anyone? 

  • 5/1: None here, either...
  • No news here (5/1)

5/3: Hey guys, I just heard these went out this past Sunday via phonecall (I am not one of the winners), and the official letters were sent yesterday. Unsure if alternates were notified, or what the timeline is for accepting or declining. 

  • —5/3 This sounds odd to me. As far as I know, they have never notified winners via phone (I know at least 5 people who are previous winners). I emailed Katie Vandermeer in the AMS office two days ago, and she told me that she was told that notifications would be made to all applicants “soon;” she said by the end of this week or early next week. So according to her email, no notifications have been made as of yet. How did you come to find out that you are not one of the winners?
  • OP here -- it was a friend of mine who was notified.
  • Can confirm that a friend was notified of acceptance by phone. So I think we can assume that next alternates will hear, and then everyone else.
  • I was notified a little bit earlier than your friend. I already accepted the award this week.
  • What was the deadline given for acceptance?
  • Did anyone receive an alternate or rejection notice, or hear of any that have gone out? I still haven't heard anything... (5/4)

5/8: Any alternate/rejection news? At this point, I hold zero hope for any positive news, but am growing increasingly salty that we haven't heard anything.

  • I haven’t heard anything. The lack of any communication is something I am considering bringing up the next time the AMS seeks feedback from members. x2
  • Yeah nothing here. I might just have my salty sadness burger even without a notification. (x3 except tacos here)
  • I’ll go for poutine topped with nachos.

The winner from Stanford isn't a musicologist...

5/9: WTF, AMS!? it's not just grad students inconvenienced by lack of communication, it's also depts we adjunct for. 

  • Has anyone tried emailing the committee chair (John Covach, according to the AMS committees page)?

5/10: Rejection received (2:21pm CEST). Congrats to the winners, and, to everyone else: enjoy your sadness burgers!

  • 5/10: Rejection received (8:25am EST). Sadness poutine time! (x2 IT'S BURGER TIME, FINALLY)
  • 5/10 Rejection received (8:23am EST).

American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize[]

  • selections have been made
  • Rejection: 3/14 - I don't recommend applying for this capricious competition; in my field last year they selected 2 people who don't even *need* to be in Rome; some of us have vital research to do in the city and Italy. My friends and I have applied two years running--never even landing an interview; one friend had interviews two years in a row and never won it. Not sure what I or they did wrong, as they don't give feedback. This year they didn't even send a letter, just an email--after all the money we paid them. It's a scam.

American Philosophical Society Predoctoral Fellowship []

  • Applied (x1)

American Sociological Association Minority Fellows Program[]

  • Has anyone heard anything as of 4/26/18? Just added this fellowship to this page because it was in previous years' threads but disappeared in the latest rounds. Seems like they sometimes call people to let them know if they won and sometimes don't notify alternates until very close to the final notification deadline on 4/30.
  • Rejection notification received today at 2:55pm EST 4/30

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Research Fellowships, Harvard University[]

  • Waitlisted (March 30)
  • Anyone know when the deadline is for recipients to accept?

Boren Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x1)
  • "Alternate" -- 04/16/2018.

Boston College AADS (African and African Diaspora Studies) Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Has anyone received a call? (March 2)
  • Nope (March 8)
  • Nothing yet. Ugh. (March 13)
  • Still nothing, as of 4/3. Has anyone heard anything? This seems late compared to last year, when at least one call was made by 3/1.
  • Rejection (4/1) via snail mail x3
  • Rejection (4/11) via email to follow up with previous rejection by snail mail to office

CAA Professional Development Fellowship[]

CAORC Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship[]

  • Anyone had any news yet? In past years notifications seem to have gone out in early April.

Carter Manny Award[]

  • Applied for writing award x4
  • Any notifications yet? (4/8)
  • Nothing here-- tried emailing the other day to ask about timeline but no response.
  • Can I ask when you emailed them? This is a tough one; unless I am missing something, pages for previous years offer little to nothing on a timeline for Carter Manny. Fingers crossed for us all. I will update if I hear anything.
  • Yes, this one is kind of frustrating because it isn't listed every year and there seems to have been some sort of change (two years ago it said decisions were pushed back to Sept 21 which doesn't make much sense with the current timeline). I emailed the Grant Project Manager on April 2.
  • Thanks for your response. Still no word. 😕 (4/11)
  • Maybe someone who hasn't already contacted the Graham Foundation could call or email to ask about timeline? (4/12)
  • Timeline remains April. Good luck all. Please update when you hear. (4/18)
  • A very long April; all quiet. (4/25)
  • Anything? (4/30)
  • Nope. (4/30)
  • Nothing. This is excessive. (5/1)
  • Anyone here who has not already contacted them willing to write/call to follow up?
  • I gave them a call and everyone from the grants department was unavailable. However, the person with whom I spoke confirmed that no results had been announced yet... So now we continue to wait, I guess. (5/1)
  • Thanks so much for doing that.
  • It looks like someone erased some notes here on accident? The latest: notifications pushed back to July per email received this morning. (5/2).
  • Here are deleted posts:
  • I'm assuming all applicants also got this, but I just received an email saying: "Thank you for submitting an application for the 2018 Carter Manny Award. We're writing to let you know that the award notification schedule has been slightly modified this year. Applicants will be contacted by email about award decisions in July 2018." This is a bit, um, frustrating... (5/2) x2
  • A bit. At least now I know I needn’t check the post obsessively. Just my email starting July 1st. Bon courage all.
  • Anyone else still here?
    • Yes! Still waiting...
    • Here too (7/18)
    • Me too (7/25)
    • This has been the longest summer; nothing to report yet (7/27)
    • July passed with no notification as promised. Is this ever going to happen? (8/1) edited: actually, received rejection today around 4 pm EST. Hope someone on here got it!
    • Notified yesterday (8/1) that I'm a finalist. They've postponed their selection until the end of the month... again. 

CASVA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship of the National Gallery of Art[]

Why is this page so quiet?! Has anyone got a call from CASVA? (Jan 19)

  • I have not received one! I'm on tenterhooks here! (I applied for Ittleson) (Jan 19)
  • Received call today (01/20) for interview. Interviews taking place Feb. 8-9. (Nominated for Paul Mellon)
  • Congratulations on the call! I guess that’s it for this cycle then.
  • Do calls for all fellowships usually go out on the same day?

Usually calls are made on the same day I think. At least that’s what’s recorded in previous years’ wikis.

  • Le sigh...thanks for the response. 

Has anyone else been called for an interview, or does anyone else know of a colleague who has been nominated? No news in my peer group.

Has anyone received their rejection letter yet?

  • For the record: interviews took place on Feb. 8-9; the committee met to finalize their decision on Feb. 10; the chosen fellows were notified over the weekend; alternates were notified via email on Feb. 15

Center for Jewish History Dissertation Fellowship[]

Center for Military History Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x1)
  • Has anyone heard anything? 

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x11)
  • Does anyone know when finalists will be notified? On the previous pages, notifications came out on Feb 16 and Feb 21.
  • Looking at past years, it seems as if they almost always notify sometime the third week of Feb. So any day now...
  • Yeah, they seem to favor beginnings of the week, so if not today, then probably next week. I haven't heard anything yet, but the day is young. 
  • I was certain today was the day. Just glad to check this and find that others also haven't heard yet.
  • Also, doesn't 4 applicants on this wiki seem unusually low? ACLS numbers also seem down.
  • That could mean 1 of 3 things: 1) fewer applicants this year (so better odds for us! Good luck everyone!); 2) people have realized that obsessing over the wiki leads to madness (though I doubt we've realized this because... we're here reading this); 3) people have given up. Cheers!  I'm hoping for #1. 
  • I didn't even apply to this grant and I'm reading this thread. It leads to madness. x2
  • Got email that I am a finalist on 2/19, email said that they will let me know by March 31 if I got it. Good luck everyone!
  • Got the email--not a finalist! Good luck everyone!
  • Got my rejection email today - at 3:02 PM EST February 23, 2018. The email stated that "almost 500" applications were received for 21 available awardsx2
  • Got the rejection at 2:59p EST. Shucks. Best of luck to the finalists! And for the rest of us: hang in there. Applying to this thing was a bear-- you're still super awesome! x2
  • Finalist letter said there was a 14% rate of acceptance for finalists, which would be about 70 finalists. (x3)
  • Notified by phone that was I chosen as a fellow [3/26, 11am]
  • To the above poster- did they call you or did you call the office? I haven't heard either way yet and wanted to know if I could mark this off my list. It's been a long six weeks! 
    • They called me. Good luck!!
  • Also was notified by phone that I got accepted on 3/26 (afternoon), was told not to make it public as they will be calling people throughout the week 
  • Just saw this about phone calls. Probably shouldn't have. I wonder if anyone else received phone calls after 3/26 (3/28)
  • I'm here with you playing the waiting game. If they really are calling people throughout the week, I think it means we can't quite (totally) count ourselves out yet until we receive a rejection letter. They might be sorting applications on the basis of discipline and making decisions that way. Who knows? Definitely seems like a bit of a different process than past cycles.
  • Also waiting, and waiting, and waiting... I'm ready for the rejection letter to come now.  

Has anyone gotten a rejection letter yet? This seems very long. The finalist email said they would let us know by the 31st. 

  • yes 3/30
  • To the above poster: via email or snail mail? I've checked my spam a zillion times and have recieved nothing. UPDATE (for those stressing next year): I recieved the CN on 6 April. I must have been an alternate... but I did not know it. I just hadn't heard anything for almost two weeks after the first notifications went out.
  • -email 


Applied (x3)

Anyone know anything about when we might hear back this year? It seems to have varied from late April to mid-June in recent years.

  • I haven't heard a peep since I applied. The website says that the committee traditionally meets in late April, with results sent in early May. But pages from past years here indicate that those dates are fluid. (April 26)
  • It is now officially "early May." Still waiting for results. (5/3)
  • The HSS and STEM "Eligibility and Guidelines" pages list different notification dates, FYI: May for STEM, June for HSS
  • Good to note the discrepency between the FAQ and the Eligibility and Guidelines. Waiting six months to review applications is borderline torture. 
  • I emailed them to ask (for HSS app), and heard back that results will be sent out in late May. 
  • ^Thanks for doing that and letting us know!
  • Rejected (x3) HSS May 22. 16:44
  • I included myself in the rejection count above, but I also wanted to note how pleased I was to see the specialized email I received. "Dear Chateaubriand applicant": doesn't that just warm the heart?
  • Any news regarding the STEM app? (05/23)
  • So it seems nobody here was accepted or even waitlisted (HSS)?
  • I am waitlisted, but have no idea what that means. Can't imagine anyone declining

CLIR-Mellon Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x7)

I think this is the week. Any notifications? 03/19

  • if they follow patterns from previous years, I think acceptances would go out tomorrow, Wed 3/21

Nothing on 3/21? - Nope, no news here.

  • Nyet.

3/22 still waiting. (x7)

Do you think if all of us have been rejected or am I too pessimistic? 

  • I think there is still hope. Here are the dates they sent out acceptances in the past couple of years (not as clear a pattern as I'd thought): 2017, 3/22 (2nd-to-last Wed of month); 2016, 3/25 (last Fri of month); 2015, 4/1; 2014, 3/20 (2nd-to-last Thurs of month).
  • I hope not....but I guess that is possible. Does anyone think it pays to send an email? (3/22)
  • I would say hold off until after 4/2 when they make the public announcement
  • But by that time they will already have sent rejections too.
  • Yeah, I just don't think they'll respond to an email query before that point

  • When this section is dead for more than a few hours I think, "Well, everyone else has been notified that they won, and I'm the only loser, and I'm all alone."
  •  I think that your pessimism, while understandable, is premature. Hopefully, if anyone is notified they will post the results here. Thus far, it seems like no news all around. If I had to bet, I'd guess we all have to wait for 4/2 (which is really how they should do it in any case; these "early" announcements just create needless suspsense). (3/23)
  • Well I guessed that today was the deadline to announce the winners, so I am also very hopeless now. And 4/2 is the deadline for public announcement. Or maybe the annoucement will come later this year, since there was a problem in uploading materials to the online system so they extended the deadline... Anyways, I will post if I hear anything from others who also applied. Good luck, everyone!
  • I am very sorry to say that Monday (3/26) will be too late to announce the winners, since it is generally the last week of March when they send rejections :( << boo :(
  • I am desperately waiting for my rejection, but please take a moment and type if you hear anything... (3/26) (x4)
  • 3/27, still waiting. x3 (this is very awful...)
  • Same, but I think it's safe to say this is rejection week prior to public announcement on April 2. That is, if everything follows approach as previous years. Sigh, the silence hurts. x1
  • And rejections come with public announcement. so it is alreadly needless to wait...
  • Not necessarily -- a few years prior people were marking acceptances as late as 4/1. I agree that it's likely a rejection at this point, but you never know. x3 (said on 3/27)
  • Is the public announcement always on 4/2? How do you know? (3/28)
  • According to the 'guidelines for applicants', everyone will be notified by 4/2: "all applicants will be notified of their application’s status by Monday, April 2, 2018" (3/28)
  • Still waiting *sigh* March 28 (x5)
  • Looks like rejections were sent on 3/28, 5 days later than the acceptance emails last year. what do you think? is there still hope for us?
  • Yes, I think so. Particularly if they are going to make last-minute offers after some of their acceptences decline.
  • 3/29, still waiting. (x7)
  • I read the submission confirmation more closely, and it says "[...] you will be notified of your application's status by e-mail on April 2, 2018." emphasis added lol. This makes me think (read: cling to hope) that maybe it really will be April 2 this year.
  • Rejection email (3/30) no big surprise here :((( (x3)
  • Rejection email (3/30 at 11:09am)
  • Same here, 392 applications, 15 awards. I'm actually happy to have a rejection! (3/30 @ 10:10am CDT)
  • Same. Of the 392 applicants, there can't have been more than 30 or so who were selected for awards or for a waitlist (if there even is a waitlist). I wish there had been some way to notify the remaining 350+ candidates of the decisions a little earlier. This process is awful, and painful, and frustrating, and it seems cruel to give students false hope for any longer than necessary, never mind until the very last possible workday before the public announcement. There has to be a better notifications method. 
  • The acceptance emails were sent out March 26, 2018 this year
  • - this is actually being a long, very long, rejection month... 

Consortium for Faculty Diversity (Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fellowships)[]

  • Applied (x3)

They extended the deadline to the end of March. Does anyone know if they will be looking at these before then?

  • --Interesting. How did you learn about the extention? I don't see it on the site. Wonder what it means for those who made the 1st deadline.
  • --If you look at the Interfolio delivery, it now says March 30. And the delivery itself is still editable. I'm wondering if I should upload an updated cover letter.
  • --It was my impression that the deadline has always been "rolling," as it is up to individual consortium departments to look at the applications based on departmental need as positions become available. Contacting individual departments will give you information for if the department is actually searching for candidates and when their own search begins/ends.

Do you think it's necessary to contact the department's directly? 1) to ask if they're even taking fellows and 2) to bring their attention to their application? I just don't understand how this works. It's like sending an application into a blackhole.

  • Great question. I've contacted a couple, one of which didn't even know this fellowship existed and got excited when I told them about the Consortium. Black hole indeed. Not sure how this is supposed to work.  Bigger question-- are they even really giving dissertation fellowships anymore? Had a friend get one of these several years ago and at the time all listed winners were pre-doc. Now, the list of recipients for the past few years is almost exclusively post-doc. What's up with that? Are they even interested in dissertation fellowships any more?
  • That's ridiculous. Also, you're right. I was looking through the list of past fellows and there's rarely any predocs anymore. I guess I'll sit down and email everyone. Trinity has one that makes you email the chairs. It's a little embarrassing.
  • I got in touch with one of the reps at Swarthmore. They mentioned that they weren't doing predocs right now, but that it's best to get in touch with specific departments to see if they are, which brings attention to your application.

- I have emailed all but one of the schools on the list. Here is what I found out so far: (Please note: I was inquiring about pre-doctoral fellowships so this feedback is more useful for people who are looking for dissertation completion fellowships. I hope this list makes sense as I was trying to summarize what people were saying in their emails and sometimes it wasn't clear if they meant pre or post doc fellwoships because they just used the tern "CFD fellows" in general) - List was updated on 2/19 by original poster 

Amherst - No CFD Fellowships this year  
Bowdoin - In the midst of looking for 3 post-docs
Colorado College - Finalized their CFD candidate placements  (I do not know if that means they accepted pre/post doc) 
Franklin and Marshall - Does not participate in the pre-doc fellowship at all (Post-Docs only) 
Macalaster: No open pre-doc this year 
Scripps: Only looking for Art History (I do not know if that means pre/post doc) 
Gustavus: Looking for Political Science (I do not know if that means pre/post doc) 
Vassar: Not looking for pre-docs at this time 
Whitman: Not looking for pre-docs this time 
Denison: Does not participate in the pre-doc fellowship at all (Post-Docs only) 
Providence College: Only recently joined the Consortium and is just getting the lay of the land
Southwestern University: No CFD Fellowships this year  
The College of Wooster: Does not participate in the pre-doc fellowship at all (Post-Docs only) 
Trinity College: Hire one fellow year and that is already done, I think it is the Ann Plato fellowship 
Reed College: Hires on 2 year appointments so next search will be spring 2019
Mount Holyoke: Usually does 2 post-docs per year and that process is underway 
Wabash College: Only recently joined the Consortium and is just getting the lay of the land
University of Richmond: At capacity with fellows at this time (not sure if that means pre or post doc) 
Lewis and Clark: Not anticipating dissertation fellowship this year 
Oberlin College: Has not determined what will be happening for the 2018-2019 school year so they recommended to keep checking their job page:
College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University: Are reviewing apps in February so they said they would make sure to consider mine (Idk if that is just them being polite) 
St. Olaf College: Does not typically determine need for a CFD fellow until March 
Muhlenberg College: Said they would pass along my information to the appropiate department (once again idk if that is them being polite) - Update 3/4 They emailed me to say that they will not be hiring a fellow this year. 
  • TO WHOEVER DID THIS: you are a scholar and a hero. (x3!) - Thanks! :) After I saw that the one person they said they got in touch with Swarthmore I figured I should contact all the schools. I didn't contact New College because I am not interested in Florida. I also just updated this list with 4 more colleges. Apologies for any typos. 

Consortium for History of Science, Medicine, and Technology Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x3)
  • Any news? When do they usually announce?
  • Haven't heard anything, I know it was mid-April last year so I assume any day. 
  • Still nothing?
  • Rejection 4/25 (x2)

DAAD Graduate Research Fellowship[]

Short-term research grant
  • applied (x1)

Long-term research grant

Dartmouth College Eastman/Marshall Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Applied (2x) 
  • 4/10: Does anyone have an update? I personally have heard nothing and the application was due 2/18.
  • 4/11 I emailed on March 28th and someone from PROF responded stating that the department was starting to review applications and will be getting back to people the week of April 1st or 8th, though I haven’t heard anything yet. 
  • 4/15 Whoever posted on 4/11 - Thanks for the update :)
  • 4/19 Any News?
  • 4/19 - I am the same person who posted on 4/10 + 4/15. I have no update. Considering the other comment that said people should be hearing back the week of 4/1 and 4/8 and it's now past mid-April... * sigh * It's now been 2 months since the deadline so I thought we would be hearing something at this point but I haven't heard a peep. Now I'm wondering if they have to coordinate with the other fellowships in the Provost's Fellowship Program before they respond to people.
  • 5/4 - has anyone heard anything?
  • 5/4 - I still haven't heard anything. I am also one of the above posters. It's almost been 3 months since the due date so I am surprised we haven't heard anything at all. But like I said on 4/19 I started wondering if maybe all of the fellowships had to be coordinated together - Eastman, Chávez, Marshall, etc. That was my only idea on why everything seemed to be so quiet. 
  • 5/23 - Rejected via email 

Dolores Liebmann Fellowship[]

  • Did anyone hear anything?

Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship[]

Applied (x6)

  • Pre-Columbian (x3)
  • Byzantine (x1)
  • G&L (x2)

Anyone have any updates for this one? 

  • No word here. Never heard anything about interview, so I assume I'm out of running (Byz)
  • There’s no interview. I know of one senior fellow who has been selected, but have heard nothing about Junior Fellows. It takes a while because everything has to be approved by Harvard. (Precolumbian)
  • Thanks for the info -- my understanding is that in the past there were interviews, at least for Byzantine, not sure if that is for just Senior fellows or Junior and Senior

Anyone hear any news? I heard about a week ago. I was waitlisted for Precolumbian. (2/19)

  • No news here.  I assume rejections will be coming soon (2/22)
  • Byz. fellow awarded
  • Byz fellow: could you please confirm whether or not there was an interview? (Junior fellowship right?) When did you receive word? I am wondering for next year -- thank you (2/22)
  • Rejection received (x2)
  • Garden and Landscapes Junior Fellowship. Accepted via email January 31. No interviews.

Elon University Pre-Doctoral Diversity Teaching Fellowship[]

Applied (x2)

Which departments did you apply to?

  • Religion
  • Anthro
  • History
  • Does anyone know when they plan to announce decisions? I applied right at the beginning of the application period (September) and it's been total radio silence since then
  • Still haven't heard. Emailed them yesterday asking for an update but starting to feel a bit despondant.

The spot has gone to the philosophy department, so only applications for that department are being considered.

Emory University James Weldon Johnson Institute Visiting Fellowship for Pre-Doctoral Scholars[]

  • Applied x2
  • Rejection e-mail (3 April) x2
  • Anyone else recieve a rejection to this? I havent heard anything.
  • What time did people get their email? I have yet to hear anything, either
  • If you didnt hear anything yet then I'm thinking we made it to the second round.
  • Anyone recieve an acceptance to this (10 April) ? 
  • Offered 4/10 - Accepted 4/12
  • Congrats! Are you accepting? I havent heard anything. 
  • Anyone else neither recieve a rejection or an acceptance? (16 April)
  • Alternate status email on 4/16
  • Heard nothing so far (4/18)
  • Anyone else in this boat (neither acceptance, rejection, or alternate?) x1
  • Alternate email on 4/16
  • If you've acceptance then let me know if you'd like to connect, especially since I'll be moving to a new city.

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x9)

Are the announcements historically out by late March? (3/12/18)

  • I was notified last year of Alternate status on March 22. (3/13/18)
  • Thanks for the info! We'll see what happens.
  • any news? I called and they said emails would go out before the end of the month. 
  • What is the deal? Still no word? 
  • Nothing on my end.  Anyone have any news? It’s been silent on my end. No e-mails. (3/26)
  • Nothing here yet.  (3/26)
  • Nothing yet either. (3/27)
  • same here...silence (3/27) 
  • Nothing yet. Do notifications normally get sent out 9-5pm? (3/27)
  • This is really, really frustrating. Trying my best to forget about it. (3/27)
  • I've been checking the Ford Predoctoral Forum on  Somebody on there called the Ford Foundation today and was told that notifications would be sent by the end of the day on Friday.  I hope that's not accurate, but if it is, we have to hang in there a little longer.  I'll post as soon as I hear something.      
  • Thanks for the updates! I called and was told the same thing. Please post if you receive any news.  I greatly appreciate it (3/27)
  • My question becomes do they notify DISSERTATION applicants the same day they notify PREDOCTORAL CANDIDATES?  (3/28)
  • rejection received (3/28). fun times (I feel ya.)
  • Alternate status (3/28) 
  • Rejected (3/28). 
  • Rejected. Not surprised, but it's always a crummy feeling. Really wanted to honor this to my fam, being the first in my family and such. Oh well, must move forward.  (3/28) 
  • Alternate status recieved.  Boo! (3/28) 
  • Offer received. History (3/28)
  • Rejected (3/28).  Sigh.  I was fairly hopeful about this one. 
  • How likely is it that an alternate will eventually recieve an offer? 
  • not likely, I was an alternate last year. I think because there are so few and not too many more opportunites that are more pretigous or more money. the other two I applied for are 20K so of course I'm taking the 25K
  • alternate (English) (3/28)
  • For those who received an offer when is the deadline to accept/decline? 
  • We have until April 18th to accept or decline.
  • Offer received (3/28), accepted (3/30)
  • Offer received (3/28). accepted (3/29), Ecology
  • Any alternates hear anythings (4/5)???
  • Alternate here, have not heard anything (4/21)

Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies Pre-doctoral Fellowship[]

Fulbright IIE Study/Research Grants[]

  • Applied (x4)
  • Semi-Finalist (x3) 1/26

Fulbright Hays DDRA 2018-19[]

The 2018-2019 call has not been posted yet. In 2017 it was posted on Jan 19 with deadline on March 13. 

  • Anyone know when the call will be announced? Getting nervous here. As a US Permanent Resident, I am only eligible for Fulbright-Hays.
  • I don't think the government has funded it, so it might not happen this year :(
  • 2/5 -- I contacted Dr. Maimer about the DDRA, and she said that no decision has been made yet by Congress on whether any funding has been awarded. I also asked about when she thought we'd have an answer, and she said that she has no idea. As a result, I'll echo the previous person's thoughts: "[I]t might not happen this year."
  • 2/8- This is definitely a major blow if it doesn't come through.  I've been waiting on this for a while wondering what was going on. :(
  • 2/9: Does anyone know if the budget that just got signed included fulbright hayes ddra?
  • 2/12- As per NEH/NHA-
"This morning, President Someone With Tiny Hands released his Presidential Budget Request for FY 2019, which again calls for the elimination of the National Endowment for the Humanities along with the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Education’s International Education Programs, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, and the Institute for Museums and Library Services. The request also calls for the elimination of federal funding for the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars.
This is an assault on humanities research, education, and programming - all of which are essential to the cultivation of our national heritage and civic culture.
Congress will ultimately be responsible for writing the bills that fund the federal government.
Last year, we sent a forceful message to Congress that we oppose the administration’s efforts to eliminate humanities funding. While the appropriations process for FY 2018 has not yet been completed, Congress has rejected Someone With Tiny Hands’s proposals at every turn."
  • 5/9 -- The competition will be open this year, apparently! The dates should be announced soon
  • 5/16: Competition announced 
  • 6/14: Application deadline for institutional partners
  • 8/28: No results yet. Anyone heard anything?
  • 8/28: Haven't heard anything yet! 
  • 9/4 Statement of continued interest requested via institutional program officer. They want all applicants to confirm they've not received other types of Fulbirght funding by 9/7. --> I haven't heard anything from my university program officer. Does this confirmation mean that those of us who received Fulbright IIE in the past (not for dissertation work) are at a disadvantage? Or just that you can't hold IIE and DDRA at the same time? ---> same funding cycle, as I understand.--> Thank you! I'll leave this up for future applicants/worriers 
    • I believe it means that if you recieved a IIE this year - you can't get the Fulbright-Hays. It's one or the other for the same academic year.
  • 9/11: I got word that we should be hearing about the Fulbright next week!!! => How did you hear this? --> my advisor asked institutional program officer ..... => cool, my program officer doesn't appear to know anything as of yet - let's hope yours is right! --> 
  • 9/13: Got an email from program officer stating the grants and contracts office hasn't approved the then ....we still have to wait some time... --> is this your university's grants and contracts office or a government contracts office? in other words does your university have awards in hand but have to approve them, or has nothing been sent out from Education? ----->> it's the department of Ed that makes those we are waiting on them!!!
  • 9/21 any news? I thought they had to announce and get acceptances in before Sept 30th, the end of the fed budget year? 
    • haven't heard a peep....also been wondering. Checked last year's wiki and it seems some people heard on a Friday. Was hoping today would be the day. 

9/24/2018 -- Received notification of finalist status! I have until Sept. 26 to accept, and plan on doing so! [FYI -- I was the person who asked above about having a pre-dissertation IIE to the same country.]  9/24 - Received notation of alternate status and will accept it - congrats to those who received the award! Hoping to move up the list... 9/24: received notice that I got the award! Must accept/decline by 9/26

9/25/2018 - Received notice from university fellowships office that I got the award, must accept by 12pm 9/26 (I plan to accept.

9/27 - well, we're beyond the reply deadline - any other alternates out there? Anyone not accepting?

9/28 - I'm an alternate. Nothing new since the 26th. 

09/30 - Upgraded this morning from alternate to principal status!

11/18: Anybody received funds yet? I submitted all the requested paperwork, including the research visa for my fieldsite, weeks ago, but nothing yet, and that visa clock is ticking :(

Gaius Charles Bolin Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied (x3)

  • Interview (x2)
  • Which departments do you have interviews for?
  • What's happening?
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • I have heard nothing as of 2/19 which is odd considering it was due 11/15. I gave hope on it since I saw that it already went to the interview stage.
  • I interviewd a month ago and still haven't heard anything. They said it would take about a month to hear back, so I'm assuming they've already made offers.
  • I interviewed via Skype a month ago, too. I was also a finalist last year. This time last year decisions were made. Maybe they are still deciding. Best of luck! 
  • Which departments were these interviews in?
  • 2/21 - Email received that said I was not a semi-finalist. I assumed they were already down to finalists if they have done interviews. 
  • Same. I applied to 2 depts though and just got the rejection from the one I didn't interview with, so maybe I'm still in the running for the other one? - Hopefully you are still on the running. Best of luck! 
  • I applied to two departments (anthro-religion), interviewed with one, and haven't heard anything from either. So I assume each department is doing its own thing? Best of luck to you!
  • Also, I think I know how it works: if you're interviewed by a department, you are a semi-finalist. If the department then nominates you, you are a finalist. And if the Dean picks you, you're a superstar.
  • Wait, now that I think about it, if some of us got emails that we're not semi-finalists, that means departments are making their nominations. So it'll be some time before the Dean makes a decision on the two fellows. So does this mean if we don't get any emails in the next few days that we might be finalists? I'm obsessing. Back to work.
  • Received lovely email from chair that I was a finalist, but not awarded. I think awardees have already been notified.
  • When did you get it? What department? Did you know you were a finalist before the email?
  • I actually haven't received the rejection email yet, just an email from the chair of the department.

Has everyone gotten notification already? I haven't heard anything yet.

  • (3/1): I think all rejections have been sent out at this point (i got mine for Asian Studies and Religious studies at the same time as those above). If you haven't heard back, you are probably still in the running! Best of luck to you :)
  • That's so weird. I haven't gotten any rejection letters, just an email from the chair of religious studies saying I was nominated but not selected by the Dean. When you say rejection, that's what you mean, right?
  • My email was clear that i was not a semi-finalist. Which probably means that you might get something if someone declines! Fingers crossed for you. At the very least you can put finalist on your CV!
  • Thank you, friend. But I think the chair's email was very clear that I was out. But on the issue of putting finalist on your CV: I've heard people say do it and I've hear people say not to do it, because it just says you failed. Thoughts?
  • well, two friends of mine at two different schools (who are not in top 40 programs) got finalist for external diss fellowships in the humanities. They put in on their CVs; this year they both went on the market and got multiple interviews. But the market is so unpredictable so who really knows
  • I've seen CVs from superstar (Humanities) junior faculty at top institutions that had finalist listed. I think the key is not to have more finalist entries than recipient ones, that looks questionable. But they'd won Fords, Mellons, Fulbrights and other big deal awards so being a finalist for even more just added to their mystique. But who knows, I'm not on search committees!
  • 3/6--Finally got semi-finalist notification and overall rejection from Dean's office.

Getty Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x1)
  • Anyone hear anything yet?
  • Rejected via email (Jan 31) (x2)
  • Accepted via email (pre-doc) feb 14

Getty Library Research Grant[]

  • Applied (x1)
  • Awarded 12/21/2017. Deadline to accept: January 21, 2018. Sorry for the delayed update to anyone looking.

Graduate Women in Science National Fellowship Program[]

  • Applied (x1)

Harry Frank Guggenheim Fellowship[]

  • applied (x4)
  • Received Submission confirmation for application to Research Grant 2017. Then correction email confirming 2017 Dissertation Fellowship and advising they'll send an email in August after reviewing the application for completeness. Assuming March-April 2018 for the completeness check?
  • Received Ineligibility email on 3/22: My project deemed ineligible because there is not a concern for physical violence. They also note that 5% of proposal are funded.  (x1)   (Re-read their research goals per website, grant application, still cannot find where it notes that this is limited to physical violence. Past dissertation projects appear to be broader than physical violence. Someone please update if they find where this was specified. Unfortunate to have missed this key information if it was indeed explicitly stated.)
  • Also received ineligibility email on 3/22: Email said my project does not focus primarily on contemporary problems of physical violence. I'm studying groups in the distant past--which they have funded projects previously that dealt with this (most recently in 2013)
  • I haven't heard anything (3/23), so hopefully still in the running, although I am also a historian. Here's what I found from the "Introduction" section of their "Research Priorities" page: "The foundation places a priority on the study of urgent problems of violence and aggression in the modern world and also encourages related research projects in neuroscience, genetics, animal behavior, the social sciences, history, criminology, and the humanities which illuminate modern human problems." I explicitly framed my proposal in terms of the impact that my historical research (19th and 20th century) will yield for contemporary peace and reconciliation, i.e. cited current initiatives related to this issue and then stressed how historical work is necessary to aid current thinking. I also made sure to use buzzwords from the research priorities page, including terrorism, nationalism, etc. Will update if this strategy turns out to be successful, for the sake of historians applying in the future. 
  • So at this stage, they've removed a set of projects they deemed ineligible... any idea on the timing to selection?
  • It seems that they typically announce mid-to-late-June. It's a long, long wait.
  • Can we assume we would have heard by now if a project has been deemed ineligible? And thank you to the historian above (3/23) - very curious to hear updates. 
  • I was explicitly told that we would hear the second week of June. I received the following email on Feb 19: "The purpose of this e-mail is to acknowledge receipt of your Dissertation Fellowship Application. Your application is complete and will be placed in the hands of our evaluators for consideration. Please note that the Foundation will notify you as to the decision on your application in the second week of June. There is no need to for further action on your part."
  • Other than the automatic email that I submitted my application, I've never received any confirmation about the application being complete/going out to evaluators. Emailed today to see if it was complete and whether it's actually under consideration or not...
  • ^^Any update on this? I never heard anything either after I got the confirmation of submission email. Should we be concerned if we didn't hear that our applications are complete and forwarded on to evaluators?
  • Sent the email a few days ago and haven't heard back. Choosing to believe the lack of email confirmation is based on the system and not my application's chances. Will update if I hear back.(x2)
  • When I had a question about a rec letter, I called and spoke to a very nice member of the Foundation who helped me fix an issue. If you don't hear back, you might call. 
  • ^^ Was in the same boat re: not getting a completeness confirmation. I called today and they emailed back saying that the application was complete, but that the system just did not generate some completeness confirmation emails. So if you did not receive a completeness email, not to worry! 
  • Thanks for the update! I've emailed and left a phone message but didn't hear back.
  • Any updates? (6/12)
  • ^^No news yet (6/13), but my page shows I was googled yesterday from the NYC region where the office is, so I’m hoping that means I might be a finalist? Could also be total coincidence...
  • Any word anyone?  Might they drag it out to next week?  Confirmation email definitely indicated this week.
    • Either we've all been rejected or they will make a decision next week. EIther way, not much we can do about it for now! (6/17)
    • Even though they say they'll get back to us on the second week of June, I noticed in looking back at previous years of this page that they never actually announced it until the third week of June (June 19/20). So I guess we still have some waiting to do. 
    • Hopefully, they'll send out accept and reject emails at the same time this week. Never received anything beyond the initial confirmation, so hopefully I'll at least get the rejection email!
    • Today is 6/20. I can't see any history of them ever having announced later than 6/20. This might be the day. Good luck, everyone!
    • Has anyone heard anything? (6/20) :)
    • I haven't heard a peep.  Trying not to obsessively refresh email 6/21: 7am)
    • just received my rejection letter. seems like lately they have not been going for historically oriented projects (though in the past they have). oh well. hope someone else had better luck!
    • Rejected (6/21). I am the historian who posted above (3/23), and it seems my strategy of appealing to their stated interests and emphasizing contemporary relevance still wasn't quite enough to get a historical project funded, even for the 20th century. C'est la vie.
    • Also rejected, English - knew the field was a stretch.  Still, disappointing.  
  • Still haven't heard anything... anyone else in the same boat? (6/25) (x2)
  • Received award email in the early afternoon (6/28)
    • Also Received the award letter this afternoon (6/28)

Henry Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship in American Art[]

  • Applied (x2)
  • Alternate. Notified 3/9, then acceptance email 3/26.
  • Rejected. Notified 3/12. 

Hobart and William Smith - Fisher Center Predoctoral Fellowship []

  • FYI to anyone who is applying. At first the application said no recs (or maybe it said names of references?), but now it is definitely saying 2 recs are required when I log into Interfolio. (3/18) 
  • 4/19: Rejected via email 

Home Grown Curatorial Fellowship []

  • Applied

Horowitz Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x3)
  • Any update?
  • May 9th - still haven't heard. Any updates?
  • May 13th - nothing on my end...I’ve been wondering when the results would come in
  • Haven't heard anything either (5/16)
  • Still nothing (5/18) Still radio silence (5/22)
  • NOTE: restoring deleted post: "5/9: Awards came out earlier last week, requesting that awardees accept by May 15th."
  • Website indicates that notices will go out 5/31. I have not received anything. 

Huntington Library Fellowship[]

  • Acceptance email 2/20

IHR Doctoral Fellowship (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS)[]

  • applied (1)
  • "We expect the shortlist for interviews to be complete by 5 June. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of shortlisting as early as possible after this and interviews will be held at the IHR on 18 and 19 June."
  • Rejection received by email on May 31.

Ithaca College Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship[]

  • Rejection email on 3/27 (x1)
  • Applied x4
  • On Feb 6 I called their Office of Human Resources. The representative told me that they are still reviewing applications.
  • Any updates here? Wondering if anyone has done a Skype interview or campus visit (for English or WGS). I've heard nothing at all...assuming it's a rejection but you never know?
  • Did an on campus interview (WGS) the last couple of days of Feb. Should hear final results by the middle of March. (Mar 8)
  • I also had a campus visit in Writing at the end of February. Fellows were chosen about a month later (last week of March).
  • Did an on campus interview back in early February and so did my friend. I got rejected last night but my friend hasn't heard anything.good sign??? Giving rejections out first is weird but I heard the decision by the dean is so controversial that I'm not surprised at this messed up process. Good luck to everyone who is left.

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x4)
  • Based off the last couple of years, JF-NY should be sending out informal acceptances/wait-list notifications this week or next. Has anyone heard anything? (3/21)
  • Still nothing as of 3/28 from anyone I know that applied.
  • They've changed the wording on the website to indicate that princple awardees will be notified starting in late April. 
  • I think that was there last year--if you check that page in the waybackmachine, it looks like they've been calling it "late April 20XX" since 2015 (which is odd, since that's not really when they've been starting to send them out).
  • Acceptance via email (4/13) (seen on GradCafe)
  • Alternate notification via snailmail (received 4/17, postmarked 4/13) x 2
  • Rejection notification via snailmail (received 4/17, postmarked 4/13)
  • Has anyone on the alternate list heard anything yet? (5/6)

Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program[]

  • applied (x1)
  • received email on on 4/05/18 that application is among the finalists and that final decisions will be made by the end of April 
  • After multiple rounds of review, the pool of semi-finalists (totaling 20 out of over 200 applicants for this application season) received final notification on May 22. 18 were given grants, 2 were selected as alternates. It doesn't seem like anyone else this year is on here, but I wanted to submit the final notification date for those looking next year.

Josephine de Karman Fellowship[]

  • Applied x10
  • I feel like this is such a reach. My thought is that I am not going to get one so I won't be dissapointed if I don't and if I do I am going to be AMAZED 
  • Agreed. Not much required in terms of a research proposal.
  • I can't imagine how they select from so many proposals with so little actual content. 
  • If you look at past recipients it is pretty elite...not much hope for a low-tier degree program like mine.
  • Just a heads up: they have a voice recording when you call their contact number that says the committee will meet April 28th to finalize decisions and will call/email people that same day. NB: They will only contact recipients of the fellowship. Their voicemail recording states that if you do NOT hear from them on Saturday, April 28, you should assume you have not been selected. (x2, 4/18)
  • Do they provide any confirmation that an application was received?
  • I didn't get any confirmation (I also didn't ask). (4/10)
  • I emailed them and they provided me with confirmation (this was right after the deadline).
  • 4/28 - Well, today is the day. Good luck everyone!
  • Anyone got a call?
  • been refreshing my email like a mad man...
  • ugh nothing here 2X (3:40 CDT)
  • nothing 5:34 Eastern (2x)
  • Got an email! 6:50 eastern x 3
  • congrats!
  • For those who got one, how long do you have to accept or decline?
  • Doesn't specify. Planning to accept. x2

Koc Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations Residential Fellowship[]

  • Anyone?
  • Rejected (3/19) X

Kress Foundation History of Art Institutional Fellowships[]

  • Applied (x4)
  • Rejection from Warburg/Courtauld, 1/29
  • Any news from the other institutions? (2/23)
  • Rejection, Bibliotheca Hertziana (3/5)
  • Acceptance, INHA (by snail mail, 3/14) - Did anyone else have their entire profile erased on the Kress grant portal after either acceptance or rejection??

Lake Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship[]

rejection received 3/15

Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research[]

  • Applied (x1) (1/31)
  • - Any news on this?
  • They usually announce second half of May
  • - No news here either. Good to know about May. I heard they were sometimes bad about sending out rejections.
  • --Rejection email received (5/24)

Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • Applied (x1)
  • Did anyone else apply for this fellowship?? (April 9)
    • I applied but haven't yet heard anything. (April 17).
  • Rejection received via snail mail (April 16)

Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund[]

  • applied x3. Has anyone heard anything? Seems like acceptances should come soon judging from past years (04/11/2018)
  • Received notice of finalist status/intention of award offer.  Awards to be confirmed by Trustees. [4/12]
  • Update: Received official award letter by mail [6/14].  Have declined award.  According to the letter, it is still possible to reassign the award to an alternate until 30 August.

Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation/Teaching Fellowship (Kenyon College)[]

Applied (x4)

  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • Phone call 1/23, Skype interview scheduled for 1/30
  • Four finalists received campus invite today (1/31); these will take place mid-February
  • Recevied email rejection 2/12
  • Any updates here?
  • campus visit 2/23, offer made 3/9 (English/WGS; Accepted)

Mitchem Dissertation Fellowship Program (Marquette University) []

  •  Recevied email rejection 2/14 (Valentine's Day was savage!) 

Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship in European Studies[]

  • Applied (Jan 15, 2018) x 6
  • Heard anything? I'm waiting for my rejection. 
  • Based on previous years, it's unlikely we'll hear anything before mid-April.
  • Agree with above--applied last year, received rejection early May. Hoping for earlier this round!
  • Still nothing, April 12. Don't expect to hear for a least another week. 
  • I expect my rejection by May 1. I have no idea why they can't reject the rejects before they notify winners and alternates. 
  • In case all the winners and alternates are like nahh? ;)

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. I don't even know why I have hope for anything at this point. 

  • ^ Fo sho. We are all you. 

Anyone hear anything yet? Or know when we might hear? I'm tempted to call them.

  • ^I believe their FAQ page says by end of April. I assume anytime between now and then. Haven’t heard anything different yet.
  • 4/18 today, heard nothing yet. They told winners on 4/19 last year... but did not send out rejections until first week of may. So I'm assuming if I don't hear this week, it's a no
  • ^ Yikes, considering that was a Wednesday last year..meaning, emails to winners could be going out today. Hopefully not until 4/20 this year (Friday). :/ 
  • Nothing here. Are there really only 3 of us on this board (per "Applied x3" at the top)? That's a lot fewer than were active on here last year. Not that it indicates fewer grant applicants this year... but I wonder... (yikes, this is what happens to the analytical mind left hanging). Gaaah!
  • Was thinking the same, I wish there were stats saying what the chances of getting this award are - I honestly have no clue if 30 people apply or 300
  • Just joined in, also waiting...
  • It's probably more like 500-1000 applicants 
  • ^This is accurate. Generally for every major fellowship there are somewhere around 500+ (easily) applicants. Typically selection committees narrow down to 50-60 applicants, and then shave off more through roughly 3-4 rounds before selecting the top 10 awardees with maybe 10-20 ranked alternates. CES appears to select 7-10 winners each year.
  • I haven't received an email from CES, and every time I check this wiki and see at the top that are new posts in this section, I have a small heart attack.
  • lol - oops sorry did it again ;) 
  • Rejected via email 4/19 at 10:44 am.
  • Yikes, sorry to hear that. Anybody else get an email today (4/19)? Not me.
  • Nothing here, either. [4/19]
  • Nothing here, but if someone has already received a rejection, it is safe to say anyone that hasn't heard will also be rejected. Award emails are usually sent first...but fingers crossed, I suppose. Good luck, everyone. 
  • No news here [4/20]
  • No news here 4/20 @1:11pm 
  • It could be that the awardees are not on this thread....the CES notified winners on the 19th and 20th in previous years. I will assume I was rejected if I don't hear anything today. Oh well. No career in history for me. I'm not continuing without funding.
  • All--I am sorry. I meant to post the rejection under a different fellowship. I was confused when I didn't my comment under that page. Terribly sorry for the confusion. Good luck to all

NOTIFICATIONS will be going out this week per email from CES Awards. Anybody been accepted yet?

  • ^ Oh awesome -- didn't get an email from CES Awards mentioning this activity -- was this information sent to you as an individual or your institution?  No word yet from CES (4/23 12:24 p.m. CST). 
  • Nothing here either 4/23 4:01 EST - also curious about where the intel is coming from! 
  • I emailed the CES awards office. They responded with above info.
  • No news, yet (4/23 9:25 am CST) -- anyone else? 
  • I just (JUST) got another full year fellowship, so I will be declining this one--if they even give it to me. Haha. Good luck to all.
  • Same here!  Got a postdoc offer and a diss fellowship... so no Mellon-CES for me, if I get it.
  • No news here (4/24 12:02 GMT) - congrats to those above with good news from other sources!!
  • No news (4/24 7:74 pm) 
  • No news (jeopardy theme playing 4/25 9:18) x3

No news...but they said this week. I am inclined to believe that the awardees and alternates are not on this page.

  • My soul hurts (4/26)
  • ^ Did you recieve a rejection notification?  Hang in there. :/   No news here (9:50 a.m. CST 4/26)
  • No, hurts from waiting. thank you :/ :/
  • (4/27 3PM eastern) Holy shit. I got a fellowship. Just notified. Soul no longer hurts. omg omg omg
  • Acceptance 2:30 PM PST 04/27.
  • No word here -- I assume that is a no based on acceptance notifications above. (4/27 5:00 p.m. CST)
  • Acceptance recieved today, 4/30/18 7:23pm GMT! I don't know if I was an alternate or what...but they seem to still be giving notices of acceptance. I'm beyond shocked!! Congrats to the other winners, and best of luck to all!
  • Still no word from CES - :/  (5/2)
  • same here (5/2 3:03pm EST)
  • Same (5/2 12am EST)

Rejection received (5/2 at 6:40PM EST)--Really? Where's my damn rejection? Anybody else get a rejection?

  • NOPE. Still waiting. (5/3 8:54am)
  • ^Same. Get on it CES. Obviously it’s a no. How hard is it to send a mass “No” email?
  • Seriously!
  • Received a rejection letter this morning (5/4) @ 8am (PST).
  • Haven't heard anything. (5/4) at 1:06 PM (EST). Maddening. 
  • ^......kinda peeved about it taking this long to receive a no. :/   Still waiting. 5/4 (2:33 p.m. CST)
  • Also still nothing here 5/4 @ 18.30 EST - this slow trickle is really annoying - was it always like this?
  • Last line of rejection email is “good luck with your research!” Ugh.
  • --still no word (8:30am 5/7 (MST))
  • My new theory of how it all works is that it's not going by discipline (that's clear now!) but, rather, by period. So there is a big list for modernists, early modernists, medievalists, etc. They choose their 1, 2, and 3 candidates and then offer in order. Once they get a signed contract, they notify everyone in that column. I, for instance, am a modern European historian and received my rejection letter on 5/4. Any other modernists in the same boat? If not, then the theory is completely bunk.
  • --> Interesting theory - I'm 20th cent European art history and just got a rejection 10 minutes ago (5/7 4:09pm EST). This thread's going full kremlinology ;) 
  • I received rejection this morning around 9:00 am CST 5/8. My research is focused on the Roman period. Not sure that this fits with your theory, however, but I noticed generally two things seem to hold with the fellowship — prehistory focused projects seem underfunded and students from elite programs are often selected over non-elite. I’m lucky to have another fellowship in place of this one. Good luck everyone and have a drink and sun, you deserve it bc academia is savage.


  • Applied (x2)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art History Fellowships[]

  • Applied (x4)
  • Rejection received via email 2/8
  • Rejection received via email 2/8 (Asian Art)
  • Rejection received via email 2/8 (European painting)
  • Rejection received via email 2/8 (Egyptian art)

Miller Center for Politics and History (UVA)[]

  • Applied for the Technology and Democracy Fellowship program (x1)

Anybody hear anything?

  • Received national designated fellowship offer 3/15; Accepted 3/16

MIT SHASS Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Applies x1

  • An entire dissertation chapter? REALLY?!?!!?
  • Yeah, that was a gut punch. Especially since they haven't asked for that before and they posted the announcement so late. Ugh! 
  • They change details of the fellowship every year. So inconsistent.
  • By asking for an entire chapter, I think they are trying to find candidates who will more than likely graduate during the fellowship year (or summer thereafter)...sigh, its a tough world out there. 
  • They asked for a chapter last year too
  • Applied. I checked last year's notification dates here, and the earliest was 4/20. So. Sitting on my hands...
  • Applied too. Not much hope, but one can at least try :) E-mail response from administrative coordinator: "We should announce the fellowships in April." Good luck, everyone!
  • Any updates?
  • nothing (4/5)x2
  • It looks like they've been notifying around April 20th in past years. So two more weeks, hopefully, folks. 
  • this week? 4/16 
  • Hopefully! (4/16)
  • please please please let it be this week. (4/17) x2
  • Acceptance received at 9:45 Eastern on April 18th. Good luck everyone, I have accepted the offer. This was my dream fellowship and dream dept to work with!
  • Congrats!! Was it by email? I would be curious to know if all the acceptance letters have been sent out. 
  • Congrats! Anyone else get an email of acceptance or rejection? (4/18)
  • I applied last year and rejection emais are usually sent out much later. x2 (an entire month later)
  • still haven't heard anything here. assuming this means rejection. blerg. 
  • emailed admin about status update. she said applicants will begin to be notified this week and all candidates should be informed of the outcome by the end of next week “at the latest.” so i’m assuming if you don’t hear from them this week safe to say it’s a rejection. anyways, congrats to those who get it!
  • I guess we can assume it's a rejection? Why would they send the 10 acceptance e-mails separately? 
  • Yes, it doesn't make sense to send acceptance emails separetely. Maybe there will be some waitlisted in case applicants don't accept the offer.
  • Congrats!!!!!!!! 
  • ^They said to let them know at earliest time possible, so I think if you don't receive a rejection you're on a waiting list of some sort, given previous years.
  • Any rejections? (4/23)
  • Nothing here. (4/24)
  • Any news? (4/25)
  • nothing (4/25), probably a rejection by the end of this week
  • 4/27 - still nothing
  • 4/29- someone should email and see what's up
  • 4/30 Rejection received today via e-mail. Congrats to those who got it!!!

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program[]

Has anybody heard anything?

  • I have not. Any one else?
  • Nothing yet (2/26).
  • They are a little later this year - last year, semi-finalists were notified on 2/22. =/
  • Nothing yet (2/28)
  • I think that if we havne't heard yet, it likely means we did not get it. Does any one know whether in the past finalists and everyone else were notified at the same time? 
  • Last year's posts make it look like everyone was notified on the same day.
  • Nothing here (2/28, 20:23 EST).
  • Nothing (3/1 10AM EST) <--also nothing x3
  • Not to be dramatic, but they are killing me here with the lack of information. 
  • Has anyone emailed to ask? I reread the application submission email, and it’s unclear if everyone is to be notified late February, or just those who move to the semi-finalist round. Seems the point of notifying anyone would be to put the unlucky folks out of their misery.
  • Has anyone heard?! I was sure they would go out today. 
  • Nothing. (3/2, 18:13 EST)
  • Nothing. (3/5, 16:02 EST)
  • Received semifinalist notification. (3/5, 16:53 EST)x2
  • 4/27 at 9am CST - FYI, I'm not an appilcant this year, but I heard from one friend that they received the fellowship, and from another friend that they did not. So I'm assuming the winners have been notified.

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant[]

Cultural Anthropology:

Applied (3x)

Am I supposed to be reading something into the Security Update email on that I just got --- because I am!

  • Feels way too soon though, right? I am also the only person here. Lonely thread. (4/3)
  • Me again, yeah, I looked at the email closer, it's not the traditional maintenance email, ok bye! (4/3)
  • No email here (4/3) Yeah, sorry, false alarm. Glad to have company though (4/3)
  • I got the same security update and didn't apply for an NSF this year, so don't worry!
  • Updates, anyone? (4/17)
  • My program officer just changed to another staff member within the Cul.Anth. Program (4/17)
  • Declined. Reviewer comments posted :( (4/18) - Was this rejection from Cultural Anthropology? Just trying to figure out whether no rejection email means possible acceptance. Thanks!
  • Still pending -- but I requested Cultural Anthropology / STS co-review (4/21) --> declined 4/25
  • Still pending -- but I requested Cultural Anthro / LSS co-review (4/24)
  • Has anyone heard anything  (4-30)--I called and they said my proposal was ranked but that they needed to make deicsions (this was 2 weeks ago). And I am still pending! Im not really sure what happens now or when I will find out...
  • - I have not heard anything and I am still pending (4/30). Who did you call to find out that your proposal was ranked competitive?--> I just called the program officer (you can check their website). Do you know anyone who has gotten it? - Not this round, I don't personally know anyone else who applied. I've only seen the rejections posted here. +I am also still pending (5/2); and have not heard of any acceptances, only the rejections posted here.
  • Still pending. I have heard though that they uploaded a new wave of rejections on fastlane. It seems that only 18 people got ranked competitive or very competitive. Im not sure if that means that they are picking from that application pool for the grants. I would think though that they would give more than 18 people a grant? --Last round on the review panel I was on they had 11 competive (3 highly competitive, 8 competitive) and 43 not competitive. There are multiple review panels, so they may have found 18 competitive on one panel that you heard about and more or fewer on different panels. They only fund about 15-20% of proposals each round. I did not get a rejection last round until almost 2 months after the first rejections went out. --->(5-4) so you were ranked competitive  and then rejected? Do you know how many people generally make it out of the competitive category to getting the grant? --> (5/4) Yep, that's right. And no, I don't have any idea, I think it depends on how they budget each round. The whole process is pretty obscure and frustrating.
  • Any news anyome (5-7)? Still pending here.
  • fyi got the grant today 5-7
  • Still pending (5/9) Last year I was not formally rejected until after the deadline for the next round or applications. I ended up going in person and learned that I was rated "competitive" and was being held in an internal/unnotified waitlist pending funding. Sooooo close. Again.... --> Man, that is so shitty, sorry that happened!
  • Still pending (5/11) and a friend found out through Fastlane that she was rejected. I'm starting to think they waitlisted me, and are trying to figure out how much money they will have left after students accept their awards and adjust their budgets according to other grants they may have gotten. ARGHHH
  • Still pending (5/13). I asked for a SciSIP co-review, but my program officer has never changed from the Anthro ones. Starting to think that I am on a waitlist too. My status date is 4/17 and though I don't see the review date since they upgraded the system, I seem to remember mine was early March, I think 3/9.
    • (6/14) Got an email from my co-review program SciSIP that they want to recommend me for funding!
  • Rejection posted on Fastlane 5/14. Good luck to those who haven't heard!
  • So is it safe to say that if you're "pending" then you're almost certainly going to be declined, but they're holding off on a handful of apps as they wait to hear back from their first round folks? (This is what happened to me last time around - I posted about it above. I guess I'm wondering if anyone is ACTUALLY still getting the grant at this point). --> (May 21) I am still pending, and this also happened to me last time. I didn't get rejection until 2 months after first rejections went out. I also got a waiver to apply this time (third time) so I cannot apply again. I don't know what the chances are of any more acceptances going out, though. It's not over until rejections are posted! --> (May 22 / status hasn't changed since 5/7 in fastlane) Thanks! Sounds like we're in the same boat - this is my third time around, too. Last time the reviews were all so positive (and I wasn't officially declined until after I'd reapplied for the next deadline) that I was scared to really change anything much. Argh. Well, good luck to us both!!
  • Declined 5/22 with reviews posted on but no e-mail. My proposal was ranked competitive, but the summary says more proposals were ranked competitive than they could fund this round. 
  • Still pending (5/23) (2x). I looked through the Recent Awards page on NSF and saw a few DDIG for sociology but none for cultural anthropology (I was skimming though so I might have overlooked something; 5/27 eta: there's one for cult anth up now). What is UP with this competition this year? --> Searched through recent awards by program officer (mine is Jeff Mantz) and it looks like none from Cultural Anthropology have been awarded. Um...are they just REALLY late this year?
  • Anyone have any news? Heard anything? --> Still pending! My status date changed to 6/11, though --> still pending, no status change since 5/7.
  • Declined 6/23 with reviews posted but no email notification. The actual decision was made two months ago; they just didn't update my Fastlane account until this month. I know two people who have received the award, so at least some offers have gone out, even if the NSF award listing isn't up to date. Good luck to those still pending!
  • Fall news, anyone? I heard some rejections went out today, still listed as pending... (10/13) ----> Were the rejections sent out on 10/13 for anthro? Which field? --> Two of my friends who applied for Cultural Anthro without any co-reviews were rejected on 10/13.
    • Still just pending here, too - Bio Anth/ Cultural anth co-review (10/16)
    • Still pending - CulAnth w/ STS co-review (10/18)
    • Still pending -- Cultural Anthropology with no co-review (10/19). When I submitted, I got a standard compliance check email from Jeff Mantz that read in part: "[O]ur two DDRIG panels [are] scheduled in October. Assuming no further delays in appropriations to NSF (what the news calls a 'partial shutdown' of government), we should be able to inform most students by the end of November. For proposals that are also being considered for co-review by other programs, those panels typically meet later than our own, so it may take longer to learn of the status of your proposal." So I would imagine these rejections are the first results starting to trickle out
      • Good to know, thanks for sharing and good luck! (x2)
      • What I really want to know is if the emails that went out on 10/13 are just from *one* of the panels, or if both panels have already met! Seems like probably only one panel has met so far? But I guess we can't know.
        • Well I think that we can know if our primary program (mine is bio anth) has met or not by looking at the status date of your application. Mine still says 7/21/2018, which (I think) means nothing has been done with my application since it was received on that date. Last round (January due date) my status date changed from 01/24/2018 to a date in March once the committee met. --> Oh, that makes sense! Thanks!
    • Has anyone received any news? I'm still pending, with no status update since August...
      • 11/8 nope, nothing here either. I applied to bio anth though (with a secondary cultural anth co-review). I'm still pending with a status update from July.
        • Eeeee fingers crossed! I also applied with co-reviews, but my primary program was Cultural Anthropology. I wrote my program officer, and he told me that applying for co-review can slow down the timeline for hearing back. Good luck!!
    • Bio Anth update (11/16): Just heard from my program director that they have held panels the past few weeks, final decisions have not yet been made, and that they will be in touch with all of the DDRIG applicants in the next couple of weeks. I am still pending with no date change on my status date.
    • Cultural Anth update: I received an email on 11/14 telling me my proposal was recommended for funding, pending budget updates, IRB approval, and an abstract (yay!!). My status in fastlane is still marked "pending," however. Oh—and I had applied for co-review from STS. From the email, it sounds like CA panels met in early October.
    • 12/3 Anyone else? Any news? I'm still pending over here! gahhhh
    • 12/13 Still pending with no status update since July.
    • 12/19 - Bio Anth with Cult Anth co-review - Just got an email from the Bio Anth program director this morning informing me that my proposal was recommended for funding! Haven't heard from Cult Anth - not really sure how co-reviews work, but recommended in any case. Good luck to anyone out there still waiting!

Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study[]

Penn Predoctoral Fellowships for Excellence through Diversity[]

  • Applied (x3)
  • Rejected via email 4/6 (x2)
  • Did anyone else receive a response this week?
  • Recieved offer letter 4/12. (Emailed to check in on status of application on 4/11 and received offer letter 4/12).



  • - any news?
  • Still nothing? Then I am waiting for my rejection letter. 
  • Rejected 2/28 (x1 - by email)
  • wasn't surprised to be rejected. This program seems quite cliquish. Won't be taking them up on their offer to sign up for a class, no thanks.
  • Rejection email 2/28
  • any ideas about "the main criteria" to be selected? I wonder if any knowledge of "critical bibliography" is a must, even though that was not written in the application info.
  • Apparently you need a degree from an Ivy League school or something similar. They just released this year's winners, and, as usual, they were all from the same schools. Yikes. 

Robert N. Ho Family Foundation for Buddhism Studies/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship[]

Starting this year’s feed:

  • Applied x2

any movement yet? Or still too early?

  • Nothing yet … (4/1)
  • Received nomination email 4/2

Smith Richardson Foundation, World Politics & Statecraft Fellowship[]

Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) (Predoctoral)[]

Applied (x4)

So last year it looks like people received notifications around 2/28-03/01.  Did anyone else apply?

  • Yes. Still no news (they might notify 03/01). 

Did anyone receive notification today (03/01)?

  • No, I have not heard today.  I don't know if it was the government shutdown or something else, but it's safe to say that last years notification dates are not mirroring what is happening this year.
  • Just notified (5pm EST 03/01) via email notification of change to SOLAA status: Under "SelectionStatus" reads "Appointed" and "Feedback" reads "Cngratulations on receiving a 2018 Smithsonian Fellowship! We will be following up with you via email with the details of your award and all additional paperwork." (SAAM)
  • Is that for NMNH?
  • - no for SAAM
  • Congrats, first of all :).  I am waiting on NMNH.  Not sure if this is looking good.
  • 3/1: Acceptance received for SAAM/NMAH dual appointment. Does anyone have info about the acceptability holding concurrent fellowships through this program?

Anyone else still waiting to hear from them? My "SelectionStatus" is still "Received". 

  • 3/3: Congrats to the successful applicant! And yes, still waiting to hear something either way for SAAM. My "SelectionStatus" also says "Received." Has anyone had success re-applying the following year after being declined? Is this done?
  • 3/5: NMNH applicant here. I'm not really sure if different Smithsonian institutions are notifying at different times but I am going to assume that if I haven't heard by the 15th it's probably over. Their site says notification by April 6th, but clearly successful applicants tend to know much earlier.
  • 3/6: Was notified of selection as an alternate on 3/1. Does anyone know the chances of being accepted off the waitlist? Or when final decisions go out? I imagine my chances are slim.
  • 3/7: Rejection recevied for NMNH fellowship.

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Dissertation Completion Grant[]

Soroptimist [Founder Region Fellowship][]

SPFFA Bourse Marandon[]

I applied January 15th. Last year they sent out acceptances and rejections mid-March. They said they would get back to us by April 15th when I wrote them. Has anyone heard anything?

  • Nothing yet, despite sending an email to check the date for announcements some weeks back. This fellowship is shrouded in mystery (4/25). 
  • I think the new leadership isn't checking the spffa e-mail... Did you try contacting the new president, Professor Paravazian, at ? I wrote her March 29th and was told April 15th... I feel like I shouldn't write again (4/29)
  • Yes, I contacted her at her gmail (the address listed on the SPFFA site) shortly before April 15 and was told that she would let me know, without any follow-up. If acceptances were sent on April 15, does that mean we're waiting in limbo? It seems more likely to me that the committee simply hasn't released decisions yet (4/29).
  • Last year they released acceptances and rejections around the same time (March 15th). I think they're just disorganized. It is rather frustrating they can't stick to a protocol or timeline.  (5/1)
  • Still radio silence from the SPFFA. I hope we hear something by the end of next week (5/11).
  • I still haven't heard anything either (5/13).
  • I finally received a rejection by e-mail (5/19). I asked how many fellowships were awarded and how many applications they received. Will see if they respond.
  • Rejection via email on 5/19. Given the SPFFA's poor response rate, I elected not to follow up. But I'd be interested to hear back about acceptance rate. 
  • Yeah, their management of the whole application process has been very opaque and unprofessional. Not holding my breath, but I'll report back if I get word...


  • Applied (x5)
  • Request for transcripts (Jan. 24) (x5)
  • Rejection letter (Jan 31) (x2) -by email this year
  • Anything yet? The website says March 15
  • Where on the website does it say that? I only see "notified by May".
  • Sit tight. Last year notices went out on 4/10.
  • still waiting. April 4th. Anyone got it? (x1)
  • Looking at previous wikis, it seems that final decisions (both acceptances and rejections) are sent out early in the second week of April. So my guess is either Monday or Tuesday is decision day.
  • Received award email on 4/9 12:18pm PST. Congratulations to everyone else who got the award!
  • Rejection received at 2:42 PM CST on 4/9. Congratulations to those who got it!
  • Received award email on 4/9 at 3:23pm EST - in total disbelief!
  • Received award email 15:30pm EST! So happy!

Tobin Project Graduate Fellowship and Workshop[]

Tobin Project Prospectus Development Workshop[]

Tufts University Mellon Comparative Global Humanities Dissertation Fellowship[]

University of California @ Davis Provost's Dissertation Year Fellowship []

University of California Santa Barbara Black Studies Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • 2/26 - For anyone who is interested in applying to this, the link to the application does not work nor is the fellowship posted on the UCSB website. After contacting 3 people in the dept I was told that the problem should be handled in 2 weeks. Meanwhile the application is due 3/22 * sigh * 
  • 3/19: I am the same person who posted above. The application now works and the due date has been moved to 4/5/18

 University of Southern California (USC) Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research Fellowships[]

UT Austin Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowships[]

Weatherhead Fellowship (SAR Residential Fellows Program)[]


  • According to the last time this fellowship appeared on the wiki (2012-13), acceptances were sent 8 March. Has anyone heard anything?
  • I applied too and havent heard anything.  My friend got rejected last year and got an email of rejection on april 18th...

Can you guys explain how this works? I can't figure it out.

  • Is there a specific question you have? Not sure what "this" is referring to.
  • Sorry! I meant the SAR RFP. Do we apply for it or do we have to be nominated for it?
  • I just applied in the fall through their application portal. Not sure how other departments work, but in most cases department "nominations" for outside fellowships are just the process of requesting a nomination from the department chair, which is mostly a formality. (The exception being fellowships which limit the number of vccandidates who can apply from a particular department.)
  • -3/28, rejection received 
  • -3/29, rejection received

Wenner-Gren dissertation fieldwork grant[]

May 1 Deadline

  • Anybody know when they start sending notificaionts for May 1 deadline? 
  • I think they usually notify people who make it to 2nd round by July 31st. Website says "If you have not heard from the Foundation by August 1 (for the May 1 deadline) or March 1 (for the November deadline), please contact the Foundation for information on the progress of your application."
  • 7/31/18 9:38am – Anyone hear anything yet?
  • Not yet. Anytime I presume. Can't believe they make us wait until the last minute for this one. 
  • 4:27pm, they're killing me. Maybe it will be tomorrow...
  • 8/1/18 9:58am - I just looked through the past couple of years; it looks like announcements usually come out on a Monday. I hope we don't have to wait until the 6th! I keep refreshing my email like every 10min :( 
  • They'll announce by August 10 -- I emailed
  • -Rejected 8/3/18 [My reviewer clearly did not read my proposal carefully, many of the comments asked for further explanation of things very clearly explained in Q1 and the abstract!!!!] 
  • -8/3/18: Advanced to second round (x2)
  • 10/2/18: Any day now!!! 
  • 10/3/18: Anyone heard anything? It looks like last year people heard on 10/3
  • 10/3/18: 3:26pm CST Received email asking about other funding and informing me that there is no need to reapply at this time
  • 10/3/18: Received email asking for revised budget and saying no need for reapplication at this time (x2)
  • 10/4/18: Eeeeek! I still have not heard anything! What subfield are y'all in? 
  • 10/4/18: Does the email asking about other funding and asking for revised budget mean we've got the grant—so long as it says "there is no need for you to resubmit for the upcoming November 1 deadline at this time?" My advisor emailed me and just said, "This is a good sign," so I'm feeling hopeful, but uncertain...!
  • 10/10/18: Is it possible to mess up the revised budget? Ie, is it possible to still be rejected at this point (well, I guess anything's possible)? I got the email on 10/3 but haven't heard anything yet, via email or snail mail
    • 10/10/18: I just heard from my department administrator that award packets arrived today, addressed to the supervising faculty members.
    • 10/11/18: My supervisor hasn't gotten anything yet, but I appreciate the response! I'm unsure because I had to revise my budget to accommodate another grant -- which I know WG allows, but maybe they won't think my revisions are reasonable (even though I'm asking for less now!). Here's to waiting it out, eek
      • 10/12/18: Hi there! I did not make any revisions to my budget after I got the email on 10/3, and I still haven't gotten an award packet either.  So there probably isn't anything wrong with the revised budget (esp if it's for less money!) - I'll be waiting it out with you if it makes you feel any better!  :)  Also, last year my friend who got WG got the email 10/3 and didn't receive the award packet in the mail until 10/14 (the letter was dated 10/11).
  • 10/5/18: Rejection email :( Congrats to all who got it!
  • 10/14/18: Is anyone else who got the email on 10/3 still waiting to hear something? --> 10/15: Yep! I'm the person who posted above about reducing my budget. Still nothing... have to imagine it'll be soon! --> Here's hoping we hear something soon!
  • 10/17/18: Still waitingggggg....
  • 10/20/18: Still haven't heard anything after the 10/3 email. Seems really late, especially since some people already received award letters 10 days ago... Has anyone heard of a case where someone got the budget request/no need to reapply email from Wenner-Gren and then subsequently gotten a rejection after 10/15? I'm just wondering if they sent out emails on 10/3 for more projects than they are able to fund, sent award letters to the most competative proposals first, and are now deciding who to give the rest of the money to after the 10/19 deadline to respond to the 10/3 email?  This waiting may be making me go insane hahaha....... --> 10/22: I'm still waiting too, it's nerve-wracking! --> 10/22: I hear ya, still no word here either. At least we are not alone haha Maybe tomorrow will be the day? I guess, in any case, we will know by Nov. 1! --> 10/23: I'm glad we are not alone, I still haven't heard a thing either. Hopefully today will be the day! --> 10/24: [Ron Howard in Arrested Development voice] *But today wasn't the day* --> hahaha Why is it NEVER the day?!?! Dyin' over here!
  • 10/25: Anybody? Anything? --> Nothing!! >:(
    • 10/25 Can we start a tally of people still waiting to hear? (x4)  Also, nothing here yet either. UGHHH I looked at the WG page and saw that the grants have been awarded as late as 10/30 in recent years.
  • 10/26: Received letter!
  • 10/26: Got my award letter today, too. It was dated 10/23 - fingers crossed for anyone else still waiting! 
  • 10/27: Happy for my waiting buddies! I put my department mailbox as my address so I'll have to wait until Monday to see if my award letter is there... --> My supervisor went into the department for me -- the letter was there!! For future posters: I was the one above who had to reduce my budget to accommodate another grant (Fulbright-Hays). I was worried it would be a problem for Wenner-Gren but it wasn't!
    • fingers and toes are crossed for you and our 4th waiting buddy! --> GOOD LUCK 4TH WAITING BUDDY
  • 1 Nov 2018: Is there anyone who hasn't heard from the Wenner-Gren yet? I received the "no need to resubmit" email early october and was asked to revise my budget. Since then, I haven't heard anything. IS there anyone who is in the same boat as I am? --> My letter came already, but if I were you, I would just call them! It's past Nov. 1, I think that is totally fair--- >>> Thanks so much for your response. I guess I would just do that. I was a little hesitant to call them because I am not in the US and wanted to be reasonable by taking into account postal delay. But the wait is just excruciating pain. I'll ring them in a couple of hours. Thanks so much!....>>> Contacting them was certainly a good idea! I got the grant! --> Yayyyy!
  • 11/3: I emailed them on Nov. 1st to get an update and they sent me my approval package via email. 

Nov 1 Deadline

  • So quiet this year
  • Ya..i guess within the next 10 days there'll be some sounds. 
  • anyone? 
  • 2/9/2018 Still nothing here. I noticed e-mails from my last W-G app were sent out REALLY EARLY in the morning, so I imagine won't hear anything today. 
  • 2/11/2018 nothing
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhgawddddddddddd
  • 2/12/2018 no email.....
  • 2/14/2018 Still no word.
  • 2/15/2018 Advanced to second round (x6)

4/4/18 Anything? Anyone? This week or next I think.

  • Not yet :(  I'm getting so anxious! I think most people last year were emailed out on the 14th. Hopefully by next Friday! 

4/11/18 "There is no need for you to reapply for the upcoming May 1, 2018 deadline at this time." Asked to notify about any grants received and overlapping budget items. x5

  • 4/11/18. Congratulations!!!! I have not received anything, at what time did the email come in, if I may?
  • ~12:30pm Eastern. Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting!!!
  • 4/16/18. Received official letter that approved my project. Postmarked 4/13/17. (x 5)

Winterthur Dissertation Fellowship[]

Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies[]

  • Not a finalist via email (1/12) 

Yale ISS Smith Richardson Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Yale ISS Henry A. Kissinger Predoctoral Fellowship[]