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This page is for dissertation fellowships for 2021–2022 (including research fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, and other predoctoral opportunities).

  • This is an initial post to start the page as in years past - please add calls and information! (I've never created a page before, so please fix if I did something wrong or left something out)

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AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship[]

does anyone know how many people apply on average?

-combed through past years and found this:

  • 2012–13 Summary
Dissertation Fellowships: 60
Postdoctoral Fellowships: 12
Publication Grants: 17
Total Fellowships: 89
Women of Color: 20%
Eligible Applicants: 693
Total Awards: $1,687,000


anthropology x4

art history x2

literature x4

american studies x1

history x 2



social sciences

Woke up to a rejection in inbox 4/15 good morning! (x7)

The “no feedback” thing really kills me. I know it’s a lot of work but when you have what you think is a super strong application I’m just left to wonder forever what they thought was unfundable.

- Agreed! Has anyone received a designation as an alternate?

Surprised to receive an acceptance in my inbox this morning (4/15, 6am EST)! I had just about given up all hope after getting rejections from the other dissertation fellowships I applied to this season. So, i suppose the moral of the story is that this is all a total crapshoot and you just gotta keep on applying until something finally sticks?

  • I know that it all IS a crapshoot, but things like this SHOULDN'T be a crapshoot, if you know what I mean :-) you're right though, applying widely and frequently is obviously the best way to improve chances of getting something eventually

Accepted (4/15, 6 am). Will likely be declining due to another fellowship.

Accepted (4/15 5 am CT). PhD in history. I am still waiting on one last round of results to make my decision!

Accepted (4/15 6 am ET) American Studies. Not sure if I'm accepting yet, but it is likely.

[4/15 6am] selected as an alternate, but will likely decline if awarded due to another fellowship.

Update: awarded on 6/4, declined. Hope someone else can get an offer soon!

4/16/21 - did anyone else apply and have a complete application but not receive any notification email on the 15th? I've looked everywhere and checked my spam folder and I have no correspondence from AAUW. The application portal doesn't indicate any status change.

4/15/21 (11pm pst) - I have a complete app and haven't received any notification. As an FYI, I applied for the international fellowship. Did anyone hear back?

4/15/21 - Acceptance received at 8:07am PST from point of contact for the fellowship and online application portal updated to include an "Acceptance" portal tab, but never received the initial acceptance email despite checking spam. Planning to accept once AAUW reviews a minor revision in project description (due to COVID delays).

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program in Education Research[]

Applied: 1x

ACLS / Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships[]

Fellowship information page

Applied: Ethnomusicology x1

Anthropology x 4

American Studies x3

Sociology x 1

Art History x 6

Musicology x 1

Religion x 3

Egyptology x 1

Literature x 10

History x 5

Spanish Languages and Literatures x 2

Comparative Literature x 3

Geography x 1

Ethnic Studies x 1

Tick-tock,'s everyone doing? (3/2)

Anxiously waiting (3/2) (3/3) I was just about to check in... any bets on when we get notifications? other years have projected "2nd monday of march" which would be the 8th..

Here is hoping for 3/8!! But the ACLS website says "Notifications will be sent via email in late March 2021." Solidarity and good luck to us all while we wait!

Has anyone heard anything this morning? In previous cycles it seems like acceptances have been sent on the second Monday of March (that would be today, 3/8), and rejections are sent out a few days later. They’ve pretty much stuck to this pattern for the past several years, even though their site always says notifications will be sent in late March. Right now I’m looking for all the rhyme or reason I can find! The refresh button on my screen is definitely getting a workout.

No news at 9:55 am ET (3/8); No news at 11:00am ET 3/8

Last year people heard a bit later. My experience with fellowships and publications this year is that they are still on slower quarantine timelines. People are exhausted and less responsive. I don't anticipate we will hear for another week at least.

Good point. It would have been *so nice* to hear today

^^sigh; I’ll find my consolations with Eliot where he says what might have been and what has been point to one end which is *always* the present. Godspeed, all.

3/10 Still no news? Do they only send offers on Mondays? and has anyone called? I'm going crazy here :-D

^^ I share your sentiments, but what good would calling do? Since their official notification deadline isn't until later this month, what would they have to say?

You're probably right, but I guess I'm fearing that offers have been sent and we just don't know... which is of course bad news.

--looks like last year they notified people mid week. I'm very anxious and frustrated too, but you're only going to drive yourself mad if you keep trying to make sense of the fellowship notification cycle. It is probably coincidental that people heard mostly on Mondays in the past. Don't give up hope yet!

Math/probability is not my strong suit (hence the humanities fellowship application) but I think with 65 awardees, and however many alternates, there’s a decent chance someone would have posted here if they’d heard anything. So, I’d bet no notifications have gone out yet. And, as others have said, it’s always been a Monday but last year broke the mold and people/institutions are still operating on pandemic time. Like dog years, 1 day in the pandemic is equivalent to some other metric of time we haven’t found a word for yet. Lol. I’m hopeful we’ll hear something early next week.

^^ Eternity. The word you're looking for is eternity. Like Groundhog Day, only we can't hang out with Bill Murray.

Someone posted on twitter about a dissertation completion fellowship today, and my gut said they got the Mellon/ACLS. No way to be sure. Good luck to everyone waiting!

— Oh so was that it? Does anyone know anything else?

- Goodluck everyone. We will all be fine irrespective of the decision from ACLS.

Last year 10 people updated that they received acceptances, and then at least 3 alternates. I think you're really jumping the gun here assuming that all acceptances were sent out and no one posted here. Looks like ACLS Luce fellowship people also haven't heard yet. Everyone is hearing back about fellowships February-April, so it could really be anything.

Someone just asked the person on Twitter and they said it wasn't ACLS.

Happy Monday. Fingers crossed we hear something this week! How is everyone preparing for the possibility that things don’t go your way? I do not deal well with rejection. I internalize, personalize and then ruminate. What I’m realizing, though, is that the most “successful” people in my department are not the smartest, nor do they have the best dissertation topics. But they do brush off set backs and push on. They endure. They get rejections and then keep on applying for things until something eventually sticks. How does one cultivate such a mindset? Any ideas?

I know worrying doesn't help, but I really feel like today is the day we'll hear back for this one. I try to manage my anxiety by having backup plans, and backup plans for my backup plans. I have 3 fellowship apps out, 2 more in the works (internal to my uni), a full-time job lined up (higher ed but not teaching), summer jobs lined up to hold me over... Mellon/ACLS is the dream, partially because it's worth about double the amount of some of my backups, but I also know it's a long shot.

^^ I was recently facing rejections from other fellowships and a senior faculty member sat me down to say: reviewers are people with topics that interest them more than others. Our proposals are strong. Our dissertations are meaningful. A rejection or acceptance doesn't change the merit of our work. Yet, at the end of the day, one topic might stick out more to a reviewer (or reviewers) and that's just how the system works. I've been on the other end of an application process and the faculty member's words resonate for me when I think about that experience – it was so incredibly difficult for me to choose between projects.

^^^^So the thing with applying for fellowships, conferences, publications, and eventually jobs is that you have to be open to improvement while also accepting that a lot of the process is just luck and out of your control. I applied for four fellowships last year and received two of them. One is a traveling thing, so of course I have't been able to complete it, but the other was a competitive university-wide fellowship that I was nominated for by my department when I submitted an application for an internal fellowship. 50% success rate feels pretty good, but if I had only applied to the two that I was rejected from, I would have a much worse impression of the process. Ask for feedback from your advisors and even department graduate advisor or chair throughout the process. A lot of applications won't give you feedback, but always request it. If there is something really wrong, like a bad letter of recommendation, hopefully someone will tell you. You may look back and see there are factual errors/typos/spelling errors in your proposal or writing sample, which can get you disqualified automatically because committees are looking for any ways to narrow down the pool. Just having more eyes proofreading your materials will help with that. Then of course there are fit and eligibility—you may not qualify for the award, or your project may not fit the theme or approach that the funders want to support. Feasibility of the project is also huge: the committee might like your proposal but not believe that you will finish in time (I'm thinking this will be the main reason I won't be awarded dissertation completion fellowships this year—COVID put a huge wrench in my research schedule). So you take the feedback you can, apply to as much as possible that you are eligible, and hope for the best. Chance and luck have a lot to do with your success, but you can also improve your chances for future applications by responding to (good) feedback. Committees also change every year, so it's a crap shoot whether the people who see your project will be interested in it and your approach (or alternately, see it as a threat or incorrect approach to their own research).

— I’m really fearing this day. I don’t take rejections very well, and my confidence gets so easily hurt. Question: do your advisors read your applications and give you feedback? Mine doesn’t, and this semester everyone has been so busy (and working off-campus) that I couldn’t get any professor to read and comment on my proposal. Am I alone on this?

-You're definitely not alone! I'm in the same boat. I'm sure many others are too, especially this year

^My advisors read my proposals, with varying levels of engagement. If you aren't getting feedback at all, I would look for an additional advisor who has more time/investment in your work. This year has been for sure weird and advisors are less available, but they still help me when I ask as long as I give them ample time to respond.

Just got a provisional acceptance email at 3:47 PM Eastern.

Also received provisional acceptance at 12:48 PM PST. Discipline is Ethnic Studies

- congratulations! May I ask, which disciplines? Do they send all acceptances at the same time? Has anyone received a rejection or alternate notification? I haven’t received anything!

Received provisional acceptance at 12:52pm PST. Discipline is History.

Provisional Acceptance, History x2

Received provisional acceptance. Discipline is Religion

Provisional acceptance, Literature

- Still haven't received anything from them [even in my junk mail]. 3:31 CT. This makes me feel like I'm out of the running...

- Same here, refreshing my email like crazy! Are they sending acceptance emails on a rolling basis or all at the same time?

- Judging by last year’s wiki they sent acceptances the same day and alternate notification the next day. So I’m afraid that the best we can wish for is an alternate status. Disappointing news!

-Gonna take all this rejection survival advice, and the knowledge that all academics leave a trail of rejections in their wake, and drown my sorrows in a deep fried oreo cake. Congratulations to the awardees, and best of luck to my fellow non-awardees (rejects is not the word I want to use here). Better luck next cycle.

- Ah, but I'm gonna be done next AY, so this was my first and last ALCS/Mellon application.That oreo cake sounds ridiculously amazing right now. While we wait for the alternate notifications... does anyone know what the profile of a successful applicant looks like? What counts the most, CV or proposal? It seems incredibly hard to determine which proposal is more worthy out of a pool of hundreds of really qualified and passionate PhD candidates.

^Academia is a tough game, and I wish I could answer you... Just would like to say that, FWIW, I hope everyone who is feeling a bit down today did something else that made them feel worthy. I mean that in a general sense. Kill it at the gym, make your pet's day and snuggle them (they always need you!), do something you're good at (and it doesn't have to be a TALENT for the love of god!) besides work. Self worth shouldn't be tied to 65 seats at a table. I felt pretty down today but had to go to a meeting for my hobby, and someone who has no clue about my day or even my academic self made it a point to shout out my effort in the meeting. It meant the world to me, because I'm sure I'll get many rejection letters, but I sure as hell don't want to feel like all I have to offer the world is my dissertation project...

- We cannot overrule the "luck factor" in fellowship applications. Today, I received a disappointing email for my Charlotte Newcombe application. 17 minutes later while I was still mourning the sadness of not making it to the finalist stage for Charlotte Newcombe, I received an acceptance email from ACLS. My advice is don't ever give up. ( me too, and I had 2 rejections earlier this month)

-Provisional acceptance, Literature. However—I will be declining. I look forward to someone else getting it!

Definitely have to remember that all successes come with a wake of rejections... Curious re: poster above, why you might decline? Just nosy, racking my brain and not coming up with many reasons to decline but also holding out a little hope for alternate...

-No worries! I'm declining because I've decided to graduate. I got a TT job I didn't want to pass up so I've decided to graduate with the diss as-is. I hope you get my spot. Good luck!

^congratulations on the job, and thanks for sharing!

Anyone notified of alternate status yet?

Shockingly, checking this page every 5 minutes is NOT helping with my anxiety!

- Still nothing on my end. So frustrating! I even tried calling but ACLS is working remotely and the only option is to leave a voicemail

-Nothing; the abyss stares back.

-Any word?

-Nothing here (6:27 PM EST on 3/16)

-Still nothing... (10:30 AM on 3/17)

I think if we've not heard anything by this point, we likely are not alternates, unfortunately. I'm disappointed too, but at least the waiting game is over!

IDK, the chances are high that someone on this wiki will be an alternate, so perhaps the notifications didn't go out. I bet they wait for the provisional acceptances to roll in to estimate how many alternates they can inform and then send out notifications. I'm also super bummed about not getting an acceptance, but such is life. The chapter I submitted wasn't really a was a piece for an edited volume that I plan to turn into a chapter. If the readers were paying attention they would have noticed this. I also am not sure what my letter-writers wrote about this. So I probably don't deserve the grant anyway.

The chapter that I submitted wasn’t a chapter either. It was a published journal article based on my first chapter (which I adapted to the fellowship formatting style), as I explained in some of my app documents. I thought that would increase my chances since it is shorter than all my chapters (which average 60 pages each) , self-contained, and would ideally show that I am that advanced in my dissertation that I already published part of it. I doublechecked with ACLS whether that would be alright or not (I have other chapters I could shorten and submit otherwise. I am really almost done with my diss) and they told me to go ahead with it. Reading your comment makes me wonder whether that was a wise choice! Argh I feel even more frustrated now!

Oh, well since you have most of your other chapters done, then your decision was the right one. I didn't check with ACLS about it, but I don't have any chapters done, hence why I'm not sure what my letter-writers wrote. I am confident I can finish in a year though, which is why I applied.

-- Still no news? Has anyone contacted ACLS?

^^ Nothing on my end. I remain hopeful ACLS gave accepted applicants ample time to decide on their offer before informing alternates. Although it seems in previous years, alternates were contacted a day after acceptance letters went out.

Sorry, are all these comments for March 2021? Last year I only heard about my rejection on 3/25.

^ 03/19 Yes but last year people were posting on wiki about alternate emails a day after acceptances. I guess above poster is right and this year they will wait to estimate how many alternates they can notify. I wish they would just reject whoever is too low in the ranking so that some of us can have some peace of mind.

Just to give some additional info, I got a preliminary acceptance and they gave us until 03/23 to confirm that we are still eligible for the award--i.e. our advisors should email ACLS confirming this. Maybe they will send out alternates after that? Deadline for accepting the award is officially April 6. <--Thanks for this! And congrats!

03/22 I also hadn't received notification, but I received an offer for a teaching position next year. So I emailed ACLS directly last night and let them know that I was up against a deadline to accept this teaching position and asked if they could give me any details about when I would be notified. They wrote me back today and said that I wasn't selected. It's unfortunate, but I'm glad that I have a backup and that I now have certainty about what I'm doing next year.

I really wish they would just tell us if we did not receive the award and are not alternates. What is the value of making us wait longer? Especially people who did not make it through the first round—I get it if they are waiting to see how many people refuse or are no longer eligible for the award before awarding alternates, but if there are people who aren't in the running at all...AAUW lets everyone know on the same day every year. Wish that was the standard.

^ THIS! I agree with you. I emailed them a week ago to ask whether they would be sending alternate notifications this year. They replied to me today to say that I will receive a notification regarding my application's decision in the beginning of April. I think this means that they already know I will not be an alternate and I have to wait to get a rejection letter on April. Why not just a) say directly so OR b) send an email to anyone who is too low in the ranking so that they can move on? Ugh

^^I mean, that actually might mean that you are an alternate and they're waiting for people to accept or reject the fellowship before alerting you instead of telling alternates that they are alternates. We were supposed to hear by late March.

3/24 Feeling a little naïve. There are over 1000 applicants in the pool for this fellowship. I could have done a better job with the application - no doubt. Sigh. Still without any news but assuming I'm not a winner nor alternate. I also wish they'd just get it over with and let us know already!

3/24: Feeling anxious. Has ANYONE heard about alternate status? I wonder how many applications to the writing grant visit this page!

3/24: Another day, another missed opportunity for ACLS/Mellon to release hundreds (maybe thousands?) of applicants from purgatory. As someone asked on this wiki last year, why are they making us "stew in our sad rejected juices" for days on end? Send me my rejection already! Please and thank you.

3/25: Nothing here, and still waiting. I've seen some announcements on Twitter, so I assume I'm out of the running. I do appreciate rejection emails, even just to end the waiting.

^ Have you seen people announcing alternate status/late acceptances on Twitter? Wow and no one was checking Wiki this year?

^^ No, I haven't seen anyone on Twitter who received a rejection, alternate, or late acceptance email. I've seen one mention of someone receiving the award, but mostly just folks assuming they're being rejected since they haven't heard otherwise.

3/26: Aaand, rejection received 12pm PST. Moving on! Stay well all. x9

^ Forza, all! Now we know

Rejection received at 3:05 EST.

Rejection received 3:13 EST.

Rejection received (3/27 3pm). Have requested feedback. Plan to share it here and would be great if others (who receive feedback) could share theirs too. I think it might help prospective applicants. Congratulations to all those who received this!

  • How did you request feedback? I didn't see anything about that in the rejection email.

From the ACLS Website FAQ page: "You may request feedback generated through ACLS's peer review process by writing to with the subject line "Request for feedback -" followed by your full name, e.g. 'Request for feedback - Jane Q. Applicant.' Requests for comments from the 2020-21 competition must be received by June 30, 2021. Due to the number of requests ACLS receives each year, and the work of administering new fellowships each spring, we do not begin processing feedback until the summer, after the competition year is complete. Thank you for your patience."

  • Thank you for this!

3/29 (9am): Is anyone else still waiting to hear back?? It seems that there's a very small chance I'm an alternate or what's more likely, that they haven't processed all the rejections yet.

3/29 (2 am EST): I haven’t heard back from Mellon yet, even though I was awarded a different ACLS fellowship. Waiting to be 100% certain I didn’t get the Mellon before accepting that one…

Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Dissertation Fellowships[]

Fellowship information page

Applied: Ethnomusicology x1

Musicology x 1

4/7 Rejection received

American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize[]

any humanities invitations to interview and what area? (1/31)

2/1 I'm in humanities-medieval and have heard nothing. Some with others I know. (None of us are especially optimistic, but we're all definitely still in limbo.)

2/1 I'm in humanities-modern and have heard nothing. I think it is late though, and the finalists are sworn to secrecy, so they would be unlikely to post here (even anonymously). But we can still keep our fingers crossed.

2/7 people were contacted last week for interviews.

American Philosophical Society Predoctoral Fellowship[]

American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) Fellowships & Grants for Americans[]

The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers both year-long fellowships of up to $23,000 and short term (1-3 months) grants of up to $5,000 to graduate students (preferably conducting dissertation research) and academic professionals interested in pursuing research or creative-arts projects in the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland). Awards are made in all fields.


·       Must be a US citizen or permanent resident

·       Must have completed an undergraduate degree by fellowship/grant start date

·       Some Nordic language ability preferred, but not required

·       Applicants must demonstrate why their research or creative arts projects needs to take place in the Nordic region

·       Applicants must seek their own affiliations


The application deadline is November 1, 2021. For more information about guidelines and to begin an application, please visit:

American Sociological Association Minority Fellows Program[]

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Research Fellowships, Harvard University[]

Boren Fellowship[]

Announced 4/19.

Boston College AADS (African and African Diaspora Studies) Dissertation Fellowship[]

3/15 Rejected

CAA Professional Development Fellowship[]

CAORC Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship[]

CAORC Multi-Country Research Fellowship[]

Applied: Musicology

History x 1

Any news? Hoping to hear back soon 4/11

Any news? Hoping to hear back soon

The email we got when applying seemed to imply the end of April

Heard that they willl be announcing the results in early May

^ Yes I can confirm this - emailed them and they said that they had delays due to Covid.

5/3-Not sure if anyone else has seen changes in their application. Mine says last edited May 1 when I click on preview and it didn't before. Maybe everyone else has that too.

^My online application was edited April 30 (last edited March 18th). Hoping for today.

5/3-Yeah, mine had the March 18th edit too. Mine was edited early in the morning (like 1am) May 1st as well, so imagine whoever was working on them did so into the night. I imagine we'll hear back by Friday at the latest.

5/3 - Thanks for that tip. I just checked the preview and my application was last edited today at 11:00AM. Fingers crossed for an update soon!

5/7 - Really hoping for today

5/7 ^ ugh, same. I keep refreshing my email...

5/11 sorry to just add to the chaos, but has anyone heard anything? we are starting to push the definition of "early May"

^ Nope. Maybe they emailed people last week who won and are waiting till this week to send out rejections? Really hoping for this week either way, as I have to finalize budgets for fieldwork asap....

^Yeah, my guess is acceptances are already out, and we're all rejections...?

If that were the case, I think someone on here would have posted that they won an award. I just honestly think it's taking longer. Everything is pushed back by about a week or two, since they pushed back the deadline in January.

5/11 - Also haven't heard anything. Submitted on 1/24, originally had the March 18th edit too, last edit was May 3rd (1:41 PDT). I've already figured it is a rejection (I was lucky to have other fellowships this cycle), but it would be nice to hear either way.

5/13-Has anyone emailed them asking what's going on? Edit: Nevermind, just got the rejection. Good luck to everyone else.

5/13 - Received notification of acceptance 11:30 EST.

5/13 - Never received an email, but the portal says "declined" so clearly I did not get it. Congrats to all who received it!

5/13 - Received notification of acceptance 1:54 EST.

Carter G. Woodson Pre-Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Fellowship (University of Virginia)[]

Predoctoral - applied on 12/1. rejected on 3/1.

Postdoctoral - applied on 12/1. rejected 2/23.

Carter Manny Award[]

1x history of art and architecture

1x Critical Media Practices (art & architecture history, media studies, visual anthropology)\

4/19 Has anyone heard anything about this year's competition? It seems like last year they notified in April, but this year the date for notification is June. It seems very late! I have another offer that I can accept with another grant, but I don't know if the CMA allows for any funding in addition to their grant. Trying to weigh my options.

20 April. haven't heard but I think it can be very late with them.(Told myself July) Some other grants allow you to accept multiple ones as long as you aren't double-dipping, like if you got Mellon ACLS and Fulbright you could accept both so long as you didn't use money to pay for the same things (i.e., divide into housing, research, travel, expenses.) Not sure how Graham is though, but I know like Ford and some of the Mellon ones only allow you to accept one, and no teaching or other grad assistantship concurrently.

4/24 Graham Foundation seems to be consistently late with informing applicants. Last year they said April, but I didn't hear until June or July, and I don't think winners and runner ups were announced until September or so. So I would say that you definitely won't hear before June and will likely not hear until after. Or maybe the timeline is just more realistic this year, and we will hear in June.

4/26: After email to the foundation, they replied with the following:

Hello, You will hear the decision on your application in June (if not a little before). If you are awarded a Carter Manny Award, we are flexible with respect to simultaneously holding other awards.

Sincerely, Graham Foundation

6/18 Any updates?… maybe we’re looking at end of June?

6/22 - no word on my end. They are really dragging this one out!

6/24 - nothing yet, but seconding that last year's 'you'll definitely hear in April' was really September. =/

6/25 - Just found out I did not receive the award - and awkward phrasing about considering them as a source of funding when I chose to publish the dissertation? I'd be curious to hear what other's rejection emails sounded like.

6/25 - same as the person above. Awkward email telling me I was a finalist but did not receive a Carter Manny Award or special mention but should consider the Graham Foundation for funding when I publish. [me, too]

6/25 - same as above

CASVA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, National Gallery of Art[]

Applied: Samuel H. Kress 24-month x5

Chester Dale 12-month 2x

Andrew Mellon x2

David E. Finley x4

Wyeth x1

01/12: Just read Steven Nelson's contribution to October's issue on Decolonization. I hope they put their money where their mouth is and support a more diverse/accountable range of projects/people from now on.

01/15: Anyone heard about finalists yet?

01/15: Nothing yet - with interviews usually in early-mid Feb, I would think they would contact those selected for interviews in the next 7-10 days, but maybe it will be later if interviews are going to be conducted virtually this year?

1/21 Sorry for getting antsy but has anyone heard anything?

1/21 haha no worries! I’m so antsy as well. I have not heard anything either. Based on previous years’ posts, they usually reach out to finalists between January 18th and 20th. The only exception seems have to been the previous inauguration year, when they reached out on 01/28. A post suggested their schedule might be disrupted by the inauguration. Maybe something like this is happening right now. Best of luck to you!

1/21 Have not heard anything. Based on other fellowships I have had more communication with, there are chronic delays due to COVID-19. I would not be surprised if this cycle takes longer.

1/25 Hi everyone, I heard from a friend that they made calls on 1/20, good luck to everyone with interviews!

1/25 Thank you for sharing. Can someone else confirm?

1/25 Can confirm that some calls went out last week. A friend received a call and told me they said some of the committees haven't even met yet because of Covid and the Inauguration, so all calls did not go out at the same time this year (as in years past).

1/25 That's very useful info. Thank you. Someone knows which of the 8 fellowships committees have picked their finalists?

1/25 Also wondering which committees have made calls.

1/25 I know only of a Kress call. I wish I knew more!

1/25 Have also heard of Chester Dale and Paul Mellon calls. Good luck to those who got calls, and condolences to the rest of us!

1/26 Anyone heard anything about Andrew Mellon or Ittleson?

1/26 Or David E. Finley?

1/26 heard that Andrew Mellon and Ittleson went out last week.

1/26 Can someone confirm that Andrew Mellon and Ittleson calls already went out?

1/26 Does anyone know about Wyeth?

1/26 Anyone tried calling or emailing to see if they would share anything about the process?

^ On the website they explicitly ask candidates not to: "After the application deadline, any inquiries should be directed to the Center by the chair of the department and not by the candidate."

1/28 Did someone here receive a call from the « second wave? »

1/28 I haven't. I am waiting on David E. Finley-- do we know if the calls have been made?

1/29 Well boys, I assume if we haven't heard by now we should look forward to receiving a rejection letter in the mail on very fancy paper. Is anyone holding out hope?

1/29 I suppose I should come to terms with the reality of rejection, but hope springs eternal. Has anyone heard about Wyeth?

2/1 Anyone hear anything else?

2/2 Interviews are being held late this week. I would assume they are being done over the course of two days as per years past, though you never know.

2/2 Good luck to all the selected candidates!

2/2 I just hope that with the COVID-19 pandemic and defunding the police movements that CASVA is making a better effort to get a more diverse set of voices in the room. A diversity of institutions, projects, methods, and backgrounds would be quite welcome.

2/2 Yep. I hope so as well. The list of previously supported topics and the institutions awardees come from looks like a parody of euro-centric, wealthy, and unaccountable academia.

2/3: Ditto to person above. General question (since some CASVA fellows include international travel): How many of you would feel comofrtable doing international archive work starting next fall with the pandemic? Did COVID-19 adjust your plans (i.e did you not apply for as many fellowships with international research elements)? Wondering if this played a role...

2/9: Does anyone know if alternates have been contacted?

2/9: Interviews concluded on Feb. 6. Applicants notified of standing on Feb. 8.

2/9: That's odd. I was an applicant and haven't received any communication. Can you confirm if notification was emailed? Is anyone else still awaiting notice?

2/10 ^^Same here. Sounds like not everyone has been notified yet.

2/10 Offers made early this week, typically go out over the course of 2 days at most. Alternates are usually told by e-mail a few days later with formal letter to follow. I think rejections come by mail, maybe also e-mail.

2/11 yes it's usually both by email and mail. I will think of you all in solidarity during my annual burning of the embossed rejection letter 😌

2/12 Alternates contacted yesterday.

2/12 Congrats to anyone on this forum who got an offer or an alternate offer. I know it's not rational, but I need the rejection letter to move on to other projects:(.

2/15: Anyone receive a rejection letter/email yet?

2/16 Nope, nothing. ^^

2/22-I still haven't received any communication from CASVA. Is there anyone else in the same situation? I know I'm not selected, but this seems later than usual and I'm worried something has gone wrong with my file. Anyone else feel the same way? I want to be able to reach out to my letter-writers, but I don't want to do it before I've heard officially.

2/23 I haven't heard anything either, and assumed postal delays could account for our letters not arriving in the mail yet. The only thing wrong with my file is that they didn't pick it!

2/24 rejected, finally x4

2/24 rejected! Can someone say what their rejection letter said? I find the politics of then interesting. Did everyone get the bizarre line about hoping your project will receive future funding?

^^ mine also said the weird funding thing x2

^^^ Mine had the same line. But I wonder why this line implies the politics. (an international applicant--genuinely curious)

^^^^oh nothing. I just find it hilarious when they try to say something nice and even address you by name. Sometimes a letter just says “good afternoon, applicant, your application wasn’t successful.”

The letter was awkward for sure. You'd think they could at least display better writing skills.

Center for Jewish History Dissertation Fellowship[]

Center for Military History Dissertation Fellowship[]

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship[]


Religion x 3

Egyptology x 1

American Studies x 1

Anthropology x1

history x 1

english x2

political science x1


x1 2/22: hopefully some news will be out this week?

-I hope so!

2/23 I can see that last year notifications were sent on 3/12

  • I'm hoping that was just a pandemic-related delay and not the new norm. Previous years have sent notifications late Feb.
  • Their website says 3/12/2021, so maybe it is the new normal?
  • It says "Notification of Status (Finalist and Non-Finalist By March 15, 2021" so I'm guessing it'll be a while :/

(3/11) any news?

  • None here. Homepage says *by* 3/15 and FAQ *by* 3/12. Really thought there would have been some news at the beginning of this week.... This waiting game is terrible.
  • I totally agree. So jealous of applicants in previous years who were notified in late Feb. Maybe we will still hear something today?

3/12: Fingers crossed that today one miserable period of waiting ends and that everybody on this page is a finalist and....crosses the threshold into another period of miserable waiting. Good luck, all! x3

- Something tells me we won't be hearing today either :( But fingers crossed, and good luck, all!

-I have the same feeling. If not today, Monday *has* to be the day, right? Good luck everyone!

-3/15 end of day is looming, and no news yet

- Am I being naive, or do they basically have to give information today given they said by 3/15?

- Same here... I really hope to hear from them in the next couple of hours. I cannot focus on my writing because of the anxious waiting!

-Ah! Finally! Rejection received, 3/15 at 3:41 p.m. EST x3

Rejection, 425 applicants, 21 awards x3

Congrats to the finalists! And to my fellow non-finalists: keep strong! You and your research are worth it!

3/15: 3:39 EST - notification of finalist status: "From a pool of more than 450 applications, the top applications have been selected and forwarded to the Final Selection Committee for review. I am pleased to inform you that you are among this top group of finalists whose work remains under consideration; 21 Fellows will be chosen in this final round...with the announcement of the decisions in early April." x3

Notification of finalist status 3/15

Anyone know how many finalists are chosen? Email says 21 fellows will be chosen in the final round, but I wonder how many are in the finalist pool?

  • I don't know, but I hope it's 22 lol

Notification received, not selected as a fellow. :( 3/29 12est (x2)

4/22: Originally rejected a few weeks ago, but received an email this morning that a spot has become available, and they are offering me the award!


Applied: HSS x4

Stem x1

2/26: only two of us out there? Anyone notice how they extended the deadline at the very last minute?

^ I noticed that, too. Just saw that today, don't know why I didn't notice it at the time. It made me a bit annoyed, I had to hound one of my letter writers to submit their rec by the deadline...

^^i didn’t notice it either. I think it’s because they extended it literally the second it was due. I am reapplying for last year. It’s odd as last year they sent out all these reminder emails and what not along the way. This year it was crickets.I guess COVID discouraged many from applying.

4/27 Any news, fellow applicants?

^No. What fields are you all in?

4/27- I don't think we'll hear anything until at least next week, as their website says May. ^ History!

^I am reapplying for HSS. I heard from them last year at the very end of May/beginning of June.

5/11- Has anyone received any additional info and if so would they be willing to share?

5/12 - They've had a delay but should have notifications to successful candidates by the end of the month

^Much appreciated! Was this a personal correspondence?

5/24 I heard from my fellowships office that successful applicants got word late last week.

5/24 ^Was this for both the humanities and sciences?

^I'm not sure, I'm sorry.

5/26 has anyone heard back from them directly?

5/26- I haven't, and I am surprised, assuming the 5/24 comment is true, that no one has posted here that they got an offer. I've also used the Twitter search function and no one has posted that they got it.

5/27 - I also haven't heard anything from them directly. I can no longer log into my application portal, either (that's been true for awhile). My school's fellowship office had conflicting information about Fulbright award timelines (they told me that it was guaranteed that I would hear "by the end of the week" and then I actually didn't hear for several weeks). While I am generally inclined to believe that they have inside scoop, they are also sometimes wrong...

5/30-Seems like the stem awards were announced the week of the 17th (according to the Chateaubriand Twitter page). Anyone have any news on HSS?

5/31 ^This twitter acct ? Don't see any mention of STEM awards as of this writing… What am I missing?

5/31 If you go to the likes, you can see that the account liked those who posted that they received award.

5/31 ^Thanks for that tip. Based on a deep dive on social media posts over the last few years, I think we can expect to hear back sometime this week. Last year they announced somewhat late (June 8), but it seems customary to announce on June 1/2 most years.

6/2; received notification of acceptance at 4:23pm est. Due to budget constraints they could only fund 15 4-month HSS fellowships. No full-year awardees. x2

6/2: ^Thanks for that info. I applied for 8 months of support, so that lessens the sting of rejection.

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

Anyone know anything about this fellowship? Do we not hear until June?

Any news? (4/15)

no news so far (3/20, 2022)

CLIR-Mellon Fellowship[]

Consortium for Faculty Diversity (Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fellowships)[]

history x 1

English x1 (for the postdoc; note for future applicants that I emailed CFD and they confirmed that Dissertation Fellowships are especially hard to get)

Consortium for History of Science, Medicine, and Technology Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied x1

DAAD Graduate Research Fellowship[]

history x2

2/18: A friend of mine in history got this fellowship.

2/27: for 2021-2022? when did they hear back? I was told the committee meets in April and applicants won't hear back until then

3/1: In previous years, applicants for the one-year research grant have heard back in late March.

3/3: In December, I received a message in the DAAD portal stating my application is complete, would be reviewed at the selection committee meeting in April, and I would receive the decision shortly after that.

3/8: OP here, sorry for the confusion. I think my friend was just selected as our institution's preferred candidate or something like that. They posted about it on social media in a way that made it sound like they had received the fellowship.

3/11: I just checked the portal by chance and my status changed from "application submitted" to "selection made." Anyone else see this?

3/12 Rejected. Email saying that the status has been updated. Checked the portal; found the rejection letter. The acceptance rate is 40% this year, so congrats to all the winners.

3/13: Sorry to hear that you didn't get it. To clarify, did you apply for the one year research grant or a short term grant?

3/22: Status changed on 3/12 to "selection made," went blank on 3/19 and changed to "funding" this morning! No official letter of acceptance yet but I think this is good news. Best of luck to everyone else! (Update for posterity's sake: letter of award received 3/24)

Dartmouth College Chávez/Eastman/Marshall Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied: Chávez X 1

1/26: First-round Chávez interviews in progress

1/26: has anyone received a rejection e-mail? do these typically come in pretty soon after first-round candidates have been selected? ty!

3/15: Rejected for Marshall

^^Thanks for the update! Has anyone else heard from Dartmouth? I haven’t heard back from them regarding interview or rejection or anything. Started to wonder if they received/reviewed my application at all.

3/21: Same. I applied for the Chavez fellowship. Would have been nice for them to just give me the rejection back in January when they supposedly did interviews.

^^^^ Same here too. I've got nothing so far. (3/22)

03/22: Have received no formal rejection, but saw on Twitter than someone has already accepted the Chávez Fellowship.

  • That was last year.

^^Is this common? Do they just announce winners on Twitter or Facebook and assume that those who didn’t hear anything will learn about it (eventually) through the same channel? It would be nice to tell us the results in a more straightforward way... :’(

^ I noticed that last year those that were rejected didn't hear back until April. I have no idea what the reasoning is behind withholding those rejection letters when the fellowship has already been publicly announced/accepted. I just saw it on a common friend's page and that's how I found out. Given that most applicants are grad students of color, I would hope that they are working toward a more timely notification process...

Anyone heard anything yet? (4/2)

4/23: Rejection (Cesar Chávez)

4/27 Sorry to hear that. Nothing here yet. I've given up sometime last month, but somehow I'm still waiting...

Dolores Liebmann Fellowship[]

Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship[]

Applied: Pre-Columbian Studies, Pre-Columbian Studies (archaeology) (10/24)

Emslie Horniman Anthropological Scholarship Fund[]

5/13: Received notification of shortlist for interview on June 8

6/9: Notification of award

Ernest May Fellowship in History and Policy[]

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied: Religion x1

Applied: History x 3

Applied: English x 3

Applied: Education x 1

Applied: Biology

Applied: Interdisciplinary Study x 1

03/08: Was scoping out previous posts and some said third Friday of March, so looks like we might be getting a bit closer to hearing back! Best of luck to everyone  :)

Based on the gradcafe results page, last year folks heard back on Friday 3/19, and the year before it was on Thursday 3/15. So, it seems like we have a good chance of hearing back this week, perhaps Th 3/18 or F 3/19.

--Just wondering if anyone out there knows some stats on this fellowship, like how many have applied in the past, and how many awards are granted...

---This year it looks like they will offer approximately 36 diss and 70 predoc fellowships. I've been told about the process by recent Ford awardees and advisors who have served on the panel. It is beyond intense. Each caucus (e.g. Latina/a/x studies; Native American Studies, etc.) is essentially making their cases against one another for their preferred candidates for probably 1-2 fellowships in their broader fields. That said, I fully expect a rejection soon. Good luck everyone.

-I have a "review result" link now available under my application. When I click on it it says "Review results will be available one to two weeks after the review." Not sure if they're referring to the review that took place last week or something else. Hope it means we'll know something soon!

3/17: Same. I have "review result" link too, but get the same message when I click. It definitely wasn't there this morning. Hopefully we all hear soon!!

3/18: Like many of you, the "review result" link appeared yesterday. It disappeared today though and my application is now current. Anyone have this happen as well?

^ That's interesting. My "review result" link is still there, but the language has changed a little bit. Now it says "The review is not over. Review results will be available one to two weeks after the review." I did think it was strange to say that results will be available 1-2 weeks after the review without saying when the review was taking place. Might as well say nothing. Maybe this was their attempt at getting a bit more specific? Did you apply for predoc or dissertation fellowship?

^^I also had the message change like yours.

I applied for the diss. fellowship. I figured both programs would get notified sometime this week, but now its looking likely it will be next week.

Ahh ok, I applied for the dissertation completion fellowship as well. I can't help but think that someone out there is tinkering with the link language just to chuckle and watch the panic level on this forum shoot through the roof. Ha. I hope not, but academia is a bit of a sadistic game. I hope this doesn't mean we have to wait another week. I need to know something so i can just move on with my life either way!

A similar conversation about the review results link is happening over at gradcafe:

03/22 6:30AM MST - Not awarded (Biology- Dissertation). 3 reviewers all gave positive feedback. Scores: Very Good- Excellent in all categories :(

03/22 9:11AM EST - not awarded (interdisciplinary study). 3 reviewers. Feedback varied. Only one reviewer gave comments. Feeling demoralized but only going to give myself 24 hours to mop. Then it’s back to the grind. Good luck everyone.

3/22 9:16am EST - Received email to check review result. Rejected. One reviewer provided thoughtful feedback.

3/22 - Not awarded (English-Dissertation): Also very good to excellent in all categories. Anyone get alternate status? Based on last year's wiki, it seems that some people were named alternates.

3/22 Received email to check review. Also rejected. Two provided really positive feedback--"this is a necessary intervention in a dominantly white field" kind of positive--but my checks were mainly between good and second to best. One reviewer did not provide any comment.

3/22 Rejected. No reviewers gave commments

3/23 A solid reminder of how much of a medicore scholar I am.

3/22 8:31am CT- honorable mention (ethnomusicology-dissertation). I had a total of 5 reviewers, mostly positive feedback and several saying it was a highly competitive year/wishing me luck on other grant applications.

03/22: Honorable Mention, English. Mostly positive feedback, but, alas, not positive enough! Congrats to the awardees. For the rest of us, suerte with everything else!

Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies Pre-doctoral Fellowship[]

Applied on 2/5 to Slippery Rock, West Chester PA, and Shippensburg

Interviewed with Shippensburg in late March. Received interview invitations from WC and SR in mid April

Frick Anne L. Poulet Curatorial Fellowship[]

Anyone know if the 2021-23 fellowship is on pause due to COVID-19? Application information was never posted to Frick site/CAA/AAM etc. Usually the applications are due at the end of January.

Fulbright IIE Study/Research Grants[]

Semifinalist notifications sent 1/29. x2

Applied: France x1 (semifinalist notification 12/18/20)

Fulbright Hays DDRA[]

Application open, check internal deadlines. Agency deadline: April 5.

Applied: History x 1

Applied: Anthropology x1

(4/13) Campus coordinator told me that results come in anytime between June and September 👀 which seems crazy to me.

(4/18) So while we wait, does anyone know if you need to get the 100 points (or more) to be accepted? Like will they take a 98 over a 100 if the topic is more relevant, more feasible, etc.? I imagine points and desire to actually fund the project don't always line up. Basically, are there more considerations than just the points?

(5/4) My coordinator said dont expect anything before September.

^ Former Fulbright-Hays grantee here. The year I applied, there were 105 points possible (with discipline and language priorities, both of which I had) and I won with 101. Based on the reviewers' comments, it looks like my language training and having multiple in-country supervisors and institutional affiliations were decisive. Good luck!

^^Thank you former grantee! Ppl at my uni who've gotten it said they had the impression that it's entirely based on the point system. You get the grant (or not) depending on the points you get - there’s nothing else taken into account. That’s why it’s best to arrange your application using that points explainer like a checklist. I suppose this means that each year the grant committee has a cut-off and if you fall below that you're out and if you're above then you're in.

Former grantee here as well - I found out the decision in September of my year and can confirm the point system described above. I can't remember the number of points I had total, but it was not 105/105 by any means! Your points are an average of 2 reviewers scores and they will send you feedback from your application.

(6/29) My university's grants and fellowships administrator asked me to fill out a "Fellowship Intent Form" today. Older gradcafe entries say this is a way to weed out candidates who have also accepted the Fulbright IIE? Not sure what the correlation between getting asked to fill out this form and receiving the award is though.

^Former grantee here. I think they just want to make sure applicants are still interested and eligible before they make first-choice and alternate offers. It's fine if you've held Fulbright IIE previously, you just obviously can't hold IIE and FH at the same time. Good luck!

^^(6/30) UPDATE: admin at my university said that all students who have applied for the FY21 DDRA receive the "intent form" request from their project directors.

^^^ (6/30) My project director also mentioned that in the past, this also means that announcements will be soon to follow - perhaps we will hear before the end of July? Can other years confirm this?

^^^^ (7/1) The year I won, I think I heard in September, then it took until November for them to release the funds and start the grant clock. It's a slog for sure

^ (7/2) 😟 that's a long time to wait. Do you remember what the lag time was between being asked to sign the "intent form" and finding out about your status?

It was about three weeks between signing the intent form and finding out I had won.

(7/3) Does anyone know the likelihood of being extended an offer if one does not receive the "intent form"? In other words, are you out of the running if you don't get the form request?

^ (7/3) The person at my uni said that everyone gets the intent form ("all students who have applied for the FY21 DDRA will receive the message from their project directors"). So it doesn't seem to be a sign of anything other than that maybe the admin at your uni are behind, or maybe they've sent it out in alphabetical order to the candidates who've applied from your uni and haven't gotten to you yet?

^^Thanks! Missed that part.

(8/19) Any word? I guess we shouldn't expect anything until the end of the month or September? Do people have a better sense of the timeline? I was pretty sure that after getting the intent form we wouldn't have to wait too long, but that doesn't seem to be the case...

(8/21) I applied a few years back (pre-COVID) and we filled out the intent form in early August (around the 10th) and heard the results on October 1. So I would presume we may hear anytime now, since the intent form went out much earlier this year.

(09/02) Gosh, they are really taking their time with this one, aren't they! I really can't for the life of me imagine why this process has to be so dragged out...

(09/10) Received notice of award from campus Fulbright coordinator at 9:45am EST. Good luck to all!

(09/10) Received notice of award from campus coordinator. Score: 98/105

(9/10) Received notice of award from campus Fulbright coordinator. 99/105. Good luck everyone!

(9/13) Anyone still waiting for any news at all? Do all universities find out the results at the same time? When universities are notified is it for both recipients and non-recipients, or do the latter come later? My university Fulbright point-person took a while to send out the Intent Form (first notification of the form on this site was 6/29, and my Fulbright point-person forwarded the Intent Form 7/6, despite them having received it 6/28), so I hope that's just the case now. How long do you all have to accept the award?

(9/13) We have until 9/17 to accept, hoping you hear good news soon!

(9/15) My suspicions were correct. There was a delay at the university level. Let this be a lesson for future applications: if you see results on here and you haven't heard anything, definitely ask the people in charge at your uni what's up. Oh, and I received a notice of award. 100/100

(9/16) Was selected as an alternate. Was wondering: how often do people move up or if anyone here had the experience of moving up? And if alternates received their points/ review sheets?

Gaius Charles Bolin Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied x 2

Applied x 2

any updates? (1/17)

nothing (1/22)

no updates (1/24) same (1/26) same (1/28)

Rejection 2/1, two positions for 100 applicants.

Rejection 2/8, "more than 200 applications for only two positions"

Waiting 3/18 has there been any emails yet on acceptance or rejections? I have not heard anything from them yet

  • (3/19) If you got an interview, I would reach out to the dept that interviewed you and ask for an update. But offers were made over a month ago. And at least one of the two offers has been accepted and announced on twitter.
    • Do you mind sharing the link to the announcement on twitter?

Getty Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship[]

Applied: Predoctoral x3

I know they send out notices later than others, but has anyone heard anything yet?

1/27: Nothing here yet. Last application cycle, rejections were sent out at the end of the first week of February, but apparently someone on this forum was told by them that it might be as late as March (though obviously this was not the case). I would anticipate knowing something either way within 2 weeks, given the COVID delays.

2/5-just received a rejection email for the predoctoral. Congrats to those who received better news! x4

3/22 - Any news on the post-doctoral fellowships? No word yet on my end. x2

3/24 - no word at all from Luce.

8 April - still no word re: Getty postdoc, has anyone heard anything one way or the other?

(4/10) A friend was awarded the postdoc a few days ago.

Getty Library Research Grant[]

Graduate Women in Science National Fellowship Program[]

Harry Frank Guggenheim Fellowship[]

Applied: History x 2

Applied: Interdisciplinary x 1 (haven't heard anything since submission - no confirmation email, which past years indicate were sometimes sent out. Anyone heard when they're adjudicating this year?)

6/17 - Called HFG early afternoon to ask about decision announcements, was told they "should go out next week." I asked if that means the Board of Directors are meeting next week, he told me they met already this week. Seems decisions have been made, we're just waiting to hear about it. Best of luck. (History)

6/25 - I have not received any news, the portal still says "undecided"

6/25 - I was the person who called last week to ask when we could expect the announcements. As I said, I was told we would find out this week, and as of Friday 2:30PM CST there are still no answers. Portal still says "undecided." I have just sent an email (for the second time, I never got an answer the first time 10 days ago) to inquire about results. Will keep this space updated. 4:00PM CST - No email response again. I tried calling before closing and nobody answered. Looks like we have to wait until next week. Aside from last year when the Board meeting was delayed due to COVID, this is probably the latest they've ever announced, and I cannot comprehend why given that they already had their Board meeting a week ago.

6/27 - 9:30PM CST Received rejection x 3

Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies Academy Scholars Program[]

Henry Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship in American Art[]

Applied: Predoctoral x4

3.10 Any news?

^It looks like ppl were notified on 3/4 and 3/6 two cycles ago, and last year someone was accepted on 3/10/20. Hoping to hear something soon!

3.15 has anyone heard anything? Looks like the other ACLS fellows are being notified

^3.15 I haven't heard anything yet! In the past they've announced acceptances on Wednesdays and alternates on maybe someone will hear Wednesday? It's hard to stay calm!!

3.22 Anyone else feeling like we've all been rejected?

^3.22 It's a weird year, and my advisor did say they hadn't heard anything yet about acceptances. You never know!

3.25 anyone hear anything or is it time to move on w/ life ?

^3.25 I haven't heard anything either. I know their website says notifications will be late March, but given how in past years it's usually the first week of March I'm quickly losing faith. Even with a pandemic it seems like a very long time not to hear, so I'm guessing since I haven't heard it's a no. I'm guessing those selected just don't check fellowship wikis.

3.26 Definitely agree. At least people in future years will now know what date to expect their rejection letters (hah).

3.29 received a rejection at around 3:40 pm eastern x3

3.29 same -- rejected at 3:41pm

3.30 is anyone else still waiting to hear back on the Luce?

4.05--rejected at 1:40pm

Hobart and William Smith - Fisher Center Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Home Grown Curatorial Fellowship[]

Horowitz Fellowship[]

Huntington Library Fellowship[]

Applied: Travel Grant 1x

2/19 - emailed about receipt of award x1

IGCC Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied: History 1x

Anyone hear anything? It's been radio silence for me since February.

IHR Doctoral Fellowship (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS)[]

Institute for Turkish Studies Dissertation Writing Grant[]

Ithaca College Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship[]

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship[]

4/14 - Informed of acceptance via email. Given 30 days to accept or reject.

Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship (UVA)[]

Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program[]

Applied x2

3/17 - Still no updates since initial application. Anyone have any idea about the timeline?

04/27 - Usually they send decisions out last week of April / early May. So it should be coming soon now.

05/04 - Email from USIP stating 'The announcement of the Peace Scholar Awards has been slightly delayed until early June. The 18 accepted applicants will receive an email from ---[[1]], which will provide additional information. Once Peace Scholar awards are finalized, the status of every application will be updated in the FLUXX system. Please email us if you have additional questions.'

06/11 — Wondering if decisions have gone out? Anyone heard anything at all?

06/22 - After asking about it a week ago, I got this message: "The Peace Scholar Dissertation fellowship will be announced by the end of June, 2021."

John Carter Brown Library Fellowships[]

short-term fellowship x1

^Any idea what is going on with this? Rejections seemed to go out in 2020 in mid-February.

Josephine de Karman Fellowship[]

applied x5. Only open to students at California universities this year

4/4 I called their number today; an automated system said that the committee would meet on April 12, and if we don't receive an email on that day, we were not selected. Good luck, everyone! Wonder whether  I stand a chance this year since they've reduced the fellowships to a handful of CA universities?!

4/11 Good luck, all--so nervous! Trying not to get my hopes up...there were probably hundreds of applicants (even though we had to mail in our applications--what was up with that?!)~V

  • [4/11] Good luck to you as well! I am wondering if they asked for hard copies of applications to limit the number of applicants? Either way, please keep us posted tomorrow (and I will do the same)! -N
  • [4/12] Good luck! I'm also trying not to get my hopes up. I called a few weeks ago and found out that there were 85 applicants this year (I'm not sure how many awards there will be though). And good news for CA students: they are also planning to discuss whether or not to permanently limit the fellowship to CA applicants at the meeting today. So if not this year, maybe next year! I also found the hard copy application quite strange--especially since we were required to enclose letters of recommendation in the same envelope with our applications, especially during the pandemic when many of us aren't living on campus? I had to ask my advisors to mail sealed letters of rec to my address way in advance; is this what everyone else did too? -E
    • [4/12] For my application, I asked my letter writers to mail me sealed letters of recommendation. They signed the seal on the back of the envelope to show that I had not seen the letters and that they were truthful. Very unusual! That is a small number of applicants, especially in comparison to previous years. It will be interesting to hear what they end up deciding on. -N
    • 4/12 I also asked my advisors to mail me sealed letters. It was a worrying moment because USPS was (and is) having so many issues. Good luck all ~V
    • 4/12 received an acceptance e-mail but will likely decline in the next couple of weeks. Hope someone else can get an offer from the waitlist and I will try to decline as soon as possible; I just need to confirm that I am eligible to accept another fellowship first. -E
      • [4/12] Congratulations! I didn't receive an email, and my guess is that they sent out acceptances at the same time. Congrats to everyone that received the award! -N
      • 4/12 congrats! nothing for me as well. Onwards! -V
      • 4/23 Congratulations! Have you already declined your offer? I am on the waiting list... -S
    • 4/13 Just received an email informing me of my alternate status. My colleague is an alternate as well. Is anyone else on the waitlist?
  • 4/17 - I received an acceptance email as well earlier this week (and in the mail). My advisers were fine having an unsealed letter.

Koc Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations Residential Fellowship[]

Kress Foundation History of Art Institutional Fellowships[]

Applied: Courtauld/Warburg 2x

Applied: ZIKG Munich 1x; rejection letter 2/1 from ZIKG. Good luck and congratulations to recipients!

2/11 Anyone else who applied to Courtauld/Warburg heard anything?

3/4 Rejection letter from Courtauld/Warburg. Good luck! x2

Lake Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship[]

Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research[]

Any news? 04/13/2021

Nothing. Hopefully soon. 4/14/21

Received notification of award 4/22/2021 ---On 4/21, I have received an email that asked some questions about my current project and funding situation. I replied to their email on 4/22 and they let me know that I am awarded. Gook Luck everybody!

Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship[]

Any news?

Alright ... who's gonna reach out to Pam and ask for an update? (4/27)

Notice of rejection (4/27), 12:21p

Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund[]


History x 1

Ethnomusicology x 1

Comparative Literature x 1

Anyone have any updates on when this might be announced? From past wikis, seems like end of March but that people have had a difficult time receiving any sort of communication or answers from the fellowship.

3/22 – No word! From the past few years, it sounds like people have generally started hearing as late as mid-April (and it seems that the Board of Trustees needs to vote on the list of awardees prior to notices going out). Unless you need to know for other funding sources (teaching, other fellowships), I would say that it's worth waiting (for the sake of whoever the administrative assistant is) until mid-April (e.g., 4/19) to call/email. While I would also rather know ASAP, it's worth keeping in mind that most people are operating remotely and on slower schedules than usual—and perhaps paying good energy forward will work out for us and we'll all hear next week!

3/24 Rejection email (10:02am PDT) X3

3/24 Acceptance email (notice of nomination before trustee vote)

Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation/Teaching Fellowship (Kenyon College)[]

Applied: history; English

March 2: got a rejection email saying that they have candidate campus visits scheduled x2

Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship in European Studies[]

3x Art History

1x Critical Media Practices

1x Spanish Literature

(Applied: 1x Medieval English literature)

I just accepted the fellowship and was notified 4/13. Tomorrow is the deadline to notify the CES about accepting. Best of luck to alternates!

(what day was this? I have received neither a rejection nor any letter from them.. congrats and thanks!) 16 April 21

19 April - I also have heard nothing. anyone else has heard? alternates?

05/03- Has anyone gotten a rejection yet? I still haven't heard anything (I got a rejection on 04/27 last year).

05/05 Rejected via email 😌

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art History Fellowships[]

Applied: History of Art & Visual Culture x8

Applied, Lauder Fellowship in Modern Art x3

1/26: Anyone have any idea when decisions might be coming?

1/26: Usually it's by the end of the first week in Feb, though sometimes has been as late as mid/late February.

1/27 ^ ? their website states by the last Friday in February, though last year they were late and sent notifications in the first week of March.

2/2 Just heard that I was an alternate. Any idea if it happens for people to decline the fellowship?

^ It happens! Some people don't want to move and would rather accept a fellowship that doesn't require residence. 02/10

2/2 Also listed as an alternate

2/2 acceptance via email with more info to come by feb 19. (x3) Seems like in the past, acceptances/rejections/alternates are notified over a couple days I think.

I applied for a Jr. Conservation/Sci Research Fellowship and haven't heard anything yet, but saw that my online application changed today from "Under Review" to "Completed Process." For those of you who have heard back, is there any indication in the online portal?

^ yes, mine is also completed process. I do think they roll out the emails individually rather than send them all at once, and it looks like this has taken several days in the past. There's still time!

^^ Congrats to those accepted! Would you be willing to share whether you are History of Art & Visual Culture applicants or one of the other fellowships?

^^^ I applied three times to the predoc fellowship (Hist of Art and Vis Cult) over the course of my PhD, and was rejected three times. Now I have a new project as a postdoc and was finally accepted. Goes to show it was worth persevering even when I felt the institution didn't see the value of my work. Rejections are not personal and they help you improve :)

2/2 Rejected x8

2/4 Thank you all for the useful info! People who heard back, did some of you apply to the Lauder or are we just talking about the other fellowships right now?

^sorry to have not clarified! I was one of the accepted and I applied for history of art and visual culture. 2/4

^^ No problem at all! Thank you for sharing. My Lauder application is still listed as "under review" on the portal. Anyone else here applied to Lauder? Does it looks the same on your side?

^^^ Would folks who have been accepted mind sharing the department they are in?

^^^^ My application for the Lauder also shows as "under review" as of 2/4.

^^^^^ Still nothing from the Lauder as of 2/10 and it's driving me crazayyy

2/9 I applied to Art History/Visual Culture and haven't heard a peep yet! And on the portal it says "process completed." Is this good, bad??

2/10 My application says "Under Review". Did those who were rejected receive an email notifying them of the rejection? I haven't heard anything (applied to both Lauder and History of Art and VC)

2/19 Could someone kindly post the link for the application portal? I can't for the life of me navigate back to it after last checking it a couple weeks ago.

^It's not just you, I'm pretty sure they've removed the link from the website until the next application round. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to hear back anything...


2/21 Has any of the successful candidates received any updates, since they're supposed to send out more info by 2/19?

2/22 yes, heard initially on 2/2, contract came 2/16 (art/visual culture)

2/22, I'm curious, have any of the accepted applicants been awarded an endowed art/visual culture fellowship?

2/22 yes^ and I believe based on past announcements that all of them technically are. None of the fellows announced in press releases are called 'history of art and visual culture' fellows

2/23 Does anyone know why some of us still haven't heard? It sounds like offers went out already, I'm not sure why I haven't received a rejection yet.

2/23 ^ I'm waiting too. Could we be second alternates, perhaps? Or maybe some depts are running behind?

^ That's what I'm hoping. Everyone I know who applied last year received their rejection or acceptance emails by Thursday Feb 8th, so I'm feeling a bit pessimistic.

2/25: Still no word. This has become my obsession.

^I'm with you.

2/26: Anyone hear anything yet? I really thought I would hear by now.

^Not me, friend. Today was the last day to get a response, according to the website. I'm emailing Academic Programs.

3/2– I received a reply from Academic Programs stating that the Lauder committee has not yet finalized decisions: “The Advisory Committee for the Leonard A. Lauder Fellowship in Modern Art is currently finalizing their decisions, and has not yet issued notifications. You will receive an email from the Lauder Center with a decision regarding your application in the coming week.”

Minerva-USIP Peace and Security Scholarship[]

Mitchem Dissertation Fellowship Program (Marquette University)[]

Has anyone heard back from Marquette?

4/14 -- I still haven't heard anything from Marquette. Applied on January 4th.

4/15 At this point I do not think we're going to hear back from them.

MIT SHASS Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Morgan Library Fellowships[]

Applied: Samuel H. Kress Predoctoral Research Fellowship 3x

Bella da Costa Greene Curatorial Fellowship 1x

2/11 I know last year we didn't hear until late spring with the pandemic, but just on the off chance their schedule is more like previous years - anyone heard anything yet?

2/12 Nothing here... The website says they'll have a short list of candidate: "After the deadline, Drawing Institute staff reviews the applications to assess the merits and feasibility of the proposed project, and the importance of the Morgan’s collections and resources to the project. The strongest proposals are selected for the short list and sent to outside reviewers for ranking and further feedback. Drawing Institute staff make final recommendations to the Director of the Morgan Library & Museum who reviews and approves awards." Do we know if people on the short list are usually notified?

2/12 Received official rejection yesterday

2/13 Should we believe people who havent heard are on the shortlist?

2/16 Anyone else who applied is willing to share anything on their current standing?

2/16 I applied this year and also haven't heard anything yet. In past years I know they have done interviews so it's strange that some of us haven't heard either way.

2/16 Thank you for sharing part of your letter! It's very generous of you. I don't feel super comfortable hoping/thinking that I'm on a short list until I know of more people who heard back with negative answers. I think it's a little odd that more individuals on this forum seem to be on the short list than not. To the person who received a rejection: did you receive it via a standardized email or did someone from the Morgan reach out informally? I hope I'm being pessimistic and that we are all indeed shortlisted. In any case, good luck to everyone still waiting!

2/16 Additional person here. Thanks for this info. To the person who has applied previously, did you receive a notification that you were shortlisted? I have also not heard anything. On their website, they say successful applicants will be notified in march and nothing about notifications for those shortlisted. my (hopefully just pessimistic) guess is that the person who wrote they received a rejection already accidentally posted under the wrong application section?? anyone have any additional info to contradict this? thanks

2/16 Deleted/edited my previous comments to reduce confusion

2/17 Rejected party here: sorry for the confusion. I applied for the Greene Curatorial Fellowship, not the Kress, and received an official rejection via email on 2/11. Best of luck to all! I'm hoping my timeline has no bearing on yours.

4/7 I know the application form said we would hear by the end of March. I'm assuming the silence in my email and here means no one has heard either way but has anyone tried contacting them?

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program[]

Applied: Musicology x 1

2/25 Notified not a semi-finalist

2/25 Notified of semi-finalist status (64 out of 413 total applicants)

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant[]

(3/26) Does anyone know what the dates for review panels were? (Cul Anth)

--> According to the NSF website (, it may be April 13 - 14, 2021 7:30am - 7:00pm

Thank you so much! Isn't that much later than usual?

First rejections went out: “During the Spring 2021 review cycle, 146 DDRIG proposals were considered by the Cultural Anthropology program. This panel considered 73 proposals. The remaining 73 proposals were considered by a separate panel. The panel placed 3 proposals in High Priority; 6 proposals in the Medium Priority, 13 proposals in Low Priority; and 51 proposals in Non-Competitive”

>Can anyone confirm the above rejections? I didn't receive one, app listed as pending. Were they only sent to PIs? 4/13

> My status is still pending. Have not received rejection and have asked my PI. Crossing my fingers. 4/14/21

> I'm pending, last updated 4/06. No rejection sent to PI or me. 4/14

>To the poster above, how do you know about last update? where can you see that? 4/14 5:53pm

Log into, click proposal status. You will see a "status updated" column with a date.

Damn...there's no Status updated column in my account...

What columns do you see? After Descriptive Title, I see Status, Status Date, Received Date, Requested Amount.

Just Status, Status Date, Received Date, Requested Amount... No "Status Update", just pending.

pending here too- 04/14

4/14: I can confirm that some rejections went out a couple days ago. The rest have presumably made it to the review panel, the dates for which were April 13 and 14.

^thanks a lot

4/17: does anyone know what the "priority" levels correspond to in terms of funding? And if the review panels are in April, when are the final results released? (my application is still pending in FastLane)

4/28: Any cultural anth hear back yet or know when we might? My fastlane says pending last updated January 14th.

^My Fastlane/ says the same. Digging through the archives it seems like acceptances and rejections are released around last week of April and first week of May, but some people don't hear back until much later.

^Cul/Anth here. Same... just waiting with my fingers crossed.

(5/4) Someone I know received a rejection today via email to their PI.

(5/4) Do those who receive rejection emails see any change in fastlane?

(5/9) My status date has changed to 5/7 and Program Contact has changed from Jeffrey Mantz to Siobhan Mattison. God knows what the fuck any of this means. x 2

------Update (5/10) Received email that my project is being recommended; no changes on Fastlane/ x2

(5/9) Siobhan Mattison is the director of the bio anth program. Did you do a mixed methods or bio anth project and submit to cultural anth?

^Not at all - I am exclusively Cul Anth. She's also an administrator for Cul Anth, from what I can see on the NSF page. I'm wondering if the change has something to with the fact that there are review panels scheduled for May 5-6 and May 13-14 which she is chairing. Perhaps our applications are going through one final round of review...?

(5/9) Maybe? Literally zero transparency in this process haha

(5/22) Heard through advisor that cul anth application was not accepted (competitive-low)

(6/5) Any news on cult anth?

(6/7) Mine is still pending. I have not had any update on fastlane since January 2021.

(10/1) Applied: Archaeology

(11/16) Anyone have news? Nothing on my end.

New York Botanical Gardens Humanities Institute Research Fellowship[]

Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study[]

Penn Predoctoral Fellowships for Excellence through Diversity[]

3/11- Rejected (x2)


Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation for Buddhist Studies/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship[]

Smith Richardson Foundation, World Politics & Statecraft Fellowship[]

Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) (Predoctoral)[]

Applied: SAAM x2

2/9 Any updates?? I know we probably won't hear til March, but a boy can dream...

2/10 Nothing yet here x4

2/10 The thing that formerly said "SIFP" on my app in the SOLAA portal has now been updated to "SAAM" -- anyone else?

^I now have two apps, one for "SIFP" and one for "SAAM"

No changes for me (proposed working at NMAH, NMAAHC, NPG)

2/24 Received acceptance via email! (SAAM) x2

2/24 Has anyone heard from apps other than SAAM?

^ applied to NPG and nothing yet a.o 2/24, anyone else? x2 nothing yet

3/1: SAAM: Status changed to "Not Selected" (via e-mail and SOLAA)

3/1: NPG: Status changed to "Not Selected" (via email and SOLAA) – did anyone get specific feedback on their application in SOLAA? [adding to my post a few hours later that I think people wrote more in this thread below but it is now removed. Someone had posted: "3/1: 'Not Selected': informed that this year they awarded fewer grants than ever before due to Covid-induced budget cut." Not sure where the post went and if that person would provide more context on how they know this info...?]'

^ I've responded several times but they are all gone! How odd. I personally got messages from my POIs about their budget related issue.

^ How odd! Thank you for adding more context and insight! It's really good to know. Congrats to all who were awarded!

SHAFR Marilyn Blatt Young Dissertation Completion Fellowship[]

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Research Grants[]

Soroptimist [Founder Region Fellowship][]

SPFFA Bourse Marandon[]

1/27 Didn't this fellowship close its doors? Did they even award any fellowships last year?
I thought I saw the application form for this year was due in mid-March, two months later than usual. Will check and report back.

^Not sure about your two questions, but the application form up until late December said apps were due Jan. 15 (for graduate students), which was consistent with past deadlines. Around the first week of January, the deadline was then changed to Feb. 15 for graduate students.

This google doc says 15 March (see pp.4):

It says on pg. 4: a. le dossier complet, accompagnée d’un chèque d’adhésion à la Société d’un montant de 20 dollars américains, libellé à l’ordre de la SPFFA, doit être envoyé également à l’adresse suivante avant le 15 février 2021 (15 mars 2021 pour les bourses destinées aux sous- gradués)

Feb. 15 for grad students, March 15 for undergrads. The date for graduate students every year so far has been mid-January. Many fellowships extended their deadlines this year, so I imagine this one is in that trend too (at least for the graduate/post-grad section of the application).

4/14-Does anyone have any ideas when we'll hear back?

4/26-Did anyone else forget to add explicit proof of US citizenship to their application? Citizenship is required by the work positions and other fellowships I've held, as well as the ones I stated I was currently applying to (they are all on my CV), but idk why I forgot to scan and attach something like a passport or ID to my app. I sent one recently, so hopefully it wasn't too late.

5/9- Anyone receive any notifications?

6/2- No news at all? I sent an emailing inquiring but no response.

6/8-Receieved notification of award today.

6/8 - Received acceptance email.


Applied, history x4

Applied, environmental science/policy x1

Applied, art history x3

Applied, urban studies x1

Applied, anthropology x1

Any idea when initial rejections/transcript requests are coming? I think it's usually this week (Jan. 27)

No news here yet, but yes, looking at previous years' pages it seems that it's usually the last week of January or the first week of February. I'll be interested to see if they do rejections and transcript requests together this year too. (Jan. 27)

Nothing here either. The website states: "... applicants will be contacted by the program via email about their status in February 2021." I guess they are finally doing away with snail mail. (Jan. 28)

Anything anybody? (Feb 2)

^ No news. Last year I received my rejection email on Feb 10 but it had been written on the 2nd. I would expect them to ask for transcripts this week for sure.

No news here either. Assuming we're hoping to NOT hear anything as in previous years, right? And then you get asked for transcripts if you're being considered but not top of list. Then there are the initial rejections? (February 4)

I also haven't heard anything. My understanding is also that radio silence is a good sign. However, that doesn't mean I don't want to know whether initial cuts have been made...I just want to know whether I should keep hoping. Also, based on past years it sometimes looks like rejections lag behind transcript requests, even when they were emailed rather than snail mail (2/4)

^Not sure about that, actually. Their website now states, "Incomplete and ineligible applicants will be informed of their status by December 2020. All other applicants will be contacted by the program via email about their status in February 2021. Fellows and alternates will be named in April 2021." So I'm guessing everyone will be notified...?

My portal now shows a Needs Attention tab under which it shows 'Finalist Submission' under Round. Anyone else? (2/4)

^ Ooooh interesting! Mine still says submission. I Imagine it would update to "rejected" or something when the time comes but perhaps not. (2/4)

Also seeing "Finalist Submission" there. No idea what is means; everyone I know can also see it in their respective app portals. (2/4)

Of the two people I know, one's says 'Finalist Submission' and the other's shows no change. What the fuck are we supposed to make of this? I really hope they release emails tomorrow and not leave us hanging till next week. (2/4)

Ugh. Are any of you reapplying this year? Curious to know if you remember anything like this from last year. (2/4)

^ Mine also says submission. I would assume those that say "Finalist Submission" are the ones getting to the next round?

On the other hand, maybe they haven’t sent notification emails because these decisions haven’t been finalized yet and the ones that still says “submission” haven’t yet been updated. Just trying to stay positive!

Received a transcript request today, 2/5, at 11:08 am.

Request for transcripts received at 12:08 am ET (2/5).

I am assuming those who have 'Finalist Submission' on their portal are getting transcript requests? If someone could confirm this, I think it could help others in moving on.

^Yes, my portal was showing 'Finalist Submission' and I received the request

Request for transcripts received at 12:07pm ET on 2/5 (and on 2/4 my portal displayed "Finalist Submission" under the tab "Needs Attention," as others have reported).

(2/5) My portal still shows "submission" and I have not received either a transcript request or a rejection.

(2/5) May be wrong (and I hope I am), but I don't think anyone has received a rejection. What would guarantee a rejection is that getting a transcript request is necessary for moving to the next round. I am unaware of cases where someone doesn't get a transcript request and moves on. Maybe someone reapplying can verify this.

(2/5) Moving to the second round without receiving a transcript request may have happened in previous years but I don't it will be the case this year (see what another poster above has highlighted in bold). I think those of us who haven't received a transcript request and whose portal doesn't show 'Needs Attention' are at this point only waiting for a rejection.

Receiving neither a rejection nor a transcript request has happened in years past. Apparently, it meant that the candidate was ranked highly in the first round of evaluation. Whether that may be the case this year is anyone's guess. We will know as soon as all rejections have been released. Btw, there is 60 fellowships this season...

^idk about this, esp. this year - as others have said, why would the website say "All other applicants will be contacted by the program via email about their status in February 2021" if that's not actually what they're going to do? Also fwiw I know 3 ppl who were awarded the fellowship 2 years ago who got transcript requests and 2 ppl in the same situation last year. I've never heard of anyone getting the fellowship who did not get a transcript request. I know previous years' wikis have said it's happened in the past, but from what I can tell it's just a rumor.

Yeah, my advisor was a reviewer for them a few years ago and is saying that everyone who makes it to the final tier is asked for their transcript.

Rejected via email at 5:04 pm ET. 940 applicants this year. (2/8).

(2/9) If SSRC IDRF admins read this thread - in the future please be merciful and send out transcript requests the same day as rejections, even if it means sending both out later than usual. Not kind to make people wait all weekend for news after hearing that transcript requests went out.

^^ seconded

(2/9) Anyone have an idea how many applications make it to the final tier? (I know in previous years they offered around ~70 fellowships but this year it's been cut to ~60 - no idea about how many apps in the last tier…)

^No idea, but I'm also curious.

^^A rumor I heard was that there are about ~200 finalists, and then ~60 are receipients. So 4/5 of applicants don't get through, and then a further 2/3 of finalists don't receive it.

Based on previous years, we should know by the end of today (usually released on Tuesday or Wednesday of the second week in April). Don't know if it will be delayed this year because of Covid though....

^ checking email constantly... I hope we will hear today

Anyone heard anything at all??? Feels so odd, this is the first time in forever they have waited so long to release any decisions.

^Nope. Is there any change in the application portal for anyone? None for me, but last time that was a major clue in advance. (4/9)

^^ What are the changes we should be looking for? Not seen anything here. My bet having trawled through older notices is that we will get something on Monday - sometimes it has been the 2nd Monday of April.

^^^Re: the seeming delay in sending decisions - my sense is that they are actually on track? For ex, in 2018 emails went out on Monday, April 9th, the beginning of the second full week of April. Since April started on a Thursday this year, next week is actually the second full week of April.

(4/10) Spoke to a friend who was an IDRF recipient in a past year. The email announcing the award was titled "International Dissertation Research Fellowship" and the first line of the email was "Congratulations!" Hoping they will preserve that humane format this time round - or, even better, just put "Congratulations!" in the subject line for the fortunate few.

So I guess it should be today then? Checking my email every 5 mins...

^ Hopefully today, but I wouldn't expect it until the late afternoon!

Received notification of award 4/12 around 3 EST

4/12: Fellowship awardee (received 3:19pm) (x2)

4/12: Fellowship awardee (received 3:17pm ET) (x3)

4/14: For posterity - I received the fellowship and nothing changed on my portal to indicate this. However, between first and second round, my portal displayed "Finalist Submission" under the tab "Needs Attention" before I received a transcript request via email. Also (correct me if I'm wrong!) it seems everyone who was a finalist received a transcript request - so I do think it's an urban legend that receiving a request means you are in the middle tier, and that not receiving a request means you are in the top tier.

4/14: Also for posterity - the award letter's subject line was "2021 IDRF Program" and the first line was "Congratulations!"

This is such a humiliating process.

4/20 - Congrats to awardees. Received email on 4/12 indicating that I'm an alternate. Any sense of how many alternates they choose? Final notices will go out by May 1... still crossing my fingerS

5/17 - any idea when we might get our reviews? Kind of shitty of them to say in a few weeks and then give radio silence for over a month.

^ (7/3) - I received my proposal evaluations in the late afternoon of May 17th.

Tobin Project Graduate Fellowship and Workshop[]

Tobin Project Prospectus Development Workshop[]

Tufts University Mellon Comparative Global Humanities Dissertation Fellowship[]

University of California @ Davis Provost's Dissertation Year Fellowship[]

UCLA Clark Library Predoctoral Fellowship[]

University of California Santa Barbara Black Studies Dissertation Fellowship[]

University of Southern California (USC) Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research Fellowships[]

UT Austin Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowships[]

Washington College - Part-time Fellowship in Literature, History, Culture, Art of the Americas before 1830[]

Application deadline: March 15, 2021 Link:

Weatherhead Fellowship (SAR Residential Fellows Program)[]

applied x3

3/18 Has anyone heard back from the SAR?

  • Not yet! (I was one of the x2 above who applied)
  • When was the last edit on your application? (I applied for one of the other SAR fellowships, but I figured they sent out all decisions at the same time)
  • Not since November... what about you?
  • My last edit was yesterday. I'd double-check yours. When you preview the app there is a "last edited" section near your application ID.
  • Wow, thanks for the suggestion - my last edit was back in January, so I imagine I was cut from the pool early. Fingers crossed for you, though!! (And for us all to hear soon one way or another!)
  • I'm sorry to hear that (assuming the edit date means anything). But thanks and good luck with any other fellowships you applied for!
  • Thanks, you too! :)
  • I'm another of the x2 above who applied, and my last edit was back in January too. Good to know I guess! Hope we all hear back soon.

4-5 Has anyone heard back about this fellowship?

4/5 Rejection. Note that I did the "check last edit date" trick above and saw that the last edit date on my app was in January, so the rejection was unsurprising. Good luck to the other applicants!

Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant[]

Nov 2020 Deadline

Applied: cultural anthro (x1) Passed stage 1: cultural anthropology x2 (email received Feb 23, 8:22 am ET)

Rejected with a 3.33. Will reapply (4/9)

Rejected with 2.6. Will reapply. (4/9)

Approved with 2.33. (4/9)

May 2021 Deadline

Applied: cultural anthro (x1), archaeology

Moved forward to round 2. No email, just checked the application portal and saw that there is a review tab and the feedback and decision were there. (07/15)

Passed stage 1: archaeology (8/2 for official email, saw I had passed a couple weeks ago the same way ^^) (update: denied 2.66)

Approved with 2.00 (Oct 8th)- Sociocultural Anthropology (1)

Just looked at the new application (deadline Nov 1) and the question that asked how we have revised our proposals based on previous feedback is gone (for those who have applied before) - anyone else seeing this or am I doing something wrong?

^^ hope you found it, they put it on Page 3 (coding)

--for future applicants: the new system has a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. Some changes: no CV is required anymore, and the bibliography and budgets need to be de-identified. You can no longer preview your grant prior to submission, so if you need to submit your grant for university internal review you'll have to save each page as a pdf and send it that way. Finally, that submit button at the end does not mean submit the pdf documents, it means submit the whole entire grant.

Winterthur Dissertation Fellowship[]

Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies[]

Rejected 1/18 x2

Notified of finalist status 1/18 (x3)

Rejected 3/3

Rejected 3/4

Yale ISS Smith Richardson Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Yale ISS Henry A. Kissinger Predoctoral Fellowship[]