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This page is for dissertation fellowships for 2022–2023 (including research fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, and other predoctoral opportunities).

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RECENT ACTIVITY on Dissertation Fellowships 2022-2023[]

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General Comment: Is there a way to boost this thread? It's not on the main page and is showing up "Next Year's Thread" under dissertations. That might be why there's so little activity.

AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship[]


  • Anthropology x3
  • Musicology x1
  • History/WGSS x1
  • English x2
  • Urban planning x1

4/15 (7am) - Acceptance (History/WGSS). No email, just checked the portal. I will be declining the award because I've accepted a job offer. Best of luck to everyone!

AAUW Portal

Portal screenshot showing acceptance link.

^ congrats on the job! Where in the portal did you see it? I checked the homepage but no change from yesterday. I applied to the international fellowship so the portal may look different for me, but I’m curious where you saw it. <-- not sure if I can add an image, but I'll try. I applied for the American fellowship and it's a bit weird. I can't see the official offer letter unless I move through the acceptance process. <—- thanks that’s helpful!

4/15 ^^my portal looked like this, applied to dissertation completion fellowship. received provisional acceptance email at 9am. congrats!! [History/WGSS]. will most likely accept.

4/15 - rejection received at 9:01 am EST. Not a gender project so I am not too surprised. Congratulations to the winners!

4/15 - No change on my portal. Applied for American fellowship.

^ No change here either (@ 2:41 CST) (and still at 6:25 CST...) [biology/ecology]

4/15 -ECE alternate

Has anyone else still not heard? It's almost midnight EST and I thought all notifications were going out today?<— have you checked your spam and the portal, they Might have updated it if you received the scholarship.

4/15 (8am central) - Acceptance via email (English/Literature)

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program in Education Research[]

ACLS / Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships[]

Fellowship information page


  • Art history x 5
  • Anthropology x 6
  • American studies x 1
  • Classics/Ancient History x 1
  • Critical Media Practices
  • English x 4
  • History/WGSS x 1
  • Music x 1
  • Religious studies x 2
  • Theatre/Performance Studies x2
  • Black studies / AfAm x1
  • Comparative Literature x1
  • German x1
  • Philosophy x2
  • Sociology x1

Do people know when the announcements go out usually? As far as I remember, it is around this time of the year (3/7)

^^I'm thinking awardees will be notified mid-week. I've spent too much time looking at past threads of this...gah! Good luck to all.

^^Doesn't the website say notifications will come via email in late March? But ugh yes, me too. Too nervous - but more or less emotionally prepped for a rejection

^^With the exception of 2020 (which had an understandable delay), they seem to pretty consistently notify awardees on the second Monday of March. So, my money is on the 14th.

^^ I’ve seen 14th on some threads too. Hope the rejections are sent out the same day. Otherwise, it feels awful to wait!

^^ Did some digging into the edit history from last year, and it looks like people found out on the 15th in the afternoon. So seconding next Monday...

Last year’s recipients got the email around the first day of the third week. For this timeline, it might be next week, starting on Monday 14th, latest Friday 18th.

Ugh I'm so anxious!!!!


Today, 14th March. I hope to get goodnews.

Aaaaaany minute now.

This is nerve-wracking

Anyone refreshing this page as often as their email? Good times.

^^Refresh email, refresh this page, do 5-10 mins of work, refresh email, refresh this page...

^^Are...we the same person?

^^Sick to my stomach over here in anticipation. The anxiety's killing me! I hope they hurry up...

FWIW, in the past five years or so, usually people are notified later in the week.

The anxiety is so real. Be kind and tell yourself that maybe the results will come Friday. Then go outside or bake some bread or call a friend. Taking my own advice starting now...

^^This is a great reminder. Thank you. Going to give myself the afternoon off to go for a bike ride. <3

got news. Success

oof, my heart just skipped a beat. congrats! when did they send out the email?

Few minutes ago. Good luck all

[03/14] Surprised to see only one acceptance. Let's do a headcount of how many people are active/watching on this page, might help us assess what's going on... (x20)

^ I was thinking the same as I keep refreshing this website

[03/14] You all got trolled. << Cruel but unsurprising. It's the risk we take when watching these pages << it takes a special kind of person...

[3/14 4:58 PM ET] It is doubtful notifications will go out after 5pm ET. Since the one "acceptance" listed here seems to be a troll, it's safe to say acceptances haven't gone out yet. Maybe tomorrow. Hope folks can log off and take a breath.

[3/14] I agree with the sentiments above. 5 pm ET seems to be the latest time. Wishing you all some well-earned relaxation after the troll saga.

^^Perhaps, and indeed I hope so. However, there is nothing particularly suspicious about the poster's history, and last year, there was only one acceptance notification on this thread. Not that that's helpful in this situation, of course. What makes you all think its a troll? <<< There was half a dozen acceptances all posted at the same time last year. Highly improbable that there would only be one.

^^ 8 acceptances on the thread in total last year (you have to scroll carefully to see them all), and that looks to be fairly consistent year-to-year. Just one seems sketchy given the number of people following this page, not to mention no real info about time, discipline, etc. included by the original poster. We'll know when we know, but I wouldn't assume a rejection based on this.

^^ I think the reason some people are questioning this other poster is by and large because they did not provide a time stamp. Last year (Dissertation Fellowships 2021-2022#ACLS .2F Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships) there were about three people with varied time zones that mentioned their acceptance with a time stamp.

A friend just got a response. Has until March 21st to accept or decline. There are 800 applicants. I hope this helps.

^^do you know the exact time your friend was accepted and what their discipline is?

Accepted. Got the email at 3:30 PM. whoever needs to hear this: I got rejected last year and this was my second time applying. Don't give up; you're somebody and have value--one email does not change that.

^^ Congratulations! This, unfortunately, is the only year that I am eligible, unless they're generous with their exceptions due to Covid.

^^sorry to repeat but looks like someone deleted my message. Does anyone know if the acceptances roll during the week? I think in the past it did (perhaps around 2017). Rejections seem likely to come the following week.

So if people received award notifications — has anyone received provisional acceptance?

[3/14] At the risk of giving everyone false hope, I am somewhat suspicious of the acceptance posts on here. The poster above who claims their 'friend' got an offer--that post came from the same IP address as the earlier posts people suspected of being from a troll ("got news. Success." etc.) If they are that determined to mess with us, it would be easy to sign up to a new wifi network or use a VPN to post an additional false confirmation with a new IP address ("Accepted. Got the email at 3:30 PM.") And as others pointed out (in response to myself, earlier), in past years there have been multiple confirmations of acceptances from different people within about 30 minutes. It could be that I am grasping at straws to avoid the disappointment, and if so, I apologize to the posters who have received acceptances. However, I am feeling like we can no longer trust the information on this thread.

^^100% these "people" (prob person) are sus. That's why I keep asking follow-up questions. And it seems since they aren't able to verify the information in a more cogent way, it makes me question their veracity. Anyways, I do not think it is at all grasping at straws to have hope. People (prob one person, again) aren't being good netizens right now. I also *think* the provisional acceptances will go out sometime this week based on past data.

….Well, I don’t know how else to convince you because I got email today at past 3. I truly pray that you get good news. Goodluck everyone. Pls you have to trust that this is no troll. Drop your number if you want me to call you.

The number is incomplete. Anyone else got additional information about someone else who got the award?

LOLOLOL "drop your number if you want me to call you." Because lying over the phone is more convincing? So silly... 800 applicants seems like a rather small number for ACLS. Agree with previous posters that the info here is sadly no longer reliable.

It is sad that you don’t believe. Trying to help because I will be less anxious if I know the truth. I will be here in the next five mins if you want to see the email with redacted info-( screen link removed) and hopefully you will be able to communicate on this page that it is true.

I joined OP's video chat, and they were able to share what appeared to be a screenshot of their provisional acceptance email, with identifying information redacted. It looked legit, with information about eligibility (needing to file dissertation by a certain date, not receiving further university funding after the completion of the fellowship term, etc).

^^congrats to OP! and on the (very slim) off chance that there is some kind of extended rollout this year, good luck to everyone still here and checking :)

[3/15] going to go with LOL duder, and VPN duder till further notice. awk to ask to join some random screen share and also to share phone numbers (are you one or three people? is the congrats person the same person or just naïve, did the person actually see the screen share or is this all one person...and on and on). Plus, this information isn't ubiquitous on other sites that share information, and on those sites there would be more than just random remarks without cogent information (there is literally no information about provisional acceptances anywhere else). O.O I literally have no faith in receiving the funding, btw, it's just literally me seeing poorly thought out information and potential trolling that gets my goat.

^^sorry, sorry - this is the congrats person. I'm just naïve and need to move on emotionally! I won't check this site again. Good luck to everyone!!

^so what the hell happened?

(Wed 3/16 at 10:46am) Hi, I have been lurking and have not posted before. I applied but did not get an acceptance on Monday, so I was in the boat of those hopeful it was all a ruse on the board and that acceptances had not gone out. However, I spoke to a friend in my program and learned they got an acceptance on 3/14 in the afternoon. Usually in past years, the acceptances all go out on the same day, alternates a few days later, and rejections are then sent near the end of March. So now begins the slow wait till my rejection letter, and I commiserate with those others who also missed out. Our projects are still valuable and important! Take care of yourselves and best of luck to all.

OP**I wasn’t trolling and felt sad that I tried to help but no one believed me. This is what the email says in part, “If you know that you will decline the award or are unable to accept it, please let us know that as soon as possible so that we may offer the award to another deserving graduate student.”…….”Assuming you remain interested in this fellowship, please ask one of your advisors to email my colleague, .(email redacted) about your continued eligibility by March 21. We ask your advisor to confirm four points listed below.” I guess while they are rolling it out probably daily, until 21st, they will give out the opportunity to others up the ladder when someone declines after this date. Please remember that indeed, your project is awesome and there is so much luck in the process. It is not because you are not enough but because it is also about luck. Goodluck to everyone here.

[3/17] does anyone know if alternate notifications have gone out yet?

[3/17 @ 2:43pm] Not sure whether I’m an alternate or not, but I did receive an award email an hour ago. The text in my email was identical to the one posted above, and I’ll have until the 24th to get back to them. It seems that the process of offering the fellowship is still ongoing. Best of luck to everyone!

^ that means you are an awardee! Congrats — how exciting!!

[3/18 3:30pm] any more updates? Has anyone found the email in the spam folder? Still waiting

[3/21] still waiting… just pull the trigger and finish it ACLS!!!

[3/21] If there's anyone out there who has received an alternate notification, I would appreciate any news on that front...

^^ [3/21 3:51 pm] same same same -- it is so interesting nobody mentioned so far about receiving alternate notifications :/

[3/23 @ 1:43 EST] Any news about alternates yet?

[23 March, 2:40 PM Eastern] I think we will know more tomorrow or Friday? I have heard nada.

[3/25] If awardees were given until 3/24 to make their decision, I suspect that most of the final decisions will roll out next week. Still surprising that no alternates have been announced here yet!

[3/26] It kind of seems that this year they are dealing with alternates differently. The first round of acceptances required notification by 3/21, so folks who received award notices after that date probably would have formally qualified as "alternates." My guess is that they are just moving down their list until all awards are accepted.

^^Seems accurate and likely that the process has changed as we'd usually have heard back by now about alternates and rejections on this or other sites.

[3/30 @ 4:37pm ET] Has anyone else still not heard anything?

[3/30 @ 5:08pm ET] Still nothing here. Assuming it's a no, but would like official confirmation, especially since I'm running up against a deadline to accept/decline something else.

3/30: same boat here ^ I really wish they'd tell us by tomorrow. Has anyone tried emailing them? Maybe I should. Doubt they'd answer though.

3/30@7;25pm PT: nothing so far. hoping I get results of any kind tmrw.

3/30@10:45am CT: Same. Heard nothing yet. If there's no notification past work hours at the 31st I will email them.

3/31@10:49ET: Official letters were sent out on Monday. Those who received the email will have until April 6th to sign, with a potential announcement on April 19th. Hopefully some more will decline for others to be accepted.

wheeeeelp, just got my official rejection (3/31 12:05pm est)

3/31 12:19am est: Got my official rejection too

My rejection just came in too (3/31 12:22pm ET)

(3/31 -- 11:17 CT) Received rejection too -- I assume there are no alternates as it has been assumed here above. I'd appreciate it if people could note here their alternate notifications if they received any. And good luck to everyone who got rejected like me - with other funding opportunities!

[31 March, 18:21 CET] rejection received. Best of luck to those in the mix still.

[4/14] Has anyone been able to get reviewer feedback?

Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Dissertation Fellowships[]

American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize[]

Anyone hear anything yet? (2/19)

I received a form rejection email today, unsurprising after not hearing about an interview [3/1]

American Philosophical Society Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Anyone know when announcements going out? Website says "by April," but I'm not sure if that's a typo and there's supposed to be a number after April? Or if they usually go out before April 1?

American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) Fellowships & Grants for Americans[]

American Sociological Association Minority Fellows Program[]

Augustana College Diversity Fellowship Program[]


  • Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Research Fellowships, Harvard University[]

Boren Fellowship[]

Boston College AADS (African and African Diaspora Studies) Dissertation Fellowship[]

3/28 - Offered

CAA Professional Development Fellowship[]

CAORC Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship[]

CAORC Multi-Country Research Fellowship[]

Applied: history x 1

3/10 - Accepted, notified via email

Carter G. Woodson Pre-Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Fellowship (University of Virginia)[]

Carter Manny Award[]

Applied 1x

Assuming "June" means very late June?

CASVA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, National Gallery of Art[]

Applied: Ittleson x 2

Applied: David E. Finley x 2

Applied: Kress, just received a call from the assistant dean for an interview in Feb. (1/18)

All the calls traditionally go out at once, so I suppose that's it for this fellowship season. Congrats to those who have interviews and good luck!

Any other calls received? It's still early in the day!

Call for interview in Feb (1/17)

Anyone know if acceptance calls have started going out? (2/8)

Calls started going out on 2/6 (2/8)

Listed as alternate (Kress) via email/letter - the committee met 2/5 (2/15)

Rejection letter received on 2/17

Were any of the above for the travel award? (3/8)

^^I got the travel award in years past and the acceptance came in mid-April. (3/15)

I presume calls are going out today (1/16/23) for the 2023-2024 CASVA pre-doctoral fellowships. Has anyone heard?

Haven’t heard anything yet, has anyone? (1/18/23) x 3

Any updates? They usually have the calls out by now, no? (1/21/23)

Nothing for me. I looked at the boards from years past and it has pretty consistently been early in the third week of Jan. I don't know anyone else who applied, so I can't ask outside this forum. (1/21/23)

A colleague in my department received a call on Wednesday (1/18/23). Unless they are spacing out calls per type of fellowship, I guess this is it. (1/21/23) x2

Center for Engaged Scholarship Dissertation Fellowship[]

Application was due Dec 15. $25,000 dissertation fellowship.

Anthropology x1

History x1

Sociology x1

Anyone know when in April people hear back from CES?

4/7 Got an email rejection with reviewer comments. They have selected finalists for the final round and my proposal didn't make it. Really appreciated they provided multiple substantive reviewer comments that were very constructive, supportive, and helpful!

4/7 Glad to hear the comments are constructive. I haven’t heard anything yet so my fingers are crossed.

4/17 The wait is killing me! Anyone have a sense of when final decisions are going to come out?

4/23 Received informal acceptance

Center for Jewish History Dissertation Fellowship[]

Center for Military History Dissertation Fellowship[]

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship[]


  • Musicology x1
  • Anthropology x1
  • History/WGSS x1
  • Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Philosophy x2
  • comparative literature x1
  • german studies x1

2/24 - WW announcements just went out. I've heard that in the past, the Newcombe finalist/rejection emails typically follow shortly thereafter.

2/24 - interesting! Given past years, it is also possible that we may need to wait til mid-March, but I think we all deserve some good news after such a horrible day in geopolitics. If they feel so inclined to announce it early, I will not protest!

3/4 - Rejection email. "over 460 applications for 22 awards..."

3/4 - Rejection email (history) - "I am sorry to inform you that you will not be moving forward as a finalist."

3/4 Rejection - comparative lit

3/4 - finalist notification, musicology

3/4 - Finalist notification

3/4 - Rejection, German Studies

3/4 Finalist notification, philosophy (x2)

To those who were rejected: I hope you prioritize self-care. I lit a candle, took a nice bath, and reconnected with friends for some external validation. (Though I sometimes also look at my CV to remind myself I've accomplished some stuff......)

Good luck to the finalists! I believe that they usually choose 10%-14% from the pool of applicants for the final round. I am not a math person, but I believe that finalists have anything between 30%-40% chance to eventually win the award.....

^Right, in two previous years on this wiki people have reported 14% were made Finalists from the original pool. At roughly 460 apps this year, that is right around 64 finalists for 22 spots, so ~34% of Finalists will eventually get an award. Of course, what percentage of Finalists are offered an award will depend on how many people decline. (And this is all assuming that this year will work like previous ones!)

**Am I the only person who has started checking this daily to see if anyone has heard yet? If not, then good luck!

^You are definitely not the only person, lol. BUT, I *think* we'll hear the decisions on Monday, given past years. I am preparing myself emotionally for the very real possibility that I don't win,... Good luck to everyone!! I hope all of us finalists active here win the award.

3/28 - Finalist rejection email @ 3:15 EST. Congrats to the winners!

3/28 - Notification of status as an alternate @ 12:16 pm PT. Congrats and best wishes to everyone reading this =).

3/28 Rejection at 1:14 PM, not an alternate. Sending thoughts and prayers to my fellow Finalist rejectees as we hold this L ;_;

Chateaubriand Fellowship (STEM and HSS)[]

Applied: HSS, History x 1

HSS, Literature

HSS, History

STEM - Did anyone hear back yet?

STEM - Not yet

05/20/2022 - STEM -Rejected via email at 2:45 PM EST

05/24/2022 - HSS - Rejected via email

05/24/2022 - HSS - Accepted via email at 11:50am EST.

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

5/23/2022 rejected via email at 9:46 PM EST

CLIR-Mellon Fellowship[]

Consortium for Faculty Diversity (Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fellowships)[]


Anthropology x2

Have y'all received any information from CFD? Why does the Interfolio link continuously push back their application deadline?

Consortium for History of Science, Medicine, and Technology Dissertation Fellowship[]

  • [3/22] Anyone heard anything?
  • [4/3] I emailed 3/21 to ask and they said we’d hear back by end of April. Last year they heard by early April.
  • [4/19] Any news yet?

Crystal Bridges Tyson Scholars Program[]

3/31 Rejected

DAAD Graduate Research Fellowship[]

3/16 Application status changed in the portal to “selection made.” Would someone here remind me whether that’s a good sign?

3/16 Also saw that the status changed to "selection made." I was trawling through past grad cafe forums and I think it's possible everyone sees this message regardless of the outcome? I'm not totally sure.

3/17 Mine first went to “selection made,” and then changed to blank. Weird.

^ In last year's forum, this happened to someone else who was then funded. My "selection made" hasn't gone blank, so fingers crossed! (3/17)

3/21 I posted on the 17th. The blank in the portal just changed to "funding." No notification though.

  • 3/21 Congratulations! I am the other poster here thus far. My "selection made" went blank, so unsure of what this means.
  • No idea what any of this means. DAAD's always been a black box. We might find out soon. Best of luck!
  • Something that might be of interest to others: apparently if you applied to both DAAD and Fulbright, the programs communicate and will typically only award one of the two.
  • Any updates?

3/26 "Application Status" has also changed to "funding," but there has been no official notification. Last year, my rejection letter came on 3/12, but I'm not sure that means anything.

  • Do you mind sharing when this change occured for you?
  • I noticed it on 3/26 for the first time. I hadn’t been checking all too regularly, though. Maybe a week or two before it still said “Application Complete.”

4/1 "Application Status" only just changed to "funding" after being blank for weeks. No email yet. I emailed DAAD earlier in the week and they said that we should be hearing soon.

  • Congrats!! That's a great sign. I wish they would define "soon."

4/7 Are there others still waiting on an official email?

  • Yes. I posted originally on 3/26 and have been frantically checking my email with every notification since. No updates from DAAD.

4/12 I called the DAAD office in NY today. It went straight to voicemail and the mailbox is full. Still waiting on an official notification.

  • 4/13 This is maddening, I also have yet to receive an email or message via the portal.

4/20 I finally received a response to an email I sent last week. The employee at DAAD in NYC confirmed that the "funding" application status means that you will be receiving the grant. Official documents are supposed to be sent "soon." Good luck everyone!

4/26 I received an official notification of funding.

Dartmouth College Chávez/Eastman/Marshall Dissertation Fellowship[]

• Chavez 03/02 interview requested

03/12 Advanced to Long-List (Semi-Finalist) for Marshall Fellowship

Dolores Liebmann Fellowship[]

Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship[]

Applied, no news as of 20 Jan

Applied, also no news as of 7 Feb (not expecting decisions until end of month/early March). Out of curiosity, did you get any other follow up emails from them? The original submission email mentioned they would contact us when they began reviewing our applications, but I never heard anything and I know they generally review over the Christmas holidays or thereabouts.

^Applied, no news. In the past, they've sent all notices (accepted, rejected, waitlist) by around this time. Never received a follow up e-mail.

Finalist interviews (edit: for Byzantine studies) were held on 1/21. No further news as of 2/8.

  • ^ did you get an interview for Byzantine, Pre-Columbian, or Garden and Landscape? In previous years it looks like they don't interview all divisions?
  • ^Sorry should have specified--this was for Byzantine

Acceptance 2/11

Rejection 2/11: at least it called my application “strong?”

waitlisted (2/11) with decision to come by the end of March x2

  • Declined from the waitlist on 3/28

Emslie Horniman Anthropological Scholarship Fund[]

Ernest May Fellowship in History and Policy[]

rejected 1/15

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies Pre-doctoral Fellowship[]

Frick Anne L. Poulet Curatorial Fellowship[]

Fulbright IIE Study/Research Grants[]

Fulbright Hays DDRA[]

8/8: Fellowship intent form sent by campus coordinator

Gaius Charles Bolin Dissertation Fellowship[]

Has anyone heard back yet? (2/16)

Applied to WGS and American Studies - told I was "not selected as a semi-finalist" on 1/31

Getty Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship[]

Applied: Predoctoral x1

Anyone hear anything (2/1)? In the past notices were sent out the first week of February.

(2/1) Usually it's the first Friday of Feb (or has been the last two years I think)

(2/16) Anyone heard anything?

Seems like the decisions have already been made for predoctoral. A colleague was accepted. (2/21)

Has anyone received pre-doc rejection letter yet? (3/8)

I received my rejection email 3/1

Any updates? Predoc and/or postdoc? Still awaiting a response here... (4/5)

Still waiting for response either. This is really late... (4/14)

I finally got a boilerplate rejection email after calling the office to ask for an update. I hope you all receive better news and that you're not being strung along for no reason.... (4/15) -- Seconding this, I did the same (4/15)

Getty Library Research Grant[]

Graduate Women in Science National Fellowship Program[]

Harry Frank Guggenheim Fellowship[]

Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies Academy Scholars Program[]

Henry Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship in American Art[]

3/7 any news?

3/7 - Rejected! x 4

For applicants in the future: acceptances went out mid-February for the 2022 cycle.

Hobart and William Smith - Fisher Center Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Home Grown Curatorial Fellowship[]

Horowitz Fellowship[]

Applied- Have not heard anything yet. Does anyone hear any update?

^Also applied. No update here as of 6/8.

Huntington Library Fellowship[]

3/4 email acceptance, details about length to come soon

3/4 rejected via email x2

IGCC Dissertation Fellowship[]

IHR Doctoral Fellowship (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS)[]

Institute for Turkish Studies Dissertation Writing Grant[]

Ithaca College Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship[]

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship[]

anyone else still waiting?

Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship (UVA)[]

Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program[]

John Carter Brown Library Fellowships[]

Applied/Short Fellowship 4 months

4/4: official letter award short fellowship!

Josephine de Karman Fellowship[]


  • Anthropology x1


Literature x1

Sociology x1

4/15 any updates? So much for the stated notification date...

4/27 still no updates either

5/4 still no updates!

I received an email early April that I was chosen as an alternate… so I think they have already notified those who received the fellowship. In my experience with peers who applied last year, they were not notified when they were rejected. Sorry everyone, this sucks!

h Center for Anatolian Civilizations Residential Fellowship[]

Kress Foundation History of Art Institutional Fellowships[]

Courtauld/Warburg x1

LUCAS/Universiteit Leiden Awarded 1/4/22

3/21: Any updates?

Lake Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship[]

Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research[]

Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship[]

Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund[]

Applied (Anthropology)

Applied (Comparative Literature) x 1

3.15 - received a rejection at 2:44 pm Pacific (x2)

3.25 - Is anyone still waiting to hear back? I’ve received no notifications. Did accepted applicants and alternates hear back as well? - I think you are posting to the wrong year. You might have more responses if you post this on the 2023-2024 page!

Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation/Teaching Fellowship (Kenyon College)[]

Applied (History) x1

Applied [American Studies/Women's and Gender Studies]

Nothing yet, 20 Jan 2022

Interviews this week (February 1st) and next, 4 campus interview emails go out next week.

February 8 - Polite rejection email stating that they had invited top candidate for interviews.

February 8, 2023- Received invite for virtual interview taking place March 2. (History)

March 3, 2023-Invited for On-Campus Interview at the end of the month.

March 16, 2023 - Gender Studies - rejection

Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship in European Studies[]

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art History Fellowships[]

Applied: History of Art & Visual Culture x 2

Applied: Mellon Postdoc x 1

2/1 rejected

2/1 acceptance via email

2/1 alternate (know by "end of march") x3

3/29 have any of the alternates heard back yet? Feels like the end of March is upon us…

3/31 another alternate here - I too have not heard anything yet.

4/13 have any alternates heard any updates? It's been silent on my end...

Minerva-USIP Peace and Security Scholarship[]

Applied: Anthropology x 1

Mitchem Dissertation Fellowship Program (Marquette University)[]

12/20/22 I obtained confirmation that the application portal will open in mid-January.

3/10 - Received an invitation for an interview.

MIT SHASS Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship[]

12/20/22 Obtained confirmation that application site will be available first week of January

4/07 - Offered

Morgan Library Fellowships[]

Applied: Predoctoral x2

3/7 - Has anyone heard anything about the predoctoral fellowships?

3/8 I haven't. They said we would hear back by the end of March. I believe they do interviews so I assume that I would have already heard if I was going to get one.

3/15 Rejected

3/16 Rejected via email from John Marciari

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program[]

Has anyone heard anything? It seems like in previous years folks have heard back about whether or not they made it to the second round by late February. (3/15)

Notified of semi-finalist status. 60 semi-finalists out of 351 candidates. (3/15)

Semi-finalist here. Still haven't received any new notification. (5/04)

No updates yet. 5/5

Offered and accepted! 5/9

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant[]

4/17 - Has anyone heard back? No changes on or in email for me.

4/25 - No update, still pending, but my program officer changed from Mattison to Mantz and the pending date updated to 4/25. I think this might mean that a new wave of rejections are coming soon but can't tell?

^^update, was rejected, ranked Competitive-Medium. Good luck for those still waiting!

4/26 - Proposal status was "pending" / updated 4/25, then today was declined. Ranked Competitive-Low. Good luck everyone!

Applied August 2022:

11/01 - Any news?

11/08 - No news, has anyone heard anything? My file was "updated" 10/24 but is still "pending." (sociocultural anth)

11/09 - My file was 'updated' on 11/02 but also still pending (soc anth).

12/01 - still have not heard anything.

12/12 - no updates at all here. Has anyone heard anything yet?

12/15 - on 12/13 received update via email (to me and PI) saying they would like to recommended the project for funding. No idea if this means that it will actually be awarded, or if there's more to come.

12/28 - still no word here, except a status date change on Fastlane on 12/20. Do folks know if this usually means a rejection is coming soon? (soc anth / STS co-review)

New York Botanical Gardens Humanities Institute Research Fellowship[]

Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study[]

Penn Predoctoral Fellowships for Excellence through Diversity[]

1/10/23 before applying you must confirm with the department that they could take you. I inquired with one brief response in early December and nothing since then....I am assuming the interest is not there. Some departments may be more enthusiastic though.

Has anyone else applied for/heard back on this?? Applied 1/14 and nothing yet

. I


02/12 These have been announced in January, is that so? Can someone confirm?

02/15 Any semi-finalists out there?

2/27 Before, I was turned down around 2/15, but have received no updates so far. This year the deadline was pretty late (Nov 30 compared to Nov 5), that might explain things?

3/7 rejected via email x1

Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation for Buddhist Studies/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship[]

Smith Richardson Foundation, World Politics & Statecraft Fellowship[]

Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) (Predoctoral)[]

Applied: Art History x 2; Anthropology x 1

2/4 Hi there, any updates?

2/10 Nothing!

2/14 Still nothing!

2/16 informal acceptance via email x 3

2/17 Lom : If I haven't received an informal acceptance via email, does that mean I'm rejected? Congratulations to you all ——— you might be an alternate. I was told that awardees would have until 3/10 to accept, and then alternates would be offered

2/18 Anyone know if the Predoctoral is announced at the same time as the Graduate Student fellowship? (I applied for the latter)

3/2 Has anyone heard any rejection news yet?

3/2 Beyond informal communication no news through the SOLAA portal, it remains unchanged (application submitted/received).

3/3 rejected

3/9 Received an email saying that my graduate student fellowship was recommended for funding, to be finalized on Friday. Note that this is for the ten-week graduate student fellowship, not the pre-doctoral fellowship. But I was told that these offers are made after major decisions are made about the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral awards. Update: I received an official acceptance in the SOLAA portal.

3/14 Received notification that I'm an official alternate via SOLAA

SHAFR Marilyn Blatt Young Dissertation Completion Fellowship[]

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Research Grants[]

Soroptimist [Founder Region Fellowship][]

SPFFA Bourse Marandon[]


Applied: history x 3

Applied: literature x 2

Applied: art history x 2

Applied: anthropology

Applied: sociology

anyone had any news of transcript requests or rejections? (2/3)

Nothing yet for me - heard that they came out around this time last year (2/3)

Last year people (who got to be finalists) reported a change in their status (from "Submission" to "Finalist Submission") on the first Thursday of February but I haven't received anything yet and my application page still says "Submission." (2/3)

Can confirm that our status was changed in the portal on Feb 4 last year if we were finalists. They sent emails out on Feb 5. Haven't heard anything yet this year though.

Anything yet (2/8)?

Just checked my portal. Still only showing "Submission." No email yet. (2/9, 9am EST)

Yupp, radio silence. (2/9)

Still nothing? Anyone see any portal changes? (2/10)

No portal changes or emails for me (2/11, 9am EST)

I saw a change in my portal to "Needs Attention" and a notice for transcript requests. But I haven't yet received an email.

transcript request via email (2/11, 12:30pm EST)

Any idea if those receiving transcript requests today have cleared the first tier of review (abstract plus three responses) or the second (complete proposal)? (2/11)

This still seems unclear and it seems that both are possible. Made it to final round last year and this application was definitely stronger but no notification for transcript so who knows? (2/17)

The IDRF FAQs very clearly states that all applicants will be contacted about the status of their application in February. When I was asked to submit transcripts in the portal it said “all finalists will be asked to submit transcripts” and the deadline to submit was 21 February. The FAQs also mention the review process has three tiers. The first is a screening where only the three responses are considered and then there’s a second when the entire proposal is read. I’m not sure when the transcript is asked for but I believe it is after just the screening around although I’m not sure. I hope this is helpful (2/19).

Just received a rejection email (2/22) x4

Application this time was a stronger version of one that made it to the final round last year, so woeful lack of transparency here. Also last year the feedback on proposals came months and months later for some of us, so don’t hold your breathe for feedback within a reasonable timeframe.

Re: feedback, what is the process for asking for this? Just via the rejection email? I won't be reapplying but am always curious about how to improve for future grants.

Any news so far? Looks like the IDRF program is being cancelled and 2022 cohort will be the last one. For some reason I was expecting to hear about the final decisions today but maybe we will have to wait until next week? I'm getting a bit impatient. :/ (4/8)

4/12--Received rejection email today.

Notification of award (4/12, 1pm eastern time)

Tobin Project Graduate Fellowship and Workshop[]

Tobin Project Prospectus Development Workshop[]

Tufts University Mellon Comparative Global Humanities Dissertation Fellowship[]

University of California @ Davis Provost's Dissertation Year Fellowship[]

UCLA Clark Library Predoctoral Fellowship[]

University of California Santa Barbara Black Studies Dissertation Fellowship[]

University of Southern California (USC) Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research Fellowships[]

UT Austin Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowships[]

Washington College - Part-time Fellowship in Literature, History, Culture, Art of the Americas before 1830[]

Weatherhead Fellowship (SAR Residential Fellows Program)[]


  • Predoctoral x1

Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant[]

November 2021 Deadline

(x4) Received email my application advanced to second round. (1/2 of initial applications then 1/3 of finalists receive award). - 2/17

Doesn't seem to be an application portal this year. 2/18

Got an email on 2/17 from the applications office that said "No template Found." Waiting to see what this means lol (2/18)

  • follow up, got an email that their new system has been giving technical difficulties. Received a third email with notice that my application advanced to the second round (2/18)

Any updates? Seems like we should be hearing soon (4/11)

Nothing yet. They're definitely late this year, given last year's decisions came out 4/9/21. (4/12)

Rejected with a 2.67 - will reapply for May. (4/13)

Also rejected with a 2.67 (4/13).

Are there any acceptances yet? Anyone still waiting on an email? I haven't gotten a decision email yet... (4/13, 1 pm Eastern)

  • ^ awarded, no score given

Applied for May 2022 deadline

Any news yet for those who moved to second round? (10/9)

awarded, no score given. second time applying (10/11)

Winterthur Dissertation Fellowship[]

4/4 heard back

Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies[]

1/19 rejected

1/19 advanced to next round (x2)

2/24 - Alternate Notification - Finalists must accept by March 3

Yale ISS Smith Richardson Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Yale ISS Henry A. Kissinger Predoctoral Fellowship[]