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This page is for dissertation fellowships awarded for the academic year 2023–2024 (including research fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, and other predoctoral opportunities).

  • New 7/30/23: Next year's page Dissertation Fellowships 2023-24. N.B. I am changing the naming convention for this page to match all other pages on this wiki. The years in the title are the APPLICATION YEAR not the year the job/fellowship starts/runs. So the new year's page has almost the same name as last year's. Next year the name will match all other pages for that year.
  • This is the page for dissertation fellowships to be awarded for the 2024-25 year: Dissertation Fellowships 2023-24
  • Please add calls and information!

See also fellowship discussions at TheGradCafe: The Bank

RECENT ACTIVITY on Dissertation Fellowships 2023-2024[]

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Fellowships for 2023-2024[]

AAUW American and International Fellowship[]



Anthropology x2

American studies x1

Geography x1

Statistics x1

4/14 has anyone heard anything? Usually if the 15th falls on a Saturday they announce the results on the 14fh.

4/15: Website now says everyone will be notified on 4/17. So, two more days of waiting.

4/17 9 am ET: Rejection. Good morning! Really wish they told us why they rejected it.

4/17 9 am ET: Rejection! Same, I would love some feedback. Good luck everyone!

4/17 9 am ET: Designated as an alternate. Anyone know how often alternates are awarded funding? Any historical data?

I was an alternate last year and didn’t get it. I’m not sure how they decide it.

Did you hear of any alternates who did receive the award (or others who did not)? I do wish they would publish application count and acceptance rates or some other metrics to provide information about this process

4/17 9:00AM ET: Rejection. Nice way to wake up.....

ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship[]

Applied: Art History

Applied: Gender Studies

Applied: U.S. History

Applied: French

Applied: History

Applied: History

3/15: Has anyone heard back? - nothing yet x7

3/17: eep, still nothing. do you think all 7 of us are rejects? lol

lol no one in my network has heard either! one of their webinars that I went gave me the vibe that they were p disorganised with this fellowship and kinda clueless abt what they wanted. plz ask around in your networks tho, this wait isn’t fun

  • Agreed!!! The webinars were a mess and the instructions were super unclear. Very strange application. I'm in the humanities and it sure looks like the ACLS is starting to consolidate a lot of their grants, which is unfortunate. We are ALL competing for one award with loose parameters. Honestly, they are probably trying to review 8,000 applications that are all over the place in terms of quality and focus. The application also says late March, so I don't think it's over yet.
  • Yup this seems like a guinea pig app cycle to define what they mean by “innovation” lol! Although there may perhaps not be that many applicants because it was quite poorly advertised (I think!). The app says late March? I didn’t know, that’s helpful!
  • Like most of everything else specific about that application, that detail is buried. ;)
  • Gender Studies person here: still nothing and agreed that this wait is 100% dreadful. Hard to apply for something that has no app cycle precedent and yet expects so much work up front for the app materials. :’)
  • From what I have heard, they normally announce on Mondays, normally 2nd Monday of March. As it didn't happen this week, I am crossing my fingers for the 20th, or the 27th at worst. But the waiting is excruciating. Good luck to all of us.
    • Thank you for this info! Fingers crossed for us all!

3/21: any news? - nope x9 - ngl I'm so close to mcfreakin' losin it - gaah same!

All I know is that something must happen by next week. -- yeah it says "end of March" so max a week more before we're put out of our misery ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

22/3: just got an acceptance email! Goodest luck to everyone else.x2

Me too. Can't believe this! Till 29th to accept or decline.

Congratulations! any other news? - I second that, CONGRATS y’all! Celebrate hard!

the email is asking for confirmation of acceptance as well as eligibility via your department/school by the 29th of March so I think that’s when they’ll be letting alternates know (?). it also says there were nearly 700 applicants this round.x2

Has anyone gotten an explicit rejection yet? I haven’t gotten any emails today and trying to gauge whether there’s any reason to hope, lol <-- I have the same question. Are they rolling out acceptances? If we haven't heard, are we rejected? etc...

3-23/ looking at previous years' threads, I think we still got a slim chance as alternates. But my guess is that they already sent all the acceptance letters yesterday (the two persons here, and another person on twitter, who later deleted the post...).

Yea, I know a bunch of people ragged on this in previous years but I still do not see the logic in sending out rejects way later. It's a bit odd. And I sort of feel like most people will accept the award given that this isn't during the completion stage where jobs and whatnot change people's plans. I think all the rest of us are all rejects! But at least there are more rejects than not rejects! And super congrats to those who did get it!

3/25--Has anyone heard anything about an alternative position? Nope x3

3/29 - I am still "waiting" to see if they officially notify alternates/rejections. So, if you're also doing that, just know you're not alone. I hope we get some kind of closure in the next 24-48 hours given the deadline to accept is today. x2

3/30 - ^ Update: Just received an official rejection via email and an offer to submit a request to view feedback. (x4)

4/6- Has anyone still not heard back (either acceptance or rejection)? I haven't received anything yet...<-- check with your grad program coordinator, there was a problem in some cases with the application and the "personal email" field got merged with the grad coordinator email. <--thanks for this. I don't see a grad coordinator email on my application print anywhere (and I'm not sure who that would be) but I'll email the OFA help email address.

ACLS / Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships[]

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program in Education Research[]

Applied x1

4/23- Anyone knows when they will notify the applicants?

[4/24] - I haven't heard anything but it seems like it should be around this time period so fingers crossed.

4/26 - Still haven't heard or seen anything posted anywhere. Assuming its a rejection as results are supposed to come out May 1st

5/1 - Still haven’t heard anything. Anyone else?

Haven't heard anything either. The big AERA conference wrapped up not too long ago and they're launching the virtual part 2 soon so maybe they're behind or acceptances already went out and rejections are coming out in May

5/2 - Same. I emailed them this morning asking when we might expect a decision.

^ Did they give any update on the notification timeline?

5/4 - I also emailed a couple weeks ago and still haven't heard back. Hopefully we will hear back soon after the virtual conference is over.

5/4 - No, they have not replied to my email yet :(

5/5 - Haven't heard anything. I don't even have any girl scout cookies to soothe me either.

[5/9] - Have not heard anything still. Anyone else?

5/9 - I saw online–posted 22 hours ago– that someone has received an acceptance for the 2023-2024 year. I imagine that means acceptance emails went out already.

5/10 - Notified that I was not awarded the fellowship but was offered a travel award

Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Dissertation Fellowships[]

American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize[]

Applied: art history x3 (I would love to know which fields the other two art historians applied to..."art history" is not a Rome Prize category. I am an art historian, too, but I applied in Ancient Studies. More info would be appreciated!)

02/14 - I'm one of the art historians above. I applied in Renaissance and early modern studies...and haven't heard anything yet regarding my application. (Update 02/16 - Just received a kind email letting me know I was not selected. Good luck to the others who applied!)

2/15 - ah ok, thank you!! I haven’t heard anything either. I would love to know which field the person who got the interview applied to, haha

Interview requested by email Feb. 6; for me I heard Jan 27

2/22 Update: interviews for all tracks were conducted yesterday, everyone should hear back by March 1.

3/1 - Early Modernist finalist here - I sadly received my rejection today.

American Philosophical Society Predoctoral Fellowship[]

American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) Fellowships & Grants for Americans[]

American Sociological Association Minority Fellows Program[]

Augustana College Diversity Fellowship Program[]

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Research Fellowships, Harvard University[]

Boren Fellowship[]

Boston College AADS (African and African Diaspora Studies) Dissertation Fellowship[]

3/1- Rejection Email

CAA Professional Development Fellowship[]

1/20-- Informed of Honorable Mention

CAORC Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship[]

CAORC Multi-Country Research Fellowship[]

Carter G. Woodson Pre-Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Fellowship (University of Virginia)[]

-has anyone heard? They said March, so starting to wonder!

Carter Manny Award[]

Research Award (applied x1)

CASVA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, National Gallery of Art[]

applied x1

2/8 haven't heard anything yet

2/9 notified of rejection after the selection committee's final meeting on Feb. 4

Center for Engaged Scholarship Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied (Psychology focus)

Sociology x1

2/17 Received rejection after the first round of reviews. Reviewer comments were not available.

3/14 - I haven't heard anything. Has anyone else?

3/14 - I still haven't heard anything (anthropology)

3/27- I know its been later in April that the notification comes out but still would be nice to have an official time frame....

4/11 - Any news?

(4/12) - Haven't heard anything. Seems like last year some folks learned if they weren't advancing to the final round around this time so maybe no news is good news?

[4/15] notified that I was selected as an alternate (weird that they did so on a Saturday???) and they're waiting to see if anyone declines their offer. Did not state where I was on the list but did say that there were 7 awardees and 5 alternates in total out of 140 applicants.

4/17 - Oh wow, I still haven't heard anything... Will be frantically refreshing my inbox all day. Congrats on getting selected as an alternate and fingers crossed for you!

^ Thanks! - I'm waiting on something else so will decline as soon as I hear from that so someone can take my spot!

^ Winners have been finalized and the announcement is going up on May 5th I believe

Center for Jewish History Dissertation Fellowship[]

Center for Military History Dissertation Fellowship[]

Center for Curatorial Leadership CCL/Mellon Foundation Seminar[]

Applied x4

Anyone heard back from them?

2/26 I haven't heard anything yet. x3

3/16 still nothing x 3

3.27 still nothing

3.28 request for interview


Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship[]



World Art and Culture

Art History

Comparative Literature


2/28 - notified of finalist status (History of Science and Medicine)

2/28 - finalist notification at 6:55PM EST. (Musicology)

2/28 - notified of rejection (Philosophy) - congrats to the finalists!

2/28 - notified of rejection (Anthropology)

Chateaubriand Fellowship (STEM and HSS)[]

Applied (HSS)

5/10 Has anyone heard back? Any ideas when it might happen?

5/12 Accepted via email (hum/SS)

5/12 Waiting list (HUM)

5/17 Any STEM news?

5/18 Accepted via email (STEM)

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

Consortium for Faculty Diversity (Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fellowships)[]


French studies

5/3 Anyone applied to this and has had any communication? For future reference, predoctoral fellowships are very very rare, I wish I hadn't wasted my time applying.

Consortium for History of Science, Medicine, and Technology Dissertation Fellowship[]

Crystal Bridges Tyson Scholars Program[]

Notifications went out in Feb

DAAD Graduate Research Fellowship[]

Dartmouth College Chávez/Eastman/Marshall Dissertation Fellowship[]

3/8 interview Chavez

3/9 interview Chávéz, rejection 3/16

3/13 Received request for LOR/Marshall

Dolores Liebmann Fellowship[]

Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship[]

02/10: rejection received

Emslie Horniman Anthropological Scholarship Fund[]

Ernest May Fellowship in History and Policy[]

2/10 haven't heard anything yet/no change on the website

2/15 has anyone been in touch them? The portal said that results would be out by today.

3/5 still no word

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied (Psychology)

Applied (Art History, American Art)

Applied (French Studies)

Applied (Art History, Latinx Studies/Latin America)

3/16 still nothing but final panel meetings are tomorrow. I imagine we'll all know very soon!

3/22 Results are rolling out today

3/22- Psychology focus: got an HM with very positive reviews :( I do think I messed up with my annotated bib (submitted an incomplete document) and struggled with condensing my dissertation which is huge.

3/22- humanities- rejection, one detailed comment with constructive criticism. Congrats to HMs and awardees!

3/22 – humanities – acceptance. Two reviewers comments out of 5.

Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies Pre-doctoral Fellowship[]

Did anyone apply for this?

Frick Anne L. Poulet Curatorial Fellowship[]

Fulbright IIE Study/Research Grants[]

1/31 Semi-finalists were notified between early Jan and Jan 25 (the majority being the latter). There is a Slack with more information and some friendly discourse:

Fulbright Hays DDRA[]

Gaius Charles Bolin Dissertation Fellowship[]

Getty Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship[]

(2/10) No updates yet

3/8 Applied.

Anyone hear back?

Getty Library Research Grant[]

Graduate Women in Science National Fellowship Program[]

Harry Frank Guggenheim Emerging Scholar Award[]




6/9: Any rejections or acceptances so far? Has anyone been in touch with organization about this year's decision timeline?

6/9: I was in touch with them in April to confirm that my application was complete and eligible because I had not received an acknowledgment of my submission. They said we would hear “in June” but they did not specify when exactly. Given past years I think it’ll still take a while. I don’t expect to hear anything until maybe the end of next week or even later.

6/10: Thank you!

6/13 Called the office today. They said decisions will be communicated in the next week or so. Board meeting is this week.

6/13: Thanks for doing that! I expected as much, but it’s good to have some sort of timeline. Good luck to you! I will post as soon as I get a response, positive or negative. (x2! - 6/14)

6/14 Good luck to you as well! (x2)

6/15 Rejection received 9:55 am EST. Hope others fared better!

6/15: also received a rejection at 9:35 am EST

Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies Academy Scholars Program[]

Henry Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship in American Art[]

1/30 Announcements for finalists have gone out. Alternates should hear back about whether or not they move to finalist status by the end of February.

How many of us applied this year?


2/8 and haven't heard anything. Guessing it's a lost cause then, right?

2/10: you could be an alternate. Decisions went out so early this year! I bet people are still finalizing plans/waiting to hear back on other fellowships & positions.

2/13: has anyone gotten a rejection notice yet? still radio silence over here...

2/14 I received a notification of my status as an alternate on 1/31 so fingers crossed that it pulls through in the next two weeks! They said they’d give a final answer by the end of Feb

3/1 Notification received

Hobart and William Smith - Fisher Center Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Home Grown Curatorial Fellowship[]

Horowitz Fellowship[]


Huntington Library Fellowship[]

Applied x3

  • acceptance email arrived 7 March, details to come re: length of short-term fellowship. x2
  • Has anyone received rejections yet? Thought they typically went out at the same time as acceptances?

IGCC Dissertation Fellowship[]

IHR Doctoral Fellowship (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS)[]

Institute for Turkish Studies Dissertation Writing Grant[]

Ithaca College Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship[]

Has anyone heard any updates? 2/19.

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship[]

Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship (UVA)[]

Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program[]

John Carter Brown Library Fellowships[]

Josephine de Karman Fellowship[]


Any news for others?

H Center for Anatolian Civilizations Residential Fellowship[]

Kress Foundation History of Art Institutional Fellowships[]

  • Florence Kunsthistorisches Institut / Institute for Art History (KHI)
    • 5/9: notifications sent
  • Leiden Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS)
  • London Courtauld Institute of Art & Warburg Institute (jointly administered)
  • Munich Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte / Central Institute for Art History
    • rejection sent in January
  • Paris Institut national d'histoire de l'art (INHA) / National Institute for the History of Art
  • Rome Bibliotheca Hertziana
    • Interviews set for beginning of March
    • 3/15: notifications sent

4/24 - some people are still waiting to hear back. Any news for anyone?

  • 4/28 - Still waiting to hear from KHI
  • 5/8 - Still nothing from the KHI. Anyone else hear anything?

Lake Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship[]

Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research[]

5/12 - me and my friend, 2 separate applications, both PHD anthropology students, both rejected

Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied 2/1

Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund[]

Applied -

3.27 - Placed on alternate list. “We expect to finalize the awards on/by April 21”

3/27 - rejected

5/02 - Does anyone have any updates?

Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation/Teaching Fellowship (Kenyon College)[]

Feb 14, 2024 - any news on this fellowship? Any developments

3/2- Virtual Interview

3/3-Invited for On-Campus Interview at the end of the month.

Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship in European Studies[]

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art History Fellowships[]

2/5: Acceptances went out last week

Accepted x1

Minerva-USIP Peace and Security Scholarship[]

Mitchem Dissertation Fellowship Program (Marquette University)[]


French studies

Communication Studies

3/27--Anyone heard anything?

3/27–^nothing yet since verification of materials back in early march

4/14- anybody heard anything? As per their website: "Finalists will be notified by mid-March 2023 and invited to campus for interviews. Awards will be made by mid-April 2023."

4/18- contacted them, was told that due to large number of qualified applicants they need more weeks (unspecified number) to announce the fellows

5/3- any updates?

5/15- still haven't heard anything from them and portal still says "in progress."

5/25- for future applicants, still nothing as of May 25; was told that I would hear soon back in mid-April. Basically, no notification by mid-May is probably a rejection.

7/23- Notified that they decided not to take anybody for the 2023-2024 academic year. An earlier mention that this was even a possibility would have been much appreciated.

MIT SHASS Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Applied (Anthropology focus)

Applied (French Studies)

(3/9) Does anyone know when we hear back?

3/19 No, but the wiki for last year's says that people got a notification the first week of April. Personally I haven't heard anything.

^ 3/27 - Yeah me either. Was hoping for an earlier notification but hopefully we hear back in a week and a half.

(4/4) - Anyone hear back?

4/4-^Have not heard back yet--really hoping we hear back soon, need to make some plans for the second half of the year.

^ Same. Also does anyone know if the fellowship has to be in-person (or could it be virtual/hybrid)? I tried emailing and got no response

4/5 - Also waiting...MIT's spring break ended March 25 last year and March 31 this year, so we might also be a week later for notifications?

^ NOOOOOooo!!! Although now that I want it so bad its a guarantee I won't get it. Funding your education shouldn't be so annoying

- 4/12 - Anyone heard back?

(4/12) - Haven't heard anything. But one of my letters may of may not have gone through so no super hopeful at this point. Also makes sense if they're notifying a week later so we may possibly hear on the 14th?

4/12 - Haven't heard either. Seems like there are at least three of us checking here. Please post if you hear anything regardless of result!

4/14 Well, as always, I am on the verge of patiently waiting :) Really would like to hear a likely result of rejection and spend a few days of coping and carry on a new project. This timeline is stretching a bit too long!

4/14 ^^Same! No notification as of now. If we don't hear back today I guess we can just be sure that last year they just notified unusually early--it seems other years most people heard around April 20-24.

(4/14) - haven't heard either but didn't realize that they notified so late in previous years so that helps. I'm also waiting for CES as well and really don't want two back to back rejections :/

4/14 - Well, Today wasn't the day either. Please post if you hear anything next week.

4/17 - Another day has passed...

(4/19) - Anyone hear anything?

4/19 - Received a letter of acceptance today. They've asked me to accept within a week's time (I will be accepting) - I imagine they might roll out another wave if people decline.

^^Congrats! Also I'm going to assume a rejection on my end then as I haven't heard anything. Bummed but at least the wait is over.

4/19 I received an offer letter and will accept - congrats to those who are offered fellowships. At least this there is sort of an end to this application cycle.

4/19 congrats to the awardees! to the other person here, I have also not heard anything. According to past year pages they really take their time with the rejections, if they send them at all...

^^Yeah that's why I'm writing them off now. It seems like way too much of a desirable fellowship for anyone to decline. On to the other apps!

4/19 Haven't heard anything. Congrats to the awardees! Would you mind mentioning the department you applied to?

4/21 ^I saw someone on twitter in a philosophy program who got it. It seems most years they get a variety of disciplines. I think I am also giving up on this one, if we are on a waitlist at all it is going to take a week or two for people to decline and for them to send acceptances.

4/21 - Thanks for the info! It was a long shot for me (I'm in a psych department even though my work is more Women&Gender studies/anthropology) so I could have been disqualified right off the bat or not up to par and everything in between lol. Hope everyone else is able to find some source of funding though! We all have great, deserving work.

4/24 - Anyone thinks we'll get a notification this week (4/24 - 4/28) ?

4/24- ^I suppose it's possible if they haven't sent all acceptances yet (last year they took 8 grads, I believe) or if any of the people given a week to reply say no. I wish I had a notification of some sort, not knowing is just nerve-wrecking.

5/3 has anybody heard anything (either acceptance or rejection)? I reached out to them and they *do not* respond.

5/8 - I haven't heard anything either. Seems in previous years they took a very long time to send rejections.

5/8 ^ Haven't hear anything. I'm *this* close to send an email asking for updates.

5/9 ^ You should, I contacted the fellowship email and honestly I do not think they are checking that email address. I contacted a dean last night hoping that maybe that would lead to a response--none so far.

5/12 - I had emailed them twice prior to submitting my application for clarification about eligibility and requirements and received no response so I really don't think they check that inbox.

5/12- ^Hmm, they did reply to one of my emails but that was back in December 2022. Anyhow, no updates here and the semester is about to end. I received an internal fellowship that wants a decision by the 15th, so it is likely neither MIT nor Marquette above will work. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect some communication from these deans! I don't need daily updates about the search but to leave people in the dark for 5 months is just incredibly unprofessional.

5/15 - No news as of today. Hopefully this is the week we are notified.

5/25 anybody received their rejection yet? Nothing here, I may never receive it tbh

5/31 ^ Actually just received an official rejection; the email seems mass-sent and written by ChatGTP but hey, at least it was sent.

^ Lol same, like a little more effort would be appreciated after they asked for a full chapter.

5/31 - generic rejection received

Morgan Library Fellowships[]

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program[]

4/20 - notification of award

3/2 - notification of semifinalist

**2/29 - notification of semifinalist

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant[]

New York Botanical Gardens Humanities Institute Research Fellowship[]

Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study[]

Penn Predoctoral Fellowships for Excellence through Diversity[]

RBS-Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical Bibliography[]

Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation for Buddhist Studies/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship[]

03/11 haven’t heard anything. Anyone has any news?

Smith Richardson Foundation, World Politics & Statecraft Fellowship[]

Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) (Predoctoral)[]

applied x4

2/8 haven't heard anything x4

2/10 Word is they are in the home stretch. Successful applicants should hear back in the next ~2 weeks, probably after CAA.

2/15: Anyone else now seeing 2 applications in their portal? One SIFP and one for the specific site

  • No x3 to the 2 applications in the portal - do we think this means anything?
  • Yes, also seeing two applications - the complete one and a new one marked 'incomplete' created today for a particular museum
  • Yes, seeing two applications, second posted on 2/21, both are marked submitted. Did the accepted folks have this too? Or, am I being too optimistic?

2/17: Received a call of provisional acceptance. Award letters should be out by 3/1 (+1, via email, also on 2/17)

2/21: Still haven't heard anything and only 1 application visible in the portal (x3)

3/1: Portal updated and status changed. Alternates will hear before/by early April

4/11: Still waiting to hear about alternate status...

4/17: Still no news re: alternate status...

4/24: Finally received confirmation of rejection. Been waiting since "before or by early April."

SHAFR Marilyn Blatt Young Dissertation Completion Fellowship[]

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Research Grants[]

Soroptimist [Founder Region Fellowship][]

SPFFA Bourse Marandon[]

SSRC Data Fluencies Dissertation Grant[]

Tobin Project Graduate Fellowship and Workshop[]

Tobin Project Prospectus Development Workshop[]

Tufts University Mellon Comparative Global Humanities Dissertation Fellowship[]

University of California @ Davis Provost's Dissertation Year Fellowship[]

UCLA Clark Library Predoctoral Fellowship[]

University of California Santa Barbara Black Studies Dissertation Fellowship[]

University of Southern California (USC) Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research Fellowships[]

UT Austin Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowships[]

Washington College - Part-time Fellowship in Literature, History, Culture, Art of the Americas before 1830[]

Weatherhead Fellowship (SAR Residential Fellows Program)[]

3/24 Has anyone heard anything?

3/28 received rejection by email -- good luck to anyone still being considered!

Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant[]

Winterthur Dissertation Fellowship[]

Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies[]

1/30 Has anyone heard anything from this? The application confirmation email said finalists will be hearing back in January, so is no news bad news with this one?

1/31 - Rejected, over 150 applicants

1/31- heard finalist, requested official transcript

Yale ISS Smith Richardson Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Yale ISS Henry A. Kissinger Predoctoral Fellowship[]

General Discussion[]