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This page is for dissertation fellowships AWARDED for the academic year 2024–2025 (including research fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, and other predoctoral opportunities) but APPLIED for during 2023-2024. This page is for fellowships that BEGIN in 2024.

6/6/24 Page for fellowships that begin in 2025 is now available: Dissertation Fellowships 2024-2025

N.B. I am changing the naming convention for this page to match all other pages on this wiki. So the new year's page has almost the same name as last year's. Next year the name will match all other pages for that year.

  • Please add calls and information!

See also fellowship discussions at TheGradCafe: The Bank

RECENT ACTIVITY on Dissertation Fellowships for 2024[]

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Fellowships for 2024-2025[]

AAUW American and International Fellowship[]

Applied x3

4/15 - email decisions went out today

4/15 - chosen as an alternate.

ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowships[]

Applied: History of medicine/gender studies x1

Cultural Anthropology x1

(3/12) has anyone heard anything? No x 2

(3/19) Acceptances were sent today.

(3/20) oh man, really? anyone else receive an acceptance? I wonder when they'll send out official rejections

(3/21) oh no :/ can anyone else confirm this?

(3/27) has anyone gotten a rejection letter yet? I haven't received anything but I'm assuming from the previous information that I will be rejected. I did a google search this morning and saw a UMass news page sharing the news of two students being awarded the fellowship. It was posted yesterday, but when I clicked on the page it wasn't available. I'm assuming decisions are already made and people who got accepted know, but they are asking not to share anything yet as rejection letters haven't been sent, and hence UMass deleted their entry. Would love to hear what other folks waiting have to say!

(3/29) also waiting. but the website says "by early April" which means it is either today or any day next week.

(4/5) Rejection email received. x 2

(4/5) Just got my rejection letter. More than 700 submissions, similar to last year. Among other things, the letter said: “Although your application advanced to the final round of review, ultimately it was not chosen for one of this year’s few awards.” Curious to know whether all letters included this - I want to apply next year and this is slightly motivating, unless it's just standard.

(4/5) My rejection letter said the same. But if you'll still be eligible next year, do apply! They also offer reviewers' feedback.

(4/5) I received a rejection letter too. And it included the same text as shared above. I wonder how many stages of review this fellowship app has.

(4/6) My rejection letter said the same, and another friend of mine got the same letter.

(4/18) Winners were posted to the ACLS website today.

(6/20) Did anybody requesting feedback receive anything yet? I have no idea when to expect this - any info would be helpful

ACLS / Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships[]


Science and Technology Studies (STS) x1

NB: This award was retired in 2022. I assume the applicant above meant to put in their field for the ACLS/Mellon Dissertation Innovation Fellowship, which is not a completion grant.

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program in Education Research[]

(5/7) Received email with rejection notification.

AERA-NSF Dissertation Grant[]

(5/10) Has anyone heard back about the Nov. 20 grant cycle?

(5/17) Notified of award receipt for Nov. 20 grant cycle

Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Dissertation Fellowships[]

(4/5) Has anyone heard anything?

(4/12) Haven't heard anything. Assuming offers have been made and they're waiting on recipients to confirm.

(4/30) Rejection letter received yesterday.

American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize[]


Medieval Studies x1

Renaissance and Early Modern studies x3

(1/31) Have humanities applicants been invited for interviews?

(2/23) Interviews are done and winners have already been notified

American Philosophical Society Predoctoral Fellowships[]

Applied x 1

04/04: Rejection notice for the Slater fellowship, but no news yet on Friends of APS or short-term fellowships

Heard through the grapevine that initial dissertation fellowship offers went out 04/10

American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) Fellowships & Grants for Americans[]

(3/14) Rejection received

American Sociological Association Minority Fellows Program[]

(5/9) Rejection notification received

Augustana College Diversity Fellowship Program[]

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Research Fellowships, Harvard University[]

Boren Fellowship[]

Boston College AADS (African and African Diaspora Studies) Dissertation Fellowship[]

4/7 any updates?

CAA Professional Development Fellowship[]

CAORC Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship[]

CAORC Multi-Country Research Fellowship[]

3/18- just wondering if anyone else following this wiki applied for the CAORC other than me? Haven’t heard anything yet (past years’ awards seem to have been announced in early March)

3/21- [7:45 AM EST] I applied and have not heard back. I read somewhere that they would notify all applicants in late March.

3/29- received an award notification this morning (email sent by Katie Jost, program director)

Carter G. Woodson Pre-Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Fellowship (University of Virginia)[]

4/11-They sent out rejections the first week of April

-has anyone heard? They said March, so starting to wonder!

-No news on my end!

did you hear back from them?

Carter Manny Award[]


Writing Award: x1

Research Award: x1

CASVA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, National Gallery of Art[]


Mellon 2-year: x2

Finley 3-year: x1

Kress 2-year: x1

Wyeth: x1

Chester Dale 1-year: x1

Chester Dale 2-year: x1

My understanding (based on previous forums) is that interview calls are made this week (1/16/24)! Anyone get one of those yet?

I have not (Mellon applicant), but also Monday was a holiday so maybe later this week? Good luck to everyone!

Anyone hear about an interview or know someone who has? (1/18/24)

update (1/20/24): I have not received a call, but a friend of mine from my PhD program got one yesterday. So I think they've probably all been made. Congrats to those who got interviews!

Thank you for the update! Congrats to those who made it to the next round! Onwards and upwards for the rest of us.

Does anyone know if CASVA does interviews for all of the awards?

Yes, they all involve interviews, and historically all the invite calls are made on the same day. I suppose there is an outside chance some committees will notify early next week, but based on past forums and experiences I know of, I kind of doubt it will happen. As the post above says "onwards and upwards"

Did anyone who had an interview receive notice? Or know anyone who did?

official rejection 2/7 x6

Center for Engaged Scholarship Dissertation Fellowship[]

2/15 - no news yet. notifications for first round rejections went out 2/17 last year, so those will likely be coming soon.

2/29 - any news yet? I've not heard anything :(

  • 3/1 - I think no news is good news. A friend got a rejection email on 2/21, so it looks like the first round of cuts were already made. I got cut after the second round of review last year and got that email at the end of March (don't remember the exact date, but like 3/30 or so). Edited to add: That email from last year (cut in second round) indicated that the applicants who scored in the top 50% go on to the second round of review and that, from there, the top 30 applicants are passed to the third round of review, from which the finalists/alternates are chosen.

3/29 - any updates? per poster above, we might expect another round of rejections today or next week.

  • 3/29 - Well, got my own answer: rejection email received. congrats to the 30 applicants still in the running!

4/8 - any updates? still haven't heard

4/17 - Sent rejection letter with feedback from three readers.

Center for Jewish History Dissertation Fellowship[]

Center for Military History Dissertation Fellowship[]

Center for Curatorial Leadership CCL/Mellon Foundation Seminar[]

Applied: x1

Interview requests have gone out

Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship[]


Literature (Spanish, Italian & Portuguese): x1

Asian Studies / Religious Studies: x1


Political Science: x1

Anthro: x3

2/29. any news for anyone? Website says finalist/non-finalist notifications would go out by February, but I haven't received any news yet

2/29. Same. No news yet

2/29. In the email confirming receipt of the application they said late Feb/early March!

2/29 - @above - Thanks for the reminder! I just spent all day in suspense, but I guess it could be a little longer. Hang in there, everyone!

3/1 - Finalist Notification received at 9:36 AM EST (Literature - Spanish, Italian & Port.)

3/1/24 at 8:20AM CT - Not a finalist.

3/1. Do they send out emails at different timings? Because I have not heard back yet (update: I didn't recieve the email in my inbox for some reason but it is showing on inbox of the application portal. Finalist Notification Received 9:38 AM EST)

3/1 - @above re: timing - Maybe its by alphabetical order? I'm at beginning of alphabet. Wishing you and everyone else luck and piece of mind.

3/1 - still haven't heard anything over here (11:37 AM EST). My last name is less than midway through the alphabet, for what it's worth.

3/1. @above: if you still haven't received the email, it may be worth checking the application portal's inbox (right hand top of page).

3/28. anybody hear anything?

3/31. Got finalist notification earlier this month but haven’t heard anything since. I’m wondering if we’ll hear news at the beginning or end of April

4/1. Based on previous years (from this site), the notification usually goes out by the end of March or early April.

4/1. Received email, notified of placement on alternate list.

4/1. rejection email received. Congrats to the fellows and sending love to my fellow finalists as we sit with this L.

4/1. rejection email

4/8. any updates for the alternates?

4/10. learned yesterday that I am a Fellow after initially being placed on the alternate list.

4/17. have any alternates received rejections yet?

4/17. an alternate also still waiting for news..

4/22. rejection received - "all fellowships have now been accepted"

Chateaubriand Fellowship (STEM and HSS)[]

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

Consortium for Faculty Diversity (Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fellowships)[]

Would someone be willing to share how exactly the timeline for this fellowship works? Info online is so vague (and not updated on their website). Thank you!

I emailed the contacts listed for 5 of my top-choice colleges. Only two got back. One didn’t even know there was a dissertation option, which confirms what one of the previous year’s applicants said about the dissertation fellowship application being a waste of time. The other person who responded was very nice, said that decisions were made in spring and summer, and that she would keep my CV in mind.

Consortium for History of Science, Medicine, and Technology Dissertation Fellowship[]

Crystal Bridges Tyson Scholars Program[]

anyone hear anything yet?

still waiting. 3.8. -anyone heard anything?

3.14 informed of alternate status

DAAD Graduate Research Fellowship[]

Dartmouth College Chávez/Eastman/Marshall/Dean Dissertation Fellowship[]

Chávez x3

  • 2/14/24: Any news?
  • I doubt we'd hear news this early, no?
  • Rejection, 2/16
  • 2/21 - for which fellowship was the rejection above? Still haven't heard anything on my end about the Chavez.
  • 2/22 notification of semi-finalist status, requested LOR's
  • 3/26: Any updates?
  • 3/27 I'm the semi-finalist poster above. Still waiting, no news either direction as of yet.
  • 4/1 semi-finalist rejection letter received

Dean x3

- 03/26 Any news/updates?

- 04/1 informed of semi-finalist status. LOR requested and writing sample due by 04/08

-04/08 interview held on Zoom

-4/22 Any updates ?

- 4/22 I haven't heard anything, At this point, I assumed I was not selected as a semi-finalist.  :/

-4/22 Same :( I noticed on Interfolio a new due date "April 15" so I'm guessing it could have been the letter upload deadline for those selected...

-4/22 Ahh I see. I didn't even notice. I wish they could have informed us sooner. :/

-4/23 informed of alternate/wait list status

-5/4 alternate/wait list rejection received

-5/4 rejection via Interfolio (was not an alternate/wait list)


-Interview request 3/6

Dolores Liebmann Fellowship[]

Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship[]

Any news on the DO Byzantine Studies junior fellowship AY 24–25?

2/16 received a form rejection email

any news on Precolumbian? 2/22

Winners have been notified 2/26

Emslie Horniman Anthropological Scholarship Fund[]

Ernest May Fellowship in History and Policy[]

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship[]

Anyone get notified yet? Acceptance or rejections?

UCSB English, Awarded

Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies Pre-doctoral Fellowship[]

Frick Anne L. Poulet Curatorial Fellowship[]

Fulbright IIE Study/Research Grants[]

Italy open research x1

Semi-finalist announcements went out 1/25

There is a Slack and a shared Google spreadsheet for anyone interested. Links are on Reddit.

Fulbright Hays DDRA[]

Gaius Charles Bolin Dissertation Fellowship[]

Any updates? 2/5

No updates 2/6

responses released 2/9

Do you mind giving more information?

No updates here 2/9

Did anyone who had an interview receive notice?

Y'all had interviews?

interviewed last month and was nominated by department. Still waiting to hear with final result.

In the handbook, it says that the committee makes the decision by early February. If they made the decision last week, I assume they already sent out the offers?

Official rejection (over 150 applications for only 2 spots) 3/1

Getty Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship[]


Predoctoral x3

2/9 got rejection email

2/16 to the one who got an rejection email, was it for a Predoctoral fellowship and if so, which one?

2/22 applied for predoctoral and still heard nothing x3. R1: I applied last yr too and got a rejection on 2/23, so I'm wondering if they're on a similar sched this year

2/22 did anyone get an acceptance? I haven't heard of anyone getting an acceptance yet

3/3 anyone get either an acceptance or rejection for postdoc (or know someone who did)? Still no word either way… R1. I applied for a predoc and haven't heard anything. I applied last year too and I'd gotten a rejection by now.

3/4 I emailed Getty last week and they said they were in the final stages of selection process and we should hear back by March (though not sure when...) [Thank you for so much emailing and posting!! all of us really appreciate that!]

3/12 I contacted them yesterday and received this this morning: “Decisions on applications will be sent out by the end of this week - unfortunately, we do not know the exact date, but they will definitely be sent before the end of the work day on Friday.”

3/12 Rejection x 2

3/26 I'm assuming acceptances must have been sent by now, but I just still haven't heard of any—could anyone confirm?

Getty Library Research Grant[]

Graduate Women in Science National Fellowship Program[]

Harry Frank Guggenheim Emerging Scholar Award[]

heard will be notified in idea when in june that is however

Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies Academy Scholars Program[]

Henry Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship in American Art[]

Applied x2

heard my friend get accepted today 1/29—so looks like it's out!

Did alternates hear of their status yet? I know finalists have been notified, but I think alternates hear afterwards? I might be wrong.

My understanding is that those accepted have until a certain date to notify Luce/ACLS of their decision, and then alternates are offered spots as they become available based on waitlist rank. Since it is quite early to hear back, alternates (and rejects) will likely be waiting for several weeks, since those who were offered the first spots are probably still waiting to hear on other things (like CASVA and SAAM).

Aaaah I see - sorry I am posting for a friend. They were an alternate last year and then didn't hear anything this time. I thought I might ask to see if the alternates have been notified that they are alternates yet, or if my friend is out of luck completely on this one.

2/29 notified of alternate status; told will know more by the first week of March

3/5 Rejection email

Hobart and William Smith - Fisher Center Predoctoral Fellowship[]

14th May - anyone heard anything? Deadline was 16th April so maybe I'm just a bit premature

Home Grown Curatorial Fellowship[]

Horowitz Fellowship[]

List of individuals awarded the fellowship successfully was released 5/31. I applied but never received a notification; the application portal still says my application is pending a result. But I'm assuming I wasn't accepted since this list was publicized... - 6/1

Huntington Library Fellowship[]

Short-term: x1

Results emailed 3/4

IGCC Dissertation Fellowship[]

IHR Doctoral Fellowship (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS)[]

Institute for Turkish Studies Dissertation Writing Grant[]

Ithaca College Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship[]

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship[]

Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship (UVA)[]

Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program[]

John Carter Brown Library Fellowships[]

Josephine de Karman Fellowship[]

applied (polisci)

Applied (literature) x1

Applied (anthropology)

Any word? 4/12

4/12 nothing here, but the site says results will go out around 4/15. So we will probably hear next week sometime

anyone heard anything? 4/18

4/19 A friend spoke to them on the phone. Apparently the committee had some scheduling issues and can't meet until mid-May, so we likely won't hear before then

4/22 Email: Thank you again for applying to the 2024-2025 Josephine de Karman Fellowship. The final selection process has been delayed to mid-May due to scheduling issues. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause to your financial aid planning.

5/16 Still no word. I suppose it is safely 'mid-May'?

5/18 Rejection email x2

H Center for Anatolian Civilizations Residential Fellowship[]

Kress Foundation History of Art Institutional Fellowships[]


KHI Florence x1

- Emails went out April 4/24

Biblioteca Hertziana Rome x3

- Calls went out to Hertziana finalists for interviews the week of Jan 8

- Rejections sent out 2/21

Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte / Central Institute for Art History Munich x1

- Acceptance went out 2/7

Lake Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship[]

Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research[]

Library Company of Philadelphia Dissertation Fellowships[]

Applied x 1

04/18: Rejections sent out

Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship[]

4/12 - named alternate

Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund[]

Applied x 2

3/19 - named alternate

4/13- any updates for alternates?

Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation/Teaching Fellowship (Kenyon College)[]

Rejected (3/2) (x3)

Was the rejection via email or the application portal?

Via email (quite a generic email)

What program did you all apply for?

McNeil Center for Early American Studies Dissertation Fellowships[]

Applied 1x

Accepted via email 3/18 with request to hold information until 4/4, when rejections to be sent

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art History Fellowships[]


Has anyone heard back about the lauder modern art fellowship yet? I applied for a different fellowship last year and heard back this time in 2023…nervous!!

2/1 nothing yet...

Rejected 2/2 for the research fellowship: x6

Accepted 2/2 for the research fellowship: x1

Waitlisted 2/5 for Lauder fellowship x1 -- congratulations to the winner!

Minerva-USIP Peace and Security Scholarship[]

5/15/2024 Has anyone heard back?

6/25 - I applied and never heard back but apparently there is an article online published early May about a 2024-2025 award winner so seems likely that acceptances were already sent out

Mitchem Dissertation Fellowship Program (Marquette University)[]

Applied x 2 (English)

Applied x 1 [Anthropology]

(4/5) - any news/updates?

[4/8] - no update via email or the application portal

[4/12] no update yet

4/22 - anyone hear anything?

4/22 - I haven't received any updates. I'm taking it as I did not move onto the interview stage. if they're sticking to the timeline provided on the general information sheet, then short listed folks would've already been interviewed by now/offered the position.

5/2 - ^ Last year they just outright didn't take anybody for no reason (or for lack of funding which they might be hiding). I get the sense this is a disorganized committee in charge of this one.

5/6 - I just emailed and asked for clarity on the status of my application/the search itself. I will update if/when I receive a reply. UPDATE 5/20: No reply to my sent emails.

5/17 - anyone hear anything yet?


5/30 still no replies to my sent emails, but recieved a rejection today.

MIT SHASS Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Sociology x 1 (for History)

American Studies x 1 (for History/Women's and Gender Studies)

History X 1 (For history).

(4/5) - any news/updates?

4/6-Based on past years, it seems like successful applicants are notified mid-April. Unsuccessful much later.

4/14 Sociology x 1 (for History) I’m going to email the person who runs the account for an update this week. I have only a slim chance for this, but got a different fellowship that I need to accept soon, so I’d like to know the results. Will keep you all posted.

4/16 Sociology x 1 (for History) Rejected. I was the person who emailed (see above). I explained in the email that I needed to accept another fellowship soon, which probably helped. Got an answer to the email and a rejection email (sent via Interfolio) within two days. So it's definitely worth emailing.

4/16 Rejection Email (sent via Interfolio)

4/16 Rejected. At least they're letting people know earlier than in past years.

Morgan Library Fellowships[]

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program[]

2/29/2024 - notification of semifinalist status

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant[]

Applied biological anthropology 7/31/2023- has anyone heard anything about rejections or acceptances? My status says pending 8/18/2023 it is 12/3/2023 now.

- Me above, for future applicants my status date changed 12/7/2023 and pending status changed to declined on 12/12/2023- medium competitive

Applied biological anthropology 1/31/2024- current status date 02/02/2024, Assuming panel dates are April 25/26 or May 9/10.- Recommendation email on 6/5/2024 :)

- how do we know when cultural anthro panel dates are? digging through archives, seems we can hear anytime between March and June :/

--mine changed to pending (4/14) cultural anthropology

- the cultural anthropology panel dates were April 1-2, 4-5, 8-9, 11-12

- There has been no status change for me whatsoever since it turned to pending the day after I submitted (anthro) in January

- some rejections have been sent out (cultanth)

New York Botanical Gardens Humanities Institute Research Fellowship[]

Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study[]

Penn Predoctoral Fellowships for Excellence through Diversity[]


Penn State Richards Civil War Era Center Predoctoral Fellowships[]

Applied x 1

04/10: Rejection notice

RBS-Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical Bibliography[]

Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation for Buddhist Studies/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship[]

(3/21) Has anyone heard anything from Ho?

Science History Institute Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied x 1

04/02: Accepted for dissertation fellowship

Smith Richardson Foundation, World Politics & Statecraft Fellowship[]

Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) (Predoctoral)[]

Applied x3

2/8 any news from anyone? i know it looks like historically we could be finding out next week OR in the next few...

2/9 I am the poster of the above question and amazingly received an acceptance email overnight!

2/9 Also got an acceptance email ^!

Congratulations, was this for SAAM or another institution? Also, can you share if the email was from the SOLAA system or directly from an individual? Trying to figure out how dire my funding situation looks for next year 😭 EDIT: just logged into SOLAA and now have a second application showing specifically for SAAM when only one application appeared yesterday, so perhaps all hope is not lost?!?!

Yes! Apologies, I was too excited and didn't include enough info. This was for SAAM, and it was an email directly from an individual, they said final responses will be going out through the SOLAA system by March 1st.

Still one application on my end and no email. I am curious if the people who have received an email from SAAM received it from an individual person, and if yes, did their SOLAA system change?

Yes, my acceptance email was from an individual person from SAAM and my SOLAA system did change, I have a secondary SAAM-specific application now.

Question for the person/ people who received an email from SAAM: Was this an email from a prospective advisor or from the fellowship coordinator?

From accepted person - email came from the fellowship coordinator, advisor CC'ed on the email.

3/1 notified of alternate status through SOLAA (I had a secondary SAAM specific application appear on 2/9); they "hope to notify alternate by early April or sooner"

3/1 notified of alternate status through SOLAA (NMNH, I never noticed a secondary specific application though)

3/8: official rejection

4/30: official rejection

SHAFR Marilyn Blatt Young Dissertation Completion Fellowship[]

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Research Grants[]

Soroptimist [Founder Region Fellowship][]

SPFFA Bourse Marandon[]

SSRC Data Fluencies Dissertation Grant[]

Tobin Project Graduate Fellowship and Workshop[]

Tobin Project Prospectus Development Workshop[]

Tufts University Mellon Comparative Global Humanities Dissertation Fellowship[]

University of California @ Davis Provost's Dissertation Year Fellowship[]

UCLA Clark Library Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Applied (history of science) x1

Acceptance 3/26

University of California Santa Barbara Black Studies Dissertation Fellowship[]

University of Southern California (USC) Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research Fellowships[]

UT Austin Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowships[]

Anyone hear back about this? Decision deadline was supposed to be yesterday? 4/3

Nothing today either - 4/4

Washington College - Part-time Fellowship in Literature, History, Culture, Art of the Americas before 1830[]

Weatherhead Fellowship (SAR Residential Fellows Program)[]

Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant[]

04/09: Has anyone heard yet?

4/10 nothing yet

4/11 still nothing

4/12 stillllllll nothing- must be going out monday

13/4 : "Recommended for further review" - aka rejection.  :--(

Winterthur Dissertation Fellowship[]

Applied x 1

04/01 Notified of alternate status for both dissertation and short-term fellowships

Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies[]

*not accepting applications

Yale ISS Smith Richardson Predoctoral Fellowship[]

Yale ISS Henry A. Kissinger Predoctoral Fellowship[]

General Discussion[]