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Postdocs in the Humanities (2008)


Michigan State (accepted Feb. 22nd)

Salem State College (accepted)

Wofford College (accepted)


Armstrong Atlantic


Michigan State

Notre Dame

Salem State

Wofford College

Oakland University (x3)

Armstrong Atlantic SU[]

  • Deadline: November 19
    • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/11) [x 2]
    • Campus visit schedule by phone (1/9)
    • Rejection letter (3/22)

Columbia University[]

  • Deadline: October 31
    • Ack. email (Nov 9)
    • Writing Sample requested via email (11/20) [x 8]
    • Was told they will interview at MLA and will notify interview-ees sometime after the second week of December
    • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/12) [x 3]
    • Campus interview, contacted by phone (1/3)

Franklin College[]

  • Deadline: November 2

Hunter College, CUNY[]

  • Deadline: November 1
    • Ack. letter (Oct 30)
    • Does anyone have any info about this one? Are they holding interviews at MLA? Contacted anyone?

Calls can come as late as the conference itself.

MLA interview scheduled 12/17 [x2]

Any news about campus interviews?

Rejection letter received after MLA interview, 4/21

Lander University[]

Does anyone know why this position is open again this year?


  • Deadline: November 5
    • Dossier, transcript, and teaching portfolio requested via email 11/19 [x 3]
    • MLA interview scheduled via phone call 12/12 (2)
    • Campus interview requested by phone 12/28
    • Is your campus interview still on? I was told there was a hiring freeze post-MLA. Anyone else hear this news?
    • I'm the one who posted a campus interview earlier today. No, the campus visit is now on hold; I've just been informed that there is a hiring freeze at Louisville, as of today, apparently.

Marygrove College[]

  • Deadline: December 1

Rejection letters sent (1/14)

Michigan State[]

  • Deadline: November 9
    • Dossier/Writing Sample request (by email, Nov 16) [x4]
    • MLA interview requested (12/6) [x3]

Campus interview scheduled

    • To above candidate: do you feel comfortable sharing when/what day MSU invited you to campus & if it was via phone or email? (I was told at MLA that they'd contact people mid January;trying to figure out if I'm totally out of the running at this point)
    • I too am in the same state and very curious.
    • to the person above (I'm the person who wrote "To the above candidate" above yours): did they tell you mid January in terms of notifying people? I know that they don't even start classes until next week...
    • (I am "I too...") Yes, they did tell me that they would get back to their finalists after they reconvened for classes. Perhaps they are running somewhat early?
    • (me again - "To the above cand.") I think either (1) the person who wrote he or she had an interview on campus is an inside candidate (already at msu?) (2) made a mistake (meant to enter for Marygrove?) or much less likely, but I suppose possible, given what happened at the other wiki (3) is messing with other candidates?
    • hm, just adding a third voice to this discussion. Also still waiting to hear... I would expect that if they had already scheduled campus interviews, they would have sent rejections to the rest of us, no? (1/10)
    • Also still waiting. They wouldn't necessarily have sent rejections--most schools want to keep their options open in case their first or second choice falls through.
    • I agree with above - it's been my experience, I'm sad to say, that schools (even ones you've interviewed with at MLA) do not send rejection letters - - don't send them at all or at best, very, very late. (I got one this September for a school I applied to fall 2006.) Hang in there and good luck to all of us... (But I sure would love to know the motivation of that person above who posted a campus visit was already scheduled.)
    • Campus interview scheduled for later this month (1/13)
    • A much belated response to those above - I was the one who posted that an on-campus interview had been scheduled quickly after the MLA. Technically, I suppose the interview was not "scheduled" until a week or so after I posted, but the SC must have been ahead of schedule because they issued the invite. I am not, in fact, an internal candidate. As to the poster who asked what my "motivation" for posting was--I am not certain I understand the question. To my fellow interviewees, I wish you the best of luck at any or all the schools that have their eyes on you.
    • And to the candidate who just got the job offer, congratulations (post-campus-interview rejection letter received Jan 30th)

Notre Dame[]

  • Deadline: November 15
    • Anything going on here?
    • Ack. letter said they hope to contact candidates mid-December to schedule interviews early in the new year.
    • No news?
Still no news? (12/23)
    • Does anyone have any updated information on this (acceptance/rejection/request for writing sample)? I'm wondering if this wiki is dead at this point? (everything decided?)
    • A colleague was asked for writing sample and dossier in late December.
    • I was one of those asked for writing sample and dossier in late December. They said I was one of about 12, and that they would begin reviewing these materials on January 11. No more word yet as of 1/25/08
    • Rej. Letter (post)-(1/26) (x3)
    • Three campus interviews conducted in January, '08

Oakland University[]

  • No deadline posted
  • Ad appeared 12/7
    • Not likely they're doing MLA interviews, huh?

Why? I wrote I didn't think they'd be doing MLA interviews since the ad appeared so late, but I suppose that's presumptuous assumption on my part. It's conceivable they could review materials this week and contact people over the weekend. If that's what they do, though, the question, in my mind, then becomes, why did they wait so long before placing the ad??

Q. Anyone know ANYTHING about this crazy job? (1/2/08)

A. A faculty member posted the ad recently on the NASSR (North American Society for the Study of Romanticism) listserv, saying that the candidate should be able to teach 20th century drama but a specialization in Romantic Drama was fine. (1/18/07)

    • Anyone receive update/campus visit invite? (2/14)
    • 3 campus visits by last week of March

Does anyone know if an offer has been made?

Salem State College (MA)[]

  • No deadline posted

Has anyone heard anything? Are they interviewing at MLA? Anyone know anything (1/2)? MLA Interview (12/28) Campus interview (1/29) Offer made/accepted (2/13)

Villa Julie College[]

  • No deadline posted
  • Ad appeared 11/21
  • "post Early Modern dramatic literature"
    • Their online application system is freakin' terrible!

Yes, the worst I've ever seen. I feel for the committee. The way the system worked all font info would be lost, so no italics, bolded headings, etc. CVs must be hard to read like that.

If they really care about a candidate, surely they'll ask for a proper letter and CV along with other materials, no?

Dossier request by email, 2/21

Wofford College[]

  • TT Asst. Prof. Film Studies
  • Deadline: November 26
  • Dossier requests begun November 19
  • Rejection letters begun to be sent by mail December 8
  • MLA interviews: candidates contacted by phone on December 14
  • Candidates are being contacted for campus interviews (1/4)
  • Campus interviews are being scheduled (1/12)