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Drama, Speech, Film, and New Media[]

I propose following last year's precedent with MLA headings - of course this is a democracy, so I will abide by the consensus.

Q: Why is the drama wiki so unused?  I'd love to hear more about what folks are experiencing in their searches for drama jobs. A: There's more activity on the Theater wiki: It's listed as 2009-2010, but it is the active page for jobs beginning Fall 2010.

Count: 5[]

Drama: 5


Film: 1

New Media: 1


ABD (early):

ABD (will finish this academic year): 6

Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer): 3

Assistant Professor: 2 (advanced)

Associate Professor:

Full Professor:



see also Theater 2009-2010

Birmingham-Southern College (Modern Drama/Film)[]

Due: Oct. 30, 2009

Where did this due date come from? I didn't see any such due date and I applied for this job in mid November.

I thought it was strange, too. I did not apply for this job but for the composition job, and its deadline was December 4.

My colleague received an MLA interview request for this school (12/11) x 2

Received a rejection letter via mail (12/19)

Boston University (American Drama)[]

Due: Oct. 30, 2009

This search was cancelled. Check out BU's English Department website.


Hmmm - I just got a letter of acnowldegement on 11/23. Very strange!

Bridgewater State College (Mass): Modern British and American Drama[]

Deadline: 12/1/09

  • Has anyone heard from them? I know it is still early (especially with a December 1 deadline) but the committee for the Modern British/Irish job posted on the same day and with the same deadline as this drama job have already contacted people for phone interviews. Any news?
  • Request for phone interview 12/11 (x1) [Committee said they would notify those who had phone interviews about campus interviews last week of Dec or first week of Jan]
  • Invited by email on 12/22 to campus interview in late Jan (x1)
  • Applied on time, received no acknowledgement or other contact.  Good to know to stop waiting.
  • Job offer 2/8

Colorado College[]

  • Interview requests 12/8, according to Theatre page

Duke University (Theatre Studies)[]

  • Deadline: 11/2/09
  • Acknowledgment email 11/5/09
  • From Theater wiki: "Request for a writing sample 11/24 (x7) Were requests for writing samples sent via email or mail? [A. By email from a Cynthia Bunn]

Rec'd "thanks for materials, not on short list" rejection by email 12/11  [x3] . I can't believe there were 170 applications for this job. Brutal.

Georgia Southern University[]

Does anyone know if Georgia Southern has made an offer yet for their modern drama opening?

La Salle University[]

  • email acknowledgement of materials received; dossiers to be requested mid-November, MLA interview requests early December. (x3)
  • I  just received a rejection letter from La Salle via snail mail on 11/16 (x4)Did you find it funny that the rejection letter came in a half-sized sheet of paper? I guess they're saving paper...
  • I thought the half-sized paper was at least better than an email or nothing at all, though it never feels good to get rejected.
  • Request for writing sample and dossier in 11/10 (sorry so late posting)
  • Email rejection 12/07 - made it to round 2, but didn't make it to MLA
  • Has anyone received an invitation for a campus visit? Or a post-MLA rejection?
  • post-MLA rejection e-mailed shortly after MLA (it practically arrived home before I did)

Queens College (NY): Drama and Performance[]

Deadline: 12/28/09

Did anyone try to apply for this on the 28th and find it had been taken down from the website?

University of Toronto--Mississauga: English & Drama[]

Deadline: 11/2/09

  • According to Theatre wiki, requests for video-conference interviews went out on 12/3

University of Massachusetts, Amherst Postdoc in Drama[]

I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, so I thought I'd put it on the drama page. Updates anyone? EOE and Confidentiality Forms (1/29 x2)

Campus visit scheduled via phone (2/16). --Do you have any sense of whether they are moving quickly with this? Is your visit scheduled soon or is there perhaps time for others to be contacted? -- OP: Chair said they are down to 4 candidates. I'm scheduled for next week.

Kind rejection letter 2/20. Good luck to poster above.

University of Wisconsin Whitewater: Drama[]

Deadline: 1/28/09

AA form and acknowledgement received 1/28 - "committee will begin reviewing credentials in early February."

Campus interview scheduled by phone. (2/24)

Wesleyan University (Modern Dramatic Lit & Women's/Feminist/Sexuality Studies)[]

Due: Nov. 1, 2009

  • Any word to anyone (besides the AA form)? Yes, request for syllabi in mid Nov.
  • conference interview request 12/4
  • Rec'd E-mailed rejection 12.14. There goes my alum contribution to Wes this year! To be fair, I am not so strong in the feminist/sexuality studies area of the position.
  • Any word on campus visits??
  • post-mla rejection email (1/11)

Whittier College (Dramatic Lit, esp. Shakespeare)[]

Due: Nov. 15, 2009

--I was an undergrad English major there and would be happy to share info! (12-8)

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/11 (phone call)
  • (From Renaissance wiki) Campus visit scheduled 01/21

Also possibly of interest:

Rhode Island School of Design search for Asst Prof of Literature & Writing (search is especially interested in drama), deadline was Nov. 13, 2009.

  • Was contacted on Monday (11/30) via email because the search committee had only received 2 out of 3 letters of rec for me. Not REAL news but at least we know the process is moving...
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/11)
  • Does anyone have news as to a possible inside candidate for this job?
  • campus visit scheduled (via phone 1/5)
  • Is this for RISD or Whittier?  If for RISD, can you say when your campus visit will be?
  • The person probably means RISD; they said they would call the first week of Jan.
  • Question: are you a playwright or a scholar? Did it seem to you that the job was more for one or the other?
  • The visit is for RISD, scheduled for sometime near the end of Jan (TBD). I'm a scholar and a performance maker, not a playwright per se, though I am unclear whether they are interested in one more than the other.

University of New Haven search for Asst Prof of English (search seems especially interested in drama), deadline was Dec. 1, 2009.


University of North Dakota--Film, Digital Humanities, New Media[]

New Media[]


[See also][]

Rollins College (Critical Media and Cultural Studies, 12/10)[]

  • email rejection 12/14

University of Michigan (Digital Environments/Digital Humanities, 11/2)[]

University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee (Asst./Assoc., Gaming and Digital Culture, 11/1)[]

  • Additional Materials requested & Telephone Interview coordinated (11/24) , Telephone Interview (in lieu of MLA, 11/31)
  • This job was just reposted on the Chronicle of Higher Education website today (12/25) with a closing date of 1/22.  Did they restart the search or?
    • My understanding is that campus visits have already been arranged with those who made the cut after the phone interviews. (x2)
    • 1/17 - received email confirmation from the search chair that they are still indeed reviewing applications.
    • 2/28 - heard that candidates had visited campus

Winona State University (Media Studies, 11/9)[]

A friend of mine had a phone interview a couple of weeks ago, and scheduled an on-campus today (12/18)

  • looking for film theory and/or emerging genres and forms of literature
  • rejection email 12/17