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Does anyone mind if we reorganize this page? Perhaps separating the jobs by type (drama, film/media, speech/communications) and then putting all the information (materials requests, interviews, requests, etc.) in one place under the job description/deadline? In other parts of the wiki, I find this style of presentation much easier to read, but I obviously wanted to check with the group before making any changes.

  • Please do! Thanks so much.
    • Righto! I have started in on dividing them into types of jobs - when the job type was unmarked, I had to guess, so feel free to move things around, all ye who are more in-the-know. I also placed all the information under the school headings - not to worry, no information was removed from the page in this reorganization, it was just shifted to a different format. I hope this is useful. (it sure is! thanks very much!)
      • In the reorganization did the UTexas, Austin MLA interviews get moved from the emerging technologies entry to the UTexas, Austin Drama entry or was I just not reading it correctly before? PS Thanks wiki tidier.
      • I noticed the same thing about the UT Austin jobs. In the re-org, the MLA interviews do seem to have been switched to the Drama post from the merging technologies post, but I can't confirm that.
        • Wikitidier here: Oops! I did move the UT Austin interviews all to the Drama job. Sorry for the mistake! That is the one I have been following, so I assumed (erroneously) that all the MLA interview notes under "UT-Austin" related to it. Maybe those of you who have scheduled Emerging Technologies MLA interviews with Austin can just lower the "Drama" number by one apiece and add it to the "Emerging Tech" listing? Is there a better way to correct my error?
      • Hi All: I'm going to flip to equal signs. Just so that what is changed can be more easily cataloged.

Wow! What a great job of organizing this page--thanks!

      • Perhaps someone can also explain why the job in Digital Media Production at UT Austin is weirdly classified as a 'Speech and Communications' job and not a Media job?
        • Perhaps, above poster, you didn't mean your comment to come across as snide, but, given that someone spent a considerable amount of time improving the page for all our use, either a polite request to fix the problem or, better yet, a minute of your own time to cut and paste the entry into the correct zone (as I am about to do) might have been a better option.
        • Yes, and when I was reorganizing the whole list I wasn't sure what to do with it, and since the job title also contains the words "emerging communication technologies" I thought I would put it tentatively in the "Speech and Communications section." As I said above, if anyone finds other errors, they should feel free to go ahead and correct them.
      • Has anyone heard from UT Austin about the Modern Drama position since they requested further materials?


Ball State University[]

  • Assistant- Modern and Contemporary Drama
  • Deadline: November 1
  • E-mail request for further materials: November 18 (2)
  • MLA interview request, 12/11

Elon University[]

  • Assistant--World Drama--Modern and Contemporary
  • Deadline: November 15
  • Phone interview 2nd week of December (x2)
  • Campus interview scheduled for first week of February (via phone call, follow-up email on Dec. 18)


  • Assistant Prof, review begins Nov. 1
  • Email request for phone interview 12/19

Moravian College[]

  • Assistant - Dramatic Lit and Theatre History
  • Deadline: November 10
  • Email request for MLA interview, Dec. 17.(3)
  • Email rejection, Dec. 19.
  • MLA interview.
  • Said they would not be contacting people about campus interviews until after Jan. 19. Their semester starts then, and they won't have a chance to reconvene with the rest of the search committee until Jan. 19 at the earliest. Probably will be later, though. Long wait ahead.
  • per Renaissance site, campus interview invitation 1/20 x2
  • e-mail rejection.
  • At MLA, addressed "diversity" to exclusion of nearly anything else. Might indicate preference for candidate of color.
  • I believe an offer was made. The faculty are really nice. Congratulations to the job candidate with the offer!

NYU AD campus[]

  • Open rank - Theatre History, Dramatic Lit, Perf. Studies
  • Deadline: Dec 15
  • email ack 1/12
  • email request for more info (1/17)

Ohio State University[]

  • Assistant, Associate or Full Professor of Theater
  • Deadline: October 1
  • More materials requested and references contacted 11/25

Sonoma State University[]

  • Assistant Professor of Theatre (tenure-track)-Contemporary Theatre/ Dramaturgy
  • Deadline: 12/1 at 4 p.m.
  • Email acknowledgment 11/3
  • Phone interview scheduled for week of 1/12

Stanford Post-doc Fellowship[]

  • Up to six two-year fellowships will be awarded in the following fields: Music, Art History, English and Drama. Stipend is $55,000 plus benefits.
  • Deadline Dec. 8.
  • Email acknowledgment 11/2
    • This is also listed under Humanities Postdocs 2008-09

St. Mary's University (Halifax, Nova Scotia)[]

  • TT in Modern and Contemporary Drama
  • Deadline Nov 21
  • Campus Visit scheduled for mid-January

University of British Columbia[]

  • Theatre Studies, Asian, Aboriginal, or pre-19th century
  • Deadline: December 5
  • Letter ack receipt of materials 12/8
  • Shortlist within two months
  • Q: Almost two months now. Anyone hear anything yet?
  • From the Theatre wiki: Emailed committee who wrote back saying they would decide a long list on January 28 and a short list by February 10.
  • Exchanged a few emails with the chair of the search committee yesterday (9 Feb). Nothing conclusive, he was just making a few clarifications about my application. He did say that the committee would meet today to draw up a short list. Had also said that the short list would need to be approved by the administration. I take that to mean that it could be a little longer before any of us hear anything.
  • received extremely personal, kind, email notice that I made the top ten, but not the final short list. 2/13.
  • received an email to set up a campus visit for early March. 2/17.
  • Q: It may be gauche to ask, but if you are willing to share, do you mind saying what area you are working in?
  • A; In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I posted this on behalf of a colleague. That colleague specializes in modern Chinese theatre.

University of Cincinnati[]

  • Assistant Professor of Drama
  • Deadline: November 3
  • Update: Dossier and materials request 11/24 via email (2)
  • MLA interview request, 12/12 (x4)
  • Q.: Has anyone heard anything post-MLA??
    • I have been wondering that too. I haven't heard anything either.
  • campus interview scheduled -- should add that I'm posting that a colleague has one (not me)
  • Thank you for posting.
  • Does anyone know of additional campus interviews scheduled for this job (drama)??
  • campus interview (if a colleague of mine posted it above, s/he did not tell me!)
  • Any more news?
  • Is that the end -- no news at all? One campus interview, or two, or none?
  • there were three campus interviews. an offer should be made soon (posted 2/20)
  • (from one of the campus interviewees): learned through a third party that an offer was made and accepted. Search committee never contacted me. (4/29)

University of Houston Downtown[]

  • (2 positions)
  • Assistant--Global Cinema, New Media, or post-Renaissance Drama
  • Deadline: November 9
  • MLA Interview request, 12/11 Scheduled by phone.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst[]

  • Deadline: November 14
  • Snail Rejection (12/13) x2
  • Job Search suspended (notified via email


University of North Carolina, Theater Dept.[]

Invitation for campus visit

If you don't mind me asking is this visit for the theatre history general or asian/african american drama position?

  • Asian etc., I believe. I applied for theatre history but have heard nothing back at all. Someone I know received a rejection -- that was also, I think, in Asian.
  • People may want to look at the theatre page for this. Looks like campus visits have been scheduled for theatre history.

University of Texas at Austin[]

  • Assistant - Modern Drama
  • Deadline: October 15
  • E-mail request for further materials: November 7th (3)
  • MLA Interview request 12/7 (1)
  • Rej. letter rcvd. 12/18
  • Letter rcvd. reiterating November 7 request for further materials 1/5
  • Rejection letter rcvd. 1/7
  • Anyone have any good news post-MLA interview?
  • Campus interviews are scheduled (I didn't apply for this one, just letting you all know).

Washington University in St.Louis[]

  • Assistant Professor of Theater/Performance Studies
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Letter of acknowledgment 11/21
  • Interview scheduled (12/10) (x4)
  • Rejection letter dated 12/4
  • Immediately after MLA interview, invited for campus visit (12/29) (x 3)

Wesleyan University[]

  • Assistant Professor of Theatre
  • Deadline: November 15
  • Email acknowledgment 12/9
  • Rejection letters sent out 2/4 and 2/5

Western Carolina University[]

  • Assistant Professor of Early Modern Drama
  • Deadline: December 8
  • MLA "pre-screening" interview scheduled via phone (12/15)
  • See Renaissance Wiki: campus visits have been scheduled

Whittier College[]

  • Assistant Professor in Dramatic Literature
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Also listed on the Renaissance Wiki page

Film, Media, and Cultural Studies[]

Amherst College[]

  • Open Position - Film and Media Studies
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Rejected by email (12/10) (x2)
  • MLA Interview neg 12/7

Catholic University of America[]

  • Assistant- Media Studies (Film/TV)
  • Deadline: October 1
  • E-mail request for further materials: October 8th

Columbia College Chicago[]

  • Tenure-Track - Cultural Studies
  • Deadline: Rolling (October?)

Empire State College[]

  • Assistant - Cultural Studies
  • Deadline: October 1
  • E-mail request for telephone interview (to take place in January) - 12/10

Framingham State College, MA[]

  • Assistant - Film
  • Deadline: December 12

George Mason University[]

  • Assistant - Film and Media Studies
  • Deadline: November 3

Harvard University[]

  • Tenure-Track position in Film Studies
  • Deadline: October 17
  • Email Response of Receipt of Materials 10/10

McGill University[]

  • Assistant - Cultural Studies
  • Deadline: November 15
  • has anyone heard anything about this job? -Nope. I'm guessing the silence is because it's not on the same search schedule as US schools.

Messiah College[]

  • Assistant - Film
  • Deadline: September 15
  • Campus interview: Phone call to schedule 10/24, Interview scheduled for late Nov/early Dec.

Michigan Technological University[]

  • Assistant - Media/Cultural Studies
  • Deadline: October 20
  • Letter indicating Receipt of Materials 10/27

Montclair State University[]

  • Open - Film Studies
  • Deadline: November 10

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts[]

  • Assistant - National Transnational Cinema and Media
  • Deadline: October 31
  • Rejection letter by mail dated 12/9, 12/23

Northern Illinois University[]

  • Assistant Professor of Film and Literature
  • Deadline: November 20
  • Letter ack receipt of materials 11/22
  • MLA interview request (by email) 12/3


  • Open Rank Positions in Media, Technology, and Society
  • Deadline: October 31st
  • Rejection letter by mail (12/15)

Northwestern, Radio/TV/Film[]

  • Open Rank in Screen Cultures
  • Deadline: December 5th

Ohio University[]

  • Assistant - Film
  • Deadline: October 3
  • Campus visits scheduled for early/mid November.

Ohio State University[]

  • Assistant Professor in the History and Criticism of Film
  • Deadline: October 15

SUNY Brockport[]

  • Assistant - Film Studies
  • Deadline: October 31
  • Called week of 11/17 to schedule MLA interview

Texas State University, San Marcos[]

  • Assistant - English and Film Studies
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Card Response of Receipt of Materials 10/25
  • Call for request for interview 11/20, interviews 12/28 or 12/29

Texas Tech[]

  • Assistant - Film Studies
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Email request for further materials: November 13th
  • MLA interview request 12/8
  • Campus interviews to be scheduled in January and decision made by mid-February

Towson University[]

  • Assistant --New Media
  • Deadline: November 15

Trinity College[]

  • Assistant - Film Studies
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Email Response of Receipt of Materials 10/27
  • MLA interview Request, 12/4

University of California, Santa Barbara[]

  • (literature and media technologies or cultures between 1800 and c. 1980)
  • Deadline: October 24
  • 20th c. American list shows that this school has already scheduled MLA interviews

University of Houston Downtown[]

  • (2 positions)
  • Assistant--Global Cinema, New Media, or post-Renaissance Drama
  • Deadline: November 9

University of Massachusetts, Boston[]

  • (2 positions)
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Card response of receipt of materials 10/30
  • MLA Interview Request, 12/1

University of Memphis[]

  • Assistant/Associate- Media/etc
  • Deadline: October 20

University of Michigan Ann Arbor[]

  • Open Rank- Screen Arts
  • Letter indicating receipt of materials 10/15
  • Campus visits scheduled for December

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities[]

  • (2 positions)
  • Assistant and Associate Professor of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, specialization in visual culture and new media
  • Deadline: November 7th

University of South Carolina[]

  • Assistant - Popular Contemporary Media Studies/Film
  • Deadline: October 3

University of Texas at Austin[]

  • Assistant - Rhetoric & Writing, specialization in emerging communication technologies and digital media with emphasis on production
  • Deadline: October 31
  • Email request for further materials: October 29th
  • MLA Interview request 12/7
  • [Has an offer been made?] 02/16

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee[]

  • Assistant Professor in the History and Criticism of Film
  • Deadline: October 15

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee[]

  • Assistant - Digital Narrative
  • Deadline: November 1st
  • Phone interview 11/12 for 3rd week of November
  • Campus visits scheduled for late November, early December?? (perhaps another job?)
  • Campus visits to be scheduled in January

Speech and Communications[]

Arcadia University[]

  • Assistant - Communications
  • Deadline: November 15

Northwestern University[]

  • 3 positions Media, Technology & Society

Snail mail rejection 12/16

San Jose State University[]

  • Assistant - Performance Studies, Department of Communication Studies
  • Deadline: January 15

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire[]

  • Deadline: November 3

Whitman College[]

  • Deadline: October 10
  • Letter indicating Receipt of Materials 10/25
  • Campus visits scheduled for November