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See AY 2011-12 positions at Early American 2011


ABD (early): 1

ABD (will finish this academic year): 14

Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer):  16

Assistant Professor: 9

Associate Professor: 

Full Professor: 

Lurker: 2

Total: 36

Job Offers[]

Baylor U (accepted sometime in March)

Boston U (02/02/10)

congratulations, but do read the contract closely, lest it, like the earlier letters to applicants, prove to have been written by Lionel Hutz

Franklin and Marshall (accepted)

Hendrix College (declined)

Trinity University (accepted)

University of Georgia (accepted)

University of Rochester (accepted)

UMass Dartmouth (accepted 3/17)

Wayne State (02/15/10)

Ohio State (accepted 3/3/10)

-Anyone know what happened to the Marshall job? Did anyone go on campus interviews? Accept/reject a job offer? (4/20)

Just curious: Has anyone received rejections from Baylor, Hendrix, or Franklin and Marshall, or do these departments not bother with such formalities?

A. Hendrix bothers, but not much: a brief e-mail rejection addressed to "Dear Candidate." I've heard nothing from Baylor; however, the position was "accepted sometime in March," and it's only the middle of May.

Campus interviews scheduled[]

Does Anyone know anything about the Hendrix College search? (posted 3/21)

Baylor University (1/22)

Boston University (1/04)

Columbia University (two have taken place already, 2/4)

FAU (don't know the date, but know someone who has a campus visit scheduled)

F&M (same as FAU)

Georgia College and State University (1/13)

Hendrix (1/4)

Ohio State University (1/04)

Simpson College (1/13)


UMass Dartmouth (1/14)

University of Rochester (1/13)

Wayne State (12/29)

I heard that Franklin and Marshall has invited finalists, but don't know when they did so.

-Where did you hear about F&M?

Does anyone know anything about Florida Atlantic?  Has anyone scheduled a campus visit?  A: I haven't heard from them either way yet.  I also noticed that no one has heard from them on the Sci-Fi job either (not that that necessarily means anything, but it might). I just noticed they scheduled the Sci-Fi visit today 1/14.

There's been an eerie silence on campus visits for a while now and I'm wondering if "no news is good news" or if no news means no job. Do you think schools are just dragging their feet on campus invites? Or are people just not reporting?

I guess it could be either. Trinity U had two job searches (second one in 18th-century drama) and no one has posted anything on that page about on campus visits either.

I've been wondering if the number of people reporting back is smaller because I've noticed lots more campus visits reported on other pages.

Remember, folks, a lot of schools don't even start up again until next week or, in at least one case, the week after. Last year, there were a range of dates involved from late december to early february, with little real pattern.

Does anyone have any news about campus visits for Trinity, Florida Atlantic, or Franklin & Marshall? Heard anything through the grapevine? Have a friend who got a call? Anything at all? Add Baylor to the catalog of schools above--any word?

A: I know from a colleague that Baylor selected two finalists and gave them a preliminary notification but has not nailed down dates for campus visits.

A: I know someone in my dept who got a campus invite to all three of the schools in the original list.

A. I know someone who knows someone who beat up Chuck Norris.

Q. Mr. T?!? A. Damn right: T for Tenure, don't need no track. My personal data? (1) Mr. (2) T. Nuff said, fool.

Do you or your colleague know when Baylor made those notifications?

A: It is my understanding that Baylor made calls to the finalists during MLA but has not scheduled or held the visits yet. R. Thank you for the information.

Q: Does anyone have an update about the Trinity U. job?

--It has been offered to and accepted by a friend of friend.

Q: Is anyone else watching the pre-20th c. American lit job at Brock University (listed in the Canadian lit section)? If so, any word?

A: Campus interview scheduled 2/10

--Congratulations (!), and thanks for the update. Do you mind sharing if you're a Canadian citizen?

Of course Canadians don't mind sharing: they're socialists, right?

I know that this is not the "venting" page, but I would just like to express my disgust with the lack of post-MLA communication of many of these schools listed below. I can understand (sort of) the difficulty of sending out hundreds of rejections, but sending out 10 to 12 e-mails or letters to candidates that these schools interviewed at MLA is not at all difficult. Out of just a handful of institutions hiring this year in Early American literature, it looks like only one or two even bothered to send out post-MLA rejections; the rest have left candidates to wonder about their status and rely on this Wiki for any information that might make its way through the grapevine. The lack of transparency in this process is inexcusable; while a rejection may be difficult to receive, in my view it is far more palatable than dead silence.

---it might help to think about it like this: From the school's perspective, it doesn't make sense to send out rejections until they either 1) have made an offer that was accepted, or 2) decided to shut down the search completely. If they don't send out rejections to those whom they interviewed at MLA and if the first round of campus visit finalists don't pan out, they can move on down the list if they want to. It's a way of keeping their options open until they either hire someone or decide to go through the entire process again next year. And because the job offer / approval process can be a slow one, it might take a while for those eventual rejection letters to go out. That's my thinking, anyway

MLA interviews Scheduled:[]

Baylor University

Boston University

Columbia University

Florida Atlantic University

Franklin and Marshall College

Georgia College and State University

Hendrix College

Marshall University

Ohio State University

Simpson College

Trinity University (San Antonio)

UMass Dartmouth

Union College

University of Rochester

Wayne State U

Baylor U[]

Deadline: 11/1

Acknowledgment received: 10/26; 11/2; 11/4; 11/7  

request for dossier (by e-mail): 11/12; 11/15; 11/23

MLA interview scheduled: Via e-mail (12/9) x3

Campus interview scheduled: 1/22

Offer made: Yes

Offer accepted: Yes (sometime in March)

Notes and Questions[]

"personal data sheet" received and asked to identify church membership and religious affiliation 10/26; 11/2 (x2); 11/4; 11/1; 11/10  11/14

Question:  Anyone have any sense as to whether this "personal data sheet" is required? Or can it be treated similar to an affirmative action request, preferred, but not required?

Looks like it's required to me, although I'm not clear on whether it's to be used in making initial dossier request decisions or just in making interview decisions. Incidentally, anyone receive a dossier request?

I too inferred that it is required. Since they are sending it now, as opposed to along with dossier requests, I would assume that is going to be an aid in making dossier request decisions. However, I think it is also a way for them to say very explicitly early in the process that they are serious about the school's religious mission and that if you are uncomfortable with it, then this might not be the job for you. That's how I take it, at least.

I also believe that the request for "personal data" is required, for the reasons given by the post above; and I've not yet been asked for a dossier, though I've noticed that someone on the 20/21c. Americanist page has been contacted (11/08).  Good luck to all--and quote scripture, if you must.

I think what I am "uncomfortable" about is less the religious mission and instead how personal the question is.  I don't even talk about my spirituality with my friends, why would I share this with complete strangers.

I'm not sure if this will help people make the decision to fill these forms out or not, but I came across this article when researching Baylor: it discusses the high number of tenure denials (candidates were often advanced by their departments and then declined at levels higher up in part because tenure requirements had been changed multiple times without alerting faculty to those changes) and how these denial maybe a part of the school's attempts to refocus its identity to be more Christian, while maintaining its research focus.  [[1]] --  important to note that this tenure debacle, IHE states that of the 9 women up for review, 6 were rejected. 

I'm a tenured faculty member in English at Baylor and to answer your questions above, yes, we are serious about the school's Judeo-Christian mission and the personal data sheet is required if you're a serious candidate.  As for the previous poster's information about past tenure denials, I am happy to report that nearly all of those denials were reversed on appeal and that the president who originally denied them is no longer with us.

Fair enough.  Thank you for your candor.

After giving a job talk there a few years ago, a friend had obtained a verbal agreement from English of a job at Baylor ago, only to have the President step in to rescind the offer on the basis of answers on the personal data sheet (involving religion & politics) to which the President objected. Hopefully this is the President who is gone. So I would take those data sheets very seriously if you're interested in this institution. It sounds horrible, but a job's a job.

Of course Baylor is serious about their religious mission --- DUHHHH! why is this such a mystery, and ir you are uncomfortable discussing your spirituality with your friends, then why would you seek a job at a confessional, Baptist university? Hmmmmm??

The more interesting question is why you would post such mean-spirited comments, especially now that interviews have been scheduled.  But then, no, it's not really that interesting--save your confession and other vituperations for those of your ilk.

I've been wondering about the nasty comments by DUHHHH Hmmmm--a first-year graduate student, no doubt--above. My question is this: don't Baptists profess rather than confess? In any case, the difficulty with this application is that one's necessary profession has been met with silence. Perhaps this is a condition of religious as well as academic life, the silence, I mean, but some information from the (human) department about one's application would be nice.

Hello, Baylor faculty member. Would you please offer some light to those of us waiting in darkness? Thank you.

Starr Light? Thank you, I'll be here all week.

Boston U[]

Deadline: 10/30

Acknowledgment received: by mail 11/14 (x5) I found the wording a little confusing . . ? Anyone else? (x2)

My letter listed the position as "modern Early American Literature" rather than "19th-C"(???).

Dossier request by email (11/16) (11/17) (x3)

Rejection letter by U.S. mail (11/21) (x2) 11/27 (x2) (12/20)

MLA interview scheduled: MLA interview scheduled by telephone (12/11) (x5)

Q: Would the interviewees mind sharing whether they are ABD, Ph.D. in hand and/or working in academia already?

A: PhD in hand, working as Lecturer in Academia (x2)

Campus interview scheduled: by phone (1/01), (1/04)

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A

Notes and Questions[]

Anyone have insight on this job? I'm not sure of the search for EITHER a 19th-century Americanist OR a specialist in American drama/film.

They've canceled the American drama/film component of this search, narrowing it solely to 19thC American literature.

I find it surprising that this converted solely to 19th-century American and dropped the drama portion. They seem to have decent faculty representation in 19th century, especially fiction. I wonder if they are looking for a poetry specialist. 

I doubt it.  It seems pretty clear that they want someone in hemispheric or ethnic studies; there's also always a chance they're anticipating a faculty departure (though that seems less likely). 

Actually, it's now clear that they want someone in "modern Early American literature."  Had I known, I would have written a different letter.

umm, what is "modern early american"? 

A. Before the interview, you should acquaint yourself with R. T. Firefly's (Inter)Ventions in Modern Early American Literature (SUNY-Fredonia).  It is the most important work in this emergent/residual field.  --Also see Margaret Dumont's "Pimpin' Hobomok." 

Hilarious. Anyway, I'm regular old 19th century American lit and got a request for more materials. And I don't read Spanish.

It gets better: I got a letter today saying that they have received my application for the position in "modern British Romaniticism"! (I applied for the 19th c. American position). I emailed the chair (since it was his name on the letter) and got an apologetic email from an assistant, who says she "made a few mistakes with the letters at the beginning."

Wow -- and now an email to all applicants with all email addresses visible apologizing for the screw up. Seriously priceless.

I didn't even get this "oops" e-mail, though I did get the confirmation letter.  I can just picture my application packet for the 19th C. position sitting in a disorganized pile on someone's desk marked as "early modern British drama."  Yikes. (x2)

VISIBLE?  Wow, wonderful, especially for anyone with a TT position applying for this job under the radar.  Thankfully, I did not receive this email, so I must have applied for the Romanticism position too . . .

Care to share the number of emails on that list?

Looks to be about 50. Obviously not all-inclusive. Wonder how they selected us...

added after above & below comments: my non-BCC list had only about 20 names. Maybe they just sent them out in disorganized, inept batches.

Wow. almost glad I didn't get this email b/c if I had, I would probably abandon all attempts at work in an effort to use those .edu's to discern a pattern in answer to the Q "wonder how they selected us..."

I too wasn't among those selected to be exposed.  Should I feel bad? 

Ackn. by snail mail - received my application for modern Early American Literature - ok, sure, why not? (11/19)

11/19 rec'd email of apology from chair of dept blaming, among other things "a young and inexperienced secretary who only started in Sept"

And was this secretary also responsible for the cheap plain paper on which the letter was printed?  This has become unpleasant. (No kidding! Mine wasn't even on letterhead)  Right, not even photocopied letterhead. 

11/23: Rejection by mail--same low-budget paper of the confirmation and unsigned.  Keep it classy, BU.

Did you receive the e-mail apology? I'm wondering if that only went to those who were in the running for the next cut. I didn't receive any e-mail apology, and am expecting an unsigned photocopied rejection in the mail soon. A: I received the rejection letter and was NOT on the e-mail apology list.  I don't know if there is a direct correlation, however.  The confirmation letter I originally received was for the "Modern Early American Literature" position. It might be notable that the letter was dated 11/16; so, it was likely written before the apology e-mail went out. 

I'm not the person reporting on the rejection letter, but my understanding is that the apology email only went to those who received the letter that said British Romanticism?

No, I got the email, and my letter said something that I glanced at and thought sounded approximately right -- it might have been the "modern Early American."

11/27: Rejection by snail mail (on letterhead but unsigned). x3

11/28: Rejection by snail mail, signed, but on cheap plain paper.  This is no doubt a good job in a bad market, but the department's treatment of applicants has been shabby. 

11/30:  Never received ackn, email, or anything else: wondering about my postage now. . .  --Don't worry about your postage: I'm sure that they steamed it off and re-used it. (x4)

12/10: And the plot thickens, just received another acknowledgment by snail mail - this time on letterhead

3/3: they want affirmative action info NOW (req via email). HA! (x4) Amazing. They seem to take affirmative action even less seriously than they do their applicants.

Columbia University[]

MLA interview scheduled: 12/14 (x2)

Q: Has anyone received a confirmation from them or been asked for additional materials? 

Not a word. 12/15

never saw this one. Can anyone share where they found it? thanks! (x2)

A: This was advertised on the JIL as an Asst. Prof. in American literature and culture to 1800.

Franklin and Marshall College - Lancaster, PA[]

Deadline: 11/16

Acknowledgment received: 11/27 (x5)

Request for further materials:

MLA interview scheduled: 12/11 (phone call) (x3)

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Q: Any news on this one at all? (1/12)

Offer made: Yes

Offer accepted: Yes (per rej. letter received 3/20)

Notes and Questions[]

this will answer some questions, I knew this guy when he was an undergrad at Indiana. Good guy and seems to have the pubs and the teaching.!/group.php?gid=79534966487&v=info

Thanks for the above link. Wow, the facebook group to get RB tenure has 153 members. I like both him and the person who is replacing him. I hope they get behind the replacement because he's a good dude, too, but that is one scary situation to walk into.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there an early Americanist at assistant prof rank at F & M now? Why is this search being conducted? Does it have anything to do with their tenuring process? Or is a small English dept really looking to have two untenured early Am specialists?

It seems likely he didn't get tenure.

Well, he is listed as teaching courses both semesters of this year. It would be pretty classless to fly someone back to replace a person who is still working there. I am wondering if they have a weird tenure system analogous to Yale's which involves a competition between the tenure candidate and eligible replacements. Maybe jousting could be involved.

Or perhaps they wish to have a department of Americanists: the Department of American Literature and Excellence!  I would like this, very much.

Actually, most institutions grant faculty members who are denied tenure a final year after the negative decision. While, yes, it can be terribly uncomfortable for everyone (not just job candidates), the alternative would be far worse.

I don't see how it could be much worse for the incoming candidate...

Really? I think a beloved inside candidate would be far more difficult.

Georgia College and State University[]

Deadline: 11/1

Acknowledgment received: 

Request for further materials:

MLA interview scheduled: 1 via email (11/24) (x3)

Campus interview scheduled: Contacted to set up date for on-campus (1/13); on-campus interview schedule (3/9)

Offer made: yes

Offer accepted: yes ( in April)

Notes and Questions[]

references were contacted (11/12)

received notice that I'd "made a first cut" (11/16)

received a very nice informational packet about the town and university (12/7)

congratulations to those of you who are being interviewed! do you mind saying whether you are an early americanist or southern literature specialist or both? thanks! (12/9) . A: Both, with an emphasis on southern

(1/1/10) A: Early Americanist first, southern second.

Any news about this search? Where does it stand? (3/13) A: Called to set up campus interview (3/9)

To the poster who set up an interview on 3/9: It was my understanding that all campus interviews for this position were conducted in February. Are they holding a second round of interviews? Or were you one of the people originally scheduled for interviews post-MLA? (3/18)


Deadline: 11/6

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for further materials:

MLA interview scheduled: 12/3 (contacted by email with news that dept sec'y will call to actually schedule it x3)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/4

Offer made: yes (but declined)

Offer accepted: N/A

Notes and Questions[]

12/8: Has the secretary called to schedule interviews yet?

12/8: Yes, called yesterday.

Ohio State University[]

Deadline: 11/1

Acknowledgment received: 10/29; 11/3; 11/10 (x3)

Request for further materials: 11/18 (x11)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/10 (by phone)

Rejection by mail (signed, on letterhead): 12/15

Campus interview scheduled: 1/04

Offer made: Offer made in mid-February and recently declined. Another offer made late February.

Offer accepted: 3/3

Notes and Questions[]

Just a warning:  I sent my reference letters and writing sample electronically to address, as the OSU requested, and they disappeared into the ether.  The Assistant to the Chair emailed me today (12/02) to ask what happened, and I immediately re-sent all my documents to her address.  OSU is aware that a few Interfolio deliveries haven't been received, but if you used Interfolio to send your letters and/or writing sample, make sure you receive delivery confirmation from the department.

I hope this doesn't rub salt in anyone's wounds, but I'm beginning to wonder if anyone who applied for this job *didn't* get asked for more information. Eight requests seems like quite a few.

  • ?!?! Eight requests is *not* a lot. Most schools interview anywhere between 6-12 candidates in the first interviewing stage (at MLA). Therefore, they are looking at a considerably larger number than that after the "first cut" (i.e. the pool they request extra materials from).

Eight is not a lot for all requests, but this wiki is a small sampling of overall applicants. I don't think any other job listing has "x8" for anything, except rejections.

  • Yes, your observation is correct if you're just looking at numbers and not putting them in context; but you need to keep in mind that a much larger pool from the wiki is applying to this job (b/c it's a highly desirable research position) so the numbers are bound to be higher. Take a quick look on other pages--say 20th/21st c. Amer.--and you'll see similar numbers for similarly desirable jobs (i.e. U. of Chicago).
  • I can set your mind at ease on this one: I didn't get asked for more information. Of course, if you didn't want to rub salt in anyone's wounds, you probably would've been better off not making the statement you made. When given the choice between not being a d'bag, or preemptively apologizing for being a d'bag and then doing it anyway, it's generally better to choose the former.
  • I don't really have anything to add. I just want to say that I loooove the term "d'bag." I'm going to start using it! :)

Q: Anyone have any sense as to whether OSU has booked all their MLA interviews yet? Only one poster so far...

  • Seems strange to me too. Out of 11(!) requests for additional material reported on the wiki, only one interview. Something about this search still seems odd--call me a "d'bag" if you will. But, maybe it's just as simple as the other interviewees have been late to report back.

A: It is that simple. All the interviews were scheduled the same day and there was nothing "odd" about the process. So far at least the percentage of interviewees reporting on the wiki is a bit lower than the percentage of candidates asked for additional materials who reported their requests, but that disparity doesn't seem all that unusual at this time of the academic year and is within the margin of error for a sample size this small. The only scandal here is the perennial scandal--which is just more obvious this year--of the utter lack of any reasonable relation between supply and demand in this so-called market.

Simpson College[]

Deadline: 11/9

Acknowledgment received: 11/13 (x4)

Request for further materials:

MLA interview scheduled:  phone call (12/2) X4

Campus interview scheduled: (1/13)

Offer made: Offer made 2/15, but declined 2/19.

Offer accepted: N/A

Notes and Questions[]

Simpson ran this search last year and didn't hire anyone.

  • why not?
  • Made an offer; offer was accepted; contract was signed; candidate backed out; search was halted.

Union College - Schenectady, NY[]


Deadline: 11/2

Acknowledgment received: 10/28 x2

Request for further materials:

MLA interview scheduled: 12/3

Q: Out of curiosity, was this scheduled via e-mail or a phone call? 

A: email

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A

Notes and Questions[]

AA form sent as e-mail attachment 10/28 x2 ; 11/2

Q: anyone else never get the AA form or ack email(s)?

A. I've heard nothing from them (12/05). x5

  • Renaissance lurker here. Earlier this week (1/6) I got a campus interview invitation for Union's Ren job. They're scheduling for early- to mid-Feb since, acc. to the chair, they're doing the Americanist interviews first. I'm surprised to see no info posted here...
  • Good luck, Ren lurker.  Some of us haven't heard at all from Union; indeed, at least five of the seven or eight people who have posted on this page have received no information about this search.  When you win the job, and eventually become chair of the department, you must promise to do better than this. . . 

Rejection via e-mail 2/25 (no MLA interview with them, so this was not surprising); e-mail said that "Another candidate has accepted the position." (x2, though my rejection also constituted an acknowledgement of sorts)

Rejection via e-mail 3/9. This was the very first acknowledgement of my application I rec'd.

University of Alabama in Huntsville[]

"Americanist for a tenure-earning position beginning in the Fall of 2010 or Spring of 2011 (negotiable)": 3/3 course load

Link to University's job description

Deadline: July 1, 2010

All right, one last ride on the Wall of Death before the amusement park turns off its lights for the season. Happy summer to all, and best wishes for better rides at next year's carnival.

  • Letter acknowledging receipt of application with description of likely job obligations and opportunities -- as if I needed to want it even more. (7/9)
  • UAH is well into its other search: the Renaissance page reports skype interviews already scheduled (writing samples were requested in late June, it seems). I don't know whether we've missed the ride or it's not begun. In any case, good luck to the poster above, and to all others who are waiting or, perhaps, riding.
  • Yeah, I figure I've missed that ride. Another year in this hell-hole, I guess. Thanks for the wishes, though! (7/15)
  • My fear, too, or two--the missing, I mean, and the hell. But the summer weather is fine and there's work to be done, even after all, for the very pleasure of it. Again, all the best, wiki-comrade (7/15).
  • Got an email request for letters, transcript and writing sample on 7/2, submitted the material on 7/5, haven't heard anything else other than the letter acknowledging receipt of application. (7/22)
  • Thank you for the information. I hope that you will soon hear something good. If not, do as Andy Samberg (Lonely Island) says, and Throw It on the Ground.
  • Whatever happened with this search? Has anyone heard anything from UAH? Thanks (9/27)
  • A: I don't know about the American position, but according to the Renaissance 2010 page, an offer was made and accepted at the beginning of Sept. for the Renaissance job that was advertised at the same time this past summer (9/28).
  • 10/20: update in case anyone is still interested. Learned second-hand, this position has been filled for Fall 2011. Offer was made/accepted in the last few weeks. Person hired has been out a couple of years, working as VAP.

UCLA -- a 3-year position[]

Deadline: 3/15

Q: Has anyone heard back on this?

A: Yes, the campus visits have been scheduled.

Q: Thanks. Were these folks ABD, PhD in hand, already profs somewhere?

UMass Dartmouth[]

Deadline: 11/15

Acknowledgment: 11/12; Received a link to the EEO page, but the position has not been added as an option to select yet.  11/27: The link is now up and running for the EEO page. Email ack. (12/4) x3

Request for further materials:

MLA interview scheduled: by email (12/9) x4; by phone (12/9)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/14 (x2)

Q: Do you happen to know how many they are bringing to campus and when? Q: Has anyone gotten a rejection email or letter after the MLA interview?

Haven't heard either way yet which seems odd. They said by the end of the month and they seemed very on the ball.

Offer made: Yes

Offer accepted: Yes 3/17

Weirdly mechanical rejection from the Chair, to "Candidate," announcing that the position "was finalized." (x2)

University of Georgia[]

Deadline: April 9

Acknowledgment: 4/6 (EEO form)

Request for materials:writing sample + dossier (3/18) x2; 4/9; 4/12

Phone Interview: scheduled on 4/16, to be held on 4/19

Campus Visit: scheduled on 4/20

Offer Made: yes

Offer Accepted: yes

Notes and Questions[]

This posting was sent over the Society of Early Americanists listserv: Assistant Professor of English, University of Georgia

The University of Georgia English Department will be making up to three tenure-track appointments before the end of May in three fields: American Literature before 1900, Renaissance/Early Modern Studies, and Postcolonial Writing in English. Successful applicants will have a strong research program (including peer-reviewed publication) and outstanding teaching credentials. We would particularly like to hear from candidates with interests and expertise in one of the following secondary areas: Medieval Studies, Humanities Computing, Creative Writing. The position carries a 2-2 teaching load with significant research expectations. Service on Department and University committees, as well as the mentoring of undergraduate majors and graduate students, are important responsibilities of all tenure-track faculty. Please refer to our web site for more information about the Department: .

I understand that it will be posted on Friday (March 5), both on the MLA Job List and in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

This looks like a great position, but I'm feeling rather like Lilly Von Schtupp these days (see "I'm Tired," on You Tube, for a fuller expression). Good luck to all.

--Since UGA is making "up to" three hires, do we have any indication if this phone interview is one of three, six, or more, and if it might be for Early Modern, PoCo, or American?

I think that the question is whether or not the search committee for the Americanist position arranged all of the interviews yesterday, 16 April. I fear that it did, but would be delighted to have my fears dispelled by a note or a call today or Monday! Good luck to the person contacted--and thank you for posting the information--and best wishes to all others who wait.

--Phone interview is for pre-1900 American position. The committee only offered times on Monday afternoon when scheduling, so it *seems* like that is when they are doing all of the pre-1900 interviews. But who knows? Obviously, they didn't tell me! But I wanted to post all that I do know. Best of luck to everyone during this difficult market.

Again, thank you for your generosity, and best wishes for tomorrow afternoon, and beyond.

--Good luck today, interviewees! (I like a humane wiki site...)

--Congrats to the interviewees! Would any of you be willing to share your research or teaching areas? Since pre-1900 is so broad, I wondered what more specific areas UGA had in mind.

University of Rochester[]

Deadline: 11/20

Acknowledgment: N/A

Request for further materials: 11/24 e-mail request for writing sample. (12/1 x4)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/16

Campus interview scheduled: (Was this scheduled today, 1/13?)

Offer made: yes

Offer accepted: yes

Notes and Questions[]

2/9 Rejection via e-mail (Had received request for more materials but not an MLA interview)

Q: Did the email say that the position has been filled?

A: No, it just said that they are not pursuing my candidacy further. It was actually quite a nice e-mail, for a rejection!

Wayne State  []

1865-1910 Deadline: 11/2

Request for more materials:

10/28, 11/06: request by email

  • Was this the request to post the materials online, or were you asked for additional materials? If so, what? (11/11)
  • They asked for a writing sample and a dossier, or 3 reference letters if I didn't have a dossier.  This was in addition to the job letter/cv/abstract I had already submitted. (x2)
  • Request for more materials (writing sample & dossier) by email (11/16) (x3)
  • Rejection by email 11/20 (x9)

MLA interview scheduled: by email, 12/16. (x3)

  • Congrats! (had a ws req. but not hoping for an interview.) 12/16

Rejection by email, 12/24

Campus interview scheduled:12/29 (x3)

Offer made: 2/15

Offer accepted: 2/17

Notes and Questions[]

It looks like the early warnings about the "inside candidate" were entirely accurate.

Winona State[]


Deadline: 11/9

Acknowledgment received: 11/3

Request for further materials:

Phone interview scheduled: 12/1 (x2)

Campus interview scheduled: Campus visit listed on Victorian page.

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A

Notes and Questions[]

12/11: references were contacted.