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I removed the British jobs from this page because they are not of interest and off-topic. Also, put a date next to the event's occurrence. In other words, it you get scheduled for an MLA interview, put down the date that the SC called. Thanks!


Offers Made

Texas Tech (1/28/08) -- uncertain as to whether it has been accepted. First candidate turned offer down. it's now been extended to second choice

University of Maine, Farmington-- position filled

University of Minnesota-Duluth -- Offer made and accepted

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire -- Offer made (not sure whether it's been accepted)

Utah State -- Offer made and accepted mid-Feb(2/24)

Claremont Graduate School -- offer made

Lenoir-Rhyne College -- Offer made and accepted: early Feb

Cal State Northridge -- offer made and accepted

Marietta College

Queens College CUNY -- Two offers made (?) 1 offer accepted.

University of Arizona -- offer made

University of Miami -- offer made

Iowa State -- offer made

Wesleyan University -- search completed

Penn State -- offer made and accepted

Wilkes University--offer made and accepted

Campus Visits

Austin College

Claremont Graduate University

Queens College

George Mason

Iowa State

Lenoir-Rhyne College

Loyola University - Chicago

Randolph-Macon College

Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

University of Miami

University Minnesota-Duluth

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire


Utah State

Austin College (12/6)
Bates (12/13)
Cal State, Northridge (12/7)
Claremont Graduate School (12/10)
Clemson University (12/13)
Florida Int'l Univ. (12/14)
George Mason (12/6)
Georgia State University (12/13)
Iowa State (12/17)
Lenoir-Rhyne (11/27)
Loyola University, Chicago (12/17)
Marietta (11/22, 11/30)
Mississippi State (12/4)
Penn State (12/5)
Queens College (12/4)
Randolph-Macon (12/10)
Reed College (12/17)
Saint Vincent (12/4)
Skidmore (12/14)
Southern Illinois, Edwardsville (11/30)
University of Alabama (12/14)
University of Arizona (12/4)
University of Maine, Farmington (12/7)
University of Miami (12/12)
University of Minnesota, Duluth (12/10)
UNC-Asheville (12/4)
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire (11/20)
Utah State (11/28)
Wesleyan U (12/11)
Wilkes University (12/21)
Yeshiva University (12/6)

Clemson University (11/13)
Georgia State (11/9, 11/27)
Iowa State (11/12)
Loyola University, Chicago (11/22)
Skidmore (11/6)
Texas Tech (11/19)
University of Alabama (11/14)
University of Miami (11/12)
University of Rochester (11/13)
Westminster College (UT) (11/9)

Colonial and Early American

Wesleyan University (CT)

Deadline November 1.

MLA Interview scheduled by email/phone: 11/12

Does anybody know about campus visits?

      Nope, not a word; but they said at MLA that the committee wouldn't be meeting until the end of the month...

Campus visits are underway now. 1/29

Penn State (pre-20th c./ "transnational studies")

Deadline: TBA

Writing Sample Requested: 11/7

Interview scheduled by phone: 12/5

Rejection letter received March 14

University of Maine, Farmington

Deadline: 11/1

Received acknowledgment: 10/30 (2)

Rejection letter received: 12/10, 12/20

MLA-Interview scheduled: 12/7 (2)

University of Virginia (Medieval or Renaissance or 18th-c. or Early American)

Deadline: Oct. 17

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Deadline: 11/2

MLA interview scheduled (11/20).

Campus Visit Scheduled

American Lit to 1865/1870/1900

Augusta State University (GA)

Deadline: Open until filled

Letter of acknowledgment (12/21)

Austin College

Deadline: 11/2

MLA Interview Scheduled 12/6

Bates College

Deadline: 11/1

Received AA postcard last week. Isn't it safe to assume that no news now is bad news?

I think if that will keep you from stressing about it, then you may want to think of it that way. On the other hand, they asked for a tonnage of materials, so they may still be sorting through it all and whittling down their interview list. It's hard to tell, but the wiki doesn't indicate differently.

A: No news is probably still good news. From what I gather, most places that ask for materials up front will contact interviewees as late as Dec. 18 or so.

20th/21st. wiki page reports that MLA interview was scheduled 12/13 [I think it's the same job, since period was open.]

Brooklyn College, CUNY (pre-colonial transatlantic literary studies)

Deadline Nov. 1

what does pre-colonial mean for an Americanist?

Phone interview scheduled: 12/13

Cal-State Northridge

Deadline: Nov. 30

MLA Interview scheduled (12/7)

Claremont Graduate School

Deadline: 11/16

Ack. with AA survey received by post 12/10, 12/18

MLA interview scheduled by phone: 12/10

Campus interview scheduled: 1/3

Offer made

Clemson University

Deadline: 11/2

Dossier and Writing Sample Request, via e-mail: 11/13 (4)

Did anybody get the acknowledgment?

A: I received an affirmative action survey in early Nov, but no letter from the department.

I followed up with the department since the form stated "position applied for" was "lecturer." The staff person replied that they were doing 8 searches this fall and all applicants got the same form.

MLA interview via e-mail, 12/13

Drew University

Deadline: 11/15

Postcard rec'd informing candidates that funding for the position has not been received and the posting is withdrawn. Information will be kept on file should the funding be granted next year: 11/30

Wow. I sure wish they'd send me a check for $.97, or whatever I spent on mailing my application. Then I could afford a bean burrito at Taco Bell. Am I kidding? Mostly...

At least they had the consideration NOT to require dossiers, which, at five dollars a pop, will actually buy you an extra value meal.

Elon University

Deadline: 11/15

Application acknowledged: Oct. 25

Has anyone heard more about this position, such as being asked for writing sample, etc?

Phone interview scheduled 1/15

Rejection letter received via regular mail on 1/25;

Phone interview 1/24

Florida Int'l Univ.

Deadline: Nov. 15

Received acknowledgment 12/7

MLA Interview via phone 12/14

George Mason

Review of applications begins 11/1

MLA Interview Request via e-mail: 12/6 (2)

Georgia State

Deadline: 11/9

Acknowledgment of Application, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Nov. 1

Dossier and Writing Sample Requested: 11/9 (3)

LORs, Teaching Evaluation Analysis, Writing Sample Request via e-mail: 11/27

MLA Interview Request: 12/13

E-mail on 3/19 stating, "the Department has been unable to make an appointment for this position and plans to continue the search next year."

Iowa State University

Deadline: 11/1

Dossier and writing sample requested: 11/12 MLA Interview: 12/17

Campus Visit: 12/31

Lenoir-Rhyne College (American Lit. prior to the Civil War)

Dossier and MLA interview request 11/27 (2)

Rejection letter, regular mail: Dec. 4 (3)

Campus visit 1/24

Offer made and accepted: early Feb

Loyola University, Chicago

Deadline: 11/17

Dossier and writing sample request: 11/15 (sent by U.S. mail 11/13) (3)

Did you get acknowledgment?

Application acknowledged: Nov. 15

Dossier and writing sample request: rec 11/22 (6) (US mail)

MLA interview scheduled by phone: 12/17

Rejection e-mail received on Wednesday, April 2

Marietta College ("Americanist with pre-Civil War emphasis")

Deadline: 11/15

MLA interview scheduled: 11/22; 11/30

Offer made and accepted.

Mississippi State University

Deadline: 11/15

Writing Sample Request 11/19

MLA Interview 12/4

Rejection via email: 12/7 (3)

Penn State (pre-20th c./ "transnational studies")

Deadline: TBA

Writing Sample Requested: 11/7 (3)

Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Nov. 27

MLA interview scheduled by phone: 12/5

Rejection letter received March 14

Queens College, CUNY (American Literature before 1865)

Deadline: 11/30

Dossier requested: 11/9

dossier was a required component of the initial application

MLA interview scheduled by phone: 12/4

Campus visit scheduled, 1/2 (2)

Two offers made (so I hear)


Writing Sample Request 11/27

Which job was this exactly? There was more than one, if I remember correctly.

The job ad was fairly broad: Specialization in American literature, including, but not limited to, specialization in such areas as Southern, early American, and transatlantic literature.

W. Sample request 12/6

MLA Interview via phone 12/10 (2)

Reed College (19th/20th American and Writing; visiting)

Deadline: 11/13

MLA Interview via email 12/17

Saint Vincent College

Deadline: 11/5

Writing Sample Requested 11/15

MLA interview scheduled 12/4

Skidmore College (3-year term)

Deadline: 10/15

request for additional materials 11/6

MLA interview scheduled (12/14) (3)

South Dakota State

Deadline 1/15

request for additional materials 2/26

Phone Interview held week of 3/10

Southern Illinois, Edwardsville

Deadline: 11/12/07

Writing sample requested: 10/31

MLA interview scheduled, 11/30 (2) (contacted by e-mail, scheduled by phone, w/ Larry LaFond)

Rejection via email: 12/5 (2); 12/17

Texas Tech

Deadline: 11/1

Writing sample requested: 11/19 (3)

University of Alabama

Deadline: 10/31

Writing sample request via e-mail: 11/14 (3)

MLA Interview 12/14

Univ. of Arizona

Deadline: Nov. 15

Has anyone received acknowledgment for their online application?

Received acknowledgment that application is complete: Nov. 15

Was this ack. rec'd from someone on the UA search committee (i.e., was it personal?), or was it an automated message from the online service? When I log into the service, it says my application is under review, but I never rec'd an ack. that my appl. is complete...

A. I'm not the respondent above, and I too received an acknowledgment via email from a staff person.

This job is double listed on this wiki.

A: My acknowledgment was from a staff person via e-mail.

I have not rec'd any confirmation. Would you recommend I contact them? Should I ask this on the fora?

A1: Since app required dossier in addition to online app, you could contact to confirm receipt of your letters.

A2: I wrote to an administrative assistant who confirmed that my application was received and under review. I'd go for it!

Rejection via email: 12/1 (2), 12/4, 12/5, 12/6, 12/17, 12/18 (2)

MLA interview scheduled by phone: 12/4

Q: What if we haven't been rejected via email (like the folks above), but we haven't been contacted about an MLA interview? Limbo?

A1: I'm in the same situation. I wonder if they are sending out the rejections in batches, like the first round of e-mail rejections. Or, yes, limbo. My sympathies are with you...

A2: I hear they got over 400 applications, so I imagine getting those rejections out is slow going.

University of Miami

Deadline: 11/5

Writing Sample Request 11/12 (2)

Rejection via email: 11/28 (5)

MLA interview via email 12/12

Were those who got rejections asked to submit a writing sample earlier?

- Not in my case.

Email rejection, after MLA interview, 1/2.

University of Michigan, Dearborn

Deadline: 11/15

MLA interview; no word since. Ditto!

University of Minnesota-Duluth

Deadline: 11/2

Dossier, writing sample, teaching statement requested 10/27 (5)

MLA Interview scheduled on 12/10

Rejection Received via email 12/14, 12/17, 12/18 (2)

Campus Visit: 1/3


Deadline: 11/1

"Complete" Dossier Request 11/26

MLA Interview request 12/4

Received "no longer under active consideration" notice 12/6; letter dated 11/29 (5). These folks were even tacky enough to enclose an affirmative action postcard in the rejection letter.

Think of it as a free bookmark, or a disposable coaster. Took all my strength not to mail it back blank.

Me too!

Campus Visit scheduled 1/8

Rejection recvd mid-February hire made

University of Rochester

Deadline: 10/15

request for additional materials 11/13 (4)

I really wanted this one, but clearly they are not interested.

I'm sorry. I know that feeling. Not about this particular job, but about others. Hang in there.

Anyone have news?

I hear they interviewed about 8 people at MLA.

I'm beginning to think this is a "fake" search like last year when they advertised a film position but ended up not inviting anyone to campus and simply hiring their VAP.

No, that's not the case. I heard from a reliable source that they were inviting three people to campus, all of whom specialized in earlier materials.

Utah State


Rejection letter received: 12/10

MLA Interview 11/28

(From a current USU faculty member): We have one candidate on campus now, and two more scheduled for campus visits in the next week. (1/14)

Any movement on this one? (2/22)

Offer made and accepted mid-Feb(2/24)

Westminster College (MO)

Deadline: early November Any word from these folks?

Westminster College (UT)

Deadline: 11/1

Materials requested 11/9

Q: Anyone know the status of this search? I haven't heard anything since materials were requested in November...

MLA interview [can't remember date].

Rejection letter received by mail, late January.

Wilkes University

Deadline: 11/16

Acknowledgment received: 11/30

By post or email? I didn't get one. . .

I probably got yours...I just got my 3rd acknowledgment today by post (dated 12/7).

MLA interview request (12/21)

Anyone have a campus visit scheduled? The nineteenth century british page lists a scheduled visit.

Offer made and accepted mid-March.

Yeshiva University'

Deadline: 11/6

19th century American

Writing sample and dossier requested: 10/21 (2), 11/19

Rejection via e-mail 11/29

Rejection via e-mail 12/6 (3)

MLA interview 12/6

Please update the date and time whenever you make a change