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Hey everyone... Here are some open positions in Earth Science, Geology, Environmental Science, and Civil and Environmental Engineering for this academic year. This page mimics previous year's useful sites at This a place to compile information about which schools are hiring and if they requested reference letters, scheduled phone interviews, scheduled campus interviews, made offers, had offers accepted, sent rejection letters etc. If you hear about any of these things, please update the page!
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Search canceled

Florida Museum of Natural History (invertebrate paleontology; search discontinued - position description will be modified and re-advertised Fall 2010)


Amherst College (sedimentary geology/paleontology)

Middlebury College (climate/tectonics/earth surface processes)

Oberlin College (earth surface processes)

Texas A & M (seismology)

University of Cincinnati (paleobiology/biogeochemistry)

University of Florida (Climate and Global Change)

University of San Diego (environmental geochemistry)

University of Utah (seismology)

Requested Reference Letters

Amherst College (sedimentary geology/paleontology)

University of Cincinnati

Scheduled Phone Interviews

Amherst College (sedimentary geology/paleontology)

Scheduled Campus Interviews

Amherst College

University of Cincinnati (paleobiology/biogeochemistry)

Offers Made

Offers Accepted

Rejection Letters

University of Cincinnati (paleobiology/biogeochemistry)

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