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Please add jobs in the following format and order them alphabetically by institution.

  1. Example University (State/Province, Country). Position Title. Specializations. Deadline. TT/NT. FT/PT. Link to Job ad(s). Updates:

TT/NT: Tenure-track or Non-tenure track.

FT/PT: Full-Time or Part-Time

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See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2021-2022 .

RECENT ACTIVITY on East Asian Studies 2021-2022[]

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Jobs with 2022 Application Deadlines[]

This page is for jobs that began in Fall 2022 - please place jobs that begin in 2023 on next year's page: East Asian Studies 2022-2023

  1. Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, PA). Full-time NT 2-year (2022-2024) Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese (language teaching and modern literature). Deadline extended (Still accepting applications).
  2. Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson). Full-time TT position, assistant professor in Chinese language, literature, and culture. Deadline Jan 1, 2022.
  3. Kenyon College (Gambier, Ohio). Full-time Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese (language, literature, and culture). Deadline March 1, 2022.
  4. Loyola University Maryland. 4/5th-time NT position, one-semester visiting assistant professor (or instructor) of Chinese. Deadline open until filled.
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA, USA). Lecturer in Korean language in Global Languages academic unit. Applications accepted through March 15. Full-time, one-year appointment.
  6. NYU Shanghai (Shanghai, China). Visiting Professor, Global China Studies. One-year visiting open ranked position with the possibility of renewal for the second year. Deadline Feb 20, 2022.
  7. University of Edinburgh. Full-time Lecturer in Premodern Japanese Studies. Deadline Jan 5, 2022.
  8. Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv, Israel). Full-time TT (from October 2022). Assistant professor, specializing in the research of Japan. Deadline: 28 February 2022.
  9. University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Full-time NT 3-year (beginning 2022) Visiting Assistant Professorship in Chinese History (specialization and time period open). Review of applications will begin February, 15, 2022.
  10. University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA, USA). Lecturer in Critical Race and Ethnicity studies to teach in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program. Accepting applications through Feb 15 (extended). Non-Tenure, Full-Time, with opportunities for promotion. Updated info: The online application system can't accept letters of recommendation, so applicants wishing to send letters now should have them emailed to
  11. University of California Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA, USA). Chinese Language Lecturer in the East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies Department. Accepting applications through Sept 15.

Jobs with 2021 Application Deadlines[]

Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburg, PA). Full-time tenure track Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies. Deadline: November 15.


  • 12/17 notification that my application won't be further advanced. This should be the common practice. Very professional search commitee. Thumbs up and good luck to those that will get to the campus visit
  • x2 Received this notification earlier and did not advance to the Zoom interviews, a much appreciated gesture!

College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA, USA). Full-time tenure-track appointment in Chinese Studies. Deadline: September 29.


  • 1/13 official rejection received, assume they must have finalized hire
  • A full-time visiting position in Chinese Studies was posted on 4/20. Did something happen?

University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ, USA), Full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor in Contemporary Japanese Studies. Deadline: November 30.


  • Zoom interviews conducted December 14th/15th

Aarhus University (Aarhus, Denmark), Assistant professorship in a tenure-track position in Japan Studies with a focus on modern or contemporary Japan. Deadline: November 10.

Fordham University (New York, New York), Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies. Deadline: December 12, 2021.

Pomona College (Claremont, CA), Assistant Professor of Chinese. Deadline: November. 1.


  • 11/5 Zoom interviews arranged
  • 11/13 campus interviews arranged

University of Maryland, College Park (College Park, MD), Assistant Professor in Sinophone Cinema and Media Studies. Deadline: November 22.


  • 12/13-12/21 Zoom interviews

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC), Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese and Sinophone Studies. Deadline: November 5.


  • 11/23 Zoom interviews arranged
  • 12/7 invited for campus visit

Georgetown University (Washington, DC), Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture. Deadline: October 25.


  • 11/12 Zoom interview scheduled
  • 11/27 Campus visit invitation received

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA), Assistant Professor of Chinese and Sinophone Literatures. Deadline: November 23.


  • 12/8 Zoom interview invitation
  • Anyone could teach Victor Mair how to use a virtual background during Zoom interviews? The table behind his back was filled with trash. This is very disrespectful, and indicative of how much "a big deal" cares about junior scholars.
  • 1/4 Any updates on this search?
  • 1/9 Campus visit invite received on 12/22

University of California Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA), Interdisciplinary Scholar and/or Artist of South Asian Studies with an Emphasis on Issues of Economic and/or Social Justice. Deadline: June 30.

California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento, CA), Tenure Track Faculty- Chinese History and Culture in the Department of Humanities and Religious Studies (75%) and the Department of History (25%) will have expertise in pre-modern Chinese history and culture, including religion, and facility with appropriate languages. Deadline: January 14.

Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey). Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Global Studies-Asia. All application materials including reference letters must be received by December 1, 2021.


  • Any news about this search?
  • --Co-ask: Any updates from Rutgers (1/11)?
  • --Nothing here (1/20)
  • 1/27 Finalists have been chosen for campus visits (not myself); all S/SE Asia candidates on the finalist list I heard
  • --Wow! Aren't I glad I didn't waste my time applying to this place. If the committee just wanted S/SE Asia, why not just make that clear in the job ad? Why waste our time (and theirs) with apps from East Asianists (for example), when you won't even consider them. Soooo infuriating!
  • ---I believe they made that point in the earlier ad, at least said they prefer S/SE

University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB), Assistant Professor of Modern Japanese Cultural Studies. Deadline: December 27


  • Zoom interviews conducted February 18th

Word on the Street[]

Any news on the TT assistant prof. job at Yale in Japanese Lit.? [11/05]

-->Campus visits arranged [1/10]

Any news about the TT assistant prof. job at Carnegie Mellon in Japanese Studies? [12/17]

--> Invited to virtual campus visit at CMU (Japanese Studies) [1/9]

Interview invite on 12/10

Any news on Bard, UMD, or Fordham? [1/18]

--> Just received a thoughtful (but somewhat convoluted) rejection letter from Fordham [2/7]

Re: Bard, nothing here [1/21]

Any news about the lecturer position in Premodern Japanese Studies at Edinburgh? [1/24]?

Re: Edinburgh: rejection email to those who did not advance to the next stage (interview I'm assuming). [2/10]

[02/14] Has anyone received the interview invitation for Edinburgh? They haven't sent me anything yet so I don't know what to think ...

Any news on TT Assistant Professor in Korean Studies at UCSB or NYU? (1/27)

---UCSB campus visits completed

Any news on Japanese modern literature at CUNY (Queens College)?

--Asked for letters 1/18, but nothing since then - no requests for initial interviews or anything...