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NO NEWS 2007/2008[]

School Deadline


Penn State Abington (Biology) 2007/10/01
Iowa State University (Microbial Ecologist) 2007/10/19
University of Alberta (Microbial ecology) 2007/10/15
University of Tennessee at Martin (Fisheries Biology) 2007/01/10 - should this be 2007/11/10?
Lenoir-Rhyne College 2007/11/01
Rutgers University (Plant Physiological/Ecosystem Ecologist) 2007/11/15
Antioch University (Conservation biology) 2007/11/12
Washburn University (Ecology) 2007/11/01
Mesa State College(Plant Biology) 2007/11/30
University of California - San Diego (Molecular Evolution) 2007/11/01
San Jose State (Plant Biology) 2007/12/15
University of Wyoming (Neuroscience)
New School (Ecology) 2007/12/01
Umass Amherst (Bioinformatics/Comp. Biol.) 2007/12/31
University of Colorado, Boulder (Computational biology and bioinformatics) 2008/01/15
York University, Toronto (Evolutionary Genetics/Genomics) 2008/01/15 (Deadline extended from 11/30)
Columbia University Postdoc (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) 2008/01/07
St. Mary's University (dev. biol/embryology/mol. genetics) 2007/11/02
Southern New Hampshire University (broadly trained: physical and biological sciences) 2007/12/21
Merrimack College (Biology) 2007/09/15
Queen's University, Belfast (Marine Biology) 2008/02/08
Queen's University, Belfast (Marine Biology) 2008/02/08
Metropolitan State College of Denver (Ecology) 2008/01/22
Eastern Kentucky University (Wildlife Ecologist) 2008/01/07
Duke (Biological Oceanography) 2008/01/15
Delaware State (Environmental Science) 2008/02/01
Widener University (Genetics) 2008/02/01
Tulane University (Quantitative Ecology) 2008/01/01
Texas A&M (Molecular Ecology/ Population Genetics) 2008/01/15
Sam Houston State University (Genetics) 2008/01/24
University of Idaho (Fire Science) 2008/01/31
Northern Arizona University (Environmental Science & Policy) 2008/02/01
Elms College (Biology-open) 2008/02/06
Christopher Newport University (one year biology) 2008/02/06
Kutztown University (Physiologist/Entomologist) 2008/03/01
University of Hawaii Manoa (Global Environmental Change Science) 2008/01/21
University of Idaho (Wildland Restoration) 2008/02/27
Stony Brook University (Marine Ecology - Lecturer) 2008/04/05
Stony Brook University (Ecology - Organismal, Population, Community...) 2008/02/29
Stony Brook University (Biology - Genetics, Cell, Molecular) 2008/02/29
ASU Polytechnic (Wildlife Biology) 2008/02/29
Memorial University (Behavioural Ecology/Animal Behaviour) 2008/03/14
University of Texas - Austin (Urban Ecology) 2008/03/24
South Dakota State University (Freshwater Ecology) 2008/03/07
Oregon State University (Freshwater Fish Biology) 2008/03/31
Bowie State Univ (two cell/mol and botanist) 2008/02/15
Georgia Gwinnett College (multiples - organismal/cell/envir/biochem) 2008/01/28
St. Andrew's Presbyterian College (biology/plant science) 2008/03/01
Coker College (biology non-tenure - possible conversion) 2008/01/31
McMurry University (mol. gen./cell biol) 2008/03/10
Nova Southeastern Univ (two positions- biol/genetics) 2008/02/11
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (Animal Behavior) 2008/04/14
Texas Tech Univ (Wetland Ecologist) 2008/05/01
University of Guelph - Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (Molecular Ecology)- 3 positions (1 Assoc Prof, 2 Assist Profs) 2008/05/15


School Date of News


University of Guelph, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (Molecular Ecology) 2008/06/11 ghey
Agnes Scott College (vertebrate ecology) 2007/10/18 1st cut made, refs. requested
Oregon State University (fisheries ecologist) 2008/04/22 reference letters requested
Purdue (Forest Ecologist) 2007/10/13 First cut made. Didn't make it, was notified via email
Purdue University (Human Dimensions of Natural Resources) 2007/10/31 reference letters requested
University of Nevada - Reno (Wildlife Ecology - Department of Natural Resources (not Biology)) 2007/10/31 notified via e-mail
University of Oregon (Center for Ecology & Evolution 2007/10/15 interviews start in early Nov.
Brown University (Environmental Change Initiative) 2007/11/30 asked for publications
Elizabethtown College (Ecology) 2007/11/08 1st cut made, letters sent out
Purdue Univ (Fisheries bio) 2007/11/27 first cut, didn't make it, letter sent
Purdue University (Ecological Impacts of Climate Change) 2007/11/01
University of North Carolina - Wilmington (Conservation Biology) 2007/11/21 short list made, asked for references.
University of Washington (2 positions, biology) 2007/11/07 letters requested
Washington State University (Hydroecolgoist) 2007/11/12
Arizona State (Sustainability Science) 2007/12/17 contacting short list, letters requested
Lehigh University (Earth System Scientist) 2007/12/04 letters requested
LSU (Ichthyologist) 2007/12/04 letters requested
Smithsonian Institution (Research Zoologist) 2007/12/03 requesting letters for short list
University of South Alabama/Dauphin Island (Marine Science) 2007/12/11 Letters requested; short-list made; interviews begun
University of Maryland (Evolutionary Biology) 2007/12/12 letters requested from "top 25% of applicants"
Warren Wilson College (Environmental Studies) 2007/12/17 those that made first cut were notified by email
Bentley College (Environment and Global Sustainability) 2007/12/20 email - first short list made, interviews prob in late-Jan or early-Feb
Catawba College 2007/12/18 letters requested, next cut in Jan
University of Windsor (Ecology) 2008/01/03 shortlist made from 100+ applicants
SUNY Fredonia (Molecular Genetics) 2008/01/07 "top tier" determined, uncertain where search stands otherwise
SUNY Oswego (Pop. Bio/Station Director) 2008/01/18 calls to applicants--queries of interest in position
Emory University (Environmental Studies) 2008/01/17 ref letters requested
Clarion University 2008/01/23 now has a short list
Oakland University (Ecology-Environmental Biology) 2008/02/05 ref letters requested
Colorado State University (Wildlife Biology) 2008/02/15 (First cut, List reduced from 62 to 12, ref letters requested)
Montana State University (Plant Community Ecologist) 2008/02/22 short list of 27 identified
Texas State University (Wildlife Ecology/Conservation Biology) 2008/02/25 cut from 60 down to ?
Gonzaga University (Entomologist) 2008/02/29 down to a list of five, will interview three
University of California Berkeley (Paleobiology) 2008/03/17 Short list of 5 made, will be invited soon
Texas A & M University (Professor/Curator of Mammalogy) 2008/03/21 ref letters requested
Texas A & M (Professor/Curator of Birds) 2008/03/21 interviewees identified
Stony Brook University (Higher Marine Vertebrate Biology - Lecturer) 2008/04/04 contacting references; interviews late April/May


School Date of News


University Nevada Reno (Ecology) 2007/12/15 phone interviews
Washington and Jefferson (botany/plant ecology) 2007/12/04 phone interview
Baylor University (Animal Physiology) 2007/10/29 phone interview
Illinois Wesleyan University (Vert. Biologist) 2007/10/12 phone interview on 10/29
University of Memphis (Plant Evol. Ecology) 2007/10/29 - 11/12
Washington State University, Vancouver (Molecular genetics) 2007/11/26 phone interviews being conducted
California State Channel Islands (Behavioral Ecologist) 2007/11/30 phone interview on 12/10
Earlham Collge (Avian Ecologist) 2007/11/01 phone interview on 12/14; campus interviews aiming to be completed by 2nd week of Feb
Kennesaw State Univ (Env Science) 2007/11/16
University of Wisconsin Parkside (Plant Biology) 2007/11/15 They have re-announced this position.
Wayne State College - Nebraska (Animal Biology) 2007/11/16
North Central College (Plant Ecology) 2007/12/05 contacted via email for phone interview
University of Arizona (Simpson Postdoctoral Fellowships) 2007/12/10 phone interviews being scheduled (via email)
Valdosta State University (environmental tox) 2007/12/14 - 12/17
University of Dayton (Community Ecology) 2007/12/30 phone interviews in mid January
University of Northern Colorado (Population Genetics) 2008/01/09 phone interviews mid January
University of Denver (Microbial Ecology/Evolution) 2008/01/17 phone interview
Georgia College and State University (Genetics) 2008/01/29 phone interviews - week of 2/4/2008
Edgewood College (Plant ecologist) 2008/01/27 phone interviews happening
University of Minnesota, Morris (Vertebrate Biologist) 2008/01/31 phone interviews in February
University of Montana, Missoula (Aquatic invert. ecology) 2008/01/31 phone interviews on Jan 31 and Feb 1 2008
Texas A&M University-Commerce (Wildlife) 2008/02/04 phone interviews in mid-feb
Alaska Pacific University (Marine Biology) 2008/02/05 phone interviews in mid February
Georgia College & State University (Ecologist) 2008/01/30 phone interviews week of 1/30
Keystone College (Environmental Science) 2008/01/31 Phone interviews week 2/11
Warren Wilson (Conservation Biology) 2008/02/11 phone interviews happening
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (Environmental Studies) 2008/02/11 phone interviews 2/20-2/22
St. Thomas University - St. Paul, MN (Biology) 2008/02/15 phone interviews 2/16-2/23
Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, OH (Evolutionary Ecology) 2008/02/15 phone interviews 2/18-2/21
Roger Williams University (Evolutionary Biology) 2008/02/07 phone interviews 2/13 and 2/15
Cal State University, Chico (Earth Systems Science) 2008/02/20 phone interview conducted, expect results next week
University of Central Arkansas (Applied Ecologist) 2008/01/17 phone interview conducted
Central Connecticut State University (Conservation Biology) 2008/01/04 phone interview 3/11/08
Tyson Research Center (Field Station Scientist) 2008/03/19 cut down from >50; interviews being scheduled
USGS Mendenhall postdoc (various) 2008/03/19 phone interviews taking place, decisions in a few weeks
University of Richmond (two visiting Lect. - ecology/evol) 2008/04/10 phone interviews taking place


School Date of News


Institute for Ecosystem Studies (Terrestrial Ecologist) 2007/09/01 interviews late Dec
Baruch College-CUNY (Biology/Ecology) 2008/04/13 interviews ongoing
University of California, Los Angeles UCLA (Ecology & Evolution) 2007/09/29
Yale (Ecology) 2007/09/15
University of Alaska - Juneau (invertebrate biologist) 2007/12/07 applicants invited to interview in Feb/March
Ursinus College (Ecologist) 2007/10/30 5 applicants invited to interview
Earlham College (Animal physiology) 2007/12/18 3 applicants invited to interview in January
Muhlenberg (Animal Physiology) 2007/11/02 3 applicants invited to interview
San Diego State University (Marine Ecology) 2007/10/08 4 applicants to interview
San Diego State University (Functional biologist) 2007/10/08
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (Animal physiology) 2007/10/28; phoned 11/28 interviews in Jan
University of California, Davis (quantitative geneticist plant sciences) 2007/10/29
University of Georgia (Evolutionary Ecologist) 2007/10/15 interviews start in early Nov
University of Georgia (Population Ecologist) 2007/10/15 interviews start in early Nov
Linfield College (Conservation Biology) 2007/10/22 3 applicants interviewed in Dec
Florida Institute of Technology (ecologist) 2007/11/29 interviews in Jan
Hillsdale College (Biologist/Population Geneticist) 2007/11/16
Institute of Ecosystem Studies (Disease Ecologist) 2007/11/20 interviewing candidates Nov/Dec
Macalester College (Environmental Science)
Rice University (Evolutionary Biology) interviews late Nov/early Dec
Simon Fraser University (Applied Conservation Ecology) Interviews in Jan
Sonoma State University (Plant Physiologist) 2007/11/06
The College of New Jersey (physiology) 2007/11/07 3 applicants invited to interview
Tufts University (Molecular Evolution) 2007/11/15 4 applicants invited to interview
Troy University (environ biol) 2007/11/06 on campus interviews end of Nov-early Dec.
University of California, Davis (Quantitative Plant Conservation Ecologist) 2007/11/14 interviews in Jan
University of California, Santa Barbara (Ecotoxicologist) 2007/11/20 interviews in Jan
University of Arkansas School of Forest Resources (Spatial Inform Syst) 2007/11/15 Faculty meet Dec. 7, offers expected mid-Dec.
University of Colorado, Boulder (evo-devo) interviews Nov/Dec
University of Otago (Wildlife Management/Conservation Ecology) interviews Dec 17-20
University of Texas, Austin (Ecologist) 2007/11/21 inviting candidates for Nov/Dec interviews (about 65 applicants)
University of Wisconsin, Madison (Geography: Global Change Biogeography) 2007/11/26 interviews announced on web page
Virginia Commonwealth University (Vert. Ecol) 2007/11/30 Interviews in Jan/Feb
Western Washington (Ecological geneticist) interviews in late Nov/early Dec
Dartmouth College (mol evol/pop gen/genomics) campus interviews in Dec (on website)
Penn (Genomics) 2007/12/06 interviews in Jan
SUNY Fredonia (Aquatic Ecologist) 2007/12/10 interviews Jan/Feb. 3 Candidates invited.
Texas Tech (fish. bio/Aquat. Ecologist) 2007/12/06 interviews in Jan
University of California, Davis (pollination) interviews in Dec and Jan; 6 candidates; listed on website
University of California, San Diego (ecologist) 2007/12/04 6 candidates; interviews in Dec/Jan
University of Hawaii, Honolulu (Evo-Devo) 2007/12/14 interviews late Jan to early March
University of Nebraska (Complex phenotypes) 2007/12/14 interviews in Jan/Feb
University of Pittsburgh (Biology - 2 positions) 2007/12/12 interviews in January
University of Rhode Island (Marine Genomics) 2007/12/12 interviews Jan/Feb
University of South Carolina (Ecological Forecasting) 2007/12/09 interviews in January
University of Toronto (Community/Ecosystem Ecology)
University of Toronto-Scarborough (Community Ecology)
Stanford (Land Use/Land Cover Scientist) 2007/12/14 interviews scheduled for Jan/Feb
University of California, Davis (Quantitative phylogenetics) 2007/10/15 interviews in January
University of California, Berkeley (Microbiology) interviews Jan
Stanford (Ecologist) 2007/12/14 6 candidates invited, interviews late Jan through early March
Humboldt State University (Restoration Ecology) 2007/12/17 interviews in Jan/Feb
Georgia Southern University (Ecological Modeler) 2007/12/18 interviews in Jan/Feb
Truman State University (Ecological Genetics) 2007/12/20 campus interviews mid to late Jan
Ohio Wesleyan University (Animal Behavior) 2007/12/20 campus interviews in Jan/Feb
Vassar College (Integrative Animal Behavior) 2007/12/19 campus interviews in Jan/Feb
Upper Iowa University (Vertebrate Biologist) 2007/12/20 campus interviews start early Jan
Rutgers University (Evolutionary Biology) 2007/12/20 campus interviews in Feb
Loyola Marymount University (Ecologist) 2007/12/21
American Museum of Natural History (Marine Invertebrate systematist) 2007/12/20 interviews in late January
California State Los Angeles (Plant Biology) 2007/11/21 campus interviews in Feb
University of California, Santa Barbara (Land Use/Land Cover) 2007/12/26 campus interviews in Jan
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Ecology) 2007/12/27 campus interviews in Feb
University of Idaho, Moscow (Riparian Ecology) 2007/12/19 campus interviews in Jan & early Feb
Colorado State (Evolutionary ecologist) 2007/12/30 campus interviews Jan - Mar
University of Georgia (Assoc. & Quantitative Genetics) 2007/12/21 campus interviews Jan-Feb
Clark University (Vert. Bio) 2008/01/07 interviews in Dec
Bucknell University (Eco, Evo, Org Biol.) 2007/11/20 3 to interview at end of January
Wright State University (Global Change Ecologist) 2008/01/11 interviews at end of Jan
University of South Dakota (Aquatic Ecology) 2008/01/14 interview in late Jan
California State Fullerton (Marine Biology) 2008/01/15 interviews in Jan/Feb
Florida International University, (Wetland Ecosystem Ecologist) 2008/01/15 interviews in Jan/Feb
Nebraska Wesleyan University (Vert. Zoologist) 2008/01/15 interviews in February
Florida International University (Marine Biology) 2008/01/16 interviews in Jan/Feb
Iowa State University (Plant Ecologist/Evolutionary Biology) 2008/01/17 4 interviews Dec/Jan
Mississippi State University (Microbiology) 2008/01/17 interviews Feb
Michigan State University (Evolutionary Ecologist) 2008/01/15 5 interviews in Jan
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (Biology) 2008/01/15 interviews in mid-late Feb
University of Washington Burke Museum (Genetic Resources Curator) 2007/12/19 6 candidates to interview
Fort Lewis College (Botanist) 2008/01/21 candidates invited
University of New Orleans (Ecology/Evolutionary Biology) 2008/01/21 "interviewing right now", web site shows that ecology interviews start Feb 13
Stanford University (Evolutionary Biologist) 2008/01/22 5 candidates interviewing Feb-March
University of California, Berkeley (Restoration Ecology) 2008/01/24 Interviews in Mar
Vanderbilt University (Evolutionary Ecologist) 2008/01/02 candidates invited
Virginia Military Institute (Vertebrate Biologist) 2008/02/15 candidates interviewed
Widener University (Invertebrate Zoology) 2008/01/01 interviews in January and February
Washington and Lee (Aquatic Ecologist) 2008/01/25 interviews in February
Arcadia University (Aquatic Zoology) 2008/01/28 interviews in February
Clemson University (Vertebrate physiology) 2008/01/29 List made for on-campus interviews
University of California, Berkeley (Forest Ecosystem Management) 2008/01/09 Interviews in Feb
University of Alabama (Invertebrate Systematist) 2008/02/01 TWO candidates invited for Feb. interviews
University of California, Merced (Ecology) 2008/02/01 interviews in Feb/March
Appalachian Laboratory (Climate change ecology) 2008/02/06 interviews in Jan-Feb
McKendree U. (Ecology and Genetics) 2008/02/07 interviews in February
Harvard (Plant Ecology) 2008/02/08 interviews in late February/March
Princeton University (STEP Program, Woodrow Wilson School) 2008/02/11 interviews in February
UMASS (Physiological Ecologist) 2008/02/12 interviews listed on website
University of Wyoming (Physiological Ecologist) 2008/02/12 interviews listed on website
Univ Wisconsin Stevens Point (plant ecologist) 2008/02/13 interviews happening end of Feb/beginning of Mar
Warren Wilson (Conservation Biologist) 2008/02/13 interview in late February
Soka University (Environmental Geology/Geography) 2008/03/11 interviews completed
SFSU (Animal Physiologist) 2008/02/15 3 interviews in February
SUNY Oneonta (Vertebrate Zoology) 2008/02/15 3 candidates invited to campus in late Feb / early Mar
Tulane University (Global Change/Wetland Ecology/Tropical Biology) 2008/02/18 Interviews being scheduled
Oklahoma State University (Disease Ecologist) 2008/02/18 interviews in Jan 27-Feb 12
Alaska Pacific University (Marine Biology) 2008/02/20 interviews in March
Utah State University (Ecophysiologist/Physicist) 2008/02/22 interviews in Feb-March
Brown University (Global Change Initiative) 2008/02/22 interviews in Feb-March
University of California, Los Angeles UCLA (Environment, Energy, and Society) 2008/02/20 interviews spring quarter (Mar-Jun)
Arizona State University (School of Sustainability) 2008/02/20 interviews Feb-Mar (any news here? interviews completed? offers made?
San Jose State University (Environmental Studies) 2008/02/22 3 interviews scheduled Link
U. of St. Thomas, MN (Integrative biologist) 2008/02/27 4 interviews Feb / March
Texas A&M University-Commerce (wildlife) 2008/02/28 interviews scheduled for March 11-13
North Dakota State University (evolutionary ecologist) 2008/03/04 campus interviews being scheduled
DePaul University (Animal Physiology) 2008/03/06 3 interviews in April
Appalachian Lab (Biogeochemistry) 2008/03/04 interviews happening
Eastern Washington University (Integrative Biologist) 2008/03/04 interviews underway (via website)
University of Nebraska at Omaha (Open) 2008/02/18 2 Candidates interviewing at end of March/Beg April
Colorado State University (Wildlife Biologist) 2008/03/19 3 Candidates interviewing April
Case Western Reserve University (Evolutionary Ecologist) 2008/03/20 interviews happening
Metropolitan State Coll. of Denver (mol. evol.) 2008/04/04 campus interview
University of Texas at El Paso (Evolutionary Genetics) 2008/03/20 campus interviews (4?) scheduled for 3rd-4th week of April
University of Oxford (Plant Ecology) 2008/04/11 interviews scheduled for 22 April
Stony Brook University (Higher Marine Vertebrate Biology - Lecturer) 2008/04/25 scheduling interviews for early May
EPA/ORISE Postdoc (Cincinnati, OH) 2008/05/15 Interviews scheduled for this week
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez 2008/05/15 Interviews scheduled during May
College of William and Mary (Professional Faculty in GIS - Center for Geospatial Analysis) 2008/04/18 Interviews scheduled in early June
Dalhousie University (Mol. Biol./Genomics) 2008/05/15 Interviews scheduled in late May
Delaware State University (Enviro. Sci.) 2008/05/21 Interviews scheduled for late May-June
University of Washington Terrestrial Vertebrate Ecology 2008/05/22 Interviews in the next two weeks (3 candidates)

OFFERS (who was hired) & SEARCHES CANCELED, FAILED, or DEFERRED 2007/2008[]

If desired, also please share information as to who was hired for a particular position. Please do not post a name if a contract has not been signed for the job.

School Date of News


Status and Comments Hired (specialty optional)
Concordia College - Moorhead (Aquatic Biology) 2008/03/27 offer accepted
Hood College (Evolution) 2008/03/11 position filled Eric Annis hired?
Hood College (Ecology) 2008/03/11 position filled Sue Carney hired?
University of the Pacific (Evolutionary Ecologist) 2008/03/07 offer accepted Leah Larkin hired
University of Southern Mississippi (Entomology) 2008/03/15 accepted Donald Yee hired
Creighton University (env. Phys) 2007/12/10 informed they would make offers week of 12/10
LSU (quantitative ecology) 2007/12/14
Roosevelt University (Biology - Open) 2008/01/15 offer made
McDaniel College - Maryland (Environmental Biology) 2007/12/11
Le Moyne College (Genetics and Bioinformatics) 2008/01/07 offer accepted
Wellesley College 2007/12/18 offer accepted evo devo biologist
Hillsdale College (Pop Gen) 2008/01/07 offer declined
North Carolina State University (Urban Ecology) 2008/01/10 offer accepted
Ursinus College (E Studies) 2008/01/10 offer accepted political ecologist/geographer
University of San Diego 2008/01/08 Geoffrey Morse hired
Michigan Technological University (wetland scientist) 2008/01/11 offer accepted
Colorado State University (quantitative ecology) 2008/01/11 offer made
Randolph Macon (Evolution) 2008/01/15 offer accepted
Colgate University 2008/01/30 offer accepted
Roanoke College (Vert. Biologist) 2008/01/15 offer accepted
Wofford College (Genetics/Molecular Biology) 2008/01/16 offer accepted
University of Chicago (Quantitative Ecology) 2008/01/01 offer made
California State, Long Beach (Evolution) offer accepted Ashley Carter hired
Whitman College (ecology) 2008/01/22 offer made
Cabrini College (environ sci) 2008/01/22 offer made
Clark University (geography) 2008/01/28 offer accepted
Central Michigan University (Fisheries Biologist) 2008/01/28 offer accepted
Murray State University (Aquatic Invert. Zool.) 2008/02/05 offer declined, another viable candidate identified.interviewing at least 2 candidates 2nd week of March.
Clayton St. U. 2008/02/05 offer likely accepted
Michigan State (Evolutionary Ecology) 2008/01/31 offer made
University of Evansville (Vertebrate Biologist) 2008/02/01 offer declined
Wheeling Jesuit (biology-open) 2008/02/06 "position filled" on HR website
Simon Fraser University REM (Con Bio) 2008/02/07 offer made
University of Mary Washington (Env Science) 2008/02/08 position has been filled for at least a month
Bucknell University (Eco, Evo Organismal) 2008/02/27 position filled Mark Haussmann hired
Muhlenberg College (Animal Physiology) 2008/02/06 position filled
Vassar College (Animal Behavior) 2008/03/01 position filled
The College of New Jersey (Animal Physiology) 2008/02/06 offer declined
Wayne State College (Animal Biology) 2008/02/08 offer declined
Randolph Macon College (Ecology) 2008/02/10 offer made
Florida Institute of Technology (Ecology) 2008/02/12 offer accepted
Truman State University (Ecological Genetics) 2008/02/27 offer accepted
Slippery Rock University (Plant Biology) 2008/02/15 offer made no hire? job readvertised 10/08
Virginia Military Institute (Zoology) 2008/02/20 offer accepted
Middle Tennessee State University (Plant Biologist) 2008/02/18 offer accepted
Knox College 2008/02/19 filled position
Simpson College (Field Biology/Ecology) 2008/02/20 offer accepted
University of the South/Sewanee (Genomics/Molecular Genetics/Evolution) 2008/02/21 position cancelled. no hires. ---
St. John Fisher College (Botany/Ecology) 2008/02/20 positions filled
University of Texas, Arlington (Genetics & Genomics) 2008/02/11 offer accepted
Temple University (Environmental Science) 2008/02/15 offer made
Hillsdale College (Population Genetics/Cell Biology) 2008/02/25 Position "filled"
Salisbury University (Zoology/Entomology) 2008/02/25 offer made
LSU (Systems Physiologist) 2008/02/25 offer made
TCU (Animal Physiologist) 2008/02/25 offer made
University of South Dakota (Aquatic Biology) 2008/03/10 offer accepted
California University of Pennsylvania (Mammalogist) 2008/02/26 offer accepted
University of West Florida (Marine Ecology) 2008/02/27 Search canceled due to budget cuts. Campus interviews had been scheduled for early March. ---
University of North Carolina, Asheville (Stream Ecologist) 2008/02/28 offer accepted
Florida International University (Wetland Ecology) 2008/03/03 offer accepted
Coastal Carolina University (Vertebrate Biologist) 2008/03/05 offer accepted
Appalachian State University (Ecosystem Ecologist) 2008/03/05 offer made Mike Madritch hired
University of Northern Iowa (Biologist) 2008/03/04 offer made
Warren Wilson College (Conservation Biologist) 2008/03/07 offer accepted Tim Meehan hired
Oklahoma State (Quantitative Ecologist) 2008/03/07 offer made
Oklahoma State (Disease Ecologist) 2008/03/07 offer accepted
Wright State University (Evolutionary Ecology) 2008/03/10 offer made
Wayne State University (Ecologist) 2008/03/10 offer in the works (selected candidate has been or will be contacted)
University of Montana (Aquatic invertebrate ecologist) 2008/03/13 offer pending
University of MIchigan (mycology) 2008/03/14 offer made
Purdue University (Evolutionary Ecology) 2008/03/13 offer accepted
CSU-Channel Islands (Behavioral Ecology) 2008/03/15 position filled
Siena College 2008/03/18 both positions filled
James Madison University (Freshwater Ecologist) 2008/03/17 position filled
U. of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (Fisheries) 2008/03/21 position filled
Texas A&M-Kingsville (Quantitative Ecologist) 2008/03/17 position filled
University of Rhode Island (Marine Genomics) 2008/03/21 offer accepted
University of North Carolina Wilmington (Conservation Biology) 2008/03/21 offer accepted Brian Arbogast
University of South Carolina (Marine Benthic Ecology / Invertebrate Zool) 2008/03/28 offer accepted
Armstrong Atlantic State University (plant biology) 2008/03/24 offer accepted
Grand Valley State University (Evolutionary Biology) 2008/03/28 offer accepted Amy Russell hired
Columbia University (Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Studies) 2008/03/31 offer accepted
University of St. Thomas (MN) 2008/03/31 offer made
Wm. Patterson University, NJ (Evolutionary biologist) 2008/04/15 offer accepted
Texas A&M University-Commerce, (Wildlife Management) 2008/04/15 offer accepted
Marietta College (Biology/Environmental Science) 2008/04/23 position filled
Appalachian State (Ecosystem Ecologist) 2008/04/24 position filled
University of Illinois at Chicago (Landscape Ecologist) 2008/04/25 offer accepted
Alaska Pacific University (Marine Biology) 2008/04/22 offer accepted
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (evolution) 2008/05/16 offer accepted Kathryn Perez hired
Univ of Connecticut (Landscape Ecology) offer accepted Mark Urban hired
Univ of Dayton (Environmental Ecology) offer accepted Ryan McEwan hired
Wichita State (Community or Ecosystem Ecology) offer accepted Greg Houseman hired
Michigan State Univ (Wetland Ecology & Management) search failed ---
Soka Univ (Landscape/Environmental Ecology) search deferred ---
Sonoma State Univ (Molecular position) search canceled ---
Univ of Arkansas-Little Rock (physiological ecologist) search failed (4th time in 5 years) ---
Univ of Iowa (Environmental Geography) search failed ---
Univ of the South/Sewanee (Genomics/Molecular Genetics/Evolution) search canceled ---
Univ of West Florida (Marine Ecology) search canceled ---
Lewis & Clark (Ecology - 1-year sabbatical replacement) 2008/05/12 offer accepted ---
EPA (ORISE) postdocs 2008/05/28 informal offers made ---
San Diego State University (Physiologist/Functional biologist) 2008/06/20 Search suspended due to CA budget crisis ---
Williams College (Environmental Science) 2008/07/14 search canceled
Texas Tech University (Wetland Ecologist) 2008/06/20 offer accepted Kerry Griffis-Kyle hired


School Date of News


Westfield State College (Aquatic Biologist) 2008/04/14 rejection letter received
Weber State (Population Genetics 2008/04/15 email
Washington State University Vancouver 2008/04/14 via post
North Carolina State University (Plant Evol. Ecologist) 2008/04/14 via post
University of North Texas (evolutionary biology) 2008/04/11 via post
University of Puerto Rico (Systematics/Biodiversity/Macroecology) 2008/04/11 via post, position filled
Bucknell University (Organismal, Ecological, or Evolutionary Biologist) 2007/10/15 notified via email (>260 applicants)

notified via snail mail Feb 25, 2008 that position is filled.

Colgate University (Plant or Ecosystems Biologist) 2008/02/15 notified via post
Colorado State University (Quantitative Ecologist) 2007/11/19 letter (59 applicants)
Colorado State University (Vertebrate Evolutionary Ecologist) 2007/12/17 email (narrowed the list to a smaller group)
Concordia University (Conservation Biology) 2007/12/07 by mass e-mail (40 applicants)
Dartmouth College (mol evol/pop gen/genomics) 2007/11/19 email
Earlham College (avian ecologist) 2008/01/11 Three candidates for interviews selected - rejection received via email after phone interview
Elizabethtown College - Ecology 2007/11/02
Florida Institute of Technology (Ecologist) 2007/12/08 rejection by email
LSU (Quantitative Ecologist) 2007/12/06 Official rejection letter by e-mail
Purdue University (Evolutionary Ecology) 2007/11/30 by snail mail 88 applicants
Rice University (Evolutionary biology) 2007/12/07 by letter
SUNY Oneonta (invertebrate zool) 2007/11/16 received rejection letter in mail
Tyson Research Center, Wash U - (Associate Director) 2007/11/05
UC Santa Barbara (Climate Science, Geography Dept.) 2007/11/20 by email
Univ Wisconsin-Madison (Human Dimensions) 2007/11/12 email
University of Arizona (Natural Resources) 2007/10/12
University of Georgia, Odum School of Ecology (Evolutionary Ecology) 2007/12/05 by email ("nearly 105 candidates")
University of Georgia, Odum School of Ecology (Population Ecologist) 2007/11/27 & 12/5 by email (75 applicants)
University of Kansas (Biodiversity Modeler) 2007/12/03 by letter
University of Nevada - Reno (Wildlife Ecology) 2007/10/31 notified via e-mail
University of Oregon (Evolution) 2007/10/24
University of Wisconsin, Madison (Geography) 2007/12/03 by mail (interviews scheduled, application held in reserve)
University of Wisconsin, Madison (Wildlife Ecology/Conservation Biology) 2007/09/15 notified via email
Ursinus College 2007/10/29 Ecology approx. 100 applicants
Wellesley College (developmental biology, endocrinology, behavior) 2007/11/13 e-mail (274 applicants)
Whitman College (Ecology) 2008/01/22; 2007/11/13 1/22 by post; 11/13 by email
Macalester College (Environmental Science) 2007/12/17
Humboldt State University (Restoration Ecology) 2007/12/17 email
University of New Brunswick (Population Genetics) 2007/12/18 rejection letter received via email
UT Austin (Marine Science) 2007/12/18 rejection letter received (mailed Dec. 3rd)
Rutgers (Evolutionary Biology) 2007/12/19 rejection letter received (mailed Dec 4) > 200 applicants, 1/4 of which are still being considered
University of North Carolina - Wilmington (Conservation Biology) 2007/12/20 rejection letter received via e-mail
Pacific University (Animal Physiologist) 2007/12/20 rejection letter via post
University of Kansas (Ecosystem Scientist) 2007/12/19 rejection letter received via post
University of Washington (Biology - 2 positions) 2007/12/26 rejection letter received via email, 420+ applicants
University of Wisconsin-Stout (Plant Ecologist) 2007/12/28 rejection letter received via post
University of Saskatchewan - Evolutionary Biology 2007/12/20 rejection letter received via email
Arizona State University (Sustainability Science) 2008/01/02 notified via email
Yale University (Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecologist) 2008/01/03 rejection letter received via post
Bowdoin College (Genetics) 2007/10/15 rejection letter via post
University of California Davis (pollination bio) 2008/01/04 rejection letter via post
CSU-Channel Islands (Behavioral Ecology) 2008/01/04 rejection letter via email
Linfield College (Plant Evolutionary Biologist) 2008/01/07 rejection letter via post
Vanderbilt University (Evolutionary Ecology) 2008/01/07 rejection via post
University of Washington (Genetics Resources) 2008/01/08 rejection via email
Linfield College (Conservation Biologist) 2008/01/08 rejection letter via post
Stanford (Molecular Cell) 2008/01/08 rejection via email
Nebraska-Lincoln (complex phenotypes) 2008/01/11 rejection via snail mail
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2008/01/14 rejection via post
University of Utah (Human Genetics) 2008/01/15 rejection letter via snail mail
University of South Carolina (Marine Benthic Ecology / Invertebrate Zool) 2008/01/15 rejection letter via post
University of San Diego 2008/01/16 rejection letter via post
Stanford (Ecology) 2008/01/18 rejection via email
Willamette 2008/01/18 rejection via post
Michigan State (Evolutionary Ecology) 2008/01/21 rejection via email with attached pdf of seminar schedule
University of Michigan (mycology) 2008/01/18 rejection letter via post
University of Rochester (Evolutionary Genomics) 2008/01/24 rejection in response to email inquiry. "Over 100 applicants. Well into interview process."
Institute for Ecosystem Ecology (terrestrial ecosystem ecologist) 2008/01/28 rejection letter via email
University of Nevada - Reno (Ecologist) 2008/01/30 rejection via email
Stanford (Evolutionary Biologist) 2008/02/01 rejection via email
Lehigh (Earth Systems Science) 2008/02/01 rejection letter (>150 applicants)
Purdue (Ecological Impacts of Climate Change) 2008/02/06 rejection via post (over 62 applicants)
UC-Davis (Conservation Valuation Analyst) 2008/02/06 rejection via post
Case Western Reserve (Evolutionary Ecologist) 2008/02/27, 2008/02/08 rejection via email (over 100 applicants)
Princeton University (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) 2008/02/12 rejection via email (over 130 applications)
Michigan Tech (Sustainability Science) 2008/02/12 rejection via post
Western Washington University 2008/02/15 rejection via post-mail
Westminster College-Missouri 2008/02/18 rejection by post
Sonoma State University (Molecular position) 2008/02/18 Search canceled due to lack of funding email
SUNY Purchase (Environmental Studies) 2008/02/20 rejection via post
Columbia University (Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Studies) 2008/02/22 rejection via post
Montana State University (Plant Community Ecologist) 2008/02/22 rejection via email
University of Hawaii at Hilo (Biological Oceanographer) 2008/02/22 email
Utah State University (Wetland Ecologist) 2008/02/22 rejection via email
University of Rhode Island (Marine Life Sciences) 2008/02/25
Randolph-Macon College (Ecologist) 2008/02/25 letter
University of Toronto (Community Ecologist) 2008/02/29 rejection via email
Slippery Rock University (plant biology) 2008/03/03 via post
George Mason New Century College (Life Sciences) 2008/03/04 letter
Brown University (Environmental Change Initiative) 2008/02/28 letter
University of Florida (Computational genomics / phylogenomics) 2008/03/10 letter
Michigan State University (Wetland Ecology & Management) 2008/03/13 letter; failed search
Universite Catholique De Louvain (Pop Bio) 2008/03/14 rejection via email
Harvard Enviro Fellow (postdoc) 2008/03/14 rejection letter received
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (evolution) 2008/03/17 rejection letter
Emory University(Env Studies) 2008/03/20 rejection letter
Purdue(Human Dimensions of Natural Resources) 2008/03/20 rejection letter, position filled, 32 applicants
Tufts University (Molecular Evolution) 2008/03/21 rejection letter, with typos
Eastern Washington University (Integrative Biologist) 2008/03/25 rejection letter
UCLA (2 positions, evolution and ecology) 2008/03/25 rejection letter, 9 interviewed, > 350 applicants (!)
University of Redlands 2008/03/25 rejection letter
Sacred Heart University (evol. biology) 2008/03/26 rejection via email
Unity College (Plant biology) 2008/03 via post
University of San Francisco (1-year Biology) 2008/03/28 rejection letter received
Ohio State University (Stream ecology 2008/04/01 rejection via email
Arcadia University (Behavior and Neuroscience) 2008/04/04 rejection letter received
Franklin College (Field biologist) 2008/04/07 rejection via email, position filled
Soka University (Landscape/Environmental Ecology) 2008/04/07 Search Deferred via mail
Erskine College (one year - tenure search to follow) 2008/04/10 position filled -via email
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (E Science) 2008/04/23 position filled -via email
Univ. of Connecticut (Mol. & Cell Biol.) 2008/05/07 Letter a mere 7 months after the application due date, 130 applicants.
Arizona State University, Polytechnic (Applied Biology) 2008/05/09 rejection letter received, position filled
University of Texas at Tyler (evol bio/ecol or cell/molec) 2008/05/27 rejection letter received, position filled.

WHO WAS HIRED 2007/2008[]

This information should be to added to the offers section above.

USER POLLS 2007/2008[]

  • There is now a short SurveyMonkey survey that will allow analyses of the results at
  • You can view a real-time summary of survey results here:
  • Updated 2/12/08: Preliminary results organized by the type of position sought (not real-time) are here:

Update to help keep track of how many people use/edit this site
  • On the market: 96
  • Administering a search: 0
  • Lurking: 1
If "on the market" now, what is your current position?
  • ABD graduate student: 1
  • Primarily research post-doc: 39
  • Dual research/teaching post-doc: 7
  • Completed post doc: 1
  • Academia (adjunct or non-tenure-track): 4
  • Academia (tenure-track, untenured): 3
  • Academia (tenured): 0
  • Private sector: 0
  • Federal Postdoc or Term Postion: 2
How many years total have you been actively on the market?
  • 1 (this is my first year): 22
  • 2: 23
  • 3-4: 9
  • 5-6: 4
  • > 6: 0
  • Male: 15
  • Female: 16
  • Decline to answer: 0
How many jobs did you apply for this year?
  • 1-3: 5
  • 4-6: 5
  • 7-9: 3
  • 10-15: 18
  • 16-20: 6
  • 21-30: 8
  • > 30: 6
Campus Interviews
  • no interview so far: 31
  • 1 interview so far: 19
  • 2 interviews so far: 11
  • 3 interviews so far: 14
  • 4 interviews so far: 13
  • 5 interviews so far: 5
  • 6 interviews so far: 3
  • 7 interviews so far: 1
Are you searching with a spouse also looking for an academic ecology position?
  • Yes: 3
  • No: 21
Job Search Results
  • Multiple offers, one accepted: 3
  • Single offer, accepted: 5
  • Offer made, but not accepted. Try again next year: 0
  • No offers. Try again next year: 2
  • No offers. Done searching for an academic job: 0
How many total publications do you have (e.g., including author #10 out of 20)?
  • None at all: 0
  • None but some in review: 0
  • 1-3: 3
  • 4-6: 20
  • 7-9: 16
  • 10-12: 12
  • 13-15: 3
  • 16-50: 11
  • > 50: 1
How many first-author publications do you have?
  • None at all: 0
  • None but some in review: 1
  • 1: 4
  • 2-3: 16
  • 4-5: 15
  • 6-8: 16
  • 9-10: 2
  • 11-25: 8
  • 26-50:
  • > 50: 1
How many first-author largish publications (larger > 5 pages printed) do you have? (include in press)
  • None at all: 1
  • None but some in review:
  • 1: 2
  • 2-3: 3
  • 4-5: 7
  • 6-8: 8
  • 9-10: 2
  • 11-25: 3
  • 26-50: 1
  • > 50: 0
How many first-author publications did you have at the time you earned your PhD?
  • None at all: 2
  • None but some in review: 4
  • 1: 9
  • 2-3: 16
  • 4-5: 7
  • 6-8: 7
  • 9-10: 0
  • > 10: 3
  • > 20: 1


Layout Suggestions for 2008/2009 Wiki

Please add your suggestions here for next year's wiki. Given that a lot of people have not received interviews, there will probably be a number of returnees next year. Voice your gripes now so we can collectively make this site better.

  • Dashes between year-month-day are easier to read...
  • I think one list, alphabetical order would be better. Then we could use the bullet points for updates, like we are using in the comments currently. I'll put an example at the bottom of the page and people can play around with it..
  • I think the current system is great. Let's do the same thing next year but omit the surveys (except perhaps # of interviews).
  • Why not combine the "application deadline" and "latest news" columns? The deadline is really not that important. It could go into the "latest news" column to be replaced once someone has heard something. Four columns would be easier to manage than five.
    • I like to sort by application deadline, and considering how many jobs on this board still have no news, perhaps it would be helpful to have an empty column when there is no news?? Maybe? We could have Date of Most Recent News as the first bullet point in the final column and it should still sort correctly. I'll try this in the sample table below, we can always change it back. Checked, it does sort correctly.
  • If sorting by area or department, it might be best to use job title specialty instead. Either way, it will add a new layer of complexity because similar specialties often have a remarkable diversity of names. For example, if department: Biology vs. Biological Sciences vs. Evolotion, Ecology, and Organismal Biology; Population ecology vs. molecular ecology vs. biologist. Not sure how to simplify this other than to use the term the search specifies.
    • Agreed, sorting by specialty as listed in the job call might be better, perhaps that column could include both specialty and department.
    • I answered no about specialty sorting in the survey above, but I'm but not strongly opposed... it doesn't hurt anything
  • I think that if there is only one table, the date for the most recent information needs to be first so that it can be sorted that way. In the example below, the news is first and the date at the end, which will make it impossible to sort by date.
    • The first bullet point in each row IS Date of most recent news: YYYY-MM-DD, it sorts correctly on my browser as long as the first bullet point in the row has the same text description (i.e., Date of most recent news, try clicking the sort arrow on your browser to see if it works..
    • It works as long as everyone uses the formula, but if we have learned anything this year, its that only most people do. Some people can't even bother to put the 0 before a single digit as in the "final" job right now in the no news section - from January. I am just suggesting that it is overly optomistic, or time consuming for the person policing the site, to hope that everyone will keep the same description for the first bullet.
    • I see your point... We could either have a separate column with just the date of most recent news, or put the dates first in the final column, any preference?
    • I think the easiest thing to do is have a separate column for "most recent news", leaving little room for template changes. Like I said, most people will get it right no matter how it is done, but the few that don't take the time to look at the template will make a mess of things. The seperate column makes it as straight-forward as possible.
    • Too many columns make it harder to read the comments in the final column unless you have a wide screen. Let's try and decide on a 4 column format that we think most people could easily use. People want to sort by 4 things, university, specialty, deadline, date of most recent news, so one of these items will have to be the first row in the final column. Using the template as noted below, I think that it should be easier for people to add new entires to the table.
    • Why not make "date of latest news" its own column, and put "application deadline" as the first entry in the "updates and comments" column. It seems more likely that someone will neglect/overlook/screw up the latest-news date as is, because it's just one part of a more complicated column. On the other hand, once application deadline is entered, it doesn't need to be changed. Either way, we have two columns that sort the way we want them to, but this way might be easier to manage.
    • Good point, updated below
  • With only one table, we can easily make an example template entry for people to copy for new entries. See example below table, this should make it more consistent with less correction issues..
  • The DISCUSSION section has three groups of posts - those related to specific jobs, those related to this wiki, and those relating more general advice. Since all of these things are worthwhile aspects of the discussion section, I propose breaking up the Discussion to reflect these three topics in the interest of making things easier to find. Each section might have different archiving procedures as well, since (at least in theory) advice might be useful over longer time scales than news about the wiki or a particular job.
    • This would be nice, but given that most people prefer one table for the jobs next year, I think one table for the discussion also would keep the site simple. Perhaps we can use the second column with categories and then topic, that might make the table a little more sortable. I've started an example below, perhaps people could add to the categories...