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Is the job market in ed as dead as it is everywhere else?

Absolutely it is. And as overcrowded for the few openings that exist.

Where are education jobs generally advertised?

Chronicle has an entire section devoted to us. Also at conferences.

AERA jobs

Higher Ed jobs

Chronicle of Higher Ed

Reading/Literacy (Starting in 2011)[]

See also Children's Lit / English Education 2011


  • Q: Has the Curriculum & Instruction position been filled?


  • Literacy education position at the University of Georgia has been filled.
  • Q. How do you know this? No notices have been mailed/emailed.
  • A. Several candidates came out to interview at UGA in December. One was offered the position and accepted the offer. I don't know if this person has officially signed a contract or not, which is maybe why notices have not been emailed to you. Or maybe UGA just won't send out notices to people but will assume that they will know they were not hired when they are never contacted. --Thank you.


  • The literacy education position at the University of New Hampshire has been filled. I did not receive a rejection letter but they sent me an email.
  • Q. Did they explicitly mention that the position has been filled?
  • They sent me a snail mail saying that they hired a candidate who accepted their offer (1/2011)
  • It's interesting! I got a mail saying that they closed the search without hiring a new faculty (2/2011)


  • English Education at Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois: LINK
  • Also posted at Children's 2011
  • Campus interviews have been/are being conducted
  • They said they hoped to offer the position by the end of the week.
  • Position has been filled (letter received 2/18)
  • They were filling two positions, and one was still open as of early March.


  • Assistant professor of literacy education with a specialization in middle/high school reading
  • Receipt of application received: 11/22/2010
  • References contacted middle of January
  • Campus interviews scheduled February/March


  • Assistant professor of literacy education


  • Literacy assistant/associate professor
  • Phone interview scheduled: 12/16/2010
  • Campus visit scheduled


Position was just filled. Offer was made and accepted in the past two week time frame.

  • Literacy assistant/associate professor
  • Phone interview scheduled: 12/20/2010
  • Update email received (1/8/11) explaining that the search will continue for 6 weeks.
  • Campus visit end of January


  • Assistant professor in reading
  • On-campus interviews completed


  • Assistant professor in Reading/Language Arts
  • Phone interview scheduled: 1/13/2011
  • Campus visit scheduled early February


  • Also posted at Children's 2011
  • Rejection received via email. 02/10/2011
  • Q. Did they explicitly mention that the position has been filled? They are still interviewing people.
  • Finalist contacted. Campus visit scheduled.


  • Open rank (literacy position in the department of teacher education)
  • Campus visit scheduled.
  • Second Language Education (Chinese)



Phone interview in early December.

Campus visit scheduled.


  • Clinical assistant professor position in literacy


  • Assistant/associate in literacy


  • Assistant professor in reading (elementary education)





---references contacted


  • Endowed chair


  • Assistant/associate/full professor in biliteracy/bilingual education


  • Assistant/Associate prof. of literacy education
  • Rejection email received 12/29/10)

Social Studies/History:[]

3.1 Teachers College - Social Studies

  • Position: Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) who is committed to the teaching of social studies and teacher education in diverse settings and demonstrates a developing research agenda in one or more of the following areas: geography and place-based education; sustainability/environmental education; urban education that addresses emergence of global cities; and education of students of diverse linguistic/cultural backgrounds.

3.2 Teachers College - History Education

  • Position: The Program in History and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University seeks a scholar of history with broad interests in education whose research will support program areas such as international educational development, comparative and international education, gender studies, or the history of ideas. Focus on the 20th century is also welcomed. Students in the Program examine the large issues and questions of education through the discipline of history. In addition, the Program provides a foundation for other departments throughout the ollege. The ideal faculty member must be able to teach across a broad spectrum of ourses as well as in his/her primary research area.
  • Open rank; Tenure track position (tenured or untenured)
  • Email ack - further info mid Feb.
  • Rejection 2/22 (x2)

STEM Fields[]

Below is an un-editable version of the google spreadsheet containing STEM jobs.

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  • Other Specializations: Feel free to copy/paste the STEM Google Doc and use it in your own sections.

<googlespreadsheet height="500" width="900">0ArFyictH_7ZOdGtVQnBLdkNyOEcyUEx5Rnk1TnYzV1E&hl=en&output=html</googlespreadsheet>

Early Childhood[]

Music/Art/Physical Education[]

Music Education - Choral

Eastman School of Music. OFFER ACCEPTED.


UMass - Lowell

University of Maryland

University of Colorado at Boulder

Music Education - Winds/Percussion

University of Minnesota. OFFER ACCEPTED. University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Music Education - Strings

Florida State University



Music Education - General or Kooky Alternatives to Ensembles

University of South Florida. CAMPUS INTERVIEWS COMPLETE.



(Foundations should be placed in a separate category since it contains its own cluster of specializations - e.g. philosophical, historical, cultural, etc. - and since there's limited overlap with the other fields listed in this group. / That would work fine, I think, although we want to avoid having too many categories lest this page devolve into a morass. How does this new grouping work? / That definitely makes more sense!)

University of Virginia[]

  • Social Foundations of Education position
  • anyone know the status of this search?
  • On 3/3 I was told applications are still in the review process and no additional information was available
  • On 4/6 I was told same
  • 5/2 any updates? anyone know if anyone was brought on campus?
  • A handful of candidates came for on-campus visits in mid-May.

University of North Carolina, Greensboro[]

  • Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations
  • Rejection letter (1/7/11)
  • Where was this posted? Can you link the ad? (1/11/11) -- Sorry, can't find it now that search is (presumably) closed. Rejection letter mentioned that they received over 100 apps. -- Thanks, the ed leadership part clarifies which one it was.

University of Wyoming[]

  • Lecturer position covering teaching methods

Florida International[]

  • Social Foundations Lectureship (one year)
  • Review of Applications Begins 10.15.10
  • No word yet (11/21/10) (X2)

Holy Cross[]

  • Dem. Foundations of Ed. Policy
  • Review of Applications Begins 12.1.10
  • no word yet 1.14.11
  • invitation for campus interview-- Do you mind sharing when you were notified of this campus interview? Thanks!
  • No word yet (2/8/11).
  • acc. to colleague: offer made.
  • And yet, still no word (3/2/11).
  • Rejection dated 3/28/11 stated that the department isn't filling the position this year and would, pending administrative approval, try again next fall.

Illinois State[]

  • Foundations (Assistant or Associate Professor)
  • Review of Applicatoins Begins 10.22.10
  • No word yet (11/21/10)
  • I think they're really looking for an associate prof.
  • Rejection letter received (11/23/10)
  • No word yet (12/23/10)
  • Offer made (12/20/10) Offer def. made
  • Rejection letter received (2.24.11). At least they were nice enough to notify me.

University of North Dakota[]

  • Social Foundations (Assistant or Associate Professor)
  • Review of Applications Begins 10.15.10
  • No Word Yet (11/21/10).
  • Still no word (2/6/11).
  • Still no word (3/13/11).
  • Still no word (4/4/11).
  • position offered
  • And yet, still no word (5/10/11).

West Chester University[]

  • History of Education & Critical Pedagogy
  • Review of Applications Begins 1.21.11
  • No Word (2/8/11)
  • Email request for interview (2.3)

Grand Valley State[]

  • Foundations of Education
  • Anyone? I don't know when this was posted or when the application closed. Any insight would be appreciated! :)
  • According to the GVSU jobs website, I was not selected for an interview. But I had to log in to learn this. No one from the program had the courtesy to notify me. (X2)
  • Email request for interview (2.8)
  • From GVSU in an email dated May 2, 2011: Thank you for your interest and application for the position of Education - Educational Foundations (College of Education) Assistant Professor. The selection process is now complete and a candidate has been selected for the position.

    We are pleased that you considered Grand Valley State University and regret that we are not able to meet your professional needs. We encourage you to watch our website at for other opportunities that would fit your skills and experience. We do wish you much success as you continue to seek advancement in your chosen career.

    If you would like to give us your feedback about the online application system or the search process, send an e-mail to

    Sue Lindrup,
    Employment Manager,
    Grand Valley State University

Bates College[]

  • Campus interviews scheduled (3/16)

Special Education[]

Counseling/School Psychology[]

Are these jobs posted somewhere else?

Educational Psychology[]

(Can we make these two separate categories? As an Ed Psych person who doesn't do counseling, I find it frustrating when these types of jobs are lumped together. Also, there should be a category for School Psych positions as well, and it should be separate from Psych and Counseling. / Agree with the former, disagree with the latter. Would this new grouping be okay?) Certainly!

Yes, I, too, am an Ed Psych person and I get incredibly frustrated at the lack of jobs that are labeled explicitly as Educational Psychology jobs. Ed Psych has a long history to it, and yet I am finding that I have to look under a variety of types of headings to find jobs that may possibly be a match. And, it is frustrating to see jobs that are all either geared towards practitioners such as School Psychologists and Counseling Psychologists. They are different from the pure study of learning/development that Ed Psych is concerned with.

    • Are there ANY Ed Psych jobs and what are you finding them under

South Carolina-Assistant Professor-Educational Psychology-job ad

Auburn University-Assistant Professor-Educational Psychology-job ad

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh-Assistant Professor-Educational Psychology-job ad

University of Colorado at Boulder --Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology---Their deadline was 11-1-10. Radio silence from there. Does anyone know what is up with that position? Did they hire someone? Were Colorado state budgets short, and did they suspend the search?

University of Maryland at College Park --Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology/Human Development: they also posted a position in the fall that has a November 1 closing date. Anyone know anything about those positions?

University of Central Missouri[]

  • References contacted (March 2011)

California State University-Chico[]

  • phone interview (Jan. 2011)
  • position closed (March 2011)

Purdue University-North Central[]

  • phone interview (Feb. 2011)

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh[]

  • phone interview (March 2011)
  • on-site interview (April 2011)

University of Wisconsin-Stout[]

  • References contacted (March 2011)
  • on-campus interview (April 2011)

Higher Education & Student Affairs[]

(added Student Affairs to this section heading as there are faculty positions too).

George Washington University has an tenure track Asst/Assoc position (Chronicle, 11/29)

West Virginia University has a Assistant Prof of Higher Ed Leadership (Chronicle11/29)

Texas A&M has an Associate Prof of Higher Ed (Chronicle, 11/28)

I think Western Michigan and Eastern Michigan have Asst Profs in higher ed too, according to an ASHE newsletter early last month.

Instructional Design/Educational Technology[]

Michigan State University[]

  • Educational Technology
  • Assistant Professor
  • Deadline: Review began 3/15
  • job ad
  • Any news yet? No word yet-online app says Under Review by Search Committee, 5/26 rejection letter says candidate selected

Wayne State University[]

  • Instructional Technology
  • Tenure track open rank
  • Deadline: open until filled
  • job ad
  • Phone interviewed in December 2010

Drexel University[]

  • Instructional Technology
  • Tenure track Assistant/Associate Professor
  • Deadline: open unitl filled
  • Job ad

Indiana University[]

  • Instructional Technologies
  • Tenure Track Open Rank Prof
  • Deadline: Nov. 25, 2010
  • letters of rejection sent to non-finalists

Appalachian State University[]

  • Media Studies & Instructional Technologies
  • Tenure Track Asst Prof
  • Deadline: Nov. 7, 2010
  • any word from Appalachina State Univ.?

Valdosta State University[]

  • Tenure Track Asst Prof
  • Deadline: Nov. 1, 2010
  • job ad
  • any word from Valdosta State Univ.?