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Language and Literacy Education[]

For English Education Jobs, see: Children's 2013

Cazenovia College - Just posted (6/1/2013) Link here:

California State University Fresno, Assistant Professor of Literacy Instruction in Multicultural Context--review began 11.16

  • Cross posted at English Education (12/14)--I was unsure whether these are more English Education or secondary education...

Clark University, Assistant Professor of Secondary Literacy and English Language Learning--review began 12.3

  • Cross posted at English Education (12/14)--I was unsure whether these are more English Education or secondary education...
  • 1.15: Any news on this one?
  • Scheduling campus visits

Humboldt State University, Assistant Professor of Language, Literacy & Learning in the Content Areas--review began 10.24

  • Cross posted at English Education--I was unsure whether these are more English Education or secondary education...

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

  • skype interviews last week in January
  • Job talks ongoing

Loyola University in Maryland - Assistant Professor. - Literacy Program -- review began 11.1

Has anyone heard anything about this position?

I know they've chosen the finalists 1/11.

UMass Lowell - Assistant Professor- Language Arts & Literacy

University of Washington Seattle - Assistant Professor. - Literacy/ELL

  • Cross posted at English Education
  • Four finalists identified for Instructional Excellence-Across Content Areas position (1/2/13).
  • job talks conducted

Arizona State University - Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy

Any information anyone?

This search was cancelled, and they opened up a new search with more specific qualifications 3/12. 

St. Bonaventure University - Assistant Professor of Reading/Literacy Education

  • Phone interviews conducted in mid-February


Boston University- reference request

Bucknell University

  • VAP
  • Rejection email 5/21/13

California Lutheran University

  • Applicaiton deadling - 1/1/2013
  • Skype Interviews - week of March 11

Colby-Sawyer- Rejection email 12/19/12 stating they had offered the job to another candidate

College of Charleston

College of Idaho - Phone interview week of 12/10/12

SUNY Cortland - any news?

Connecticut College - interviews conducted and offer extended 1/10/13

Fairfield University- reference request

Gordon College

George Washington University

  • Assistant/Associate/Professor of Curriculum and Pedagogy (STEM, Literacy, Instr. Tech) - Review began 1.3.13
  • Assistant Professor of International/Comparative Education - Review began 12/8/12 
  • any news on the  International Ed position? 2/21/13

Georgia Southern University - Chair - Curriculum, Foundations, and Reading Dept.

Grand Valley State University--Social Foundations

  • Search for position beginning January 2013 ended; opened new search to begin August 2013.  Anyone know why the postponement? (1/31/13)
  • On-campus interview this week (4/7/13)

Hobart William Smith-rejection email

Indiana University - Educational Research Methodologist - Review began 10/15/12

  • Any updates on the status of this search? I haven't heard anything and am guessing they've moved on. (Hope it's okay to post methodology jobs here -- if not, my apologies!)
  • I know they have made initial selections, but not final offer  12.03.12

IUPUI--assistant/associate, foundations

  • anyone know anything? (1/31/13)
  • letter of rejection (3/12/13)

Ithaca College - Social Foundations - Review begins 11.15.12

has anybody heard anything????? (12/13/2012)
          -Not me (12/19/12) x3
I just received an email from IC that it will be mid January before they will begin making contact if they are interested. 
 -I recieved the same email on (12/20/2012) x1
12/22--I got an email indicating I was a semi-finalist and requesting additional information
Phone interviews the week of 1/14
Visits in February
Email 3/5/13 stating that they'd hired someone X2

Keene State

Kutztown University-

Marist- any news?

  • Offer extended and accepted 3/25/13


Oklahoma State

  • My references were called this week (2/26) x2

New York University - Foundations/Sociology of Ed

Purdue University - Curriculum Studies - Review begins 1.7.13

  • Rejection letter for curriculum studies - 2.13.13 x2
Two positions: One with expertise in qualitative research methods; One in curriculum theory/studies
Update: Curriculum Studies postion filled; failed qualitative search 

Skidmore- any news?

  • per wiki position has been filled

Southern Connecticut State University

Truman State University 

  • References contacted 2/26
  • Offer extended, accepted 4/4/13.

University of British Columbia (Canada) - History of Education. Review begins 1.7.13

University of Colorado Boulder - Sociology of Education - Review begins 11.1.12

  • References contacted 10.25.12 x 2
  • Confirmation of complete application 11/25/12 - even though I submitted it over a month ago x 3 [I wonder if this means we made the first cut or didn't???]
    • It may mean a cut - I didn't receive confirmation, though I'm pretty sure I sent in the application correctly and that my references were all sent in.  (I'm also not a great fit for the position...)
    • Any word???
      • Not for me 12/14.
      • I just asked about the status of the search and was told "The search committee is reviewing applications at this time." 12/17
    • Anyone hear? It's been over 2 months now.
    • 1.25 email indicating the review of candidates has been completed and I was not selected for further consideration for this position. x 2

University of Maryland - 2 Positions - Social Studies, Middle School/Adolescent Literacy, Minority and Urban Education, Critical Theory, History and Social Foundations, and Curriculum Theory - Review began 9.5.12

  • 11/1--130 applications received; mine not being considered further (Social Foundations)

University of New Hampshire - Community and Culture in Education - Review begins 12.1.12

  • 1/15: Any news?
  • Received email request for "UNH Employment Data," (1/15)  x4
  • Received email indicating my application was not being considered further (2/5) x2

University of Virginia - Philosophy of Ed

  • 2/4/13: Any news?
  • 2/17/13: I applied for the same job though my specialization leans towards International Ed (the description was an interesting mix of both). Haven't heard anything yet...Anyone?
  • 2/18/13 Same as you, no word on this position yet.
  • 2/23/13 Skype interviews were the week of 1/28.  On campus interviews started in mid-February.
  • 10/10/13 Chosen candidate accepted offer in August.
  • 11/23/13 The position was reposted on higheredjobs on 10/15. Anyone know if it is still open?
    • CORRECTION: Position NOT reposted. The job posted in October is for a NON-TT off-grounds position. The TT Position was filled in August.

University of Washington Tacoma - Teacher Preparation - Review began 10.1.12

  • Phone interviews completed 11/30
  • 3 finalist identified 12/5

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse - Educational Foundations and Multicultural Ed

  • Phone interview 1/25/13; follow-up with references on 2/5/13
  • On campus interview - 2/28/13
  • Offer made - 3/18/2013

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater - Educational Foundations - Review began 11/15/12

  • Phone interviews 12/3/12
  • Decisions about on-campus interviews being put off until mid-January.  Seems that the end-of-semester crunch caught up with them.  (12/13/12)
  • contacted to find out if still interested in job; setting up phone interviews within the next couple of weeks (1/30/13)
  • phone interview mid-february; told would be two weeks.  heard nothing since (3/15/13)
  • Received mass email saying that a "highly qualified candidate" has taken the job. (3/22/13)

Western Washington University - Education and Social Justice - Review begins 1/31/13

  • any news yet? (2/16/13). Nope.
  • any updates here? (2/25/13). Nothing yet (2/25)
  • email 3/5 saying they were running behind on the search
  • any news here since the "running behind" email? (4/2)
  • Nope. Anyone else hear anything? (4/22)
  • Any news here? (5/15)
  • None here (5/15)

Winona State University Educational Foundations - Review begins 2/4/13

  • (3/13/13) Any news yet anyone?
  • Rejection email stating they'd hired someone received 6/4/13

Youngstown State University--associate/department head

  • anyone heard anything? (1/31/13)
  • references contacted (3/15/13)

Secondary Education[]

Butler University - Middle and Secondary Education - Review began 10.1.12

California University of PA- Secondary Education Generalist- Review began 12.2.12

Edinboro University of PA- Middle and Secondary position- Review ongoing

  • Skype interviews conducted 12.3.12
  • Invited to campus for interview 1/29/13

George Mason University - Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning - no review date posted.

  • 12/10 Search completed (I wasn't hired).

Georgia Southern University- Middle Grades Education- Review began 10.15.12.

  • References contacted before T-Day break.

James Madison - Interdisc. studies - Science emphasis  - no date

  • phone interview on 2/7/13

Middlebury College -Education Studies - Review began 10.1.12

  • I will be on campus next week for an interview. (11/26/12)
  • I was notified that they hired someone x2. (12/13/12)

Northeastern Illinois University - Assistant Professor of Secondary Education

  • Phone interviews week of 12/31

Sacred Heart University - Social Studies Education

  • Phone interviews week of 2/11

Virginia Commonwealth University - Asst Prof of Secondary English Education. - Review began 9.20.12. Offer accepted. 

U of Virginia - Open Rank - Science Ed. 12/1/12 Deadline

U. of Wyoming - Social Studies Education - 10/26 Deadline (reposted 10/30)

  • Phone interviews 1/29 - 2/8
  • Three final candidates identified - 2/15
  • Campus interviews - early March
  • Job extended, 1st selection declined

Higher Education[]

Appalacian State - Assist Prof - Deadline 1/31/13

Colorado State University -- Higher Education Leadership, Open-Rank Professor tenure track -- Deadline 1/15/13

University of Texas, Arlington - Dept. of ELPS, Asst. Prof

  • On-campus interviews end of February

University of Alabama -

University of Denver - Higher Education, Asst. Prof

  • Skype interviews late January
  • On-campus interviews invitations out mid-February

University of Memphis - Higher Education, Asst. Prof 

  • On-campus interview mid-December

Ohio State University - Assistant level -- Review began 11.1.2012

  • Skype interviews December
  • Invited to on-campus interview scheduled for end of January

UMass, Amherst - Assistant level

  • Any news? (12.23.2012)
  • Offer given and accepted (3.2013)

University of Mass, Boston - Higher Education

  • Phone interviews in January

University of Michigan -- Review began 12.1.2012

  • Preliminary interview early January
  • On-campus interview late Jan/early Feb

New York University - Higher education

  • Associate/Full Professor
  • Non-TT Admin/Teaching in Higher Education

Penn State University (2 open rank) --Campus visit scheduled 12/13.

OISE, U Toronto, various positions--anyone heard anything yet? [there aren't any positions in higher education at OISE posted]

OISE looking for people in social theory/social justice as well as curriculum planning/diversity--there were three or four positions advertised. one may still be open.

Anyone heard?

Anyone hear about the Chair's position in social justice?

MId list candidates notified February 9, 2013

Finalists for on campus interviews contacted for social theory position

Email rejection for diversity position 2/21/13

Old Dominion - Open Rank - Deadline 2/1

UConn - Assistant level

  • Phone interviews December
  • Skype interview in December
  • Campus interviews mid-late Jan

William and Mary - Assistant Prof. in Higher Ed

  • Preliminary phone interview mid-December.
  • Campus visits late January
  • Any news here? (2/21)

UNLV - Qualitative Methods

  • Contacted for letters of recommendation and writing samples

UNLV - STEM/Quantitative Methods

University of North Carolina - Wilmington - Assist/Assoc- 12/20 deadline

University of San Francisco - Assistant Prof

  • Rejected 12/21
    • which position? Higher Ed/Stud Affairs

University of San Francisco -DEADLINE PASSED

  • Assistant Prof of Human Rights Education, International and Multicultural Education Department

updates? 1/12

University of Wisconsin, Madison - Asst. Prof

  • Skype interviews November/December
  • Position offered 1/16/13

Vanderbilt University - Higher Education, policy-oriented

  • Any news? (12.5.2012)
  • Campus interview is ongoing 1/12/13

University at Buffalo - pre/K-16/20 Educational Leadership

- any news?  have recommendations been requested?

Quantitative Methods[]

Employer Position Deadline /Review Status Tracking
James Madison University AP in Assessment and Measurement 10/01 Campus interview offer was extended (from Psychology job wiki).

Georgetown University

AP in Psychology immediately

Elementary Education[]

Cazenovia College - Just posted (6/1/2013) Link here:

East Carolina U - Assist/Assoc Elem and Middle Grades - 11/18/12 initial screeing

Old Dominion - Assist/Assoc Elem ed - 11/2/12 deadline

U. Virginia - Assist/Assoc Prof - Elem Ed - 12/12/12 deadline - finalists brought to campus in December 2012

VCU - Assist Prof - no date - 2 finalists selected for campus interviews in January 2013

Salisbury University - Elementary/ Social Studies - Review begins 1/31/13

  • phone interview week of 2/25

Skidmore - Asst/Asso Prof - Any news?

  • Position filled


Special Education[]

Cazenovia College - Just posted (6/1/2013) Link here:

Ohio Dominican--Asst Prof Special Ed filled May 3, 2013

Shawnee State University-Assistant Prof Spec Ed filled April 2013

Depaul University position filled april 2013

Duquesne University phone interviews scheduled may 2013

Florida State University - Asst Prof Special Education   2/8/13

Boston College - finalists selected for interviews in January 2013

University of Tennessee -  finalists selected for interviews Spring 2013.   2/7/2013

Position filled March 2013.  

Lesley University- Assistant/Associate Sped Ed.- Posted 2/5/13