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  • A: Since the list below doesn't seem to be divided up according to specialization, I don't see why Higher Ed jobs couldn't simply be added to the existing list as it stands [EDIT: as it appears they already have been], without creating an entirely new section. "Including Higher Ed." might be added next to the link on the Wiki Front page so users know they can find such jobs on this page. <--EDIT: suggested change made to Wiki Front Page [1/20]

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Jobs for 2014[]

Friends, please enter in alpha order

Arizona State University - TT Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education[]

-Deadline 11/8 -Invited for campus interview in Jan.

Arizona State University - TT Open Rank Methodologist Qualitative Research[]

  • Deadline 11/8
  • Any updates? 1/6

Ball State University - TT in Educational Studies & Chair Department of Educational Leadership[]

  • Deadline not explicit
  • Invited for phone interview (2/16)
  • Is the phone interview for the chair or educational studies position (2/23)? 
  • At least some Ed Studies phone interviews were held Friday 2/21; don't know about Ed Leader status
  • heard from committee chair that Ed Studies search failed; will repeat the search again next year (5/14)

Bloomsburg University of PA--TT Asst. Prof. in Ed. Leadership[]

  • Deadline 11/1

Brigham Young University[]

The Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations seeks to fill one continuing status track position (BYU’s equivalent of tenure track) in school leadership. Successful candidates will demonstrate competency in effective building level school leadership practices that are focused on improving teaching and learning for all students. An earned doctorate in educational leadership or a closely-related field is required by August 2014. Experience as a K-12 public school principal is required with demonstrated strength in serving diverse learners.

Successful candidates must have the interest and ability to work collaboratively with personnel in schools, districts, and the BYU-Public School Partnership. They will have published (or demonstrate potential to conduct and publish) independent and collaborative research.

Position Description: The selected candidate will teach graduate courses focused on the role of the building-level principal in serving diverse learners and promoting school improvement.  The selected candidate will be expected to demonstrate collegiality and collaboration with peers. The person selected will engage in teaching, supervising, and mentoring future and current educational leaders; participate with other faculty in the design and delivery of curriculum; supervise doctoral dissertations; contribute to department, school, and university programs; and pursue a scholarly research and publication agenda.  Department faculty members are expected to follow a focused research agenda on salient aspects of the theory and practice of school leadership to improve student learning. Review of applications will commence on September 5, 2013 and continue until December 1, 2013. Anticipated starting date for the position is August 2014.

Application Information Persons interested in this position should apply electronically to the University at  Applicants should also send the following materials to the search committee in the Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations:  a letter of interest that describes the candidate’s qualifications as they relate to the position description; a curriculum vitae; a statement of educational philosophy; a list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of references; and selected samples of scholarly writing. Direct all inquiries to Julie Hite at 801-422-5039 (

Submit materials to:  Dr. Julie M. Hite, Faculty Search Committee, 306-J MCKB, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT  84602


Buena Vista University - TT Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology/Human Dev[]

  • Deadline "open until filled"
  • phone interview

Californai State University, Fullerton - TT Asst Prof in Teacher Education (Secondary Ed)[]

  • Deadline 12/20

California State University, Long Beach--TT Asst Prof in Student Development in Higher Ed[]

  • Deadline "open until filled"

California State University, Los Angeles--TT Community College/Postsecondary Ed[]

  • Deadline 1/6

Cleveland State University - TT Center for Urban Education[]

  • Deadline 10/15

Colgate University - Visiting Assistant Professor in Educational Studies[]

  • Deadline 3/24
  • Email rejection 5/5

College of Charleston - TT Asst Prof of Foundations[]

  • Deadline 12/1
  • Skype interview (1/24)
  • has anyone heard back about campus visit? (asked 2/7) - I received a campus visit invite last week. They said they were bringing 3 candidates.

Columbia University - TT in Educating Teacher Educators[]

  • Deadline 9/1

Columbia University - TT in Higher Ed.[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • Rejection letter 1/21

Columbia University--Teachers College--TT in Ed Leadership[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Skype interview 1/8. Email: they'll let me know soon about campus interview
  • rejection letter 3/1
  • Campus interview March 10/11

Denison University--TT in Education (w/ interest in cultural ed., service-learning, critical race studies in ed.)[]

  • Deadline 9/1
    • Phone interview 10/15.  Nothing since.
    • Campus interview November 2013. 
    • Curt form letter about "Not Being Invited for Campus Interview" (12/18)

East Carolina University -- Teaching Assistant Professor, Social Foundations of Education[]

  • Deadline 11/2/13
  • Phone interview in January
  • Received invite for on-campus interview in late February/early March

Edgewood College -- TT Assistant Professor of Education[]

  • Open until filled
  • Rejection email (4/10)

Florida Atlantic University - TT Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction[]

  • Deadline 1/17

Florida Gulf Coast University - TT Assistant Professor of Curriculm and Instruction[]

  • Deadline 11/4

Florida State University - TT Asst/Assoc Professor in Education Leadership & Policy[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • Rejection letter 2/25
  • Hire was made mid-February: student from Vanderbilt

George Mason University--TT Asst. Prof. in Student Affairs[]

  • Deadline 12/9
  • I got a phone interview invitation for Dec 17
  • Updates?
  • Rejection email 6/4/2014

Georgia Southern University--TT Asst Prof in Educational Leadership[]

  • Deadline 10/15

Georgia Southern University - TT Asst Prof in Curriculm & Instruction[]

  • Originally closed 10/15
  • Changed search committee and reopened search in mid-December

George Washington University--TT International Education Asst. Prof.[]

  • Deadline 12/2
  • Any updates?? (x2)
  • Anything?  (1/21/14) (x2)
  • campus visits starting first week of March

George Washington University--TT in ed leadership (x2)[]

  • Deadline 11/18
  • any updates? (1/25)
  • Still nothing. 3/1
  • campus visit first week of March

George Washington University- Assistant Professor of Higher Ed Administration[]

  • Deadline 1/19/14
  • Any NEWS? (no-3/20/2014)
  • Rejection email 4/1/2014

Georgia State University -- Lecturer in Foreign Language Education[]

  • Deadline 11/25
  • Skype Interview Request - 12/9
  • Campus Visit Request for early February
  • Offer of employment accepted 

Hobart and William Smith College - TT Assistant Professor, Special Education Education Department[]

Hobart and William Smith Colleges seek candidates for a tenure track position, at the rank of Assistant Professor, to teach in an innovative liberal arts based Teacher Education Program. The successful candidate will teach liberal arts courses in education in his or her field of expertise as well as seminars for students pursuing teacher certification. He or she will also supervise elementary and secondary student teachers, advise students in the Teacher Education Program and have an opportunity to participate in the Colleges' General Education and Abroad Programs.

The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. or Ed.D. a strong background in education or field closely related to special education, disability studies, or family studies, experience teaching in K-12 settings, an ability to teach both pedagogical and liberal arts courses in education, and a clearly defined scholarly interest. Expertise in one or more of the following areas is desired: learning disabilities, elementary education, attention related disabilities, families, literacy, co-teaching, education and gender, or emotional behavioral disabilities. Experience supervising student teachers and an interest in promoting diversity within the Teacher Education Program are also desirable.


Howard University - TT Asst/Assoc Prof of Education Policy[]

  • Deadline ASAP

Illinois State University, Asst Prof of Elementary Literacy[]

  • phone interview in early Jan.

Indiana University Southeast Assistant Professor Education Literacy and Assistant Professor of Education (Social Studies) and Assistant Professor Education (Special Education)[]

Johns Hopkins University - TT Open Rank Professor in Sociology of Education[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • Job talk week of 11/11
  • Offer has been extended

Kennesaw State University - Assistant/Associate Professor, Qualitative Research (1 Position) and Educational Leadership (2 positions) []

Date: November 2013

Deadline for Apps: January 4, 2014

Update: still no word (1/22/2014)

Rejected by Email for the Educational Leadership position

Rejected by Email for Qualitative Research; must have min. 18 credit hours in qual 

Rejected by e-mail for qualitative research; no reason given

Any other words on qualitative research position? (5/20)

Received e-mail rejection when inquiry was made. If you haven't heard anything, consider e-mailing the contact person listed. (6/14)

Knox College, Asst Prof of Educational Studies, TT[]

  • campus interview in Jan

Lesley University -Reading and Developmental Ed  Posted 3/04/2014[]

  • Anything yet? (4/18)

Loyola University - Urban Education - there are two of these positions - one in Chicago, one in Maryland[]

  • Phone Interview (12/2) - Chicago
  • On Campus Interview scheduled - Chicago
  • Anything on Maryland?
  • Rejection email (3/24)

Marshall University--Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education[]

  • No posted deadline

Maryville University ---Assistant/Associate Professor of Higher Education Leadership[]

  • Phone interview with committee 2/14

Miami University (Ohio)--TT in Ed. Leadership[]

  • Deadline 11/1
  • Rejection email 12/3

Michigan State University--TT in Teacher Education[]

  • Deadline 10/24
  • Got a letter saying that they found someone
  • Four candidates visiting late Jan/early Feb
  • Job talks in early Feb, told that decisions will be made by end of Feb.
  • At least one offer made; failed search
  • Two offers made; not a failed a search (4/13/14)

Michigan State University--TT in International Ed. with a focus on East Africa[]

  • Deadline 11/28
  • Campus visits in late January; four finalists
  • Astonishingly, an email rejection was sent without using a blind copy, thus revealing all who had applied but were not offered the job.  Very unprofessional, search committee chair.  
  • Offer made and accepted (4/13/14)

Mills College--TT in ed leadership[]

  • deadline 11/1
  • Anything? (1/25)
  • I too have heard nothing (2/20)

Montana State University--TT Asst. Prof. Ed. Leadership/HE[]

  • Deadline October 14
  • On-campus interview in late November
  • An offer has been accepted
  • (2/21) Question : When did you receive an offer? I applied for a different position within the same department and will be interested. Thanks.

MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY - Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership[]

DATE: September 2012

TITLE/RANK: Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

DEPARTMENT: Counseling & Educational Leadership

Tenure-track position in Educational Leadership in a vibrant program serving diverse communities.  Appointment includes teaching a range of graduate courses for prospective leaders and supervisors with an emphasis on instructional leadership, using data in decision-making, and developing professional learning communities, as well as contributing to the vision and growth of the program and department. Faculty members are expected to be active scholars; advise students; contribute to accreditation processes; participate in department, college, and university committees; and teach in a variety of settings and formats.  

QUALIFICATIONS: Earned doctorate in Educational Leadership or related field, a well-defined research agenda, evidence of scholarly activities, and success in or potential for publications.  Demonstrated aptitude for or evidence of excellence in teaching. Willingness to develop curriculum and teach online courses.  Experience as an educational leader preferred.  Desired areas of expertise include supervision, curriculum development, finance, and school/district leadership.  The department and the College of Education and Human Services are committed to student and faculty diversity and value the educational benefits that derive from such diversity.  We are seeking candidates who demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in and with socially, culturally, and economically diverse communities; have a commitment to education for social justice, democratic practice, and critical thinking; and/or are interested in addressing issues of inclusive education in research, teaching, and curriculum development.


  •    Skype Interview scheduled

Northern Illinois University - Educational Foundations[]

  • Phone Interview (12/6)
  • Campus Visit Scheduled for early February

Northern Iowa University-Social Foundations - Two positions []

  • Campus visits late-Jan and early-Feb

Deadline: November 15, 2013

Date Posted: October 23, 2013

The Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations at the University of Northern Iowa invites applications for two tenure-track positions, one at the assistant professor rank and one at the assistant/associate professor rank, to begin Fall 2014. The area of desired specialization is social foundations of education, but candidates with related scholarly interests in teacher education, philosophy of education, sociology of education, or history of education are encouraged to apply. Teaching responsibilities include but are not limited to undergraduate courses in social foundations such as the one taken by all pre-service teachers, and graduate level courses related to field of expertise. Service responsibilities include but are not limited to membership on, or supervision of graduate student masters or thesis committees. Required qualifications for both assistant and associate rank include a doctorate in Social Foundations of Education, Sociology of Education, History of Education, Philosophy of Education or a closely related discipline. ABDs with evidence of degree completion by August 2014 will be considered.  Candidates for associate rank are required to have a record of effective teaching in higher education; scholarly activity suitable for a tenured associate professor appointment in the department; experience in educational settings; and excellent interpersonal skills. For assistant rank candidates, requirements include evidence of success in the following areas: teaching in higher education, demonstrated potential for publishing research in education-related journals, and working with PK-12 students and schools.  Experience collaborating with other faculty on research projects preferred.  The Department encourages applications from persons of color, women, persons living with disabilities, and veterans.  For more information about the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations at UNI, please visit our web site Pre-employment background checks are required.


Northwestern University - TT Asst Professor in Learning and Diversity[]

  • Deadline 10/7
  • campus visits 1/7 - 1/15
  • offer accepted

Ohio University--TT in Curriculum and Instruction/Secondary Ed[]

  • deadline 1/6
  • Phone interviews 3/25
  • Anyone hear or know anything? (4/18)

Ohio University--TT in Ed. Leadership[]

  • Deadline 11/18
  • Anyone hear or know anything? (3/3)

Ohio University, Athens--Asst. Prof. in Ed Research and Eval[]

  • Deadline 2/16
  • Any word? 
  • Nothing yet (4/1)
  • Any updates??

Ohio University--Asst. Prof. in International Education[]

  • Deadline 1/6

Penn State--Higher Ed. Leadership[]

  • 11/1 Deadline
  • Skype interview: 11/18
  • Campus Visit and Interview Dec 11 to Dec 13
  • email rejection 1/13
  • Job has been offered and accepted

Penn State - Curriculum & Supervision[]

  • Closing 11/1
  • Updates? (1/6)

Penn State Altoona--TT Asst. Prof. in Student Affairs[]

  • Deadline 10/16

Princeton International School of Math and Science[]

Position: Founding Faculty Member

Job Title: English Teacher

Start Date: August 2013

Seeking founding faculty for a brand new boarding school opening in 2014. (Website under construction). In the first year, the candidate will be responsible for teaching 1-2 sections of English for 10-20 students. The school will have 50% international and 50% American students; this position is to teach the American students. The successful candidate will do some teaching the first year while helping to shape curriculum and other administative details. This is a real opporutnity to make a difference by developing a school from the very beginning! MA required, PhD encouraged. We seek someone who genuinely enjoys collaboration and team-taught courses while exploring and experimenting with new teaching styles. High school experience is a plus. The ideal candidate will be emotionally mature, open to constructive criticism, and actively seeking self-improvement. The idea is for all of the teachers to make each other better. Faculty housing on campus is available on the 15 acres of greenery in Princeton, NJ. If interested, please apply by sending materials to Max McGee at

Job description:

Deadline: Technically August 24, but the sooner the better, since the first day is August 26.


Radford University--Director of the ED.D. in School and Community Change[]

  • Re-posting from last year
  • No clear deadline

Rhodes College--TT in Urban Education/EngagementEdit[]

    • Offer has been accepted (4/24)

Rutgers-Camden - TT Assistant Professor in Childhood Studies[]

  • Applied in November, haven't heard anything from them yet. Does anyone know if they have made a short list yet? Is the job still open?

Rutgers - TT Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences in Graduate School of Ed[]

  • Deadline not explicit
  • Any news on this one??
  • no news for me 2/11
  • I received a rejection letter 3/14

Seattle University - TT Asst Prof in Educational Leadership[]

  • Deadline 12/5
  • Updates? None for me (1/25)
  • Nothing (x2) 1/31
  • Rejection email (2/26)
  • Campus Interview Invite (2/26)

Saint Mary's College of California--Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Teachers for Tomorrow Program[]

  • Deadline 11/29

Saint Mary's College of California--Non Tenure Track Adjunct Assistant Professor in Liberal and Civic Studies []

Open until filled

Does anyone know if they want any supplemental documents or even a cover letter? 

  • I could only find the application link: LINK
  • Applied and never heard anything (2/19/14)
  • They chose short list (3/6/2014)

San Francisco State - Bilingual Education[]

  • Campus Visit Scheduled for mid-February

San Jose State--TT Asst Prof in Higher Ed Counseling/Student Affairs[]

  • 12/10

Southern Connecticut State University educational leadership-Open Rank[]


Southern Methodist University - TT Open Rank in Educational Policy and Leadership[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • Phone interview scheduled for week of Jan 6 (12/16)
  • Campus visit scheduled for early Feb
  • Offer extended

Stanford, Education and Poverty, open rank[]

Review date: August 30


  • Rejection email, October 28.  Informed the committee has made the short list.

Stetson University--Assistant Professor of Elementary Education[]

  • No posted deadline

SUNY-Albany--Assistant Professor - Educational Theory and Practice[]

  • Deadline 12/1
  • E-mail to arrange phone interview- 1/20 (x2)

SUNY-Albany--Assistant Professor - Teacher Education[]

  • Deadline 12/1

Swarthmore College--TT in ed policy[]

  • Deadline 12/1
  • Skype interview 1/7, haven't heard anything since (2/13) (x4)
  • Swarthmore has brought in 3-4 candidates for interviews
  • Rejection email -- search is concluded (3/15)

Temple University -- Assistant Professor of Higher Education[]

  • Review begins 3/1
  • Any news? (x1 5/20)

Texas State University--TT Asst Prof in Student Affairs[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • On campus interviews several weeks ago

University of Alabama - TT Assistant Professor of Educational Research - Qualitative[]

  • Deadline 9/19
  • on campus interviews held in December
  • Rejection email sent end of Feb
  • Rejection phone call after on-campus visit. Another candidate accepted the position (5/20)

University of Alabama - TT Assistant Professor of Social Sciences Education (Two Positions)[]

  • Deadline 11/1
  • one offer has been made and accepted

University of Alaska-Fairbanks - TT Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction[]

  • Deadline on Chronicle stated Feb 7; no posting yet on Alaska's HR jobs portal, though (1/6)

Rejected by email 3/10

University of Arizona - TT Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology[]

  • Deadline 11/15

UC Berkeley-Education Policy[]

  • Deadline to apply 12/2
  • Anyone heard anything???

UC Berkeley - Urban Education[]

  • Deadline to apply 12/2
  • I applied by deadline and haven't heard anything yet (x4)
  • Search chair says that they are still deliberating
  • Any word??
  • Campus Visit invitations (2/3)
  • Darn, looks like rejection letters may be coming soon.  (2/4)
  • Didn't receive rejection letter or email (2/19) [x2]

UCLA - Open Rank in Qualitative Methodologies[]

  • Deadline 1/6
  • The search committee is currently conducting phone interviews. 1/30
  • Rejection email 2/20
  • campus interview week of March 10th

UC Riverside - Teacher Education[]

  • Deadline 12/1
  • Rejection email (2/27)

UC San Diego - Applied Development in Education[]

  • ?
  • 1/13/14 looks like they have what appear to be job talks scheduled on their website

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs - TT in Curriculum and Instruction[]

  • Application deadline 2/17
  • Skype interview week of 3/3

University of Colorado, Denver - Bilingual/Bicultural Education[]

  • Phone Interview (11/22), Campus Visit Scheduled for mid-February
  • applied, guess didn't get shortlisted....
  • Offer has been accepted (sorry, entered this for the wrong institution, 2/7)
  • ummm ... campus visits are still in progress (2/4)
  • official e-mail rejection 3/19; evidently an offer has been made

University of Connecticut - TT in Education Leadership[]

  • Deadline not specified
  • SKype interview 1/14, nothing since
  • Rejection email, 3/18

University of Denver -- IRISE post-doc in Race, Class, and Gender (In)Equity in K12 Education[]

  • Deadline 2/28
  • Phone interview (3/11)
  • Rejection email

University of Georgia - TT Assistant Professor of Middle School Education[]

  • Deadline 11/1
  • Phone Interviews on 12/3 and 12/4
  • Any news or updates on this one? Had heard after phone interview short list would be made within two weeks of 12/4
  • Offer accepted

University of Georgia - TT Open Rank in Qualitative Research (Dept of Lifelong Ed, Admin, & Policy)[]

  • Deadlin 10/15
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/3)
  • Campus interviews in Jan.
  • Offer made in Feb.

University of Georgia--TT Asst Prof in College Student Affairs Administration []

  • Deadline 11/1

U of Illinois at Chicago - Social Foundations postdoc[]

  • Deadline 3/24
  • Any movement here?

U of Illinois at Urbana Champaign-Open rank in ECE (Curriculum & Instruction)[]

  • Deadline 11/30-Requested for reference letters and publications
  • Invited for a campus interview
  • Offer has been accepted. 
  • Do you know what level?--Assistant

University of Iowa - TT Asst. Prof in Social Studies Education[]

  • open until filled; posted in September
  • Any movement on this one?
  • Campus Job Talks scheduled for 1/29-1/31
  • Did anyone who applied receive a rejection letter?  I guess I didn't make the cut.
  • Offer extended and accepted.

University of Kansas - Assistant Professor of Multicultural Education[]

  • Deadline 1/6
  • Skype interview 2/10, nothing since.

University of KY--Higher Ed. Leadership[]

  • Deadline 1/6
  • offer extended 3/10

University of Kentucky - TT Asst Prof in Sociology of Education[]

  • Deadline 1/6
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • rejection letter 3/14
  • offer made and accepted

University of Louisiana Lafayette- TT Asst. Diversity/Multicultural Education[]

  • Deadline 2/7

University of Louisville--Assoc. Prof. of Higher Ed.[]

  • 11/30 Deadline
  • 3/29/14 Rejection email

University of Louisville--Endowed Chair of Urban Education[]

  • Reposting from last year
  • No clear deadline

University of Mass Boston-Assistant/Associate Professor of Urban Schools[]

Category: Faculty

Department: Leadership in Education

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Massachusetts Boston seeks applicants for a tenure-track assistant or associate professor of Leadership in Urban Schools, to begin September 1, 2014. Of particular interest are candidates with research and teaching expertise in one or more of the following areas of urban education: organizational theory, literacy, instructional leadership, and/or special education in urban contexts.

Responsibilities include (1) Teach graduate-level courses in the Leadership in Urban Schools programs; (2) Carry out an active research and publication agenda that makes significant contributions to the fields of urban education and which can attract extramural funding; (3) Chair and serve on doctoral dissertation committees; (4) Advise and mentor doctoral and/or master’s students; (5) Contribute service to the university’s urban mission, to university and departmental committees, and to professional associations.

Requirements: Candidates must possess an earned doctorate in education or a relevant field, and demonstrate high scholarly potential, effective graduate teaching, and experience working in K-12 educational settings. Theoretical and applied knowledge of urban school issues, broad research skills, and an understanding of policies, practices, and students in urban education are required. Those with an expertise in multiple/mixed research methodologies are especially encouraged to apply. Candidates should present evidence of the ability to obtain external research funds in relevant areas. The department is especially interested in candidates with a record of successful collaboration involving practicing school administrators and/or faculty, a demonstrated commitment to engagement with urban communities, a global perspective, and the ability to integrate these assets into teaching, scholarship, and program development.

Additional Information: The Department of Leadership in Education provides a dynamic environment for faculty and graduate students to engage in nationally-recognized research, especially in areas related to equity issues, school reform, organizational change in K-12 and higher education, education policy, leadership, and the social context of urban and higher education from local, state, national and global perspectives. The curriculum focuses on preparing K-12 urban and higher education leaders who are committed to fostering, facilitating, and managing change in diverse settings, and on the preparation and certification of administrators. The Department is home to three graduate programs: Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration, Ed.D. in Leadership in Urban Schools, and M.Ed./CAGS in Educational Administration. Additionally, both Higher Education and Leadership in Urban Schools are in the process of developing forthcoming Ph.D. programs. All programs enroll full-time working professionals with diverse backgrounds and work settings. The programs are highly-regarded in the region for developing leaders in K-12 and higher education. Faculty have developed strong curricula in each program; they are active researchers whose scholarship has attracted national and international attention.

UMass Boston ( is a dynamic, urban research institution with a strong commitment to public service and a clear dedication to international issues in a wide variety of fields. UMass Boston offers undergraduate and graduate programs  to more than 16,000 students in some 170 fields of study. 


  • Any news?

UMass Boston--TT in ed leadership[]

  • Deadline asap in December
  • Phone interview 1/14, nothing since. 
  • Campus interview invitation mid-Feb

University of Massachussets-Amherst-Assistant Professor of Social Justice Education[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • Someone has accepted this position.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth -- TT in ELL[]

  • Deadline 2/25
  • Contacted for campus interview 3/17

University of Memphis -- TT  Assistant/Assoc in Leadership[]

  • Deadline 4/11

University of Michigan - Methodology in Research on Diversity and Equity[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • Rejection 1/8
  • The chair of the committee said they chose their candidates last month 5/21

University of Mo. (Columbia)--TT in Higher Education[]

  • 11/1 Deadline
  • Committee will review after 11/15
  • Campus Visits - 1/25

University of New Mexico- TT Assistant Professor of Teacher Education (focus on clinical experiences)[]

  • Deadline 1/3
  • campus visit end of Feb

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - TT in Literacy Education[]

  • Posted 1/3: Open until filled/review of applications begins "immediately"

Anyone heard?

University of North Carolina Greenbsboro--Ed. Leadership[]

  • Deadline 1/6
  • Has anyone received any information?
  • Not a word
  • I commuicated with the search chair by email: "finalists have been selected and the search will conclude in  a couple of weeks." 

University of North Carolina Wilmington --TT Higher Education[]

  • Deadline 1/15
  • Any news? (5/20)

University of Oklahoma - TT in Social Studies Education[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • Any updates on this one? (1/6)
  • I've heard nothing (1/29)
  • Rejection email (2/15)
  • Offer extended and accepted

University of Oklahoma -- TT Adult and Higher Education[]

  • Deadline 1/13

University of Oregon - TT in Educational Methodology, Policy & Leadership[]

  • Deadline 1/6
  • Nothing yet--anyone else? 1/25 - Nothing (1/28)- Nothing yet- (1/30) (x2)
  • Heard got over 80-85 applications.
  • Skype scheduled for 2/14

University of Pennsylvania - TT Assistant Professor in Teacher Education[]

Position: TT Assistant Professor in Teacher Education

Review Date: October 1


  • Any news from others who applied?
  • Nothing yet! 11/3
  • Still nothing yet 11/7
  • I believe they reposted it, which is not a good sign...  11/7
  • Several job talks have been conducted
  • Wow- the female candidate, B K-L, gets railed on by an audience member in her colloquium!
  • Received polite rejection letter.
  • Offer extended and accepted as of April

University of Pittsburgh--TT Asst. Prof. in International Higher Education[]

  • 1/9 Deadline

University of Rochester--TT Asst Prof in Higher Education[]

  • Deadline 11/22

University of South Carolina, Columbia--TT Assistant Prof in Language and Literacy Education[]

  • Review of complete files will begin March 1,and continue until the position is filled.

University of Tennessee - TT Assistant Professor of Qualitative Research Methods[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • Campus interviews taking place in Feb '14

University of Tennessee - TT Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • Has anyone heard anything? Offer has been made and accepted

University of Texas - TT Assistant Professor in Public School Executive Leadership[]

  • Deadline 11/1

University of Utah - Assistant Professor of Higher Education[]

  • On-campus interview in mid-December

University of Vermont--Ass/Associate Prof. of Higher Ed. & Student Affairs, Leadership & Policy, and Ed. Foundations[]

  • Deadline 3/1
  • Any update?
  • Nothing yet 3/25 (x3)
  • Skype interviews Apil 1, 2014
  • Did anyone land a campus inteview? 
  • campus visits have begun; only scholars who have degrees in student affairs and higher education were invited. 

University of Virginia - Research Assistant Professor in Youth-Nex[]

  • Deadline not explicit

University of Virginia--TT in Ed. Leadership[]

  • 11/1 deadline for submission
  • Rejection email 2/27

University of Virginia- Assistant Professor of Higher Education[]

  • Open until filled
  • Rejection email 2/27 (+1)

University of Washington, Seattle--TT in ed leaderhip, policy, and organizations[]

  • 12/1 Deadline
  • 1/6 skype interview
  • 2/3-4 (fourth of four) campus interview--anyone know who is being brought in? 
  • 2/24 offer made

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire -- Assistant Professor of Foundations of Education[]

  • Deadline 2/28
  • Any word?
  • Skype interview (3/25)
  • Notified that search/deliberations have been delayed (4/7)
  • Any one else heard anything (5/20)

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse[]

Multiple Positions:

TT Assistant Professor in Elementary Literacy -

  • Posted 11/19
  • Open until filled
    • Candidates invited to campus

TT Assistant Professor in Elementary Science -

  • Posted 11/27
  • Open until filled
  • any news?? 1/24/14??
    • Finishing tiering, I believe - 2/5/14
    • Phone Interviews beginning 2/19
    • Finalists invited to campus 2/28

School of Education Multicultural Student Advisor/Recruiter -

  • Deadline 12/9

University of Wisconsin-Madison--TT Assistant Professor in Social Studies[]

  • Deadline 1/15
  • Dept has a visisting assistant professor in social studies, has been there for two years and has won awards
  • Phone interview scheduled for mid-February
  • Three candidates brought to campus
  • Any news on this? 
  • Offer extended

University of Wyoming - TT Assistant Professor in Secondary Social Studies[]

  • had phone interviews in mid-December
  • Campus visit scheduled for early Feb
  • Offer extended and accepted 3/14

University of Wyoming - TT Assistant Professor Educational Researcher[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • contacted them and knew that I was not on the shortlist
  • Phone Interview Scheduled for 1/10
  • Campus Interviews Scheduled

Utah State University - TT Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations[]

  • Deadline "open until filled"
  • Campus visit (late November)
  • phone interview (1/21/14)
  • (2/7/14) email stating: "we have decided not to fill the position at this time."

Wake Forest University -- Visiting Assistant Professor of Education[]

  • Deadline 3/21

Washington State University-Vancouver - TT Assistant Professor in Social Studies Diversity[]

  • Screening begins 1/6
  • any word on this yet? (2/12) x3
  • phone interview end of Feb

Washington State University-Vancouver - TT Educational LeadershipEdit[]

  • Screening begins 1/6
  • No response yet (1/30)--Anyone else? Nope! (2/3)
  • This is the third year the job has been posted. Before this year, it was a associate position. 
  • Called for phone interview (2/4)
  • Did anyone get invited for a campus visit yet? (2/26)
  • Yup--invited on 2/22

Washington University in St. Louis - Assistant/Associate Professor of Social Policy[]

  • Deadline 1/2
  • Rejection letter 2/3

Weber State University--TT in Teacher Education []

  • deadline Jan 1
  • any news?

Weber State University--Director Center for Science and Math Education[]

  • deadline Jan 17
  • any news?

West Virginia University -- TT Curriculum Studies[]

  • email indicating materials received and that review was underway (3/27)
  • any news?
  • snail mail rejection (4/29)
  • snail mail rejection (6/01)

Western Carolina University--TT in College Student Personnel[]

  • No clear deadline
  • Email rejection 3/14

Western Kentucky University--Civic Education[]

  • 11/15 deadline