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Jobs for 2014-2015 (and 2015-2016) [please add jobs in alphabetical order][]

Arizona State University (ASU)[]

  • Posted several jobs earlier this year, including a curriculum job and an elementary social studies job. Apps due in early October.
  • Curious about this one also. Specifically as it applies to the ASU literacy position. Any news?


  • ASU Policy Position:
  • I applied for the policy position and haven't heard anything as of 11/10. I also applied for the postdoc with the new Center for Global Education and heard they have hired 1 of 2 and as of 11/10 are still looking for the second.
  • Applied for policy position and haven't heard anything (12/12)
  • any news on the policy position? 12/19
  • 'ASU Literacy Position:  '*****POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED***
  • Skype interview scheduled for literacy ed. position (12/8) 
  • Campus visit for the literacy ed. position in January.
  • ******Offer extended to candidate. In negotiation.***********
  • ASU Social Studies Position: *****POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED***
  • Anything on the social studies position? -I applied and haven't heard a thing (as of 12/10). I know someone who had a campus interview for the Soc. Stud. position in the beginning of December. They have completed campus interviews (12/22).  The position has now been filled (12/30). 

Boston University - Assistant Professor of Special Education[]


  • Any updates?
  • Applied but nothing as of 12/24
  • The same as above. Ditto (1/1)
  • Rejection email received on 1/14. Ditto.

Boston University (MA) - Assistant Professor, STEM Education (Science)[]


They flew a candidate out for an interview the week of (2/9/15)

California State U, Monterey Bay -- Assistant Prof of Liberal Studies (Teacher Education)[]

  • Review begins 10/10


  • anyone heard anything? (11/12)
  • Yes, phone interview scheduled (ditto)
  • Did they hire for this position?
  • Any updates on this? (3/10)

Columbia University -- Teachers College (Open Rank) []

Open rank, tenured or tenure track professor with expertise in communication and media. We seek a colleague to join our interdisciplinary faculty, whose research program will advance theory about the role of media and communication technologies, digital media, social media, or other virtual and immersive digital environments across a variety of learning and educational contexts, within and beyond schools. Teaching experience at the College and/or preK-12 levels is preferred.



  • -- Skype Interview Stage [posted 12/23]
  • anyone heard anything since the skype interviews? 
  • nothing.... but I wonder if it's bc I didn't advance- during the skype interview they said they'd be in touch that same week. 

Drake University (IA) - Assistant Professor of Secondary Literacy Education[]


  • Phone interviews-- October, 2014
  • Campus visits-November, 2014
  • Offers made to two finalists in December, 2014
  • OP-Is this personal experience? 2 offers but 1 position?
  • -Personal experience. First offer turned it down. 
  • **Position has been filled.

Drexel University - Urban Education and Educational Policy[]


Finalists chosen (2/18)

Duke University (NC) - Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching Program and Assistant Professor of the Practice in Education[]

Develop and implement policy for and daily administration of the MAT program; develop and implement program evaluations; prepare administrative and programmatic assessment reports.

Represent the MAT program in external relationships with the State Department of Public Instruction (SDPI), the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education, local school system administrators, faculty and elected officials, other universities, and community organizations; initiate and coordinate cooperative programs in the schools; publicize the program to local community organizations, foundations and businesses; ensure state and national accreditation requirements are met.

Direct the provision of student services for the program to include admissions, orientation, fellowship awards, student records and career services/job placement counseling; interpret University and SDPI requirements; work with SDPI to resolve programmatic or individual questions, problems and issues; direct all phases of the certification process for graduates; direct all aspects of professional training of students to include selecting/hiring mentors, establishing and communicating program needs and expectations, placing students with mentors, and maintaining liaison between students and mentors.


  • Skype interviews set in November, 2014
  • Has this position been filled? (1/21)
  • Skype interviews taking place in early February (1/27)
  • Campus interviews in late March and early April (3/18)
  • Offer extended and accepted (6/12)

Elmira College (NY) - Childhood Special Education (Open Rank)[]

Elmira College is seeking an outstanding tenure-track professor in Childhood Special Education at a well-established small liberal arts college, beginning date July, 2015. RANK OPEN. Salary is commensurate with experience.

This position requires an appropriate doctorate, special education (students with disabilities) certification in grades 1-6, and special education teaching experience in schools. Undergraduate teaching responsibilities may consist of such courses as Foundations of Education, Introductory Fieldwork and Seminar in Education, Teaching Students with Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom, Managing Behavior of Students with Disabilities, Curriculum Design and Instruction in Childhood Special Education: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and the Arts, and Assessing Students with Disabilities: Childhood Special Education. Supervision of student teachers may be needed, with the potential of supervising at an international site.

Elmira College, the first college to offer a comprehensive curriculum for women, and home of the Center for Mark Twain Studies, is a small, well-established, residential, private college in a pleasant community in the Finger Lakes region of New York State (county population 80,000).

All tenure-track faculty positions require academic and career advising, and scholarly or artistic achievement. EOE. Elmira College may request a criminal background and drug screening prior to employment.

Send (1) a letter with salary expectations or history, (2) curriculum vitae, (3) copies of recent course evaluations, (4) examples of scholarly writing, (5) a statement of teaching philosophy, (6) graduate transcripts, (7) a list of five professional references with names, titles, addresses, and phone numbers to Dr. Linda Pratt, Executive Director of Teacher Education, Special Education Search, Elmira College, One Park Place, Elmira, N.Y. 14901 or email lpratt@elmira. Email inquiries to or call (607) 735-1911.

Application deadline: Open until position is filled.


  • They are still taking applications for this position and an Adolescence Special Education position. (1/20/2015)

Florida State University (FL), Social Studies Education 11/15[]

  • Any updates? 
  • Position Filled

Erikson Institute (IL), Infancy Faculty (Open Rank)[]


  • phone interview (1-8)

Fort Lewis College (CO), Teacher Education (Social Studies) 10/31[]


  • Skype interview 11/12
  • Position filled

George Mason University-Open Rank (Early Childhood Education Coordinator)[]


  • -Applied but have not heard anything at of 12/26

George Mason University (VA) - Open Rank in Literacy[]


  • Any news? (1/3)

George Mason University (VA) - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners, 2 positions - 1 advanced, 1 early career[]


  • Any news? (1/6)
  • Applied for the early career position quite a while ago. No response.
  • Rejection email 4/3.

George Washington University (D.C.) - Associate/Full Professor of Educational Leadership[]


  • Any news? (3/25)
  • Late March - on campus interviews. No word yet as of May 25, 2015 

Georgia Southern University (GA) - Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction (middle and secondary focus)[]

  • Application due 10/15.


  • Any updates?
  • 12/1: Informed by email that I have made the short list.
  • 04/1: Informed by email that the postion has been filled

Georgia Southern University (GA) - Assistant/Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education[]

  • Application due 10/15


  • ===Any?===

Grand Valley State University-Assistant Professor-Higher Education[]


  • Skype interviews scheduled for February 10th and 12th.
  • On campus interviews scheduled late March/eary April.

Hamline University (MN) - Assistant Professor - Foundations of Education (Tenure-track)[]

Review begins immediately. Final date for full consideration: February 15, 2015.


Phone interviews conducted week of Feb. 23; final offer will be made by April 1.

Harvard University (MA) - Director of the Harvard Teacher Fellows Program[]

The Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) invites applications for the position of Lecturer on Education and Director of the Harvard Teacher Fellows (HTF) Program. The director will play a leadership role in the development and launch of an innovative new program designed to offer world-class teacher preparation to Harvard College seniors.  HTF will train Harvard College graduating seniors to become middle school and high school teachers of mathematics, science, history, and English, with a goal of serving 100 graduating seniors each year. Training of Fellows begins in the spring semester of their senior year with coursework and field experiences. Following a summer of additional training, Fellows are placed in districts and charter school networks, where they teach at a reduced load and are provided intensive and ongoing support, both in-person and at a distance. The program concludes with culminating coursework and mentored teaching in a second summer, with an option for additional coursework toward earning a Master s degree. The first cohort of seniors will begin the program in Spring 2016. (For more information on the HTF program, see 

The Director will develop and refine the vision for the program and its implementation. With support from a program administrator and other faculty, the Director will be responsible for admissions and recruitment of Fellows, placement of Fellows into sites, partner cultivation, advising and career support for students, and coordination with Harvard College. Key initial responsibilities will include recruiting and hiring subject-specific master teachers who will serve as the instructional staff of the program and establishing collaborative relationships with partner districts and charter networks that will serve as placement sites for Fellows. The Director will also teach in the program. This position involves year-round responsibilities, including during the summer. 


  • Skype interviews took place in mid-December, 2014
  • Finalists selected for campus visit in early January (1/27); Campus visits scheduled for late January and early February
  • Offer extended and accepted

Harvard University (MA) - Educational Equity - Qualitatitve (11/1)[]

The Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) invites applications from scholars who do qualitative research with a focus on educational equity, for one or more faculty positions at the rank of Assistant Professor of Education, Associate Professor of Education (untenured), or Professor of Education.

We seek candidates who have strong training in education or a social science discipline and who conduct qualitative research on educational equity and/or policies, programs, or practices designed to promote educational equity, from pre-K to postsecondary education. Scholars who focus on race/ethnicity, immigration, gender, and/or class, and who study the role of education in promoting or inhibiting social mobility are welcome. We are particularly interested in appointing new colleagues whose research is concerned with improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged populations either in the U.S. or in international contexts. Strong applicants will be distinguished by the quality of their research, their use of rigorous qualitative methods, and the salience of their work to policy and practice. We also seek candidates who have the potential to make a powerful substantive contribution to our curriculum, particularly the teaching of qualitative methods. We especially encourage applications from women and minorities.

HGSE, our mission is to conduct high-quality research on issues related to education, and to teach, advise, and mentor a diverse community of graduate students, both at the doctoral and master’s levels, in order to contribute to building the next generation of successful scholars, policy-makers, and practitioners in education. We therefore seek candidates with excellent pedagogical skills, including the ability to clearly communicate sophisticated research to heterogeneous audiences. Additionally, candidates should be prepared to engage in qualitative research with graduate students, many of whom are interested in policy, programs, or practice.


  • Any?
  • No news as of 11/24
  • 12/15 got a rejection email
  • Isn't this "Quantitative"?  no news as of 2/2/2015

HUNTER COLLEGE - Adolescent Special Education (LD/BD)[]

  • Anything?
  • Nothing as of 1/16.
  • Skype interview request on 2/9 for following week.
  • Campus invite for mid March

IUPUI (IN) - Assistant/Assoc. Prof of Elementary Education[]

  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Nothing as of 1/14
  • Any updates?
  • Rejection email 2/18 - no contact before that, other than confirming app receipt.

Iowa State (IA) - Social Foundations of Education[]


  • 11/03-received email short list compiled
  • Clarification: Was that an email notifying you that you were on the short list?
  • 11/4 received email that i made short list, 31 of 128 applicants
  • Ditto re: short list. Now 11/19 and haven't heard anything since 11/4
  • 4 campus visits scheduled for December
  • Any news?
  • 1/21/15 Offer has been made and accepted 

Iowa State (IA) - Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education[]


  • Any news? (12/22)
  • Offer is made and accepted.

''James Madison University (VA) - Reading Education ''''''***POSITION  FILLED***[]

  • App review began on 1/12
  • Anyone been contacted? They emailed for rec. letters immediately after I submitted my app in early Jan. but nothing since then.
  • Also wondering about this one? Any Skype/phone interviews?
  • Rejection email 3/27

Johns Hopkins University (MD) - Educational Research Faculty - Promotion Track[]


  • Anything?? (11/29)
  • Any news? (1/9)
  • Applied in Sept. Received an update in November, at my request, that the committee was still early in the search. Noticed today that the job is no longer posted on the website (1/20).

Johns Hopkins University - Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education[]


  • -I was phone/skype interviewed on late Oct and have not heard back. Assume that I did not get through the finala round. Any update? (12/19).
  • I applied in early Sept, never heard back.  Heard through the grapevine that they might have given an offer already. (12/22).

Kennesaw State University - Asst. Prof of Qual Methodology (1/2/2015)[]

The Assistant Professor of Qualitative Methodology will be expected to teach courses at the graduate level (e.g., applied qualitative research design, introduction to qualitative research methods, conceptual frameworks and research design, and advanced qualitative research methods), supervise dissertations, maintain an active research agenda, and provide service to Bagwell College and Kennesaw State University. This professor will teach primarily graduate courses in applied qualitative research and will be expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to directing applied qualitative research projects and dissertations at the doctoral level. The candidate will be expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to improving educational practice through collaboration with schools and community organizations. The candidate may have the opportunity to teach coursework in his or her cognate or additional area of specialization. Department affiliation will be determined based on the candidate’s credentials. This is a nine-month tenure-track position.

The ideal candidate will have: Doctorate from a university with Carnegie research status (RU-VH or RU-H) at time degree was conferred. An additional area of specialization (e.g., curriculum and instruction, inclusive education, social justice education, foundations). Experience teaching graduate courses in an education discipline. A demonstrated professional disposition toward providing research informing and improving P-20 educational practice. Experience working in doctoral programs and serving on/chairing dissertations committees. Experience developing and teaching online and/or hybrid courses. Teaching experience in schools.


  • Updates?
  • Campus visits scheduled

Macalaster College (MN) - Urban Multicultural Education (10/1)[]


  • know someone who just did a campus visit for this last week (2/11)
  • anyone heard from Mac? (11/6)
  • unconfirmed that shortlists will be made in January
  • was requested to submit additional materials (10/23), but then nothing since.
  • received e-mail today (12/15): "I regret to inform you that your file is no longer under consideration" . . . sounds like thye've narrowed it down to a short list but not yet hired somebody
  • received e-mail today (12/20): "I regret to inform you that your file is no longer under consideration . . ."

Marquette University (WI) - Social Studies Education[]


  • received rejection email (11/19)
  • Campus visits scheduled in November and early December; informed decision will be made before winter break
  • Position has been filled

Miami University (OH) - Literacy - Lingusitic and Racial Diveristy[]

Position filled (1/12)


  • Any news (1/3)?
  • Position filled (1/12)

Michigan State University (MI) - Assoc/Full Educational Leadership (11/15)[]


  • Skype interviews in December
  • Interviews in January/February
  • Any updates? (2/24)

Michigan State University (MI) - Elementary Social Studies (10/31)[]

The Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University (MSU), a national leader in teacher preparation and research on teaching, teacher learning, curriculum, policy, and international education, is seeking a tenure-system assistant professor faculty member in elementary (K-8) social studies education. Potential areas of interest within elementary social studies education include: curriculum and pedagogy; student learning; teacher education; international, transnational, and global approaches to citizenship education; diversity and inclusion issues, including teaching social studies to English Language Learners and special needs students; social justice education; and urban/multicultural education. This is an academic year position with a proposed starting date of August 16, 2015. 

All applicants will be reviewed for potential fit with programs within the department and college, and with institutional needs and opportunities. Since 1995, MSU's graduate programs in elementary and secondary education have been ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report. The Department of Teacher Education has an exemplary teacher preparation program (including robust cohorts in Urban Education and Global Education). We have a large, online master's program in Teaching and Curriculum, and a nationally ranked doctoral program that provides extensive funding for students and prepares them to become outstanding leaders in their fields. The successful candidate will have opportunities to engage in research and teaching related to social studies education, as well as to collaborate with nationally recognized faculty in research and program development in a wide range of areas, including interdisciplinary projects with other departments and colleges. The successful candidate will join a group of active scholars in social studies education in MSU's Department of Teacher Education. 

Major responsibilities The successful candidate will conduct research and inquiry; seek and obtain external funding; teach undergraduate, masters, and doctoral courses; advise doctoral students, lead or support program development (including collaborating with or mentoring other faculty); and participate in service and outreach activities. Additional duties will vary depending on departmental placement, university and academic unit education needs, and the candidate's experience and interests. There will be opportunities to collaborate with other faculty in ongoing projects, and to be involved in continuing efforts to foster collaborations among the College of Education, other departments and units across campus, and the K-12 community. 


  • any updates? (11/22)
  • Skype interview scheduled (12/1) (ditto)
  • rejection email (01/12/15)-Did you get a Skype interview before the rejection email?-yes
  • Campus visits scheduled. (1/13)
  • How many campus interviews? (1/13)
  • Probably 3 - that is the norm in MSU's College of Ed.
  • Any updates? (02/16). Does anyone know any candidates that actually got an on-campus interview? Haven't heard yea or nay about anything MSU related since early Jan. 
  • Three candidates visited campus in January. Decisions will be announced soon. (2/16)
  • Anyone know if an offer went out and, if one did, when it went out? (3/5)
  • Offer made but candidate did not accept. Failed search. (4/19)

Mills College - TT Asst. Professor[]

The School of Education at Mills College invites applications for a tenure track Assistant Professor position in our Teachers for Tomorrow’s Schools teacher preparation program to begin August 2015. Our program prepares outstanding urban teachers and is widely recognized across the country for its high quality and commitment to social justice. Responsibilities for this position in elementary education include directing the Multiple Subject strand of the credential program as well as teaching courses at the Master’s level. The successful candidate will work in close collaboration with faculty in the multidisciplinary, teacher preparation programs that are grounded in the liberal arts. An essential role of this faculty member is to cultivate and maintain the relationship with the Mills College Children’s School, a distinguished laboratory school that plays a critical role in the academic preparation of elementary school teachers. We seek a productive scholar with an earned doctorate in education or a related field, a strong teaching record in elementary education, deep knowledge and experience with emerging technologies, a record of scholarly activity, and a commitment to service to the college and community. The ability to help us build connections with Oakland and the surrounding urban school districts is highly desirable. We are especially interested in candidates with experience in teaching in linguistically and culturally diverse urban elementary schools and whose experience reveals a commitment to social justice and social change in education.

Candidates should submit a letter of application expressing interests, experiences, accomplishments, and strengths as they relate to the position. Applicants should also provide: (a) a current CV, (b) a research statement detailing the candidates’ research agenda, (c) a teaching statement outlining the candidates’ approach to teaching, (d) two or three examples of scholarly work, and (e) the names, position, and contact information for three references.

The application deadline is December 1, 2014.


  • no news as of 1/15
  • phone interviews this week 1/27 (10 people)
  • any campus visits scheduled yet? 

Montclair State University (NJ) - Open Rank Professor of Inclusive Elementary Education[]


  • 12/1 Phone interview. Anyone heard anything since phone interview? Any campus visits scheduled yet? (12/22)
  • Nothing as of 12/14
  • Nothing since December phone interview (1/6)
  • Rejection letter (dated 12/18) sent to my campus address (snail mail) after my December phone interview.
  • Rejection letter sent snail mail recieved Jan 9 
  • **********Position filled January**********

Neumann University - Director of Ed.D.Program[]


NYU - Open Rank  Special Education[]

  • Updates:
  • Skype interviews scheduled for this week (1/5)
  • news after Skype?

Northwestern University (IL) - Assistant Professor in Policymaking and Implementation[]

Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy invites applicants for a tenure-track faculty appointment at the Assistant Professor level. We seek a scholar who specializes in policymaking and policy implementation with an interest in how policies affect the lives of people and in particular how people can affect policy. Scholarly emphases might include the study of the politics of inequality, immigration, the implementation and evaluation of social policies and programs, civic engagement, or political participation. The ideal scholar should be able to teach graduate and undergraduate courses in at least two of the following: policymaking, implementation, or policy analysis. Scholars from psychology, human development, education, sociology, political science, anthropology, economics, family studies, public policy, and related social-science disciplines are encouraged to apply. Teaching and advising responsibilities will include doctoral students in the Human Development and Social Policy (HDSP) program, as well as masters and undergraduate courses.
Applicants should submit electronically a letter outlining their research program and teaching experience, a current CV, representative reprints, and three letters of reference, to Professor Dan A. Lewis, Search Committee Chair, c/o Laura Salus at by November 15, 2014. Minorities and women are strongly urged to apply. Northwestern University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer of all protected classes including veterans and individuals with disabilities. Hiring is contingent upon eligibility to work in the United States. Northwestern University is located in an attractive lakefront community adjacent to Chicago. For more information about the School of Education and Social Policy, go to


  • Don't know much about the internal situation of the university but thought it would be helpful to share if others haven't seen this.
  • applied and no reply as of 12/12 
  • Skype interviews held Dec. 9, 10, 11... flyouts supposedly 1st/2nd week of January.
  • Anyone know how many Skype interviews they held? 

Notre Dame of Maryland University (MD) - Associate/Full Professor of Education[]


  • Phone interviews in mid February
  • Rejection e-mail received (3/23)

Penn State (PA) - Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy Education[]


  • Rejection email received 12/5
  • Campus visits (4) scheduled for mid to late Jan. 2015
  • Update?

Purdue University (IN) - Assistant Professor in Literacy and Language Education (ELL Emphasis)[]

  • Any news? (1/12)
  • Received e-mail saying that an offer has been extended and accepted

===Rowan University (NJ) - Assistant Professor of Inclusive Education===**Offer Extended and Accepted***[]


  • Phone interviews 1/22 & 1/23
  • Campus visits in February.
  • Did campus visit invitations go out? (1/27)
  • Yes, on Tuesday they invited at least 2 people to campus in February. 1/29
  • Campus visits completed.

********Offer Extended and Accepted*********

Rowan University (NJ) - Urban Education[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • Offer was extended and I believe it was accepted, but can't confirm that.

St. Johns University (NY) - Assistant Professor of Reading Education[]

  • App review begins on 2/1
  • Skype interview request & interview was in Feb.
  • Campus visits scheduled in March.

Salisbury University (MD) - Assistant Professor of Literacy Education[]


  • Any news?
  • Campus visit scheduled for January.
  • 12/24 Re: Above campus visit scheduled: Did you have a phone/Skype interview first? If so, when was it? TY for the update.
  • -Yes I had a phone interview with them in mid November, and contacted about the campus visit in mid December.

Seattle University (WA)- Tenure-Track Assistant or Associate Professor[]

The College of Education (COE) at Seattle University announces a tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant or Associate level beginning September 2015 with the potential for summer 2015 work, in affiliate group of programs focused on preparing ethical educators to support students with diverse needs. The successful candidate will have a scholarly focus on Non-native English learners and bicultural education in PK – 12 public schools, addressing the linguistic, social advancement and human rights of non-native English students and their families. We seek candidates with demonstrated competency and sensitivity for working with a linguistically, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse academic community.

The College of Education offers graduate-level coursework that prepares candidates for state endorsement as a highly qualified ELL-endorsed teacher. The curriculum also prepares those candidates to lead linguistically diverse initiatives and to become advocates for linguistically diverse communities. The college has a strong commitment to the education of non-native-English-speaking students through models and frameworks that challenge racism and other exclusionary practices while promoting equity. The endorsement program is accredited through NCATE as well as the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board. The college is developing a master’s degree that will focus on developing leaders of ELLprograms and initiatives.

Responsibilities: The successful candidate will assume primary teaching and service roles in college-wide programming on education for Non-native English speakers. Our programs have a focus on leadership, research and professional practice. The faculty will work closely with faculty in a broader affiliate of faculty focused on diversity and social justice, and with students.

Major responsibilities include maintaining a robust and relevant program of research and grant writing that addresses the education of Non-native English and bicultural students. We are interested in scholars who engage in critical thinking about pedagogy, sociolinguistics, ideology, and the sociopolitical context of the education of the oppressed in U.S. society.

Responsibilities include teaching courses at the graduate level that include educational linguistics, social foundations and methods. There are opportunities to teach in a newly developing undergraduate teacher licensure program that prepares PK-8 teachers with an ELL endorsement.


  • Any news? (1/21)

Stanford University (CA) - Tenured Associate or Full Professor of Education and Faculty Director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR)[]

St. Louis University. Asst.Professor Foundations of Education[]

Any news?

Stanford University (CA) - Comparative International Education[]


  • received rejection email (10/7)

SUNY,  Plattsburgh (NY)- Assistant professor of Special Education[]

  • Due by January 30 for full consideration.


Phone interview request on 2/11.

Campus visit scheduled in March.

The College at Brockport - SUNY (NY) - Assistant Professor of Literacy Education[]


  • Any news? (1/14)

Tufts University (MA) - Critical Literacy and Foundations of Education[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • Not yet...(1/23)
  • Finally got rejection email today; said they've made an offer and the candidate accepted. Search is closed. Alas. (3/3)

University at Buffalo-Early Childhood Development and Education-Associate/Full Professor[]


  • -Application due 12/1 (have not heard anything yet as of 12/26): Any update?

University of Alabama (AL) - Assistant Professor of Social Science Education []

  • Application due 10/20.


  • Phone interviews early November
  • Anyone heard anything? (2/12)
  • Receved a (snail mail) letter today stating that the job has been offered and accepted by someone. 

University of Alabama - Assistant Professor of Elementary Education K-6 Generalist (Multiple Abilities Program)[]


  • Application due "immediatley" (they said they would begin looking at them Nov 1st).


  • Phone interviews late November
  • Campus interviews Jan/Feb
  • No word on results.  Anyone?

University of Alberta (CAN) - Social Studies Education.[]

  • App due 10/01


  • Campus visits scheduled and happening in mid-to-late November
  • Position filled.

University of Arizona (AZ) - Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education[]


  • any news? (12/22) Ditto. Also wondering about news.
  • campus interview scheduled
  • Offer made 

University of Cincinnati (OH) - Literacy and English Education[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • Skype interviews were held in December. Not sure if any campus visits have been scheduled.
  • Campus visits are going on now (late Jan. through mid-Feb 2015) (2/9)
  • UPDATE: I had one of the campus visits (early Feb.), and received an email from HR the other week, stating that the position had been filled. Congrats to whoever got the position! 

= ==University of Cincinnati (OH) Assistant Professor of Higher Education[]


  • campus visits mid February (2/28)

Any news about offers?

University of Colorado, Boulder (CO) - Open Rank, Anthropology of Education[]

The School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder announces a tenure-track faculty position for the 2015-2016 academic year in Anthropology of Education and Qualitative Research Methodology. This is an open rank position 

Anthropology of Education and Qualitative Research Methodology: Candidates for this position must have a relevant earned doctorate and a program of research that contributes to both anthropology of education and qualitative research methodology. We are particularly interested in anthropologists who (1) have substantive expertise in the production and reproduction of culture, youth identity formation and schooling; or race/ethnicity and gender in education; (2) work with children or youth from immigrant families or other historically marginalized communities in the U.S.; and (3) are qualitative methodologists recognized for their expertise in ethnography, critical research, participatory and community-based research, discourse analysis, design studies, or mixed-methods research. Responsibilities include mentoring doctoral students and developing and teaching graduate qualitative methods courses within the School’s Research, Evaluation and Methodology program and graduate or undergraduate courses in the Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice program. We seek applicants who are committed to developing and growing the School’s qualitative research program and who can collaborate with School faculty on qualitative and mixed-methods research projects.

Contact: Susan. Jurow (303) 492-6557 E-Mail:

Application Materials: Completed applications must include a letter of application specifying the desired position, a curriculum vita, and contact information for three letters of recommendation. Application materials are accepted electronically at Jobs at CU will contact references directly to request that letters of recommendation be uploaded directly to the online application system.

Closing Date: The review of applications will begin on October 15, 2014 and will continue until the position is filled.


  • Any news (11/13)?
  • Spoke to a Prof. from this dept. at AAA, she said they're looking for someone more senior (I'm a recent PhD grad)
  • Thanks for the update (12/10)

University of Colorado, Boulder (CO) - Open Rank, Democracy and Education[]

The School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder announces a tenure-track faculty position for the 2015-2016 academic year in Democracy and Education. This is an open rank position that may be filled at the Assistant, Associate or full Professor level based on the competitiveness of applicants.

  • 10/24 - notified semi-finialists; requested writing samples, references, and teaching evals
  • 11/24 - no news; has anyone heard anything?
  • 11/26: received rejection email
  • Q for 11/26 editor: Had you sent in writing samples, refs, evals?
  • No; rejection email was the only communication received.

University of Colorado, Boulder (CO) - Open Rank Elementary Literacy Education[]

  • 12/22 - Anyone heard anything?
  • Wondering about this one also, anything?
  • No news as of 1/6
  • Nothing as of 1/19. Anyone have a phone interview scheduled?
  • 1/27- still wondering about this- any updates???
  • Nothing. They haven't asked for references (see above and below posts) so I am thinking that they may not contact everyone until they have an accepted offer.

University of Colorado, Boulder (CO) - Open Rank Special Education/Bilingual SpEd.[]

  • 12/22 - no news.
  • Ditto, 1/6.
  • Nothing 1/19.
  • They haven't asked for references in the system, which is unlikely to be a good sign. Anyone have references requested? 1-26

University of Florida - Literacy Education[]


University of Georgia (GA) - Asst. Prof in Adult Education, Learning and Organization Development (12/5)[]

University of Georgia invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in Adult Education, Learning and Organization Development, a globally-recognized, graduate-level program. This is a 9-month, full time position with opportunities for employment in the summer.  Currently, the program includes a variety of degrees: a Ph.D., Ed.D., and M.Ed. in Adult Education as well as a doctoral emphasis and an M.Ed. in Human Resource and Organizational Development. This position is officed in Athens and entails teaching online and on the Athens and Gwinnett campuses of UGA starting on August 12, 2015.


University of Illinois, Chicago (IL) - Literacy, Language, and Culture[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • Nothing here (yet?) (1/21)
  • Candidates (3) interviewed on campus first 2 weeks of Feb.
  • Have they made any decisions yet? (2/27)
  • Does anyone know anything about any of the UIC positions? I heard they're are 6 different hires going on. Any idea if anyone has been offered a position for any of them or what's going on at the school?? (3/3)
  • The bilingual ed position has been offered, I think still going through negotiations (3/7).  Not sure about the others but would assume they're on a similar timeline.  They reposted the methodology one though. 
  • This position was reposted/extended (03/10).
  • Any news since new deadline has passed?

University of Illinois, Chicago (IL) - Social Foundations[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • Someone I know hinted that they already requested letters and/or set up initial interviews. Anyone know if this is the case? (1/15)
  • Anyone have an update? (1/21)
  • No news here (1/23)
  • Any updates for this one? (2/16)
  • Any one have any news on this? (3/2)
  • Updates? Anyone know how many candidates there are for this one? (3/10)
  • Anything??? (3/13?)
  • Went to inside candidate all along.

University of Illinois, Chicago (IL) - Qualitative Research Methodologist/Urban Education[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • Offer extended but not accepted. Failed search. (4/20)

University of Louisville (KY) - Higher Education Administration, Asst Professor Tenure Track (Job Id: UL215)[]

BEGINNING DATE: August 1, 2015

APPLICATION DEADLINE AND PROCEDURES: Review of applications will begin November 1, 2014. We will continue to consider new applications until the position is filled. Applicants must complete the online application via the "Online App. Form" link below. You will be asked to complete a Self ID form and electronically submit the following: 1) your curriculum vita, 2) a letter of interest explaining how the minimum and preferred qualifications are met, 3) names and contact information of four references, and 4) two sample publications or scholarly papers.


  • Be aware. This is the third time they have tried to fill this job. The current department chair is bat sheyat crazy and has lost several candidates due to her mishandling of this entire search.

​ ===University of Louisville (KY) - Associate Professor & Program Coordinator of Higher Education Administration (Job ID: #UL 31476) ===

BEGINNING DATE: August 1, 2015

Reposted after Fall semester search.  Review of applications will begin March 23, 2015.


  • Any news? (3/20) 

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (MD) - Assistant Professor Early Childhood Education[]

  • Application due 10-30


  • Any News?

University of Maryland, College Park (2 positions) Asst/Assoc Prof[]

  • Any news? (1/9)
  • Hiring freeze announced last month. Does anyone know if these positions are cancelled?
  • Recieved an email Jan 31 from the search chair that at least one search (clinical literacy) was cancelled. 
  • The TLPL searches are still on. I emailed the search coordinator on 2/3.
  • Received a rejection letter today re: TLPL search (03/02)
  • Anyone received an interview?
  • Were rejections letters sent email or snail mail? (03/04)
  • My rejection was an e-mail (03/04)
  • Any further movement on this job? Anyone hear anything? (03/17)
  • I got a rejection letter on 3/19

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2 positions) - Open Rank, Special Education[]

  • 12/22 - Any news?
  • Nothing as of 1/14
  • Haven't heard a peep as of 1/28.
  • Anyone have a phone/Skype interview?
  • No contact since I submitted my information. I am wondering if multiple blizzards have delayed things a bit.
  • This is a really long delay!  3/15
  • I agree. Nothing (4/3).
  • I just logged into the UMASS HR system Online it says that the position is "closed." I don't know if that means the deadline to apply for it has passed or that the search is over, but typically it would say "cancelled" or that my app was "under consideration." Maybe budget cut caused the positions to be cancelled.

University of Massachusetts, Boston - Asst or Assoc/Full Early Childhood Education (2 positions)[]


  • 12/8: phone interview
  • Campus visit scheduled.
  • Is the campus visit for assistant or associate levels? It is sad to hear that I did not get through then. Thanks for the update. DITTO (12/28)
  • I don't think that is true for the assistant professor position. I was told that folks won't hear about campus visits until the middle of January.  Has any one actually been invited out yet for the campus visit for the Assistant prof. job? - not yet (1/16)
  • For those that had phone interviews, has there been any news?
  • I had a phone interview (early-Dec.), and so far no news (1/28)
  • Has anyone heard any news about the assistant prof. job?  I would contact them again but I already did in early January after a phone interview (also in early Dec).  
  • Still nothing, but Boston had several blizzards and UMASS only began their Spring semester on Jan 26.  They have been closed for snow emergencies more days than they have been open since then.  They were open today (2/11)  (closed Mon+Tue) but public transportation was a mess.  I would imagine the snow days are the reason behind the delay. ----Thank you for the information! :)
  • Anything? (3/3)
  • I had a phone interview for the position of Assistant professor, but I have not heard a peep. (3/4) 
  • Are the hiring freezes in MA having an effect on UMASS?  
  • Has anyone had any news? - NO (4-2)
  • I had an interview for the Assistant prof. position, but had no word until now. I just got a rejection letter. The letter said that they had other candidates who more closely align with their needs at the present time. (4-8).  Good luck to the person who receives  the position.  It looks like a great one. 
  • Rejection email (4-9)

University of Missouri (MO) - Asst/Assoc Professor of Qualitative Research []

  • Application due 11-01. *******position was withdrawn by COE Dean (12/2014)*******


  • Any news?
  • Was told by search chair on 11/24 that phone/skype interviews were proceeding
  • on-site interview 12/14
  • position was withdrawn by COE Dean (12/2014)

University of Missouri (MO)-Asst/Assoc Professor of Social Studies Education[]

Application due Feb 26th. Any News? Applied but haven't heard anything.

University of Nevada, Reno (NV) - Assistant/Associate Professor, Higher Education Leadership[]

Job Description: The College of Education at the University of Nevada, Reno invites applications for a tenure track Assistant or Associate Professor in Higher Education Leadership, beginning Fall of 2015. Responsibilities include any or all the following: provide leadership in the development of a comprehensive higher education masters and doctoral program; advise master’s and doctoral students; chair and serve on graduate committees in higher education leadership; develop and teach graduate courses in higher education leadership; engage in research and scholarship; participate in college activities; and provide service and outreach for Education Leadership, for the college, for the university, and to the profession.

Required Qualifications Candidates must hold an earned doctoral degree in an education field directly related to education leadership and have a minimum of three years higher education leadership experience or the equivalent. Candidates must have demonstrated ability and successful experience in advising doctoral students through completion of dissertations. The candidate must be capable of teaching graduate leadership courses in person and online. The candidate must show productivity or potential for national prominence, and scholarship related to higher education leadership. Preferred Qualifications Preferred qualifications include multiple roles in higher education leadership, successful university teaching, and grant acquisition.


University of Nevada, Las Vegas (NV) - Literacy Education[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • Skype requests sent out. Ten candidates. 1/28
  • Any news since the skype interviews? 2/26

University of New Hampshire (NH) - Assistant/Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies (Early Childhood) (11/1)[]

*********Position accepted***********


  • 11/13 Skype interview
  • Position accepted.

University of New Hampshire (NH) - Foundations (10/3)[]


University of New Hampshire (NH) -  Learning Sciences, 2 Positions (Closing 10/3)[]


  • Anyone heard anything? My colleague and I both applied but haven't heard anything as of 12/16.
  • I received a rejection email from an automated system on 11/25. Check your spam folder? You might still be under consideration.
  • Thanks for the updated information 12/18.
  • Anyone have a phone/Skype interview? (12.22)
  • There have been skype interviews already.
  • Anyone know if Skype interviews are all completed? Just wondering (hoping) I might still be under consideration since there are 2 positions to fill.
  • Are campus visits scheduled already?
  • Rejection email today 1/21 - "other candidates are better suited...." - I assumed as much since I was not offered a Skype interview.

University of North Carolina - Charlotte (Assistant Professor of Reading Education)[]

  • -Any news (1/1)?
  • Campus visit scheduled early Feb.
  • Any offers made?

University of North Dakota- Assistant Professor of Higher Education []

  • campus visit February 11 (2/28)
  • SC met feb 18
  • any news?

University of Oregon (OR) - Educational Psychology[]


  • received rejection email (10/7)

University of Pennsylvania (PA) - Culture, Education, and Society (10/1)[]


University of Pittsburgh (PA) - Asst. Professor in Motivation, Emotion and Learning (11/17)  []

School of Education (SOE) and the Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) at the University of Pittsburgh are jointly searching for a tenure-track assistant professor who can build new understandings about how and why learners emotions and/or motivation emerge, the role of emotions and/or motivation in shaping learner engagement, and the regulation of emotional and/or motivational resources for supporting learning. We seek candidates whose research interests bridge areas such as motivation, emotion, affective neurosciences, psychophysiology, social and emotional learning, sociocultural influences on learning, learning sciences, and developmental and cognitive psychology and who conduct basic or applied research that addresses questions of how emotions and/or motivation can be leveraged as an integral part of learning in formal (pre-k to16) or informal settings. The successful candidate will have opportunities to collaborate with a variety of faculty and students from a wide range of fields, including psychology, learning sciences, education, and neuroscience and in partnership across many academic units, such as the University's newly formed Center for Motivation and Learning or the Center for Urban Education, among many others.

Candidates must have (1) strong theoretical and quantitative or qualitative methodological credentials, (2) an established or emerging record of publications in peer reviewed journals, (3) strong potential to compete for external funding, and (4) strong potential for excellence in teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students. Applicants from minority and other groups underrepresented in academia are especially encouraged to apply.


  • Any? (11/30)

University of South Carolina, Aiken - Assistant Professor of Education (Early Childhood)[]

Due Nov 1st


  • Any?
  • Search completed.

University of South Carolina, Upstate - Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education[]

Due "Immediately"


  • Any? 

University of South Florida (FL) - Assistant Professor - Higher Education & Student Affairs in Leadership, Counseling, Adult, Career and Higher Education[]

The position will be expected to have expertise in areas of interest within the master's of College Student Affairs program as well as the doctoral program in higher education administration. Both master's and doctoral programs foster intellectual and professional development of individuals seeking careers in higher education or student affairs administration or as faculty in institutions of higher education. The programs emphasize a sound theoretical and research-based foundation combined with integrated and challenging applications to problems of practice. A promising candidate will have a strong academic background and research agenda in higher education and student affairs including: teaching graduate courses; developing courses in educational programs and/or co-curricular programs; a clear research agenda with potential for continued publication, manuscripts accepted or in press, and/or manuscripts in review; understanding of student recruitment and job placements processes within the field of higher education and student affairs; and experience in writing, securing and/or participating in grants. Strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to work and interact effectively, collaboratively, and cooperatively with a diverse community of students, faculty, staff, and external constituents. QUALIFICATIONS (Education & Experience): Minimum Qualifications: An earned doctorate (Ph.D., Ed.D.) in Higher Education or Student Affairs; Evidence of teaching effectiveness; Research grant writing potential; Participation in national higher education and student affairs associations Preferred Qualifications: Evidence of effective teaching experience in courses in graduate and/or doctoral courses related to both Higher Education and Student Affairs; Evidence of ability to develop, teach and assess student performance in online courses; Evidence of publication and/or grant writing/participation

Information for Applicants: This position is subject to a criminal background check. The Higher Education and Student Affairs program at the University of South Florida invites applications for a full-time Assistant Professor (tenure track) in the master's and doctoral degree programs. The HESA program is housed within the Department of Leadership, Counseling, Adult, Career and Higher Education (LCACHE). Applications should include a letter describing qualifications for the position in each of the above areas, unofficial university transcripts and current vita. All required doucments must be uploaded in one attachment. Please specify Position #9446. The position start date is August 7, 2015 and is a 9-month position with a teaching load of four to six courses in the academic year, dependent on research and scholarship productivity.


  • any news on this item? 12/12
  • Rejection email, position filled 4/3/15

University of Southern California (CA) - Rossier School of Education - Assistant Professor of Higher Education Policy[]

The higher education concentration within the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California is seeking applicants for a tenure-track assistant professor position in Higher Education Policy and/or Administration. We are seeking candidates in the process of developing a research agenda that has the potential of contributing to the field of higher education and informing policies and practices to improve access and outcomes for historically under-represented students. Our goal is to identify a colleague who can demonstrate the potential of developing an independent research agenda that has impact, is innovative both in research, policy, and practice, and that has the ability to transgress disciplinary boundaries with the goal of reducing inequalities in higher education. 

The mission of the higher education concentration is to prepare higher education scholars who can improve and contribute to learning and advance knowledge geared towards reducing inequalities in urban settings. Faithful to the mission of the Rossier School of Education, the intent is to develop professionals who will conduct research that will lead to innovative, collaborative solutions to heighten educational outcomes locally, nationally and globally. The professors in the concentration are a racially and ethnically diverse group of tenured, research, and clinical faculty who conduct cutting-edge research in urban settings. The faculty conducts theoretically based research that uses rigorous qualitative and quantitative methods to address research questions that have been defined in collaboration with practitioners to create true-partnerships in a number of different urban settings (i.e., high schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges). The higher education program is currently ranked #4 in Higher Education Administration programs by the US News and World Report. 

The Rossier School of Education values and supports collaboration, and offers a strong mentorship program to support young scholars in the process of developing their research agendas and professional identities. The assistant professor will benefit from working with seasoned and nationally recognized scholars as well as top graduate students in the country. 

The successful candidate will be expected to teach graduate students in our PhD, EdD, Global EdD, and Masters in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs program, and supervise graduate student research. 


  • Dec 10 Email that short list has been selected
  • 12/23/14 - any news?

University of Texas-Austin Assistant Professor Higher Education[]


  • Rejection email (2/13) x2
  • rejection letter said 180+ applicants for the position - yikes!

University of Toledo - Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education[]


  • -Anything? (1/22)
  • rejection email (1/28)

University of Vermont, Assistant Professor of Elementary and Middle Level Teacher Education[]


  • Skype interviews in early December, 2014 (1/5)
  • Have they invited finalists to campus yet?
  • Campus invite sent 1/22

University of Virginia (VA) - Assistant Professor/Associate Coordinator of M.Ed. programs in Higher Education[]

The Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia is seeking highly qualified applicants for a non-tenure-track assistant professor position in the Department of Leadership, Foundations, and Policy in the area of Higher Education. The successful candidate will join the Higher Education faculty and be responsible for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, advising and ensuring the continued excellence and expansion of the M.Ed. programs in Higher Education through working with faculty in Higher Education and in collaboration with other programs to continue to build a focus on the M.Ed. concentration in the Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. This degree concentration will be offered on Grounds, off-site and through online delivery.

An earned doctorate in Higher Education, Sport Management, Counseling or a closely related discipline is required by the start date of the position. Candidates must have a record of or demonstrate strong potential for teaching courses in intercollegiate athletics administration, sport management, and/or higher education. Experience in the scholarship and practice of intercollegiate athletics or sport management, such as intercollegiate athletic organization and administration, governance and compliance, event and facility management, academic reform and athletics academic advising, marketing and development in intercollegiate athletics, and diversity and gender issues in sports is required, as is a professional administrative background in intercollegiate athletics or sport management. Candidates must also have an explicit commitment to, and accomplishments in, teaching, research, and/or service that contributes to advancing understanding and outcomes for underrepresented groups and to diversity more broadly. Preference will be given to candidates that are experienced with program planning, implementation and assessment, internship development and coordination, advising and mentoring, and experience in guiding career and professional development. Familiarity and engagement with national and regional intercollegiate athletic and sport management associations is also preferred. To apply, visit and search on Posting Number 0615270. Complete a Candidate Profile online, attach a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy, and contact information for three references. Applicant screening begins December 1, 2014 and the position will remain open to applicants until filled.


  • Has anyone heard anything? Submitted application 10/3. Nothing since.
  • 11/8: Any news?
  • 12/12: any updates?

'University of Washington (WA) - Assistant Professor of Early Childhood and Family Studies    '********Job offered and accepted (2/22)******[]


  • 12/22: Any news?
  • Applied but have not heard anything (12/22)
  • Nothing here either (12/23).
  • Anything? (1/16)
  • Nothing, is this the preferred science ed background position?  (1/18) - maybe?  the job ad says strong pref. given to candidates who also demonstrate expertise in one or more of the following areas: early academic content areas (e.g., early math, early science, early literacy, etc.); early childhood teacher preparation; dual language learners; and/or quantitative analysis of early childhood policy.  That's in addition to expertise in ECE and family engagement.
  • Nothing here either (1/19)
  • nothing (1/23)...the wait on this one is killing me.  I have several other campus visits coming up and I'd like to know if I'm even still in the conisderation pile... still nothing (1/26)
  • I just got a rejection email. It looks like they finalized a group who they will bring in for campus interview. Sad sad sad...(1/26) (+2)-->I am sorry to hear this bad news from you two also. My job search does not go well this year. Best wishes with yours.
  • Just got my rejection letter too, it is good to know but also so sad.  Best wishes to you all!   
  • ********Job offered and accepted (2/22)******

University of Washington (WA) - Special Education -***Offer extended and accepted***[]

  • 12/22: Any news?
  • Campus interview scheduled (12/24)
  • Email on 2/3: "...others were a better fit for campus interviews..." (I figured, hadn't had a Skype interview).
  • Offer extended and accepted

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (WI) - Assistant/Associate Professor of Education - Urban and Multicultural Education and Social Foundations[]

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Department of Educational Studies invites qualified applicants for a full-time tenure-track position in Urban and Multicultural Education and Social Foundations at the Assistant or Associate Professor rank, to begin Fall 2015.

We seek an educator and scholar who actively connects theory and practice in the classroom and advances the field of teacher education. The ideal candidate is an exemplary educator with a demonstrated passion for pursuing educational equity and social justice through teaching undergraduate and/or graduate students. The ideal candidate also shows evidence of a research agenda related to Urban and Multicultural Education, Educational Foundations, or a closely related field, and the ability to work collaboratively with scholars and institutes across campus. Candidates who possess substantial experience with culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse students are strongly encouraged to apply. Only candidates who have an earned doctorate by August 1, 2015 will be considered. The application deadline is December 10, 2014.

- See more at:


  • - Phone interviews scheduled (12/22)

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (WI)- Elementary/Middle Science Education []

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Department of Educational Studies invites qualified teacher educators with expertise in early elementary education, and in curriculum & instruction or science education to apply for a full-time tenure-track position at the Assistant or Associate Professor rank, to begin August 31, 2015. 

Review of applications will begin on January 5, 2015.

See more here:


  • Initial Phone interviews completed 1/16/2015

University of Wisconsin, Madison (WI) - Assistant Professor in Language and Education/English as a Second Language[]

  • Any news? (1/12)
  • I had a skype interview on dec 17, and have heard nothing since then. (1/13)

University of Wisconsin, Madison (WI) Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education[]

  • Offer extended (2/24)
  • Any news? (1/30/15)
  • Campus interviews took place week of 1/19

University of Wyoming--Department of Educational Studies, Teacher Education Position[]

amended deadline: Jan. 6, 2014


  • anyone heard anything? (1/13/15)
  • Campus invite sent 1/16

University of Wyoming--Department of Educational Studies, Language and Cultural Diversity Position[]


  • Campus invite sent 1/16

Vanderbilt University (TN) - Literacy Instruction[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • Sent application materials in November 1 and haven't heard a peep.

Virginia Commonwealth University (VA) - Dept. Chair, Teaching and Learning[]


  • Any news? (2/5)
  • Telephone interview 2/17, applications still being accepted, start date still 7/1

Wayne State University (MI) - Qualitative Methods for Educational Evaluation and Research[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • Faculty/committee members just re-sent the job call, so assume they're still reviewing applications? (1/23)
  • Anyone know if they've begun skype/phone interviews? or asked for references? (2/22)
  • Offer extended and accepted

Wayne State University (MI) - Social Studies[]


  • Any news? (1/3)
  • I still haven't heard anything.  Are there any updates? (2/7)
  • Haven't heard anything either (2/11)
  • Offer extended and accepted (04/15)

Western Kentucky University (KY) - Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education[]


  • On-campus interview scheduled in late Jan. No skype/phone interview completed.  (12/22)

Western Washington University (WWU)-Assistant Professor of Special Education[]

**Offer Extended and Accepted UPDATES:

  • Anyone heard anything?

William and Mary-Assistant Professor of Reading Education[]


  • Phone interviews in late February (1/18)