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Q: Why are the ME and EE links both to this page?

A: See ME page here: Mechanical Engineering 2010-2011.

2011 Jobs[]



  • Phone interviews scheduled in January
  • Onsite Interviewed in Feburary

Baylor University[]

Boston University[]


  • Phone Interview (Jan 2011, Computer Engineering)
  • Rejection mail (Feb. 2011, Biomedical Engingeering)
  • Several interviews announced (Feb-March 2011, Computer Engineering)
  • Rejection mail (March. 2011, Information Tech)
  • Rejection mail (March. 2011, Device Engineering)


Cal Tech[]

  • Search closed. Offer made.
    • are you sure? yes

Case Western Reserve University[]

  • Offer made and accepted -- March, 2011

Clemson University[]

Clarkson University[]


  • On-site interview request (Feb. 2011)

Colorado School of Mines[]

  • Phone Interview - Feb 2011
  • References Contacted - Feb 2011
  • Onsite invitation-March 2011



  • Requested references in Jan. 2011.
  • Received rejection letter on May 17th.

Dartmouth College[]

  • Rejection e-letter (Feb. 2011)


  • Any news? Submitted early January....

Duke University[]

  • Rejection email received on Feb. 15th.


  • Suspended the search



  • Rejection email, Jan. 18 (not a good fit)
  • Application forwarded to the committee, Jan. 20
  • Reference letters requested, Feb. 18
    • Just curious; what's your research area?
  • Offer made (Feb 2011) and accepted (May 2011)


  • Phone interviewed in Feb
    • Any onsite interview news?

Harvey Mudd College[]

  • Feb. 2011: Rejection email received

Idaho State Univ.[]

Iowa State Univ.[]

  • Application Status Change - No longer under consideration - Nov 2010 (??)
  • Asked for reference letters Feb. 17th.


Kansas State Univ.[]

Lehigh University[]

  • Phone Interviews (Jan 2011)
  • References Requested (Jan 2011)
  • On-site Interviews (Feb. 2011)

McGill University[]

  • Dec 2010: phone interview
  • Rejection snail email (Feb. 2011)
  • March 2011: on-site interviews

Michigan Tech[]

  • Reference Request - Nov 2010
  • Interview - Jan 2011


Mississippi State University[]




  • Phone interviews - Feb 2011
  • Onsite invitation-April 2011


  • Interviewees selected for one of the two positions
    • Which position is that?
  • EECS-RIC Position Onsite Interview Request (Feb.25)
  • References requested (Mar. 3)
  • Onsite interview (Mar. 8)
    • Which position you got for the interview? I believe they have two positions.
    • For the general EE position, not the "Joint w/phy. med." one.
    • When did they request references for this posistion? They contacted me on Mar. 3 for the letters (sent by Mar. 11). But you already got the onsite inverview on Mar. 8.
    • I got the same dates. Perhaps the letters are needed for an invite.
    • When did you send you letters. I finished sending all the letters today but got nothing.
    • Not sure - two were sent on Mar 3, not sure when they got the third one.
  • Search has been closed. Five candidates have been selected for interview.
  • Offer made (May 2011)
  • Offer accepted (May 2011)

Notre Dame[]


  • Rejection email (NYU Abu Dhabhi)
  • Invited Few Candidates (NYU POLY)

Ohio State University[]

Oregon State University[]





  • Phone interviews (Mar. 2011)
  • Was anyone invited for an interview?


  • Position cancelled.


  • "Thank you for your application" email; they hope to give more updates by the end of May. (Feb. 8, 2011)
  • This is the letter: "Dear ECE Faculty Applicant, Your application has been successfully received. We thank you for your interest in our department. We hope to be able to get back to you regarding your application by the end of May. In the meantime, we wish you all the best with your pursuit of an academic career." I take it as a rejection.
  • phone interview (Feb 2011)
  • Did you receive the above letter before the phone interview?
    • yes
  • invitation for on-campus interview (Feb 2011)
    • when did you do phone interview? and when got on-campus invitation?
    • second week of Feb phone interview; some tenish days later on-campus invitation; in between they contacted the referees
    • my phone interview was yestersay, and they asked for references last week (that was before the phone interview). They probably decided the on-site list today without me. By the way, did you send thank-you email after phone interview? I sent and got no reply.
    • I wouldn't lose hope if I were you; from my experience, they call one candidate at a time, not all of them at once; Now that you mentioned it, I forgot to send a thank-you email. But I did send to a different school and they didn't reply either; I wouldn't take it personal, they really have tons of applications (450 from what I understood; that's a LOT). Best of luck!
  • Offers made and accepted (April-May 2011)
  • Received rejection e-mail (June 2011)



  • Rejection email (Feb 11).
  • Onsite interviews (Mar-Apr 11)

Stevens Institute of Technology[]

SUNY Binghamton[]

  • Rejection email (Dec. 23, 2010)

SUNY Buffalo[]

  • Rejection email (March 24)
  • Offer made and accepted (April)

SUNY Stony Brook[]

  • Asked for reference letters Feb. 17th
  • Rejection email Feb 21
  • Rejection Email Feb 21
  • Rejection Email Feb 21
  • On-site interview invitation, March 8th.


  • Interview - Jan 2011
  • Offer made - Mar 2011

Tenn. Tech.[]

Toyota Technological Institute[]


US Naval Academy[]

University of Alabama[]

  • Interviewed at Birmingham in spring 2011. Received rejection letter a month later.

U of British Columbia[]

  • Rejection Email (Feb. 24)
  • Onsite interview (March)

University of Central Florida[]

  • Onsite interview (Feb 2011)
  • Rejection Email (May 2011)

University of Cincinnati[]

University of Colorado[]

  • Rejection email (Feb. 2011)
  • offer made (Mar. 2011)

University of Colorado Colorado Spring[]

University of Colorado Denver[]

U Conn[]

UC Davis[]

  • any news???
  • rejection email (April 18th, 2011)

UC Irvine[]

  • Feb-Mar, on-site interviews


UC Riverside[]

  • Any news??
  • onsite interview aready started.


U Delaware[]

  • Computer/IT Cluster Position Search Cancelled (April 2011)
  • Signal Processing Position Search Cancelled (May 2011)


-Rejection letter- April 26

University of Hawaii[]


University of Illinois at Chicago[]

  • Onsite interviews are being scheduled - Mar 2011

University of Iowa[]

  • Onsite interview scheduled (March 2011)
  • Offer made and accepted - May 2011

Univ. of Kansas[]

UMass Amherst[]

  • References asked - Mar 2011
  • which day did you receive the request for references? Thanks.
  • On campus interview invitation - March 2011
  • Offer made and accepted - May 2011

University of Maryland[]

  • Reference Request - Jan 2011
  • Many candidates were extended interview invitations

University of Michigan[]

University of Michigan Dearbon[]

  • Phone interview but not in the final list (Feb 2011).

University of Minnesota[]

University of New Mexico[]

  • Reference Letters Requested - Feb 2011

University of North Texas[]

University of North Carolina at Charlotte[]

University of Pittsburgh[]

- Interviews for two positions in April 2011

University of St. Thomas (MN)[]


Univ. of South Carolina[]

UT Arlington[]

  • Jan. 2011: Phone interviews
  • Mar. 2011: Onsite interviews

UT Dallas[]

  • any news?

UT Austin[]

UT El Paso[]

Univ of Tenn[]

U of Toronto[]

  • Letters of Reference requested - Jan 24
  • any news for on-site interviews?
  • co-ask??

University of Toledo[]

University of Utah[]

  • any news??

University of Washington[]

  • Heard they have shortlist 3/30/11
  • Phone interview 4/8/11
  • On-site interview (May 2011)
  • Rejection email 6/13/2011

University of Waterloo[]

  • reject letter recieved , april 4

University of Wisconsin Platteville[]

University of Wyoming[]

  • Phone Interview (Mid-Feb)


  • Phone interviews are scheduled (Jan. 2011).
  • Onsite Interview (March 2 )
  • Rejection letter received (April 21)


  • Phone interviews are scheduled (Jan. 2011).
  • Rejection email (4/5)

Washington State University[]

Wichita State University[]


West Virginia Univ.[]

  • Phone Interview (Jan 2011, Digital Electronics)
  • On-site Interview (Feb 2011, Digital Electronics)
  • Offer made and accepted (May 2011, Digital Electronics)