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Arizona State University[]

- Any news?

Boston University[]

Interview invited - What area? - There is a list of seminars on the department website, candidates can be identified easily.

Any offer made?


interview invited -- What area? lots of areas have been invited. search is open ot area.

Rejection email (April 10th)

Any updates here? Offers?

Carnegie Mellon University[]

4 interviews so far -- which areas? -- no idea

Offer made -energy - control and energy (Caltech group) --- Is this offer accepted?

Clarkson University[]

- Any news? reference requested -Could you share the area?

- Offer made

Colorado State University[]

rejection April 2013

Colorado School of Mines[]

- Any news?


shortlist decided and interview invited - Which area?

offer made

Cornell University[]

phone interview -- on site interview (Feb 19) --> offer made right after onsite. So unexpected -- several candidates to come and interviews have not been finished yet. --- they seemed to have two positions, which area was the offer made in? --- just heard: they have multiple (at least 2) positions

when did they notify for on site? Which area?   still ongoing

offer made - offer accepted 6/11/2013

Duke University[]

offer made, Galen Reeves

Georgia Institute of Technology[]

any news? heard offer made. 

Onsite interview in March. Offer made. - offer accepted. 

George Washington University[]

On site interview in Feb 2013. Rejection letter: April 16th, 2013.


Invited  (Could you share name or/and area?) EE device

Any news from the other position in information and control? Offer made

Assistant Prof. at Princeton (Financial Engineering...Markov Chains....) & a CalTech post doc invited (Quantum Computing etc.)

Offer made (03/19/13) which area?

Illinois Istitute of Technology[]

Any News?

Johns Hopkins University[]

phone interview 1-17-2013  <- was this a formal phone interview for screening or just casual? - maybe both

on campus interview invitation <- Could you share which area?

Seminars: Gonzalo Mateos, Christoph Studer, Piya Pal (there are actually many more: just look for "Seminar")

Any offer made ? - yes, Offer Accepted? - offer rejected

If rejected, another offer made? -- don't know

new prof: Susanna Thon

Kansas State University[]

phone interview - Dec 2012

Michigan Technologial University[]

reference requested - Jan 2013

Onsite interviews on Feb and March, 2013


interview invited - EE device

obvious candidate list at

Rejection Letter Received on April 22

Mississippi State University[]

Phone interview

Onsite interview. Heard 3 candidates invited.

New Jersey Institute of Technology[]

Any news? (April, 2013)[]

Northeastern University[]

-any news?


reference letter requested Jan. 2013

Any phone interview?

Interview Nov. 2012

Rej letter in Feb 2013

Rej letter in Feb 2013 from department chair.


-- website has database candidate seminar 2-11-2013. Dr. Barzan Mozafari 

-what about the VLSI position?

- seemingly more job talks on the departmental website

North Dakota State University[]

-- Any news???

Ohio University (EECS, visiting)[]

Old Dominion University[]

phone interview - Jan 2013

Pennsylvania State University[]

-- reference request on Jan. 2013 - which area?? Signal Processing 

-- Any update?

Onsite interview (march) - which area? Signal Processing

-- Any update?


interview invited - which area? - EE Device and Quantum Information

no offer will be made for the first round of interview; more candidates will be invited.

rej letter (5/2)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute[]

On-campus interview invited -- computational biology (eecs) March 2013

Rochester Institute of Technology[]

phone interview - Jan 2013

San Francisco State University[]

Any news???? Any update?


interview invited, 1/5/2012 -- which area?

Offer made. Search filled but interview talk still goes on (for fun?). I don't believe that "offer made" at all. - Me neither, don't take anything for granted here.

Rejection e-mail (Mar 6, 2013) Heard offer made too.

Rejection e-mail (Apr 15, 2013). 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale[]

reference requested - Nov 2012

on-campus interview - Dec 2012

offer made --> which area, VLSI or Power?

Southern Methodist University[]

reference letters requested in Feb 2013

Stevens Institute of Technology[]

Any news?

SUNY Stony Brook[]

Any News?


There are some talks listed on their event page, seemingly candidates talks:

rejection e-mail 6/5/2013

Any updates here?  Has an offer been made?   []


on-site interview invitation - 1/26/2013

reference request - Feb 2013

interviews - Eric Chung, Christoph Studer, Hadi Esmaeilzadeh

offer made -- accepted? -- declined today :-(


interview invited

Rejection letter: April 8th, 2013 -> which area?


interview invited

-any updates?

Heard about at least an offer. Any updates? What area for the offer? Energy

Any updates on the other opening related to med devices / systems?


interview invited - Which area? - EE Device

University of Denver[]

phone interview on Jan 17, no updates until today (March 2)

University of Illinois, Chicago[]

reference requests - Jan 2013

reference requests - Jan-Feb 2013 from Department assitant, previous emails asking for ref blocked as spam

Any update?

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[]

Interview invited 02/2013

offer made 04/2013

University of Texas, Austin

University of Texas, San Antonio

phone interview -- Feb 2013

University of Maryland

Interview invite

Interview invitation - Feb 14, 2013 --could you share the area? -- signal processing

reference request in Feb. 2013, (some more Feb 11. 2013)

offer declined

offer accepted Piya Pal, Caltech

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Any news? reference request - Feb 2013

Interview invited - March 2013

heard they may make decision at some time between mid april and early may. 

Does anybody receive any news?

University of Michigan[]

Offer made 


University of Pennsylvania[]

Two special seminars (interviews?) are announced on their website on Jan 22nd and 29th.

On-site interview invitation

Seminar list online:

Rejection letter (March 28) --> which area?

University of Pittsburgh[]

University of Utah[]

interviews over I guess - any decision?

Heard offer made. 

Offer(s) accepted? Which areas have gotten offers? There seemed to be at least 2 positions.

University of Washington, Seattle[]

Onsite interview starts 01/2013 (I see 2/4/2013 on their website)

One onsite interview on 2/14/2013, Nima Mesgarani from UCSF (see

Any updates? Are interviews still going on or have offers been sent out? 

(apr 16, second-hand info) notification of first round of offers made, looks like more interviews to come? told they'd be hiring for multiple people, some as senior, some joint hires. More than one search committee for the department?

Any ideas on what areas these offers are in, or how many?  I was told they had multiple openings as well...  When you say "joint hires" do you mean the ExCEL positions?  

(apr 26, more second-hand info) The excel thing is independent of the ee one; joint hires are probably physics or medical related.  Based on public talk schedule, the interviews might be still on-going. Not sure if any offers or rejections have been made (anyone?) <<<---- as above, at least one offer made

What area for the offer?

Any news here? Has(ve) the offer(s) been accepted? <-- not sure about offers. EE interviews appear over, but ExCEL inverviews are /still/ in progress (so much for the aaup guidelines, eh?).

Any updates? 

University of Wisconsin-Madison[]

interview invitation (1/15/2013) - Could you share which area?

offer made - signal processing - accepted?

University of Vermont[]

skype interview on Feb 1, no news so far (Mar 1)

University of Virginia[]

Any news? Reference request in Feb. Could you share which area? Nano.

Interview invited in March.


Phone interview

Washington University in St. Louis[]

interview invited (signal processing and bioinformatics)

here's the list: (look for A. Nehorai as host)

Wayne State University.[]

Offer made.

Yale Unviersity[]

on campus interview 1/22/2013

received offer on Feb 16th - What area? -this is not possible. It's a false information, no offer has been made

What position? there are several

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Phone interview and interview invitation (Feb. 2013)

Interview (March 2013)

Anyone know if offer has been made?