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Please indicate the following:
School size, rank/position, starting salary, teaching load, geographical region, urban/rural, misc comments.

Please specify as well candidate status and job level: ABD, Post-Doc, TT, non-TT, starting Assistant, advanced Assistant, Associate, etc. since these factors influence salary levels too.

Would be interesting to see gender given that everyone says women receive lower initial offers and are less likely to negotiate!

'For example: Research I, starting assistant prof., $54k, 2/3, midwest, small city, negotiated up from $53k

r1, beginning assistant, 60k, 5k start up, urban, 2/2. no luck in negotiation

  • Public R1, beginning asst. $63K + 16K startup for 2 years + travel stipend. 2/2 with 2/1 first year. Urban, midwest. Negotiated research funds and salary. Male.
  • Private SLAC, beginning assistant 66k + startup (3k) + moving + travel stipend. East coast, urban. 3/3 with 2/3 first year. No negotiation. female.
  • Public Research I, advanced assistant 60k + 16k start-up for 3 years. West coast, urban. 2/2 with 2/1 first year. Negotiated rank. Male.
  • Private SLAC, advanced assistant 70K + moving (3K) + travel stipend. East coast, rural, 2/2, no negotiation, female
  • R1, beginning asst., 65k, 2/2 teaching (1/2 first year), urban, plus start-up, moving allowance, some negotiation, female.
  • Private, SLAC, beginning assistant, $67K + travel stipend, 2/3, east coast, rural, moving allowance and start-up, no negotiation.
  • Private, SLAC, beginning assistant, $55K + travel stipend and start-up, 2/3, midwest, rural, moving allowance, some negotiation.
  • Private SLAC, beginning assistant (2 years in another tenure-track job, both years credited), $47 + travel stipend and moving expenses, 3/3, east, urban, some negotiation.
    • Q: wouldn't getting 2 years of TT credit thus make you an "advanced assistant" rather than a beginning one?
    • A: Well, the position was advertised as a beginning assistant professor, and I've always thought that an advanced assistant would be one who was closer to tenure than I am. But maybe advanced assistant prof is more apt.
  • Private, SLAC, beginning assistant, $50K + travel stipend, 3/3, midwest, suburban, moving allowance, some negotiation, female.
  • Regional campus of R1, beg asst, $52K + start-up, moving allowance, midwest, rural, negotiated up from $50K, female.
  • Private SLAC, beginning asst, $62K, 3/3 teaching (2/2 first year), east coast, suburban, negotiated up from $60K, female.
  • R2, beginning asst, $53K + moving and some start-up, 3/3, southeast, suburban, some negotiation, male.
  • R2, ABD, $63K+ moving and travel budget, 3/3, west coast, urban, some negotiation, male.
  • Public university, beginning assistant, $67k + $4k moving, $4k startup, $15k additional research money. West coast, suburban, 3/3 with 2/2 first year. Negotiated everything, female.
  • Public university, ABD, $62k, 3/3/3 teaching load (2 course releases first year), west coast, urban, $2k startup over first two years, negotiated from $60.5k, female.
  • Public SLAC, beginning assistant, $50K + travel/research stipend and moving allowance, 4/4 load, southeast urban location, some negotiation, female.
  • Private SLAC, ABD, 66k + travel fund + annual research account + moving allowance, 2/2 load, west coast suburban location, some negotiation, female.
  • R2, beginning asst., 53K, 3/3, course release + start-up + moving allowance, SE small city, negotiated, male.
  • R2, ABD, 50K, 2/3, annual travel money, one time additional travel grant, moving allowance, 5K tech startup, SE small city, negotiated, female.
  • Private SLAC, beginning asst,, $48K + professional funds + moving, 3/3, midwest.
  • Public SLAC, beginning assistant (ABD), $56K + start-up + moving allowance, 3/3, northeast, suburban, negotiated up from $54K, female.
  • R2, ABD, beginning assistant (1 year credit toward tenure from visiting position), $56K + start-up + moving allowance + annual travel money, 3/3, northeast, urban, negotiated up from $53K, female.
  • Research university, beginning asst., ABD, $50k + tech startup + research funds + moving allowance, 3/2, SE, no negotiation, male
  • R2, beginning assistant, $65k Canadian + start-up + moving allowance, 2/3, east coast Canada, some negotiation, male.
  • Private SLAC,advanced assistant, $65K, +$10K start-up, +$2K moving, +travel, 2/2, midwest, negotiated all but salary, female.
  • Private R2, beginning assistant hired ABD, $50K + $5K moving expenses; 3/3 with a 2/3 for the first year.

'Q: Could anyone define "start-up"? Is this a sum of money given to help get settled, above and beyond any travel/moving costs? And if so (or if not), what kind of dough are we talking about?

A: It's also sometimes called a research account and it's a big lump sum, typically (ideally) spread over two or three years. 10k to 15k, typically? This is separate from travel funds, moving, etc.
A: At my university, English profs are sometimes allotted a small start-up fund for things like workspace upgrades, computer purchases, and the like. Linguists might get more, but typically a literature specialist is looking at a small (<$2000) one-time appropriation from some discretionary fund.
A: Generally used for supplies, books, computer equipment, conferences, and subsidizing book publication. I've seen numbers ranging from 1 to 10K.

Q: Does any one have experience with spousal hires as part of their job negotiation ?

A to question on negotiating: I didn't have another offer, but found that getting $2K more was surprisingly easy. I also negotiated up a bit on moving expenses. Julia Miller Vick's book has some good tips on negotiating. In my opinion, it's always worth a try.

A also to negotiating: yes, it's easier if you have another offer, but really you just need to justify the request somehow. I.e. it's probably not wise just to say you want a higher salary, but to say that, given your substantial publication list and/or x years of teaching experience, you believe you bring more to the position than do most other new Ph.D.'s, or the like.

Negotiating was ENORMOUSLY difficult for me. But it earned me thousands of dollars, and I didn't have another offer. Grit your teeth and do it!