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Please indicate the following: School size, rank/position, starting salary, teaching load, geographical region, urban/rural, misc comments.

Please specify as well candidate status and job level: ABD, Post-Doc, TT, non-TT, starting Assistant, advanced Assistant, Associate, etc. since these factors influence salary levels too.

Would be interesting to see gender given that everyone says women receive lower initial offers and are less likely to negotiate!

For example: Research I, starting assistant prof., $54k, 2/3, midwest, small city, negotiated up from $53k

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AY 2013-2014 Salaries for English Literature Jobs []

Don't know if anyone cares about these, but NY Metro area (not the city) Community College. Tenure Track Literature and Composition. $51k. Excellent benefits, pension, vision, dental, etc. No moving costs paid. 5/5. No research expectations. 5 year tenure clock.

Large R1 University in the West Coast - 2/2, $74k salary, free relocation, free trip to house-hunt, $12k start-up research funds, $5k every year for research and extra for two conferences, 3 course releases before tenure, 2k computer supplies, large office, and nearly 5 months research leave every year, and competitive grants for research, free dental and vision. male

SLAC, New England; 1 yr visiting "fellow", 3/2, $39k salary (provost refused to negotiate or even speak w/ me directly, instead communicating through the dean), $2k relocation (unconfirmed), regular employee benefits, no other start-up or other expenses, male (PhD, with 3 years of teaching experience as a VAP, and a couple of major publications). [Depending on if another job offer comes through before I sign the contract, I will no doubt have a few things to say on the "Universities to fear" page]

SLAC northeast, starting assistant professor, 2/3, $70k salary (negotiated up from $68.5), $20k start up funds, $3k relocation fees + trip to look for housing, $6k/year research (upon application), $2k/year travel, computer, course release, female. 

Large public, urban southwest, starting assistant professor, 4/4, $65K salary (negotiated up from $62K), $7.5K relocation, research money on request and application, $2.5K summer research funding, computer, first year one-course release, female.

North East liberal arts college, 2/3 teaching load.  70k salary, 2500 start-up, relocation money upon bills being submitted, book budget.  research money given upon request and application, computer.

SLAC, northeast city, starting assistant prof, 2/3, $66k, $3k start-up, $4k moving costs + trip to look for housing, computer, female, ABD, negotiated up from $65k, $2k start-up, $3k moving

SLAC, midwest city, starting assistant professor, 3/3, $49.5k, $7k start up, $700 travel/year, $2k moving costs + trip to look for housing, computer, female.

Research I branch campus, starting assistant professor, $45k, 3/3, southeast, small city, $4k start up, $5k research/year, $1.3k conference travel/year, $2.5k moving costs, computer, male.

SLAC, starting assistant professor, northwest, medium-sized city, 4/3, $50k, $1500 travel year, $4.5k moving costs, female

SLAC, rural midwest, starting assistant professor, 4/4, $45K, $3K moving costs (negotiated up from $2K), male.

Private R1, northeast city, starting assistant prof, 2/2, $75k, moving and house-hunting costs, 2.5k start up + computer, $1200 travel / year, male.

Large public, mid-Atlantic city, starting assistant professor, 3/3, $57K (negotiated up from $55K), $1000 start up, $800 travel, computer, female.

Research I in Rocky Mountain region, starting tenure-track assistant professor, 2/2 , $63 (negotiated up from $62), $10,000 start up, $2,000 research/travel, $1,000 trip to look for housing, plus a university hat and t-shirt :), female

Private R1, southeast city, starting asst. prof, 2/2 $59k (up from 56) $3k startup, $4k moving (up from 3), $5k tech/computer (up from 3k), $1700 travel/year, female.

Public R1; Northeast city; Assistant Professor; 67k; 2/2; 10k startup; 3.5k moving; 1.4k conference/travel; course release; computer; PhD; male.

Northeast liberal arts college, beginning asst. prof, 2/2, $72K, $6.5K annual research/travel, $2.5K moving costs, female ABD

Public R1; South; Beginning Assistant Prof; 2/2; $60K; $4200/year travel for 1st 2 years, $2700/year subsequently upon application; $5000 research for first summer; $5000 moving costs; computer; male ABD.

Private R1; Mid-West city; Starting Assistant Prof; 2/2; $62K (negotiated from $61); $14.5K start-up and travel for first three years; proportion of moving costs; ABD female.

Public R1; mid-size city in the South.  beginning assistant prof.  2/2.  $60k, plus $10k startup (includes moving costs and computer).  Additional funds for travel available.  PhD; female; administrative experience. 

Large Public, West Coast, Asst. Prof (2 years towards tenure/sabbatical), 3/3, $56K (up from 52), 4K startup, 2.5K moving, 2 course release year 1 (2/2), 1 release year 2, computer, female, MFA, PhD.

Small (@700 students) private HBCU in the South, Asst Prof, 5/5, $46K, decent benefits package (medical, dental, vision, life), no research/travel $, male, PhD.

Public R1, New England. Starting Asst. Prof. 2/2, $65k, $5k moving, $2k travel/year + significantly extra in first three years. 3 pre-tenure course releases. ABD female.

AY 2013-2014 Salaries for Creative Writing Jobs[]

Private SLAC, western small city, entry-level Assistant Professor, $42k, 4/4, computer, first semester course release, conference funds, moving expenses $3k, male.  

Public R2, midwest small city, Assistant Professor, $55k, 3/2, computer, course release in second year, computer, ~1000 conference funds, moving expenses $2k, male. (negotiated for 1k salary increase & course release)

Private SLAC, southern small-ish city, Assistant Professor, $60k, 2/2, $5k startup, computer, conference funds, $6k moving expenses, male.

Public R2, New England town, Assistant Professor, $56k, 2/2, course release in first year, $5000 startup/computer combo, (negotiated up from $53k and $3500), female.

Private SLAC, West Coast town, Associate Professor, $58K, 3/2, one-semester sabbatical in third year, computer, conference funds, $4500 moving, $5000 startup, male.

Private R2, Northeast, Assistant Professor, $61k, 3/2, one-semester sabbatical in third year, computer, $100 annual travel funds, $4500 moving, $3k startup, male 

Private R1, Midwest city, Assistant Professor, $67k, 2/2, $15k startup, $3k travel/research, computer, $7500 moving, one-semester leave in second year, male.

Private SLAC, midwest small city, visiting assistant professor,$52k, 2/3, $1500 moving, $1500 conference funding, female. 

Public R1, SW city, Associate Professor, $100k, 2/2 (1/1 first year), 1 semester leave in 3rd year, $10k moving, $3k research & travel, computer every 3 years, female.

Private, South, Asst Prof, $50k (negotiated from $46k), $1k travel research/year--3 years, $2k moving, computer, office, 3/3, 1 course release/year for directing program & reading series, woman

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