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Please indicate the following: School size, rank/position, starting salary, teaching load, geographical region, urban/rural, misc comments.

Please specify as well candidate status and job level: ABD, Post-Doc, TT, non-TT, starting Assistant, advanced Assistant, Associate, etc. since these factors influence salary levels too.

Would be interesting to see gender given that everyone says women receive lower initial offers and are less likely to negotiate!

For example: Research I, TT starting assistant prof., $54k, 2/3, midwest, small city, negotiated up from $53k

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Salaries for English Literature Jobs starting in Academic Year 2015-16[]

  • South R1, public, 2/2, TT assistant, $68k (up from $65k offer), $5k moving expenses, $7.5k startup, computer, $1k/ year travel budget, semester leave after 1st year, healthcare. 3 years TT experience but starting tenure clock over, possibility of early tenure. Ph.D., female.
  • SW Community College, TT Associate (tenure review in 4th year; no research expectations),4/4, 2 preps per semester, $78k starting (non-negotiable step system), computer, full health/life/dental/vision coverage, optional summer teaching for additional pay (top lecturer hourly rate), male, MA in hand + 2 1/2 years PT experience and 5 years of TAships 
  • Left academia for an independent school. Sabbatical after 7 years, professional development funds, daycare on campus, new computer every 3 years. $76k. Just thought you should know there's more out there. Degree in hand.
    • Thanks for posting. Without giving too much away, can you further define "independent school"?
  • NE public R1, 2/2, TT Associate (not yet tenured, but with 3 years towards tenure), $78k (negotiated up from $68k and Assistant rank), $3k+ moving expenses, $5k/year research funding for first 3 years, computer of choice. Female, coming from a tenured position at a 4/4 SLAC; 8 years experience.
  • South SLAC, public, TT assistant, 4/4, $54k (negotiated to $55K), $1k moving expenses (non-negotiable), $2k start up research/travel fund, computer, private office, reduced load in first year, course release before third year review of my choice, female.
  • Mid-Atlantic SLAC, public, TT assistant, 3/3, $59K (neg up from $57k), $3k moving, computer of choice, $1k travel, reduced preps in first year, 1 year toward tenure (non-negotiable), female, moving from another TT job (4 yrs experience)
  • South R1, private, TT assistant, 2/2, $75K, summer salary in 2015, $5K moving, housing visit, $10K a year research funds for first three years, course relief third year, semester leave fourth year, ABD, female.
  • Northeast SLAC, public, small-ish city, TT assistant, 3/3, $60K (negotiated up from $56K), $2.5K moving, computer every 4 years, female, degree in hand w/ book contract + lots of teaching experience.
  • Northeast R2, Public, TT starting assistant, 4/4, $53, (negotiated up  from $50K), $5K research funds/yr, laptop, ABD female.
  • Mountain West, R-1, public, small city (pop: 500k), TT assistant, 2/2 (1/2 1st year), $60k salary (attempted negotiation, no go due to state regs), $3k moving (non-negotiable), housing visit, $2k research/travel funds /yr w/ additional $1k every other year and option for $3-5k more upon application, 80 hours student labor each summer, private office, spousal support, full health benefits (medical, Rx, dental, vision), best retirement pkg you've ever seen (14.5% mandatory contribution, 100% match--offset by no state income tax and no social security). DH start-up package: $25k to spend in 1st 3 yrs on research and equipment, 160 additional hours student labor, lab or collaborative space within 2 yrs of arrival. Female, ABD.
    • Question:  What do you mean by no state income tax and no social security?  Also, 14.5%.  Does that mean you contribute 7% and the university contributes 7.5% or do you contribute 14.5% in total on your own.  Just curious.  Thanks!
    • I'm not the poster, but Nevada has no state income tax, so that would be my guess - maybe Reno?
    • Question 2 (different poster): What is the "spousal support" ? (I'm also guessing you meant something smaller than 500k for the size of the small city? Maybe 50k?)
    • I was wondering the same thing.  Maybe 500K population is small if you are coming from New York or Chicago.  But 50K sounds like a small town to me.
  • Northeast SLAC, TT assistant, 2/3, $70k, $4k moving, $10k startup, course relief in the first year. Male, degree in hand with several years of experience.
  • Northeast R2, private, small town/rural, TT assistant, 3/3 (3/2 first year), two preps, $57k salary with annual raise (negotiated up from $55k), $2.5k moving expenses, $15.5k start-up (negotiated up from $9.5k). annual conference travel support up to $1200, no service first year, degree in hand, female.
  • NE R2, public, suburban, TT asst, 3/3 with possible course reduction for service, $67k (neg. from $65k), generous $10k for moving expenses, annual conference travel support, support for work study students for future projects, new computer, private office. Male ABD.
  • Northeast SLAC, TT Assistant / Discipline Coordinator (as only FT lit professor), 4/4, 4 preps per semester. $35K offer, non-negotiable; no promotion to Associate or credit towards tenure. 
  • Northeast SLAC, TT Assistant, 3/3, $53k (neg. up from $50k), $3k/yr. research funds, $2k relocation, housing visit, computer, private office, male moving from VAP
  • Northeast SLAC, TT Assistant, 3/3 (2/3 first year), $63K, $4K moving expenses, computer, male, degree in hand
  • Northeast SLAC, VAP, 2/2 (one year), $68, $1,500 moving expenses, computer, $2,500 research, male, degree in hand. 
  • SW SLAC, TT Assistant 4/3 (3/3 first year), $58K (neg. from $52), $2K moving expenses, $2K research, computer and office, female ABD.

Salaries for Creative Writing Jobs starting in Academic Year 2014-15[]

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