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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in English advertised during the 2024-2025 hiring season. This page is for jobs that start in 2025.

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Salary information for AY 2024-2025 available at English Lit Salaries 2024-2025. Salary information for last year available at English Lit Salaries 2023-2024.

You can add / view information about publishing in literary studies journals at Literary Studies Journals.

See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2024-2025

British/Anglophone Literature[]

Medieval 2024-2025

Early Modern / Renaissance 2024-2025

Restoration / 18th Century British 2024-2025

Romanticism / Victorian / 19th Century British 2024-2025

Modern and Contemporary British 2024-2025

Anglophone and World Literature / Postcolonial 2024-2025

British Open 2024-2025

Irish, Scottish, or Welsh Literature 2024-2025

American/North American Literature[]

Early and 19th-Century American 2024-2025

20th and 21st-Century American 2024-2025

Ethnic Studies 2024-2025, including Asian American, Latino/a/x, Native American Literatures, etc.

African American Literature 2024-2025

American Open 2024-2025

North American Regional 2024-2025 (including U.S. South, American West, Canadian, Naval Literature, New England, etc.)

Generalist, Non-National Categories, & English-Adjacent Disciplines[]

Applied Linguistics/TESOL 2024-2025

Children's and Young Adult 2024-2025

Classics 2024-2025

Community Colleges 2024-2025

Comparative Literature 2024-2025

Creative Writing 2024-2025

Critical Theory 2024-2025 (not to be confused with Philosophy 2024-2025)

English Education / Primary and Secondary Literacy 2024-2025

Environmental Literature 2024-2025

Ethnic Studies 2024-2025

Film Studies 2024-2025

Generalist and Open 2024-2025

Linguistics 2024-2025

New Media and Digital Humanities 2024-2025

Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2024-2025

Rhetoric/Composition 2024-2025

Theater / Drama 2024-2025

Translation Studies 2024-2025