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Please stop deleting everyone's posts!  There were many other positions listed here and now they are mostly gone.

For some reason there are two ES pages...  more info available at: [[1]][]

If the linked wiki is for what the poster is calling the other ES page, that's not quite true.  The link takes you to a wiki that is specifically for literature positions that focus on a non-African American "ethnic" US literature (Latina/o, Asian American, American Indian).

Actually, those positions are NOT all literature-based. 



Scholar-in-Residence, Race, Ethnicity, and Culture - due March 1

  • anyone else apply to this? heard anything?
  • yes, I applied. I never received an acknowledgement. I sent an email and the Chair for the Search replied to me copying the administrator at the Institute. The administrator was supposed to confirm whether the application was complete. That was 4 days ago. I applied by March 1st. I saw the announcement reposted. (03/26).
  • the exact same thing happened to me as the above post... (3/26)
  • any idea why it was re-posted?
  • The announcement was RE-re-posted once more. Should we send a collective letter asking what's going on? or at least to be provided with a timeline for the search?
  • gosh i wish someone brave would do it, b/c it is super curious, but unfortunately, i am not that person.
  • rejection email saying they are in the process of interviewing short list. 4/19


African American Studies, speciality Caribbean/African Diaspora

Deadline: approx. 12/15

Any word on this one? (4/11)

John Jay (Latino Studies)[]

Q: Has anyone heard from John Jay Latino Studies?

--A: I got an acknowledgment, AA survey, and info on the new major a few weeks ago.  No requests for more info or interviews.  Anyone else? (12/1)

--Q: was this via email?   A: No, it was by certified mail.

--A: They're scheduling MLA interviews.

Q: Has anyone actually scheduled an interview yet? (12/14)

A: Yes, I got the call last week.

Q: Has anyone gotten a request for a campus interview? (1/19)

A: I think that classes don't begin at John Jay until January 28th or so--maybe they won't contact until after then? (1/19)

Q: Can someone please clarify which of the three position in Latino Studies this is for? I am guessing the one cross-listed with English because of the MLA reference, but there were two others, one Assistant and one Associate. Please clarify (1/19)

A: I think that since this notice is listed in Ethnic Studies section that it is for the Assistant/Associate position in US Latino Literature split between Latino Studies and English. Maybe its worthwhile creating separate notices for each of the three positions? (1/21)


Has anyone heard anything from Nebraska?  I sent my stuff in a month ago and never even got an acknowledge email.

Me too! and nada...

  • I was asked for a dossier about 2 weeks ago...the secretary mentioned something about the committee meeting yesterday (11/30), but that's unconfirmed

info from the Anglophone page:

  • request for dossier materials by email (11/18)
  • ditto (11/18)
  • phone interview scheduled by phone (12/4)

Portland State University (TT)[]

Deadline 1/15/2010

Black Studies, Assistant/Associate Professor

email ack 1/5

rejection letter (1/30)(x2)

via mail or email?

mail (x2)

Did you just get it? 2/6

I haven't heard either way, but my advisor just told me that awhile back the SC chair called for a recommendation (3/23)

Ramapo (American Studies with focus on ethnicity and/or gender)[]

St. Mary's College of CA (TT)[]

has anyone received a call?

nope. Spring semester starts this Monday (2/8), so it seems likely they will move in the next two weeks [if they have not already]. (2/6)

phone interviews have begun (2/11)

Is there any news about campus visits? (2/24)

They are being scheduled, candidates contacted (2/27)

Has anyone received a "thank you for your interest..." letter yet? (3/30) A: Nope. (4/3)

Has anyone heard if an offer was made? (4/14)

Any new updates? Has anyone received a "thank you for your interest letter yet? (5/3) A: nope (5/12)

U Tennessee (4 Positions in Africana Studies)[]

Has anyone heard anything?  I know it was just due on 12/1, but their application explicitly said that they would acknowledge apps.

Received ack. and A/A electronic form via email on 12/2. I'm OP and just got it (12/7) (x5)

Any news? They'll probably wait until after the holidays to contact candidates. (12/20)

A: According to a poster on the French site. they are not conducting MLA intrerviews.

From another wiki:

Committee meeting this week (1/20)
Update: Contacted the Dean in Charge of the search. Her response today indicates that they have received "a very large number of applicants." They hope to narrow the pool down to a "primary" and "secondary" group by the end of this week. (1/25)

Heard they received 450+ applications (well more than anticipated) and narrowing the pool has proven difficult (2/2).

baroo? It was an open call for four positions in a really lean year--how could they be surprised?

Has anyone been contacted to know they are in either the primary or secondary?


has anyone heard further news about the decisions? (3/3), nope, nothing (3/7)

If anyone is still wondering, they hired people in April.

Williams College (Africana Studies)[]

Did anyone else apply to the Williams College Africana Studies Position?  Any news?

I did.  I was wondering the same! I feel like last year's ethnic studies/Afro page was really active compared to this year!  No one posts on any of the pages....maybe its just us and  we'll get all the jobs :) that would be cool ...

At least two of three candidates have already been on campus for the Williams position.

Thanks for the update!

has williams made an offer? or are they still interviewing?

From what I have heard, they are still interviewing, with someone coming on campus after Thanksgiving (11/28).

williams drama:

Any word? Have they made a hire?