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Updated: 25 February 2007.

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Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (Ancient/Medieval)

  • 11/26: AHA interview scheduled
  • 2/6: Any news on this one? I interviewed at the AHA, wrote a thank you note, got a very nice replied, but without any hint regarding timeline. Since then, nothing.
  • 2/6: Campus interview scheduled a couple of weeks ago for Feb. 15; they said they were interviewing three candidates.
  • 2/25: Job offered and accepted.

Long Island University (ancient/medieval)

  • Q (1/3): any news on this one?
  • 2/6: Ditto. Still without any sign from them.
  • 2/15: Email contact with SC chair, and won't be interviewing until March.
  • 4/10: Any news on this one? I've never heard a word.

Milligan College (Ancient/General/Religious)

  • 11/8: I received a rejection letter. So I presume they have a shortlist.

University of Alabama (Ancient/Late Antique)

  • 1/4 Interviewed at AHA. Said on-campus interview decisions would be made within 2 weeks
  • 1/18 Informed of a delay due to bureaucracy
  • 2/4 Informed on-campus interview decisions have been made (was this because you got an interview? Was it phone or email and did you contact them or did they contact you?)
  • 2/6 No, I did not get an on-campus interview. I heard from a colleague that he got an on-campus. I'm not sure how he was notified.
  • 2/13 Confirmed by SC chair via email.

University of California, Irvine (Late Antique)

  • application deadline extended to 1/2
  • 1/28: Has anyone heard about this one?
  • 1/30 They requested writing samples from me ages ago (before the deadline passed) Since then I've heard nothing.
  • 2/8 They have a short list, whom I assume have been notified by now.
  • 2/10 How do you know?
  • 2/12 I was told via email by the search chair when I inquired about the status of the search.
  • 2/20 Received letter to that effect

University of Denver (Ancient)

  • 2/6 Interviewed at AHA. Said on-campus interviews would be scheduled for late Jan./early Feb. Haven't heard back from them. Anyone knows anything about this one?
  • 2/11 Had 2 candidates for on-campus in past weeks.
  • 2/20 Received email by SC chair to announce that job had been offered and accepted.

University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast

  • 12/11 AHA Interview scheduled (via email and phone)
  • 2/2 Haven't heard from them since AHA, have they scheduled on-campus yet?

University of Tulsa

University of West Florida (Ancient/Medieval)

  • 12/9: Heard they scheduled AHA interviews
  • 2/18 Received email rejection saying position has been filled

West Chester University (Ancient World History)

  • 12/7 received letter indicating they wanted an interview at AHA but were missing a letter. Never heard from them. Anyone else? Did they interview at AHA?
  • 2/6 They did interview at the AHA and did phone interviews for those attending the APA. They are conducting on-campus interviews this week and are scheduled to make a decision within the next few weeks or so.
  • 2/15 Job offered and accepted.

Wheaton College

  • 11/18: Are they expecting a retirement? Their faculty includes a medievalist.
  • 12/10: received a letter saying that, due to institutional difficulties, the search is discontinued until further notice.
  • 2/25: Search changed to 1 yr position in medieval/renaissance - moved to medieval page.