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  • Any observations post AHA? Surprises about questions asked, indications of popular areas, teaching concerns etc?
  • Wonderful piece today (14 Jan) on on how the AHA could deal better with jobseekers- especially with statistics.

Last updated: 28 April 2008. Note the new job ad below.


  • Applicant Counter: Yes, I'm on the market = 16 persons (this is from the old Wiki)
  • Number of applicants using this page = 19
  • Total number of AHA or phone interviews you received this year (12/16: Q: Can you add a descriptor to this item? I am not sure I understand. Thx.) (Great, that's now clear.)
  • Note that the aggregate numbers below don't equal 15. If you get additional interviews, be sure to remove yourself from the previous category (no double accounting, please! It's depressing enough already...)
  • 0 interviews = 8 applicants
  • 1 interview = 3 applicants
  • 2 interviews = 4 applicants
  • 4 interviews = 3 applicants (Note to this applicant: Wow! That is impressive. Good luck at AHA.)
  • 5 interviews= 1 applicant
  • 6 interviews = 1 applicant (Dear applicant: Now you, my friend, are a history rock star.)
  • 7 interviews = 1 applicant (Dear applicant: Hey, do you think you could write a letter of recommendation for me? I think it might be more helpful than my professors' letters. :-))
  • 8 AHA interviews, 1 phone and 1 on-campus.
  • 12/15 - Congratulations and a Request. Congratulations to all of those that secured AHA interviews! I did not get one -- but there is always next year. For those that do go on interviews, for the benefit of others, please do consider posting your thoughts about the interview process. Please know I am not asking anyone to reveal anything that would hurt their candidacy. Just general observations about the types of questions asked, what the interviewers consider important, etc. Lastly, thank you to everyone who is helping with this collegial endeavor. Best, R.
  • out of curiosity - those who got 4 and 5 interviews - how long have you been on the market and/or have you defended?
  • Might I suggest that the previous two queries (regarding the interviewing experience and interviewees' experience) be taken up on the "discussion" page appended to this one? I've posted the questions there (or adaptations thereof), just in case... (Yes, that is a great tool up there to the left. I hadn't noticed that.)
  • 12/30 - Good luck to all at the AHA!

Personal Outcomes

  • 02/28 - Well bad news, good news. I applied for 37 jobs and postdocs. I didn't find a job, but I did land a postdoc. Thank goodness. Good luck to others.
  • 2/28 - Bad news, bad news: applied for 20 positions, with no interviews, no jobs, no postdocs. This should provide at least a few people with some Schadenfreude ...(02/29: Reply - Sorry to hear about this outcome. I hope you hang in there. :-)

Positions filled[]

Bryn Mawr College

  • Note that BMC is looking for an Islamic-Christian Europe comparativist.
  • 11/7 - acknowledged receipt of app.
  • 12/14 - What is the status of the search? (My prior question must have been accidentally deleted)
  • 12/15 (posted earlier but it was deleted) I called on Thursday and was told they have lots of meetings scheduled over the next week or two so don't expect anything before then(!)
  • 12/17 Received phone call to schedule AHA interview.
  • 12/18 has anyone else heard? Do you know how many they are interviewing?
  • 12/24 I do not know how many they are interviewing, but them seem to be scheduling hour long interviews over 2 days. My guess is therefore 12.
  • 12/27 Does anyone know if they have an internal candidate? They have a medievalist there on a one-year position.
  • 1/16 Email and phone call requesting campus interview.
  • 2/1 snail mail rejection letter. No mention of how many applied.
  • 2/4 another snail mail rejection.
  • 2/22 Question: to those who have received rejection letters--did you receive either an AHA or a campus interview? I have not received a letter (but did get an AHA interview), and am wondering if they are sending out the letters in batches.
  • 2/23 Reply: No AHA interview and received one of the early Feb. 2008 snail mail rejections. Hope this helps.
  • 3/4 Offer made
  • 3/13 Offer accepted: Elly Truitt (Harvard Ph.D., 2007)

Catholic University of America

  • 9/27 - acknowledged receipt of app.
  • 11-16 - asked for further writing samples (e-mail)
  • 11-17: any other applicants still waiting for acknowledgment of receipt of app?
  • A: Me too, haven't heard anything. Just out of curiousity, did they ask for specific writing samples?
  • (Geez, how many do they need?)
  • A: Nope, just asked for "further representative examples of your research", whatever that means. BTW, I'd never received any acknowledgment of my application either...
  • A: Oops, I lied. I received an email acknowledgement of receipt on 10/31.
  • B: Should be noted that writing samples were requested in the original advert, so those who included a lot of material might not be asked for more.
  • 11/12: committee has reviewed apps and drawn up short list of candidates
  • 11/22: Are we to infer from this that those asked for more materials are on the "short list"?? The chronology is a bit confusing (unless the previous post should have read "11/22")...
  • How did you learn about the short list? Is it because you were told this by the search committee, or do you have inside info? Just wondering.
  • 12/10 - AHA interview scheduled
  • Was the interview scheduled by email or phone? Thanks!
  • It was scheduled by email (out of curiosity: what's the difference?) + (No difference, but I recently changed my phone number!)
  • 1/28 Any news from anyone about on-campus visits yet?
  • 1/29 I heard they've already started.
  • 2/14 Heard unofficially (through grapevine) that they've offered the position to someone.
  • Offer made and accepted: Jennifer Davis (Harvard Ph.D., 2007; from CalTech postdoc)

Colorado State

  • 11/1 - acknowledged receipt of app.
  • 12/7 - e-mail rejection
  • 12/8 - another e-mail rejection
  • 12/8 - ditto (I'm sensing a pattern here...)
  • 12/8 - AHA interview scheduled
  • Was the interview set up via e-mail or phone? I'm confused having neither been rejected nor asked to interview.
  • By e-mail. I wouldn't hold your breath for the letter of rejection. My experiences is that most rejection letters only come when the search is completed.
  • 12/8 - AHA interview scheduled (via email)
  • 1/28 Has anyone heard anything from them since AHA?
  • 1/29 They told me they would contact people to be invited to campus the weekend after the AHA, so I assume we are not those people.
  • 1/29 On-campus interviews have been scheduled.
  • 2/28 Heard from SCC that an offer has been accepted. It's all over: Mark Aloisio (Minnesota Ph.D.)

4/4: Just to rant--do you think they could let us know? I swear the number of times I send in applications and then never hear a word. These departments should be ASHAMED of themselves!!! 4/7: The SCC responded immediately to every question and made decisions exactly when he said they would. I seriously doubt that the hold up with rejection letters is the fault of the department.

Flagler College (Ancient/Medieval Europe) [Job description]

  • 4/15 - Just returned from on-campus interview. They said I was one of three.
  • 4/18 - Offer made.
  • 4/22 - Offer accepted.

Grand Valley State University

  • 10/1 - acknowledged receipt for application by regular mail
  • 12/7 - phone interview scheduled
  • 2/18 - received email stating that position had been filled

Green Mountain College

  • (medieval Europe and/or Middle Eastern; job is both history and religious studies)
  • 11/14 - acknowledged receipt of application via snail-mail; warned that candidates may not hear anything else until later in January!
  • 12/15 - Underwent a phone interview that wasn't technically an interview. Received an e-mail from search committee member that they wanted to discuss the position further over the phone. Gave candidate an opportunity to ask questions and converse about the position and the college.
  • Hmm. Aren't these kinds of "friendly chats" essentially screening interviews? If so, aren't there protocols that have to be followed, per AHA guidelines? Just wondering...
  • 2/19 any news?
  • 3/17 position filled (per rejection letter)

Grinnell College (Continental)

  • 10/30: acknowledged receipt of application
  • 11/29: requested writing sample
  • 12/15: AHA interviews scheduled
  • 12/16: were the interviews scheduled over email or by phone, please? By phone.
  • 1/29: I heard they interviewed last week. Second-hand, but perhaps someone here can confirm?
  • 2/1: Yes, I know someone who interviewed there.
  • 2/12 Heard offer has been made and accepted.
  • 2/13: According to (e-mailed) rejection letter, job was accepted by John Wei (ABD Yale, Winroth student, works on canon law and early scholasticism)
  • 2/13: Question: What should be our norm about naming winning candidates? Just curious as I want to protect others' privacy. On the other hand, if I had accepted the job, I wouldn't mind my name being posted here.
  • 2/14: At the point of on-campus interviews, I see good reasons for maintaining the candidates' anonymity, particularly since some of them might already be employed (and prefer to keep their employment options open). When the department is announcing its new hire's name, however, I consider the information to be a matter of public record.

Hendrix College

  • 11/27 - AHA interview scheduled
  • 1/5 - AHA interview; no indication of decision timetable, but then again I was terrible, so why would they want to contact me anyway?
  • 2/29 - Received snail mail letter stating the position has been filled.

Ithaca College (want someone with 2 of 3: Ancient, Medieval, EME)

  • 12/7: email notification of semi-finalist status (interviews to be scheduled soon)
  • 12/9: Heard they scheduled AHA interviews
  • 12/11: AHA interviews scheduled
  • 1/15: informed of campus invite, to be scheduled soon
  • 2/12: campus interviews have been completed
  • 2/25: offer made and accepted 2/29

Oberlin College

  • 10/17: Asked for dissertation
  • 10/18: acknowledged receipt of application
  • 11/8: set up campus visit (To the fortunate applicant: Congratulations! One step closer to a position!)(Question: Since they haven't done phone interviews and they are not going to the AHA, do you have any sense of how many are being invited to campus? What the planned timeline is? Congratulations, BTW!)
  • Thanks! We'll see what happens. But I don't know how many they invited to campus; I'm assuming 3-4.
  • 12/25: Received rejection letter, announcing that offer had been made and accepted.
  • 12/27: Also received a rejection letter and notice that the position had been filled.
  • 1/5: Any scuttlebutt on who they hired (from where, does what, etc.)?
  • 4/2: Not sure what to make of this, but they just announced a search for a one-year position. Either they lost their candidate, or that candidate has some sort of post-doc and pushed back the start date. Hmmm.
  • Q: where did you see this posted?
  • A (different poster): it's on the H-Net jobs list.


  • (western Europe [continental or insular] in the early Middle Ages, 400-1000)
  • 1/17: Q - Any news on this one?
  • 1/18: A - None here. But then, it's not like I was expecting an acknowledgment or anything (much less an interview)...
  • 1/24 - Invited for campus visit/interview
  • 2/23 any news?
  • 2/28 - Nothing.
  • 4/25 Anyone know if an offer was made/accepted?
  • 4/27 - Heard that offer was made and accepted. Earlier this month, I believe.
  • 5/3 Received rejection letter; position accepted by Helmut Reimitz, head of the early medieval division of the Institut für Mittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Vienna)
  • 5/19 - Hmm. Publication list as long as my arm, decade-long career at one of the best research institutions in the field, rugged Teutonic good looks. Nice to know that my rejection was completely warranted.

Rhodes College

  • 11/2 - ack'd application by regular mail
  • 12/7 - AHA interview scheduled
  • 12/7 - AHA interview scheduled
  • 1/11 - Campus visit scheduled
  • 2/29 - Received email stating the position has been filled.

University of Virginia's College at Wise

  • 11/30 scheduled AHA interviews
  • 1/5 got an AHA interview by leaving CV at Job Register
  • 1/16: Reply. That is sweet! So had you also sent in a job letter before the AHA?
    • 1/18: (replying) Thanks! I had applied before the AHA. Now we've scheduled an on campus interview. Apparently it does pay to submit a CV at the Job Register!
  • 3/19 Offer made and accepted.

York Coll of PA (Not explicitly continental, but they have a Brit on staff)

  • 11/20: acknowledged receipt of application and said that the committee has commenced its review of applications
  • 12/5: scheduled AHA interviews
  • 1/10: had AHA interview, was told that decision on campus invites would be made by 1/7 (Monday) - still haven't heard by 1/10 (Thursday) [not encouraged] - very nice people at the interview
  • 1/11: Reply: Well, you never know about the invite especially since many universities are just getting back from the holidays. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.
  • 1/14 (1/7): On-Campus interviews scheduled for mid-February.
  • 3/8/08: Received snail mail rejection letter, which states the position has been filled.


University of Nebraska at Kearney (Ancient/Medieval) This is a late search for a TT position. Review begins immediately. 4/3

  • They were advertising last year too, not sure what's up.
  • I believe their medievalist took the Ithaca position.
  • Yes, I did take the Ithaca position. However, UNK was a very nice place to work and my decision to leave had nothing to do with the department or university.

Austin Peay State University

Georgia State (Medieval Mediterranean/Islamic World)

  • 11/15 - AHA interview scheduled
  • 1/ 19 - Campus interview held
  • 3/1 Heard that offer has been made

Millersville University

  • (World/Medieval)
  • 10/24 - acknowledged receipt of application by regular mail
  • 12/15 - campus interviews scheduled
  • 2/1 Does anyone know anything about this place and how many they are interviewing?
  • 2/2 Reply: They are most likely looking for a Byzantinist. They currently have someone on a visiting position, and they may very well have decided to stay in house.

SUNY Fredonia

  • 11/1 - acknowledged receipt of app.
  • 11/? - requested writing sample (Sorry, but I'm not sure of the date.)
  • 12/? - heard on the grapevine they had scheduled interviews
  • 1/12 - so, now that the AHA is over, did the grapevine prove to be fruitful in this instance? (Sorry, just trying to maintain the metaphor...)
  • 1/18 - Received a rejection letter in the mail today.
  • 1/21 - Rejected as well, with the assurance that this "should not be understood as a negative reflection on [my] qualifications or preparation." Funny--I thought that's exactly what it entailed...
  • @1/21 - Rejected. Previous poster, I feel your pain.
  • 2/21 - Friend of mine has an on-campus next week.
  • Job went to John Arnold (Arkansas Ph.D., 1997)

Thompson Rivers University (continental medieval Europe, 2 yr position)

University of Michigan

  • 11/14 - search now limited to junior candidates
  • Q: How did you hear that the search is now limited to junior candidates? I'm still being considered and am not sure if I'd be considered for a position with tenure or without (since the ad indicated it was open rank). Is it now definitely an untenured position?
  • A: (11/15) e-mail rejection said administration defined the medieval history search as junior
  • 12/07 i'm senior and haven't received rejection notice because of rank - anyone else?
  • 11/14 - asked for further writing samples
  • Q: was the request for writing samples sent via smail- or e-mail?
  • A: via e-mail.
  • 11/14 - Q: Is this Diane Owen Hughes' job? If so, why is she chairing this search?
  • A: From what I've heard, no, it's not her position.
  • Q: was the request for writing samples sent via smail- or e-mail?
  • A: via e-mail.
  • Q: How did you hear that the search is now limited to junior candidates? I'm still being considered and am not sure if I'd be considered for a position with tenure or without (since the ad indicated it was open rank). Is it now definitely an untenured position?
  • A: (11/15) e-mail rejection said administration defined the medieval history search as junior
  • 12/07 i'm senior and haven't received rejection notice because of rank - anyone else?
  • Q: 12/12 Are others waiting to hear about AHA interviews from UMI?
  • A: 12/12 I am also waiting to hear something. My guess is that their search is in disarray after the change in the position. Perhaps, they haven't resolved if it is open versus junior.
  • 12/12 AHA interview scheduled via e-mail. They are interviewing 8.
  • 1/21 Has anyone heard anything about this?
  • 1/22 Nope. I'm waiting to hear too.
  • 1/22 Not a single word.
  • 1/25 I'm a new voice and also waiting on this one. Sigh. At least I'm in good company!
  • 1/25 Well, that's four of us that haven't heard; maybe the other four are already dining at The Earl or wherever U of M likes to take their candidates.
  • 1/27 They're beginning campus interviews this week. Sigh....
  • Job went to Hussein Fancy (Princeton Ph.D. 2007; currently Michigan Society of Fellows)

University of Notre Dame (ass't or assoc.)

  • 10/24 - asked for dissertation
  • 12/14 - Any good news here for anyone?
  • 12/14 - Heard that someone else had AHA interview, scheduled a while back I think
  • 12/21 - Received rejection letter via email. Very nice letter, as they go. (Sigh.)
  • 12/27 - I haven't even rated a rejection e-mail (needless to say, I'm not an interviewee). How depressing...
  • 1/15 - Received snail mail rejection letter
  • I believe this job went unfilled; their desired candidate (near-tenure assistant prof. elsewhere) didn't bite on the offer...

University of Washington (1-year VAP)

deadline: 4/1/08

Medieval/Early Modern Europe[]

Christendom College

  • 1/12: I just looked at the job posting and the mission of the university -- and I freaked out. (I am a Roman Catholic and even I cannot see myself teaching here. Best of luck to others looking into this position.)
  • Sweet Mary this place is frightening. Apparently Cortez smashed the Satanic Aztec Empire and made Mexico safe for the mother church. Seriously.

Cornell College 1 yr. VAP

University of Manitoba

University of Puget Sound (1 yr VAP) [Job description]

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

  • 12/19 Phone interview scheduled (via email). Apparently they are not doing AHA.
  • 12/19 Ditto on scheduling a phone interview via email. The interview is in the third week of January.
  • 1/27 They're done doing phone interviews. Did anyone else receive a jolt during the phone interview that they want someone to teach European, World, AND American surveys - not "OR" American surveys as the job ad says??
  • 1/30 The job ad that I saw DID say "AND" American surveys (hence my lack of application!)

Wheaton College

  • 2/25 - Search changed to 1 yr position in medieval/renaissance
  • Source for this info? Letter from the department, word of mouth, or what?
  • A letter from the department
  • Did they send letters to all of the applicants for the previous ancient/medieval position, or did letters only go to a longlist? Thanks.
  • It's not entirely clear from the letter, but the job seems to be open to anyone. There is no mention of a longlist, so I'd imagine it went out to everyone who applied. I'm fairly close geographically to Wheaton--I may have gotten my letter more quickly than others.
  • The letter asks for a yes-or-no as to whether the candidate wants his/her dossier to be considered for the one-year. Since they already went through the traditional advertisement-and-search process before, I think Wheaton is simply confining itself to its original applicant pool, rather than re-posting the search (a legal, and money-saving, option for them).
  • 3/24 any news?
  • I got the friendly human resources postcard this week (postmarked 3/25). Does that count as news?
  • In my world, my friend, that most definitely counts as news.
  • 4/2 Request for phone interview (via email).
  • 4/28 Does anyone know if an offer has been made?