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NEW PAGE: European History 2012-13


Dear all, there was a major edit to this page which removed many of the postings & details. In order to restore the page - after subsequent edits had been made - I have had to revert to an older version, which means some comments have been lost. To see the changes, check out the page's history (see the blue button marked 'edit', above? Click on the down arrow and there's a History option, which allows you to see what's been done to the page). If you are the first to notice that someone has deleted significant content, there is an 'undo' option available, through the History page. Do use it! It's much harder to fix problems if there have been subsequent edits to a page, well meaning although they may be. Thanks all (and I've banned the offending IP - which, incidentally, was not the one identified in the previous edit, but rather:, Chicago.)

AFII 10:05, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

Visitors to This Page[]

What's your employment status?[]

  • ABD: 52
  • Postdoc: 22
  • Visiting or Temporary Assistant Professor: 25
  • Adjuncting PhD: 15
  • Continuing Non-Tenure Track Professor: 2
  • TT but looking for a new job: 16
  • Tenured or TT but reading out of curiosity: 12
  • PhD, Employed in academia in non-faculty position: 2
  • Fully employed outside of academia: 4
  • Partly employed outside of academia: 1
  • Unemployed PhD: 5
    • Adjuncting, denied tenure, trying again 2

TOTAL: 155---Remember to update Total!!

Specialization breakdown[]

  • Ancient:7
  • Medieval: 19
  • Medieval/Renaissance/Early Modern: 14
  • Early Modern: 18
  • Modern: 13
  • British (early modern): 10
  • British/British Empire (modern): 14
  • French: 12
  • German (early modern): 2
  • German (modern): 14
  • Russian: 13
  • Spain (medieval/early modern): 3
  • Spain (modern): 4
  • Italy (modern): 1
  • Irish (modern): 2
  • Eastern European: 2

How many positions are you applying for?[]

  • 0-5 positions: 11
  • 5-15 positions: 21
  • 15-30 positions: 13
  • 30+ positions: 5

How many interviews did you get?[]

Just FYI, this information would be much more enlightening if it was a ratio of (interviews scheduled)/(jobs applied for) rather than just a number. --> I don't think it has much relevance, the purpose it to see a basic breakdown. If you are competitive you can apply to 5 jobs and get 5 interviews, if you are not, you can apply to 50 positions and get no interview, especially since most positions receive 150-200 applications.

  • 1 interview: 8
  • 2 interviews: 7
  • 3 interviews: 3
  • 3+ interviews: 13
  • no interview: 4

In response to the above comment about ratios - Percentages (as a totally quick-and-dirty breakdown) -

  • No interviews:
  • 0.1-5% interview rate: 1, 1 (1:37. Ouch.)
  • 5.1-15%: 1 (1/13)
  • 15.1-25%: 1 (1:5), 4 (4/21), 1 (6/32)
  • 25.1-35%: 1 (1:4), 1 (10/30); +1 (7/28); 1 (4/13)
  • 35.1-50%: 1 (10/21)
  • >50%: 1 (2 out of 4)

Mixed, Multiple, or Thematic[]

Bangor University (UK; Wales)[]

  • Lecturer (~Asst./Assoc. Prof) in Medieval History
  • "The ability to communicate in Welsh is essential for this post" [note: the documentation is in Welsh]
  • Deadline: 1pm GMT 30 Mar. 2012

Bluffton University (OH) - Generalist[]

  • Bluffton University, an institution of the Mennonite Church USA, in rural northwest Ohio, invites applications for a full time, tenure-track faculty position in European History beginning fall 2012. Ph.D. preferred; ABD considered. Candidate must be prepared to function as a generalist in the western historical tradition. The successful candidate must have ability to teach the Humanities sequence and World History survey courses as well as upper level and more specialized topics in European and/or World History. An ability to teach a course in a non-Western subfield is desirable.
  • Review of applications has been extended to November 1 and continues until position is filled. Send letter of interest, vita, three letters of reference and official transcripts to Elaine Suderman, Academic Affairs, Bluffton University, 1 University Drive, Bluffton, Ohio, 45817. See for additional information; for specifics about the History program see
  • Also posted at Open Field or Mixed Hire History Jobs 2011-12
  • Any news here?
  • I got the affirmative action thingy in the mail over the holiday.
  • In response to a query I received an email stating the committee is currently interviewing candidates. [12/2]
    • Does that mean if we didn't get a call we should probably stop holding our breath, or is it available until someone signs the papers?
    • Received invitation for on-campus interview.
    • I got a rejection letter today, announcing who they hired. It was nicely done. Best of luck to her.

Bridgewater College[]

  • Assistant Professor of European History
  • 3/1/3 teaching load
  • "The position is open to all subfields except modern Britain and modern France, with a preference for early modern European history"
  • Deadline: 23 Mar. 2011
  • Is this a real search or an inside hire? Why don't they seem to be advertizing this beyond the college's web page?

Has anyone received an invitation for an interview yet?

  • Nope. No news of any kind yet. (4/24) x2
  • Had a phone interview in early April and was invited to campus mid April. Haven't heard anything since then, but the department is also running a US History search.

Canterbury Christ Church University (UK) - Modern British/European[]

  • Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (tenured ~asst/assoc Prof) in Post-1750 British & European History
  • Applicants should have particular expertise in post-1750 British social and labour history.
  • Deadline: 22 Jun. 2012

East Tennessee State University - French/British Colonial & African[]

  • Tenure track associate professor "specializing in French or British history (emphasis on colonialism) with a demonstrated ability to teach African history"
  • "Preferences will be given to a candidate who has the ability to teach both U.S. and World history"
  • 3/3 Load
  • Deadline: Not Stated
  • Anyone heard anything after submission? Notice of materials received, etc?
  • Telephone interview scheduled for 1 Feb
  • Telephone interview on 31 Jan (x2)
  • Campus interview scheduled for 22 Feb (rescheduled to 27-28 Feb)
  • Second candidate on campus 1 March and third candidate to attend w/c 12 Mar
  • Offer made and accepted (not me)

Eckerd College - Global/European Colonial History[]

  • Eckerd College invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor in Global/European Colonial History to begin September 1, 2012.
  • Ph.D. is required.
  • Responsibilities include alternating with colleagues in teaching World and European History surveys and contributing upper-division courses that can serve both history majors and students in related programs. Preference will be given to candidates who specialize in the Atlantic World, Latin America, Africa, and/or India.
  • The deadline for applications is November 15, 2011
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12
  • Has anyone heard anything from Eckerd? (12/15)
  • Has anyone heard from Eckerd? They are listed on the AHA's job center list as having pre-arranged interviews. I have heard nothing and just wondering if others have. (12/21)
  • Yes, interview request last Friday. (12/22)
  • had an interview at AHA but have heard nothing at all since then. any news on this? (2/12)
  • they contacted people for campus visits back in jan.

Florida International University - Lectureship in European history, open specialization[]

  • Lectureship in European history with open specialization. Successful candidates will teach undergraduate courses at the introductory level on the Medieval through Modern periods, and upper division courses in their areas of interest.
  • Although this is a non-tenure track position, it is full time and includes benefits. The appointee will be eligible for future advancement to Senior Lecturer in accordance with university regulations. PhD must be completed prior to August 01 2012.
  • Printed submissions should be postmarked no later than December 1st and all application materials should be received by no later than December 5th. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Received confirmation of receipt of complete application within one week of sending.
    • email request for phone interview (12/9) x 2
    • Any news here? 12/19
    • I'm pretty sure they said during the interview that they weren't going to notify finalists until after the break. (12/19)
    • Email rejection saying position was filled (not interviewed) (2/21)

Georgia Gwinnett College - Northern Europe[]

  • Open rank position in Northern European History, with a preference for a specialty in Dutch History
  • "he successful candidates will be expected to teach the world history and/or US history survey courses as well as courses within their specialties"
  • Review begins immediately [25 Oct]
  • Job Website says "canceled posting" [checked 27 Jan] Classy of them to notify applicants, huh?

Georgia Gwinnett College - Eastern Europe/Russia[]

  • Open rank position in Eastern European and/or Russian history with a preference for teaching ability in the history of the Cold War
  • "he successful candidates will be expected to teach the world history and/or US history survey courses as well as courses within their specialties."
  • Review begins immediately [25 Oct]
  • Any news on this one [11/28]
  • Still no news?? [12/2] Nothing here. [12/2]
  • has anyone heard anything on this one yet? are they interviewing at AHA? [12/6]
  • No news here. No idea if they are interviewing at AHA, but I doubt it. FWIW, the job ad doesn't make this terribly explicit, but the position is NOT tenure track; apparently everyone at GGC gets hired with 3-5 renewable contracts.
  • Anyone hear anything on this one? [12/11] Nope. Nor the one above. Wonder what their schedule will be. [12/14]
  • Does anyone know if this search is even still active? You would think that after reviewing applications for almost two months the SC would have contacted somebody for an interview by now.
  • I cannot quite escape the feeling that this was a pseudo-search, and that they already have people in mind. Or, after reading the ads again, that they are actually not sure that they can or want to hire anyone right now. Either way, it offers yet another example of the callous and dysfunctional nature of so much of the hiring process.
  • So they just punted on the search? Or does this just mean that the people they are speaking to do not visit this wiki?
  • See comment at the end of the job listing above.

Germanna Community College, Virginia - Asst. Professor of History/Western Civilization[]

  • The successful candidate will teach freshman and sophomore level History classes
  • Application Deadline: March 26, 2012
  • Called about phone interview 4/15/2012; interviews will be conducted on 4/23/2012.

Indiana University, Bloomington - Eastern European History [Non-TT][]

  • Visiting Lecturer, Eastern European History
  • Application Deadline: December 15, 2011
  • Offer made and accepted
    • How can there be an offer before the application deadline?
    • Whoever entered the application deadline did so incorrectly. If you go to the link and carefully read the job ad, you will see the deadline was Oct. 1, not Dec. 15.
    • Who got the job?

Kent State University - Early Modern with World and/or US history[]

  • TT 9month Assistant Professorship in History
  • PhD in Early Modern European History, but with ability to teach World History survey courses, and "Preference will be given to candidates whose secondary fields include Africa or Ancient/Medieval Europe and who would be able to teach the introductory survey courses in U.S. History"
  • Deadline: 23 Apr. 2012 [possibly; advt. is unclear]
  • This job for Kent State University-STARK campus (in North Canton), NOT main campus in Kent,
    • Any news on this one?
    • They did phone interviews a couple weeks ago. Not sure about campus visits. (3/19).
    • Anyone interviewed had a campus visit or received rejection letter? (4/1)
    • Nope. I was interviewed but have heard nothing since (4/4)
    • Email notification that the same position opening at Kent State *Tuscarawas* will not be filled. Presumably because of budgetary reasons but it does not specify. Perhaps it's the same situation over at Stark? (4/5)
    • Rejection letter received on 4/23. They say they hired someone. (4/24)
      • Ha! Well I guess my letter is in the mail.

London School of Economics and Political Science (UK) - Early Modern International History[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/assoc prof) in Early Modern International History
  • "Candidates should have a research record and a proven ability to teach early modern international history (1500-1850). The department particularly welcomes applications from those with research expertise and interests in the history of European and non-European empires."
  • Candidates need to be able to teach a course on War and Society.
  • The position will contribute towards the REF 2013.
  • Deadline: 27 Feb. 2012
  • Any one heard back from them yet? Nothing here (3/9)
  • Got rejection email on 15/3

Michigan Technological University - European History before 1848 []

  • Tenure-track position: "specialization in European History before 1848 and capable of teaching survey courses in European history"
  • Review of the applications will begin on January 2, 2012.
  • Email notifying me that I made the shortlist. Initial Phone/Skype Interview to be scheduled in late Jan/early Feb. (Jan. 18) (x3)
  • on campus visit scheduled

Missouri Western State University[]

  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF HISTORY- (tenure- track position)- to teach 12 credit hours per semester beginning August 2012; areas of expertise must include Ancient History, Medieval Civilization, and English History; additional desirable fields include non-Western Civilization or the British Empire.
  • Qualified applicants must submit a letter of application (include e-mail address if available), vita, unofficial transcripts, evidence of teaching effectiveness, and 3 current letters of teaching effectiveness to: Review of applications will begin December 31, 2011.
  • Also posted at Open Field or Mixed Hire History Jobs 2011-12
  • Got the affirmative Action card in the mail (x2) - The accompanying letter says "the search committee will be in contact with those candidates that are invited on campus for an interview," but I assume that's just a general statement from HR rather than any specific indication of how the process is progressing.
  • Has anyone heard anything on this? 2/9
  • Invited for campus interview (2/10)
  • Were there phone interviews?
  • anyone have anything more on this - very curious....
  • terse and soulless rejection letter received 4/19. classy.

New England College (NH) []

  • Assistant Professor of History. This is a full-time, ranked faculty position effective August 2012. The course load for full-time ranked faculty at New England College is 3-3.
  • Responsibilities: Teaching introductory courses in both European history and general education and in leading advanced seminars and undergraduate research. The ideal candidate will offer courses from global perspectives which connect Western Europe with non-Western cultures (i.e., Middle East, Asia or the Atlantic World) and which complement the department's focus on American Civilization.
  • To Apply: Email a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and the names/addresses/telephone numbers of at least three references to Review of applications will begin November 7, 2011 and continue until the position is filled.
  • For Additional Information: Visit New England College's website at
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12
  • The Departmental website lists only two faculty members, one of whom is identified as a "Lecturer," whose qualifications look especially well-suited for this position. Looks like an inside job!
  • Any movement as of 12/16? Does anyone know if they are interviewing at the AHA? --> I've heard nothing, not even receipt of materials [x3]. [I'm a 4th person in the same situation, still as of 1/2]
  • Same here - no word as of 12/20. [x2]
  • Nothing, not even a message noting receipt of application, and we're going on two months now [1/12] --> update, still nothing as of 2/9. Looks like the inside hire was probably the case and they can't be bothered to put in the cost of postage to say no to people.

Oxford Brookes University (UK) - Three Tenured Posts[]

  • Three Lectureships/Senior Lectureships (tenured ~Assoc/Asst Prof.) in History since 1500
  • "Applicants whose research or teaching interests are in Early Modern British or Early Modern European History or Nineteenth/Twentieth Century American History would be particularly welcomed, but applications from all areas of historical study will be considered"
  • "International applicants from outside the EU will need to demonstrate their eligibility to work in the UK"
  • Deadline: 6 Jun. 2012

Reed College - European, Imperial, and/or Postcolonial History since 1800 [Non-TT][]

  • One-year visiting appointment in European, Imperial, and/or Postcolonial History since 1800 and Modern European Humanities. In addition to courses in one's own area, the appointee will also teach in a team-taught yearlong sophomore-level interdisciplinary course in Modern European Humanities (
  • Send cover letter, CV, and three letters of reference to If letters of reference must be sent in hard copy, please submit to Professor Mary Ashburn Miller, Chair, Visiting Search in European History, c/o Karin Purdy, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland OR 97202. Any other search related questions should also be directed to Professor Miller.
  • To guarantee consideration, applications must be received by November 15, 2011. The Search Committee will conduct preliminary interviews at the AHA Convention in Chicago in January.
  • Contacted for AHA interview (12/10) ) (x4)
  • Contacted by telephone for campus visit (1/25) congrats! what field?

Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School - European History/AP European History[]

  • "Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School, a private, college-preparatory K-12 school, seeks a European history or Western Civilization teacher for a full-time, long-term position. Experience teaching AP European history, ideally to sophomores, is preferred."
  • Send materials to Linda Hampton ( or apply through Application materials should include a cover letter, CV, and 3 letters of recommendation.
  • There is no deadline. Rather, applications are reviewed as they arrive. Find out more about Rowland Hall at
  • E-mail receipt of application (same day even!)
  • Candidate selected (as of 2/14)

St. Mary's University (Texas) - European and World History[]

  • Assistant Professor in European and World History (full-time, tenure track)
  • Requires great versatility in teaching, including Modern Europe, Medieval Europe, and Ancient history. Obligations include participating in core curriculum Foundations of Civilization offerings and a nine hour cycle of History Thesis courses for history majors.
  • Ability to teach History of Christianity and occasional U.S History survey courses a plus.
  • Applications deadline is December 1, 2011.
  • Applications should include a letter of interest, three letters of reference, and writing samples. Application can be found at Send materials to Professor Gerald E. Poyo, Chair, History Department Search Committee, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas 78228-8546.
  • The successful applicant is expected to be supportive of the University's misson and the Catholic educational tradition, but need not be of the Catholic faith.
    • Crossposted at World/Global History 2011-12
    • Request for phone interview by email, 12/7
    • Phone interviewee - mind sharing your general field? Just curious. The ad was quite wide open, but this was one for which I satisfied and exceeded each of the preferred requirements. Wonder what direction they've decided to go. (x5)
  • Position Filled 2/28
  • Do you mind sharing your field?

Temple University - Europe and the World[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Europe and the World
  • "Geographic and chronological specializations are open. The department seeks a scholar whose research emphasizes the relationships and connections of a European nation or nations with other global regions"
  • Deadline: 5 Dec. 2011
  • Dec.7 Request for additional materials. x 3. Really? Two days after the deadline?
  • (Response: yes, already)
    • That's bizarre. It seems impossible that a committee could go through even the CVs alone for such a broad position that quickly. The only explanation I can think of is either that they already knew who or what they wanted or they used a very narrow initial sorting mechanism. --> Please remember that the ad was marked "Deadline 12/5, NOT "Review begins 12/5." Therefore, they probably read the applications as they came in and those sent in earlier got a closer read. I agree, if it had said "Review begins 12/5," that would be bizarre for all apps read in 2 days, but 12/5 was the deadline.
      • Yes, you are almost certainly right. The appropriate thing to do, in those circumstances, is to have the initial job posting indicate that "review of applications begins ________," if that is before the deadline. Otherwise, the assumption is that serious review of applications begins after the deadline, and any app that makes it in under the wire will get a fair shake. The key is the letters, not the materials sent by the applicant, because it's both unwise and discourteous to badger recommenders into sending their materials ASAP if there's no compelling reason to do so. Of course, it may well be that they all are getting a fair shake, and we will see "staggered" requests for more materials as the later-arriving apps. are processed. But perhaps this all belongs in the "Dear Search Committees" section . . .
  • What sort of materials were requested? No AHA interview requests yet, though?
    • have not heard yet about an interview but they asked for a diss. chapter or article. (x2)
    • AHA interviews scheduled.
      • What does this last post mean? Did the committee schedule AHA interviews already?
      • E-mailed rejection letter. They received over 280 applications [3/1]
  • Congrats to Eileen Ryan, Columbia PhD. Announcement went out via Columbia's departmental wire.

University of California, Irvine - History of Knowledge (c. 1400 - 1800)[]

  • Tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor rank in the history of knowledge during the period from ca. 1400 to 1800, with a preference for eighteenth-century Europe. However, those working on other areas of the world, excluding the Americas, will be seriously considered. The candidate’s area of expertise could include: the history of science, history of medicine, systems of knowledge and classification, magic and alchemy, scientific investigation and exploration, the Enlightenment in a global context, political economy, circuits of knowledge, religious thought, or secularism. The ability to contribute to the department’s curriculum in World History is desirable.
  • Please submit a letter of application, c.v., article or chapter-length writing sample, and three letters of recommendation. Applications submitted on-line at by November 30, 2011, will be guaranteed consideration.
  • Also posted at History of Science, Technology & Medicine 2011-12 & World/Global History 2011-12
    • Received email request for additional materials (12/05) x3.
    • What sort of materials did they request? -- Pretty standard: completed dissertation and/or drafted chapters; publications; teaching materials including reviews and syllabi
    • Anyone know the status of this search? Have they had interviews?
      • Deadline for materials wasn't until early January. Request suggested they were hoping to do on-campus interviews late January or February.
      • They asked me for materials in November or December (I forget). I believe that they did not interview at the AHA. As of 1/18, I still have not heard from them. Anyone else? -- Same here (x3) (1/18).
      • No news since I sent in additional materials. (1/25)
      • Candidates invited to campus. (2/1)
      • To invited candidates: For interest, would you mind sharing your fields/countries/centuries?
  • Any updates? Was a hire made?
    • I have heard nothing (3/6)

University of Oxford, St Hugh's College (UK) - 17th & 18th C European History[]

  • Titular Fellow & Titular University Lecturer (tenured, ~Assoc prof) in 'later seventeenth and eighteenth century European (including British) History
  • "Preference may be given to those with a specialism in any area of the Intellectual History of this period, and who can offer a good range of teaching within at least part of the period 1500-1830."
  • Deadline: 17 Feb. 2012

University of Worcester (UK) - Middle East & Europe[]

  • Lecturer/Senior lecturer (tenured) in the modern history of the Middle East and Europe
  • "Research expertise in one or more of the following areas will be especially desirable: 1. The history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, 2. The relationship between Europe and the Middle East in the 20th century."
  • Deadline: 23 Oct. 2011

Virginia Tech - pre-20th c. European or Asian History[]

  • Assistant Professor, Pre-20th-Century Continental European or Asian History
  • The History Department and the interdisciplinary doctoral program ASPECT (Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought) at Virginia Tech seek an innovative, theoretically engaged cultural or intellectual historian with research and teaching interests that focus on pre-twentieth-century Continental Europe or Asia and emphasize issues of race, gender, or ethnicity. Applicants whose research engages global/transnational perspectives, who are committed to using new media and emerging technologies in teaching and research, and who will contribute to one of the department's emerging areas of inquiry (Identity, Politics, and Power; Science, Technology, and the Environment; Knowledge Production and Transmission) are especially encouraged to apply. This position is part of a cluster hire in ASPECT (, although the tenure home will be in the History Department (
  • The Carnegie Foundation classifies Virginia Tech as a university with “very high research activity.” The normal teaching load in the History Department is two courses per semester.
  • Candidates must apply on-line at (posting number 0110985) and upload a letter of application, CV, a short (1-2 pp.) research précis that stresses the applicant’s theoretical contributions, a short (1-2 pp.) statement of teaching philosophy that stresses the applicant’s ability to teach and mentor doctoral students in an interdisciplinary social theory/humanities program, and an article-length writing sample. Screening of applications begins on October 31, 2011. Please have three letters of recommendation sent to: History/ASPECT Search Committee; Virginia Tech Department of History (0117); Blacksburg, VA 24061. Search Chair: Mark Barrow, barrow[at]vt[dot]edu
  • Also posted at Asian History 2011-12
  • Was this a real search or was it a spousal hire or something similar?
  • Offer was made and accepted

Yonsei University (Underwood International College)[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor of history, specialization open, but "those with interests in Global and Comparative History are especially encouraged to apply"
  • "Teaching responsibilities are 6 credit-hours (2 classes) per semester. The preferred starting date is March 2012."
  • "University's Underwood International College is a highly competitive program at South Korea's most prestigious private university, and combines the intimate atmosphere and low student-faculty ratio of a liberal arts college with the resources of a major research university. All instruction is in English, and the student body represents over 25 different countries. As part of Yonsei University’s continuing effort to increase faculty diversity, we are only accepting applications from non-Korean citizens. "
  • Review of applications begins September 30, 2011
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12
  • Request for additional documentation and a Skype interview (27 Oct)
    • Field? - Russia.
    • Anybody hear anything else? (7 Nov)
      • Completed Skype interview on 3 Nov. Was told that there would not be another round of interviews and that a final decision/offer would be made in the next couple of weeks.

Western Connecticut State University[]

  • The Department of History and Non-Western Cultures at Western Connecticut University is seeking candidates for an Assistant Professor in European History. The research and teaching concentration is in the subfield of Europe and Empire. The area of specialization should be in early-modern or modern European history.
  • Qualifications: Ph.D. must be in hand at time of appointment. Preference will be given to those with evidence of successful teaching experience.
  • Application materials: submit cover letter, curriculum vitae, and contact information for 3 references to: Reference serach #600-068 in the subject line. Review of applications begins immediately and continues until December 15, 2011.
  • This was only posted on the 13th - anyone else think this is just a box-check in order to hire internally? - Yes, I think so.
  • It was posted in mid-November on the Chronicle, I think. I sent in my application over a month ago.
  • Its still weak. Why post it two days before on Hnet?? Clearly, not all of us saw this.
  • I have no idea why they posted it on H-net as well. My point was simply that this is not necessarily "just a box-check to hire internally." They did advertise it in a standard location over a month before the deadline. Why they posted on H-net two days before the deadline is beyond me.
  • With such a late deadline, does anyone thin they will interview at the AHA?
  • Applied for this 16/11 in response to Chronicle listing. Application acknowledged 17/11 but heard nothing further.
  • Applied 11/27 based on the Chronicle ad but never received any acknowledgement,
  • Applied the day it appeared on Hnet,and got affirmative action form by email the next day.
  • It's listed again in the Chronicle. Must be unhappy with current pool.
  • Skype interview requested via email (12/31) (x2)
  • Has anyone heard an update on this since the skype interviews? (2/15)
  • campus visits were held in late jan/early feb.


California State University, Fullerton - Ancient World[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in the history of the Ancient World, pre-500 A.D., excluding China and Rome. The successful candidate will be able to teach survey courses in World Civilizations, undergraduate and graduate courses in Ancient Greece and/or the Ancient Near East, as well as courses in historical writing, theory and methods. Preference will be given to candidates with competency in a language appropriate to the field.
  • All application materials including letters of recommendation must be received by November 7, 2011. Please, NO E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS OF ANY PART OF THE APPLICATION. The search committee will interview prospective candidates at the 2012 meeting of the American Historical Association in Chicago, IL.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12

California State University, Los Angeles []

  • POSITION: Ancient History: Tenure-track Assistant Professorship; area of specialization open. Candidates must be qualified to teach upper-division and graduate-level courses in ancient history and have the ability to teach general education courses such as World Civilizations. ABD or Ph.D. in History or related field with a concentration in ancient history is required. A Ph.D. from an accredited institution of higher education is required for retention. Applicants must submit hard copies of letter of application, c.v., graduate transcripts (unofficial transcripts accepted; finalists will be required to submit official transcripts at the time of on-campus interview), 3 letters of recommendation, and writing sample.
  • STARTING DATE: Fall 2012
  • File review will begin December 1, 2011, and will continue until position is filled. Phone interviews for semi-finalists will take place in December.
    • Phone Interviews scheduled December 12, 13, 14 (12/7)

Colorado State University--Pueblo[]

  • The history department at Colorado State University--Pueblo (formerly the University of Southern Colorado) seeks applicants for a tenure-track assistant professor position in the Ancient World. Application is due December 1, 2011. The department plans to interview a short-list of candidates at the AHA meeting in Chicago.
  • "This tenure track, nine month (with summer teaching possibly available) position provides teaching, scholarship and advising/service to the History Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs and the General Education Program. The occupant of this position will teach history courses in the Ancient World, including Greece and Rome, and also courses in the World Civilization sequence. Other possible teaching subfields are women’s history, Africa, the Middle East, or Great Britain. Knowledge and experience teaching the history of a continent besides North America will be especially welcome."
  • "All interested candidates must apply through the online application system. No other format of application materials will be accepted. Applicants must attach a letter of intent (cover letter); a current curriculum vita; an unofficial transcript; a writing sample; and three letters of recommendation to your online application. All documents listed above except for the three letters of recommendation (which can be submitted to by December 1, 2011) must be attached before an application is submitted. Once submitted, application materials cannot be changed or updated. The University only requires the attachments above for the application process. All other sections in the online system are not required."
  • For additional details, see their HR website:
  • Phone and AHA Interviews (12/13)
    • This is cryptic. Are you saying that you had a phone interview and will have an AHA interview?
    • I did not post the above but in my case will have AHA interview.
    • Any news about campus interviews?
    • Yes, invited to campus 2/2.

Murray State[]

  • Assistant Professor of the History of the Ancient World, Department of History, Murray State University. Full-time, nine-month, tenure-track position to begin August, 2012. Doctorate in history. ABDs with a documented plan of completion by appointment date will be considered. Major research and/or teaching fields must be in the history of the Ancient World. Ability to teach survey courses in World Civilizations required. Ability to teach medieval and religious studies desired. Responsibilities include 12-hour teaching load each semester, research, and professional service.
  • Application Deadline: September 22, 2011. To Apply: Please visit Send three current letters of recommendation addressing qualifications to Ancient World Search, Department of History, 6B Faculty Hall, Murray, KY 42071-3341.
    • Snail Mail rejection received, 10/31.
    • Any other word on this search? Its been closed the longest.

SUNY Oswego [Non-TT][]

  • Visiting assistant professor position in ancient history to begin fall 2012. Field of specialization is open.
  • Review of applications will begin on December 1, 2011. For complete information about the position and application procedures, visit our website at

University of San Diego[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in ancient history, with a specialization in Rome and/or Greece. In addition to specialized courses on Rome and Greece, the department will expect the successful applicant to teach survey courses. Secondary areas might include, but are not restricted to, world history, gender and sexuality, medicine and science, and the rise of Islam in the Near East. Candidates should specify all areas in which they could teach.
  • Mail materials to: Maureen Byrnes, Department of History, University of San Diego, 5998 Alcalá Park, San Diego 92110-2492. Applicants must also register at, job number IRC4429. Applications must be received by November 1, 2011.
    • Email invitation for a first-round interview at AHA received (21 Nov) X2
    • On-campus visits scheduled for February

University of Oregon[]

  • TT Assistant Professor of Ancient History, focus in Greece and Rome but ability to teach a "variety" of grad and undergrad courses on the ancient world beginning Sept. 2012
  • Review begins October 15 2011, open till filled
  • Send CV, cover letter (research and teaching), writing sample, three letters of rec to:E. McGowen, Chair, Antiquity Search, Department of History, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1288
  • Snail mail request for supplemental materials, equal-opportunity hire paperwork (10/17)
  • Call for supplementary materials (10/29)
    • What type of supplementary materials requested?
  • Has anyone heard anything further about this? (11/22)
  • Nope (11/22)
  • Email invitation for Skype interviews (11/22)
  • Are people invited to interviews Hellenists or Romanists?
    • Romanist. (x2--they seemed very interested in late antiquity during Skype interview)
    • Rejection email 11/28 x4; 12/7
  • Rejected after Skype interview--no campus visit (1/6)
  • Campus interviews completed.

Western Kentucky University - Ancient History with specialization in the Roman World[]

  • Tenure-track position as assistant professor in Ancient History with specialization in the Roman World beginning August 2012.
  • Review of applications will begin on December 15, 2011, and will continue until the position is filled. The search committee will be conducting interviews at the AHA annual meeting.
    • Acknowledgement of receipt of materials, detailed message explaining that they will be reviewing materials immediately, then inviting people to interview at the AHA or by phone, and finally having campus visits for their short list in Feb. or early March. I thought this message was very classy. 12/14
    • Request for AHA interview (12/19)


Belmont Abbey College[]

  • Belmont Abbey College seeks to make a full-time appointment at the rank of assistant professor (tenure-track) in late antiquity/medieval Europe, to begin in the fall of 2012. The area of specialization is open. The candidate will be expected to offer upper level courses in Benedictine and Roman Catholic Church history as well as in his/her area of expertise. The candidate will also be expected to teach the core curriculum courses of Western Civilization I and II. The teaching load is four courses per academic semester. The successful applicant will have research and teaching records indicating strong potential as a teacher, colleague, mentor and scholar. Candidates must support the College’s mission and vision. Ph.D. should be in hand by August 1, 2012, the time of the appointment. To assure full consideration, please submit—both via email and by post—a letter of application, c.v., sample syllabi, and three letters of reference by March 9, 2012
  • Anyone have news on this one? Seems a bit late in the year.
  • Hard Copy Rejection Letter (3-26)
  • Request for Skype interview (4-2)
    • Me again--has anyone else interviewing gotten word of a timeline for when they'll give word of a job talk?
    • At least one job talk/campus visit has already occurred (4/23).
    • Yeah, got the rejection letter a little bit after my follow up question.
    • Offer extended and accepted (5/25).

Boston College - post-1100 Europe[]

  • The Department of History at Boston College invites applications for a historian working on post-1100 continental Europe. The appointment will be tenure-track and at the rank of assistant professor.
  • Applications should be submitted electronically to: They can also be sent to the Chair, Medieval Europe Search Committee, Dept. of History, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.
  • Deadline: November 1, 2011.
    • Received acknowledgement of completed application 11/02/11 (x2).
    • Rejection letter received 11/19 (x2)
    • Rejection letter received 11/25 (x2)
  • Has anyone received an invitation to first round interview? (11/21)
    • Request for further materials (book manuscript) via email 11/28 x2
    • Request for further materials (articles and/or dissertation) via email 12/1 x2
  • no response so far. Not sure if this is a good or a bad sign (11/29) x 3
  • We will not be making a final decision about our AHA interview list for another week and a half (Posted 12/1 by the Chair of the medieval search committee).
    • Invited to interview at AHA (12/7) x4
    • still nothing (12/8) x3 (12/13)
    • 12/15: rejection letter dated 12/9; actually complimented my research x3 (very classy letter....the most feedback I have ever received in a rejection letter)
    • actual letter or e-mail attachment? An actual letter, not an e-mail attachment.
  • Anyone w/ an AHA interview get a sense of the timeline re: campus interviews? (1/10)
  • Position filled as of 4/25

Bridgewater State College (MA)[]

  • tenure-track assistant professorship in medieval European history, to begin fall 2012.
  • Job Close Date: 12-31-2011
  • Link to online application:
  • Anyone heard back on this yet?
    • Nothing so far.
    • Crickets at this end too
    • phone interview scheduled (2/7/12)
    • Call for campus visit (2/21)

Canterbury Christ Church University (UK)[]

  • Lectureship or Senior Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof.) in Medieval History
  • "Applicants should have particular expertise in the late antique and/or early medieval period"
  • Deadline: 22 Jun. 2012

Illinois State University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in medieval European history
  • Specialization is open, though candidates should be qualified to teach Western Civilization to 1500. Doctoral dissertation must be defended by 3/1/12.
  • Deadline: Nov. 20
    • 10/7: Confirmation by chair of receipt of application (verification of reference letters on 11/15)
    • 11/16: Confirmation by department chair that application materials were received and forwarded to the search committee.
    • 11/30: hard-copy acknowledgement of my app. + Voluntary Information Form in the mail
    • 12/13: AHA interview request by email (x2)
    • 12/20: AHA interview request by email (x1)
    • 16/12: Still haven't heard anything, despite the nearing deadline for the AHA registration
    • 1/18: Campus interview scheduled
    • 3/1: Received notice via post that hire has been made.
    • 3/1: Thoughtful rejection letter. Good job ISU.
      • I second that! Thanks for the thoughtful letter. (x2. One of the most personable and humane rejection letters I've ever gotten.)

Indiana University - South Bend[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in History
  • 'Medieval' specialism with preference for secondary field in Renaissance/Reformation
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • sent in app via email - never know - got strange curt response which included directions to send in hard copies to an address that included the email address - again. salutations, missing. Find correspondence in all of these situations remarkably telling about the nature of collegiality and work environment in departments... Nice places to work, are nice to hear from. Just saying!
    • I'm not sure what happened in the previous case, but the communication I received from the school about this position was polite, detailed, and completely professional
  • Phone call for AHA interview (12/9)
  • email for AHA interview (12/10) (x2)
  • Phone call for AHA interview (12/13) (x2)
  • Not a word still (12/16) (x2)
  • Campus interview scheduled (1/18)
  • Did anyone get an offer here?
  • Offer made and accepted

Kings College London (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured, ~asst/assoc Prof) in Medieval History, 1200-1500
  • "The successful candidate can be a specialist in any area or areas of British and/or European History widely defined, but their area of research expertise must fall within the date range 1200-1500."
  • (for an explanation of the 'full' contribution to the REF, see the Humanities & social sciences talk page)
  • Deadline: 10 Apr. 2012
    • intend to interview in May.
  • ISTR that Kings announced that they were going to make all medieval history faculty re-apply for their jobs. Does anyone have any intel on whether this is a posting for a new faculty member or if they're making the current lecturer re-apply?
  • Any news on what happened with this one?

Marquette University[]

  • Assistant Prof. in Late Antique/Early Medieval History "with a teaching field in Ancient Greece and Rome"
  • "the department particularly encourages applications from historians who examine connections between medieval Europe and other cultures (for instance, the Byzantine or Islamicate)"
  • "Teaching load is five courses per academic year, including the survey in western civilization"
  • Deadline: 31 Oct. 2011
    • Request for AHA Interview (11/21)
    • Rejection letter (12/2 postal) (12/5 by postal mail) (12/7, post)
    • Clumsy rejection letter snail-mail 12/6.
    • On-campus interviews have been scheduled

Marymount University[]

  • Tenure track position in European History at the Assistant Professor level beginning in August 2012. Required fields of specialization include Ancient and Medieval History.
  • For details and to apply, please visit and search for Position 09730.
  • Request for AHA interview via e-mail (12/11) X4
  • Campus interview scheduled (1/27).
    • I think this is bogus (another attempt to wreak havoc on our psyches?): the committee at the AHA said that the decisions for on-campus visits would come at the end of February.
    • Believe what you want, but no one is playing games here. I am the one who posted the previous entry, and I have had my on-campus interview at Marymount.
    • Any news on this one? Has anyone received an offer?
    • As per rejection letter (3/1), offer made and accepted (x3)

Princeton University[]

  • Late Antiquity. Assistant Professor, Tenure Track. Anticipated start date, September 1, 2012. The Department of History of Princeton University invites applications from scholars who specialize in Late Antique history, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean and the regions that border it in the period 400-800. Teaching responsibilities include an undergraduate lecture course providing an overview of the political, religious, cultural, social and economic history of the period and upper level undergraduate and graduate seminars on specialized topics.
  • Review of files will begin October 15, 2011, but applications will be considered until the department chooses to close the search. Applicants should provide a detailed letter of application, curriculum vitae, dissertation abstract, and dissertation chapter outline. Applicants should also provide contact information for at least three recommenders as part of the online application process. AA/EOE.
  • Please apply online at: – Requisition # 0110461
    • Email for supplementary materials, 11/24.
    • Is this still on? Any interviews?
    • On-campus interviews already scheduled (Jan. 5)

Seton Hall University[]

  • Full time tenure track position at the rank of assistant professor in the history of Medieval Europe to start Fall 2012.
  • Faculty members are expected to carry a 3/3 teaching load, pursue an active program of research and publication and engage in service. Applicants must understand and be willing to support the Seton Hall University Catholic mission.
  • Send a letter of application, curriculum vitae and three letters of reference to Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, but candidates wishing to be considered for preliminary interviews at the AHA Convention should send their materials no later than December 15, 2011.
    • E-mail to that application address bounced back, but SHU's IT help desk told me on 11/28 that this should be resolved sometime tomorrow (11/29).
    • The address worked on 11/30 - or, at least, the email didn't bounce
  • 12/16: Confirmation via email of application received (x6)
  • 12/16 AHA interview request by email (x2)
  • That was super fast (12/15 deadline, 12/16 interview requests), and I can't help but wonder if those "we received your materials... all applications will be considered open until offer is accepted" letters were for those of us not getting interviewed at AHA.
    • Seems likely. I'm kind of curious--that's a really fast turnaround time. For something that quick, I wonder if they had a specific candidate or candidates in mind.
  • My guess is that they had received applications prior to the deadline that they had already reviewed and had decided to interview. Those, like myself, who sent one just prior to the deadline, and have received confirmation that our applications are under consideration, will, I imagine, have to wait a little longer. they probably received a whole stack right at the deadline, which would take at least some time to go through.
    • While that would make sense, I sent my application the day after the job was posted on H-net and received one of the "under consideration" letters. While I'll still hope, I'm marking this one as a wiki-rejection in my own list.
  • 1/13 Request for writing sample and syllabi (after AHA interview. Did everyone who interviewed at the AHA get this? Trying to figure out where I stand.)(x 2)
    • Interviewed and did not have same request. (x2)
    • Any news after the request of materials?
    • Interviewed at the AHA; got their rejection letter --- only now (21.2)
    • Did the rejection letter mention if they've invited for campus visits, etc?
    • No; it turned out that they sent the rejection letters only after they made an offer.

United States Military Academy - West Point - Medieval & Military History (13 month appt).[]

  • The United States Military Academy at West Point is accepting applications for a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of History. We are looking for someone with a research specialty in Military and Medieval History. The person selected would be expected to teach four courses: “Ancient and Medieval Warfare,” Medieval Europe,” “The History of the Military Art to 1900,” and “The History of the Military Art in the 20thCentury.”
  • The initial appointment, which will begin on or about 9 July 2012, is a full-time, thirteen month appointment.
  • Applications must be received by June 15, 2012.
  • Also posted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12

University of British Columbia - Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Medieval European History[]

University of Chester[]

  • Lectureship (~tenured Asst/Assoc Prof) in Medieval History
  • "Candidates are sought to teach undergraduate modules in the history of medieval Britain and/or Europe in the late Middle Ages as well as to contribute their subject specialism to the MA in Military History and to the MRes in History"
  • SHORT Deadline: 26 Apr. 2012

University of Exeter[]

  • Lectureship (~tenured asst./assoc. prof) in Medieval History pre-1200 AD
  • "The successful applicant will hold a PhD in Medieval History and have an independent, internationally-recognised research programme in an active field of Medieval History, pre-1200, related or complementary to existing Exeter strengths"
  • Deadline: 23 May 2012
  • Intevi
  • Interviews scheduled July 4th

University of Hull[]

  • Lectureship (~tenured asst./assoc. prof) in Medieval History
  • "Applications are particularly welcome from specialists in the social, cultural or political history of the medieval British Isles and/or Western Europe."
  • Deadline: 13 Apr. 2012

University of Indianapolis[]

  • Full-time, 9-month, tenure-track assistant professorship in Medieval European History.
  • Typical annual 3-3-1 teaching load includes courses in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, sections of World History survey, and a May Term course. Preference will be given to candidates also qualified to offer a course on Ancient Rome and/or a non-European area.
  • Apply electronically at Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until December 1, 2011.
    • Anyone?
  • AHA interview request via email. 12/16
  • Rejection email 1/16. I was one of five interviewed at AHA. They said they would bring two to campus.
  • Rejection email 2/22 (didn't have AHA interview) (x3)

University of Manchester (UK)[]

  • Unspecified no. of Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (tenured) positions in Medieval History
  • "You will have both research and teaching interests focused in the History of Medieval Europe (understood to include Britain and the Byzantine Empire) between 850 and 1400. Applicants with an interest in the relations between Europe and the wider world will also be considered. "
  • Deadline: Not Stated [job posted early December]
  • I believe the deadline is 10 Jan 2012 and that there are 2 lecturer/senior lecturer positions available.
  • Has anybody heard anything? 30/1
  • Not yet 30/1
  • Called HR today 3/2 about the Late Med/Early Modern post and was told that due to the volume of applications no shortlist had yet been drawn up. Presume this applies to the other jobs too.
  • Any news, anyone? (20/02)
  • Interviews scheduled next Friday (13/03)

University of Nebraska - Omaha - Medieval[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Medieval European History
  • "The dissertation and all other work for a Ph.D. in history must be completed and approved by Jan. 10, 2012"
  • Review begins: 10 Jan. 2012
  • Any word on this yet? (1/30)
  • Department member here: as you may be aware, our department is running three searches this semester. We are trying to operate these in something of a sequential fashion & the medieval position is third on the list. This does NOT reflect priority or funding merely admin necessities. I am not on this committee but I do know the committee members are in the midst of reviewing apps.
    • Thank you! We really appreciate the information.
  • Phone interview scheduled for 2/28 (x2)
  • So it's been a week since they scheduled their on-campus. Does anyone know who the lucky one was? Did the current VAP at least get interviewed?
  • They scheduled the on-campus today. What do you mean "the lucky one"? I guess they will bring the usual three people on campus.
  • Sorry, bad wording on my part--I was curious if one of the folks reading this was one of the people who got an on-campus. Also wondering if the VAP at least got to do an initial interview or an on-campus.
    • I got the on-campus but I'm not the VAP.
  • Dept. member here: offer extended and accepted.

University of Notre Dame[]

  • Tenured Assoc. or Full Prof in Western Medieval History
  • Any region/specialty excluding "those falling in Byzantine or Middle Eastern History"
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2011
    • AA form sent (via email link): 9/15
    • Snail-mail letter ack. application received (9/16); committee will call for additional materials later in the fall.
    • Any news on this? Since I was not called I assume that I'm out of the running.
    • No, it's not. The ad says "associate or full"; the response letter states, "this position will be an appointment at the level of associate or full professor, and we will therefore be favoring applicants with a strong record of publication and teaching." Nothing there to suggest only superstars may apply, but perhaps I'm just not as cynical as you.
    • Does anybody know what's going on with this search? I'm assuming they've had on campus interviews already, with the early deadline, rather than AHAs. (Anybody out there at ND with some inside info? No names of course, just the status of process?)
    • Just received my "you're out" letter via snail mail. No info about the interview process, but it does say that the committee has arrived at "a short list of finalists"--this would seem to suggest on-campus interviews. Interestingly, this letter was from P. Griffin (whereas the "receipt of application" letter from last fall was from O.R. Constable).
    • Griffin is the dept. chair. I assume Constable is the head of the search committee, since she is the director of the medieval institute.
    • I'm really curious to find out who gets this (but mainly so that I can apply for the position from which s/he gets poached. :P)
    • I know there's no decision yet for this job (and I am neither an applicant nor on the search committee), but in case anyone's interested, it's clear who the finalists are by looking at the MI's posted calendar of events.

University of Northern Colorado[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Medieval History
  • "Teaching responsibilities include Western Civilization survey(s) and upper-division and graduate (M.A.) courses in candidate’s specialty. In addition to Medieval history, ability to teach classical Greece and Rome is preferred; ability to teach pre-modern women’s history and/or Renaissance history is desired"
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011
  • Save yourself the postage:
  • What a joke!
  • if I were that visiting lecturer, I'd sure be thrilled that someone was trying to scare off my competition on this wiki. Apply anyway.
  • Oh apply ya, but the odd thing is that the H-Net posting says Jan 23 2012 for the applications. Unless this is a different JOB:
    • Job advert clearly says 15 Nov. as deadline for applications. The 23 Jan date relates to the removal of the advert from H-Net & I think is generated automatically. AFII 10:07, November 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • It's not a question of scaring people off, it's a question of lucidity and understanding how the system works. They already know who they want to hire, but they legally have to run a search. I much prefer that the department be this clear about it (and kudos to the VAP for having earned this) than to put effort into an application that has no chance of making it through to the end. If only more departments would be this clear, our lives at this time of year would be much easier.
  • I agree with the above. It's actually really nice of the department to basically say, "We're keeping the VAP but HR says that we have to run the search" in a way that requires very little decoding. I wish that more departments who were just posting the ad as a formality would be more open.
  • Q.: do you have specific inside information from someone in the dept. that this is indeed an "inside" hire? B/c I missed the part in the ad where it says: "we're just going to hire this visiting lecturer so don't bother applying." Also advertising a search in high job season in a high profile venue like H-Net doesn't exactly suggest an inside candidate. So I assume either you have inside information or you're just speculating based on the lecturer's cv and the ad language ... It's a tight market, there aren't so many jobs in this field that one can just skip applying for one based on wiki speculation ... and anything can happen in a search (for one thing, the visitor might actually land a job somewhere else ... it's been known to happen). So I just don't see why, if this is your field, you wouldn't throw your name in the pool, just in case ....
  • A.: Nope, no inside info, just the facts as anyone can find them in the open. It seems one of the reasons this wiki exists is for candidates to pool their resources and keep each other abreast of different searches. It might also be to keep some amused with snarky comments. Either way, this thread is doing its job. But, yes, nets thrown wider tend to bring in more prospects.
  • This is an internal hire, period. Unexpected things do happen, people can move out of the country, change their profession, enter a monastery, but before that we need to see this for what it is. It doesn't mean you shouldn't apply, it means you should be aware of your real chances.
  • To add to the lucid rationalityfest above, it would seem that the "new" way to get a job is to serve as a VAP or adjunct for a while and hope something opens up. That's what I'm doing.
  • I have no stake in this search, but I am in a position to know that this is a sincere national search carried out with integrity and respect for all applicants.
  • I am the chair of the History Department at the University of Northern Colorado, Joan Clinefelter. Please let me encourage ALL to apply. This is NOT a rigged search. The job description is the very same job description that has always existed, at least for the last 25 years. It accurately reflects the teaching duties of the position; if you don't believe me, check out our course catalog. It has not been crafted to benefit any particular individual. No individual has an inside track to the job. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me. And no, I am not a member of the search committe and indeed, I cannot read any of the application files until our three finalists have been selected. Really, if you apply, your application will be considered with care and objectivity. Best wishes for your job quest, and I hope you will consider applying for our position.
    • Thank you for using this forum to clarify the status of this search. Adding this perspective from the other side of a search is helpful to anxious job seekers.
  • Thank you for the clarification dr. Clinefelter. I am very anxious to see the name of the person who gets this job. We all are
  • This is a disturbing thread, fed by fear-induced cynicism.. I am not a Europeanist, but there was a reference to this conversation in another field, so I came to read what was being said. I'll add only that I interviewed with this department a few years back, and hands down I found it to be one of the most professional, thoughtful, and interesting on-campus interviews I have ever had. It was a model for how other schools should run searches. I actually received an offer from this department that I ultimately could not accept due to family reasons, but I still think of it as the one that got away. For all who have a positive attitude to this process, my only advice is: apply!!!!
  • Why would you call it "disturbing"? Because people are genuinely concerned about the fact that the VAP seems to be the "ideal" candidate based on the job description? Is this the first time you hear of an internal hire? It is common practice so this is not about cynicism, it is juts frustration that in a ridiculously tight market, even the few positions out there are sometimes not really "open" to everybody. If this will be the case at Northern Colorado, I do not know; at the end of the day we will look at the name of the person who got the job and we will know whether it was an internal hire or not.
  • I understand the frustration, trust me, and the sense of insecurity that comes from putting in so much hard work only to see it possibly not bear fruit in a TT job. And it is a struggle to channel that frustration in a positive and realistic way rather than in a negative way. It's not that I haven't ever heard about possible inside hires before; it's that I hear about it in an amount way out of proportion with reality. I have seen situations that to an outsider might look like an inside hire, when in fact it rarely works out that way. 'Inside' hires get better job offers, schools end up hiring two people, 'insiders' end up not getting the offer, 'insiders' are merely placeholders until the dept. is approved to run a full search, etc. And even if the 'inside' person at UNC is hired, it is not evidence of a rigged search. Whoever took the time to write the Spanish talk page seems to have a balanced grasp of it. Best of luck to you!
  • Even if the VAP gets the job, it's not evidence of some kind of conspiratorial "inside hire". Look at it this way: VAPs are doing the job already. Depending on the circumstances of their position in the department (personal rapport, service duties, etc.), it will always be hard to compete with a VAP who not only has teaching experience, but has experience doing the very job that is being advertised. Those who want to see something negative here should instead take a deep breath, apply for the job, and do their best.
  • Hey guys, you are all forgetting something else. Even if a VAP has a strong chance of getting the job, that person is certainly also applying for other jobs, and might well leave if one of them comes through.
    • Email confirming receipt of complete dossier and noting that review will begin soon, 11/21.
  • Request for Skype interview by email, 12/12
  • Any news about on-campus interviews? 1/23
  • Q: Just curious: is the VAP on the shortlist for campus interviews?
  • 2/21 - received a very nice e-mail notice that a hire has been made. (I was not interviewed, btw.) x2. Who got the job?
  • Weird - I haven't gotten an email notice yet, and I was interviewed! Also would really like to know who got the job. WOW, did you have a campus-interview?
  • Nope, just a phone interview. Got my generic (but kindly worded) rejection notice by mail 3/1. To my knowledge phone interviews were weeks of 2/6 and 2/13 so the hire must've happened very quickly to be sending out emails by 2/21! -->I'm a little confused, so they didn't organize any campus visits? Just phone interviews?
  • I had a Skype interview back in Jan. and just recieved a snail mail notice of another hire, dated Feb 21. (3/1)
  • No on-campus interviews? Well that's weird and if it is true then I am willing to bet money that the VAP mentioned in the first posts is the one who got the job. Rigged searches always try to save some money and campus visits are a costly business. Even AHA interviews are costly, and Northern Colorado had none...The one thing that I do not quite understand is why would you have a Skype interview, presumably a video conference, followed by a phone interview with the finalists. What more could you learn from the candidate over the phone which you haven't already learned on Skype...? I retract the above comments if campus interviews did take place.
  • Three candidates were brought to campus. All were very good (I am in another dept. and not part of the search but in a related field so I attended much of the action :) Knowing the faculty involved I think it probably was a fair and even search. I have been part of many searches with inside candidates and I'd say they get the job about 30-40% of the time. I understand how people feel about searches, they suck.

University of Oxford (UK) [non-TT; VAP equivalent][]

  • Three-year post as Departmental Lecturer (~VAP) in Early Medieval History c.300-900AD
  • "The appointment is to fulfil teaching needs arising from the appointment of Dr Bryan Ward-Perkins to the Directorship of the Ertegun Scholarship Programme in the Humanities, and is non-renewable."
  • Deadline: 23 Jul. 2012

University of York (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~ Asst/Assoc Prof) in the History of the Central Middle Ages, 1000-1350
  • "We would be particularly interested in candidates developing research and teaching in the history of the Mediterranean, the Near or Middle East, or the Islamic world in the central middle ages."
  • Deadline: 26 Apr. 2012
  • Letter of rejection received. 1/5

Williams College, MA[]

  • TT Assistant Professor in the history of the medieval world
  • Ideally will be able to teach either geographically broader than the European continent, or chronologically further (i.e. to Early Modern period)
  • Deadline: 31 October 2011
    • Acknowledgement of application from department, 10/12
    • Recommenders received thank-you emails direct from chair, 10/26
    • Acknowledgement email from department, 11/2
  • Anyone received any further news? 11/29.
  • Nothing so far.
  • Nope. Nothing. (12/4)
  • Still nothing (12/6)
    • Received email request for AHA interview (12/6)
  • Rejection email (12/7)
  • Still nothing (12/8) (x3; glad I'm not the only one) - they already sent out invitations for the interview so what are you hoping for at this point..? --> I didn't apply for this job, but I saw your comment. I have a friend last year who got an AHA interview invitation for a job that several people had posted over a week earlier having received invitations (and he subsequently had a campus visit, but didn't get the job). So, anything is possible, even if it might not be likely.
  • Why wouldn't they send out all rejections simultaneously, if they were done with the process? I think the "received request for interview" post is a fake --> if that one is fake then the 12/7 rejection is also a fake - this is just wishful thinking on your part :)
  • They send personalized rejections, not "Dear Candidate", so it takes time and there's no hurry...
  • Searches don't always proceed in such an orderly fashion. There could be multiple waves of AHA requests as the shortlist is refined. Some schools close certain candidacies that clearly don't fit their needs early in the process, but wait until after AHA or even until campus visits are scheduled to close others, on the chance that none of the candidates interviewed at AHA "click." There is no reason to think all rejections should go out simultaneously.
  • And hence no reason for somebody to say "what are you hoping for at this point"... --> All the jobs that I applied for so far, when there was a request for an interview posted on wiki I knew that I would receive a rejection letter at some point, and it never failed to appear, so don't put your hopes too high, if the 12/6 invitation is not a fake, your chances at this point are minimal.
    • Rejection email (12/9) (x8) (Second poster - very courteously worded, went out of its way to praise the applicant pool. 170 applicants!; classy rejection email)
    • Seconded. Just received the rejection letter as a pdf attachment (12/12). Very kindly worded, acknowledged the difficult economic times, very classy. As point of interest, this is the second job I applied to where the applicant pool was just under 200; so to all those who got interviews, congratulations. I truly wish you the best.
    • Rejection email (12/13, letter dated 12/8) (x6)
  • Campus interviews will be end of January per dept. chair

Medieval/Early Modern/Renaissance[]

Adelphi University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship of either medieval or early modern European history with the ability to teach advanced undergraduate courses on both time periods.
  • Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until the position is filled. Preliminary interviews will be conducted at the American Historical Association Convention.
  • Materials requested from applicants: letter of application, c.v., chapter-length writing sample, evidence of teaching effectiveness, and three letters of reference. Applicants must apply online at:
    • Acknowledgement of completed application 11/1
    • Rejection email received, 12/6 (x14)
    • More than 175 applicants, according to the rejection email. Wow. (x5)
    • Request for AHA interview, 12/6
    • Anyone else receive an ack but nothing since (neither rejection nor AHA invite)? (x2)
    • Received rejection email 12/9 saying my application was in the last pool. Nice letter, really.(x2)
    • Campus visits have been scheduled (1/12)

Christopher Newport University [Lectureship: Non-TT][]

  • Non-tenure track Lectureship in History (Late Medieval & Renaissance European HIstory c.1000-1500) and teacher preparation.
  • "The successful candidate must have a minimum of three years experience teaching in public secondary schools and be available to supervise student teachers during the academic year"
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2011

College of Wooster (OH) [VAP: Non-TT][]

  • One-year visiting assistant professorship in medieval and/or early modern European history beginning August 2012. The successful candidate will teach the introductory survey of western civilization to 1600, courses in European and/or global history before 1800, and courses in his/her field of expertise.
  • Review of materials will begin January 12, 2012, and continue until the position is filled. College HR post.
  • Skype interview request (2/9/12)
  • Campust interview scheduled (2/21/12)
  • Offer made and accepted.

Hanover College [CANCELLED][]

  • tenure track position in "High-to-Late Middle Ages and Renaissance"

  • "Will teach 7 courses per year, including Reformation course in alternating years and in general education curriculum"
  • Deadline: 21 Nov. 2011
  • Why is this job not listed at Hanover's Human Resources Department?
    • I was hoping that was just an issue with their site since the application page was there but unlinked. However, if no one has heard anything by this point, I may have to politely inquire if the search is still active next week.
      • Did they cancel the search?
        • I chickened out and didn't contact them to ask.
        • Crickets...
        • Got a nice letter today from Hanover - the search was cancelled. It shows what hard times we are in that a well established liberal arts school such as Hanover could have those kinds of troubles mid-search. A classy letter, with a lot of detail about what happened.

Indiana University Northwest - Medieval / Early Modern European History[]

  • Assistant professor of history (tenure track). The area of specialization is open but we prefer medieval/early modern European history (ability to teach Western Civilization and ancient Greek and Roman history a plus). Start date: August 2012.
  • Please submit a letter of application, a current CV, three letters of reference, a statement of research interests, and a statement of teaching philosophy to Professor Gianluca Di Muzio, Chair, Department of History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religious Studies, IU Northwest, 3400 Broadway, Gary, IN 46408 by January 9, 2012 for full consideration, but review will continue until the position is filled.
    • Emailed the chair on 11/30 about whether electronic or hard copy submission was preferred. Received a nice responsse indicating a slight preference for hard copy but that either was fine. Hard copy all the way for me, however.
    • Monitoring form received by email...applicants' names disclosed. Nice. (01/28)
      • I received one a few days later with no names disclosed. (I'm happy to get it either way!) (x2)
    • Skype interview scheduled for 3/2.
    • Skype interview scheduled for 2/24.
    • Campus visit scheduled

Oberlin College [VAP; Non-TT][]

  • Full-time non-continuing faculty position ... Appointment to this position will be for a term of one year, beginning first semester of the 2012-13 academic year, and will carry the rank of Visiting Assistant Professor. The incumbent will teach a total of five courses in the general area of European history in both the medieval and early modern periods. Specific courses include the first half of a European history survey, one or two intermediate classes, and at least one advanced class in the candidate’s area of specialization. Subfields are open.
  • To be assured of consideration, send the following (hard copy or Interfolio only): letter of application, a curriculum vitae, graduate academic transcripts, and at least three recent letters of reference. Materials should be should be sent to: Leonard V. Smith, Chair, Department of History, Oberlin College, 10 North Professor Street, Rice 317, Oberlin, Ohio, 44074 by March 1, 2012. Application materials received after that date may be considered until the position is filled. Salary will depend on qualifications and experience.
  • Any news on this, anyone?
    • Got a receipt-of-application letter, but that's it... (x3)
    • Hard copy rejection letter saying a hire had been made (4-3)

University of Manchester (UK) - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Later Medieval and Early Modern History (1350-1600)[]

  • The successful candidate will contribute to established courses but also have the opportunity to devise, agree and offer their own courses at UG and MA level, and supervise doctoral students. They will have both research and teaching interests focused in the History of Europe between1350 and 1600. Europe is taken here to include the Atlantic archipelago. Applicants with an interest in the relationship between Europe and the wider world will also be considered.
  • The closing date for applications is 13 January 2012.
  • apply online at
  • Has anybody heard anything about these positions? Rejection? Interview? (30/1)
  • Nothing
  • Called HR today 3/2 about this post and was told that due to the volume of applications no shortlist had yet been drawn up.
  • Still nothing (Feb 10)
  • Invited to interview (9 Feb)

University of New England (Aus.)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in Early European History
  • "We welcome applications from scholars holding a PhD in any relevant field of early European history who have a proven commitment to academic excellence and to teaching and curriculum development in history. Knowledge of the scholarship and practice of public history, including curatorial, archival, tourism and community studies, would be considered an asset. A commitment to developing online and flexible distance education teaching methods is also highly desired."
  • Deadline: 20 Jan. 2012

University of Virginia[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship of either medieval or early modern Continental European history (1100-1600)
  • All research fields will be considered, including those concerned with gender, the environment, and Europe's encounter with other cultures
  • Review of applications begins November 15 and will continue until the position is filled. Will conduct AHA interviews
  • CV, cover letter, statement of research interest, and a statement of teaching interest, philosophy and experience. Link to online application:
    • 12/5: Request for additional material (publications) via email (x2)
  • Any news? All quiet here (12/12)
  • Still nothing (12/21)
  • Rejection letter via email - they have now finalized the list of candidates to be interviewed at the AHA (12/23)
  • Am I the only one whose application is still officially "under review"? Surely a selection must have been made by now (01/30).
    • No, I'm the same. Though have mentally written it off
    • Campus visits have been scheduled.
    • The department says the psoition is filled, but itis readvertised on the HR website with somewhat confused dates ... strange ...

Western Oregon University - CANCELLED[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor "with a specialization in Medieval Europe and the ability to teach Early Modern European History."
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011
    • 10/17/2011 - Position is no longer listed on the Employment page on WOU's site, and I was told when I called HR that the search "is no longer open."
    • I can confirm this -- received notice that the search has been cancelled.

Wichita State University[]

  • Tenure-track position in Medieval/Renaissance History. Sub-specialty is open, but candidates with fields in Middle Eastern, Islamic, or African History, who can further the University's goals in interdisciplinary studies, are especially encouraged to apply.
  • The position has a 3-3 teaching load, and the successful candidate will teach a world civilization prior to 1500 course, and upper division and graduate courses in the candidate's area of specialization.
  • The deadline for applications is November 11, 2011. In addition to completing the online faculty profile at, candidates must arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent by postal mail to Dr. Helen S. Hundley, Department of History, Box 45, Wichita State University, 1845 Fairmount St., Wichita, KS 67260-0045
  • Also posted at Open Field or Mixed Hire History Jobs 2011-12
    • 11/23: Campus interview scheduled (x2)
    • Anyone (other than those two - congratulations!) gotten a rejection yet?
    • Nope. Not a word.
  • 12/22: Offer made and accepted. Paperwork still needs to go out, so official news may fly at the speed of administration.

Early Modern[]

Appalachian State University[]

  • tenure-track position in Early Modern European History, including the British Isles
  • Review begins Nov. 1 and continues until filled
  • Ran search last year. Funding pulled after on-campus invites extended.
    • Contacted via email for phone interview (11/22, x5)
    • On campus interview scheduled via e-mail 12/12
    • Had campus interview in mid/ate Jan. Has anyone heard if they've made an offer?
    • I'm in the same boat - on-campus in late January, since then silence. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. (2/14)
    • An offer was made, don't know if accepted
    • Any idea when the offer was made? (2/20)
    • The offer has been accepted (2/22)

Bates College[]

  • tenure-track position in the history of Early Modern continental Europe (1400-1789)
  • Review of applications begins October 10 and will continue until the position has been filled. Submit electronically, in PDF format, a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and unofficial graduate-school transcripts. Please arrange with three recommenders to send letters in PDF format or Word. Send all materials to Please include in the subject line your last name and History R2514.
    • Anyone heard anything?
    • Received request for additional materials 11/15. (x3)
    • Received request for Employment Voluntary Form only today 12/12 - so probably they are still in the process of reviewing application, I guess...
    • HR must be behind... Campus interviews have been scheduled for January
    • I heard there was an offer by the end of Jan. Was it accepted?

Brown University - Early Modern Portugal (15th-18th c.)[]

  • Open rank search for a Historian of Early Modern Portugal (15th-18thC) and the Portuguese Empire
  • "The successful candidate must be an accomplished scholar who is familiar with Portuguese sources and archives"
  • Review begins: 31 Oct. 2011
  • Nice signed, hard-copy acknowledgement of my app. in the mail! Classy.
  • Anyone heard anything here?
  • Still nothing (12/10)?
  • Anyone heard anything? (12/18)
  • What is the story with this search?
  • Hilariously received a "diversity goals compliance" email today, the first correspondence regarding this job that I've yet received. Anyone else know anything? (2/13)
  • Campus visits have been scheduled. Not sure if for all of the candidates yet, but certainly for some of them.
  • 4 campus visits scheduled (first hand info 2/20)
    • ANY NEWS ( 3/26)?
    • On campus visits in March, 2 associate rank, 2 assistant rank (3 in Maritime Asia, 1 in Brazil/Slavery)
    • Rejection received today (4/21) for on-campus interviewee.
  • An offer has been made for someone who's research is not on Portugal but the other side of the Atlantic(first hand info 05/01)
  • Sort of amazing considering that the ad specifically requesed individuals who had deep knowledge of Portugal (15th-18th centuries), the Portuguese Empire in the early modern world, and who had a strong knowledge of Portuguese archives. Why would they make an offer to someone not even in the field? They must be looking to use this "marginal field" in order to fill other holes in their faculty on the sly. Well played, Brown!
  • Actually the person has extensive experience in Portuguese archives and sources, not only in Portugal but also in Brazil, Angola, and Goa. Only rumours, of course. But they seem to have hired a socio-cultural scholar of the Portuguese empire, someone well-published and up to the job.
  • If they have hired someone who has written on all of those places (that's almost the entire empire), they surely will have an impressive publishing record of books, articles, and reviews. In a field this small, it should be relatively easy to figure out which late medievalist or early modernist it is. Unless, of course, Brown managed to hire someone "well-published" but who wouldn't necessarily be identified with the field.
  • Just saw these last comments. Do I sense some bitterness here?
  • Hold your guns people! Rumours have it that there might be an offer for a second position...meaning, that they are considering hiring two assistants...
  • Really? Two assistants? Both individuals that they interviewed work on basically the same field, early modern Portuguese South Asia. And Brown is already overstocked with early modernists. Do they need two more in the history of the Portuguese empire (and only one part of it)? That would be hard to believe.
  • In fact, they brought four candidates to campus. Three finalists work on early modern Portuguese South Asia. The fourth candidate works on the Portuguese Atlantic (Angola, Brazil, and the Bight of Benin) in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The latter got the job.

CUNY—Staten Island - Early Modern Science and Technology[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early Modern European History
  • "Applications documenting research in European Renaissance, Reformation and Counter-reformation, Scientific and Cultural Revolution and that complement existing departmental specialties will receive particular attention."
  • Teaching will include: "a course in World Civilization until 1500"
    • Job found in a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory behind a door that said "Beware of the tiger." Nice to like, actually advertise this, CUNY!
      • (I just added a link to the Chronicle ad AFII 09:34, November 16, 2011 (UTC))
  • Review begins: 7 Dec. 2011
  • Crossposted at History of Science, Technology & Medicine 2011-12
  • Acknowledgement of Application email (12-15)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/16)
  • Has anyone been contacted for campus visit? (1/28)
  • I thought they said that they would decide by Jan. 26 and inform the first week of February, although I could be mistaken. (2/2)
  • Rejection Email (2/6) - had *not* been interviewed at the AHA.
  • Received generic rejection email stating that the search committee has made a selection (2/6)

Leiden University[]

  • University lecturer "in any area of early modern European history," [excluding the Low Countries]
  • Review begins: 30 Sept. 2011
  • Requires teaching in Dutch.

Montclair State University[]

  • Assistant professor in "the history of the Mediterranean region during the early modern era (15th-18th centuries)"
  • "The department welcomes applications from scholars specializing in the social, cultural, economic, environmental and/or political history of any one or more of the Mediterranean’s constitutive regions, including but not limited to the Maghreb, the Levant, and the Balkans, as well as the Anatolian, Aegean, Italian, and Iberian peninsulas."
  • Deadline (for full consideration): 15 Nov. 2011
    • 18/11/11 Received request for additional materials (x2)
    • 17/11/11 Received request for additional materials
      • 3/2: email notification that offer was accepted (not interviewed)

Northumbria University (UK)[]

  • Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (tenured posts, ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in Early Modern History
  • Topic is open, "[h]owever, we are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in areas the following areas: European social or cultural history; the history of European Empires; or European interactions with the British Isles."
  • Deadline: 30 May 2012

Open University (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~asst/assoc prof) in Early Modern History 1500-1750
  • Deadline: 21 Jun. 2012
    • anticipated interview date: 18 Jul. 2012

Pennsylvania State University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Early Modern Europe (1475-1700), excluding Britain
  • pending budgetary approval
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
    • 6 Dec. 2011 AHA interview requested by email
    • 12 Jan. 2012 Campus visits have been scheduled
  • Offer was made

Randolph-Macon College[]

  • Entry level tenure-track appointment: "The annual seven course teaching load (4 in general education, 3 in major) will require the ability to teach major courses on Early modern England; training in the following would be valued: Early Modern France, Reformation, Renaissance, Women's History."
  • Interested candidates should submit electronically a cover letter addressing teaching philosophy and research interests, curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy, statement of research interests, unofficial graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation to Ms. Susan Timberlake (, subject line European History. If possible, please submit as one attachment titled with the candidate's last name and first initial. Review of applications will begin in mid-January & continue until the position is filled.
  • On-campus interview scheduled 2/4

Saint Joseph’s University[]

  • Assistant Professor - Early Modern European History (1500-1800)
  • Preference will be given to candidates who can teach courses on European expansion, exploration and colonialism; research specialization is open. The teaching load is 3-3.
  • Applications will be taken through December 1, 2011. Applicants must apply on-line at and complete an application. Complete applications will include a cover letter, C.V., three letters of reference, statement of teaching philosophy, and a writing sample. Hard copy should be sent to Chair of Search Committee, History Department, SJU, 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395.
    • Does anyone know if the religious persuasion (or lack there of) of the job candidate matters at a religious university such as this one?
      • With absolutely no specific knowledge of the situation, I would say no. Jesuit universities are by and large accepting of all religions (or lack thereof). However, most Jesuit schools give preference to members of the Society of Jesus and the Sisters of Mercy, if any are applying for the position.
        • Thanks for the info!
        • There are crucifixes all over campus, but this particular instituition is very welcoming to all types of folks, believers of any kind or not.
  • It's getting late. Has anyone heard anything? (Nope) (12/16)
  • Invited to a phone interiew 12/17
  • Any word on campus visits?
  • I haven't heard anything after the phone interview in mid-Dec either. (1/19)
  • Campus visits are on 1/20 and 1/23 (1/13).
  • Heard that offer was made and accepted about a week ago (2/23)

Scripps College[]

  • Scripps College, a women’s liberal arts college with a strong interdisciplinary tradition, seeks to hire a scholar of Renaissance or Early Modern Europe at the tenure-track, assistant professor level. The position will begin in the 2012-2013 academic year, pending approval.
  • Field of expertise and geographical focus are open; applicants are expected to have the Ph.D. at the time of appointment. Teaching load is five courses for the year, in addition to advising on senior theses. Participation in the Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities is expected.
  • Deadline for submission of applications is November 1, 2011. Applicants should submit the following materials online at letter of application, CV, and three letters of recommendation. For questions other than the submission of applications, contact Professor Andrew Aisenberg electronically at
    • Anyone heard from them? (x5)
    • Email invite for AHA interview (11/30) (x5)
    • Have campus visits been scheduled?
    • Candidates have apparently been invited to campus. (2/2)
  • A very belated rejection letter, I was not even interviewed. In it they said they had 200 applicants. So well done to the person who gets this job. And may the gods of the job market be with the rest of us! (2/18)
  • Offer made and accepted.

Swarthmore College[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early Modern European History, any region except Russia
  • "We welcome candidates with wider global research and teaching interests, including Europe’s relationship to the Atlantic or Indian Oceans, or the Caribbean Sea, as well as histories of gender and sexuality, science and the environment, or comparative empires. We are especially interested in candidates who can contribute to one or more of these interdisciplinary programs: Latin American Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, or Environmental Studies"
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
    • Received notification that the Department has begun reviewing applications and plans to interview at the AHA (11/10). Received the same (11/14).
  • Invited to interview at AHA (11/23)
  • Ditto
  • Well done; snail mail or email invitation?
    • Thanks. Email invitation, including a request for additional materials in advance of the interview (syllabi, writing sample).
    • Thanks for the update; best wishes to you all!
    • Anyone else hear from Swarthmore (and can i stop checking my own email and this wiki page semi-frantically?) (11/28)
      • Know what you mean; for a while last week I thought the world had stopped writing to me. Then I started looking at the time as I checked my email - sometimes I was checking twice a minute. Jeez. Starting to learn that it's more fun to wait longer :-)
    • Seconding the above - is it game over if we haven't heard anything by now? (11/28) .
      • I don't think so. Based on the way things happened with the acknowledgments earlier in the month, I think they are probably reviewing applications in some kind of order and sending invitations as they go along. But I guess that remains to be seen. (11/28)
    • I also have heard nothing yet. Probably a bad sign.
  • Any news post-AHA?
    • Still waiting to hear, although I think they said "by the end of the month" so probably this week sometime?
    • The History Department's website currently lists the titles and dates of the scheduled job talks.
      • Darn. Thanks for posting this.
  • Offer has been made and accepted.

Queen Mary, University of London (UK) [Non-TT][]

  • 3 year lectureship (~VAP) in Early Modern European History (1500-1800)
  • Covering research leave for Prof. Colin Jones
  • "Preference may be given to a candidate working in the field of French history. The successful candidate will be expected to have a good research profile and to have previous teaching experience. He/she will be given the opportunity to develop their own courses but may also be required to teach on existing courses in the School (possibly including a Special Subject on the French Revolution)."
  • Deadline: 6 Apr. 2012
    • Intend to interview in April
  • Interview request for May 4.

University of Alaska Anchorage[]

  • The Department of History at the University of Alaska Anchorage invites applications for a tenure track appointment in Early Modern Europe/World History to begin in August 2012. The successful candidate will teach Western Civilization I and II history surveys, an upper division Themes in World History course, departmental upper division capstone courses, and courses in his or her area of specialty. Fields of specialization are open, but the department is particularly interested in candidates with areas in gender, transnational, comparative, empires, or environmental history.
  • Review of files begins November 15.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12
    • I got an email today from the head of the search committee saying they would begin looking at applications, not interview at the AHA but over the phone instead, and would invite people for campus visits in mid to early February- I guess so you can get a nice taste of the winter! (x5)
    • rejection via email (Dec.6)
    • Did everyone get the email saying they would begin looking at applications? I did not, nor did I get a rejection email, but my application was complete. (Dec. 8)
    • Got an email requesting a phone interview in late January! (1/18) x2
    • Good luck! Anchorage is a beautiful place to live.
    • Received invitation to campus interview.
    • Can I ask when and how you received the invitation?
      • By phone on 2/1
    • any news?
    • Campus interviews are underway 2/21
    • An offer has been made

University of Essex (UK) - Early Modern History[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in Early Modern History excluding the British Isles & Germany
  • "Preference in making the appointment may be given to scholars working on France, Spain, or the Spanish, Portuguese or Ottoman Empires; to scholars whose research and teaching interests use digital technology in innovative ways; or to scholars whose work has a significant impact beyond academia."
  • Deadline: 29 Apr. 2012

University of Exeter (1450-1750)[]

[link goes to job site: search for job ref R11146 as a keyword]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Assoc/Asst Prof) in European History (1450-1750)
  • "The post of Lecturer in European History, 1450-1750 will contribute to extending the research profile of early modern history at Exeter, particularly in areas related or complementary to continental European History in this period."
  • Deadline: 24 May 2012

University of Manchester (UK) - Three Lecturers in Early Modern History[]

  • Applications are invited for the appointment of three Lecturers in Early Modern History in the University of Manchester. The salary for a Lecturer is £32,751 - £44, 016 pa.
  • The successful candidates will contribute to established courses but also have the opportunity to devise, agree and offer their own courses at UG and MA level, and to supervise doctoral students. The appointees will have both research and teaching interests focused in the History of Britain and/or Europe between 1500 and 1815. Candidates with an interest in the relations between Europe and the wider world will also be considered.
  • The post(s) will be tenable from 1 September 2012. The closing date for applications is 13 January 2012. Apply online at
  • Has anybody heard back from Manchester yet? (30/1)
  • Called HR today 3/2 about the Late Med/Early Modern post and was told that due to the volume of applications no shortlist had yet been drawn up. Presume this applies to the other jobs too.
  • Invited to interview 9/2.
  • Are you referring to the Late Med/Early Modern Post or to the three early modern positions?
  • I am a sixteenth-century specialist and am being considered for both. I know of someone else who has an interview for the early modern post.
  • Out of curiousity: does anyone have an idea how many applications they received if there was such a great number? Just trying to get a sense of how many candidates are out there on the British market...
  • Don't know about this one but it is not unusual to get 100+ applicants for UK lectureships. Successful candidates often have a few years' postdoctoral experience and a book in press or published.
  • I am based in the UK. Fixed term (1-2 years), non-TT track appointments in my central London institution have each attracted 200+ applicants in the last couple of years. Given the fact that Manchester had three jobs on offer, my guess is that they could well have had 300 applications - but that's just a guess.

University of Massachusetts Boston[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in early modern European History, c. 1500-1750.
  • Geographical regions and areas of specialization are open (excluding Italy). We encourage candidates whose work focuses on political, social, and/or cultural history and those who use interdisciplinary approaches. We are also interested in applicants who can contribute to our interdisciplinary Atlantic World program.
  • The department will begin reviewing dossiers on December 1, 2011, with the intention of interviewing at the AHA annual meeting.
  • Received email confirming receipt of application (12/11); committee will be in touch later in December once decisions on AHA interviews have been made. (x2)
  • AHA interview scheduled via phone (12/14) (x4)
    • Has anyone else heard from them? (12/16) Nope (12/16) (x3)
      • Emailed rejection letter 12/21 (x5), 12/23 (x2)
    • ​Any AHA interviewees hear about campus visits?
      • I had AHA interview and have not heard, as of 1/18. Anyone else? (x3)
      • Visits were scheduled last week, I believe.
      • Has anyone been scheduled for a campus visit or received a rejection? 1/24
      • Rejection email (1/25) Good luck to the campus visitors.
      • Campus visit scheduled (2/9)
      • Offer Accepted

University of North Alabama[]

  • Tenure track assistant or associate professorship in Early Modern European History (excluding Britain and Russia)
  • " Ability to teach Middle Eastern History a plus"
  • Deadline: 13 Dec. 2011
  • anyone heard anything? 1/6
    • Nothing (1/19)
  • Request for phone interview (2/4)
  • Any news? (2/28)

University of Oxford - Balliol College[]

  • Tutorial Fellowship & University Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in Early Modern European History
  • "The post is for a specialist in Continental European history, 1500-1700, with a preference for socio-cultural history or socio-political history. There will be no geographical restriction, but, given the Faculty's developing research interest in Global history, a research expertise in Ottoman history (including the relationships between the Ottoman empire and western Europe) would be strongly welcomed."
  • Deadline: 30 Mar. 2012

University of Oxford - Hertford College[]

  • Tutorial Fellowship & University Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof.) in Early Modern European or British History
  • "The post is for an early modern historian with special interests in visual and/or material culture, c. 1550-1750. There will be no further geographical restriction to the post (i.e. to any specific country in the British Isles and/or continental Europe), for it is the field of study which is important here, not any given country."
  • Deadline: 27 Jan. 2012
  • Has anybody heard anything yet about this? (30/1)
    • Nope (8/2)
    • Rejection email - 2/14/12

University of South Florida - Instructor, Early Modern European Culture [Non-TT][]

  • The Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies at the University of South Florida invites applications for a full-time Instructor in interdisciplinary humanities with an emphasis in early-modern Europe (the Baroque through the Enlightenment). We are especially interested in candidates whose work explores texts and images in a comparative trans-Atlantic context. Teaching assignment is 4/4 with normally not more than 3 preps per semester,and includes teaching General Education courses in Western Civilization as well as upper-level courses and graduate seminars in area of specialization. The successful candidate will also mentor and supervise undergraduate and graduate research and maintain an active research agenda. PhD in Humanities or equivalent discipline with demonstrable interdisciplinary qualifications required. Salary is negotiable. 9-month contract begins August 2012.
  • Applicants must submit an online application through Applications must include an application letter and Vita. In addition please have three letters of recommendation sent to: Dr. Niki Kantzios, Humanities Search Chair, Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies, CPR 107, University of South Florida, 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33620.
  • Applications must be received by January 15, 2012.
  • Any updates?

University of St Andrews[]

  • Permanent lecturer: Relations between Europe (excluding Britain) and the wider world, c. 1500 to c. 1900
  • This is an entry level job (i.e. equivalent in career terms to an assistant professorship in the US), but it is a permanent job (i.e tenured after the probation year).
  • Deadline: 13 January (Interviews: 13 March)

University of Warwick (UK) - Early Modern Mediterranean/Ottoman/Middle Eastern[]

  • Associate Professor in the History of Early Modern Medieterranean and Ottoman/Middle Eastern History
  • "You will conduct historical research situated in any region of the Mediterranean basin and Middle East within the period 1300-1800"
  • Deadline: 1 May 2012

Utah Valley University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Continental European History (1500-1800)
  • "Special consideration given to candidates with subfields outside of Europe."
  • 4/4 teaching load
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2011.
    • Intend to interview at AHA.
  • Invited for interview at the AHA (12/03) (x5)
  • I also interviewed at the AHA. Anybody heard anything yet? Have they contacted people about campus visits? (1/18)
    • I have not been invited to campus but a friend of mine has. I think s/he heard last week.
    • campus visit scheduled (1/11)


Aberystwyth University (UK; Wales)[]

  • Tenured, senior position: Senior Lecturer or Reader in Modern European History (post-1789)
  • "The successful candidate will have an internationally-recognised research record in any relevant field of modern European history (post-1789)."
  • Deadline: 26 Mar. 2012
  • [15 May] Shortlisted. Invited for interview (24 May).
  • Job offer received.

Auburn University[]

  • tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor with a specialization in the history of 20th century Western Europe, excluding Britain.
  • Consideration of applications will begin October 21, 2011 and continue until the position is filled.
    • Any news? (Nov. 20)
    • Just an affirmative action form.
  • Contacted for AHA interview (22/11) (x4)--just one person? what field? (12/1) -- France, Italy, Spain
    • Only 2 people contacted for interview at AHA?
  • Received rejection snail-mail on 12/5, stating that an offer had been made already (x3).
  • I thought it was a rather classy and polite rejection letter. Good show.
    • Wait, so no AHA interviews? Somebody just got the job? (Dec. 7)
    • As far as I've heard, AHA interviews are still on. (Dec. 8)
    • Received rejection dated Nov. 29, stating that the "position has been offered to another candidate," whatever that means in this context. (Dec. 13, but living in France and hence the delay)
    • On-campus interviews scheduled (1/19)
    • I know for a fact that this job has now been offered and accepted (2/17)
    • Who accepted?
    • A recent Yale PhD.

Beloit College[]

  • Date Open: Immediately (no - does not say when; one must assume Fall 2012)
  • Seeking Assistant Professor - Modern European History
  • The History department at Beloit College invites applications for a tenure track position in modern European history. The successful applicant will be able to teach a range of survey and elective courses in various aspects of nineteenth- and twentieth century European history and will have research interests in either Europe¹s colonial and post-colonial legacies or Europe¹s cultural and intellectual impact on world history.
  • Review of applications will begin October 31, 2011 and continue until the position is filled. For full consideration, apply by October 31st.
  • Any news on this one, or any hint that interviews might be conducted at AHA?
    • Email stating "Our plan is to review the applications over the next couple of weeks and to invite a select group of candidates to meet with us at the AHA in Chicago--we hope to notify candidates about those interviews by mid-December." Nov 21. (x7)
    • I applied early to this one--but did not receive this e-mail. Should I be freaking out? (x2)
    • No, don't freak out. The first round of acknowledgments didn't include details about the timing of the search but the second round did. We are still working on our interview list and will notify candidates about AHA interviews in a week or so, regardless of whether you received an early or late acknowledgment e-mail (or none at all, even).
      • Thanks for the update!
  • AHA interview scheduled (Dec 13) (x3) --> Congrats! Did you learn by phone or email? (email)
  • For those with interviews - What are your fields?
    • Field: Modern France and Empire
  • On-campus interviews scheduled.
  • Offered and accepted.

Birkbeck College, University of London (UK) [Non-TT][]

  • Five year fixed term lectureship (~Asst/Assoc Prof) in Modern European History (1789-1945)
  • Deadline: 30 Apr. 2012
    • Interviews on 23 May

Boston College - Europe, 1750-1914[]

  • BC is Searching for an Assistant Professor of European History, 1750-1914
  • "The Successful candidate will be expected to offer broad and specialized courses in European history at the undergraduate and graduate level and to participate in the History Core Program."
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Any movement on this one? I saw, above, that rejections have already been sent out for the medieval pos'n.
    • I applied and would expect an early rejection on this one - my specialization has some overlap with the existing department - and have heard nothing since the original confirmation email. That is to say, I don't think there's any movement...
  • Request for add'l materials 11/29 (x4) What geographic area for those asked for more materials?
    • Yes, I'm curious whether or not they considered mod. Brit. people for this one (x2)
    • Ditto for Mod. France...
    • Mod. France (x2)
    • Any Germanists invited to the AHA?
    • I'm a Germanist who was asked for further materials but haven't heard anything since then (as of 12/14).
  • Still no word 11/30 (x3) and 12/5, 12/9
  • AHA invite 12/9 (no prior request for add'l materials)
    • Interesting, I always wondered if that was a possibility.
  • email invitation to AHA 12/9 (x3)
  • Sweet, sweet certainty of rejection, please come soon (x3)
  • Yes, yes, please come and extinguish this hope before it kills me.
  • Rejection letter received 12/15 - I'm modern Britain (x2).
    • Snail mail?
    • x2 also modern Britain, received hers via snail mail in CT, letter dated 12/9.
  • I recieved a rejection email from BC on Friday, Jan. 13th. Same day as the ACLS rejections went out. Bad Day! Good luck to the rest of you.
  • Had interview at AHA and received note week or so ago saying I was not getting campus invite. FYI, I do Modern Britain.

Bethel University (Tennessee)[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in Modern European History
  • 4/4 teaching load, survey level European or World History and an additional upper level course each semester
  • Deadline: 15 Feb. 2012.
  • Anyone heard anything as of 2/27?
  • If I'm not mistaken, it says they would be reviewing (which I took to mean accepting) applications until March 1st.
  • My interpretation is a little different. The ad states that the SC will review applications between Feb. 15 and March 1, and lists Feb. 15 as the deadline for submission of applications. It seems to me this means that between these dates the SC will determine which candidates to interview. If theSC intended March 1 as the deadline, I don't see why they would have included the earlier date in the ad.
  • I hope your intepretation isn't correct as I sent mine just after the first date. Especially since the ad I read nor the HR website uses the word "deadline" anywhere. We shall see.
  • If an application says "review begins Feb. 15" I make sure to get my application in by that date. Why risk it by getting in it after the beginning of their review process?
  • Contacted on 3/4 for an initial phone conversation with the chair of the Social Science division, after which a phone interview with the department was scheduled.
  • Invitation for campus visit. [3/13]
  • Has an offer been made yet?

Brock University (Ca.)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern European History
  • "This position is subject to final budgetary approval. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority." (Note: this is basically standard wording for Canadian job ads)
  • Deadline: 13 Jan. 2012
  • Anybody aware of how Americans/Europeans get to work in Canada? Is it worth applying?
    • It's better than it was 10 yrs. ago, but still not easy. Officially, in order to justify hiring a non-Canadian, the committee have to prove that there wasn't a qualified Canadian in the applicant pool. How liberally they're willing to interpret that rule varies a lot depending upon the job, department, and university. From what I've seen, except at the very high-end research schools (e.g. U of Toronto, McGill, UBC), committees still tend to prefer hiring well-qualified Canadian applicants, of which there will be many in this search, b/c it's so broad. Of the half-dozen or so Canadian jobs that I looked into in the past two years, all but one went to a son or daughter of the North.
    • Thanks so much for that. Seems barely worth it and I suspected as much.
    • Also, grapevine says they're looking for a specialist in French history.
  • Any word on the progress of this search?
  • No word (even in terms of receiving a reply to application) as of 2/9 (x3)
  • After inquiring about my application status on 2/9, I was told by the SCC that they received over 150 applications, but that I hadn't made the cut. Boo! (Incidentally, I am Canadian, but have never had any luck at all when applying for Canadian jobs. I honestly don't know how any academics find employment in the Great North).
  • Did they mention whether or not they had contacted the shortlisted candidates?
    • In my experience, since Canadian searches go direct to on-campus (like the Brits), they know for certain who isn't coming well before they know who is (i.e. they go to a "long short-list" first, but they don't contact anyone until they've whittled it down to the final 3-5).
  • On-campus interview scheduled (2/20, contacted by phone)
  • May I ask what your field is?
    • France

Catholic University of America - 19th-20th c. Habsburg or Romanov empires[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in the 19th and 20th century "histories of the Habsburg or Romanov empires and their successor states"
  • Send: letter, cv, transcript, chapter-length writing sample, and three letters of recommendation to: Modern Europe Search Committee, Dept. of History, Catholic University of America, 620 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20064
  • Review of applications will begin on November 7, 2011. Interviews will be conducted at the AHA.
  • Send queries to: Prof. Jerry Muller (
    • From confirmation receipt letter: "We plan to interview 10-12 applicants at the AHA convention in Chicago on January 6 and January 7, 2012. We will inform those who we would like to interview at the convention around the end of November. We will invite three or four candidates to campus during the month of February, and will be making an offer shortly thereafter. We will inform all applicants once our offer has been made and accepted."
    • Has anyone been contacted for an interview yet? [12/1] Nothing here (12/1) [x4]
  • Interview request 12/1 Anyone else? [12/2]
  • Congrats! Field/Country of specialization?
  • On-campus interviews have been scheduled
  • Received polite rejection email stating that the position has been accepted by Arpad von Klimo.

DePauw University [Non-TT][]

  • Rank and salary commensurate with experience. Ph.D. preferred. Commitment to undergraduate teaching in liberal arts setting essential. Transnational approaches preferred, excluding narrow focus on France. Teaching responsibilities include: introductory modern European survey, country or regional surveys, upper-level thematic courses in areas of expertise. Prior teaching experience required. Visit /departments-programs/history/.
  • Submit letter of application, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, transcripts, statement of teaching areas and philosophy, and research interests to Barbara Whitehead, Chair, Department of History, DePauw University, P.O. Box 37, Greencastle IN 46135 or electronically to Review of applications begins April 2, 2012, and continues until position is filled.
  • Had a phone interview last week and now scheduled for an on-campus.

Drew University - modern French & German Intellectual History[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in modern French and German intellectual history, specializing in the 20th century spread of phenomenology and the intellectual biography of the early Jacques Derrida.
  • Ph.D. in history, experience teaching graduate and undergraduate courses, and a record of publications required. The teaching load is 3/2 and the successful applicant will teach undergraduate European history courses and will fully participate in Drew's MA/Ph.D. program in History and Culture.
  • Applicants should submit a cover letter, CV, and three letters of recommendation by December 23 to Appointment is pending budget approval.
    • internal candidate? If you check the department website, there is a faculty member, who is finishing a book manuscript, The Young Derrida and French Philosophy, 1945-1968.
    • It appears that faculty member is already in a tenure-track position at Drew. See (scroll down near the bottom)
  • This is an internal hire -- I would bet my career on it. The job description is so specific as to be laughable. Please find me another historian in the world who is working on an intellectual biography of early Derrida. Perhaps the internal candidate was first hired a couple years ago on a provisional TT basis? I have nothing against the internal hire, whom I know casually; he is a great historian and wonderful person. But it's a shame that the university must go through a public "search" only to carry out an internal promotion. I would recommend not wasting your time on this one.
    • Curious what "provisional TT basis" might mean? It doesn't exactly make sense. Of course, "tenure-track" is, in a sense, itself "provisional" (because, by definition, one doesn't have "tenure" yet). But if you've already been hired into a tenure-track position (as opposed to visiting / post-doc / limited term appt.), I don't understand why you would need to be hired on the tenure-track again? I understand that the request for a Derrida specialist seems weirdly specific ... but it also seems totally bizarre that they'd run a search to hire--again--a person who already has a tenure-track job there! Is it possible they are just trying to build a strength in this area? Does anyone have actual inside info on this?
  • I think the posting must be a prank. Whether it is an inside hire, a replacement hire, or something else entirely, it is a job description so detailed as to make a mockery of other bizarrely specific job descriptions. The give away is that the job is not listed on Drew's HR website, only on the Chronicle. I don't think it's a very funny joke to those of us without jobs.
  • The historian there is British. Five bucks says this is a visa issue, and that the university needs to officially post the job so that his visa application can go through. I've seen this happen with other international candidates.
    • Yes, the visa explanation makes total sense. x3

Duquesne University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Modern Continental Europe; secondary field in Middle East/North African history desired.
  • 3/3 Load
  • Deadline: 18 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • emailed about setting up AHA interview (30 Nov) (x3)
    • Congrats. What fields? (Europe, Mid-East, Germany)
    • How many people contacted for interview?
  • Rejection letter received in regular mail (Dec 9) (x3), (Dec 13 x1) (Dec. 21 X 1)
  • Phone invitation to on-campus - congrats. when?
  • Note went out via Columbia University's listserv that this went to Mehmet Dosemeci, a Columbia PhD. Congratulations.

Durham University (UK)[]

Eastern Connecticut State University[]

  • Tenure-Track Assistant Professor - Modern European History
  • Period and area of specialization are open (but excluding Britain and Germany).
  • Interested applicants should send a letter of application, teaching philosophy, CV and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Anna Kirchmann, Search Chair, Department of History, Eastern Connecticut State University, 83 Windham Street, Willimantic, CT 06226.
  • Received affirmative action letter in the mail. [12/1]
  • Has anyone heard anything? [12/22]
  • Has anyone heard anything? [1/14]
  • Contacted for phone interview (via email). (Feb 3) x3
  • Contacted for campus interview (via email). (Feb 24)

Florida Gulf Coast University[]

  • "Director of the Center for Judaic, Holocaust & Human Rights Studies, Associate/Full Professor" (modified in late October; it appears that the rank is open)
  • "Mentors undergraduate and graduate research with a 2-1 teaching load. In addition to leading the Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Human Rights Studies, pursues external funding and partnerships with community organizations and local schools."
  • "Experience teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in modern European history with emphasis in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust."
  • Deadline date is 11-01-2011 (extended to Dec. 10)
  • The ad reads, "Teaching assignments may be on the main campus or at off-campus sites within our region" -- but that's incorrect (their HR dept. inserts that language in all job ads).
  • In addition to the standard app. items (CV, etc.), they ask for a "Statement of experience with students in research or scholarship as it fits discipline." I wonder what they are looking for? That's quite unusual; perhaps something else their HR dept. put in the ad, which is more appropriate to other disciplines.
  • I found this on their website; this seems to provide some clues as to what they're looking for: "In support of the university's mission, FGCU History faculty place great importance on mentoring our history majors in their research and scholarship.'
  • H-Net (LINK)
  • Also posted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012
  • Oct. 25: it looks like they've modified the ad - opening up the rank, for example, and in other ways making it more attractive (and open to more applicants): (LINK)
  • Anyone hear anything?

Florida International University []

  • Assistant or Associate professor in Modern European History
  • "Candidates will be able to work with students in the History Department’s Atlantic PhD program and, ideally, will be well-positioned to contribute to the MA in Public History and/or collaborate with the Wolfsonian-FIU/the Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence."
  • Deadline: 30 Nov. 2011
  • Are these two FIU jobs the same?
    • Two different adverts, different addresses for applications, and the job above is explicitly not tenured and covers the Medieval period. So, probably not! AFII 12:39, October 26, 2011 (UTC)
    • There are definitely two separate positions. One is tenure track (Assistant or Associate) in Modern Europe. The second is a permanent lectureship with period and specialization open.
  • contacted for phone interview (Dec 7)
  • Congrats, when is the interview, or has it already taken place? Would you share your field? Thanks. (x2)
    • interview has already taken place; field is France
    • Anyone invited on campus or know status of search? 12/13 Any news? 12/19
    • I had a phone interview last week, but I did not get any sense of where they are in the search process, and when I might hear more. (12/21) Anyone have a sense of what comes next? They are not listed on the AHA job center's listings.
    • Has anyone heard from FIU? Have candidates been invited on campus? (1/18)
      • Yes
      • They haven't made an offer to anyone yet. I've been told that the shortlist has been decided, though not sure if this means the candidates have been contacted or not. (2/29)

Georgia Southern University[]

  • The Department of History in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences invites nominations and applications for the tenure-track position of Assistant Professor of History with an emphasis in Modern European History.
  • Qualifications: demonstrated research agenda focused on German history since 1871, ability to teach military history and German history since 1648, ability to teach world history, undergraduate methods course, and senior seminar
  • PhD must be in hand by August 1, 2012
  • Screening of applications begins November 1, 2011
    • From "German" section below: "Received letter requesting transcript and writing sample (11/18)
  • Offer made and accepted

Hunter College, CUNY[]

  • Tenure track appointment in Modern European History
  • Specialism in: "Russia/Soviet Union; East-Central Europe (not including Germany); Southern and/or South-Eastern Europe (not including France)."
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011
    • Received e-mailed request for Skype interview [11/23] (x2)
      • one week after start of review? were you a known candidate? asst/assoc/full level?
      • Did anyone receive confirmation of receipt of application for this one? (I did, but I asked for confirmation)
      • anyone else been contacted for skype interviews? Yes.
      • Ad reposted at AHA job site (12/1)!! ?
      • anyone get local interviews/aha?
  • This job will go to someone of a jewish origin:) Jews are more likely to get jobs! Wow. I guess anti-Semitism is alive and well. / (Different commenter:) My first thought, before I realized this had been posted all over the Russia jobs, was that this was a non-PC ha ha joke by a socially challenged academic. Not so sure about that. Someone willing to go down the dangerous road of checking IP addresses (which I am not) should conduct an unmasking campaign on this one.
    • I banned the offending IP ( It's hosted by if anyone wants to take it further, although I think that's probably going to go nowhere. AFII 16:58, December 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • Any news on campus visits? [1/21] -- I've written twice asking for any info about the search, no reply to either request. Not sure what is going on ... [1/31]
  • Campus visit scheduled [2/3]
  • Polite rejection letter (2/13)
  • This position was reposted today on higheredjobs (the same job description, with an April 1 deadline). Does anyone have any idea what's going on with this search? [3/19]
  • I contacted the History Department regarding this and apparently the reposting was a mistake.

Indiana University - Southeast[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern European History, 1500-1900
  • 3/3 teaching load: "Teaching responsibilities consist of freshmen survey courses-The World in the Twentieth Century each semester; Europe: Renaissance to Napoleon and Europe: Napoleon to Present alternate semesters-and on a rotational basis an array of upper level courses in continental European history, including a sophomore seminar and a senior seminar. The successful candidate must demonstrate a superior general knowledge of modern European history.
  • Deadline: January 20, 2012
  • Job ad states among the minimum qualifications: "a Ph.D. in European History in hand at the time of application." First I've seen that.
  • Any news on this one? [1/30] x2 [2/8] ??? [2/17]??
    • I contacted the SCC around 2/10 and was told that they would be going through the applications "later this month."
  • Interview Request (2/21)
  • On-campus invite via e-mail.
  • Hire Made (5/3)

Lafayette College [Non-TT][]

  • Send a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, and two letters of reference via the online application system at Application materials are due by January 15, 2012.
  • I received an immidiate automatic email after submitting the online application, saying they will begin reviewing in January.
  • Any news on this one? [1/30]
  • Someone posted on the Russian/Slavic board that on campus interviews had been arranged for their other VAP position in Russian studies. Since both searches had the same application deadline and chair of the search committee, perhaps interviews for this job have also already been scheduled . . .
  • Invitation to on campus visit, arranged by phone (2/2) x2
  • Those who were invited for an interview, do you mind telling us what field you guys are in?
    • Russia
  • Rejection (email, 2/3), field: Modern France and Britain

Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)[]

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (tenured, Asst/Assoc Prof) in Modern Continental European History (1789-present)
  • "Applications are especially welcome from colleagues whose interests might also encompass Social Movements or Imperialism or Urban History or Migration"
  • SHORT Deadline: 10 Feb. 2012
  • Deadline is too short for a non-UK national: Tier 2 visa requires that a job announcement is posted for at least a month. Makes me wonder why Leeds Met put theirs for only 10 days ...
  • Clearly they only intend to hire a UK or EU candidate. Unfortunately, new UK government restrictions on the number of working visas that universities in the UK can apply for means that these are increasingly being hoarded and reserved for the sciences or senior appointments in the humanities (that least that is what is happening at my UK university).

Mount Saint Mary's University[]

  • Renewable appointment in Modern European history. Apart from Italy, geographical focus is open.
    • "Apart from Italy, geographical focus is open." What is that supposed to mean?
      • It seems pretty straightforward to me: they don't need someone who studies Italian History. If you look at the faculty on their website, they already have two people who teach Italian History. Mystery solved?
      • Yes. Sorry for that.
  • Preference given to those who can teach women's or gender studies.
  • Deadline: December 1, 2011.
  • Received affirmative action letter/form (12/10)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/15) (x3) - Congratulations! How were you contacted? Email or phone? -Email, phone
  • Rejection received via snail mail (1/24, dated 1/19)
    • Did you interview with them at the AHA before receiving the rejection?
      • Nope
  • Campus visits scheduled.

Middle Tennessee State University[]

  • Modern Eastern European History. Teach Russian history, and world/or western civilization. Modern European Cultural and Intellectual teaching field desirable. (3 – 126110).
  • To apply for open positions, go to and follow the instructions on how to complete an application, attach documents, and submit your application online. Review of applications begins October 31, 2011 (unless otherwise indicated) and will continue until the positions are filled.
  • Anyone have an idea why the ad for this position is no longer on the Chronicle? (I ask because it is up on H-Net and the School's site. Still, why would you put up an ad on 14 October on H-Net for a 31 October deadline? Hard to keep up with these people. Any help would be appreciated.)
  • A: the Chronicle is a very expensive place to advertise, and they may very well have only had the budget to post an ad for a limited time there. I wouldn't draw any darker conclusions from it, particularly if the ad is posted at other sites (like H-Net).
    • 11/23 - shortlisted (email)--field? Russia.
  • Any idea who is on the SC?
  • Informed that the SC will be conducting formal phone interviews with short-listed candidates sometime in January, with campus visits likely for finalists in early February. No AHA interviews.
  • If they already have their shortlist and only plan to do phone interviews, why are they waiting until January? Seems odd.
    • Might be unusual, but as a shortlisted candidate I must say that the SC has been very professional, open, and welcoming in all correspondence to this point. I've been impressed.
    • It is probably because they are running several searches at once, so they have a lot to organize. What fields are the shortlisted candidates? --> Russia
  • By the way, phone interviews have been scheduled (by email).
  • Any word about campus visits? [1/23]
  • Yes, campus visits scheduled a few weeks ago
  • Any updates?
    • Offer made.

Mississippi State University[]

  • Tenure track appointment in 19th or 20th C European History
  • "Successful applicant must be able to participate decisively in one or more of the department’s three Nodes of Excellence: History of Science and Technology; International Security/Internal Safety; and Agriculture, Rural and Environmental History."
  • Deadline: 28 Oct. 2011
  • Ha ha! Same job as last year, with all those dramatic AHA interviews? What the heck happened?
    • No-- this year they are looking for a modern Germanist. Last year they were looking for a French historian.
      • Where is this specialism information coming from? I can't see anything specifying a Germanist in the advert (either linked or on MSU's own jobs page) AFII 14:20, August 30, 2011 (UTC)
        • I think someone got confused: Last year, both Georgia Southern & MSU hired French historians (both after frightening interview processes). This year they are both advertizing for a Modern European position. But only Georgia Southern specified that they wanted a German historian. Perhaps the above poster got the two schools confused?
    • What the hell is a "node of excellence"?
    • It's a tumerous academic growth that, if not operated on quickly, can metastasize into a "center of excellence."
      • Funny! But from what I can tell, MSU wants to have clusters of very specific specialities, and they want job candidates to really talk about how their research fits into that specialty.
      • Does anyone have a sense of how extensive the node "Science and Technology" goes? Does it include, for example, medicine/health care?--yes it does.
      • I was wondering the same thing (I am actually applying for the US history job). When I looked on their webpage, the faculty who are listed under science and technology have medicine listed. So I am applying (doesn't hurt right?), but what is this I hear of a frightening interview process??
      • A: see Universities to fear
      • Saw the bits about the interview process on the "Venting Page" here and the Chronicle fora, I believe.
      • For the breadth of a "Node of Excellence," see
      • They had a similar history of science/technology job posted several years ago (2004?), and they were actually hoping to have someone teach agriculture-related courses.
  • Received a polite email confirming receipt of materials and stating that the committee would be reviewing applications later in November. (11 Nov)
  • Received an email asking for more written material. Focus is Italian medicine.
  • I am curious, having interviewed with MSU in the past, if their interviewing practice at the AHA has changed. Is it still with one guy in a bar for 2 hours?
    • I spotted him this year at the AHA interviewing in the Job Center, so maybe things have changed.

National University of Singapore[]

  • Tenure track appointment in Modern European History
  • Must be able to teach/contribute to World History and World Civilization survey courses
  • Deadline: 30 Sept. 2011
    • Intended start date: January 2012
  • Polite email informing me that there were "a large number of candidates" and that they will not be proceeding with my application. (31 Oct.) x2 (field: Modern France)

New York University[]

  • The Center for European & Mediterranean Studies and the Department of History in Arts & Science at New York University invite applications for a faculty position in modern European history (rank open) with a preferred emphasis on transnational issues of European integration and/or European identity. Completed Ph.D. in history is a requirement.
  • The position is to begin September 1, 2012, pending budgetary and administrative approval.
  • The deadline for applications is November 1, 2011
  • Chronicle ad asks for published copies of book reviews, if applicable. Is this a not-so-subtle hint to scare off the soon-to-be and recent PhDs among us?
  • The ad on the NYU website takes out the 'if applicable' bit and just requests published reviews as part of the application. It does seem like they want someone senior.
  • On that note, does anyone know if they will accept applications from ABDs? Would you interpret "completed Ph.D. in history is a requirement" to mean by the time of application, or by the start date for the job?
  • I would assume that means completed by the start date.
  • For online applications like these, do people generally upload a word document? I'm wondering if I need to print it out, sign it, and scan it into a pdf just so that it contains a signature. (I sent word docs, unsigned. But I wasn't sure how to send letters of rec?? So I mailed them regular post)
  • I don't think it's necessary to sign uploaded cover letters. I was actually on a search committee once and most of the applicants did not sign their letters, and this had no relation to whether or not they got interviews. As for the letters of recommendation, unless an online application tells you specifically not to use interfolio, you can enter the interfolio e-mail address for your recommenders, and the system will send a notification to Interfolio asking for the letter.
  • You should probably save your docx files as pdfs before uploading them, as it preserves the formatting across systems.
  • Has anybody rec'd acknowledgment of application receipt yet?
    • Request for more materials (11/17) x2 (I'm a junior applicant x2) (thx for sharing...)
    • Has anyone else been asked for more materials? Is the above poster a junior or senior applicant?
    • Nothing here...(junior applicant)
  • Rejection letter by snail mail [11/23] x3 [11/28]
  • AHA interview request for junior applicant (12/12) (x3)
  • Invitation for on-campus interview (1/12) two senior applicants invited to campus in february
    • Junior or senior applicant?
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Who got the job?

Pomona College[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern European History "with a focus on 19th or 20th century Northern European (Scandinavian, Russian/Soviet, or Baltic) history"
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2011
    • Pomona will be interviewing at the AHA.
      • Notified for AHA interview (x3). Request for dissertation chapters, graduate transcript and course proposals, 11/23 (field? also, how were you notified - phone/email?) Email.
      • Anyone else contacted for an AHA interview? Yes - Russianist (x2)
    • Received a very kind rejection letter via snail mail. The letter noted there were over 100 applicants. [12/5] x6
    • I haven't heard either way. Wonder what that's about.
    • Contacted by phone for campus visit. [1/23]
    • Offer apparently made (to another candidate) [2/27]

Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured Asst/Assoc Prof) in Modern European History
  • "Applicants must have PhD in relevant subject, proven teaching experience, and also REF-eligible high-quality research-based publications, in the history of modern Europe. The Department is looking for expertise that complements but does not replicate that of existing colleagues; a preference may be given to applicants specialising in the history of the Holocaust/comparative genocide and of Eastern or Southern Europe."
  • Deadline: 18 Apr. 2012
    • Interviews: 29 May 2012
    • Anyone contacted for interview?
    • Yes.

Southwestern University [Non-TT][]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern European History (Aug. 2012-May 2013)
  • 3/3 load to inlcude two sections of a course on Nations and Nationalism in World History, one section of a Modern Europe survey, and three courses based on areas of specialization.
  • Ability to cross-list a course with one or more of SU's interdisciplinary programs (Environmental Studies, International Studies, and Feminist Studies) would be appreciated.
  • PhD by time of appointment preferred; successful teaching experience is desirable.
  • A letter of application, CV, and three letters of reference should arrive by March 15 (preferably by email) to
  • I received a acknowledgement of application email today. "Although the time line is subject to change," they hope to wrap up the search by the end of April.

St. Mary's University of Minnesota[]

  • Assistant Professor of History, Modern Europe/World (full-time, tenure track)
  • Ability to teach a course in non-European history, particularly Latin America or Middle East, but excluding China, is highly desirable. Normal course load is 4/4.
  • Review of applications begins November 1, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Please submit electronically a letter of application, vita, unofficial graduate transcript, three letters of recommendation or contact information, and a brief statement of teaching philosophy to Tammy Pape at Candidates may be invited to interview at the Chicago AHA meeting in January 2012.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12
  • Has anyone heard anything here?
  • No word as of 11/23.
    • Still no word as of 11/30. Any sense of the timeline for determining the AHA interview list?
    • Received invitation to interview at AHA today (12/1) (x4) - field?
      • Did you hear via snail mail or email? - email
      • Which fields? -Modern France and empire
      • Which fields? Britain/British Empire
      • Germany
  • Had second round phone interview.
  • Rejection letter received 3/19/2012 - I did not have any interviews with them. (x2)

Trinity College Dublin [Non-TT][]

  • [Visiting] Assistant Professor in European History
  • Applicants will be expected to possess a doctorate and a sound research profile in any aspect of twentieth-century continental European history. In the first semester of appointment the successful applicant will be expected to deliver tutorials on the module Europe 1870-1930; a historiographically-focused module on World War 2 and the Historians, for Honours students; and a year-long Special Subject on any aspect of continental European history. In the second semester the Special Subject will continue; the historiography module will be repeated; and the candidate will also be expected to deliver a series of lectures for second-year students on Europe since 1914. Some supervision will also be required of undergraduate dissertations.
  • This is a specific purpose post covering the study leave of a permanent member of staff and will be for approx 10 months. The post is tenable from 1 September 2012.
  • Closing Date: 05-11-2012

Troy State University[]

  • The Assistant/Associate Professor position in History is a full-time, 10-month renewable contract, tenure track position and will be responsible for teaching introductory courses in Western Civilization and upper division courses on Modern Europe (seventeenth century to present). This position also includes administrative responsibilities such as advising students, scheduling history courses, recruiting students for the program, attending faculty meetings, and attending required Region meetings for faculty. The position begins August 2012. The possibility of additional summer and online teaching exists.
  • Minimum Qualifications: Doctoral degree or ABD close to completion (must possess a PhD in History by May 2012)
  • Preferred Qualifications: Some degree of graduate specialization in an area such as western intellectual, cultural or social history, or history of Africa
  • Closing Date (two listed): 12-15-2011 or 10-10-2-11
    • The closing date listed on the announcement was 12/15/2011. The date on Troy's job site is 11/10/2011.
      • I noticed today (while checking the status of the application) that Troy's site now states that the closing date is Dec. 15.
  • The HR system requires individuals to upload their own letters of recommendation (rather than having them sent from a dossier service or the letter writers themselves).
    • OK, I am baffled by this application. It seems like we are supposed to upload letters of recommendation directly into the system as attachments along with our CV's, letters, and other application materials. How is this possible? I've never seen an application like this; don't these online deals usually ask for an email address, and then send the request to that email address? How is everyone else dealing with this application? (I emailed the chair of the history department, but to no avail).
      • My referees sent letters directly to me as .pdfs or .docs, and I uploaded them to the system.
      • Also, LORs do not require a signature.
      • OK, but aren't LOR's supposed to be confidential???
        • That's an HR question, I suppose. My referees often give me a copy of the letter they have sent "snail-mail," but the fact that the design of this application system requires the applicants to upload their own LORs is a new one for me.
        • You can also preview each document that's been uploaded when you check the application status, so you would see the LORs anyway.
    • I e-mailed HR a couple days ago seeking an address to send recs to and haven't heard back (11/8). Will update if I do.
      • It took a few days to get a reply (11/8). According to HR, just have letters addressed to "Search Committee"
    • Interfolio is willing to upload letters directly to a web site for clients. I asked Interfolio, and they sent me these instructions:
We should be able to process this type of delivery as an Interfolio Custom Upload. Please follow these steps:
1. Log into your Interfolio account, and click on "Add delivery" on the home page or under the "Deliveries" tab in the top level navigation.
2. Enter "Interfolio Custom Upload" in the Institution/Destination search box. Hover over the returned result and when the selection turns pink, click on it. You will see "Interfolio Custom Upload for Interfolio Custom Upload" appear along with a note about this type of delivery that reminds you to send to the unique URL that we'll need to use to upload your letters, along with the delivery ID that you will see at the end of your delivery creation process for this particular delivery.
Then click the orange "Add Documents" button.
3. Select and order the documents you wish to send. Click the orange "Customize Delivery" button.
4. The next section allows you to enter any IDs that the school may have requested. These IDs will appear on the cover page of your delivery. They may not be necessary. If they are not, you may skip this section. Next select the orange "Choose Delivery Method" button.
  • Went through this exact process with no letters uploaded. My app has been sitting incomplete in the Troy file for nearly a month. Ideas? How did you all work around this one? (Dec 14)
  • They already did interviews. I'm afraid it's too late. (12/14).
    • I doubt it--I received a letter from the Department head with explict instructions on how to apply by bypassing the Troy HR system. Besides, the end date for the app was Dec. 15. Just because they are scheduling Skype interviews earlier doesn't mean the search is over.
    • They already did interviews. At the end of the interview, they told me that they would notify candidates of campus visits at the beginning of January (immediately after their break). It's hard for me to imagine they're gong to do a whole other round of sifting through applications and interviews. I would contact them and make certain before you waste any of your time or money on this. Also, when I applied the deadline on their HR site said November 10. The job was posted very early, so I doubt the search committee was using the Dec 15 deadline. Again, I would make sure by contacting the department. My two cents. (Dec. 18)
    • Contacted the Search Chair, who said that all applications received as of December 15 would be read and considered along with all the applications received by the earlier deadline. There was a HR screw-up, and the committee wanted the shorter deadline, but the Chair informed me that applications received by December 15 would be fully evaluated. So it looks like there may be two rounds of evals and interviews. So all it not lost if you sent in your app before Dec. 15 (Dec 19).

5. Select the $6 electronic delivery option and click Check Out. Next, provide your payment information and click the "Send Delivery" button.

Again, please make sure to send us the URL and delivery ID of your Interfolio Custom Upload delivery so that we can complete the processing for you. We will upload the documents within 1-3 days from the time you complete your delivery transaction.
  • Contacted for Phone/Skype Interview (Dec. 2) x2
    • Congrats! Which field?
    • Europe w/focus on colonization of Africa (ditto)
    • France
  • Any of the interviewees heard anything since the interview?
    • No. (1/19) (x4)
    • Heard from Chair that the search is ongoing (1/19).
    • No word for this interviewee as of 2/9
    • Heard through the grapevine that someone was offered the position (2/10)
  • Kind of surprised those of us they interviewed haven't gotten our rejections yet.
  • I was not interviewed for this positiion, but I did just receive a rejection e-mail stating that the position was filled.

University of East Anglia (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Asst./Assoc. Prof) in Modern European History
  • "Candidates must have expertise in some aspect of the history of post-1918 continental Europe"
  • Deadline: noon GMT 23 Mar. 2012
  • Does anyone have an idea what they're looking for? According to the German section below, they did a search for someone doing German history in November / December last year.

University of Exeter[]

[link goes to job site: search for job ref R11178 as a keyword]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Assoc/Asst Prof) in Modern European History
  • Candidates should have a PhD and active research complementary to Exeter's strengths in a period after 1870.
  • Deadline: 21 May. 2012

University of Haifa (Isr.)[]

  • Tenured & tenure track positions in Contemporary European History
  • "Candidates holding a Ph.D., with a good record of publications and teaching experience, who are also able to teach in Hebrew, should submit a CV and list of publications, including names of three referees, as well as a short past and future research profile"
  • Deadline: 1 Jul. 2012

Universite Laval (Canada)[]

  • Professor in European HIstory, 1750-1900
  • Fluency in French essential
  • Deadline: 12 Jan. 2012

University of Leeds (UK) - [Non-TT][]

  • Fixed term lectureship (~VAP) for 2012-3 in European History since c. 1870
  • "You will be expected to provide lectures and classes in a second-year module in the history of Imperial Germany, in a third-year module on international relations, and seminars in a special subject on Europe: the Age of Total Warfare , and to contribute to other teaching at first year level"
  • Deadline: 2 Apr. 2012

University of Leicester (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured, ~asst./assoc. prof.) in History
  • Either/Or
    • Modern European History: "We welcome applications in the field of modern European history that would complement the work of the Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (SBC) and are particularly interested in attracting candidates with a specialism in Central or East European History who work on the history of war, violence and the Holocaust in comparative European perspective. "
    • American History: "We welcome applications in any field of the modern history of North America that would complement the work of the Centre for American Studies (CAS) and are particularly interested in attracting candidates with a specialism in the fields of Economic, Hispanic or Native American History."
  • Deadline: 9 March
    • Interviews: 22 March
  • Crossposted to US History 2011-12
  • Any word on interviews?
  • I received an extremely kind rejection email from one of the faculty members.

University of Liverpool (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured, ~assist/assoc prof) in Twentieth Century History
  • No specialism/geographic region mentioned in advert, but the job spec. says that it is 'desirable' for the candidate to have teaching experience in "European (including British) political history, including political culture and political protest.", which looks pretty specific to me! AFII 09:50, November 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • Deadline: 20 Jan. 2012
    • This seems to have disappeared from their jobs site, as the link brings you to a page that informs you "Sorry, but the advert you were looking for has expired." Anyone know what's up?
      • [17 Jan] it's not their job site, it's a mailing list & my best guess is 'admin screwup' (i.e. a failure pay for an advert for the full run of the advertising period). The job's still up on the home site, and I've edited the link so people can make the most of the four three days left on the deadline! AFII 09:45, January 17, 2012 (UTC)
  • Does anyone know if they've held the interviews yet? - Informal info that yes. [9 March]

University of Manchester (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured, ~assit/assoc prof) in Modern European History
  • "You will have both research and teaching interests in any area of Continental European History since 1770. Level 1 teaching will include contributing to the core course, 'History in Practice', and to a broad survey course in Modern European History . At Level 2 you will contribute to a more advanced core course in Modern European History, and at Level 3 and at MA level you will devise and teach your own specialist courses. "
  • Deadline: Not stated in Ad [posted 22 Jan]. Deadline is March 2nd.
  • Regarding all UK jobs: someone told me you need a work permit already at the time of applying. Is that true? That would mean that US citizens can't even apply...
  • (A Brit writes) That's not absolutely true, but the number of permits that universities can sponsor has been cut, so there's a great deal of rationing going on - usually in favour of star professors and against entry-level lecturers. If in doubt, call the human resources department before you spend time writing an application.
  • Any news on this one? When would it be reasonable to expect news?
  • Did anyone hear anything? It seems surprisingly slow for a UK job...
  • I've been informed -- after enquiring -- that the short list has been drawn up and the successful candidates contacted. (4/12)

University of Memphis[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in "Modern Western European History (excluding Germany) with a research emphasis on imperialism/colonialism"
  • "We especially welcome candidates whose research and teaching focus on race, gender, nationality/ethnicity, global/transnational history"
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • AHA Interview Scheduled (11/22) (x6) -- anybody care to reveal their fields? (Dec. 1) Modern France (x2)
  • On-campus scheduled (1/19) -- did anyone else hear about on-campus interviews?
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Modern European Jewish History[]

(cross listed at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented and Jewish Studies and Israel Studies pages)

  • Jointly held senior position in History and Judaic Studies as Professor of Modern European Jewish History. Specialization is open but historians working in the “long” twentieth century are preferred. We seek a scholar comfortable in interdisciplinary dialogue with broad intellectual interests, possessing an ability to teach a full range of Jewish history courses in the modern era and provide seminars utilizing primary sources. Linguistic training should include Hebrew and at least one other language (such as Yiddish, Russian, Polish, Czech, German, or Hungarian, etc).
  • Deadline: no later than Oct. 31

University of Nebraska at Omaha - Modern Europe / Holocaust and Genocide Studies[]

  • Tenure-track position in Modern European History. The successful candidate will receive an auxiliary appointment as the Louis and Frances Blumkin Professor for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Appointment will be at the assistant professor rank, to begin in August 2012.
  • The dissertation and all other work for a Ph.D. in history or a closely related field must be completed and approved by January 10, 2012, when the evaluation of applications will begin.
    • Does interfolio count as a university placement office from which rec. letters can be sent? A: Probably best to ask the chair of the search committee.
    • I'm the department chair. Interfolio is fine. Thanks for your interest.
    • Any news? [2/3]
    • Department member here: invitations to visit campus have been extended and accepted.
    • Offer extended and accepted.

University of Notre Dame - Modern Central / Eastern Europe[]

  • The University of Notre Dame Department of History invites applications for a tenure-track position at the assistant professor level in Modern eastern/central European History. Candidates must possess a Ph.D. in history. We are especially interested in those whose research focuses on political culture and on Polish history and who can teach courses on Modern Eastern Europe, the history of Communism, World War II, and European cultural history.
  • Review of applications will begin on October 15, 2011. Candidates should send a letter of application, c.v., and a list of references to Patrick Griffin, Chair, Department of History, 219 O'Shaughnessy Hall, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556.
    • isn't mikolaj kunicki their historian of polish history?
    • Did anyone manage to apply for this one? It certainly snuck under my radar. It wasn't posted on H-Net or AHA boards, and I just found out about it today (10/28). Does the short timeline for applying (deadline was eight days after initial posting) indicate a likely inside hire?
    • I did apply in time for the deadline but still have not received confirmation of receipt of materials or an EOE form. As to what that means in reference to the question above, make of it what you will (x3...)
    • This is similar situation to what's happened to the Drew University "search." International visa complications meant they had to post this position publicly in order for Kunicki's visa application to go through.

University of Oxford - Pembroke College [Non-TT; ~VAP][]

  • Three Year College Teaching Fellowship in Modern History
  • "This post requires a specialist in British or European History covering any part of the period between 1400-1870. Candidates should possess, or be close to completing, a doctorate degree in History and have relevant teaching experience".
  • Teaching load lower than general US VAP: 9 hours contact time and 1 hour admin/week.
  • Deadline: 20 Aug. 2012
    • Intend to interview early Sept. 2012 for near-immediate start.

Université du Québec à Montréal[]

  • Assistant/Associate/Full Professor de Histoire de l’Europe contemporaine (19ème siècle)
  • Fluency in spoken and written French essential
  • Deadline: September 30, 2011
  • Job starts June 1, 2012
    • Contacted for an interview.
    • On campus interviews held in late November

University of Southampton (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~asst/assoc prof) in British/European History post-1850
  • Deadline: 18 Jun. 2012

University of St. Thomas[]

  • The History Department at the University of St. Thomas (MN) invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track position in modern European history with subspecialty in political and social history of Central and Eastern Europe or Russia or in European and Russian intellectual history.
  • The teaching load of three courses per semester involves some combination of the following: first-level course(s) for undergraduates who are completing their core area (general) requirement in historical studies; upper-level course(s) for undergraduate history majors and minors.
  • To ensure full consideration, application materials should be received by October 21, 2011.
  • Apply Here:
  • It seems they already have a Russianist there who's been there since 2003 (Elizabeth Harry). Any inside track info on this one?
  • A senior scholar who is retiring according to the History Department website, focuses on Central Europe (especially former Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic).
  • Acknowledgement of materials received; hope to conduct phone or Skype interviews by mid-November.
    • How long after you submitted did you receive the acknowledgement?
    • I contacted the department chair to let them know my transcripts were arriving separately; it was then she told me of the tentative timeline and acknowledged receipt of the other materials (about 2 days later).
    • SKYPE interviews scheduled - 3 on-campus interviews after Thanksgiving - Did you get an email? (10/29)
    • Any more info here?
    • So when do we start to worry about not hearing? (I think now is the right time...) x2
    • According to an email I received this evening from the chair of the search committee, they are still selecting candidates for the first round of interviews. Assuming this to be the case, then perhaps it is not quite the time to worry yet. For the sake of clarity, I will add that I have not (yet?) been offered an interview. [posted 11/12]
    • Seriously? If they are interviewing after Thanksgiving they have to give people time to arrange their schedules... Why would they be taking this long to decide who to bring to campus?
  • On campus invitations have been emailed this evening (11/14)

University of Warwick (UK)[]

  • Associate Professor of the History of Modern Continental Europe
    • (NB: Warwick uses US-style position names, despite being in the UK)
  • Deadline: 15 Mar. 2012
  • Rejection letter 5 April

University of Western Ontario -- [Non-TT][]

  • One year position 2012-2013
  • Applicants must have a Ph.D in History, a strong record of scholarly publication, and some university-level teaching experience in his or her subject area. Preference will be given to applicants with expertise in the area of Jewish History. The Department is especially interested in scholars who have research and teaching strengths coincident with those of the Department: Conflict and Society, International, Transnational and/or Global History, Public and Digital History, Environment/Health/Technology, Business and Economy, Politics, Law and Governance, Culture and Society, Social History, and Gender
  • Deadline 3/31/12
  • Also psoted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012

Utah State University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern European History, 1848 to present
  • Teaching to include Modern Western Civilization.
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
    • Anyone with "insider" knowledge about this one? VAP (Northwestern PhD) on the faculty whose expertise fits the job description. VAP also the recipient of public praise [in the form of a school newspaper article] from the department head. Wonder if external candidates will get a fair shake on this one.
    • No insider knowledge, but got a generic email saying that the committee had begun deliberations, and phone interviews would be scheduled for later this year, and on-campus in early 2012. They are not interviewing at the AHA. x5
  • Contacted for phone interview [11/29]. Anyone else? (12/7) Yes
  • I had a phone interview with the search committee yesterday [12/15] and found the SC to be exceptionally kind and good-humored folk. Kudos to USU for running a great search!
  • Has anyone been invited for a campus visit? [12/19]
  • Got an invitation yesterday for an on-campus interview (12/19) x2
  • How were you contacted? By email or phone? [12/21]
  • Received extremely courteous rejection email. They had some 180 applications. Good luck to those of you with a campus interview!
  • Offer made and accepted, I heard (3/6). A Michigan PhD.
  • What field?

Whitman College [Non-TT][]

  • VAP in Modern European History
  • Teaching Load is five courses a year; cross teaching in German studies desirable
  • Deadline: 6 Apr. 2012
  • Has anyone been contacted for an interview yet?
  • Haven't heard anything (3 May)
  • E-mail rejection letter (5/15)

Worcester State University[]

  • The History and Political Science Department at Worcester State University seeks candidates for a tenure track assistant professor position in modern European history since 1800 with fields of specialty in French & German history with thematic emphasis on colonialism, post colonialism and nationalism. Teaching load is twelve hours and candidates should be prepared to teach two sections of World History per semester. Required qualifications include a Ph.D. in History by September 1, 2012 and college teaching experience.
  • Deadline not stated (posted Dec. 8, 2011) - H-Net ad posted 12/29/11.
    • Closing date on H-Net is March 21, but that may just be when the ad expires.
  • Anyone hear anything? --Nope, not even a confo. I am not ever sure if I submitted the materials correctly, as ther is no "Page of Death" that gives you a "after you click apply, you will unable to alter your application." Or at least, there wasn't one that I could find.
  • Contacted for phone interview (2/24) (x2)
  • Any word on on-campuses? (x2)
  • I had a phone interview and have not yet heard anything. In my interview they said it could be as late as early April.
  • Any word on this?

British History[]

Brown University - Modern Britain & Empire[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in Modern Britain and its Empire
  • PhD expected before start date of 1 Jul. 2012
  • SHORT deadline: 31 Oct. 2011
  • Priority will be given to applications received by October 15 and will continue until the position is filled or closed.
  • Deadline is 15 Oct. 2011, isn't it?
  • Has anybody recieved a notification of receipt in any form yet? Thx. 10/28
    • Receipt of app. acknowledged via mail, postmarked 10/8
    • Also received a mailed acknowledgement, postmarked 10/21. Nice of them to send these out.
    • Me too. Agree, shows they give a hoot. If nothing else, we can say we got a letter from Brown once...
  • Request for writing samples. 10/31 (x3)
    • Were writing-sample requests received via email or regular mail?---Email
    • Should one assume if no request for writing sample, we're not on the list? Guess this is sort of a "duh" question...but been having trouble with emails going to Junk Mail in my account, so...
      • A safe assumption :(
    • Which fields? what century?
  • Longlist has been established. (Anybody know how long a longlist is? Is it as long as a piece of string?)
    • Only an SC member generally has that info. Typical would be around a dozen, give or take two. (thx)
  • Any update or AHA interviews scheduled for this one?
  • Silence on this end. (x4)
  • On campus interview scheduled for February.
  • Any more feedback to anybody here? Just the one interviewee? Thx.
    • Jan 15 - I made the "long short list" but have not heard anything as of this date. (x2)
      • An acquaintance with inside info indicated that the campus interviews have all been scheduled, so in all likelihood if you have not heard yet, you will not be asked on-campus. Sorry. (Jan. 19th).
      • I have heard this too. Darn.
      • Applied 9 Oct and received equal opps survey 13 Feb - great admin! x3!

College of Charleston[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in the History of the British Empire
  • Regional specialisation in Asia preferred, ability to teach British history essential; otherwise open.
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • Q: Anyone have a sense of the teaching load for this position? Or the teaching load of public liberal arts colleges generally?
    • Most likely 3-3.
    • Thanks!
  • Email request to interview at AHA (12/9) x3
  • Anyone hear anything more on this one?
  • Campus visits under way.
  • Campus visits completed (2/2)
  • This may be a totally inappropriate query given that the search is at the final stage, but does anyone know if an offer has been made or when it might be?
  • Anyone heard anything yet? It should be about time now I would think...
  • Offer made and accepted. (3/5)

Durham University (UK) - Economic/Social[]

  • Lectureship or Senior Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in British Economic and/or Social History since 1750
  • "The successful candidate in British economic or social history since 1750 will take a leading part in social-science research training. Durham is a partner in the ESRC North-East Doctoral Training Centre, in collaboration with historians at the University of Newcastle. A principal feature of this appointment is to assist further development of existing expertise in economic and social studies across departments in both Durham and Newcastle"
  • Deadline: 19 Jun. 2012

Durham University (UK) - Political[]

  • Lectureship or Senior Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in the History of British Politics and/or Political Culture since 1850
  • "The successful candidate in British politics and political culture since 1850 will work in co-operation with staff in related British studies in the School of Government and International Affairs, and also with staff in modern European cultural history in the Department of History and in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures"
  • Deadline: 19 Jun. 2012

Edge Hill University (UK)[]

  • Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (Tenured Asst/Assoc Prof) in History
  • "The successful candidate will have a research and publications record in any aspect of British history of the modern period, but should have a good knowledge of other historical fields. He or she will contribute to general historical modules and take responsibility for specialist modules in the history of modern Britain, including making comparisons over time, across regions and internationally; an understanding of the importance of class, gender, race issues in this field is also expected."
  • Deadline: 13 Apr. 2012
  • An offer was accepted in May.

Furman University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in eighteenth- or nineteenth-century British history. A secondary field in the French Revolution is preferred. Applicants should have completed their Ph.D. by the start of the appointment in August 2012. Furman operates on a semester system, with a five-course teaching load for the year.
  • Applications received by November 1, 2011 will receive full consideration.
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Ditto that - it's getting a bit late for this one.
  • Request for AHA interview, received via email 12/12 x1, 12/13 x1
  • At AHA interview, Furman interviewers said that decisions about campus interviews will be made by end of January.
  • Any word on campus visits?
  • Scheduled weeks ago.
  • But no rejection emails? That seems odd.
  • In response to my query about my candidacy, Furman sent me a rejection today, 13 Feb,
  • Campus visits completed
  • Offer made and accepted

Loyola University Chicago[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship of history, Great Britain and the Empire
  • pending budgetary approval
    • budgetary approval never a real issue
  • "expertise in British History and/or parts of the former British Empire since 1750 and a preference for urban, women’s, or gender history across the former British dominions."
  • Review of applications ends: 30 Nov. 2011
    • Request for AHA interview, rec'd via email (12/9) [x2]
  • Received gracious rejection note 12/14.
    • I must say that's the nicest rejection email I ever received...quite thoughtful! :-)
    • Agreed with the above - they definitely get the prize for best rejection email ever.
    • Yes, although I wonder whether it was tailored to individual applicants, as I initially thought. Unlikely, I guess.
      • but possible. Perhaps they inserted a word or two to make each of us feel special.
      • It wasn't tailored. The font size for your name is larger if you hit forward...:-) Its a form, but its a nice form..
  • On-campus interviews scheduled for late January.
  • Offer made and accepted. 2/29

Northumbria University (UK) POSITION WITHDRAWN[]

  • Tenured post, Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Modern British History (post-1750)
  • SHORT deadline: 15 Oct. 2011
  • Position has been withdrawn (received letter 16/11/11)

Old Dominion University[]

  • "tenure-track, Assistant Professor in British History since 1600 with preference for sub-specialization in colonialism/imperialism."
  • Among the other requisite documents are "two sample syllabi (undergraduate lecture and graduate seminar)," a bit of an overkill for a university that is not even in the top 100, 145 according to The Washington Monthly College Rankings
  • Anyone know the teaching load for this position?
    • 3-3 would be consistent with other schools in the Virginia public U. system (e.g. George Mason, VCU, James Madison).
    • Thanks.
  • Any news for anyone on this one? Any interviews? Calls?
    • The application deadline is Jan. 15, 2012. We're not likely to hear anything for some time after that date
    • Any word? (1/20). I've heard nothing (1/26) X2
    • Received a letter today 1/27 saying that they will call applicants for phone interviews in early Feb.
    • Equal opps survey received by e-mail 31 Jan
    • Anyone hear anything further?
    • Nada
    • I had a phone interview last week. No decisions for on-campus interviews until the end of the month/early March. (Thanks for sharing...)
    • That's good to know - I thought I had a sniff of interest from this one but I've heard nothing yet regarding a phone interview and I have a campus interview elsewhere at the end of Feb.
    • On the phone they said the on-campus would be held in late Feb/early March. I'm imagining they've sent the invites out by now.
    • They have indeed.

Simon Fraser University (Can.)[]

  • Assistant Professorship in Modern British History
  • "period and area of specialization open. Demonstrated interest in transnational or international histories will be an asset"
  • "All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents will be given priority."
    • On this point, see discussion under "Brock University" in Modern Europe, above.
  • Deadline: 15 Feb. 2012
  • Any news? (3/2)
    • None here. (3/8) x5
  • Email requesting phone interview x3
    • When did u receive the email? March 15
    • Interesting, I didn't know Canadian searches ever included phone interviews. The ones I've been involved in in the past have all gone straight to on-campus interviews.
    • Did anyone get a sense of how many phone interviews they were holding? I think they did 5 on Monday. Don't know if there were more to follow.
  • Email request for on-campus interview (21/03) x2
  • I heard that the position was withdrawn due to budgetary reasons after the position was offered to and then accepted by the candidate. Very tough luck.
    • That really stinks, and poor management on the administration's part. Only the second time I've ever heard of a job being cancelled after the offer.

University of Cambridge [Temporary/VAP position][]

  • Three year lectureship (~VAP/Assnt Prof) in British Social and Economic History
  • "The appointee's prime teaching responsibility will be to contribute lectures and supervisions and to examine and administer the two Part I outline papers, 10 and 11, 'British Economic and Social History 1700-1870' and 'British Economic and Social History since c.1870'"
  • Deadline: 23 Mar. 2012

UC Santa Cruz - British Empire[]

  • Position announced in Chronicle 7/20/11: History: Europe/British Empire - Asst. or Assoc. Professor
  • Deadline 14 Nov. Instructions at
  • Any acknowledgements yet?
  • Application submitted 5 Nov. acknowledged 9 Nov.
  • Dec 7 - Rec'd email stating app was complete, but needed to complete online ethnic status form. Did others get this? Still can't confirm my app is properly complete. (x2--very strange email, with possibly the most passively constructed bureaucracy-speak ever: "The count of letters of recommendation received is: 3" )
    • Yep. Remember this is from HR, not the department, and is actually clearer than similar responses I've received from other state U.s (which tend to have some of the strictest guidelines with regards to the initial processing of applications). The EEOC form is optional, btw.
  • Invited for AHA interview [posted 12/9]
  • Any x2 for that? Just wondering if they've already alerted all the interviewees.
  • Congratulations! How did you hear? By phone or email? And did you hear today (12/9)?
    • Thanks. I heard by email on Dec 7th.
  • Ya, it would be great to know if others have heard as well. Thanks.
  • Email for AHA interview (Dec 15) - To below person: they emailed me Dec 15. I understand staggering is normal for committees, which means hope is alive I guess.
  • Do you mean you were contacted on Dec. 15? or was that just the date of your post? Just trying to figure out if there is any reason to keep hoping... :)
  • Any invites out for campus yet?
  • I was told finalists would be invited to campus sometime mid-to-late February.
  • Does anyone know which fields were interviewed? And if they were (associate level) senior or junior scholars? --- I'm junior.
  • Anybody hear anything??
  • Offer made and accepted.

University College London[]

  • Chair in Modern British History
    • Nb 'Chair' in the UK system is a very senior hire: with 2 or 3 monographs + significant teaching and research experience. AFII 11:13, October 10, 2011 (UTC)
  • Deadline: 14 November 2011

University of East Anglia (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Asst./Assoc. Prof) in Modern British History
  • "We are looking for someone who teaches and researches in Modem British social/political/cultural history"
  • Deadline: noon (GMT) 23 Mar. 2012

University of Exeter - Early Modern British History[]

[link goes to job site: search for job ref R11179]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Assoc/Asst Prof) in British History (1500-1750)
  • "The successful applicant will hold a PhD in early modern British History and have an independent, internationally-recognised research programme in an active field of political or religious history complementary to existing Exeter strengths"
  • Deadline: 21 May 2012

University of Nottingham (UK) - Post 1870 British History[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in Post-1870 British History
  • PhD should be in hand at point of application
  • Deadline: 1 May 2012
  • As with other UK positions viable candidates will need 4 high quality publications for the REF.
  • Invitations for on-campus interviews sent (email), May 10.
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Oxford (UK) - [0.5FTE post][]

  • Part time university lectureship (tenured ~ Asst/Assoc Prof) in British History from the 18th to early 20th C
  • "Strong preference will be given to those with expertise in the British Empire, international relations, or the international economic history of the period"
  • This is a part time post - 0.5FTE, i.e. half-time.
  • Deadline: noon 8 Jun. 2012
    • interviews planed for 21 Jun.

University of Sheffield (UK) - British Empire[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in the History of the British Empire
  • Deadline: 16 Feb. 2012
  • Also note international history and postdoctoral fellowship hires on
  • Polite email indicating I did not make their short-list (rec'd 2/24).

University of Southern Mississippi[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Modern Britain (post-1688)
  • " Responsibilities will include teaching world and European history surveys, upper-level and graduate courses in field of expertise, and directing theses and dissertations in a doctorate-granting department"
  • For full consideration: 2 Dec. 2012
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Invited by phone to interview at the AHA. (12/12) (x2)
    • Any word on campus interviews?
    • Very Nice Rejection Email Received (1/25)
    • They have scheduled campus visits.
    • They have made an offer (3/2).

University of Utah[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Britain, 16th-17th C
  • "The department welcomes applications from scholars specializing in all aspects of the history of the British Isles during this period, including transnational approaches."
  • Deadline: 4 Nov. 2011
  • Any news?
  • Anyone? (5 Dec.)
  • Invited by phone to interview at the AHA x6 (12/7).
  • I guess they lost my number!
  • Received a "noreply" rejection email from HR today (29 Dec.), addressing me as "Mr/Ms." Dr. would have been a bit more professional, not to mention personal.
  • Interviewed at AHA last week. Received nice personal email letting me know that they will not be moving forward with my application after the interview. The email claimed that they had already decided on the candidates they will be asking for an interview, so presumably if you haven't heard yet, you should hear soon. (Jan. 12th)
  • What's the status on this one? (2/13)
  • On-campus interviews are taking place now (2/14)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/16)

University of Warwick (UK) - Early Modern[]

  • Assistant or Associate Professor in Early Modern British History
    • (NB: Warwick uses US-style titles, despite being in the UK!)
  • Deadline: 15 Mar. 2012
  • Wow! Pretty short period between posting and deadline. This is definitely an inside hire. There's a person there writing up, in right time period and region, + the PhD student of one of the senior faculty. Might as well say "job taken". I didn't think Warwick would be this blatant about it.
    • Not that odd; there are a handful of history posts, from entry level to senior, advertised at Warwick right now and they're all running on roughly the same schedule (4-6 weeks from advert to closing date). It's tight, but unless they've inside candidates for all of them it's fairly normal. It's still unusual to give a tenured post to a newly graduated UK/EU PhD student though (US grads get a different deal...) so we'll see, I guess?
    • "This is definitely an inside hire". You obviously do not understand how the hiring process operates in the UK. It is much more efficient than in the US: usually 8-10 weeks from job posting to hire.
  • Rejection recieved by email, March 27.
  • Any news? (4/24)
  • On-campus interviews have been conducted (6/10)

University of Warwick (UK) - 20th C[]

  • Assistant or Associate Professor in 20th Century British History
    • (NB: Warwick uses US-style titles, despite being in the UK!)
  • Deadline: 15 Mar. 2012
  • Notification of long-list and request for writing sample, Mar. 29. x2
  • Invitations for on-campus interviews have gone out via email, May 5.
  • This search has concluded (6/10)

French History[]

Bangor University (Wales, UK)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in post 1789 French culture and society, including language instruction
  • preference may be given to candidates whose research specialism encompasses French literature, history, film or music of the 19th, 20th or 21st centuries
  • Review of Applications 7 October 2011
  • The post is available from 14 January 2012.
    • Anybody hear anything back on this one? (Nov. 20)

Columbia University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in the French Revolution
  • "Candidates should have research and teaching interests in the Enlightenment and Old Regime origins, outbreak, and/or development of the French Revolution, but applications are welcome from scholars concerned with broader contexts or with the aftermath of the events, including their continental, trans-Atlantic, and global repercussions"
  • PhD must be in hand by July 2012
  • Review of Applications begins 1 Sept. 2011
    • Job talks scheduled. Emails went out to faculty and grad students advertising the invited speakers. 10/5
      • They're not even bothering with AHA? Sounds like Columbia all right.
      • Offer made

Northern Illinois University[]

  • The Department of History at Northern Illinois University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in Modern French history (1789 to the present) beginning Fall 2012, subject to budgetary approval. Teaching responsibilities include survey courses in European and/or Global history as well as upper-level undergraduate courses and graduate seminars in Modern French and European history and areas of thematic specialization.
  • Please send a letter of application (including a description of research and teaching interests), c.v., graduate transcript(s), three letters of recommendation and a chapter-length writing sample to Sean Farrell, Chair, Modern French History Search Committee, Department of History, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115.
  • Applications must be postmarked by November 8, 2011; we expect to conduct preliminary interviews at the AHA.
    • AHA interview scheduled (11/29) x4 --> Congrats! Might I ask how you were contacted? --> of course you may: email.
    • Other AHA interviewees: have you heard yet about campus visits? Have they decided on the candidates?
      • I haven't heard a peep yet, but their semester only started Jan. 17th. It seems like a great department: good luck to everyone!
      • I received a campus interview invite last week (1/13)
      • Anybody else? I wonder if they would just leave the rest of us hanging without any kind of email rejection. What's generally the protocol at this stage? (first time on the market)
        • There isn't really any protocol: Schools vary wildly. Some reject you outright, others will only send you a rejection when a contract has been signed. And sometimes you won't hear anything at all. It's always possible that the 3 candidates they bring to campus won't work out and they'll go back to the original pool... so many possibilities. But if you haven't been contacted yet, and we know that on-campus interviews have been scheduled, I wouldn't hold your breath (I'm not holding mine). But maybe I'm being pessimistic? You could always email the SC chair and ask. They seemed very open to further communication at the end of my interview.
  • Curious to know who was eventually hired for this position. Does anyone know?

Texas Tech[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in early modern/modern France
  • "Fields of study that would complement existing strengths in the department include, but are not limited to, women’s history, gender and sexuality, the transatlantic world, revolution, religion, and empire."
  • deadline is Jan 31
  • This search was cancelled last year due to buget problems; any idea if that might happen again?
  • That's highly unlikely. Last year everyone in Texas was waiting to see what the state budget would be like for the next two years and fearing a big hit. Now state funding is set, so it's unlikely that the position would be pulled again.
  • I applied last year, and I received an email inviting me to update my application.
  • Invite to phone interview (2/13 via phone and email)
  • Have campus invites gone out yet? (2/22)
  • Yes, I believe visits were scheduled on 2/21 or 2/22
    • Believe or know?
    • Know for certain that at least one interview was scheduled.
    • $hit.
  • Offer made & accepted (3/20)

University of Central Missouri[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern France and Empire
  • "The candidate will teach the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era, Twentieth-Century Europe, and surveys in modern world history, and will be encouraged to develop courses in his/her area of specialization."
  • Review begins: 18th Jan. 2012
  • Any word from this committee yet? I don't think I even got an acknowledgment of my application.
  • Nope, and no acknowledgment for me either...
  • I just got an invite for a phone interview (02/07) (x3) --> May I ask how you were contacted? Email (x2).
  • Invite for a phone interview via email (02/08)
  • Any word on on-campuses? --- during my phone interview (2/17) they suggested that it was going to be "at least two weeks" before they started inviting people to campus.
  • Invitation to on-campus interview via email (3/04) x2
  • Has an offer been made? I heard a rumor that they ignored the "and Empire" part in the selection of on-campus applicants, is this the case?
  • Heard through the (in this case very reliable) grapevine that the position was accepted a few weeks ago.

University of Pittsburgh[]

  • Tenure-stream assistant professor in French and French colonial history pending budgetary approval
  • "...specializing in any period between the 17thand early 19thcenturies. Individuals with interests in political, social, economic, cultural history and the history of ideas are encouraged to apply."
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2011
    • Prompt and Courteous rejection recieved via email (10/25) x6.
    • On-campus visits have been scheduled for January (12/8)
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of South Alabama[]

  • tenure track assistant professor in Modern French (since 1715) & European History
  • For full consideration: 18 Nov. 2011
  • Does anyone else think it's pretty lame that they want both graduate and undergraduate transcripts "mailed directly from the candidate's universities"? Most jobs don't bother with any transcripts, let alone undergraduate ones. Grump.
    • Not even applying to this job, but wanted to chime in: Yes, it's lame. It can be very expensive for candidates to order transcripts, and to ask even *undergraduate* transcripts from graduate students, partially employed adjunct professors, and even early-career VAPs is just too much. If they need these for human resources purposes, then simply require them as a condition of employment. Or, perhaps, require them from short-listed candidates. But when some applications are no doubt discarded fairly quickly, why ask everyone to send undergraduate transcripts? Anyone who has been on a search committee have an answer? Thanks so much!
    • Try sending an unofficial transcript or even a photocopy. If a hiring department is interersted in you and the official transcript really is necessary at the first stage, they'll let you know.
    • They do want official transcripts. I received the letter confirming receipt of my materials on 11/5 and they asked for an official transcript.
    • I write as someone who's served on the hiring side. Believe me, if they want to meet you, they won't let a photocopy of a transcript deter them from interviewing you. They're most likely responding to a bureaucractic requirement from their personnel office rather than doing it of their own volition. So send either the official transcript or a copy, it won't make a difference. They won't toss you in the trash for such a reason, regardless of what their letter confirming receipt of materials might say. If you do or don't ultimately get the job, it will have nothing to do with what kind of transcript you send at this stage.
    • Me too, not applying because I went to three different public universities (BA, MA, and PhD), which charge an arm and a leg for transcripts. Were I to send 3 official transcripts it would be over $30 for the transcripts alone, not to mention the Interfolio mailing costs (extra paper given how many docs they as for). I really wish that they would consider that $40 is a lot to ask for us to pay for a job where we stand less than 1% chance of getting - not to mention the insane debt that adjuncts/last year phd students have!
    • Received polite and informative message about how the search committee will review applications and when we can expect to hear (noting that if we aren't selected for interviews they won't contact us.) 11/17
    • Asked Chair by email on 11/17 if official transcript was necessary and was told unequivocally "No." He said the university required that language for the job ad.
  • On-Campus Interviews have been scheduled (12/6)
    • Have all the on campus interviews been scheduled? (12/8)
    • (x2) (12/9)
    • Gee, I'm glad I went through all that transcript nonsense for nothing. Thanks guys, for the hours and dollars I'll never see again.

German History[]

Noch nicht...

  • a.k.a. Hartz IV

Mississippi State (listed above) is looking for a Germanist even though the announcement states "Modern Europe"

  • Are we sure about this? The ad doesn't mention a preference for a German historian. And MSU already has an accomplished historian of modern Germany on the faculty.

See above (under "modern Europe") for Germany position at Florida Gulf Coast University

Chapman University - History of Holocaust & Jewish Studies[]

  • The History Department seeks a tenure-track Assistant Professor, History of Holocaust and Jewish Studies, with expertise in German History, whose scholarly work promises to make a significant contribution. Position begins Fall semester, 2012, contingent on budgetary approval.
  • Submit a signed letter of application with curriculum vita, evidence of effective teaching, and three letters of recommendation electronically to Ashley Liberio, History Departmental Assistant, at Application review begins immediately, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Also posted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012
    • Updates from Jewish Studies page (11/8):
      • phone interviews conducted 11/3
      • any word on campus interviews?
      • Yes, they are scheduled for beginning of December. 11/8
      • Any word? Have they made a hire?
      • Out of curiosity--any news on this one yet?

Georgia Southern University[]

  • The Department of History in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences invites nominations and applications for the tenure-track position of Assistant Professor of History with an emphasis in Modern European History.
  • Qualifications: demonstrated research agenda focused on German history since 1871, ability to teach military history and German history since 1648, ability to teach world history, undergraduate methods course, and senior seminar
  • PhD must be in hand by August 1, 2012
  • Screening of applications begins November 1, 2011
  • Also posted above (under "Modern Europe")
    • Received letter requesting transcript and writing sample (11/18)
  • Anyone know anything here? I'm guessing they won't be at AHA.
  • Any news? (Jan. 18.)
  • Offer made and accepted
  • thanks for the update. did they interview anywhere (no AHA? any on-campus?)... just asking because otherwise it looks like another odd search this year...
  • Requests for writing samples and transcripts sent out in Nov. 2011, phone interviews in Dec., on-campus interviews conducted in Jan. & Feb. 2012.

Georgia State University []

  • Tenure-track assistant professor, in the history of Germany to begin August 2012, pending budgetary approval. We seek a specialist in German political thought, science, and culture.
  • Applicants should provide a letter of application, CV, and three letters of recommendation to: Chair, German History Search Committee, Department of History, Georgia State University, P.O Box 4117, Atlanta, GA. 30302-4117. Applications received by November 11 are assured full consideration.
  • No time period specified?
  • Prefer 19th century, especially history of science.
  • No kidding? They're hiring a third historian of modern Germany? If so, kudos to GSU.
  • How do we know they want a historian of science?
    • I emailed GSU directly, and that was one thing that they mentioned (I specialize in 20th Century cultural, so I'm not applying--because of the timeframe, not the specialty in culture).
  • Acknowledgement from search committee chair. (11/22) x2
  • Any movement as of 8 December?
  • Anything as of 19 December?
    • Email from search chair in late Nov. said that they won't be interviewing at AHA and will put together a list of interviewees by the end of the year. Nothing further on this end so far.
  • I heard from someone with direct knowledge of the situation that this is an inside/partner hire.
  • Hence the odd qualifications they seek for such an institution. Sounds about right.
  • Rejection via mass email 2//21. Position filled.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel []

  • The Faculty of Humanities is inviting applications in several fields of the humanities, including History - Modern German History
  • This is for Tenure Track and Tenured positions
  • "Responsibilities include teaching required and elective courses in candidate’s field(s) of specialization (at the B.A. and M.A. degree levels) and related disciplines. The language of instruction is Hebrew."
  • Additional information and instructions for application may be found here.

University of East Anglia (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in Modern German History
  • "You will have a good early career REF submission and experience of teaching modern German history in the UK." (REF requirements = 4 significant, peer reviewed publications, usually inc. a monograph).
  • Deadline: noon 1 Nov. 2011

University of Oxford (UK)[]

  • Tenurable lectureship (~Assoc. Prof) in Contemporary European History
  • "The successful applicant will have research interests in the post-1945 history of the German speaking lands, including West Germany and East Germany from 1949 to 1990. The ability also to undertake teaching and supervision in the history of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and/or Hungary would be an advantage."
  • Deadline: Noon, 6 Jan. 2012
  • Never received an acknowledgment of app, but received rejection via email, [27 Jan].
  • Campus interviews scheduled for mid-February.
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Rochester[]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor - 19th and 20th Century German History
  • "The Department of History at the University of Rochester invites applications for a visiting position at the assistant professor level in 19th- and 20th-century German history. Ability also to teach broadly in European and transnational history strongly preferred. PhD in History expected. Term of appointment is one year (2012-13) with the possibility of renewal for a second year (2013-14).
  • Deadline: December 15, 2011
  • request for more info jan 12 (x2)
    • When did you submit? Just trying to gage how quickly they are going through applications
  • Rejection (w/notification that offer had been extended and accepted) 2/27

Irish History[]

Catholic University of America - Irish History and Literature[]

  • Joint appointment in the Departments of English and History
  • Assistant or Associate Level
  • "specializing in 20th-century Irish literary and cultural history, with the ability to teach a range of courses in Modernist literature and adjacent fields. The departments are seeking a candidate whose research is deeply invested in Irish history and politics, including specialties in religion and literature"
  • Send letter of application, c.v., three letters of reference, and chapter length writing sample to Ernest Suarez, Chair of English, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC 20064.
  • Review of applications will begin on January 8th, 2012. Send queries to
  • Also posted at Irish 2012 (this seems to be more of a lit. job, but perhaps they would be open to the right kind of app. from a historian).

National University of Ireland - Galway[]

  • Lecturer (below the bar) in History; specialism must be Irish History post-1850, but candidate will be expected to teach some modern British history too.
  • "Applications are especially welcome from candidates with research and teaching interests in the following areas: Irish cultural history; Ireland and the wider world; Ireland post-1945; and Irish economic history."
  • SHORT Deadline: 18 Aug 2011.
    • Rejection letter received 21st August 2011 (not shortlisted).

National University of Ireland - Galway (Irl.) (reposted?)[]

  • Lecturer (below the bar) in History; specialism must be Ireland and empires after 1700
  • Deadline: 10 May 2012

Queen's University Belfast (UK;NI)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Assoc/Asst Prof) in Modern Irish Social and Economic History
  • Deadline: 1 May 2012

University of Aberdeen (UK; Scot.) Modern Irish History[]

[link to multiple positions; job desc available as download, not specific ad.]

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (tenured Asst/Assoc or Assoc. Prof) in Modern Irish History
  • "The successful candidate will pursue a programme of international quality research into the history of Ireland and the Irish abroad in the 19th and 20th centuries. Candidates with specialist interests in historical study of the emergence and development of Irish nationalism and the course of Anglo-British relations in this period (especially with an Irish-Scottish perspective) are particularly encouraged to apply."
  • Deadline: 4 May 2012

Russian History[]

American University[]

  • Tenure line assistant professorship in Russian History (in the 'late Imperial Era')
  • Phd in hand by Aug. 2012
  • Deadline: 30 Mar. 2012
  • Rejection letter received May 12. The position was obviously fixed for the internal candidate who has published next to nothing but kissed up enough. Another fair and impartial job search.
    • [12 May]. Hi. I know that the wiki is good for a free and frank exchange of views, which in at least some postings have got a little heated, but I think it's worth pointing out that the terms of use of the wiki do require you not to post anything that would constitute libel, defamation (etc.). I don't think we should routinely delete/censor other people's posts, but I'd encourage the original poster here to check that they're happy their comment is fair and legal. The job market sucks, and it's not fair, and shitty things happen: you might want to consider the the Venting Page! AFII 20:14, May 12, 2012 (UTC)

European University at Saint Petersburg [Non-TT][]

  • One-year Visiting Assistant Professor, late Soviet and post-Stalin period
  • Teach two courses at the graduate level each semester, engagement in departmental affairs, and advising PhD students on academic writing in English.
  • Deadline April 20th
  • Anyone know the timeline for this?
  • Request for Skype interview (5/24) [Anyone else?]
  • Has an offer been made? (6/19)

Hunter College[]

  • one or more of the following European fields: Russia/Soviet Union; East-Central Europe (not including Germany); Southern and/or South-Eastern Europe (not including France)
  • tenure-track
  • Deadline: Nov. 15 <--new re-deadline is April 1st.
    • Someone posted "Received emailed request for Skype interview, 11/23," to the duplicate listing under "Modern."
  • Any news on campus visits? [1/21]
  • Campus visit scheduled [2/3]

James Madison University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in world history with a specialisation in Russia/USSR
  • "Ability to teach former Soviet states and thematic and/or comparative courses in World History desired."
  • Deadline: 11 Nov. 2011 [Just noticed that the H-Net ad says November 1, 2011 - if anyone else notices any incorrect deadlines on any of the wiki posts, please go ahead and correct the date; to complicate matters, the actual job posting at James Madison itself states that the Review Date is 1 November, while the Closing Date is 15 November]
  • Has anyone heard anything from the search committee, or know if they will be interviewing at the AHA?
  • Does anyone know what JMU's timeline is? [12/16]
  • Contacted (email) to schedule phone interview. (Jan 2) x3
  • Any word on campus visits? [1/20]
  • campus visit scheduled by phone [1/20]
  • position filled [4/13]

UC Santa Cruz - Russian/Soviet History[]

  • Position announced in Chronicle 7/20/11: History: Europe/Russian-Soviet - Asst. or Assoc. Professor
  • Deadline: Oct. 3. Details at:
  • The .pdf above is a description of the Muslim Mediterranean/Middle East position. According to the job ad posted on H-Net the deadline for the Europe/Russia-Soviet position is November 14:
  • I just called to check on the length of writing sample they want, and was told that they are getting everything from articles to books - any length is fine.
  • Chair is Mark Cioc.
    • Cico is big in environmental history and has been part of the World History program at UCSC. The department is trying to shore up both European and World history, so being able to do World or comparative will be a boon. Big strength in the dept is in Asian history, so the ability to do Russia/Soviet looking weat and east would be highly appealing.
  • Has anyone heard from Santa Cruz, or know what their timeline is?
  • AHA interview request 12/7 x3
  • Did anyone else get an email from the personnel office saying that they didn't fill out the Applicant Data Form?
  • Not for this gig, but we did for S Cruz British position, so its normal I think. No need to worry.
  • If people get a rejection letter from this one, please post. Or I wonder if this is one of the ones that doesn't send rejections until they have actually chosen their final candidate.
  • Campus visit scheduled [1/13]
  • Does anyone know if they've made an offer? (2/17)
  • They have not yet made an offer (2/19)
  • Does anyone know if this search has come to a conclusion? I'd appreciate hearing if anyone has information. Thanks.
  • Offer made [3/9] - what field? - Russia/Soviet
  • Offer accepted [4/2]

University of Kansas[]

  • Modern Russian History (since 1917)
  • NB: this job is not yet listed on the University's jobs page. 9/5 update: position now posted at (#00003603)
  • Deadline: Nov. 1
  • Has anyone heard anything from the search committee for this or the two positions listed below?
  • Still no news? [12/15]
  • AHA interview requested via email [12/19] x2
  • any news? [1/14]
  • Campus visits scheduled [1/23]
  • Campus visits completed [2/16]
  • Any news? Has an offer been made? [2/27]
  • Offer extended (to another candidate) [3/2]
  • Offer accepted

University of Louisville[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in the history of Russia and/or Eastern Europe, any era.
  • Deadline: November 11, 2011
  • What is the teaching load?
    • Received confirmation letter that application had been received, with a note that candidates selected for AHA interviews "will be contacted approximately December 20th." It's nice they let you know that! (10/5)
    • Any news on this one? [11/28]
    • AHA interview scheduled [12/6]--what field? - Soviet
    • So the sc is ending their review two weeks early?
    • Anyone else got an AHA interview for this one? [12/17]
    • any news post-AHA?
    • Nada for me....but I think they said within two weeks? But maybe the 3 invited are not on wiki...[1/14]
    • campus visits scheduled - [1/20]
    • No, campus visits not scheduled. Search on hold pending budgetary issue. [1/29]
    • Is the search still on hold? [2/22]
    • Yes, still on hold and may be for some time still
    • Yes, on hold until at least April and then there is no guarantee it will be there. The budget in Kentucky is dire and the are major cuts at the universities.

University of Maryland - College Park[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Russia and the Soviet Union (1917-1991)
  • "Candidates with expertise in a significant aspect of domestic history, inter-ethnic or foreign relations, from the Russian Revolution forward through the Soviet period, are encouraged to apply"
  • PhD in hand by June 2012
  • For full consideration: 31 Oct. 2011
    • Email request for phone interview, 12/1. x2
    • Polite rejection letter received via snail mail, 12/9. x3
    • Campus visit scheduled, 12/22.
  • Offer made and accepted

Nazarbayev University[]

  • Open rank position(s) in History " Russian/Soviet History (The ability to teach Kazakh history is a plus) "
  • degree from a Western or leading international university
  • Responsibilities will include but not be limited to teaching classes, curriculum and program development, research, providing departmental guidance and leadership.
  • re: above reference to Russian/Kazakh "needed". I don't think this is actually the case. Field is open. Moreover, the language of instruction is ENGLISH. <--All true, feel free to move this wherever it belongs. Just seemed like Russianists might be interested.
  • Did anyone apply for this?
  • Applied ages ago (November) - guess I didn't make the cut since, if I remember correctly, interviews were supposed to be sometime in mid-February? Any word for other applicants as of 2/9?
  • Interview scheduled on 2/5. [x2]
  • Also had an skype interview in early Feb, has anyone heard anything?
  • offer made via e-mail on 3/3 [x2]
  • Congratulations! May I ask what your field is? Russia-related [x1]
  • There was a second round of interviews held for this position; interviewed late April

Spanish History[]

Johns Hopkins University[]

  • The Johns Hopkins University Department of History seeks a full-time, tenure-track assistant or tenured associate professor of early modern Spanish history (including the Spanish Empire). Please submit a cover letter, c.v., writing sample, research statement, and three letters of reference to Early Modern Spain Search, Dept. of History, Johns Hopkins University, 301 Gilman Hall, Baltimore, MD 21218. Johns Hopkins is an AA/EOE committed to recruiting, supporting, and fostering a diverse community of outstanding faculty, staff, and students. Women and minorities are especially invited to apply.
  • November 15 is the application deadline.
  • Request for additional materials, 12/3
    • What did they ask for? Seems like they asked for nearly everything in the application....
    • Manuscript + any additional relevant materials
      • Has anyone been contacted for an interview yet?
    • So the ad for this job has been reposted on H-Net with a January 17 deadline....
    • Any guesses what this development means? Dissatisfaction with the applicant pool is the only thing I can come up with.
      • That is a good guess. Possible it is just gross departmental dysfunction and inability to agree on anything, but I guess that just amounts to the same thing in the end. Another possibility is that they are targeting a particular person who did not get an application in on time or for other reasons. All speculation, but what is almost certain is that those of us who applied before the original deadline are out.
      • Yes, I agree. I don't have any inside info, but from other searches I've seen (in other places), sometimes departments have unrealistic expectations for searches at a more advanced level. I'd be surprised if the position were filled, whatever the reason.
      • I'm not involved in the search, but I have been told that they will be looking very seriously at junior people.
      • Anyone else get the form (email) letter from the search chair about the extension of the deadline?
      • Yes. I got a letter saying they had extended the deadline, but that they were still interested in my candidacy. (x 4 Mass email?)
      • Seems like a mass email to me...
        • Have not received the above mentioned email. Not sure what that means.... (x2)
          • Glad to have some company on the "overlooked list."
      • Anyone hear any more about this position since the email?
      • Finalists have been notified (2/4)
      • Any news?

Portuguese History[]

University of Macau (Macao)[]

  • Open rank position in the History of Portugal/Iberian Empire
  • " Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate strong interdisciplinary and transnational approaches to historical research."
  • "The successful candidate must have a PhD, fluency in English, as well as research ability in the language of his or her specialty."
  • Review Begins: 1 Dec. 2011
  • Anyone heard anything on this?