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Brief Laments:[]

I moved laments to the Discussion page (see Tab above). I accidentally deleted one comment, and can't figure out how to get it back. I do apologize.

  • See Queens College, below. *  I've moved the Queens Lamentations down to the Queens College, section, under modern Europe.

Mixed or Multiple Hires:[]

Teeside University (UK) Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (tenured) in either Medieval or Modern History

Deadline: 4 December 2009


The Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology Jobs Board is  HERE

University of Louisville - Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Ancient Mediterranean History

  • Applications due December 11
  • Ancient Near East or Late Roman/Byzantine
  • Job ad has been removed from H-Net
  • It is still on, per an email response to inquiry 12/15
  • campus visit arranged (according to classics wiki, 1.19.10)
  • Who made the shortlist?
  • Offer made and accepted.

Northern Illinois University

  • AHA interview offered (12/02)
  • How many are following this? 3
  • They said in AHA interview: visits in early Feb., offer by mid-March.
  • Any word?
  • No word here (2/2).
  • Well good luck. There are three of us monitoring this wiki. Hopefully one of us will be contacted.
  • Any news? Anyone? (2/9)
  • Nothing (2/10). The Illinois state budget is a mess, but I was under the impression that this hire would go forward.
  • No news (2/10). Have my doubts. Talk of furloughs in the Illinois system.
  • If they're doing on-campus interviews, they're happening now.
  • Did they call people to campus?
  • A fellow grad student of mine recently had an on-campus, so from an outsider's perspective the search is still on.
  • Thanks for the update.
  • Who made the shortlist?
  • Was an offer made here?
  • No idea.
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of South Carolina - Assistant Professor, Ancient/Late Antique History of the Mediterranean basin

  • Applications should be received by November 2
  • AHA interview offered (12/01)
  • All AHA interviews scheduled (12/02)
  • Received rejection by mail (12/17)
  • On-campus interviews scheduled (1/14)
  • Who made the shortlist?

West Virginia University - Assistant Professor, Ancient Mediterranean World History

  • Screening process to begin December 10
  • Interested in candidates who can teach early Islam
  • AHA interview scheduled Dec 15
  • Campus visits?
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • How many are following this? 4
  • Who made the shortlist?
  • Snail-mail rejection letter received 2/25 - offer was made and accepted.


AHA or Phone Interviews / Jobseekers

0 interviews = 3 jobseekers

1 interview = 6 jobseekers

2 interviews = 2 jobseekers

3 interviews = 1 jobseeker

4 interviews = 1 jobseeker

Mount Royal University

  • Deadline October 30
  • Note that they want the job search reference number on the letters of recommendation as well as on all other documents.
  • Email received 12/9: they're going through the final budget approval right now, will start interviews "during the winter 2010 semester."  Informative, and very nice.
  • Email received 3/22: that budget approval failed, unfortunately. Funding has been cut for the position.

Southeastern Missouri State

  • Deadline Nov.30
  • 4-4 load
  • How do you know it's 4-4?
  • The AHA ad is more detailed, and lists it as 4-4
  • interview request for AHA via email (12/3)
  • Make that 2! (Now "3". BTW, they had a lot of interview times available. I wonder how many they'll be visiting with.)
  • Make that 5!
  • What sub-fields are represented for interviewees?
    • late medieval Spain
    • late Roman empire/late antiquity'
  • make that 6!
  • Post AHA Updates
    • Any news?
    • I was invited for an AHA interview, but couldn't make it to SD. So the committe arranged for a phone interview, which took place on 1/19. I was told that campus invites should be extended by the end of February barring any unforeseen bureaucratic messes.
    • Well that was very considerate of the interview committee. That's a good sign.
    • In answer to the above question about how many interviews they did at the AHA, at the end of my interview, they said they had 150 apps, and interviewed 20. They do phone interviews with 10-12 folks mid February, and then do campus visits end of Feb/beginning of March. I thought it was nice to have a timeline.

Has anyone heard anything from SEMO? I know that they said mid-February, but this lag time is making me nervous!

  • had interview at AHA - I have heard nothing (1/25) x2
  • still waiting (1/29)
    • patience is a virtue (ok...I'm now "still waiting" - ha ha - 2 Feb)
    • 2/9 - has anyone heard anything yet? x3 (given that 3 of us are asking, either we're all out, or they've yet to decide)
    • i know they invited people to campus already if that helps (2/16) - i was invited for this week
    • Offer accepted (3/10)

Texas A&M, Tenure-Track Assistant in Late Antiquity/Early Middle Ages, c. 200-1050. Applications from historians of Europe and the Byzantine Empire, including all subfields, are welcome.

  • Interview request for AHA via email
  • Rejection notice via snailmail -- kudos to the department for letting me know so quickly, however disappointing (12/12); me too (12/17)
  • Any news here? (1/27)
  • Snail-mail rejection letter received 2/23. In round-about language, it says that an offer was made.

University of Portland - Assistant Professor, Ancient/Medieval European History

  • Deadline November 15
  • Had an AHA interview with this department when the position first came up 6 yrs. ago.  They found a sneaky way to ask me about my religious beliefs without actually coming right out and asking me.  Hopefully someone has told them by now that this is a big no-no, but just in case, be prepared.
  • It is actually legal for religious institutions to consider the religious beliefs of their applicants, and UP is a private Catholic college. So, sorry, but not illegal.
  • Request for AHA interview via phone 12/14. (Another request for AHA interview on 12/17)x3
  • On campus interviews were set up last week (1/14) for February
  • Rejection letter (3/8). One of the finalists (no name) has accepted their offer.

Benedictine College - Assistant Professor, Ancient/Medieval

  • Deadline November 15
  • Why is a 3 person dept. advertising for ancient/medieval when they already have an specialist in Medieval Italy?
  • Telephone Interview (x3)
  • I had an on-campus interview in late February, but no word: I am assuming the other candidate was offered the job (perhaps they are checking this?). Got the impression that the medievalist was leaving.
  • One of my grad students also interviewed there in late February, but no word. It's been almost a month.
  • Received rejection letter via snail mail on April 12.
  • They must be very slowly eliminating people.....I haven't heard a thing from an oncampus interview in late February.
  • Went to John Romano, Harvard Ph.D., specialist in liturgy


AHA or Phone Interviews / Jobseekers

0 interviews = 7 jobseekers

1 interview = 6 jobseekers

2 interviews = 2 jobseekers (make that 4)

3 interviews = 2 jobseekers

4 interviews = 2 jobseekers (Congratulations! That's a great sign for you!) Thanks.

Sigh. 13 applicants with 5 interviews total; 8 applicants with 22 total. Wish I weren't in the first group...

  • Q: To me more constructive than the previously deleted comment (not mine), I'm really curious about what it takes to get four interviews in a market such as this. I mean, while I don't think that the field "owes me" a job or even an interview, this is my third year on the market (AHA interview the first year, finalist on a job last year) and I'm surprised (and a little upset) that I didn't even get a single request for additional materials. Without getting into specifics, can you tell us about yourself: are you ABD, postdoc, assistant professor? How many and what kind of publications do you have?
    • I am the person in question, and I agree with the post below. The vagaries of the job market have a lot to do with it. In drafting application letters this year, I took into account this Mediterranean-cum-global trend, and cast my research/teaching interests accordingly. It helps that I have a fairly sexy, transnational research topic (although not Christian-Muslim relations. I wish! ), and other sexy topic ideas for a second book. I mean, other factors also matter: a PhD from a top school, a postdoc at another top school, two published articles, teaching experience (this is my fourth year on the market).  It's a strange kind of lottery, where your merits are taken into account, but the fundamental fact remains that it's still a crapshoot.  I have no idea if I'll get a job this year. If not, I'll stand my ground and try again.  Good luck to everyone!
    • I'm the second 4-interview person (well, 5 if you count the fact that I did 2 rounds of interviewing at one school).  They were primarily for visiting positions. I also work on the medieval Mediterranean, and cast my application materials appropriately. I'm a newly-minted PhD, so visiting positions are very appropriate for me at this stage.  I can only hope the market for the medieval Med is this hot when I'm well-positioned for permanent then the market will probably have moved on, though, so I'm taking it as I can this year.
  • I am not the person with 4 (7) interviews (in fact, I have no interviews), but I suspect that one need only look at the ads to discover an explanation.  2/3 of the ads this year are targeted at scholars who deal with Muslim-Christian relations in some way or who can cast themselves as somehow covering 'global' issues.  Couple this specificity with how 'hot' these topics will appear even to the departments that did not target the medieval Mediterranean, and you have a recipe for an even crazier hiring process than usual.  I hope the people who get offers realize how much they have departments over the beam (depts. can't afford failed searches with cost-slashing admins breathing down their necks -- they risk losing the lines altogether), and negotiate hard for better pay, set-ups, sabbaticals, etc.  Good luck.

1 phone interview for temporary job, 1 phone interview for permanent job, 1 AHA interview (not the same job as the one I phone interviewed for)  =1 jobseeker

JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE, CUNY. Deadline Dec.15. 4/3 load. They want someone who can teach world history also. Medieval history, 500-1500.

  • Does anyone know anything about this job? Recently posted?
  • I found it on H-Net:
  • Don't bother: worse than Queens College (see below): application must have been received on Monday (12/14), rejection e-mail sent out on Friday (12/18), i.e. three days after the deadline (x2).
  • In the letter, my rejection is "a commentary on the specific needs of our department and students." While I appreciate the prompt notice that I'm out of the running, I am personally getting tired of this line.  If there is a specific departmental "need" it ought to be stated in the advert. Surely any sub-field (in addition to world) would attract 90+ applications, so why not state it up front?
  • I think it's usually the case that if departments have a specific need up front, they say so.  I think that once they start getting 90+ applications, they have to start weeding and they start thinking about how this and that field/person would fit in with their existing faculty and the kinds of courses they have already then they start looking more seriously at people who will complement their offerings.  Like if they have fourteen people who do high medieval France, they are going to be looking for people with subspecialties that look interesting.  They are not going to bring in fourteen people who do high medieval France.
  • Interview request via phone (12/18); for February. No AHA interviews because interviewers have jury duty then! I'm not an insider, so I hope this is for real.
  • Interview request via email (12/18), same thing as above, with the phone interview in February and jury duty.
  • On campus interviews set (2/19)
  • Does anyone know how much John Jay pays (approx.) and whether or not they support faculty research at all? With a 3/4 load in a high cost of living area, it doesn't seem like an ideal position if one has multiple options. But I have noticed CUNYs in general tend to hire their own; outsiders rarely make the final cut.
  • offer extended and accepted.
  • Job accepted by Sara McDougall (Ph.D. Yale; amusingly enough in light of an earlier comment, studies high/late medieval France...)

Amherst College - Assistant Professor, Medieval Europe or Europe and the Mediterranean (ca. 300-1400)

  • Deadline November 20
  • Acknowledged 11/6
  • AHA interview request via phone (12/15) x7
    • Specializations of the lucky ones? Italy, late medieval x2
    • Spain
    • Late medieval France and Italy
  • On-campus interview scheduled. Five invited.
  • How many are still following this? 2
  • Does anyone know how recent weather has affected the interview schedule?
  • This is a bit of guesswork, but I think they should still be on their original schedule (department to meet to make a decision Thurs 2/18). I heard that the fourth candidate made it into town for his/her interview, and that was the person who would have arrived during the big snow storm.
  • Thanks!
  • Offer made (2/22)--TO WHOM?
  • Dr Teresa Shawcross; rejection letter mentions a total of 162 candidates.

George Washington University

  • Deadline November 15
  • Received ack letter and AA form  by snail mail 10/20 (approx 10 days after I mailed my app)
    • Ditto, 11/6
  • AHA Interview Request via Email (12/11)
  • how many will be interviewed?
    • What's your field?
      • Spain
    • How many have been called for interviews?  I'm trying to figure out if this one is all over too.
    • seems to be. haven't heard anything either (12/17).
  • Got an acknowledgement, no request for interview, but no rejection.  Rumour has it that they are leaning towards a later person, though. (12/18)
  • Called department this morning (12/18) to find out all AHA interviews have been arranged (didn't say how many).
  • Formal invitation to campus (1/20).
  • Offer made and accepted (not to me) (3/1)
  • Hired Suzanne Miller (Ph.D. Stanford, VAP at Denison); specialist in--you guessed it--the medieval Mediterranean.

Georgia College and State University; History, Geography, and Philosophy Department

All fields welcome.- Member of search committee said there have been serious delays getting this news to H-Net and other advertisers; there’s NO inside candidate favored, and applications submitted after the deadline of October 27 WILL be accepted.

Georgia Southern University - Lecturer in Medieval European History

  • Deadline October 28
  • request for writing sample, November 11
  • Phone interview (12/3) (x2)
  • On-campus interview (three candidates invited).
  • Offer made and declined.

Hamilton College

  • Deadline October 16
  • Via email, receipt of application acknowledged and AA link sent (10/2) (x2 -- 10/5)
  • Request for AHA interview and additional materials (11/16)
  • Has anyone received a reject from them?  It's been over a month since the deadline.  Are they not going to let people know if they are no longer being considered???f
  • It's not uncommon for rejection letters to go out after the AHA or even later--after an offer has been extended and accepted. That's why the wiki is so helpful--shortens the period of waiting around with false hope.
  • Rejection via snail mail, 12/17 (x4)
  • invited for an on-campus interview (1/15)
  • Congratulations! Did they say how many?
  • Four
  • 2/12 offer was made (not to me)
  • 2/19 First offer declined (!) -- committee meeting again 2/22 to consider remaining candidates (per email from chair).
  • 2/23 offer made to second candidate (again, not to me)
  • Had they only interviewed me, I would have accepted right away and saved the committee time AND effort!!
  • Not if you were made another, even better offer.
  • 2/28 offer made to third candidate and accepted. BY WHOM?
  • Congratulations!
  • Indeed!
  • Job went to John Eldevik (Ph.D UCLA; VAP at Pomona). A good guy and a good scholar.

Keene State University.

  • only  at AHA - this job isn't listed at h-net
  • Deadline Nov 20
  • Medieval with secondary fields in medieval Islam and Gender (same as the current VAP)
  • So, the job is clearly tailored to the VAP.  How many people would have this combination: medieval European/Islam/gender?  Seems pointless to apply.
  • If so, SC is playing a dangerous game. Do they think the VAP would stay at Keene if Amherst (or GW or Hamilton) came knocking?
  • In my experience at several institutions, such talk of inside hires is usually more fanciful than real.  With the overabundance of qualified candidates, there is simply no reason for a department to give a VAP preferential treatment, except to accommodate a spousal arrangement and there are very few institutions that will do this.  It is much more likely that the History Department at Keene State created the VAP to argue to its administration that this tenure line was necessary.
  • I'm with the earlier opinion: the interest fields are just too close and too specific.  Add to that the demand for substantial publications (VAP has a book) and a stated preference for candidates who have taught specific, non-field-related courses like Methodology, and it looks like this position was written to pre-disqualify just about everyone.  I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that they're being so obvious about it.  
  • I stand corrected -- I misread the CV.  And the more I think about it, the more I think it must be weird for the VAP (if she's checking in here) to see people dissecting her CV and speculating.  My apologies.
  • Acknowledged via snail-mail with EEO card 2 weeks after application was mailed.
  • AHA interview request via email (12/7) x 4
  • Rejection letter via snail mail 12/21 (x3)
  • One person invited on campus.
  • Offer made and accepted (2/19)
  • The inside candidate got this position (i.e. Susan Wade, Ph.D. NYU)

Rice University - Assistant Professor, Medieval Europe

  • Deadline December 1
  • AHA interview request via phone (12/8)
  • Make it four. No, five. Six
  • Specialties?
  • Rejection via email, 12/14 (x5 -- more than 120 applicants)
  • technically, "eleven dozen" applications-- I guess they use a base-12 system...
  • As the second person to note getting a rejection e-mail, I will compliment Rice on keeping me informed as I complimented Texas A&M.
  • Did they do their campus invites yet? (1/25) Yes: scheduled for February.
  • How many candidates did they invite? At my AHA interview, the SC said that they would invite three people.
  • Offer made (not to me)
  • Offer accepted (2/19) BY WHOM?
  • Maya Soifer Irish (Ph.D. Princeton); works on medieval Iberia. The Medieval Mediterranean train rolls on...

University of St Andrews (UK: Scotland)

  • Deadline: 28 May 2010
  • Lecturer (tenured) in Late Mediaeval European History c.1200-1400.
  • This post has been filled.
  • Justine Firnhaber-Baker (PhD Harvard, from Oxford postdoc)

University College London (UK) - Lectureship in Medieval History

  • Deadline: 13 May 2010
  • 700-1400, expertise in more than one country a plus.
  • This is a tenured position.
  • John Sabapathy (PhD UCL, from Oxford postdoc)

University of Oxford - St John's College Fellowship & Lectureship in history

  • Late Medieval Continental History
  • Deadline: 14 December 2009
  • Shortlist notified (1/14), interviews on 2/2.
  • Hannah Skoda (DPhil Oxford, from Oxford postdoc)

University of Nebraska - Omaha - Temporary position, Medieval Europe

  • Deadline October 23
  • One-semester position, Spring 2010
  • Phone interviews were week of November 2-6.
  • Notification email sent to interviewees Nov 12. (Very gently and cordially worded - thanks, UNO!)
  • I know some people in this department, and they're very nice, so not a bad place to spend a semester, I'd think.
  • This is June Mecham's old job, right?  Is this job still open?  Filled?  Is it really one semester or is there a possibility of renewal?
  • Tiffany Ziegler from the University of Missouri is there now but it is only temporary. No permanent hire in the near future because of budget issues.

University of Nevada, Reno - Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World

  • Deadline November 15
  • AHA interview request via phone (12/9)x5
  • on-campus interview
  • When did they call?
  • I'd like to know this, too.
  • contacted for on-campus interview 01/15
  • search cancelled
  • was this information sent via phone? email? snail mail?
  • Do you know why?
  • Severe funding crisis. Nearly all searches were cancelled.
  • 2/24: Rejection via snailmail.

Young Harris College

  • Deadline November 7
  • Broad criteria, but a medievalist would apply: Candidates should have a specialization in World Civilizations, with an emphasis in Western Classical, Late Antiquity, or Medieval studies or a non-Western emphasis (prior to the mid-15th century)
  • The link above does not work.  Interested parties should go to the Young Harris College website.  The job can be found on the HR page.
  • Campus interview scheduled for mid to late January by phone (11/24)
  • Campus interview on January 15 (last of 3 candidates in). Rejection e-mail on January 25 stating they had an accepted offer from one of the other 2 candidates.

UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO: The Department of History at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (, invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor, beginning in the fall semester 2010. Teaching fields: Continental Europe, Africa, Mediterranean World, all 800-1700 CE, with research specialization in any of these. Ph.D. must be completed by fall 2010. Apply electronically at, REFER TO JOB POSTING 808542. Applications will be reviewed beginning February 1, 2010 and the search will continue until the position is filled. This job will appear on H-NET JOB GUIDE and in AHA online by mid-November.

Medieval/Early Modern/Renaissance[]

AHA or Phone Interviews / Jobseekers

0 interviews = 6 jobseekers (3 early modern; 2 medieval)

1 interview = 3 jobseekers (2 medieval)

2 interviews = 1 jobseeker (late medieval (12th c) through early modern (late 17th c))

5 interviews = 1 jobseeker

Could people specify whether they're medievalists or early modernists?

New York University

  • Deadline: December 1, 2009
  • Acknowledged via email 11/25
  • Acknowledgment via snailmail, 12/18 (x2) --they will begin reviewing materials in mid-December
  • acknowledgement - with the wrong name in the salutation
  • Any clue if they are planning to interview at AHA?
  • It's not a job in a history department, so probably not.

• Sorry to say this one is over too. I called today and found out they have already notified the semi-finalists. • Too bad.  I take it this was the Gallatin School "medieval studies" job? Any offers extended? - Forgot to add that the acknowledgement letter got my name wrong (very wrong). WHO GOT THIS? (what do you mean?) Who got this job? •Andy Romig (Ph.D. Brown), formerly Hist/Lit lecturer at Harvard

Ohio Wesleyan University

  • Medieval and Early Modern European (Continental)
  • Deadline: November 30, 2009
  • Request for AHA interview 12/11(x4)
  • Via email or phone?
    • Phone
  • Specializations?
  • Is anyone following this? (x2)
  • Yes. On-campus interviews are currently being held (1/29).
  • Phone call from SC chair with courteous rejection (3/4) Anyone get an offer?
  • Job went to Ellen Arnold (Ph.D. Minnesota), VAP at Macalester College.

Earlham College - Assistant Professor - European History prior to 1800

  • Note that ad on Chronicle is not the same as on the college website.
  • Here's the posting on the college website:
  • College site says, "teaches one of a range of possible subfields, including (but not limited to) European history prior to 1800, Mediterranean (including North Africa, Near East and West Asia), medieval, early modern and thematic history." (A combo that is similar to the VAP's fields. Just sayin'.)
  • no reply to email concerning their two job searches
  • What did you ask? 
  • No question. I'd tell you about my experience from a couple years ago but it would out me. To be fair, I believe the point of contact is the administrator for several departments, not just history. It's also been a tough year for the department as two members died, and a third left for Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. That's almost half the department.
  • Received ack. (11/6)
  • Received ack. (11/19) (2x)
  • Received ack. (11/24)
  • received interview request (via phone) for the AHA (12/2 and 12/3) x 6
    • Specialization?
    • Late medieval/early modern Germany
    • Medieval Spain x 2
    • Crusades
    • Medieval Italy
    • Late medieval/early modern Flanders
    • Did they ask for additional materials? (12/4) - NO
    • No early modernists? I guess when they say "medieval, early modern" what they mean is "medieval, and if you happen do do early modern we'll consider you."
    • More likely, "we're really looking for a medievalist but if we don't get enough good applications, we'd hire an early-modernist."
  • Post AHA Updates
    • Received email request for teaching evaluations prior to scheduling on-campus interviews (1/19)x2
    • Thanks for the info! Did they let you know if they are planning on bringing you to campus? Or is this a way for them to buy more time before deciding on finalists?
      • Your welcome. No, I wasn't extended an invite to campus. They stated they wanted additional info. prior to deciding on who to bring to campus.
      • On-campus invite (2/3) - Candidacy withdrawn, because the person already received offer(s)
        • Congratulations! (I interviewed with Earlham at the AHA, but didn't think it went great. With no invite in hand, I think I know where I stand.) 2/4
        • Any news on offers? (3/24)
  • Just as a note for those of you seeking closure. Both positions this year, as well as one they filled a few years ago, went to the VAPs. I'm not a conspiracy theorist in the least, but when a school goes three-for-three, red flags go up. (To their credit, the year they hired another VAP I talked to one of the faculty members who was not on the search committee at the AHA. He said, "We're very happy with _______, and inted to make her an offer." This was as the interviews were taking palce. +1 for Honesty [God love the Quakers] -50 for running a fake search.)
  • Correction: only one of the VAP candidates was hired, the one who applied for the modernist position. The medieval-early modernist position was offered to - and accepted by - one of the outside candidates for the modernist position. Yes, you read that correctly. The candidate who was awarded this position was not one of the ones who applied for it.

University of Central Florida- Visiting Assistant Professor, Medieval/Early Modern European History (excluding Britain)

  • Deadline October 9
  • One semester, begins January 2010
  • Remember when a one-semester replacement position wouldn't have been a plum gig? Those were the salad days.

University of Northern British Columbia Assistant Professor, European History prior to 1600

  • Deadline December 1
  • Note: don't be discouraged by the location. I know someone who just took a job there--the pay, research support, and teaching load all approach or match an R1 job in the US.
  • Received request for more materials on 12/7 and it was indicated I'm part of the "long-short list". Will be contacting possible on-campus interviewees in January
  • Invited for one of four campus interviews, 1/7/10
  • Also invited for one of four campus interviews on same day
  • Offer extended

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs The Department of History at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (, invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor, beginning in the fall semester 2010. Teaching fields: Continental Europe, Africa, Mediterranean World, all 800-1700 CE, with research specialization in any of these. Ph.D. must be completed by fall 2010. Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, advising students, conducting research in specialty and serving on appropriate University committees. Apply electronically at, REFER TO JOB POSTING 808542. Applications will be reviewed beginning February 1, 2010 and the search will continue until the position is filled.

  • Anybody heard what the teaching load for this one is?
  • It's 3 courses one semester, 2 the next, with plenty of possibilities for off-loads in early career especially.
  • The range of fields in the ad seems a bit strange - schizophrenic, really: one part seems geared toward a medievalist and the other toward an early modernist who studies European colonialism in Africa. Does anyone know what they are hoping to find?
    • Answer to above: looking for someone with first field in medieval or early modern, who perhaps could pick up Africa as a teaching field; or an Africanist by specialty who could pick up a course or two in medieval/early modern Europe. Not schizophrenia, just hoping to find a multi-talented person whose first and second fields align with departmental needs. Primary research field can be either Europe or Africa, we're just hoping to pick up someone who can teach a bit in the non-research field.
    • "Not schizophrenic...": sorry about that -- the result of too much time trying to read the tea leaves. Thanks so much for being willing to clarify here.
  • They're currently interviewing at the AHA job center (01/09)
    • the departmental representative was not able to arrive to talk to any prospective candidates, so AHA activities were cancelled. Job still open and applications accepted through Feb. 1., phone interviews will be conducted later after a semi-finalist list has been created.
    • Can you elaborate? I for one, was eager to interview for this position and I turned in a CV. Should I assume that the departmental representative had absolutely no interest in it? Honestly, that would be a bit depressing since I'm both a medievalist and an early modernist.
    • I'm the departmental rep. and I very much wanted to be there. United Airlines had a different idea and decided to leave me stuck in the airport until there was no way I could arrive in time to talk to interested folk. The AHA rep. will be mailing cvs dropped off at the convention to the department, and I'm sorry that the travel snafu prevented me from meeting up with interested candidates.
    • I'm sorry for your trouble but I'm glad that's the reason why no one was interviewed. Thank you for your answer, I'm sure those of us who turned in a CV will feel better knowing that they were not rejected (yet) and that this search is still going.
  • Email notification of references requested 1/28 (x3)
    • For inquiring minds, the email stated: "Your application for posting number 808542, Asst Professor is being reviewed for further consideration. At this time the recommendation providers that you listed at the time of application have been emailed with a request to submit a letter of recommendation."
    • Were the emails concerning people on a short list or a long list?
      • There were no details other than those pasted above.
      • Does this question imply that some applicants with complete files have not received this email notification yet?
      • I asked the above question, and that was what I was trying to determine. I received a "further consideration" email, and I was hoping to gauge whether it was a mere confirmation or if they were starting to winnow down their list.
      • No winnowing has been done yet, we're trying to make sure we get all the information required from everyone. IN some cases people writing letters of reference have said that they either couldn't or wouldn't use the electronic system, so we're getting their letters in hard copy and converting them to the electronic system. So, be patient, we're hoping to winnow down by late Feb., do some phone interviews, and we hope do on-campus in March.
      • Something need to be said here because it is a far too rare occurrence in this year's context: thank you to the SC for being candid about being on this wiki, and more importantly, for intervening in useful ways. Like other searches, this one will necessarily end up leaving most candidates disappointed that they didn't get the job, but at least we have the feeling we're dealing with human beings. Good luck to everyone. (x2!!!)
        • Excellent point. These clarifications provided by the SC are very helpful and respectful. Someone is going to luck out with some great colleagues. Oh, and my name is Dr. X, just in case you, UCCS, want to look over my application again. Best :-)
  • Phone call to schedule phone interview with the committee 2/24
  • Email to schedule phone interview with the committee 2/24
  • Campus visit scheduled 3/4
  • Offer made and accepted 3/19
  • Job went to Roger Martinez (Ph.D. UT Austin)

Early Modern Europe[]

Post-AHA debrief: anyone care to share their experiences (good, bad or otherwise interesting) with the committees from these respective colleges? It would help those of us who didn't interview to better understand the process, in order to get ready for next year.

  • I think this may be a bit too vague for people to give you much feedback. I'm happy to help, but would need a more specific question, but also one that wouldn't require me to out myself. If the question is for a peculiar college, you're probably spinning your wheels. Unless a search fails, they won't be back for a while...

[ Ball State University]

Tenure-track position in European history with specialization in the early modern period, circa 1400 to 1815 available
August 19, 2010.

  • Snail mail ack. (11/24)
  • Request for additional materials (12/4) (x4)
    • article or chapter
    • teaching evaluations
    • two syllabi
    • Specializations?
      • Britain and Spain
      • Early Modern France
    • Has anyone received a request since the 4th?
    • Are they going to the AHA, or going to do the phone interview route?
    • They just re-posted the job ad (12/20) on the AHA website with a new deadline of February 28. (The job ad, however, does state that review of applications will begin immediately.)
    • That is bizarre. So obviously none of the applications received (and subsequent requested dossiers) were deemed worthy by the SC. I'm not wasting anymore time...
    • Email request for phone interview. (1/13) Perhaps the AHA ad was just posted late?
    • Request for further materials (1/28)
      • What kind of materials? Same as what they asked for on 12/4, or in addition to those materials? (1/29) Answer -- the usual: syllabi, course evaluations, writing sample, etc. But I wasn't asked before, this is the first contact.
      • Thanks, and congrats! One more question, if you don't mind: Did you apply late (i.e, after the reposting in December) or in response to the initial posting? Answer -- I applied early.
      • News on this one?
      • Campus interviews are being scheduled
      • Have the campus visits happened yet? If so, are they near to extending an offer?
      • Campus interviews are still in progress, to be completed over the next week (2/25)
      • Any news on the remaining timeline? (3/4)
    • Any news?
    • Had to make one change: "The waiting is the hardest part/ Every day you see one more EO card..."
    • Or the SC decides not to follow up. You sit there with four cards in a game of five-card draw.
    • This whole process is sort of like holding aces and eights, eh?
    • Very true. Any news yet, or should we keep the Petty cranked up?
    • BSU is on spring break this week, so that might be delaying a decision. Does anyone know if an offer has been made yet?
    • Offer extended and accepted. It was the candidate not the department that caused the delay.
    • Congrats, and thanks for the info. Sure would have been nice to hear it from the department itself.

Boston University

  • Early Modern Europe (presumably excluding France)
  • "Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled."
  • why do you say "presumably excluding France"?
  • Because the chair of the search committee is a historian of early modern France.
  • Snail mail ack'd (9/8)
  • Has anybody heard anything new about this position? It's odd they would not set a deadline and then wait two months or more to contact any candidates.
  • Nothing.  Not even the snail mail acknowledgment referenced above.  It is a little strange, but the department's website still lists the position.
  • Just received a snail mail acknowledgment yesterday (10/12), though the letter is dated 9/4. I thought the delay might be because I'm in Canada (somewhat unreliable mail), but more likely they've been slow to get them out.
  • Received snail mail ack (9/14) ... nothing since
  • Received e-mail request for materials (10/17) (7x)
  • may I ask what countries those requested for materials specialize in?
    • Holy Roman Empire
    • Italy
    • England
    • England/Spain
    • Germany/Netherlands
    • German-speaking lands
  • Phone call for AHA interview (11/20) Anyone else?  Specializations for the lucky ones with interviews?
  • E-mail request for materials (11/27)
  • Other late requests like this? (12/3)
    • Does it make sense to anyone why BU would schedule AHA interviews and then continue to request additional materials?
    • Maybe because there was no deadline applications are still coming in, and (again, because there was no deadline) they feel obliged to take them seriously
  • Received email invitation for interview at AHA (12/10)(x3)
  • Any news?
  • Invitations to campus extended.
  • What's the latest word?
  • Three were invited to campus shortly after the AHA. Obviously they are keeping mum.
  • offer extended
  • Was the offer to a historian of early modern Europe or early modern Britain?
  • Offer accepted?
  • Accepted - continental historian (Central Europe/Reformation)

Denison University

  • Early Modern, excluding France and German-speaking regions
  • Deadline Nov. 16
  • Didn't they just hire a VAP in this field?  Does this mean there is already an inside candidate in place?
  • No, they hired a VAP in medieval. The TT EME appears to be a new position. I've heard great things about Denison and this department.
  • Thanks for clearing that up.  I remember applying for the VAP position - but looking through my files I see that it was a "medieval or early modern Europe" job - so they must have hired a medievalist.
  • They did (in--surprise!!--Mediterranean history).  It would seem that they've decided to boot medieval as a full-time position in the future...
    • No - their medieval person is on leave. Geez, people, take a deep breath.
    • Visiting assistant professors qualify for leave??
    • Adam Davis is their medievalist. He is on leave. Knowing he would be gone, they conducted the VAP search mentioned above, and hired a medievalist as the replacement.
    • Anyone have news on this search? (12/3) No, but remember, no news is good news! Wait, that's not right. But seriously, don't panic until the tenth.
    • What happens on the tenth? Nothing, I'm just saying by then you can start to freak out. It's wasted effort right now.
    • Some search committees are trying to make sure people can get the 20 day advance fare to San Diego; this week and next are crucial.
    • I'll give you five bucks to call and ask when the committee is going to meet.
    • Request for AHA interview (12/9) via email (x3)
    • I'd love to know the specializations of those lucky folks with interviews...
    • I'm holding out (faint) hope that there are more emails to come. (12/10)  Is that because you know something or are just hoping? Just hoping.
    • Deleted comment, as it was misleading.Yes, Wesleyan sounds awful, but that's their problem. Also the negative comments about Denison are focused on the English Department, not History.
  • Just to clarify, the EME position is a new line for the department, and is not intended to be a replacement for anyone.  
  • Did anyone get a sense of their time-table for on-campus visits? I actually wrote down when they told me, but garbled it.
  • I got the feeling that the lucky candidates would be notified for on-campus visits in a few weeks, while those not selected will have to wait for the end of February. Did you have something similar?
  • Okay, that makes sense. I wrote down that we'd hear either in late January or late February.
  • Yeah, I think it makes sense too. Although it actually seemed as if the campus visit notifications would be sent as early as the end of THIS week - the beginning of next week at the earliest.
  • This week (er, today) is possible, but I'm not holding my breath. They're not back in session until next week, and getting everyone on campus before classes start would be no mean feat.
  • 1/20: I, too, was confused about just which week they said people would hear. Anyone get a good-news call/email yet?
  • 1/22: Any news?
  • 1/22: Nothing here (x1)
  • 1/26: Still no news? 1/26 None (x2) --things must be progressing more slowly than they had anticipated.
  • 1/29: Just heard that a friend of a friend was invited to campus. Obv. the details are a bit sketchy...and could be wrong.
  • 1/29: I don't suppose anyone is brave enough to call the department to see if they've scheduled the campus interviews?
  • 1/29: I confirmed with my friend that visits have been scheduled. I can't wish them ill, but maybe they'll all get offers from other schools.
  • I wonder what the schedule is for the interviews -- I mean ball park. A: They seem to be in progress or in the works. I don't imagine (m)any more phones are going to ring on this one.
  • Offer made and accepted.
  • Care to share what the lucky one specializes in?
  • Reformation Geneva.
  • Rejection letter received 2/11 (Nice of them to send something out, they are the first so far. I did not have a single interview, so I believe I was not on anyone's short list and yet this wiki has kept me better informed than any of the departments).

Hunter College, CUNY

The Department of History at Hunter College, CUNY invites applications for an open-rank professorship in the history
of Early Modern Europe (1400-1800), including historians whose focus is on Europe's interaction with the wider world.

Any news on this one yet?

  • They don't start reviewing applications until 12/15 (according to the job ad).

Received snail mail ack. (12/8).

Has an anyone received an interview request? (12/28)

Seems like they are not really worried about time. (1/15)

Got email about a mechanical detail and they mentioned they had a ton of applications and don't think they will know anything until February. (1/15) Anyone hear anything yet? (2/2)

Nope. (2/3)

still nothing. (2/7)

Any news? It's a bit strange that no one (or so it seems) has heard back from them. (2/12)

Waiting for Godot, academic version. (2/15)

Contacted for campus visit (2/23) Wow! Did they do phone interviews or did they just decide to do campus visits based on just paper applications?

Snail mail rejection letter (3/3)

Offer has apparently been made (4/13).

Johns Hopkins University

  • TWO positions in early modern European (excluding Britain, tyvm) history, RANK OPEN
  • One position in early modern France, and one for a scholar of Europe and the wider world
  • Deadline December 1, 2009
  • David Bell is leaving Hopkins for Princeton, which explains one of the two openings.  See this article.
  • Heard a rumor that one of the hires (unknown which) will be senior, the other junior--don't know if they will be simultaneous or staggered
  • simultaneous is what I heard
  • inside info: jobs will be simultaneous. probably one senior, one junior, but could be any combination.
  • Anyone know if they plan to interview at AHA? (12/4)
  • No AHA interviews (12/10).
  • Thanks! Are you able to elaborate? (are they doing phone interviews, or going straight to campus?) (12/10)
  • Straight to campus (12/10)
  • Just got email with AA/EEO link: NOT bcc'ed, so all applicants can see each other's emails. Don't know whether to laugh or cry. Anyone who's "secretly" on the market will be majorly P.O.'ed. (12/11)
  • Ditto. That's very, very bad. I can't recall a search committee making a similar mistake. (Although I can't help finding it strangely, awfully, interesting).
  • The first thing that struck me was that I knew a number of the emails: they're people I know personally! I'm googling the rest...
  • Funny, because the first thing that struck me was the number of state and federal privacy laws JHU just violated.  This happened to me at least once last year, too, and really is just unacceptable.
  • I was sickened to see the list of email addresses. This is an unacceptable breach of confidentiality IMO, especially since all ranks were invited to apply.
  • It's a shocking gaffe, that's for sure. But I was interested to note there were "only" 106 applicants - I had become accustomed to assuming 300+ for everything.
  • I'm beyond skeptical that this is everyone. More likely, they sent the link in waves, and only did this for one.
  • That occurred to me initially too (that this was just one batch of several) but the list was alphabetical, A-Z, so I think this was the total. (Further evidence being that nobody has posted here they received anything different)

I guess that this is the long short list. Is anyone who applied and was not on the list willing to say so?

  • Sure. I'm a mid-career specialist in EMF with several books out. I applied and have received no acknowledgment or anything. Didn't think I'd be interviewed for various reasons but am amused at this mess. Figured they'd go straight to short list and probably had candidates already in mind. I'm surprised that I wasn't included because for AA/EEO purposes I'd obviously be someone they'd want to include in their numbers. There's no advantage to them not to ask me for a form, although given this, I'm glad I wasn't included!
  • Huh. (to the poster above: did you check your spam filter?). Having googled the entire list, I have good reason to think it's not a shortlist (that's not to say it's all the applicants, but I don't think it's a "selected" cut if you see what I saying).
  • Yep, checked my filter both yesterday and today (12/12).
  • So, any requests for further info? (Inside info person above, who confirmed they weren't interviewing at AHA: do you know any more about the timeline?) (12/14)
  • list breaks down into about 40 applicants for the France position, 50 for the "Europe and the world" position, 16 unknown (after googling).
  • I got 46 as France (including French Empire), 50 "other" and 10 unknown. I was assuming if one job is France, the "Europe and World" job wouldn't be French empire. Of the others, a fair proportion seem to just work on European regions (not France) rather than "& the world". Also just received "oops" email from JHU about the non-bcc message. Kinda disappointing: when I saw it in my inbox I thought it might be a request for more materials! (I wonder if anyone is likely to withdraw due to having been "outed" like this)
  • Another batch of AA/EEO emails came out today (12/15). These ones are bcc'ed.
  • No requests yet for further materials? (12/21)
  • Rumor has it there won't be any movement on this search until mid-January.
  • Hnm. Haven't received an AA/EEO email of any sort. (1/7)
  • Request for further materials (1/12)
  • Further materials for France or for Europe and the Wider World? We're dying to know!
  • France x2
  • Europe and the wider world
  • Do those who received requests mind sharing their rank? A: Maybe they do?
  • As soon as they do, they out themselves to the SC.
  • They might out the SC, but if the SC doesn't know who they're talking to, they're in big trouble...
  • I meant that if someone said, "I'm an advanced assitant professor working on French Canada" the SC would know who is posting to the wiki, and there's no telling how they would feel about it. (And given the commentary above, they might be a bit touchy at this point.)
  • Don't know why **they'd** be touchy, they already outed us all. But if those in question could say "assistant prof, europe and the world" or "full prof (we know you read this, too), french rev", that would do us all a favor. Or maybe not...
  • Given some of the names on the AA/EEO e-mail list, I'd be surprised if there's more than a token postdoc still in the run for the French position (Europe and the wider world seemed a bit more open). Frankly, all I'm curious about at this point is how many years it will take for the opening at Princeton last year to trickle down to a community college that might pay attention to the applications of those of us who have no valuable experience because we're stuck at the adjunct level with close to zero chance of getting a postdoc. Whether it's Georgetown, Georgia, Columbia or Reed that rejects me next year is already irrelevant to me.
  • re above, there is an ironic flip side: there are also those who have no chance to gain 'valuable experience' in terms on teaching (no matter how many times they apply at all levels to get it), because we seem to be taken seriously only for postdocs that hold no teaching requirement, or frankly, no opportunity to teach. So many cracks, for so many of us, to fall through whether it be not having time to push the research forward because of teaching commitments, or not being able to gain teaching experience because of the research commitments. For all the lip service given to the equal status of research and teaching, there seems to be a glass ceiling in place for people in both situations. In short: it increasingly feels like we are damned if we do, and we are damned if we don't--no matter if we have more experience holding teaching or research positions. It also seem ironic that people are willing to post info and follow this wiki until they make it to the next cut, then the sense of community--that we are all in this together--seems to vanish altogether, and a instinct of self-preservation takes over (i.e., not outing the fact that one keeps track of, and participates in, this wiki to a SC despite the fact that they do).
  • Job talk arranged (x2)
  • News? (2/24)
  • Only that this was rigged from day one--why did we bother being "outed" when the finalists were chosen before the game began. Thanks, JHU!
  • No the search was not/is not rigged. In fact, it's not even over. The search committee has gone back and forth over what they want in terms of rank, field, etc. Candidates widely expected to be locks as finalists were not invited. As in many searches, there is little consensus and the process is playing itself out. All I can say is that anyone who bet on the people the search was supposedly "rigged" for would have been out a lot of money. At the same time, think about it. It's Hopkins and they're trying to replace David Bell (who replaced Orest Ranum & Robert Forster). There's a pretty finite group of people who are going to be able to do that.
  • No idea about whether the search was a fix. But the Hopkins history dept showed a couple of people giving talks in late Feb who were on the original non-bcc candidate email.
  • I know for a fact from professor and grad student friends in the department that the search was not a fix, at all. They were very open to cutting edge scholars outside of well-known early modern Europeanists and made efforts to ask around about emerging scholars. At the same time, as someone pointed out above, they are replacing David Bell, a very tall task, and it is one of the better History Departments in the country so they will of course be very picky.
  • tipped off by the comment above, I had a look at the Hopkins event list and saw the job talks -- both clearly were for the "Europe and the world" position, rather than the France one. Makes it look like they're working on the "Europe and" job first, France later. Anyone have info that supports/contradicts that?
  • I know from people there that they have been doing both simultaneously. French finalists were through as well. Don't know why they didn't show up on the event list.
  • Two offers made.
  • And the lucky winners are?
  • Both offers accepted. A junior historian of 18th-c. Spain and Portugal and their empires and an associate-level historian of the intersections of culture and economics in 18th-c. France.
  • The Iberian Empires scholar is Gabriel Paquette (Cambridge PhD).
  • The French historian is Michael Kwass, currently at UGa.
  • Interesting. Wasn't Kwass the VAP who replaced Bell at Yale when he didn't get tenure in the late 1990s?

Lindenwood University

  • European History with a specialty in the Early Modern Period.
  • Position could potentially begin Spring 2010.
  • Phone interviews scheduled for week of 11/16
  • Position offered and accepted (12/14).
    • Just wanted to note that the fellow that landed this position is just a great person. As a colleague looking for competing positions, I couldn't be happier for him. x 2

Mount St. Mary's University

  • Deadline December 15, 2009
  • Early Modern European History with preference given to specialization of France and Spain.
    • In this case does preference mean "has to be a French or Spanish specialist" or "we will consider everyone, we are just partial to French or Spanish specialists"?
  • Has anyone heard anything yet? (12/28)
  • Not a peep (12/29)
  • The confirmation email that I received said they were planning on interviewing at the AHA.  It seems strange that they haven't notified any candidates if that is still the case....
  • AHA interview request (12/20 or so).
  • On campus interview scheduled by telephone (1/14)
  • Any news?
  • Rumor that a job offer has been made and accepted (2/23)
  • Specialization of the lucky winner? Italy

Northwestern University

  • Early Modern Europe (excluding France, Spain and Italy)
  • Deadline, October 15
  • Email confirming application is complete (10/16), EO link (10/19)
  • Any news yet? I imagine they must be wading through a ton of applications. - Yes, still wading as of 11/12.
  • Last poster: If you know, can you tell us how many applications you received? (Or we could start a wikipool.) - A lot, like one would expect.
  • Still no news? Seems odd since the deadline was over a month ago.
  • Not odd. You have to think they received 175-200 applications. And if they're going to the AHA, what's the rush?
  • Anyone know if they're interviewing at the AHA? - This department has not done AHA on other searches in recent years.
  • Wasn't this job originally advertised as "British or Early Modern Europe"?  Any inside info on which direction they will go?
  • I believe this search is to replace Ethan Shagan, so England seems likely.
  • Contacted for writing samples/teaching evals (11/24). They will be going straight to campus visits (no AHA) (2x).
  • Any idea how many they plan on inviting to campus?
  • They usually invite 2-4 people to campus.  And yes, the job is to replace Ethan Shagan, but that doesn't mean it's automatically going to stay an early modern Britain slot.  They are considering continental historians as well. 
  • Specializations for those asked for materials?
  • Britain (2x)
  • So no continental historians?
  • They are requesting additional writing samples (12/18)
  • What's the word? Have they narrowed it down to the final cut yet? - Campus interviews scheduled for next week (1/16)
  • Congrats to those with visits. Care to share: continental, British, or both? (1/16)
  • Rejection email indicating that they have selected a candidate. (2/3)
  • Can anyone confirm that they have offered the job to someone?
  • From my letter (which I imagine is the same as the one cited above): "The Department of History has completed its deliberations for the position in Early Modern Europe and has selected a candidate. I regret to inform you that we will not be pursuing your application further."

It sounds like they've made an offer, but the language is a bit odd. - Is it? It seems pretty clear to me. Unless someone would find "selected" to be ambiguous. But doesn't this wording pretty simply convey "process over, other person chosen, sorry"?

  • Clear, yes, but also weird. The committee has selected a candidate, but that's different than the candidate accepting the position. (And if you want to get technical, it's different than even making an offer!)
  • Did it go to an expert in early modern British or continental history?
  • So I assume that the offer was accepted?
  • Offer accepted - early modern British historian (2/12)
  • Went to Scott Sowerby (Harvard)
  • Can anyone share what the specializations were for the lucky few who made the final cut?
  • One in early modern Britain and one in early modern continental Europe (Dutch and German).


  • four-year official fellowship and special lecturership in early modern Dutch history
  • deadline: January 29
  • 3/15: interviews with short-listed candidates
  • 3/18: offer made.

University of the South (Sewanee)

  • Early modern continental
  • Deadline Nov.1
  • Anyone have any information on this posting?
  • Are they going to the AHA?
  • Yes
  • Any news here?  If they are going to the AHA, they don't have a whole lot more time to notify people... (12/17)
  • Decisions on interviews were made a few days ago. A: Are you one of the lucky candidates or is that an inside info? If it's an inside info, have the interviewees been notified yet (12/19)?
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/21) x3
  • Word of caution -- this is at least the 2nd (but I suspect 3rd) time this job has come up in the last 10 years. On a previous occasion, I had an AHA interview with them, and had a memorably weird experience. SC seemed extremely grumpy/unhappy about me, their dept., life. I thought at first it might be just me, but a friend had the same reaction. Of course depts change, and your mileage may differ. (I put a similar comment about them on the Univs to fear page a while back.)
  • Anyone hear anything?
  • Not yet x3 (1/22)
  • 1/26: Anything yet?
  • Still nothing (1/26).
  • Campus interviews are being scheduled. A: Have the candidates been notified yet? (1/29) Yes
  • Offer made and accepted.

Western Carolina University - Assistant Professor, Early Modern European History (Tenure-Track)

Received ack. of application about two weeks ago. I know it's early, but does anyone have any news yet?

  • Campus interviews are being scheduled
  • Did they do phone interviews before hand, or make the choice based on just the paper aps? Did they ask for additional materials?
  • There were conversations, but not full-on interviews. No additional materials.
  • Specializations of those who had "conversations"? In case someone cares to share.
  • Well, this was the last tenure-track job available out there for early modernists for this year. Congrats to the lucky few! Not looking forward to going through all of this again next year, but I hope that there will be more jobs available.
  • Anybody hear about an offer?
  • Made and accepted
  • Can we know at least the person's specialization?

Wilfrid Laurier University - Assistant Professor, Early Modern Europe/World

  • Anyone heard anything? The deadline was March 16, 2010.
  • Campus interviews are lined up for mid-April.
  • Offer extended and accepted.
  • Any details? School, specialization, etc.?
  • David Smith, Harvard Ph.D., Britain

British History[]

Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Reader in "Modern British Social/Cultural History"
  • May be a senior hire (this post is tenured)
  • Deadline: 1 July 2010

U of Pittsburgh (Amundson Chair in British History)

Anyone who had an on campus had an offer yet?

no (2/15); who's asking above: another on campus visitor, other?

re: above question: another campus visitor. I know Pitt was closed Mon-Wed last week because of severe weather. But they could have made an offer at the end of last week. Given that today is a holiday, I am going to wait until the end of Tuesday before giving up hope......

Do any finalists care to share period / areas of expertise / rank with those of us who had 'phone interviews but not on-campus?

University of Manchester (UK)

  • 19th & 20th C British History - emphasis on Political, Cultural or Social history
  • Graduate and undergraduate teaching (this is a tenured position)
  • Deadline: 18 June 2010

University of North Florida

  • Early Modern Britain/British Empire
  • Deadline November 1
  • Does anyone know what's happening to Elizabeth Furdell? She seems to have the early modern Britain angle covered for the faculty already.
    • She's been publishing for a while now (stared in 1980s). Retirement seems like a possibility.
    • AHA interview scheduled via phone 11/24 (x3)
    • Anyone else hear any word since yesterday?
    • Did UNF ask for secondary materials (i.e. writing samples, teaching evals, etc.)? No.
    • Any other news since 11/24?
    • AHA interviews have been arranged (12/4)
    • I'm curious to know what centuries the candidates work on, and if their topics are straight Britain or if they work on the Empire.
    • Any news on this one? By chance, anyone know how many they interviewed at the AHA?
    • We could start a count - 4
    • No campus invites yet?
  • Campus interview scheduled 1/17 (was told there would be three total)
  • Congrats. Was the invitation made via phone on a Sunday? It sounds like it.
  • When might they make the final offer?
  • Anyone care to share the specializations of the finalists? I'd like to know if the search committee's interest took an international flavor (concern with Britain's interaction with the wider world).
  • I'm happy to share my specialization once the process is over, since it would probably out me to the committee...
  • That is a kind--and also very wise--offer (sharing once the process is over).
  • Have on-campus interviews begun yet, or have any taken place?

News? as of Feb. 12?

Campus interviews are in progress

Have campus interviews ended yet and have they offered the job to someone?

  • Offer extended
  • Offer accepted?
  • Offer accepted
  • Did the search favor people working on themes related to the empire or people whose work does not relate to the empire? In other words, does the lucky one work on the empire?
  • Person works on transnational British history, not really imperial.
  • Let me speculate -- the person did graduate work at Ohio State or UVA?
  • Just out of curiousity, why those programs? Princeton and Harvard might have candidates as well.
  • For a number of other jobs in early modern British and European history, word is there were finalists from both UVA and OSU. Of course, it's entirely possible that the lucky one who got the job is from the Ivy schools.
  • An OSU grad was a finalist at UNF and Auburn. I don't know the identity of the lucky winner at either place though.
  • Auburn finalists were from OSU, UVA, and Princeton. I wouldn't be surprised if the finalists were the same, or very close for UNF.
  • I interviewed at AHA with UNF and never heard a peep again out of them. If it was not for this wiki, I would not even know that a candidate had been offered the job. Only in a job market like this could UNF even dream of being able to hire a candidate out of Princeton or treat candidates in such a manner.
  • Job goes to Denice Fett, an OSU PhD.

University of Northumbria

  • Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in British History, post-1750
  • No deadline or start date stated in advert

University of Kent (UK)

  • British History, c.1450-1600
  • Deadline December 11 - Interviews 19 January.
  • Emailed request for interview - 17 December.
  • I wonder if any Americans went for this one.
  • Yes
  • Went to a UK-based senior researcher at the history of Parliament project

[ Auburn University]

  • Britain Before 1750
  • 3-2 load at a research university, which surprised me. (2-2 at Alabama and they're better at football)
  • Anyone know where the woman they hired a couple of years ago ended up?
  • Spousal hire at Texas Tech.
  • I know someone who is a recent hire here, and the pay is comparable to other research universities.  And yes, they teach 3-2, but get a research leave every two years or so.
    • See Auburn's page on faculty pay. Also compare the Chronicle's page on faculty pay.
    • Auburn posted a job in modern British history two years ago and advertised the salary in the job ad as $50,000.
    • 3-2, 3-2, 3-0
  • Snail mail ack received 11/30: review of applicant files said to have begun Nov 23. (12/7: just received a second ack dated 11/30 claiming the review began 11/16, so who knows.)
  • AHA interview scheduled 12/9 via e-mail (5x)
  • 12-28 Email notification that AHA interviews have been scheduled and my application was "not among the pool to be interviewed" at AHA. Formal notification of rejection expected in February. Nice touch.
  • Specializations, if you care to share?
    • Early Enlightenment
  • Any idea how many they interviewed at the AHA? (at least 10, only interviewed on Friday)
  • Has anyone received a post-AHA on-campus interview request yet [1/14]?
  • Not me. (1/15) (x2)
  • I keep expecting to see something on here soon re: campus interviews - they said they wanted to get this done by February
  • Campus interview invitations were extended on 1/15 (3 total).
  • Well, looks like I can now post my interview experience on the "universities to fear" page - what a bad experience
    • I'd be curious to know what happened.
    • Me too, since I had a very good experience. Didn't get an on-campus, but thought it was done very well.
    • You know what - never mind. I've decided against posting anything.
  • Were the interview invitations done by phone or email?
    • Phone, with email follow-up
  • Has the search committee asked for additional samples of writing from the final three candidates? I'm just curious to know.
    • Not yet. Could happen this week, though.
    • News? (x4) 2/12
    • Offer extended?
    • Yeah, has there been an offer made? (2/24)
    • Offer extended and accepted.
    • And the lucky winner is...?
    • Or at least their specialization?
    • Heard that it was a Princeton grad, specializing in British Empire

[ SUNY Brockport]

  • Modern Britain and British Africa
  • Open until filled; apply before December 15
  • AHA interview requested via e-mail (2x)
  • Received nice e-mail informing me that AHA invitations had been extended and that my application was "on hold" (12/28)
  • On-campus interview requested via e-mail
  • The position has been filled. The person they hired (not me) fits both sides of the job ad (Modern Britain and British Africa). This was one of the more humane searches I've interviewed for - a very friendly department and transparent throughout the process.

Virginia Commonwealth

  • "Collateral" Professor and Undergraduate Advisor
  • This job was never listed here, but I got a letter today dated Dec. 2 stating that they had already hired someone.  The application due date was November 9. Does that seem like an awfully quick hire? Was this an inside job? (x2)
  • Received email about job on 10/19 for job beginning Jan. 2010.
  • Sorry, just to clarify - you received an e-mail on 10/19 announcing the job opening/calling for applications? Correct.
  • That does seem fast. Although as the above poster mentioned the job was supposed to start in January so it is not necessarily an inside job as much as the committee working under a tight deadline.
  • They have hired someone who is starting in January.
  • I must have misread the original job ad - I thought the appointment would be made in January, not that the job would start then. (x4)  And rightly so: "initial appointment will be through academic year 2010-11, with possibility for renewal".  When you think of an academic year, you think it means from fall to end of spring.  The ad was just lame.  
  • I don't blame you - it was one of the most poorly written job ads I've seen and it took me a long time to puzzle it out. I still don't know what they meant by "collateral" professor, either.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I assumed "collateral" meant "non-Tenure track" or "contingent" - but who knows?
  • Yes, that's what it means.

Russian History

Bentley University- Lecturer of Russian/Soviet History, "with preferred secondary field in Middle East history"

  • Deadline: Nov. 16
  • Any news on this?
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/01) x 4
  • Campus interview scheduled x 2
  • Offer made?

Columbia University- Assistant/Associate Professor of Modern Russian History

  • no deadline noted
  • Any news on this?  A short list? 
  • semi-finalists have been asked to provide additional materials (x3)
  • The whole process is a joke. Columbia first advertised the position more than two years ago and, after a lightly tended search that went on over both of those years, made offers to two candidates who turned them down because the salary was too low. This time the on-line application program, RAPS (RATS?) didn't work for recommenders and I had to e-mail my letter on behalf of an applicant.
  • I thought Kotkin got the job advertised in 2007 and that this was for someone else, a junior scholar. At any rate, I assumed right away that there was an inside candidate. Maybe I'm wrong.
  • Why would you assume that there's an inside candidate?
  • I assumed so because the review of applications began "immediately. "Immediately," with no deadline, suggests that there's someone in mind.
  • They have made not 2 but 4 offers, all of which have been turned down.
  • Have any AHA interviews been scheduled?
  • they are going straight to campus visits. finalists were notified on 12/1
  • so how is this going... any idea?
  • the committee will not make a decision until early Feb. Some candidates put off their job talks until late January.
  • have all the talks happened by now?
  • yes, but the committee will not be able to meet for a while, and then the dept has to vote. don't expect any offers until mid-February.
  • Was an offer made?
  • Ah, Columbia will be Columbia.
  • offer made
  • Any news on this? 3/30? -- curious
  • offer accepted by soviet historian

University of Mississippi - Assistant Professor of Twentieth Century Russian History

  • deadline was September 28
  • Any news on this one?  They planned AAASS interviews. 
  • 10/5 AAASS interview scheduled by e-mail
  • campus visit scheduled for first week of december
  • was an offer made and accepted?
  • Yes (1/17)
  • Congrats to whom? some Ph.D. from U. of Michigan

Yale University

  • received letter that search was cancelled due to falling endowment (Oct 7)

Wesleyan University - Assistant Professor of Modern Russian History

  • Deadline: Nov. 2
  • Any news on this?
  • I emailed them - apparently they are meeting today (Tuesday, December 1).
  • Were candidates contacted yesterday?
  • AHA Interview Scheduled (12/02) (x2)
  • Did campus interviews get scheduled?
  • Yes 1/22/10
  • Has an offer been made?
  • offer made and accepted

Saint Joseph’s University (Philadelphia, PA) - Assistant Professor in Imperial Russia.  [1]; [2]; [3]

  • Deadline: Dec. 1
  • AHA invites have been issued (x2)
  • campus interview scheduled.
    • Just wanted to note as an insider at this university (but not a member of the search committee), I know that the search committee was really impressed by the quality of applicants. Sure, letters to those that don't get interviews always say that -- but I think the committee really did feel that way. And, I know the department is very excited to meet the visiting candidates
    • rejection letter saying they hired someone (4/1/10, and I assume it wasn't a prank)

University of Chicago- Assistant Professor of Russian/Eurasian History

  • Deadline: Jan. 7
  • Does anyone know why the deadline is Jan. 7 if they are planning to interview at AHA?
  • The late deadline is because the job was posted so late. The committee will consider applications received until the deadline, but has started reviewing them, so please send applications ASAP.
  • They are interviewing at the AHA, so get on board if you can.
  • Have some interviews been scheduled already? (12/14)
  • No (12/14)
  • Are invitations to AHA interviews going out before Xmass? (12/18)
  • Yes- hopefully on Monday (12/19)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/21)
  • Deadline is January 7. Interview scheduled December 21. Does it mean the SC is not meeting between these dates?
  • Candidates invited to campus (1/13)
  • Has an offer been made?
  • Apparently
  • Any news on this? 3/30? -- curious
  • the offer was accepted

Oberlin College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian/Soviet History

  • Deadline: April 1
  • 2-3 year position
  • Any news on this?
  • Offer made and accepted

Modern Europe[]

General question: I noticed that the names of successful candidates are being regulalry posted. Is it ok to do it without their consent? I have my doubts... I wonder what people think about it.

I agree with you that it is inappropriate, but then the Americanists have been doing it for years, as have several other history sub-specialties.

I too found this problematic, but had decided it might be ok since the information will be public in not that long anyway.

Why is this inappropriate or problematic? Confidentiality is imperative during the job search, but once a contract has been signed, why would a new hire either want or expect secrecy? Simply visiting a department's web page will provide a list of faculty. I know we deal with arcane mysteries in our research but surely our university affiliation is not one of them. Is the ivory tower so lofty that only the lucky few can even know who ascends its stairs?

It might be worth mentioning that the names posted here appeared on the rejection letters, and were therefore made public already by the schools. The confidentiality during the interview and negotiation process is meant to protect the interests of candidates, but once it's over and the contract is signed, it becomes irrelevant, and will be out there on the internet in few months anyway.

I take the point that the names will soon be public and that this is not a matter of confidentiality. Nonetheless, the wiki is at its best when it facilitates anonymous conversation, anonymity which (speaking from experience) feels entirely lost when you discover that someone else has posted your name without your consent. If you're curious, check out the faculty page in a few months' time.

Does anyone know what happened to the job at Knox College? A Modern Europe job was advertised for a couple of weeks and then it disappeared. I contacted the email address that was provided with the ad, but I didn't get a response. Did they cancel the search?

  • I received an acknowledgement by email on 9/15. Presumably if the search had been cancelled that would have been mentioned in the email.
  • there is no job: i emailed in october and was told the job posting was an error.
  • Did they at least apologize for the mishap? Yes, they did.

Strangely - I got a snail mail rejection today (3/5), and it stated that they hired someone. So perhaps the search was on after all? -- Same here. Very odd.

  • That is very strange, because I searched back through my emails to verify, and I was in fact told (and I quote): "the computer folks at Knox created these two adverts to see if they could get future openings automatically listed on the new Knox website. And if that's true, the people involved foolishly didn't consider the potential consequences of their experiment." So I find it very hard to believe that they hired someone for a phantom position!
  • Their human resources department was more than happy to send me an EEO postcard and now this rejection letter. I do find it strange that the history department did not request that the job ad be taken down immediately. Perhaps, once it was accidentally posted, the department let it stand just to see the quality and quantity of applications they would receive?
  • The rejection letter I received said it was for the position in "modern languages," not history. Did anyone else's say this? Sounds like either a considerable snafu on Knox's part or they just don't care about the effort applicants put in - either way, I won't be overjoyed if they advertise again.

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina - "Modern European, World, and US History"

Application Deadline: unclear; the ad was posted in late June, and indicates that they'd like to hire by early October

Austin College

"Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor European History", Deadline March 1st.

Bates College - Modern Europe

  • No Deadline, "Review of applications will begin immediately and we expect to bring candidates to campus in late November and early December."
  • 8/31 ack. and aff. action survey received via snail mail
  • Odd little re-posting here. Hard to say what is going on, but deadline they give is November 1.
  • They did this search originally in 2006-2007. (It would be good to learn why the woman they eventually hired left.) I was a finalist in 2007 and had the strange experience of having one faculty member there express to me that this faculty member would only vote for a female candidate. Bizarre.
  • The woman they hired left because she got a job at Tufts.
  • Yes, previous hire went to Tufts -- the Bates people told me her husband couldn't find a job in the area.
  • Emailed Request for more materials, said hard copy to follow (10/27). (X4)
  • Past finalist, here; folks can email me with questions, etc.
  • semi-finalists: mind sharing your fields?
  • actually, I do mind sharing my field, and I  think we should avoid such conversation on the wiki, which potentially compromises job candidates since so many search committees are reading this too.
  • good to know; so glad that you felt the need to tell us instead of remaining silent; and so grateful for the tip that we shouldn't, either!
  • How exactly does the listing of fields compromise those who do not post?
  • What were the materials requested on 10/27? Writing sample and syllabi or just writing sample? No syllabi, but teaching evaluations.
  • Invited for on-campus interview, 11/16 (x2)
  • offer made (12/16)
  • Does anyone know if the offer was accepted?
  • it was declined.
  • offer made (1/29) and accepted
  • Congrats! Who got this job (if you don't mind telling)?
  • This went to a Berkeley PhD who does British history
  • Caroline Shaw, whose research concerns refugees and 19th-c. imperialism, is the hired candidate.

California Baptist College

  • Posted 11/25; "open until filled"
  • "California Baptist University, an evangelical Christian university affiliated with the California Southern Baptist Convention, invites applications for tenure-track positions to begin August 2010 in the areas listed below. Candidates must embrace the mission of California Baptist University and evidence a clear understanding of, and commitment to, excellence in teaching through the integration of the Christian faith and learning."
  • The application is even wackier: You have to check a box agreeing with: "Do you believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God?," and another to agree with: "Are you prepared to help another find Jesus Christ as his or her Savior and Lord?" -- and then write a statement explaining "how your Christian experience is related to your philosophy of higher education." You also have to give the name of the Baptist church you attend; the name of your pastor; and indicate how ofte you attend. Oh, and explain that you support "fundamental doctrines and practices of the California Southern Baptist Convention." 

Cambridge University - Modern European History

  • Deadline: 31 December 2009
  • Europe 1700-1815, preference for French Revolution
  • Does any one know what the American equivalent of a "University Lectureship" at Cambridge might be? I've read various things that suggest that this is not a position for someone straight out of grad school, but more the equivalent of an advanced assistant professor or even associate professor in the US. Anyone know more?
  • This is the equivalent of a tenured faculty position - so, yes, closest the associate professor, in theory.  However, remember that the UK does not have a tenure process, and that rather than extended PhDs, students complete in (ideally) 3-4 years, usually followed by post-doctoral research or temporary teaching positions.  So if you're a US PhD candidate or graduate with a couple of publications and good teaching experience you might not be at a disadvantage compared to the 'home market', and people *are* hired direct into university lectureships straight from the PhD.  If your PhD is on the relevant topic, or you have teaching experience in the 'preference' then it's probably worth a try!
  • Would this mean, then, that an Associate Professor in the States would not be too senior to apply?
  • While I don't have any inside info on whether this specific job is more likely to hire a recent PhD or someone more senior, there's no obvious reason why an Associate Professor would be excluded - if you read the job spec you'll see it's to replace a retiring full professor, so a senior hire isn't unthinkable.
  • Anyone know why they're looking for a French Revolution historian if Michael Sonenscher already teaches there?
  • Looks like Tim Blanning's replacement; his French Revolution course has been legendary for decades.
  • Recent hires in the history department for similar jobs have been people 5-10 years post-PhD, with books: so equivalent to candidates for Associate Prof posts in the US. In the past, hires have also included people who were already tenured at American institutions.
  • does anyone know what the deal is/have advice about sending 10 copies of all the requested materials?? 10 copies of a 10,000 word article is a LOT of paper, and especially expensive if sent from overseas A: The 'deal' is that they want enough copies of your work to give one to each person on the hiring committee, and then probably to several other people who are experts in the field for their opinions.  Asking candidates to provide sufficient copies saves them having to a) hire or redeploy someone to do the masses of photocopying and/or printing from the 100+ applicants they'll probably get, and b) spend money on ink/paper/electricity etc.  Why it can't be done electronically is another issue, but some people (and I include myself in that) really like to handle hardcopy still. /luddite.
  • I am not applying for this position, but I do think the above post is a very reasonable complaint. Certainly, Cambridge would like to save the expense of printing out articles, but then again they are an organization seeking to make a hire, and such processes involve expense. It really isn't reasonable to ask candidates, presumably from all over the world, to print and then mail hundreds of pages. They can get away with it, of course, but in my opinion that's bad form.
  • Fair enough, but is it any more reasonable of US schools and the AHA to expect people to pay membership, registration, airfare and accommodation fees for fifteen sweaty minutes in a San Diego hotel suite (if they're lucky)? I'd just as soon Fedex the copies and wait for the shortlist.
  • I agree entirely--it's obnoxious to require candidates with potentially no or miniscule incomes to pay membership, registration, airfare, hotel for AHA and to send hundreds of copies and to fly to the AHA on their own tab.
  • I'm a little confused by the section detailing the method of application in the "further particulars" letter. Most American jobs ask for a "letter of application" or some sort of statement about research and teaching. The instructions for this job ask only for a standard-form cover sheet, a cv (with teaching and research particulars), and an article. I'm wondering whether they just want you to merge the teaching and research info into the cv, or do they just think that it goes without saying that you'd include a letter of application. Any thoughts?
  • It goes without saying you include a letter. The standard Cambridge cover sheet is for all job applicants within the university; I doubt the appointment committee even look at it. Standard UK cover letters are <2 pages. Don't send a "statement of teaching philosophy" or anything like that - senior Cambridge prof told me recently these had "started arriving" from American applicants (and seemed frankly mystified by the concept); don't do anything that looks "weird" to a UK hiring committee. For a job like this too, your teaching is not a priority. Interviews have no teaching demo, I don't want to say they don't care, but you'll be judged on your research.
  • Committee apparently met on 1/11 and began notifying shortlisted candidates on 1/12.
  • For those still following; this job has gone to an academic who already had a tenured job (15+ years post-phd) with a specific interest in French history (long 18thC).
  • One other thing worth pointing out about the successful candidate: she was a Cambridge B.A, M.A., PH.D. and research fellow with close ties to the Cambridge history faculty. One wonders whether the non-Cambridge candidates ever even had a chance….
  • Yes they did; in addition, having those qualifiations does not guarantee you a job at Cambridge, as many current job seekers will testify!
  • Others will perhaps testify that another short-listed candidate for this job--and the runner up, by accounts--was also a Cambridge PhD; Oxbridge has opened up somewhat but it is still a small, self-regarding world.
  • Why so coy? The job went to Emma Spary.

Carleton University - 19th Century Europe

  • Application Deadline: January 15, 2010
  • "Place or region of specialization is open, though an international or transnational focus on relations and connections between Europe and one or more of the following regions: Asia, Africa, the Pacific, or the Americas is strongly preferred."
  • Received snail mail ack. (x3) Anyone have an idea about the specialization(s) they're most interested in? Have heard through grapevine (reliable?) that they do not want someone who works on Britain or the British Empire.
  • What is the status of this search? 2/9
  • Was initially told that finalists would be notified at the end of February.(x2) Anyone hear anything yet? 2/19
  • It's March, anyone hear word yet? 3/1 How many are following this thread? (x2) On campus invitations for the South Asia search also being conducted by the department were made last week.
  • Rejection letter received 3/10.

Clemson University - Modern German History

  • Application Deadline: November 1 (AHA ad says December 15,2009 deadline)
  • This is a reposting from last year
  • no it's not--this is a tenure track position. last year it was temporary.
  • received snail mail ack. (11/27)
  • request for AHA interview (11/30)
  • Any word after AHA?
  • Invited for on-campus interview (1/15)
  • Has someone now been hired? (3/2)
  • Yes, they have made an offer and it was accepted

Colby College - Modern European History

  • Application Deadline: December 1
  • "one-year, non-renewable position as a Faculty Fellow in European history (excluding Russia/the Soviet Union)"
  • HR ack for EEO information via email (11/13) (x2)
  • Anyone received any word?
  • Request for AHA interview via phone (12/15) (and 12/21)
  • Campus Invite (1/15)
  • Offer Accepted

Colby-Sawyer College  "Primary teaching responsibilities include courses in Western and World Civilization, as well as upper-level history courses. A specialization in 20th century Asia, the Middle East, or Europe is preferred"

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • This job is also listed on the World History page. (they ran the same search last year from the looks of it)
  • Phone interview (11/18); interviewer said that the hiring committee will meet the following week to pick 3-4 finalists.
  • Anybody know the status?
  • Email invitation for on-campus interview (12/14); interview to be scheduled for late Jan/early Feb
  • Phone call received (3/2) informing that the offer has been made and accepted.
  • Position re-opened (3/24)
  • Invited to campus
  • Offer made (4/19)
  • Offer declined (4/28)

C.W. Post - Long Island University - Modern European History

  • Application Deadline: December 1
  • This job is reopened from a canceled 2009-10 search
  • Anyone heard from CW? Anyone been invited for an AHA interview?
  • snail mail ack. received (12/11 X3)
  • Given that the deadline for normal AHA registration has passed, should we assume that they've set up interviews but no one on the shortlist has posted to the wiki? (12/19)
  • Or that yet again, they've posted a job for which they don't actually have funding.
  • Received acknowledgment letter dated 12/16, stating that the review of applications is underway and finalists will be contacted for interviews at the AHA. (12/22)
  • Has anyone heard anything yet? (12/30)
  • Contacted the head of the search committee directly.  She responded promptly, saying there were over 200 applicants for the position.  They have made a first cut (I did not make it through), but she provided no word on AHA interviews.  Best of luck to all other applicants! (12/30)
  • Seriously, when precisely do they plan to contact people for the AHA, on the 6th?
  • It is a fairly small department as far as I know. Perhaps they will forego the AHA in light of the extensive response, but that is pure speculation on my part.
  • They are not listed on the AHA Job Center handout -- so it appears they are not interviewing in San Diego (1/6)
  • Just because a school isn't listed on the Job Center handout doesn't mean they aren't interviewing; the only schools on the handout are those using the job center/ interview tables (a minority of the total schools interviewing. E.g. I am interviewing with 2 schools not listed, in hotel suites). However, I agree with you that this institution is probably not doing AHA interviews.
  • They are at the AHA but are not collecting CVs. (1/8)
  • (Jan. 9)  I contacted the Department Chair about two weeks ago to ask whether the committee had established a list of interviewees for the AHA.  She replied to say that yes, they had.  She also said they received over 200 apps, so it took a while to go through them.  So, even if they weren't listed on the Job Registry, they did interview (unless they changed their minds).
  • It does seem odd that no one on the list of AHA interviewees has posted anything. I am pretty sure I am not on the list (despite the fact I am the perfect candidate LOL). Do you really think they interviewed and no one said anything? Out of 8 or so people you'd think one would gloat.
  • They interviewed at AHA. No word on campus visits yet.
  • What's the word on C.W. Post? Has anyone been contacted by them? Did they say when they would be scheduling campus visits?
  • Rejection letter received. This from someone who did not get an AHA interview. Letter did not state whether they had made a hire.
    • I got that letter too, so cryptic.
    • Any news on this one?

Dartmouth College Modern European Intellectual History

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • - Received snail mail ack. (X2)
  • - AHA Interview requested by email (12/3). (X3)
  • Any word? No word here ...
  • Campus Invite (1/13)
  • Are the finalists 20th c. specialists?
  • At least one finalist does the 20th century (2/13)
  • Anyone know what kind of intellectual history finalist practised (i.e. political theory, political history via ideas and intellectuals, philosophy, gender, critical theory, etc) ?
  • political theory/intellectuals and politics
  • Offer made and accepted (3/3)
  • who's the lucky winner? at least, what does s/he work on?
  • The person who got this job is Udi Greenberg, a ABD from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Drake University Modern European University

  • Application deadline: November 15
  • Preference for France, Germany, and/or Russia. Ability to teach race, class, and gender is also preferred.

Anyone receive any word? - I haven't (x5)

  • Email request for AHA interview; 11 candidates have been selected for AHA interview (12/7)

Ok, if they invited eleven people on December 7th, why did they post a Chronicle ad on Dec. 9 stating that review of applications would begin immediately? Are they still actually considering new applications? I doubt it: probably just bureaucratic delay.

I am wondering what fields were represented in that pool of 11? (12/17)

  • was anything said about how many people they were interviewing via phone? I interviewed at AHA and have heard nothing (1/20)
  • sorry, I accidentally deleted the line that said "it wasn't clear how many of the 11 were being interviewed by phone" (1/21)
  • Who removed the great rant about their informal interviews at the AHA?
  • you want the rant back? I thought maybe I was being too mean. I do think it's ridiculous to call people to an "informal" AHA interview with only the chair (not even the entire SC), and then tell them at the interview that this was only step 1 to an on-campus. Wouldn't it have just been easier to give each candidate the benefit of a phone interview with the entire SC, rather than have us shell out $1000 to travel to San Diego, only to have a "little chat"? What a ridiculous waste of money for us -- at a moment when many of us are facing unemployment next year. Nor were we all provided the same information at the AHA. I was told phone interviews would follow the AHA (though it's clear now that didn't mean for all of us), while others weren't even told about the phone interviews. I learned this from comparing notes with another candidate. And yes, SC, I hope you're reading this.
  • Look, my point was that this search really lacked in transparency. Regardless of why the entire SC wasn't at the AHA, the point is that we all should have been told before the AHA, and at the very least at the beginning of the AHA interview, that this was only round 1 on the way to campus. And if this was a "preliminary" interview, people should have had the option to request a phone interview instead. Do search committees not understand how financially strapped we all are?
  • Any word? (x3) (1/29)
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • How many on campuses did they schedule?
  • Two candidates were interviewed
  • They appear to have just hired an early modernist for this position in modern European history. My rejection email suggests that the new hire does 18th century Russian history. How ironic. Ok, to be fair her period is 1750-1850, so it's more a problem with the person who composed the email. It really was a good year for early modernists! With that said, congratulations to the job recipient.
  • I can think of at least one other job on the wiki this year that proclaimed itself to be a "modern" position and then brought 18th century specialists to campus. Indeed, since we are all now required to be "global" and "transnational" historians as well, one wonders if we should just throw caution to the wind and declare ourselves to be specialists in all periods of history, from classical Greece to the present. (Kind of like those student essays that begin "Since the dawn of mankind") But seriously, congrats to the job recipient. You must be a mighty fine scholar to get a job in this market.
  • WHOA! Just a minute here: since when has 1750 to 1850 and beyond--been considered Early Modern?
  • It isn't just about being a good scholar, although that matters, of course. It is about fitting in with the department. That's why this whole gig is such a bleeping crap shoot. One never knows what will make one fit in.
  • The winning candidate is Natalie Bayer, a Rice PhD who does Russian history (18th Century).

Drew University European History

Application deadline: Nov 12
Any news anyone?  No, not even an ack.
Still no news (12/12)--ad said "pending funding", so maybe that didn't pan out...
  • Skype/phone interview requested 12/18 (X2)
  • Campus invite 1/7
Any news post-campus visits? (2/16) - Last visit was last tuesday, so my guess is that they would have made an offer by now.

Offer made and accepted

Congrats! Who got the job? Does the successful candiate feel comfortable posting their name (or having it posted)? Or at least their fields?

Drury University - Modern Europe/World

Application Deadline: 13 November 2009
Received snail mail ack. (11/15)
Phone interview requested via email (11/20 x2)
AHA interview requested via email (12/11 x2)
Campus Invite 1/12

Where is this search? Did anyone do the campus interview?

  • They had three finalists out for campus visits in late January. At least one offer was declined. (4/3)
  • The search will be re-opened next year (4/7)

Earlham College, Assistant Professor level in European history since 1800, with a secondary field in Jewish history

  • Application Deadline: "Consideration of applications will begin November 16 and continue until the position is filled."
  • There is a visiting appt. with more or less the same credentials listed for this ad. A few college web pages discuss making his appt. tenure-track. Is this an inside fix? Is it worth the time and effort to apply?
  • Tough to say. The position (IIRC) has to be modern Europe and Jewish, so it doesn't seem too odd. That said, their medieval position also matches the incumbent, and a few years ago they ran a search that hired a sitting VAP. (She stayed one year.) And, yeah, the "make it tenure-track" is pretty alarming. Isn't a gaffe when you tell a (student) reporter the truth?
  • ack. postcard (11/21)
  • Did anybody hear anything from them, esp. since they called people for the pre-1800 job?
  • AHA interview requested over phone (12/8) --Do those called have a secondary field in Jewish history?
  • Has anyone heard anything? Any news on campus visits? --Nope (2/3)
  • They hired the current VAP.
  • Just as a note for those of you seeking closure. Both positions this year, as well as one they filled a few years ago, went to the VAPs. I'm not a conspiracy theorist in the least, but when a school goes three-for-three, red flags go up. (To their credit, the year they hired another VAP I talked to one of the faculty members who was not on the search committee at the AHA. He said, "We're very happy with _______, and inted to make her an offer." This was as the interviews were taking palce. +1 for Honesty [God love the Quakers] -50 for running a fake search.)
  • Correction. They did not hire both VAP candidates for the two European positions. They offered the medieval/early modern position to one of the outside candidates for this one. (Yes, you did read that correctly.)

Eastern Michigan University

  • Assistant Professor, Modern Europe -- "Field of specialization is open, but preference will be given to those who study military history or who can otherwise expand the department's offerings in the history of Central and Eastern Europe."
  • Deadline: December 15
  • They are not listed on the AHA Job Center handout -- so it appears they are not interviewing in San Diego (1/6)
  • Contacted via email to arrange phone interview (1-16)
  • Campus visit scheduled (1-29)
  • Any news here?
  • I believe someone has accepted this job.

Emory University: Modern European Jewish History

more discussion about this apparently on the Jewish Studies Wiki:

Eureka College, Assistant Professor of European History

  • Application Deadline: January 15, 2010
  • "Courses to be taught include interdisciplinary Western Civilization and Culture Classes, European History surveys, and upper-division specialization courses."
  • email ack. immediately upon applying (via email) (x2)
  • Any thoughts on whether this job search is going forward? It was only briefly listed in the Chronicle and nowhere else (before vanishing), which was the same pattern as the phantom position at Knox.
  • Yes, the search is still on. Currently reviewing applications.
    • That is excellent news. Thank you very much for the update. --You're welcome!
  • Does anyone know what the teaching load is for this position?
    • According to the website of the registrar, the current European History professor taught a 2/3 this year. Seeing as he is a full Professor, however, I'd guess that he had some other responsibilities last fall and that an assistant professor would be teaching a 3/3.
  • I've heard from a semi-reliable source that the load is 4/4. Can anyone either confirm or deny?
  • Have any finalists been contacted to interview yet?
  • Does anyone know where this one stands?
  • Heard through the grapevine that it was filled some weeks ago

Franklin and Marshall College

  • One-year VAP, Modern Europe; deadline: March 12
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • Heard through the grapevine that on-campus interview(s?) has been scheduled
  • Has anyone heard anything definite here?
  • Rejection letter received - says offer accepted (4/19)

Georgetown School of Foreign Service - Qatar

  • Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, Modern European History, 19th and 20th Century
  • Review will begin immediately (Nov. 19)
  • Request for more materials per e-mail, 12/14
  • offer made and accepted, 3/10

Georgetown School of Foreign Service -- Washington, D. C.

  • Associate Professor of Modern  German History (tenured). Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service and Department of History.
  • "The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) at Georgetown University seeks to fill a tenure-line position in modern German history with an emphasis on the twentieth century. The search committee welcomes applications from candidates who are tenured, or tenurable, at the rank of Associate Professor. The appointment, which begins August 2010, is to the core faculty of the BMW Center for German and European Studies in SFS, with a joint appointment in the Department of History. The BMW Center fosters interdisciplinary scholarship in history, political science, economics, and cultural studies and is home to a distinguished master’s degree program. The Department of History offers two innovative master’s degrees as well as the Ph.D. Candidates for the position should hold a Ph.D. in History and should have a distinguished record of scholarship and teaching. Additional research interests in European and comparative history are desirable. Teaching load is two courses per semester at the undergraduate and graduate (M.A. and Ph.D.) levels. Further information about SFS may be found at For information on the BMW Center and the Department of History, please visit and Candidates should provide a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and the names and contact information of at least three scholarly references."
  • Deadline: Nov. 30 and will continue until position is filled.
  • Rumor has it that the position has been filled.
  • filled by

Heidelberg University

  • Assistant Professor, European History
  • "possess an additional teaching proficiency in a non-Western area, and be prepared to teach the world history survey and college general education courses."
  • Deadline: December 1
  • The ad on the AHA site says, "the department chair will interview at the AHA annual meeting..." - so has anyone heard anything yet? (12/21)
  • They are not listed on the AHA Job Center handout -- so it appears they are not interviewing in San Diego (1/6)
  • They were at the AHA, accepting cv's (in violation of their stated deadline.  They called at least one applicant during the conference to arrange an interview, who had applied already.

James Madison University

  • "The History Department seeks candidates with specialization in modern Eastern or Central Europe and the ability to teach research methods. Willingness to develop course in digital history is desired."
  • ack. via email (11/30)
  • On Campus Visits have been scheduled
  • received email stating that the positon has been filled (2-9)

Maastricht University (Netherlands) - "Full professor in European history," also will serve as dept. chair

Application Deadline: October 1

Maine - Farmington

  • Application Deadline: November 15
  • "The successful candidate will teach a two-semester Global History survey, courses on Europe, and courses on either Africa or the Middle East."
  • Anyone know anything about this one?
  • They did a VAP search 2 years back and said they planned to do a t-t search last year (canceled/frozen, it seemed)
  • AHA interview requested by phone. 12/15.
  • Campus visit scheduled. 2/3/2010
    • Congratulations! (I interviewed at AHA, but did not receive a campus invite. My best to you!) 2/4

Mesa State College - Modern Europe

  • Application Deadline: January 25
  • Preference for an additional non-western field.
  • Phone interview scheduled (2/25)

Minot State University - Modern Europe

  • Review of applications will begin on October 23
  • "Assistant Professor in European History, excluding France. Thematic specialization and geographic focus open. Teaching in one or more of the following outside fields for non-western/thematic coverage required: Public History, Environmental History, India, China, Near East / Middle East, or Pacific Rim."
  • My source reveals they will be trying to hire before the AHA, which means they must be holding on campus or telephone interviews.  Anyone?
  • Correct
  • Offer has been extended (12/22). 
  • Does that mean they've hired someone?

Yes, a person has been hired for the position.

Montana State University, Bozeman - Modern Europe

  • Application Deadline: October 16
  • "Modern Continental European History, excluding specialists in German and Russian History. The department particularly welcomes applications from candidates whose sub-specialties include French History (after 1789) and the Francophone world; empire, colonialism and post-colonialism; and/or gender studies."
  • Phone interview requested 11/9 (x3)
  • did anyone get notice from MSU about receipt of application? if so, i'm going to console myself that mine got lost in the mail (Response: yes I did)
  • i didn't receive ack about my application, nor did i get a request for a phone interview (11/20)
  • finalists have been invited to campus interviews in early to mid-December.
  • may I ask what the finalists specialize in? I'm still bummed as I think my app was lost...
  • My application was not acknowledged either (x2)
  • offer made (12/17)
  • can anyone confirm whether this offer was accepted? I ask, only because I never received my post-interview rejection letter (1/21)
  • yes, it was accepted.

Mount Royal University

  • "Tenure-track position in European History Since 1500 at the rank of Assistant Professor, effective 15 August 2010. This position is open to all areas of European History broadly defined, with a preference for those candidates with a focus on social/cultural History."
  • online ack. immediately upon applying. (x3)
  • Website says they are currently in the process of shortlisting (1/16)
  • Any news? (2/3)
  • I heard that they have to negotiate their budget first before deciding whether or not to go forward with the search. Won't know whether or not the search is cancelled until the end of Feb.
  • Job search cancelled due to budget cuts in the Provincial government. Job search to be reopened in the future, "perhaps as early as next year." (3/23)

Queens College, CUNY - French History

  • Application Deadline: November 20
  • "The Department is particularly interested in candidates whose specialty is French colonization and empire, but will consider applicants with other specialties."
  • received snail mail ack (11/27) (x3)
  • Campus interviews have been scheduled.
  • Would you mind sharing your specialty and/or status?
  • Anyone know how many?  Does this mean that they automatically won't do AHA interviews?
  • Snail mail rejection received, 12/7, indicating that an offer has been made. How is this possible when the application deadline was 11/20?
  • Rejection letter received (8/12)
  • Wow. I guess this confirms many people's suspicions that this was probably an inside hire. Thanks Queens, for giving our applications a serious review.
  • Seriously? are there any jobs this year that don't have internal candidates? Why did I bother wasting my $ on sending the application and sending letters if they were going to hire someone 2 weeks after the deadline?
  • Wow! This is absolutely ridiculous. Don't even bother advertising next time, Queens College. I fit your ad to a "T" and spent lots of time on the application in addition to postage. This is just wrong. That makes inside candidate hires for 2 of the French colonial positions.    * And don't feel like they are just passing over new Ph.D.s: they rejected people with books, tenure, etc. *I wonder what would happen if we all sent back our rejection letters with a polite request for refunds on the application costs? I'm seriously tempted! (But then, maybe that's just end-of-the-semester grading getting me down).
  • Actually, I have heard from friends that Queens is holding campus interviews in the coming weeks, so it is not over yet. (and I did not see an inside candidate on the website, since no one teaches French history. Did I miss something?) **If that's true, then they're lying, because the letter I received said an offer had already been extended. If that's true, then they should have no trouble revealing the name of the hire, but they didn't. Hmm...
  • Could the "offer" refer to a campus interview offer, and you interpreted it as a job offer? What are the exact words of the letter you received? This is very strange... **I tossed the letter, but I did not misread it. It indicated that a job offer had been extended.**
  • It's somebody who used to teach there that but has found another job.
  • Are you sure that person even applied for the job, if s/he already has one?
  • The letter reads, "Thank you for applying....I am sorry to inform you that we have offered the position to another candidate." That seems pretty clear.
  • I guess I don't see what's so scandalous about creating a job that's tailored to a colonialist that a department happens to like.  They had somebody who did it as an adjunct, she left for a time and now they've found a place.  The only thing that must be a pain for them is the having to bring people in to make it look legit (to whom, it's not entirely clear).  But we did Ph.D.s in history, not astrophysics, so our expectations can't (or shouldn't be) high.
  • Offer extended about 10 days after the deadline. Oh, and this includes Thanksgiving week. Unfair waste of time and money (postage, dossier services) for all other (non-inside?) candidates.
  • Is this even frowned upon? Or legal? Or is it simply illegal to offer the job without opening it to other candidates (even if they aren't considered)? I honestly don't know, but it seems to be happening a lot this year!
  • I'm consoling myself with the fact that this is evidence Queens would be a crappy place to work.
  • I think you can file a complaint with the AHA, and if they find wrongdoing, they'll put a little asterisk next to the school's name the next time they hire.
  • Questions of legality probably explain why the job was advertised in the first place, since it's a SUNY (public) school. That being said, there is not likely much chance of sanction, which is usually reserved for unjust denial of tenure, revocation of tenure, and other concerns of faculty. Still...
  • Queens is a public institution (CUNY, I think) and if candidates from underrepresented groups were passed over while the affirmative action search process was not followed in good faith, there might be grounds for an individual or class action lawsuit. But I'm still thinking somebody probably just sent out the wrong form letter, and they haven't actually made an appointment.
  • I've certainly seen tailor-made searches before, both when I was a grad student at a private institution and in my own dept, a public institution (before I got there). Regardless, the dept. should at least go through the motions, bring candidates to campus, and be open to being surprised. In far too many years in this business I have *never* seen an offer extended this rapidly after the close of a deadline. It's so far out of line that I incline to the view that the person(s) who wrote the letter can't write English, and it really refers to people not being among the finalists who are being brought to campus. In either case it reflects very poorly on the dept.
  • rejection letter received (12/9) "We have offered the position to another candidate"
  • Dear Professor Julia Sneeringer and members of the Co-option Committee at Queens College, I'm addressing you by name here in the hope that google will re-index this page soon and give some publicity to the shameful "search" you just led.
  • Anyone here want to mention this on H-France or other professional forums?
  • You are all expending your energy for a matter that you will not able to change. This whole process is super stressful and to be honest more unfair than not. Queens College has an unbelievable teaching load besides - 4-4, with the possibility of taking leave for 1 full semester in the first 5 years. The frustration of this search will cause more angst than we all need.
  • Re: the above (wasting energy). Queen's procedure was really far from standard or appropriate -- they should face some penalty, if only by hearing about it, from the rest of the profession. It prob isn't alterable, but at least they should think twice before pulling this sort of stunt again.
  • I am a member of the Queens history department and I can speak with authority that there is nothing fishy going on. The wrong form letter was sent out by the secretaries and correction letters are being sent out tomorrow. The search is ongoing - candidates are being brought to campus throughout the rest of the semester and no offers have been made - any letter to the contrary is a mistake. As for the procedure, Queens routinely does not use the AHA for interviews - they move right to a short list and bring people to campus in Dec.
  • Thank you to the faculty member who wrote this post. Of course there is nothing wrong with not holding AHA interviews. However, something fishy did go on in that letters were dated and mailed on 12/3 and 12/4 and now retraction letters are being sent after so many complaints. I truly find it hard to believe that such a huge mistake was made and that the applications were read through so quickly and thoroughly 10 days after the deadline including the Thanksgiving week. Yes, this is fishy. (I second this assessment. Retraction letters aren't going to make anyone believe you!)
  • I note that someone posted much earlier that "campus interviews have been scheduled". It would be considerable corroborating evidence that the search comm did proceed appropriately if indeed finalists were invited to come for on campus interviews on or before Dec. 3, when the original letter went out.... so finalists, would you mind speaking up?
  • I can confirm (from a trustworthy source) that campus interviews have been scheduled. So obviously, all they did was send the wrong rejection letter. It's certainly unfortunate, but I'm not sure it qualifies as a "huge mistake." As the French say, il n'y a pas mort d'homme. All of us who have been rejected should rather spend our energy on other jobs. Let's move on.
  • Also I can confirm that Queen's _is_ doing on campus interviews; I rather doubt that they would spend money to bring, in one case, an international candidate for this job if they were playing games
  • Does anyone else find some of the recent posts a bit of defensive posturing with inside information? (i.e., most likely written by search committee members) Even if the incorrect letter was sent out (still quite surprising that over 200 of the wrong letters were sent out), it still is quite surprising that all applications were thoroughly reviewed, as promised in the correction letter, over the course of 10 days, which included Thanksgiving week! Most people send in their apps days before or the day of the deadline - how could all of those be opened and photocopied and then reviewed over the Thanksgiving Break?
  • Actually, if you look at other searches listed here, you will find very similar turn-around times. One of the jobs that I applied to this year scheduled AHA interviews two days after the application deadline.   I obviously wasn't what they were looking for ... but I don't need a grand conspiracy to explain it.  Sometimes, a committee can quickly identify the 10-20 applicants that they want to read carefully and narrow into a shortlist. Sometimes, all it takes to determine that someone is out of the running is a glance at their dissertation topic and the highlights of their C.V. This truth is unpleasant, but wishing it weren't so won't change it. Would you prefer that the committee kept you in the dark for a few months even though they'd already ceased to consider your application? Yes, it's unfortunate that they sent the wrong rejection letter. It is amusing, however, to read all the complaints from people about how long it takes for SCs to send out rejection letters and then come here and see people up in arms because the committee was honest and let you know immediately. It seems counter-productive to punish SCs for their prompt communication.If you're upset that they didn't lovingly linger over each application, savoring each turn of phrase, it seems unfair to single out this search since I guarantee you that no search committee reads every word of every application. In fact, look at the job below this (Santa Clara).  The deadline was November 20 and the AHA invites were sent out on December 1st. That's an identical if not shorter timeline. Perhaps you should post vague insinuations there as well. --> There is a difference between selecting 12-15 candidates for interviews and selecting 3!
  • To those who continue to insist this is "fishy": remember that you are dealing with an _academic department in the humanities_ here. People do not go into this line of work because they have an aptitude for administrative procedure. If we had that kind of talent or inclination, we would have become businesspeople, enjoying good pay and a comparatively vibrant, functional job market. Absent-mindedness is an occupational handicap that's common among historians: my guess is that most readers of this wiki can remember at least one moment when they perpetrated a similar howler. At least the people at Queens didn't compound the problem by pretending the mistake did not happen, but have instead taken responsibility for it, which puts them several steps ahead of many other history departments. We can all tell stories about search committees who have avoided facing the consequences of similar errors by exploiting the grotesquely huge difference in power between employed faculty member and desperate job seeker that our profession has created.
  • Does anyone know what's going on with this search? Since the retraction rejection letters, no one has spoken up about campus visits, an offer, anything (other than search committee members trying to defend themselves...).
  • I know for certain that they scheduled on-campus interviews before the AHA, and given at least one of the invitees, I would say that this search also involved a liberal interpretation of the word "modern"
  • They offered the job to someone. And the job was never simply "modern" (no matter how broadly conceived), the link above to the job ad states it pretty clearly: "The candidate must be prepared to teach both early modern and modern French History. The Department is particularly interested in candidates whose specialty is French colonization and empire, but will consider applicants with other specialties." They seem to have left things pretty open so that could take an interesting candidate that didn't fall within a narrowly preconceived category. We all have to suffer through this process, might as well not unnecessarily add to the misery by misrepresenting the clearly stated job ads.

Santa Clara University - France and the World

  • Application Deadline: November 20
  • Anyone know if this is for an internal candidate? They have a lecturer who specializes in France and the World who has a book and several articles
  • My best guess (based on informed yet idle gossip) is that there is indeed an internal candidate. But then who knows, since they asked candidates for extensive documentation. Why ask for 125 pages of material from people if you aren't planning to take them seriously? 
  • I thought so at first - but the internal candidate received her degree over a decade ago, and in my limited experience, most successful internal candidates are only a few years from their degrees (or are up for associate positions, esp if they have a book)
  • email ack/AA form received 11/23
  • AHA interview invite 12/1
  • How did they contact you for the AHA interview? (response: email)
  • email rejection 12/9 (x4)
  • any news?
  • They've offered the job to somone who has accepted it. Anyone know if it was the inside candidate?
  • Indeed it was--shocking!!

Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Reader in European History since 1789
  • May be a senior hire (this post is tenured)
  • Deadline: 1 July 2010

Southern Methodist University "Assistant Professor, Modern German History. Application must be postmarked by February 25."

  • has ANYONE heard back yet?
  • on-campus visits have been scheduled
  • any news? offer made?
  • Position went to Erin Hochman, from U of Toronto.

Southwestern University, Modern Europe, "preference for France and the French colonial world, excluding Britain"

  • Application Deadline: Review of applications will begin immediately and the department expects to bring candidates to campus in late November and early December.
  • How does one juggle applications like this and those interviewing at the AHA? What if they bring you to campus and offer you a position in Dec, before you've even done AHA interviews? (yes, I realize that I'd probably be so thrilled to have a job that it wouldn't matter...)
  • There's no good way to juggle a search committee on an accelerated hiring schedule. If you're their preferred candidate, you're stuck in a classic bird-in-the-hand vs. two-in-the-bush scenario. This happened to me last year. I was offered a position at a directional state university remote from family and metropolitan life, tried unsuccessfully to stall for a few weeks because I had 6 AHA interviews. But they needed to have the position filled before Xmas break, or they would lose their funding (can't blame 'em) so they offered the position to their next-choice candidate. Then I cursed myself b/c none of the 6 AHA interviews resulted in a job.
  • Application ack received: they plan to notify finalists by early Nov and schedule interviews shortly thereafter
  • Rejection letter received 10/17. (X2)
  • When did poster above receive application acknowledgment?  I have not received anything from them, except the AA form.  
  • I received application ack (via email) in early Oct from the faculty secretary, and the AA form in the mail shortly thereafter
  • Candidate asked to campus for job talk 10/26 (x2)
  • Congrats! What's your field?
  • Rejection letter received 11/3 (X2)
  • Did anyone else not get a rejection letter?  I seem to have made the "Limbo list." (nah, still no rejection letter for me either x2)
  • Rejection letter received 12/15
  • offer accepted

Stanford University, Modern Europe - excluding Britain, France, and Russia.

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • Piffle.
  • Any news at all about this job?! - I haven't heard anything
  • AHA Interview Scheduled, 12/15 (X2), 01/05
  • Three candidates invited to on-campus interviews 1/21
  • Offer made 3/3
  • Does anyone know who got this job?
  • Went to someone who got their PhD from Berkeley within the past few years (3/13)
  • What subject does s/her work on?
  • Edith Sheffer got this job

University of Teeside (UK): Modern European History, with specialism in French history

  • This is a tenured post
  • "You will be able to contribute to teaching the wider History curriculum and be a Europeanist (with the ability to teach French history including the French Revolutionary period)."
  • Deadline 19 July 2010.

Towson University, Central/Eastern European History

  • Application Deadline: October 15
  • their page lists a woman who specializes in German/ East Central European history. Does anyone know if she is moving on and this is a replacement? Or have they added an extra Germanist line?
  • It appears that she was gone the last two years, perhaps with fellowships and/or a sabbatical; perhaps she's moved on to another institution? The job asks for someone to teach the Modern Germany course that she's taught in previous years.
  • A friend says she has left that University.
  • Received snail mail ack (10/23) (X2)
  • Received invite for On-Campus Interview
  • The previous person in this position has a position at a German university where her husband has had a position for several years.
  • Rejection letter received, Benjamin Zajicek, a Chicago PhD, accepted position (4/1)

Tennessee Technological University - Modern Europe

  • Application Deadline: December 2009
  • Post-1648 Europe
  • Anyone hear from them? (12/16)
  • They are not listed on the AHA Job Center handout -- so it appears they are not interviewing in San Diego (1/6)
  • Invited to campus (2/4)
    • Did they do any sort of AHA / phone interview, or did they go right to on-campus?

Troy University - Modern Europe/World

  • Application Deadline: December 15
  • "The successful candidate will regularly teach introductory courses in World History and periodically an upper division course on the Far East. Some graduate level background on the latter subject is preferred. Additionally, the candidate will be expected to conduct upper division courses pertaining to European history from the seventeenth through twentieth centuries."
  • Received e-mail ack and HR AA/EEO form (12/16)
  • News?
  • Rejection. Did not state whether they hired anyone. (4/12)

University of Adelaide

  • Application Deadline April 12
  • Many fewer applicants in Australia than in North American universities (esp. with short deadline)
  • Hidden gem

University of Arkansas - Modern Europe

  • Application Deadline: January 15
  • Received Acknowledgement (early Jan): search committee plans to conduct phone interviews "early in the semester" - wouldn't that be about now?
  • Had a phone interview during the last week of January.
  • Campus visits have been scheduled (2/16)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/4)
  • The winning candidate is Laurence Hare, a UNC PhD who does 19th Century German history.

University of East Anglia (UK) - Lecturer in 20thC Imperial History

  • Application Deadline: May 7th
  • Teaching duties in Imperial & Diplomatic History
  • "Applications from those with a particular interest in the economic, strategic or diplomatic aspects of imperialism will be particularly welcome."

University of Montana at Missoula - Continental Western European History, 1500 to the Present

Application screening begins: March 31

Position is for a half-time VAP

Relocate to Montana for the year for a whopping $24,000

If this position is half-time does it even include benefits?

University of Nebraska, Lincoln Modern Germany

  • Application Deadline:November 15
  • "Modern Germany/Jewish History/Holocaust"
  • Did anyone get an acknowledgment of receipt from this one? - I haven't
  • Nothing heard from them, no aor (Dec. 10) (X2 Dec. 15)
  • Rumor has it that this job search has been canceled.
  • They are not listed on the AHA Job Center handout -- so it appears they are not interviewing in San Diego (1/6)
  • Received a letter (dated 12/22) from the head of the search committee, confirming that the search has been canceled due to the economic crisis. They hope to open the search next year, and all applicants will be considered unless they withdraw. (1/9)

University of North Carolina, Greensboro - Modern Europe

  • Application Deadline: December 1
  • "Modern European history (excluding Russia and France)"
  • Does anyone know if this is to replace their twentieth-century Germanist, or the German historian of science? Their modern Europe lecturer specializes in France, but this is excluded.
  • I called the department and asked if the Germanist was leaving. They said no one is leaving; they are extending and complementing their current faculty.
  • received snail mail ack. (Dec. 7 X3)
  • Phone interview requested via e-mail (12/12 X2; phone interviews taking place 12/17-18)
  • On-campus interviews have been scheduled (1/16)
  • Offer made, succesful candidate is a Stanford PhD who does German history
  • What subject does s/her work on?
  • Her name is Emily Levine

University of the Ozarks

  • any news?
  • email request for AHA interview (Dec. 30 - x3)
  • contacted for a follow-up phone interview (Jan. 20)
  • there's some interesting chatter about this place on the world history wiki
  • invited to campus (2/14)
  • E-mail rejection received that position has been filled (3/31)

University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

  • Late posting.
  • 3 year temporary NTT
  • Deadline February 20th
  • Contact person is Susan Fernandez
  • Anybody have information?
  • Received confirmation of application from Prof. Fernandez on 9 Feb - no word since then.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville Post-1945 Germany

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • "Post-1945 Germany or German-Speaking Lands"
  • received snail mail ack. (11/13)
  • Received e-mail invitation for AHA interview. (12/4)
  • Any post-AHA news / campus invites? (1/22)
  • No News (1/22) Anyone?
  • No one still hasn't heard anything?
  • Nothing here. (1/28)
  • I have heard from someone there that they have invitred 3 candidates to campus (2/5)
  • Has anyone heard anything?? (2/13)
  • They have hired someone.
  • The lucky winner is Monica Black.

University of Toronto, Scarborough - Modern Europe

  • Application Deadline: November 15
  • "Modern (post-1750) continental European history (Britain, Eastern Europe and Russia are excluded)"
  • Be ready: online app is long, and limits the cover letter to 4000 characters (spaces included)
  • Does anyone know the status on this job? Do Canadian schools interview at the AHA?
  • E-mail received Fri. 18/12 from committee chair; on "long short-list," asked to submit more material (X2)
  • may I ask the specialties of those asked to submit?
  • Has anyone on the "long short-list" received any word on their status? On a side note, has anyone ever heard of the type of essay asked for? Is this unusual, in your opinion?
  • Out of curiousity, for those of us not on the long shortlist, what's this essay all about?
  • No word from UTSC yet. And I too had never encountered or even heard of this kind of essay. For the above poster, the essay question gave lots of prompts but basically asked how we would contribute to the department. (It took me awhile to write)
  • JOB SEARCH CANCELLED (email received 1/14) (x3)
  • Anyone have the "inside scoop" on this? What happened? Any idea if the search will be reopened next fall?
  • The e-mail with the cancellation stated: "I regret to inform you that the search has been cancelled. It is our hope to remount the search next year. We will retain your candidate profile in our database and will inform you of job openings that match your profile (if you selected this option)."
  • My email said that UTSC might institute changes to the department in response to an external review.

University of Wisconsin, Whitewater Modern Europe

  • Application Deadline: November 20
  • Modern European history, 1850 to the present. Excludes Britain.
  • received snail mail ack (11/18) (x2)
  • Email to schedule AHA interview (12/8) (x4)
  • Internal candidate? They have two lecturers who are relatively accomplished. One of them looks to have a tenure-track spouse in poli sci. It would be nice to know the scoop.
  • Received rejection 12/19 (x3) Very well-written rejection letter. There was an applicant pool of 160.
  • Anyone else not receive either a rejection or an interview request? I received an ack back in Nov, but haven't heard anything since...
  • Received e-mail rejection 12/29
  • Campus interview scheduled
  • Was an offer extended? Accepted?
  • r'cvd snail mail, post-AHA rejection letter, though it did not indicate who was hired, or if a candidate was indeed hired (3/2)
  • Received email that someone has accepted the position.

UW-Milwaukee- 1 yr. Visiting European

Application Deadline: April 2

-Any news?

Wheaton College - Modern Europe/World

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • "The successful candidate will have... the ability to integrate the field of history with the Christian faith."
    • Great; well, allegedly, Wheaton is less fanatical and anti-intellectual than other such universities.
    • A friend is in the department there. Quiet, smart, and very religious, but I she would not have gone it appears she has gone someplace fanatical. (Original poster made edit.)
    • You'll need to be willing to affirm this statement of faith [4], which includes belief in the literal creation account in Genesis. Faculty are not allowed to drink in public. Also, peruse their Community Covenant [5]: "It is crucial that each member of the College family understand it clearly and embrace it sincerely." Among other things, the "Covenant" condemns "sexual immorality, such as the use of pornography, pre-marital sex, adultery, homosexual behavior and all other sexual relations outside the bounds of marriage between a man and woman." Until 2003, dancing was not allowed on campus [6]. Be aware, this is a very conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist college.
    • I'm desperate to get a job, but the explicit condemnation of homosexual behavior is where I draw the line -- this is simply shameful and revolting (and I'm not even gay!).
    • Heh! I love this sort of comment. They think that homosexuality is shameful and revolting. You find judgment shameful and revolting. The irony, the irony!
    • "Man, everyone's gay once in a while!" - Sgt. Kirk Lazarus.
    • Received e-mail that this search has been postponed or closed due to changed hiring priorities in the department, 12/10
    • There is nothing ironic in that person's condemnation of bigotry.