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Visitors to This Page[]

  • 113

What's your status?[]

  • ABD: 38
  • VAP: 27
  • Postdoc: 23 (4 UK though, slightly different system!)
  • TT but looking: 29 (wow! how is this the 2nd highest category? i guess us non-tt people shouldn't expect too much of our search) (response: no worries. Often search committees prefer unknown quantities, especially ABDs, because they are blank screens for the projection of hopes and aspirations.)
  • Employed but reading out of curiosity: 15
  • Fully employed outside of academia: 2
  • Unemployed PhD: 8
  • Adjuncting PhD: 21
  • Interesting twist - VAP to TT without a search in fourth year renewal of a one year appt. with one year renewal. Decreed by administration: convert or lose the post - no search, period. Nice.

Specialization breakdown[]

  • Ancient: 3
  • Medieval: 25
  • Medieval/Renaissance/Early Modern: 8
  • Early Modern: 19
  • Modern: 47
  • British (early modern): 6
  • British/British Empire (modern): 10
  • French: 10
  • German (early modern):
  • German (modern): 7
  • Russian: 7
  • Spain (medieval/early modern): 2
  • Spain (modern): 4
  • Italy (modern): 1

Mixed, Multiple, or Thematic (period unspecified)[]

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania[]

  • European History/Western Civilization. Instructor/Assistant Professor (AA# 42-0-92). Full-time, temporary 2011-2012 only. Minimum requirement MA in history; ABD or Ph.D. in history preferred. The successful candidate is expected to teach lower level survey courses in Western Civilizations and possibly teach upper-division course in his/her fields. Teaching experience at college/university level preferred. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations is preferred.
  • Finalists for the position must communicate well and successfully complete a phone interview and/or teaching demonstration judged by the department faculty. The majority of regular, full-time department faculty must make a recommendation for hiring. The University encourages applications from historically under-represented individuals, women, veterans, and persons with disabilities and is an AA/EEO employer.
  • Prior to a final offer of employment the selected candidate will be required to submit to a background check including, but not limited to, employment verification, educational and other credential verification and criminal background check. Completing this search is contingent upon available funding.
  • For an application to be considered, a letter of application, a separate statement of teaching philosophy, curriculum vitae, a copy of graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation must be postmarked by 18 February 2011 (is this post from last year?). Looks like it--check HR page, no history positions: If ANY of these materials, including a letter of recommendation, is postmarked after this date, the application will not be considered.
  • Submit materials to Dr. L. M. Stallbaumer, Chair, Sabbatical Search Committee, Department of History, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, 400 East Second Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815.
  • Search Committee member here - this is a current search! We just posted the information on the wiki faster than Human Resources posted the position on the page linked above. Please take this as a sign that we are young and hip and come work with us for a year. :)
    • Ok, call me crazy, but that pitch actually worked. ;)
  • Received acknowledgment by mail: 12/6 (x2)
  • Any news? (3/21 x2)
  • got an email asking if I was still interested (3/30)
  • Phone interview scheduled.
  • Phone interview (4/13). Friendly committee!
  • Offer made (4/26) and declined (4/28).

Brigham Young University[]

  • "Open Field & Open Rank: Multiple, permanent (continuing faculty status) track appointments at Brigham Young University, to begin August 2011, pending administrative approval and budget funding. PhD required. Department is accepting applications in all fields, but has particular needs in Western US, Modern Europe, and Modern Middle East. Teaching load will include US, American Heritage, or World Civilization survey courses, courses in field of specialization, and other core courses for the History major."
  • Note that BYU strongly favors hiring LDS members and has a conduct code
  • Deadline October 1, 2010.
  • On-campus interview arranged. 10/20
  • Congratulations. Can I ask what field? (10/28)
    • Modern Europe
  • Offer extended and accepted. 1/22
  • Got the rejection letter today (2/14), so sad that I learned from the wiki faster than from the school itself (and a nice valentine to boot).

Brunel University (London, UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured) in "British and/or European History"
  • Deadline: 27 Apr. 2011
  • Apparently, they are shortlisting this week, but not sure exactly when. My guess is that people will be contacted by Monday.
  • I heard that I have an interview today. Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear.

Capital University (OH)[]

  • full-time, tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level to teach courses in Mediterranean History from the medieval era to the present.
  • Applicants will be expected to integrate southern European history, Byzantine History, Islamic History as well as European imperialism and colonialism in the region and the subsequent emergence of Israel and Arab nation states. Favorable consideration will be given to candidates with strength in twentith century Mediterranean history. Applicants will also be expected to teach one of the department’s survey courses and to participate in the University’s General Education program.
  • Ph. D. and two years teaching experience is required as evidence of teaching effectiveness and scholarship.
  • The review of applications will begin immediately. Please send application materials by January 14, 2011

Delta State University (MS)[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in European/World History. Specialty open, but special consideration will be given to candidates with interests in imperialism, Atlantic World history, or human migrations/global diasporas.
  • The teaching load is four courses per semester.
  • Review of applications begins November 1, 2010. Interviews will be conducted at the AHA annual meeting, January 6-9, 2011 in Boston.
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/7) x2
  • Rejection letter by mail (12/17) x2
  • Any news? (1/28)
  • Contacted by phone for on campus interview (2/3)
  • Courteous snail mail rejection stating over 80 candidates applied, 12 invited to the AHA, and only 2 invited to campus. (2/19)
  • Offer made and accepted.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem[]

  • Advertising for mutliple tenure-track and tenured positions, including the following fields: Western History, Jewish History, Ancient Near East; Romance and Latin American Studies.
  • I heard from an inside source that the history department is looking for an early modern europeanist.
  • Deadline October 31, 2010. *The Deadline is October 3, NOT 31.
  • Is the language of instruction Hebrew? - Yes, however new faculty are allowed to teach in English for the first five years of their appointment (or at least this used to be the rules).
  • Don't count on having a shot at this without the local language. It's not called the HEBREW university for nothing.

Macalester College[]

  • Pre-1800 C.E. Global/Comparative History
  • Review of applications will begin on November 1, 2010, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2010-11
  • Folks, do we think this is an inside hire? (Note the specialization of the VAP). Just thought I would jumpstart the idle speculation...
  • That VAP is no longer there -- see Ohio Wesleyan U\
  • Acknowledged receipt of application (11/4) (x4)
  • Email request for writing sample and syllabi (11/19) (x4)
    • anyone willing to give their field? Europe? Non? Ancient? Medieval? Eearly Modern? Out of curiosity, I'd like to know what they decided they wanted, after all....
    • early modern europe
    • Medieval Mediterranean/Islam. (x1)
  • What is VAP?
  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • AHA Interview scheduled by phone (12/6) x2
  • Another Euro-centrist department looking for a Euro-centrist. Good luck!
  • The above comment makes me scratch my head. First, what's "a Euro-centrist?" Second and more importantly, there's no reason to believe they are set on hiring a historian of Europe, and in fact if they are so inclined then opening a search up to scores or hundreds of applicants from the non-European world is an odd way to go about it. Let's stop the sour grapes postings, people, please?
  • Don't know what a Euro-centrist is? Sounds like you are part of the problem.
  • Any news? (2/1)
  • Campus visit scheduled - see website (2/2)
  • Anyone received an offer? (3/8)

Mississippi University for Women[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of History, Political Science and Geography to begin August 2011.
  • "Applicants must be able to teach in at least two of the following three fields: ancient history, medieval European history, early modern European history. Preferred specialties include social history, cultural history, or a non-western subfield."
  • Application review begins immediately (7/24)
  • Request for additional materials via email 12/8

Monash University (Australia)[]

  • Tenured lectureship in modern history
  • "The area of specialisation is in one or more of the following fields of historical study - British / European, Imperial and Colonial, Trans-Atlantic, Pacific, Migration and Diasporas with a capacity to work across disciplines, regions and/or time periods"
  • Note SHORT DEADLINE: 6 Dec. 2010
  • Rejection by email (12/15)

Palomar College []

  • Assistant Professor, History (World History/Western Civilization)
  • This position will primarily be responsible for teaching lower division survey courses in World and Western Civilization history, offered in our catalog as History 105, History 106, History 107, and History 108. Outside the classroom, candidates will be expected to participate fully and collegially in departmental activities. Teaching assignments may include online/distance education classes and/or developing special topic classes. Duties will also planning, developing, and implementing course curricula as well as updating course materials and course outlines of record; developing, maintaining, and assessing student learning outcomes; following the instructional policies as outlined in the college policies and procedures and the Palomar Faculty Federation/District Agreement.
  • This is a full-time, 10-months-per-year tenure-track position. Teaching assignments may include day, evening, and/or weekend classes at the San Marcos campus and/or off-campus locations as part of contract responsibilities, as well as distance education classes. Full-time faculty are expected to participate fully in departmental activities and college governance and hold regular office hours
  • Palomar College has provided excellence in education and services to the community since 1946. The College was recently designated an Hispanic-Serving Institution by the U.S. Department of Education, and we serve over 30,000 students from a variety of backgrounds. Palomar College is experiencing an exciting time of expansion. In addition to several new buildings and upgrades in progress on the main campus, two new educational centers are planned for the north and south areas of the District. Located in San Marcos, California, Palomar College is perfectly situated 12 miles from the coast and 30 miles northeast of downtown San Diego, allowing easy access to everything Southern California has to offer and a mild climate year-round.
  • Note: See also ad at This is not a research job. Palomar College is a two-year public community college. First screening deadline is January 14, 2011.
  • Has anyone received a response from Palomar College yet? (3/22)
  • Yes - rejection letter (3/24)
  • Offered and accepted (4/15)

Pennsylvania State University - Hazleton[]

  • Asisstant Professor in European History. Teaching reponsibilities will include "three classes (9 credits) each semester including Western Civilization surveys and other classes in the candidate’s area of specialty using traditional and hybrid delivery modes."
  • Application (online) due October 1, 2010.
  • Received acknowledgement of receipt of application (10/6) (x2)
  • Did not receive any acknowledgement of receipt (as of 10/10) - anyone else experience the same? Yes - no acknowledgement (10/10). Same for me (10/14).
  • No acknowledgement - submitted online Sep. 28.
  • I got an ack., but it took several days
  • Though it took a few weeks, I got an ack.
  • Got the ack (10/21)
  • Do they only acknowledge applications they're interested in? Seems a little inconsistent.
  • Contacted for initial phone interview (10/26)--how are they contacting people? mail? e-mail? phone?
  • I was contacted for an initial phone interview via e-mail (on 10/26, see above).
  • Are there others who, like me, still have not received an ack? -- yes (x2)
  • Received ack (email) asking to fill out equal employment form (11/5 x3).
  • Have yet to receive any kind of acknowledgment. Sounds like a disorganized search. (11/19)
  • Never received ack. (Dec. 16)
  • Had phone interview in Nov.; informed by committee member today that they have decided to bring other candidates for campus interviews (Dec. 16)

Sabanci University (Istanbul)[]

  • Full-time OR visiting position in European History, at all levels of experience
  • Applicants must have strong methodological skills and a solid background in the history of Europe. A strong record and potential for scholarly publication, as well as promise of outstanding teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are important criteria of preference.
  • The successful candidate will teach Early Modern and/or Modern European history, developing and teaching graduate courses in world history and historiography, and participating as a lecturer in large undergraduate survey courses on world history. Although preference will be given to modernists, scholars whose area of research is the early modern period will also be considered.
  • The search process will close in time for an appointment to be made for the start of the academic year of 2011-12.
  • Rejection email (26/01)

Samford University []

  • One-year non-renewable position in non-American History. Successful applicant must have the ability to teach in the first-year humanities core curriculum. Major field is open (including Europe), but Asia, Middle East, or Africa preferred.
  • Samford University is affiliated with the Alabama Baptist Convention, and candidates should be willing to contribute to and promote the school's mission as a Christian university in a Baptist tradition.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2010-11

SUNY Brockport (VAP)[]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor for a two year appointment to teach Ancient and Modern World lower division courses as well as upper division and graduate classes in European History. 4/4 teaching load, college/school/department service, full time presence on campus.
  • Open Until Filled. For best consideration apply before November 30, 2010. Review of applications to begin immediately.

SUNY Cortland []

  • Full-time tenure track position at the assistant professor level . . . The successful candidate will teach upper-division classes in European History before 1350 and either Western Civilization to 1715 or World History to 1500 and will teach occasional graduate courses.
  • Preference will be given to application materials received by November 15, 2010. Preliminary interviews will occur at the AHA Convention.
  • Phone interview scheduled
  • AHA interview scheduled. x2 (12/13)
  • Rejection by e-mail 12/13
  • Interviewed at AHA on 1/8, rejection email on 1/12. Quick turn around, faster than they suggested at the interview.
  • yeah, I got that one too. nice automaton email from HR department? I didn't even manage to send the additional references they asked for by the end of the week.
  • Any word on campus visits? (2/2)
  • Interviewed at the AHA and have had no contact since (2/11). Anyone else?

University of Cincinnati (Raymond Walters College)[]

  • Tenure-track, Assistant Professor of Western European History.
  • The candidate should have a primary field in Western European History (with France preferred, and excluding Russia) and a secondary field in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East.
  • The candidate's primary responsibility will be teaching the European History survey, with potential additional courses utilizing the candidate's secondary field. The teaching load is 12 credit hours in each of the three quarters.
  • To apply for position (210UC1788), please see
  • The deadline for applications is December 17, 2010.
  • 10/16: Does anyone else see a 4/4/4 teaching load as nuts? Course listings indicate most (if not all) courses encompass 3 credit hours. Is this a dead-end job? Absolutely insane, which is why I'm not applying for this job (still in my first year of the search and not yet THAT desperate).
  • a 4/4/4 should be highly discouraged by the AHA - period. There should be some guidelines for this kind of load because it turns an academic into a munchkin.
  • Furthermore, if you go to the University of Cincinnati's jobs board and look at the full description, they seem to have expectations that you will be publishing while teaching this 4/4/4. Really?
  • 4/4/4 and research expectations: brave new world, that hath such teaching loads in it.
  • The department needs a reality check if they think a 4/4/4 is a suitable thing - of course it depends on pay. If they were paying say oh, $250,000 in the first year, they could make stupid demands like this and get people. Good luck Cincinnati - we wish you well in your endeavours to exploit and pay poorly.
  • Campus interview scheduled (1/14). Have mouths to feed.
  • Has anyone gotten rejection letters yet? I too have mouths to feed.
  • Can anyone who was invited to campus verify the teaching load as a 4/4/4? (2/12) Yes, but only two preps per term. RWC is switching to semesters in 2012 and the new teaching load has not been determined. (2/17)
  • Keep in mind that Raymond Walters is essentially the Community College for Cincinnati - it's a two-year with a separate faculty than the main department at UC.
  • Campus changed its name to U Cincy Blue Ash ... and the job went to the incumbent VAP.

University of Mississippi []

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of European History for the 2011-2012 academic year. Pending departmental need and budgetary approval, this position may be renewed for a second year.
  • Apply online at

University of Sheffield (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in Modern History, specialising in British or European history in the 'long nineteenth century'.
  • Deadline: 25 May 2011

University of Sussex (UK)[]

  • Seeking an experienced scholar in Modern European Jewish HIstory and Culture, with a special focus on the experience of German-speaking Jewry. Will lead Centre, teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Department of History and convene the MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • Closing Date September 17, 2010 (short deadline). "Expected start date: 1 January 2011 or by mutual agreement."
    • NB: I 've replaced the link to the Jewish History job even thought it's long past submission date; someone had edited it to a link to the more recently advertised Modern European history job at Sussex, which I don't think is associated in any way.

University of Utah[]

  • Entry-level Tenure Track Assistant Professor in the History of Colonialism and Colonial Subjects, geographical region and period open
  • Deadline: November 19, 2010
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2010-11
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/9)

University of Worcester (UK)[]

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Modern British and European history
  • Particularly interested in those who can teach: Twentieth-Century British history; The history of Germany; The history of Eastern Europe; The history of Southern Europe; Women’s history
  • To start: October 2010 or as soon as possible
  • Deadline: 10 Oct 2010
  • Interviews: 29 Oct 2010
  • -Anyone have any idea why this start date is so soon?-
  • The hiring process is radically different for UK universities. Applications are usually accepted for about a month, screening takes 2-4 weeks, interviews are held on campus for 1 or 2 days, and an appointment is made on the day of the interviews
    • now that's a great process


California State University, Sacramento[]

  • tenure-track Assistant Professor in Ancient History.
  • Review of applications will begin November 1, 2010; position open until filled.
  • Acknowledged receipt of application (10/28)
  • Campus interviews "being arranged" (12/3) [from Classics wiki]
  • Hire has been made

Oxford University[]

  • Part time research associate attached to the 'Social and Cultural Construction of Emotions: The Greek Paradigm' research project.
  • The postholder will work on the collection and analysis of inscriptions that provide information concerning the history of emotions in the Greek world (c. 800 BCE - c. 500 CE). Applicants must have a doctorate in an appropriate area of Greek history or Classics and have a good knowledge of Greek epigraphy, ancient Greek and Latin, and Greek social, political, and cultural history. IT skills and experience would be an advantage.
  • Deadline: August 25, 2010

Portland State University []

  • The History Department of Portland State University invites applications for the position of tenure-track assistant professor in the history of the ancient Mediterranean world, to begin September 16, 2011. Preference will be given to applicants whose research and teaching fields connect their area of specialization to world history.
  • Screening of applications will begin December 1, 2010, and continue until finalists are identified.
  • Notification of application reception (11/21)
  • Anybody know the status of this search? Do they plan on interviewing at AHA or APA/AIA?
  • I don't think so: the chair of the search told me in an email that the committee should have a short-list of candidates for phone interviews in mid- to late January.
    • Thanks for the info. Does this strike anyone else as odd since they are already interviewing for another position at AHA? Also, for a T-T position, I thought a face-to-face first round was a given.
    • Eh. Doesn't seem super weird to me. Some candidates might be heading to the AHA, but scholars of ancient Greece or Rome might be heading to the APA, scholars of ancient Israel to the SBL or AJS, and scholars of Egypt or Mesopotamia to ASOR or AOS. So maybe its just the nature of this particularly broad search?
  • Anyone receive notification of an interview? The search chair claimed they would notify people by the end of this week.
  • Not on my end. Glad to hear I'm not the only one... (x2)
  • According to the Classics Wiki someone got a request to set up a phone interview (1/21)
  • Has anyone else heard?
    • For what it's worth, no. But that probably means nothing good. (x2)
  • Classics Wiki now has a second person reporting a request for a phone interview (1/23) and a third (1/24)
  • I'm curious. I'm guessing those reporting interviews on the Classics Wiki work on Greece or Rome. It seems like three of us are checking this history wiki. I work on Israel and the ancient Near East. What do the other two of you work on? [update: standard, but nice, rejection email 2/1)
  • I do late antiquity, particularly Greek, Syriac, and Coptic speaking stuff. A friend of mine, who is on quite good terms with the chair of the search, said that Portland State is looking for someone who does more classically-minded research, like Hellenistic Greece and early Roman republic. So...there you go. [UPDATE: upon email requesting to know the status of my application, I was informed (very warmly) that I was rejected)
  • I'm a Romanist with an archaeological bent. Hasn't helped my case either. More interviews reported on the Classics wiki. Probably safe to say that most candidates have been contacted by now.
  • If it helps, I did get a phone interview, and I'm a Roman social historian. Thanks for the tip, Late Antique historian, and best of luck to all of you.

Roanoke College[]

  • Tenure track Assistant Professor of Ancient History. Areas of specialization are open, but the successful candidate will contribute to an interdisciplinary Classics concentration. Teaching responsibilities include courses in candidate's areas of expertise and the college's new Intellectual Inquiry curriculum.
  • Review of applications will begin 20 November 2010, and selected candidates will be interviewed at the American Historical Association’s annual meeting in January in Boston.
  • Anyone receive anything from them? Still not even an acknowledgement of my application here.
  • According to Classics Wiki, two people have scheduled interviews, one at AHA, the other at APA.

Western Michigan University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor position in ancient history. The successful candidate will teach two courses a semester, including general education courses, upper-level courses in Greek and Roman history and area of specialty, and graduate courses in coordination with other aspects of the graduate program, especially medieval history.
  • Review of applications will begin October 24, 2010, and continue until position is filled.
  • Does anyone know anything about this posting - like why it's posted only two weeks before the deadline? (Is that a sign of an inside candidate?)
  • 10/10: I don't know, maybe it was only just approved for funding? It's now posted at the Chronicle. The deadline seems rolling . . .
  • "Interview requested via phone 12/2" [via Classics wiki]
  • Job offered 2/17.


Boise State[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in the history of the Ancient and/or Medieval Mediterranean World to start August 2011.
  • Deadline: Applications should be postmarked by November 1, 2010.
  • Reception of application acknowledged (10.27)
  • anyone have any idea of what they're looking for? ancient and/or medieval isn't exactly narrow. are they replacing someone, adding a new position, enhancing strengths? what's the deal?
  • They are replacing a retiring professor and slightly altering the position. The previous professor taught primarily ancient and some Byzantine history, as well as a full Latin series.
  • Ah. Thanks for this. I see now the profile of the professor who is retiring. When you say "slightly altering the position," though, are you basing this on what they said in the ad (which was pretty broad and vague) or on some other information? If the latter, could you specify further what you know: HOW exactly do they intend to alter the position? The retiring professor seems to have taught a lot of courses generally in the field of early/medieval/Byzantine Christianity, but this wasn't mentioned in the ad. Is it actually a "straight" history position? Are they retaining the history of religions sub-focus?
  • contacted by email to schedule skype interview (12/6) (x5)
  • What field? Are you medievalists?
  • yes
  • just out of curiosity, where are you in your career? ABD? VAP? T-T?
    • TT medievalist
  • snail mail rejection letter received (12/24) (x2)
  • have any of the people who had skype interviews been contacted about campus visits?
    • No, not yet. No communications since Skype interview.
    • Invitation for campus interview extended (2/2)
    • Job offered (2/23) and declined (3/4)
    • Job offered (3/4) and accepted (3/5)

Delta State University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in ancient and medieval European History. Preferred specializations include: the Mediterranean World, the Middle East, and Europe and Islam. The teaching load is four courses per semester.
  • Preference given to applications received by March 31, 2011.
  • Skype interview (4/21).
  • On campus interviews planned for May.
  • Invitation for campus visit, declined (4/26)

East Carolina University[]

  • The history department at East Carolina University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship, to begin on August 15, 2011. Responsibilities include teaching World Civilizations survey courses as well as graduate and undergraduate courses in Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman history. Expertise in an additional field of ancient history will be considered a strength.
  • Scholarly publication and appropriate service to the university, community and profession are expected. Candidates must hold a doctoral degree in History, Classics, or other related field at the time of application. Preference will be given to candidates who offer records of scholarly publications and teaching excellence or evidence of promise as scholars and teachers
  • To apply, please complete a candidate profile and submit a curriculum vitae and letter of application online at, and have original graduate transcripts and three current letters of recommendation sent to Professor Timothy Jenks, Chair, Ancient History Search Committee, Department of History, East Carolina University, Mail Stop 554, Greenville, NC 27858-4353
  • Screening will begin February 1, 2011, and continue until the position is filled.
  • Search cancelled due to budget cuts via email (1/25).

Erskine College []

Florida Gulf Coast University[]

  • Ancient/Medieval, Assistant Professor
  • Teaches a 3/3 load including survey and upper level courses as well as scholarship and service as appropriate.
  • Research specialty in ancient or Medieval History. Experience teaching undergraduate classes on a broad range of topics in both ancient and medieval history (apparently required - my status shows up as "not qualified" because I don't have this experience).
  • Deadline: 11-02-2010
  • Not a TT job - continually renewing 3-yr contract
  • anyone had even a whisper from FGCU? I know they have a VAP in place who has been there for a while, but has there been any kind of acknowledgement of applications?
  • I called HR to find out the status. It turns out the department is not permitted to communicate with applicants. The applicant must either take the initiative or wait until the department has finished the hiring process at which point HR will contact the applicants. Phone interviews have been conducted

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne[]

  • One-year visiting instructor in Ancient/Medieval history to begin Fall 2011
  • Applicants will be expected to teach upper-division courses, including Roman history and Barbarian Europe to 1000, as well as the history of Western Civilization to 1500
  • Twelve hours (four courses with two or three preparations) per semester
  • The Ph.D. or ABD status is required
  • Please send curriculum vita, official graduate transcripts, three letters of recommendation, sample syllabi, and a statement of interest in teaching and research by June 1, 2011 to: Chair, Search Committee, Indiana University-Purdue University, Department of History, 2101 E Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805
  • For full consideration, all materials must be received by June 1, 2011
  • Any news?

Lock Haven University[]

  • full-time, tenure-track faculty position in Pre-Modern World/European History to begin August 27, 2011.
  • Applications received by March 18, 2011 will be given full consideration.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2010-11

Merrimack College (MA)[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in the field of Pre-Modern European History to begin September 2011. Candidates should expect to teach the Western Civilization Survey. Preferred fields for upper division courses include Ancient History, Medieval Europe and/or the Renaissance and Reformation. A secondary specialization in such fields as the Mediterranean World or Middle Eastern History is desirable.
  • Deadline: December 1, 2010
  • Application acknowledged by e-mail (11/16)
  • Reception of application acknowledged (11/18)
  • Anybody heard back on this yet? The acknowledgment email said they'd be interviewing at the AHA...
  • got acknowledgement but still no request for an interview... (12/14)
  • Has anyone besides me not received an ack? (12/14)
  • I have not received an ack (12/15): I may send an email today.
  • Any news? (12/18)
  • None so far beyond the initial ack (12/20)
  • AHA interview requested by email (12/21)
  • Could people share fields please?
  • rejection letter 12/29
  • Any news on this? (2/1)
  • campus visit scheduled
  • offer made and accepted

The Mississippi University for Women[]

  • Assistant Professor of History (Ancient, Medieval, and/or Early Modern Europe)
  • The Department of Humanities, Mount Royal University, invites applications for a tenure-track position in Ancient/Medieval history at the rank of Assistant Professor, effective 15 August 2011. This position is open to all areas of Ancient/Medieval History broadly defined, with a preference for those candidates with a focus on cultural/social History. A completed Ph.D. and experience in undergraduate teaching is required.Nine-month assistant professor position
  • Applicants must be able to teach in at least two of the following three fields: ancient history, medieval European history, early modern European history. Preferred specialties include social history, cultural history, or a non-western subfield.
  • Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.
  • Request for additional materials via email on 12/8
  • Any news?
  • The request for additional materials claimed they would be reviewing them in early January
  • Request for phone interview via email (1/7)
  • Campus interviews scheduled for February
  • Any news? (3/2)
  • Offer made and accepted

Mount Royal University[]

  • The Department of Humanities, Mount Royal University, invites applications for a tenure-track position in Ancient/Medieval history at the rank of Assistant Professor, effective 15 August 2011. This position is open to all areas of Ancient/Medieval History broadly defined, with a preference for those candidates with a focus on cultural/social History. A completed Ph.D. and experience in undergraduate teaching is required.
  • The closing date for receipt of applications is 30 January 2011.
  • Email ack. (1/13)
  • Any news?
  • Rejection by snail mail (4/18).x2
  • Position offered and accepted. Job was given to someone who could teach both Ancient and Medieval.

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College[]

  • Tenure-track position as assistant professor of Ancient/Medieval/Mediterranean history
  • Responsibilities include teaching survey courses in the first half of Western Civilization and World History, plus introductory and advanced courses in area of specialization.
  • Review of applications will begin January 7, 2011 and continue until the position is filled.
  • Where is this position posted? The link does not work.
  • You can find it if you search the PSU HR site for this campus: Or see this link.
  • Acknowledgment by email 12/1 (x1)
  • Request for phone interview 3/4 -- Thx! Were you notified by phone or email? -- Phone
  • Offer made and accepted (4/1)

University of Tennessee - Knoxville[]

  • Assistant Professor in Late Antique/Early Medieval European history. "The successful candidate's research specialty will focus on a topic in Late Antique or Early Medieval history from the period 200 - 900 C.E. The ability to teach Roman history is desirable. Ph.D. required at the time of appointment. Teaching responsibilities include the first half of the survey course in either Western Civilization or World Civilization, undergraduate and graduate courses in the candidate's area of expertise, and graduate student supervision. Normal teaching load is two courses per semester."
  • Application due November 15, 2010. Hey adversary, whether carelessness or evil intent led you to error I cannot say: the due date is November 2nd. I am not the original poster, but I have seen it posted with Nov. 15 also - can't find where, but before I even discovered this wiki, it went into my spreadsheet as 11/15, for what it's worth.
  • Has anyone received acknowledgement of application?
  • 11/12: Received acknowledgment of application and diversity survey via snail mail (x2)
  • 12/9: invitation for AHA interview (x4)
  • to previous posters: did you get the invite through email or snail mail? Email.
  • to those who received interview invitations, do you have phd in hand or are you abd? (ABD x1) (PhD x3)
  • 1/10: To those who interviewed at the AHA: In my interview the committee said that we would be notified of on-campus interviews in 4-6 weeks. Did I hear this correctly, or did the interview stress scramble my brain? Was anyone else told the same thing? - That's what I heard, too. - Hmm. I was pretty sure I heard "in the next week," but I could be wrong. - What I heard was that they would make the decision in the next week, but then it had to be ratified by their administration, which would take 4-6 weeks. I asked around when I got back home and have heard that this is a bit on the lengthy side, but not too unusual. -I thought I heard that they wanted to conclude the whole process in 4-6 weeks, but I'm not certain at all. - Tot homines quot sententiae. - I understood that we'd hear something this week.
  • Any news on this one? - Nothing here...either they haven't called anyone yet, or the finalists are staying silent. - No news here.
  • Friend of mine has a campus visit 1/27
  • All on campus interviews have been scheduled.


Brown University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in Early Medieval Mediterranean History.
  • We especially encourage applications from historians working on relations between the Muslim and Christian worlds.
  • Review of applications will begin on October 15, 2010.
  • Note: Brown does not interview at the AHA
  • acknowledgment received 10/18 x 4
  • 11/11 request for more materials
  • Any news?
  • Has anybody who was asked to send more materials heard back about this job?
    • Not I (I'm the poster who was asked for materials on 11/11). I have no clue what is the status now (though I wish I did!).
  • a shortlist has been made
  • Have candidates been invited to campus? How do you know this? Were candidates already contacted?
  • was told a shortlist has been made and they invited me to campus
  • Who got this?

Hanover College []

  • VAP – High Middle Ages

Ohio State University[]

  • Assistant professor in European medieval history. Scholars whose research centers on any field between about 500 and about 1500 are invited to apply.
  • Application deadline November 1 2010.
  • Ack received
  • request for writing sample - 11/22 x8 (What fields, if I may ask?)
    • Mediterranean world
  • (Late-Medieval Theology and Medicine)
  • Skype interview scheduled 12/7 x4
  • Anyone get a rejection? Any more info?
  • I was asked for more materials, did not get a skype interview and then was finally rejected around 12/13 x3
  • Invitation for campus interview 12/29
  • Rejection by email 1/4 (x2)
  • Rejection via snail mail 1/10
  • candidates scheduled for visits.
  • job offered and accepted (2/16)
  • Congratulations!
  • Who got this?

Rutgers University, New Brunswick[]

  • Assistant Professor, Medieval Women's and Gender History
  • Review of applications will begin on Dec. 1.
  • Acknowledgement of materials received: 18 October
  • I can't find the ad for this one--anyone know anything about it? Never mind, the ad is back up on H-Net.
  • 12/14: invitation for AHA interview (x3) only 2? Trying to figure out if I should give up on this one.
  • Seems likely. There are at least three interviewing in Boston.
  • Didn't even get a no thru the mail. Didn't have a clue what was happening until I got on here. To top it all my specialisation is an excellent fit. So am confused. In Europe they do generally send you a polite P.F.O at the very least.
  • A lot of schools wait until the hire is complete before sending out rejection letters. There's always a chance the conference or campus interviews fail and they must return to the original pool, which they couldn't do if the "no" letters were sent. A lot of schools also NEVER send rejections, though.
  • Any news?
  • campus visits ongoing (I'm a grad student in the department)
  • Offer made? Accepted?
  • No news???
  • Does anyone have any idea what the outcome was?

Saint Louis University[]

  • Saint Louis University, a Catholic, Jesuit institution dedicated to student learning, research, health care, and service is seeking applicants at the assistant or associate professor level in the Department of History, to begin Fall 2011, for a full-time, tenure-track position in continental European medieval history
  • Ph.D. required at time of appointment.
  • Complete materials should be received by December 15, 2010.
  • All applications must be made online at and should include a cover letter and curriculum vitae.
  • In addition, three letters of recommendation and a writing sample (article or a chapter) should be sent to Philip Gavitt, Chair, Department of History, Saint Louis University, 3800 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63108.
  • Saint Louis University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer (AA/EOE) and encourages nominations of and applications from women and minorities.
  • Have others been able to find this posting on the job application site? I've been looking but can't find a medieval history job to apply for.
  • Select "History" on the job site search page. You will pull up 3 postings; the medieval job is the first of the 2 that lack "Title Descriptors." Specifically, it is Requisition Number: 20100965 (another way to find it).
  • Wonderful, thank you. I wasn't sure if one of the two untitled jobs was the correct one.
  • Is Damian Smith leaving? I don't think so.
  • i heard from an inside source that this is a non-existent search. does anyone know where it was first posted? (but was/ is on the Chronicle of Higher Ed)
  • what is a "non-existent search"? do you mean it was cancelled? because it is certainly on the university job site. (and if it was never meant to be run in the first place, does the university refund the postage costs we all paid to send references by snail mail and/or interfolio costs?!)
  • I really think it is impossible that is a non-existent search. I had spoken with the HR and all was fine
  • This is a "non-existant" search. It is pro-forma, to confirm someone who already has the job. I promise this is the case, though I am not going to share details.

SUNY Binghamton[]

  • Deadline December 1
  • Assistant Professorship in Medieval European History, c.1000-c.1500 CE, starting Fall 2011. Area of specialization open.
  • Send letter of application, CV, three letters of recommendation and article-length sample of original research to Professor Richard S. Mackenney, Chair, Medieval Search Committee, History Department, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY 13902.
  • Rejection email received, 12/13 (x9)
  • invitation for interview and request for more materials, 12/13 (x4)
  • Which sub-fields are you lucky interviewees in?
    • Medieval Spain
    • Medieval Italy
  • Invitation for campus interview (1/26) (x2)
  • Kudos on a very classy rejection letter.
  • offer made

SUNY Cortland[]

  • Assistant Professor, European History before 1350
  • Also expected to teach "either Western Civilization to 1715 or World History to 1500"
  • Will be interviewing at AHA
  • SHORT DEADLINE: 'preference to' materials which arrive before 15 Nov. 2010.
  • AHA interview scheduled by phone 12/8 (x3)
  • Rejection received via email 12/13
  • AHA interview scheduled by phone 12/14
  • Any news?

University of Edinburgh (Scot.)[]

  • Lecturership (tenured) in Medieval History
  • Can specialise in any area of British or Continental European History 500-1500
  • Deadline: 6 May 2011
  • "tenured" meaning you need to already have tenure to apply?
    • No. The UK does not have a tenure system, you're usually 'on probation' but you're effectively tenured, in the US sense, from the date of hiring. But I find people get confused by the terminology (e.g. in this case, lectureship = associate professorship, with tenure) so I try to make it clear that these are not fixed-term VAP-style positions.
    • So, if I do not have tenure, don't apply?
      • That doesn't follow from what I said. This is an entry-level job.
      • You said "lecturship=associate professorship, with tenure" which led me to think that if I am not yet an associate professor, I should not apply.
        • Then I suggest you read the job specification and see if you fulfil the criteria.

University of Georgia[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in Medieval History; Mediterranean preferred.
  • Submit by Nov. 15, 2010.
  • It's in Athens. REM is from there, it can't be so bad, huh?
  • The University of Georgia (UGA) is in Athens. Georgia State is in Atlanta. Corrected.
  • Request for writing sample - 11/3.
    • Really? They asked for a writing sample two weeks before the submission deadline? Anyone have a cllue what is up with that?
    • Sometimes committees review applications as they come in; we should assume that the request for a writing sample, if true, went to someone who got their application in mighty early.
  • Request for writing sample - 11/19. x2
  • Notice there's a VAP there now who fits this description exactly. Does anyone know if I am wrong in assuming that this is just a search to confirm the internal candidate?
  • Request for writing sample - 11/30 x2
  • May we know what field the writing sample request folks are in?
    • well, my field is the one mentioned in the ad (my request for materials came 11/19)
    • my field is not the Mediterranean (request came 11/30)
    • early medieval (request for materials 11/3)
  • AHA interview request (12/13) (x3)
  • Any news?
  • On campus scheduled (x2)
    • what fields?
    • Offer made and accepted (2/11)
  • Congrats to the winner!
  • Who got this?

Université de Montréal[]

  • Professeur ou professeure en histoire du Moyen Âge
  • Le département d’histoire de l’Université de Montréal désire engager un historien du Moyen Âge occidental, au rang de professeur adjoint (assistant professor).
  • Tous les champs de spécialisation et aires géographiques sont admis, mais le département a une préférence pour la période du XIIe au XVe siècle.
  • La priorité sera donnée aux candidats dont le dossier de publications et dont les aptitudes à la recherche et à l’enseignement se démarquent.
  • On s’attend à ce que le candidat, par une large culture et par ses qualités pédagogiques, sache intégrer son enseignement de l’histoire médiévale dans un programme départemental aux intérêts géopolitiques et thématiques très diversifiés.
  • Dossiers et trois lettres d’appui devraient être envoyés au professeur Michael J. Carley, directeur, Département d’histoire, Université de Montréal, C.P. 6128, succursale Centre-ville, Montréal (Québec) H3C 3J7. Pour information, contactez Gabrielle Vidal ( Une affiche avec de plus amples renseignements sera diffusée sous peu.

University of Nebraska, Omaha []

  • Temporary, one-year position as a visiting assistant professor beginning August 2011, in the field of medieval European history.
  • The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching four classes each semester, including three sections of World Civilizations to 1500. The fourth course each semester will be an upper-division course on a medieval topic to be selected in consultation with the department chair.
  • Applications will be considered beginning June 10, 2011.

University of Nevada, Reno[]

  • Assistant professor, tenure-track position in medieval Europe and the Mediterranean, beginning August 2011.
  • Preference will be given to candidates whose works are interdisciplinary or comparative, cross geographical or cultural borders, and/or examine connections between medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World, such as Byzantine or Islamic culture.
  • Deadline: 11/15/2010
  • Last year this search was cancelled after on-campus interviews had started, due to budget cuts--the school does not have firm funding this year, either.
  • Don't mean to play the discouragement game, but note the current VAP...
  • But also note that Nevada just beat Boise St. in football, and since both are looking for a medieval Med scholar, maybe Boise will try to hire away the Nevada VAP as revenge. Or maybe everyone should just stop freaking out about supposed inside candidates and let the chips fall where they may.
  • email request for AHA interview, 12/14 (x2)
  • email request for campus interview 1/13
  • Three candidates invited for on campus interview. (1/14)
    • Out of curiosity, why do you say that? I was contacted on the 13th and when I got the email about possible dates I was given four choices. That led me to believe there were four candidates being brought to campus.
    • The person who posted that information was using a computer with an IP address at the University of Nevada, Reno. It seems you only have two competitors instead of three. Good luck!
    • Who got this?

University of New Mexico[]

  • Assistant Professorship in Medieval History, beginning August 2011. The position is probationary leading to a tenure decision and is contingent upon final budgetary approval.
  • Minimum requirements include: PhD in History or Medieval Studies with expected completion by August 2011; ability to teach an undergraduate survey in Western Civilization; ability to teach upper-division courses and graduate seminars in medieval European history; ability to mentor undergraduates, and graduate students at the MA and PhD levels; an active research agenda. The University of New Mexico is a major public research university with a highly diverse student body. For application requirements and complete information, please visit UNMJobs at:
  • The University of New Mexico is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and Educator. The deadline for receipt of applications is December 3, 2010.
    • "probationary...tenure decision" is this just a more convoluted way of saying tenure-track or am I failing to read between lines here?
    • Yes, I believe "probationary." is another way of saying "tenure-track" (like you're on probation with the job until you get tenure . . .)
    • Comrades, I assure you that this is definitely a tenure-track position.
  • Does anyone know if UNM is planning on doing AHA interviews? With such a late deadline I wonder if they are planning a different type of 1st-round interviews like skype or phone.
  • I believe they are planning to interview at the AHA.
  • Request for AHA interview received by email (12/16).
  • All applicants and female applicants in particular beware: This university has disastrous administrative issues including problems with corruption starting in the president's office (i.e. a scandal involving the construction of a very expensive sports center during which, it is alleged, the bid—which was $1M over next nearest bid—went to a company for which the president’s son works. This scandal is typical of UNM). Everything on campus--with the exception of initial academic appointments it must be said--runs on the basis of personal patronage. This wil eventually come to affect the individual faculty member in some form. Problems within department include certain senior scholars who work poorly around issues of sex and gender. Approach with real caution.
  • Hi all, Sarah Cornell, the most junior member of UNM’s Department of History here. My experience at UNM is in stark opposition to the original poster’s characterization of the department. When I joined the faculty in the fall of 2008, I was thrilled to become part of a department with such striking gender parity (14 of the 25 tenure-track faculty are women). Since that time, the department has given me ample support to ensure that I succeed, both in teaching and research. Indeed, they allowed me a year’s leave of absence to accept a fellowship during my second year and will release me from teaching to accept a fellowship during my fourth year as well. If a gendered or sexualized issue were to arise, my only problem would be deciding which powerful senior man or woman to inform first as I have no doubt that each of them would address the issue swiftly. (1/14)
  • This is Eliza Ferguson, Assistant Professor of History at UNM and member of the search committee for the position in medieval history. While the earlier poster was correct that UNM has had its share of adminstrative scandals, s/he is entirely incorrect about the climate for women in our department. Among tenure-track professors, women actually outnumber men in our department overall, and women are 5 of 9 full or distinguished professors. Three of our last four tenure-track hires have been women. In my own experience, I have found that my colleagues in the History Department, the Feminist Research Institute, and the Women Studies Program at UNM have all been extremely supportive of my teaching courses in women’s history and the history of sexuality, as well as my research agenda, which focuses heavily on gender, violence, and sexuality. The definitive proof for me was the department’s unanimous vote to give me tenure last fall. I invite any skeptics to consult the department’s website to see how many historians at every rank are women and/or are working on gender.
  • offer made
  • Who got this?

University of Nijmegen[]

  • Professor of Medieval History with a research profle in Byzantine History
  • have a doctoral degree in history with a specialization relevant to the position
  • are an inspiring and demanding teacher, with ample teaching experience at both Bachelor and Master level in
    general Medieval History and more specialized Byzantine History;
  • hold a prominent position within the international community of research into Byzantine History;
  • have a large number of relevant publications in leading international publication outlets to your name; - are able to supervise doctoral research effectively and to a high standard;
  • have proven successful in acquiring external research funding;
  • are willing to collaborate generously in teams of teaching and researching colleagues - have an interest and experience in administrative tasks and management;
  • are a native speaker of English or have near-native command of English;
  • are committed to learn Dutch on level B2 (CEFR) within two years, in case
    you are a non-Dutch speaker,
  • Given the current composition of the professorial staff in the Faculty of Arts, strong female candidates are especially invited to apply.
  • Don't have a link to the job, details from a posting to MEDMED-L

University of Puget Sound []

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Medieval European History
  • Open Until Filled
  • For complete job description and application instructions, visit .

University of St Andrews (Scot.) 13th-15th C[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in late Mediaeval History (c.1200-1500) - Permanent position, hiring at the junior level
  • Your expertise should be in English history or the history "of the territories of the English Crown within this period" but you may be asked to teach more general courses.
  • Deadline: 4. May 2011

Valdosta State University (GA)[]

  • "New" tenure track assistant professor position: "The primary area of specialization is Medieval Europe. Secondary fields are open."
  • Application Deadline: Nov. 1, 2010.
  • Received acknowledgement (letter) on 11/8. Fast!
  • Contacted for phone interview via phone (11/17)
  • That was quick... any more information?

West Virginia University Institute of Technology[]

  • Assistant Professor, Medieval/European emphasis in the Department of History, English and Creative Arts, a full-time, tenure-track, nine (9) month position within the College of Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences.
  • Review of applications will begin December 1, 2010 and continue until position is filled.
  • Has anyone heard anything about this job? Did anyone else apply??
  • I applied, but I have also heard nothing to date (2/10)
  • Request for phone interview via e-mail. (2/15)
    • Request for on-campus interview via phone. (2/23) X3

University of St Andrews, Early Medieval[]

  • Nine-month Teaching Fellow in Early Medieval History, from 15 September 2011 to 14 June 2012. The School of History welcomes applications from historians working on any aspect of the period from the sixth to the eleventh centuries. The successful applicants must, however, be able to deliver or contribute to the teaching of a number of existing modules at sub-honours, honours and taught postgraduate level.
    Applicants should be qualified to PhD level and have experience of teaching at university level, combined with an ability to bring enthusiasm and imagination to tutorials, seminars and lectures. Further details via
  • Application Deadline: July 15th. Interviews held July 27 & 29.

Medieval/Early Modern/Renaissance[]

Alma College []

  • VAP – Medieval or Early Modern Continental Europe
  • Review of applications will begin March 7, 2011 and continue until the position is filled.

Appalachian State University[]

  • one-year non-tenure-track nine-month faculty position in European history beginning August 2011. Requirements for the position include the Ph.D. in history; candidates who are ABD will also be considered. The successful candidate will be expected to teach courses in early modern European history, Russian history, and World Civilization.
  • Please send a letter of application, c.v., and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Lucinda McCray, Chair, Department of History, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC 28608-2072.
  • Review of complete applications will begin on April 22, 2011 and continue until the position is filled

Carroll University[]

  • Full-time tenure-track position in Medieval/ Early Modern History, including surveys in Western Civilization and World History.
  • Review of applications will begin January 10, 2011 and continue until the position is filled.
  • Does anyone know if their present assistant prof in medieval/early modern is leaving? Or is this search an effort to hire him on tenure track?
  • The present assistant prof has been there since 2007, so it appears he is already on the tenure track. His title also implies that he is full-time tenure-track. He recently published a book, so he may be leaving for other pastures.
  • In 2007 this was a non-tenure track position. Carroll has/had a controversial two track system of tenure track vs. permanent but not tenure-track.
  • Really? Bizarre. If that's the case, though, this seems pretty open and shut. I'm still applying, because really what choice do we have, but this sucks.
  • Thanks for posting the detailed info above. Its nice to have something to inform my hopes and expectations.
  • This is a search to make the current guy tenure-track.
  • rejection via email, stating they had hired another candidate.
  • There were no interviews, except for the candidate who was hired.

CW Post Campus of Long Island University[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the field of Medieval and/or Early Modern European history, pending budgetary approval. Area of specialization open.
  • Applications must be received by December 1, 2010. Preliminary interviews will be conducted at the AHA Meeting in Boston in January, 2011.
  • Who is applying? I am new to wiki.
  • Anyone heard anything? (12/15) Nothing here (12/16) Nor here. (12/16)
  • AHA interview requested by email (12/18) (x2)
  • Campus interview requested by phone (1/15)
  • Received rejection by snail mail (1/22).
  • offer accepted

Loyola Marymount University[]

  • "The History Department of Loyola Marymount University invites applications for a full-time, entry-level, tenure-track position in the history of the Mediterranean World, 700-1400. We are especially interested in applicants whose work focuses on cross-cultural encounters. Teaching responsibilities include an introductory course in western civilization, Global Encounters (world history before 1500), and more advanced courses in the successful candidate’s area of specialization. Ph.D. is required."
  • Deadline November 5, 2010.
  • Has anyone heard anything about this one?
  • No, and I was wondering. I am sure they received hundreds of application but now it is one month...
  • Receipt ack'd (11/8)
  • A User ( deleted the following information: *request for AHA interview 12/4 (x5)
    (could not undo as there had been several edits)
  • Why deleted? Is it inaccurate?
    • A: There were several deletions of similar information - I checked the IP addresses to see if it was someone deleting their own information, and it didn't look like that was the case. Since they left no explanation for their edits I thought it best to put them back. If they're inaccurate then the original deleter is, of course, welcome to say so.
    • not inaccurate (I'm not the deleter, but someone who got a call for an interview)
  • Any idea how many people are being interviewed? Has anybody asked?
    • no firm knowledge of the numbers, but they are doing two days of interviews, so extrapolate from that what you will
  • Has any of the interviewees received the promised email confirmation? I've been waiting weeks now and no email to confirm the time and date. Also, no email address for the chair (LMU does not post faculty email addresses on their website for some reason). A: I haven't received a confirmation either. I assume they're busy wrapping up the term and will send emails when things are a little quieter.
  • FWIW: received an AHA interview call on 12/5.
  • 1/10 - request for campus visit (I was told they are bringing in three of us) --- Woah! That was decisive!
  • wtf - they told me no decisions would happen until the end of the month!
  • May I ask what is the field/focus of the candidate who was asked for a campus visit?
    • well, it was me, and I can tell you that I fit the job ad description exactly as it is written
    • Are you sure about this? I just corresponded with the chair of the committee who told me final decisions will be made at the end of the week.
    • why would I make this up? I got a call yesterday, and a confirmation email last evening. I am scheduled to visit before the month is over. WHY is everyone so freaked out about this?
    • That was just awfully quick, I was told that they would not be deciding until the end of the month.
    • Well, clearly they are trying to bring in one person, see how that one works out (at the end of this month), and then bring in more if needed. So that means no one should give up hope yet.
    • Wait, why is that clear? How do we know they haven't invited all three, but only one of them bothered to post on here about it?
    • Has anybody else received an invitation for campus interview?
    • Rejection letter received 2/9, confirming that three people were selected for on-campus interviews
    • Offer made
    • Who got this?

Towson University []

  • The Department of History and the graduate programs in Judaic Studies at Towson University invite applications for a full time, tenure-track assistant professorship in medieval or early modern European Jewish History.
  • See Also: Ad at InsideHighered
  • Deadline: All materials are due by January 3, 2011
  • Cross-posted at Jewish Studies and/or Israel Studies 2010-2011

University of Michigan-Dearborn[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor to teach courses in Renaissance, Reformation and Early Modern English History and pre-Modern world civilization surveys, and contribute to the Honors Program Western Cultures sequence and the Master's in Liberal Studies program. Comparative research or work situating the primary subject in a regional or global perspective is preferred.
  • We will interview at the AHA meeting in Boston. Applications should be received by December 13, 2010 to ensure full consideration.
  • ack received 12/10. (x2) A particularly friendly and helpful one.
  • By post or email?
  • post (x2)
  • Any news? 12/20
  • Request for interview via phone 12/21 (x3)
  • Anyone interviewing at AHA...uh, now?
  • Anyone heard anything? (1/24)
  • Campus visits scheduled (1/20)
  • I heard that this position has been filled.

Early Modern Europe[]

Agnes Scott[]

  • Candidates should specialize in some aspect of European history from 1400 to 1800 and be able to teach a range of thematic and chronologically structured undergraduate courses. Ability to teach medieval history is also expected
  • Deadline: December 1, 2010 - a bit late - does this mean no AHA?
  • Women's college where entire history department is female; anyone know if this job is informally reserved for women? Yes it is. (Well, another example: I work at the history department where there are four women out of eighteen members of the department.)
  • How do you know? It looks like somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of their faculty overall are male. Given that, I'd say that there's actually a chance that their history department should be looking to diversify a bit...
  • I have no inside information, but the previous person in this position was a man, so I doubt that it's reserved for women.
  • Thanks for this. Let's hope that the person who answered that the job was reserved for women has no inside information either... I don't. It just seemed like an absurd question (no offense meant), so I offered an absurd answer. I actually agree with the idea that they may want to diversify, but the number of jobs "reserved" on the basis of sex or race are vanishingly small, and not worth the worrying.
  • Has anyone emailed to ask what they mean by "submit...a dossier or three letters of reference"? I've got a dossier with teaching and research materials, and I've got letters, ut they aren't the same thing... I know, I'm overthinking, but it's what I do. Could anyone clarify what a dossier means by American standards? For us foreigners trying to orientate in the global jungle :-)
  • I just received an email acknowledging receipt of my letter and CV (which I sent electronically). It indicated that the only missing pieces are the letters of recommendation, so that seems to be what they mean by "dossier."
  • Hello, all ye who are stressed out . . . . It's an obvious typo: submit . . . a dossier OF three letters of reference.
  • Received an email saying my application was complete - I sent three letters of recommendation as my "dossier." (11/29)
  • Request for phone interview (12/6)
  • It looks like there's an internal candidate here. Any info on this?
  • Insider seems to fit. It's just a question of whether the committee is willing to make the hard choice of not hiring her. (I've been on committees where the chair didn't want to make things "uncomfortable" for the internal candidate, and thus made him an offer. It was appalling.) Yes, and I've been on committees that rejected the inside candidate. There's no way to know who the committee will hire. Furthermore, all of this nonsense about the internal candidate is unproductive and, at worse, malicious in that people seem to assume that the only way the VAP would win the job is due to an unfair advantage or the committee's refusal to make "hard choices," which is nonsense. If the committee does hire the VAP, maybe it's just because she's more qualified than the other applicants.
  • I agree and disagree. I agree that committees will often reject inside candidates (and I've been the candidate hired over the insider). I think selective institutions are more likely they are to go this route, simply because they can't afford to hire the VAP because "he's a good guy and we'd hate to hurt his feelings." I would thus argue that a good school like AS is more likely to go outside the college than would East Wherever Baptist College.
  • While the sitting candidate is obviously qualified, I would argue that she can't be "more qualified than [every single one of] the other applicants," simply because it is an incredibly subjective process. Given the state of the market, I can guarantee that there are applicants with more teaching experience and publications who won't get the job. (Not malicious, a demonstrably true statement of fact.) You can answer that there is more to a candidate than the paper application, and that "fit" can't be measured. You're right. But only one candidate has had an entire semester to make the case in person for a TT appointment. If that's not an advantage, I don't know what is. If the candidate failed to take advantage of the opportunity (as happens), or if an outside candidate makes a stronger case, so be it. But if you're arguing that the VAP is not coming into the search from a different place, I disagree.
  • AHA scheduled (12/16)
  • Email rejection (12/17)
  • Any news here (1/22)?
  • Email rejection (1/24) X2

Appalachian State University[]

  • one-year non-tenure-track nine-month faculty position in European history beginning August 2011. Requirements for the position include the Ph.D. in history; candidates who are ABD will also be considered.The successful candidate will be expected to teach courses in early modern European history, Russian history, and World Civilization.
  • Please send a letter of application, c.v., and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Lucinda McCray, Chair, Department of History, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC 28608-2072.
  • Review of complete applications will begin on April 22, 2011 and continue until the position is filled.

Beloit College[]

Bowdoin College[]

  • Assistant Professor, 17th and 18th-century continental European history. "We especially welcome candidates whose research and teaching interests address the European Enlightenment and Europe's interaction with the non-European world."
  • Application due November 1, 2010.
  • Being replaced is Paul Friedland, 18th-c. France.
  • he left - where did he go?
  • His position was a shared position with his wife, who now has the full position. He decided to seek a full position elsewhere.
  • I'm confused: This search is to replace Friedland, but Friedland held a shared position. He left to seek a full position elsewhere. Now Bowdoin is hiring a full position?
  • Any news yet? (11/18)
  • Still nothing? (12/9)
  • Anything? (12/16)
  • I haven't heard anything yet (12/17). Are they planning to schedule AHA interviews?
  • AHA interview scheduled by phone (12/20)
  • Have they selected finalists for on-campus interviews yet? (1/14/2011)
  • I believe the snowstorm delayed the meeting a day or two.
  • Anyone heard anything yet? (Mon., 1/17) No (1/17)
  • Scheduled on-campus interview. (x2)
  • Offer accepted (2/19) --> Congratulations!!!

Penn State[]

  • Tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor in the history of the Early Modern Mediterranean (1450-1700), with a preference for Iberia.
  • Deadline for submission of applications is November 1, 2010.
  • Email requesting AHA interview, 17 November (or so...) (x3)
  • How many candidates they will interview?
  • Request for on-campus interview (1/14)
  • I just got an email from them today saying that no offer would be made this year and the search will probably be reopened next year and be more broadly defined. I was not a finalist, but I find it hard to believe in this market that they couldn't find plenty of well-qualified candidates....

University of Georgia[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in the history of Early Modern Europe(1500-1800) with a preference for the 18th century.
  • Deadline: 15 November, 2010.
  • Does anyone know who is being replaced, or what they might be looking for?
  • If they want an 18th century historian, why don't they run a search for an 18th century historian?
  • With Winship there, should British historians even bother with this one?
    • Looks like he's evolving into an Americanist, so it's worth a shot, esp. for the 18th century crowd. That said, I'd put my money on a continental.
  • Michael Kwass and Laura Mason are both leaving for Johns Hopkins, so if it is to replace them, position might be 18th-c. France
  • Today's (9/20) high temperature is supposed to be 99. Just saying.
  • Looking at their faculty roster, don't bother if you did not get your degree from one of the ivies. Just saying. (Out of curiosity, I looked into their faculty roster as well. The faculty come from a diverse set of institutions, so I have no idea what the above poster is up to.)
  • Request for writing via email (11/29). (2x)
  • May we know what field and century for those people who will provide writing samples?
  • Request for writing via email (12/1).
  • Anyone scheduled an interview yet? (12/7) -- I believe they've contacted people for AHA interviews. Phone or email?
  • Interviews scheduled by e-mail.
  • Snail mail rejection (12/13). (x3)
  • Snail mail rejection reached Europe :-) (12/21).
  • Any word post-AHA? (1/21)
  • Any news? (1/28)
  • Rejection letter via snail mail (3/4)

University of Groningen (Netherlands)[]

  • Seeking a professor of Early Modern History focusing on the study of the history of the period from 1500 to c. 1800.
  • Starting 1 February 2011.
  • Deadline: September 22, 2010 (?)
  • Note this position is for a full professor, i.e. per their website someone with extensive publications and good experience overseeing graduate students.
  • rejection letter 12/12

University of Louisville[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in the history of early modern/Reformation-era Europe, excluding the history of the British Isles. "Candidates specializing in family and/or gender history are especially encouraged to apply."
  • Application (online) due December 3, 2010.
  • Got request for AHA interview on December 10, 2010 (X3).
    • Anyone else? I only just got ack letter by post yesterday (12/15)
    • Any news?
    • According to the committee members in Boston, they plan to contact on-campus invitees in the last week of January, so there's still some time to sweat it out.
    • still nothing? (01/27)
    • I heard they've invited people to campus (1/28)
    • I heard they made an offer and it was accepted (3/24)

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor[]

  • "The Department of History of the University of Michigan seeks to fill the J. Frederick Hoffman Chair in Early Modern European History, an endowed chair for a distinguished scholar of continental European history, c. 1500-1700 CE. The holder should have international prominence, a record of scholarly achievement, and demonstrated success as teacher and mentor. We are interested in innovative work in any field of continental European history. We especially welcome applications from scholars whose work engages Europe’s relations with non-European and non-Christian others, the history of science, or the history of religion."
  • Anyone have any clue what they might be looking for? - - I heard they want someone whose work engages Europe's relations with non-European and non-Christian others, the history of science, or the history of religion.
    • To add to this, word on the street says they're looking for a distinguished scholar of international prominence. Just a rumor, though.
    • Seeing as how the job advertisement specifically states that, I would say that's a pretty good guess.
    • aside from the qualifications mentioned above, it would be a plus if the successful candidate knew how to do twenty somersaults in a row, show a willingness to dance naked on a chair, and could competently engage in a conversation in sub-saharan swahili
    • dude, can't everybody somersault naked while speaking swahili?? that was totally a course, back in my day. :)
    • This must be why we're all looking for jobs still. Not enough graduate programs are teaching naked swahili these days.

University of Northern Colorado[]

  • Assistant Professor: The candidate will teach a 3/3 load focusing on Early Modern European history with a preferred teaching specialty in France and/or England. This includes teaching the Western Civilization surveys, upper division courses in 17th and 18th century European history and advanced level and graduate classes in area of research specialization.
  • PhD. in Early Modern Europe. ABD considered. PhD required by August 2011. Open Until Filled (posted 11/09/2010).
  • "Greeley is where cows go to die and people go to kill them," writes Dave Gilmartin in his new book, "The Absolutely Worst Places to Live in America." (I'm applying anyway).
  • I grew up in a town with a mushroom factory; I'm applying too.
  • Look at it this way - I bet you can get an excellent steak there. [I would definitely NOT eat a steak there] There are places to find a good steak in Greeley. Also excellent authentic Chinese food. Certainly not glamorous, but the city is typical of other small Mid/West cities. With its largely working-class residents and sizeable Hispanic population, it's certainly not a city for those academics who are only comfortable with gentrified cities or college towns full of people who look just like them.
  • And only 40 minutes from Fort Collins and some great microbreweries.
  • Being that close to the Fat Tire brewery can't be all bad.
  • Email ack. of application received 11/29.
  • email interview request 12/13. (x4)
  • Anyone else? I assume they made all the requests today (12/13).
  • France or Britain?
  • Any France? Yes.
  • England 12/14 (x2)
  • Anyone heard anything? Rejection letter received 1/22 by snail mail.
  • Rejection letter by snail or e-mail? No invites to campus yet?
  • Have campus invites been made? (1/24)
  • I had AHA but haven't heard anything. (1/24) (x2)
  • Are those getting the rejection letters also people who had AHA interview?
  • Campus visits have been scheduled (1/24)
  • Offers are being made 2/24
  • Offer accepted (3/15)
  • Did this go to a historian of Britain or France?

University of York (UK)[]

  • Two Lectureships [tenured] in European HIstory 1650-1850 AND/OR transnational & global history 1650-1850 "including contacts between European and non European societies and cultures)
  • PhD in hand at time of appointment
  • Deadline: midnight GMT 1 April 2011

Webster University (MO)[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in Early Modern European History, with a subspecialty in a non-European field
  • Possible areas of focus include: imperialism, mercantilism, the Atlantic World, the Islamic World, migration, diplomacy, gender and the family, or intellectual history.
  • Applications must be received by December 3, 2010. Preliminary interviews will take place at the American Historical Association Conference in Boston from January 6-9, 2011.
  • Course load is 3-3 for full time faculty; usually 3 different preps within a given semester. We also have very generous conference/professional development support.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2010-11
  • Has anyone checked whether they require reference letters? The ad does not ask for references, but it seems quite surprising.--We did not require references in our initial ad, but will be requesting them after making our initial cut of applications. If you are planning to send an application between now and the deadline, please do include letters. -- Request for letters of recommendation (11/16) (x4)
  • Received acknowledgement by email saying they would let candidates know about interviews (either AHA or phone) by early December. (11/10) (x3) It was a very nice acknowledgement e-mail, too. I'm beginning to see why they were voted such a great place to work.
  • Ok, so since 'early December' has more or less ended, has anyone been contacted for interviews? (12/8)
  • Not I. Would it be wrong to assume that they will interview everyone who received a request for letters?
  • ---I wouldn't make that assumption.
  • Probably not, especially since the request for letters was sent (in my case, at least) almost immediately after turning in the application. They couldn't possibly have read it very closely. But who knows.
  • The deadline was only last friday, and the search committee is meeting this Friday to create the short list. Calls will probably go out early next week for AHA interviews. We requested letters of everyone (the ad should have asked for it) so do not read too much into that.
  • I thought you've requested letters from those on the short list "we did not require references in our initial ad, but will be requesting after our initial cut of applications".--both are true. We did an initial cut with the pile of apps we had at the time and requested letters of those that made it into that cut. From then on we requested letters of everyone who submitted an app.
  • Drumming fingers nervously, staring at phone, and clicking "Check Email." Multi-tasking at its best! (12/14)
  • If this were Facebook, I would have 'liked' that last comment :)
  • Not me; this whole wiki entry makes applicants look a tad snarky and impatient. Luckily, it looks like the Webster SC members are pretty gracious! (12/14)
  • Not trying to be snarky, just trying to express the bad case of nerves. I agree that the SC's use of the Wiki is exemplary.
  • Email for interview (12/14) (x3)
  • Anyone have any news? (1/22)
  • Second round of phone interviews scheduled (1/29)
  • Anyone ever get invited to campus? If so, good luck! (2/22)
  • Job accepted -

Wilfrid Laurier University (Ontario)[]

  • A 6-month position at the rank of Assistant Professor starting 1 January 2011
  • The successful candidate will be expected to teach History 221 (France from the Wars of Religion to Napoleon); History 311 (The Reformation); and HI 374 (Jews, Witches & Heretics: Persecution and Toleration in Pre-Modern Europe, c 1050-1700).
  • Deadline: 15 September 2010
    • Note - WLU doesn't give much discretion to its 'instructors' - courses tend to be set in terms of syllabi. Sounds like Chris Nighman is out for a bit.

Modern Europe (General or Multi-Region)[]

Alfred University[]

  • tenure-track assistant professor of history (with expertise outside of North American) and global studies to begin August 2011.
  • specialty is open; preference for candidates whose teaching and research connect modern European history to non-Western cultural histories. The successful candidate will be expected to teach a core course in our Global Studies program and European history courses, in addition to courses based on the candidate’s area of specialty; normal teaching load is three courses per semester.
  • Review of applications will begin November 15 and continue until the position is filled.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2010-11
  • Snail mail acknowledgment/EEO request (12/02) x4
  • Anyone NOT receive an ack?
  • Phone request for skype interview (12/21) x2
  • Pretty reliable second-hand info indicates that an offer has been made and accepted. (10/03)

Amherst College[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Modern European History. "We welcome applications from candidates specializing in any time period after 1789 and in any geographical area except Russia and Central and Eastern Europe."
  • Applications due November 1, 2010.
  • Any idea who is being replaced?
  • Bezucha (France). But past VAP did Britain, and current VAP does hist/memory of Indochina War in France.
  • Received ack. letter via email today (10/18) (x2). Received 10/19. Received ack email 10/31.
  • Received email ack. 10/29.
  • Interview scheduled on 12/7 for the AHA) (x4)
  • Congratulations! What fields?
  • campus visit scheduled by phone (1/10)
    • Congrats! I, for one, completely crashed and burned in the AHA interview. Amusingly so, in fact.
  • Offer extended and accepted
  • Rejection letter received (3/7)

Australian National University[]

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in 20th C European History
  • Candidates ought to be able to "contribute to one or more of the School’s thematic areas of strength - biography, cultural social and intellectual history, environmental history, gender historyand Indigenous history"
  • Deadline: 20 Mar. 2011
  • Must have PhD in hand by start date (July, 2011).

Bucknell University[]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Europe (excluding Germany and Russia), one year appt
  • "Ability to teach a secondary field in non-Western history (including Southeast Asia, South Asia, or the Middle East) desirable but not required"
  • news? (3/28) I second the question (4/6). Thanks to the online system, I have never even received an ack.
  • campus invite (4/8)
  • I hope somebody got the job!
  • offer accepted

College at Brockport, State University of New York[]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor for a three-year appointment to teach lower division, upper division and graduate classes in 20th-Century Central European History. 4/4 teaching load, college/school/department service, full time presence on campus.
  • Apply online at: Please attach a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three professional references.
  • For best consideration apply before November 30, 2010. Review of applications to begin immediately.
  • They did a search for this same position late last spring and hired someone a VAP. At the risk of giving another nickel to the Mesa State poster down below, perhaps this is the proverbial inside hire?
  • Phone interview requested by email (12/15)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/11)

Drury University[]

  • Applications due November 12, 2010.
  • "The Department of History, Political Science, and Geography at Drury University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Modern Europe/World History, beginning August 2011. Open rank. The department is seeking broadly trained candidates to teach introductory and upper level courses in modern European and world history. Area specialization is open (excluding East Asia, Middle East, and Latin America). Candidates will be expected to teach in the university’s interdisciplinary core curriculum, Global Perspectives 21. Teaching load: 3/4."
  • This is the re-do of a search that didn't pan out last year. Based on last year, you will be expected to teach European and non-European history, potentially including African history.
  • My memory may be off on this, but I think they've hired for this position a couple of times in the last six or seven years. In the past the hires have been Africanists who also do Europe. Keeping good folks like this is no mean feat, and I've heard great things about the school, so don't let this put you off.
  • This information is only partially accurate - the people who held this position in the last few years were specialists in European history. Teaching is mostly in European history, with African history being just one of the courses.
  • Does anyone know if a specialist in early modern Europe would have a chance? Sadly, I doubt it. They have a medievalist who covers E.Mod. as well. The previous poster seems to know more than some - do you have any insight into how the department defines Modern?
  • Past 6-7 years, 1 who was pretty much both Africa and Europe, 1 who was Europeanist first, Africanist second. Modern likely to be defined as post French-Rev but I don't think an early-modernist would necessarily be out of the running (depending on ability to teach more than just Europe).
  • Ack email + AAEO doc received on 11/2.
  • Phone Interview Scheduled (x2)
  • Phone Interview Email Request 1 December.
  • Skype interview requested via phone (12/23) (x2)
  • Have any of the people who received a Skype request been contacted to set a date yet? --- contacted 01/12 via email to arrange Skype interview for week of 01/17-01/21.
  • Campus visit arranged by email (1/30)
  • Any news here?
  • offer made and accepted (3/10)

George Mason University[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in 19th-century European history.
  • All fields and areas (including the British Isles) will be considered.
  • The application deadline is November 1, 2010.
  • 2-2 teaching load
  • Job description says PhD must be in hand by Aug 2010. Anyone know if they'd consider an ABD?
  • Yes to ABDs. Initial job ad went out with mistaken 2010 date that has been corrected to Aug 2011.
  • "Please send cover letter, CV, and dossier with three letters of reference"
  • Any thoughts on whether "dossier" refers to the three letters or a teaching dossier? (X2)
    • does not refer to teaching dossier-- just send cover letter, CV, and letters of reference (contact with job search chair 10/19)
  • Email request for all chapters of dissertation (11/15) (x4) what field? (France x2) (Russia)(Britain)
  • With 13 people, and counting, contacted for the Berkeley position, why have only 2 been contacted here? Would others care to share their field? (11/18)
  • Have interviews been scheduled? (please, if anyone has heard anything put the rest of us out of our misery)
  • phone call for AHA interview (12/16)
  • on campus scheduled (1/14)

Gustavus Adolphus[]

  • Colonialism/Imperialism with a focus on the relationship between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa or the Middle East.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 5, 2010
  • Received email acknowledgment 11/6 (x2)
  • Invitation by phone to AHA interview 11/30.
  • By phone or e-mail?
  • Rejection email 12/12 (x3)
  • Has anyone heard anything since the AHA?
    • Nothing yet - though I think I remember them saying they would confer with the rest of the committee in mid-January. Also, there has been no movement on their U.S. search, if we can trust that wiki.
    • Indeed, I believe they said they wouldn't even be able to issue invitations until Feb. because many folks are away during January. (1/26)
  • They invited two candidates to campus. These two do not post to the wiki, it seems. I received a rejection letter dated a week ago (Jan 31).
  • Offer made and accepted (3/11)

Idaho State University[]

  • Assistant Prof, European history. Deadline: Jan 31.
  • Additional focus on Historical GIS, women's history, environment or transnational prefered.
  • (2/17): Rejected via email (3x)

La Salle University (PA)[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor: "Applicants must specialize either in the Islamic World (with a secondary field in Modern Europe) or in Modern Europe (with a secondary field in the Islamic World)."
  • Review of applications will begin on 1 January 2011 pending final budget approval.
  • Does anyone know what the teaching load (not specified in the job listing) is for this position at La Salle?
  • Email ack received 5/11 (Nov.) (submitted application by mail on 1/11).
  • received email ack. right away (submitted app. Dec. 20, email the next day) -x2
  • Has anyone heard anything here? (1/11)
  • Candidates are being contacted for campus visits (1/25)
    • have they been contacted already? (1/26) - Yes, I believe so.

Mercyhurst College[]

  • Assistant Professor, 20th Century World/European History
  • Consideration of applicants will begin September 20 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Ack received (10/20)
  • Any news?
  • Email request for phone interview (12/6)
  • Any news on campus visits?
  • Rejection by mail (3/30)

Mesa State College[]

  • Assistant Professor, Modern European History,
  • Preference given to those who can also teach non-European (pref. Asian History)
  • Open until filled, hard deadline 14 Jan. 2011
  • Was anyone else bothered by the extent of their HR demands, which included a social and information for a credit check?
  • I could be wrong, but I believe this is an inside hire.
  • If only I had a dollar for every time I've read that on this page!
  • To be sure, there is a Minnesota PhD on the Mesa State faculty slated to teach modern European history courses in the spring. He's not listed on the faculty website, but is listed as a 2010 hire by HR. Incidentally, I recall Mesa State running a nearly-identical search as this one late in the cycle last year. The Minny PhD may be an adjunct with an inside track on this job or a TT prof hired during last year's search. In that case, perhaps he is leaving. Perhaps the department would like to expand its modern Europe faculty. If the initial commenter about an inside hire has any insights, perhaps s/he can share them? And at the risk of making the previous commenter $1 richer, I could make the same claim about an inside candidate at the Penn State Erie job below.
  • Any new developments here?
  • I sent my app. early Jan. and haven't heard anything so far. (2/9)
  • Request for phone interview. (2/9)
  • Got my "take a hike" letter today (2/12). There was another European job opening in CO at Metropolitan State College of Denver, but no posting on the wiki. The search closed at the beginning of Feb. Anyone hear anything yet? (x2)
  • Got the same letter from Mesa State this weekend (2/12). Applied for the MSCD job but haven't heard anything since then. Apropos, MSCD has a UCLA PhD on the faculty (adjunct) whose research and teaching are consistent with the job ad. Don't know if that makes her an "inside candidate" or what, but FYI.
  • Hello posters above - I just created an MSCD listing for those of us waiting on that one. (2/14)
  • On-campus interview scheduled (2/21)
  • I was neither invited nor did I receive a rejection letter. Anyone else having that situation?
  • A final offer has been made and accepted (not by me -- this is second hand) (4/1).
  • H-Net just listed (4/4?) an Early-Modern Europe position at Mesa with applications due 4/15!

Metropolitan State College of Denver[]

  • Full-time Tenure Track Faculty position in World/European History.
  • Teach 12 hours per semester including lower-division World History since 1500 and Western Civilization survey courses, Modern Germany including Nazi Germany, and other upper division courses as assigned. Assignments may include evening, online, and weekend classes, First Year Success/Learning Communities, as well as classes cross-listed with other departments. The person hired will be expected to advise students, to demonstrate professional development, and to engage in community and college service. The successful candidate must have the ability to work with and be sensitive to the educational needs of a diverse urban population.
  • Deadline: February 4, 2011
  • Contacted by phone for phone interview (2/16)
  • Guess that means I'll be spending my first year as a PhD...unemployed. Thanks a lot academia.
  • You won't be alone :)
  • Emailed rejection letter. (3/16) - (x3) letter said position was filled
  • Any news on the candidate selected? Only asking because that seems to have been a fast search. The rejection email explicitly mentioned an "individual selected" and, not to pull the "internal candidate card," MSCD did have a VAP on the faculty who fit the ad (a UCLA PhD who did the history of modern German patent law).
  • The internal candidate [former VAP] was in fact hired.

North Carolina State University[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor/Instructor position in 20th century European history, other than France or Russia, beginning August 2011 and contingent on funding. Research interests are open, but candidates should be committed to a sustained agenda of research and publication. The successful candidate must be able to teach the introductory survey, “Modern Europe—1815 to the present” and upper-division undergraduate courses as well as graduate courses in 20th century Europe, and to develop courses in the candidate’s specialization.
  • Applicants should apply no later than December 1, 2010.
  • Interviews will be held at the January 2011 AHA meeting in Boston.
  • I think they've gone back to the H-Net job description and specifically added "Continental" to the title and write up. I could be wrong, but I don't think it was there last week. Anyone else notice this?
  • They ask for graduate transcripts to be "uploaded." Does anyone know if this means they want unofficial transcripts? I believe that my graduate institution will only send official transcripts in hardcopy.
  • I'm not applying for this job, but perhaps you could scan an official transcript?
  • I emailed the committee asking if they would like my institution to send an official transcript in addition to the unofficial transcript I attached to the application and they said they would. Of course, my 'unofficial' transcript was a Word document, which is very unofficial.
  • Email ack (12/2) (x2)
  • A User ( deleted the following information: *Email ack (12/4)
    (could not undo as there had been several edits)**
  • Contacted by email for more materials (12/10) (3)
  • AHA interview requested by phone (12/15) (x2)
  • Has anyone been invited to campus?
  • Campus invite 1/12 -- Congrats! May I ask which field?
  • At least two of the invited candidates were in German history
  • Offer made and accepted (2/25) (field: German)

NYU (Center for European and Mediterranean Studies)[]

  • Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow position. The initial appointment will be for one year beginning September 1, 2011, renewable annually for a maximum of three years, pending administrative and budgetary approval.
  • CEMS/NYU seeks a scholar specializing in one or more of the following fields: comparative European/Mediterranean politics, anthropology, or sociology, or contemporary or recent European/Mediterranean history. We are particularly interested in candidates with research and/or teaching interests concerning the European Union. Responsibilities include teaching three courses per year (including one undergraduate and one graduate research seminar), and an advising load (with MA students and undergraduate majors). Advisement is a key component of this position. Candidates should demonstrate a commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship and excellence in teaching, and have completed the Ph.D. no earlier than 2006.
  • The deadline for applications is January 31, 2011.
  • Also posted at Interdisciplinary 2010-2011
  • request for 10 minute skype interview (2/25)
  • Also had 10minute skype interview...did anyone ask how many of us they were skyping? (3/8)
  • Finalists contacted for on campus interviews. (3/17)
  • Email rejection received 3/27

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College[]

  • Assistant Professor in Modern European History.
  • Review of applications will begin on October 10, 2010.
  • E-mail ack received on 10/21/2010. (x4)
  • Seven weeks and still no word? Has anyone heard anything about this position?
  • Phone interview scheduled by phone (12/13) --by email or phone? when were you contacted?
  • Does anyone know if there is an inside candidate for this job?
  • Anyone been invited to campus?
  • Campus Interview requested via email (1/13).

Providence College[]

  • Assistant Professor in 20th century continental European history. Competence to teach in the Development of Western Civilization program is required. Specialization in fields of Mediterranean history, the history of the EU, or German history preferred.
  • Application should be sent by October 22, 2010.
  • Received letter acknowledging receipt of application, postmarked Oct 20 (sent in app a week previously). Received ack letter 11/1, postmarked 10/22.
  • If you didn't submit all official transcripts for this position, you will not be considered for it. Comments anyone?
    • Only place I've ever heard of care about your undergraduate record. I'm not really sure how accurate a determinant of someone's performance as a faculty member a record of your grade as a 17- or 18-year-old can be. If they're simply asking for it to verify the degree you claim on your CV, wouldn't one assume that have been taken care of by the admissions department at your graduate school?
    • This is indeed totally ridiculous. What about those who did not attend a US college and hence have no official BA transcript, because this does not happen in other countries? But honestly, if that's their mindset, I don't bother working for the institution. Good luck for all of you.
    • How do you know you won't be considered if you didn't submit all official transcripts? Was that a statement based on contacting HR or just a question?
    • I contacted them and they said my file would not be reviewed because the transcript was missing.
    • They sent me an e-mail requesting an official undergraduate transcript otherwise my application would not be considered.
    • I receieved a letter from them on Nov. 5th stating that my official transcripts needed to be received by Nov. 8th. I asked for an extention of that deadline, and even emailed unoffical transcripts, but that was not sufficient so I was taken out of the applicant pool. All this despite the fact that I have 3 years experience teaching at liberal arts colleges! Obviously my grades are more important than my work as a professor. Ironic considering this is supossedly a college that prides itself in teaching.
    • Disqualified for same reason as above. Why not accept unofficial transcripts during the preliminary phases of the search, and then, if need be, finalists can produce the real deal?
    • It's a totally lame requirement; I wonder whether they're just doing it so they can throw out as many applications as they can justify without actually having to read them.
    • It's entirely possible. I applied for a fancy (unnamed) fellowship a few years ago and was disqualified because I sent unofficial (as opposed to official) transcripts. After weeks of working on the application! Sent in the exact same application the following year and was a finalist. What can you say? If they say jump through the hoop, then you gotta jump through the hoop.
    • I say you don't jump through the hoop and you use this forum as a medium for criticizing such ridiculous criteria. Transcripts are expensive and some, if not many, of the people applying for these jobs are grad students or ajuncts. And, some of them have families to support. So requiring applicants to spend the little money they have on transcripts is totally unreasonable. It's basically sending the meesage that only those who have the money to spare need bother apply for the job. I'm sorry, but I'd rather put that money toward a new pair of shoes for my kid. This college should be ashamed that it's forcing all applicants to do this during a recession. Another indication of how cluless some committees are.
    • "Use this forum as a medium for criticizing such ridiculous criteria"??? This is the "It's entirely possible..." poster replying here. I'm an adjuncter with two kids. I completely agree that the criteria are ridiculous. But if I relied on wiki-jobs to change the system, my family would starve. I'm jumping through hoops while I'm in this subordinate position. When I get a "real job," I'll use my position to improve things for adjuncts/grad students. But bitching on wiki-jobs sure as s**t ain't putting food on the table. So, for now, I jump through the hoops and bide my time...
    • Totally unacceptable and unprofessional job search. Beware to those who are actually interviewed for this position. I will not state what happened to me, but I was treated condescendingly and with complete disregard regarding this silly requirement for "official" transcripts.
    • I also applied for this, but was not able to obtain my 25-year-old undergrad transcripts in time, so I'm out as well. I know that HR departments and/or half-witted deans or provosts are often responsible for these sorts of idiotic requirements, but that doesn't fully excuse this search committee, which deserves the criticism they've received here.
    • I agree that this is a silly request, and it often indicates to me that a position is not worth applying for. I can only think of a few reasons to make the request--to see the depth or breadth of undergraduate study and to confirm credentials. As for the expense to the applicant, it's definitely a drag, but it will also weed out people who are not serious about this school. Anyway, I think it sucks, but it's good training for all the ridiculous tasks you'd be asked to complete in this or any other job.
  • Has anyone heard anything yet? Perhaps my transcripts never arrived! (12/10)
  • Nothing yet. But the acknowledgement letter mentioned a "mid-December" timetable. So, maybe next week? Thank you for the info! Sadly, no ack letter for me though...
  • Phone call to arrange AHA interview (12/14) (x3)
  • Anyone know the teaching load at PC? Their website is not very informative.
  • Called for an on-campus interview (1/19)
  • Um, has anyone heard anything? I forgot to ask for a time line and don't want to harass them...
  • I believe an offer has been made and accepted. (3/7)
  • Congratulations! May I ask what field? (3/8)
  • Don't congratulate me - I heard it secondhand. Take me with the usual grain of salt, but I believe my information is reliable. I do not know the field. (3/9)
  • I know no one will ever read this, but I noticed today a PC Classics/Ancient History posting on H-Net that only requires an unofficial undergraduate transcript. Did the wiki actually get results? (8/22)

Qatar University[]

  • Assistant/Associate Professor in Modern European History
  • 3 year renewable term; minimum of 3 years teaching experience
  • SHORT deadline: 15 Jan 2011

Reed College[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in Modern Europe (19th-20th century, excluding Germany) and Western Humanities
  • "We encourage applications from candidates with interests in one or more of the following: international relations and diplomacy, war and society, labour and industrialization, migration and citizenship, and Europe and the world."
  • Complete applications must be received by November 12, 2010
  • Email ack. received 11/11. Email ack. received 11/4. Email ack. received 11/17.
  • How long after submission did you all receive email acks?
    • Approx. five days. I did apply in advance of the deadline.
    • I had mine within 2-3 days - but I applied in early Oct
    • I applied early too, took about 10 days for me.
  • I applied in October and didn't receive an acknowledgement - I called the HR woman there, who was very nice and made sure all of my materials had arrived.
  • This is my first time on the market, so advice welcome: when should we expect that moves would have been made on this search? Have first cuts of some sort probably been made and announced already? --> Every search is different. Few send rejections this early. Some dont' ever send rejections. Some ask for more materials from a selection of people and then decide from that whom to interview. Some invited AHA interviews mid-November, some this week, some might not ask until almost Christmas (and maybe even after that). Some interviews are at AHA, some by phone, some by skype, etc. There is no one model of a search.
  • Any news on AHA interviews yet? (12/8). Nothing here (12/11 X2).
  • Committee met yesterday to decide on finalists. Should contact them within "next few days."
    • Thank you for that update. Very useful
  • Contacted for AHA interview (12/15) (x2)

Were you contacted by phone or by email?

  • What field?
  • Anybody else?

This is a Liberal Arts College, does anyone know what the teaching load would be like?

    • Very low for a SLAC, but that comes with much higher research expectations. I seem to recall from their schedule of courses that the load for history profs was around a 2/1, but it should be easy for you to check.
    • The courseload is a 2/3, with 2/1 in history and 1/1 in the modern humanities sequence.
  • I have heard nothing- does this mean I haven't been successful (01/11)?
  • Haven't heard anything either. No idea what is happening. 1/14
  • No word here (1/14), but time frame given was "a week or two." Anyone else get a different time frame?
  • On-campus scheduled (1/17)
  • Did the job get offered to one of those people who had an on-campus interview on 17 January? I have heard nothing of the progress of my application since the original acknowledgement. I'm assuming I'm out of the running. Shame because it looks like a great place,
  • The first on-campus interview will take place this week.
  • I submitted my materials almost half a year ago and have still not heard a thing other than the original acknowledgement of their receipt. I know this means that I am out, but, come on search committee... At least throw us something to confirm and institutionalize our rejection already. (3/28)

Reed College (VAP)[]

  • Visiting assistant professor in Continental European History since 1800 and Modern European Humanities.
  • "We encourage applications from candidates with interests in one or more of the following fields: intellectual history, the history of science, Central Europe. In addition to courses in one’s own area, teaching duties include a team-taught, yearlong, interdisciplinary Humanities course ( and advising yearlong senior theses."
  • Application deadline is November 12, 2010
  • Does anyone know if Reed expects 2 separate apps. for the tenure and VAP positions in Modern Europe? They ask for the same materials and from a periodization aspect will be looking at the same people, presumably.
    • I assume that they want two separate apps, although it seems a bit odd to me. There are two distinct email addresses for application submission given on the two job postings.
    • Yes, they're two different committees and two different jobs so if you want to be considered for both of them, you should apply to both with separate applications. The VAP search is for a sabbatical replacement for a professor who specializes in European intellectual history and modern Germany.
  • email ack. received 11/3 (how long did you wait for ack.? Answer: About two weeks).
  • Any news on interviews for this one? (12/17)
  • A friend of mine received a request for interview. I don't know whether through email or phone
  • AHA interview scheduled.
  • Any news? (1/16)
  • No news here. (1/19) (x3)
  • Has anyone heard? (1/27)
  • I'm still waiting.
  • How many had AHA interviews? (1/27)
    • I had an AHA and have not heard. (1/28) (x4
    • The committee has extended invitations for on campus interviews, but the interviews will not take place until closer to the end of February/beginning of March.
    • I had an AHA interview, but, more than 4 months later, I still haven't heard anything, even though they had told me they would keep me updated by the end of January. Do search committees really need to be so cruel/disorganized? (5/23)

Ryerson University (Toronto, ON)[]

  • Tenure-stream Assistant Professorship in Modern Europe, beginning August 1, 2011, subject to final budgetary approval. As the Department possesses considerable strength in British history, this announcement is directed to individuals whose research expertise lies in continental Europe.
  • Deadline: January 17, 2011
  • Anyone know the teaching load at Ryerson? I assume it's mostly large lectures?
  • Just how seriously do they take the national preference criteria?
  • Anyone an idea what a research dossier usually entails?
  • I submitted a research statement and writing sample and received e-mail ack (12/20)
  • Anyone have a sense of what the teaching dossier involves? - A teaching dossier usually includes a statement of teaching philosophy, sample syllabi, copies of student evaluations; basically anything that gives the committee a sense of how you teach.
  • email ack 01/18 (1/17)
  • Contacted for an Interview 2/2
  • have all the candidates been contacted? (x2) Probably -- email of 3/9 says the short list has been made.
  • 150+ applications --> how do you know about the number of applications?
  • I heard someone got the job.

Southern New Hampshire University[]

  • Assistant Professor of History, starting September 1, 2011. Preference is given to candidates with expertise on the political and cultural encounters between modern Europe and either East Asia or the Middle East.
  • Review of Applications will begin on November 1, 2010, and continue until the position is filled. Preliminary interviews will be conducted at the American Historical Association Conference in Boston on January 6-9, 2011.
  • Teaching load: 3/4
  • Any news here? Nothing on my end (x2).
  • AHA interview scheduled 12/03 (x2)
  • A User ( deleted the following information: Request for AHA interview (12/4)
    (could not undo as there had been several edits)
  • Has anyone heard anything since the AHA? (2/20)
  • Received post-AHA rejection by email (4/11)

St. Mary's College of California[]

  • Deadline November 1
  • Modern Europe, "Specialization open," helps to have interests in "imperialism, migration," or "other transnational approaches"
  • No ack as of Nov 22nd (x3)
  • Email ack Nov 24, (though I asked)
  • Anybody have any news? any interviews/phone calls scheduled ?
  • AHA interview scheduled by email 12/8 (x5)
  • out of curiosity: what fields? modern Italy/fascism. modern britain/imperialism
  • Phone call to schedule interview 12/10 (x1)
  • Congratulations! What field?
  • Anyone know about the timeframe for callbacks? (1/14)
  • I seem to remember something about "7 - 10 days" which would be the middle of next week (Jan 18-20)???
  • Received emailed rejection letter. They've invited 5 others to campus. Good luck, folks. As the Baltimore Ravens like to say, "There's always next year..."

SUNY Oneonta[]

Assistant Professor in Modern Western European History

  • "The scholar we seek must have interests in gender and eighteenth-century France and a specialization in the History of the French Revolution."
  • Deadline: 7 Feb. 2011
  • Does the job description seem abnormally specific to anyone else? Beyond 18th c gender & French Revolution, they also request someone who who can teach "on the issue of violence in Modern French history and memory." Moreover, the job ad has already been deleted from the Chronicle.... is this fishy, or am I just being paranoid about the proverbial "inside candidate."
  • Presumably, they're looking for a fixed term replacement for the assistant professor who works on exactly those categories. Don't know about the deletion.
  • Has anyone had any contact with this school since the initial application? an acknowledgment? (3/1)
    • Committee is "still in the process of reviewing applications" (3/8)
  • 4/13 -- It sounds like they are in the process of setting up phone interviews. I wish they hadn't waited so long.

Université du Québec à Montréal[]

  • 19th Century European history
  • Any rank
  • Deadline: 22 Feb. 2011
  • For the details see:
  • Received email rejection 25/02/11 (impressively quickly! Thanks for being so responsive, UQAM.)
  • Three candidates were interviewed 14/04/11

University of California - Berkeley[]

  • "Full-time appointment at either the tenure-track assistant professor or tenured associate professor level in modern European history, excluding Britain, East Europe, and Russia."
  • Deadline: October 1, 2010 (submission electronic)
  • replacement for which faculty member? does anybody know?
  • A: It's to replace their Germanist, Margaret Anderson, but the search is not for German history only.
  • My guess is that they would prefer someone who does Germany or France, but would be open to other fields: Neither Susanna Barrows (who has since passed away) nor Carla Hesse nor Tyler Stovall is teaching French history full time (for health reasons and deanship reasons); for Germany, Gerry Feldman passed away, and Margaret Anderson is retiring.
  • Does anyone have a sense of just how grave the financial issues are at Berkeley? Do you think there is any chance of a tenure freeze in the coming years?
  • I can't speak to Berkeley, but a friend at UCSB said that things are pretty dire there, with real hits to the teaching mission: sabbaticals continue, but faculty are not replaced; grad program slashed, etc. With only a little exaggeration, he said, "Everyone who isn't nearing retirement is on the market. Lucky for us, it's no better elsewhere."
  • While things are bad at Berkeley, the history department is quite aware of the budget issues and is doing everything it can to make sure that faculty are supported. And the department has a fairly large endowment to make that possible. However, like all UCs, things are not good and unlikely to get better in the near future, yet it is unlikely that the situation in the history department specifically is as dire as the poster above related for UCSB.
    • According to a current PhD student (not applying for the position), budget issues are severe, although not a crisis. He would be surprised if the search was suspended, although he would not be totally shocked.
    • According to a senior member of faculty: only Russian history is currently well served, staffing in European history is at crisis point and the financial situation is difficult.
  • I heard that they've already targeted someone - an asst prof who is going up for tenure and just published a book w/ rave reviews.
    • I've heard otherwise, and would advise anyone interested in this position to ignore the allegation above.
    • I've been assured that there isn't any such candidate, and the suggestion that there is one smells like disinformation. Any details?
    • I sort of think this is disinformation too, and am slightly into the fact that Balzacian intrigues and feints would spring up around a modern European position. Mustaches will be twirled.
    • This sounds fishy - "rave reviews"? Are you talking about yourself or just trying to dissuade other people from applying?
    • it looks like Daughton is offering a class at Berkeley - any idea if he's trying to make that permanent?
    • I doubt that, he's almost certain to get tenure at Stanford.
      • He got it, but so what? He could still move.
      • JP is not going anywhere.
    • RE: "targeting." They have definitely been sending out feelers to several mid-level associate or tenurable professors. Sounds like an uphill battle for junior candidates (like me) -- but that won't stop me from applying.
  • more details about the "targeted" one?
  • Ad on Chronicle lists salary range for an assistant professor as: $53,200 to $69,200.
  • So moved.
  • Some versions of the ad call for "late" modern Europe - any idea how they're defining this? 20th c? Post 45?
  • "Late modern" in Berkeley-ese simply means not early modern--i.e. post French Revolution.
  • Is anyone else having a hard time figuring out how to get interfolio to work with their online application?
  • I emailed interfolio and they agreed to post my letters to the dedicated URL that Berkeley gives you when you apply. As far as I know, it worked.
  • I naturally waited until the last minute to upload my materials -- how exactly did you get the dedicated URL? I have one for referees, but that's it, and no other link or form for uploading. Unless, of course, I'm missing something painfully obvious...
  • Received request for further materials - work published and in progress (10/7)
  • Six days after the deadline? How should that be possible -- given the fact that they have probably received 500+ applications?
  • I don't know about 500 applications (I'd estimate about 200-300) but the above post about being asked for materials is indeed strange. The only way that could be true is if the poster simply neglected to upload his/her writing sample. I have good reason to believe that no one has yet been contacted by the SC to send MORE material than what's asked for in the ad. (10/8)
  • It's true. They have asked for more material, in addition to the original sample (10/8).
  • I can second (or third) the request for additional materials (as opposed to those requested in the original application). As a previous poster noted, they have been sending out "feelers" to some established scholars, and they are requesting further materials from this group; possibly others as well. (10/9)
  • Search committee members often start reviewing completed files before the deadline (just to get a move on as early as possible). The search chair has also likely written to scholars at the top 30 (or so) European programs and asked who they think are the best young people coming up the pike. So they would keep their eyes open for any names that were tossed their way. I don't know what's going on at Berkeley, but it's not unusual for, say, three committee members to run into each other in the hall and start raving (positively) about this or that file. If they're pretty sure they will end up asking for more work, they might move early (especially if they believe they are competing with search committees at other universities). This is definitely a department with a long and successful record of hiring and tenuring young people, for what it's worth.
  • How many people have been contacted? (13)
  • With regards to the question above, I was contacted for more materials at the beginning of October. The search must have moved on since then (I can only guess). Does anyone know if campus interviews have been scheduled, or even how many people may have been contacted to visit campus? (11/13)
  • Well, they asked me for more materials at the end of October, and if they asked more than a dozen people for books, articles, dissertations, etc., it takes time to get through that. I think they have a process and we just need to be patient. It's early. (11/13)
  • Given the two waves of requests, it sounds as though they're having trouble settling on what they want. Not surprising given how broad the search is.
  • The two waves of requests were made, first, to people they had already identified as of interest and, second, to candidates that emerged from their reading of the files. This is one interpretation, at least. (11/16)
  • Any more news? (11/29)
  • I just heard (11/30) that phone interviews had been conducted. Any truth to this?
    • No (11/30). -- How do you know, if I may ask, if you weren't interviewed (neither was I, so I can't comment on it).
    • Complete heresay. A friend told me that she'd heard of a friend of her's from another school having one.
  • They are starting to bring people to campus. At least one has already been arranged.
  • The first job talk is taking place this week.
  • A User ( deleted the following information:
    * At least some AHA interviews have been scheduled
    * Any update on the 'targeted one'?
    (could not undo as there had been several edits)
  • Hey, user, why are you all over this wiki deleting information on AHA interview requests/acknowledgements of r.? WTF? (see Loyola Marymount; North Carolina State; Southern New Hampshire; Northern Illinois) -- this deleting of posts is really annoying. || According to some searching throught Google, that IP address ( comes from Columbus, Ohio. Weird that someone would be deleting this type of information.
  • Is Berkeley doing AHA interviews or going straight to campus? anybody have any direct news? confused?
    • Not sure whether they are also doing AHA interviews, but they are indeed bringing people directly to campus (the first talk is today). Rumor has it that they would ideally like to hire two people, so expect a long process ahead.
    • More info, please: rank/field of those being brought to campus? ABD, associate, advanced assistant/Germany, France, other? -- Associate, mostly Germany.--Thanks for responding. V helpful.
    • They are doing both AHA interviews and also having people come directly to campus. -- how many have been asked for interviews at the AHA? (3 -- email on 12/8 said "about a dozen candidates" for AHA) -- would you care sharing your fields?
  • Snail mail rejection (12/16)
  • campus visit arranged through email (1/11)
  • Any news?
  • How about now? It would be great to learn who/what they went for (3/7)
  • 03/28: I have never received any reply to my application other than an acknowledgement- I realise this means that I won't be getting the job but how come some people are receiving rejections and other people like me are just being ignored? Seems strange to have different rules for different applicants.
  • this search was a bit crazy from the start, so don't be too surprised. (3/28)
  • Yes, this WAS all a bit strange. I couldn't figure out what they were doing. Hope they found the person/people they were looking for. (3/31)
  • Offers made (4/4)
  • Interesting, so they're back to two hires again? A while ago I heard that one of the senior-level candidates was going to receive an offer, although they were a bit worried because the job talk was not very strong. At that point it sounded like they had decided to go with just one senior-level offer and skip the junior hire... (no sour grapes, didn't apply).
  • 2 offers, both senior
  • Either of those offers accepted yet (5/15)?

University of California-Davis[]

  • Assistant professor in 19th century Europe. "Applicants should possess specialist credentials in such research subjects as European political, economic or social history, comparative or transnational European history, and/or European (including Russian) empires."
  • Submission due November 1, 2010.
  • Received snail mail ack letter and A/A form (10/27), same on (11/4)
  • Request for interview -- either by conference call or at AHA (11/26) (x2)
  • WHat's going on with this job?
  • campus invite by phone (1/24)
  • any word on this search? (3/13)
  • offer accepted (3/18)

University of Cambridge - Christ's College[]

  • JH Plumb Fellowship - a fixed term (4 year) Lectureship in Modern British or European History
  • Intended for 'early career' scholars
  • Deadline: 18 Mar. 2011, with interviews scheduled for May 2011.

University of Canterbury, New Zealand[]

  • Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (tenured) in "twentieth-century European History (excluding the British Isles)."
  • Deadline: 1 Dec 2010
  • Automated jobs site is a travesty - very glitchy and problematic.
    • Agreed. On the "Information for applicants" page (, they list how to upload the materials they want (cover & cv in one document, research and teaching statements in another). It looks as if you have to complete and submit the application all in one go, though, without refreshing your browser, hitting the back button, or letting it time out. Apparently, saving your application midway is not an option.
    • The website is insanely problematic. I had to submit the entire thing and fill out their questionnaire two separate times on different browsers (Firefox, then IE) to get it to accept my application. Plan some extra time for this submission.
    • Couldn't agree more on their website. I received a very nice e-mail from HR which included the following: "Thank you for your email and apologies for the technical difficulties that you experienced. This is a new system for the University and a few technical concerns are still being ironed out." I have to say that the technology they were using didn't look very new to me- unless they are using other Universities' hand-me-downs! Still, they were very helpful.
  • Just to double-check: they don't seem to be asking for letters of recommendation. Correct?
    • I corresponded with the HR rep listed in the ad and she said they were only requesting a CV and cover letter at this time - combined into a single doc.
    • Sydney was the same - The Search Committee chair there said that they only bothered recommenders for candidates who were shortlisted.
    • This is standard for jobs in NZ and Australia. It ensures that nobody's time is wasted and that your referees write references tailored to the particular position. They also in some cases ring referees for short-listed candidates (that is the last 3 or 4) or sometimes just the prefered candidate before they make an offer.
    • It is also the standard practice in the UK as well- it's so referees don't get too swamped with reference requests.
  • Any news, requests for more materials, etc.? (12/13) Still no news (01/08) No news (01/11)
  • Email rejection from HR (1/13)
  • Informed that the University would be taking up references for me, the process now is that in two weeks time they will reconvene to examine references and will then decide on a 'long-list' (1/13)
  • Short-listed 2/3 (+1)
  • Campus invite received 2/10
  • Did they end up hiring? Just curious, given the earthquake.

University of Dublin, Trinity College[]

  • Ussher Lecturer in 19th C Irish history, or 19thC Ireland & British Empire
  • 'new blood' lectureship [tenured], although "Candidates should have an established record of research and show clear potential for future research accomplishment."
  • Deadline: noon GMT 29 Mar. 2011
  • Anyone apply for this?
  • No rejection letter yet but someone else has been called for interview (20/4/11)

University of Illinois - Chicago[]

  • "The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago seeks candidates for the Chair of Modern Greek Studies endowed by the Foundation for Hellenic Studies-Illinois. Candidates must have a distinguished scholarly record and be eligible for appointment at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor in the departments of Classics and Mediterranean Studies or History. The successful candidate will specialize in Modern Greek literature or Modern Greek history and culture, broadly conceived. Chronological sub-specialties should focus on the post-Byzantine era. Other sub-specialties might include Greek history or literature under the Ottoman Empire, the struggle for independence and the founding of the modern Greek nation-state, literature of the Kingdom of Greece, and Greece and its role in the larger Mediterranean and European world over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries."
  • Deadline: October 1, 2010

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth[]

  • Tenure track Assistant Professor appointment to begin September 1, 2011, with specialization in modern Central and Eastern Europe, especially Germany and Russia.
  • The teaching load is three courses per semester with a one course per semester load reduction during the first year.
  • Review of applications begins December 10, 2010 and continues until the position is filled. Interviews will take place at the AHA convention in Boston, January 6-9, 2011.
  • Email ack (12/2). Email ack (12/9). <--did anyone else not receive an ack?
  • Has anyone been contacted for an AHA interview? (12/22) No news, here (12/27). Anyone else?
  • 12/28: interviews (to be conducted at AHA) being scheduled via email.
  • Did anyone hear from them? (1/3):
  • Yes, they emailed people a few days ago to set up interviews. (1/3)
  • Any news here? Was told that decisions regarding campus invites would be made early in Feb., but no updates since then. Maybe this ship has sailed? (2/15)
  • 2/17: Just in the last day or two, they've been contacting people to arrange on-campus interviews.

University of North Carolina Charlotte[]

  • Assistant Professor in the field of European history (since 1945) to begin August 2011. "All fields will be considered. The department particularly welcomes applications from candidates with research and/or teaching interests in one or more of the following areas: gender history; peace and conflict; transnational and/or comparative history; Public History; history of science, medicine and/or technology."
  • Application review will begin October 15, 2010.
  • Has anyone received acknowledgement of receipt yet? --> Not yet - turned in on 10/15. Anyone heard anything by now (11/15)? Not me. Who heard anything? Anyone?
  • Phone interviews were conducted with semi-finalists. What was the process for that? Any additional information? Thanks. No news at all?
  • on-campus interviews scheduled.
  • offer extended and accepted.
  • Who heard anything? (apart from the mysterious posting that someone already got the job).
  • Recieved email rejection [did not have any prior information from department] (2/7)

The Ohio State University at Newark[]

  • The Ohio State University at Newark invites applications for the tenure-track position of Assistant Professor of Modern European History. All approaches and specializations are welcome. The position will start in the autumn of 2011.
  • Criteria include a Ph.D. in history at the time of the appointment, strong potential for teaching and research, and teaching experience at the college or university level.
  • Responsibilities include teaching courses in European history, conducting research, engaging in service to the campus, and participating in outreach activities.
  • An ability to teach introductory classes in World or Transnational History is strongly desired.
  • The search committee will begin considering applications on January 1, 2011, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Send a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, a representative writing sample, and three letters of reference, to The Ohio State University at Newark, Office of Human Resources, Assistant Professor of History, Search #354177, 1179 University Drive, Newark, Ohio 43055.
  • To build a diverse workforce, Ohio State encourages applications from individuals with disabilities, minorities, veterans, and women. EEO/AA Employer.
  • Applied 12/6 but no acknowledgement. Anyone else?
  • Applied around the same time, no ack. either. Considering the holidays and the deadline of Jan. 1, I'm sure we'll hear something soon.
  • request for additional materials (1/24)
  • 2/2 anyone get a rejection email yet?
  • Just received an acknowledgment (postal mail, 2/11). Applied in mid-December. (x3)
  • Update in response to HR e-query: "The search committee has reviewed all application material for the History position and has identified the candidates they wish to interview beginning the first week of April. If and when an offer is made and accepted, all other candidates will be notified by mail that the position has been filled." (3/14)
  • Very courteous response from Chair stating there is a temp. freeze but he is not hopeful given Ohio's economic problems. Too bad, looks like a great place to work,
  • This position was filled today (not by me).

University of Pennsylvania[]

  • tenure-track Assistant Professor in transnational modern Europe, 1789-1989, including modern European international history and/or modern Europe and empires.
  • Candidates are encouraged to apply by November 5th.
  • Is this to replace Ronald Granieri since it seems hes doing the same sort of the thing? - Yes, it is (and somebody else who was doing 20th c. France (Kristin Childers)
  • Has anyone had any success using Interfolio with this application? Or contacted the department to find out what their policy is? This whole "insert the e-mail address of people who are writing for you" is so out-of-date with online job portfolio services.
  • RE Interfolio- you need to go to "Add Delivery" and then "Click here to deliver confidential documents to a webpage." Interfolio will give you email addresses to input for each letter.
  • For those not using Interfolio: are recommenders supposed to e-mail their letters somewhere, or just sit and wait to be contacted by Penn?
  • It looks like Penn e-mails them AFTER you've submitted your application. I'm using Interfolio but it required Penn e-mailing to trigger the delivery.
  • Request for additional materials (11/23) (x4)
  • Have interviews been scheduled?
  • Has anyone heard anything? (12/16) Nothing here (12/16)
  • Don't expect to get tenure, even if you get this job.
  • um... why? If you're going to post snide comments like that, you'd better be prepared to explain yourself.
  • Just do some basic research on why this job is even being advertised and recent tenure cases in the department and you'll get the picture.
  • Its still snide and childish. The people excitedly preparing to interview don't need to read this, so offer some proper evidence, or at least be professional. You're hoping to be a historian one day no?
  • AHA interviews scheduled (12/16) (x4)
  • It's not snide and childish. Candidates should know what they might expect given a department's recent tenure cases. Anyone who thinks that to raise this issue is to somehow be mean-spirited to those excited about AHA interviews needs to grow up but quick.
  • Any news or sense of time frame? Can't seem to recall what they said about notifications, pretty exhausted afterwards... (1/14)
  • Campus visits schedules (1/18) All, or yours? Approximately what day were you contacted?
  • Anyone know how many of us they're bringing in?
  • offer made, accepted.
  • Hired Vanessa Ogle, Harvard Ph.D. Candidate

University of South Carolina Aiken[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor specializing in the History of Modern Europe, with experience teaching World History, Western Civilization, or equivalent courses. Specialization open, interest in transnational approaches a plus.
  • 4/4 teaching load with three sections of either Ancient or Modern World History and one upper-division course in the candidate's field of specialization per semester.
  • Candidates must apply online at:
  • Review of applications begins November 10, 2010 and continues until position is filled; completed applications received by December 1, 2010 will receive full consideration.
  • contacted for phone interview (12/10)-- x2 (12/10) How were you contacted? [e-mail]
  • Received rejection letter. Pool was 140. (x5)
  • Received a very considerate email informing me that I had not been chosen for an interview. Looks like the winning candidate for this position will become part of a classy dept. Kudos to USC Aiken for keeping candidates in the loop. (12/20 x2) --did you receive this email after having the phone interview? -- E-mail went to candidates who made it past first cut, but did not receive an invitation for an interview, but are also not being outright rejected.
  • Any news on campus invites?
  • Campus interview invitation (Jan 9) accepted
  • Offer accepted

University of St Andrews, Scotland[]

  • Lectureship (tenured) in "Eastern/Central European history (incl. the Balkan Peninsula) in the 19th and/or 20th centurie"
  • Deadline: 7 January 2011
  • Interviews: 3 February 2011
  • rejection email received (1/21)

University of South Florida []

  • Tenure Track assistant Professor in Modern European History
  • Emphasis on Western Europe & Focus on cultural and intellectual history preferred
  • "Preference will be given to candidates who can assist in department restructuring and curriculum review"
  • Deadline: Feb 28
  • Does anyone know the history of this position? Is the current (visiting?) assistant professor of European history (O'Connor) leaving? Or is he the inside candidate? ( yeah... wasn't this advertised as a 3 year VAP position last year?) [Follow-up - O'Connor is "eligible" to apply, according the chair of the search.]
  • Has anyone found any information on what materials they want? The "attached documents" of the application has the standard CV and letter of application, but the other categories are incredibly vague ("other document 2") and there's no list that I can find of what they actually want. There's also no contact person listed. Or maybe I missed something?
  • I believe the "other documents" are supposed to be letters of recommendation? (I agree.) But I emailed to ask, and was told to have hard copies sent to this address: Dr. Susan Fernandez, Chair Search Committee, DAV 258, USFSP140 7th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
  • How often are inside cadidates edged out by the pool I wonder?
  • Anyonw hear anything yet?
  • I did a phone interview a few weeks ago. Never heard back from them. The current VAP was listed as teaching several courses on the Fall 2011 schedule. Not a good sign. At the end of the interview, they mentioned that they would "bring people to campus if they had to." Pretty sure the VAP has this job locked up.

University of Sydney[]

  • "Lecturer in Modern Continental European history, c. 1800-2000." Teaching includes "the first year Modern European History program, as well as specialist senior units related to the history of continental Europe."
  • Deadline (application online): 29 October 2010.
  • This position is scheduled to begin in early 2011 (i.e., February 2011 NOT September)
  • Anyone know the distinction between Teaching experience and Lecturing experience? Does the latter refer to public lectures or conferences?
  • It seems an artifical distinction to make, but anyhow, I have taken "teaching experience" to refer to small group teaching e.g. seminars, tutorials, as well as graduate student supervision (PhD, MPhil, honours) and "lecturing experience" to refer to courses where I have been the lecturer and have taught in a lecture format. I have also talked about courses I designed and coordinated here. You might include public lectures here if you wanted to, but this might sit more comfortably in the criteria establishing your expertise e.g. World famous institute recognising me as a leading expert in field X invited me to give a public lecture.
  • Email rejection received on on 9 Nov (x6)
  • Who got the job?

University of Toronto Scarborough[]

  • Applications due October 15, 2010
  • The Department of Humanities of the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) invites applications for a tenure-stream position at the rank of Assistant Professor in modern (post-1750) continental European history, including East Europe and Russia (Britain is excluded) to begin July 1, 2011.
    • This is a re-do of last year's search, which was suspended. There is some discussion of it on last year's wiki page.
    • Is it odd that 47 percent [7 of 15] of the UTSC history faculty have degrees from the University of Toronto? Source:
    • welcome to Toronto...
    • Given that three of those are Emeritus (ie hired in the 60s and 70s when universities were desperate to find someone to teach), I think you're over reading this.
    • For Americans unfamiliar with the Canadian scene it might be helpful to imagine US higher education with all the ivies and a few big state schools (Berkelely, Wisconsin) rolled into one -- that is essentially what Toronto is within Canada. The combination of this fact and a certain inevitable institutional arrogance explains the tendency to hire UT's own grads. It has always been this way.
  • Just how seriously do they take the 'national preference' criteria?
  • In the UTSC application, they ask for a cover letter, cv, "a writing sample and teaching materials as well as a syllabus for a modern European survey course." Does anyone know what "teaching materials" means here? Do they want lesson plans and written lectures or a statement of teaching style/goals/methods??
  • I'm including some sample syllabi and a teaching philosophy
  • Beware the 4000 character (including spaces!) limitation on your cover letter
  • Work-around for the cover letter character limit - in the space provided, write "See uploaded cover letter"; since you can upload as many files as you want for your application, you can post a PDF cover letter along with your CV and other materials.
  • Has anyone heard any word from UTSC yet? (11/2) Last year they contacted prospectives for additional material relatively soon after the deadline. Haven't heard yet (Nov. 12) (x2). Has anyone heard?
  • I believe it was 6 weeks until the first emails went out last year. We still have some time to go, I imagine.
  • Any news AT ALL (such quiet Wiki pages this year)? (11/30) No news here (12/2).
  • There's another search in the dept for a Canadianist, which is probably slowing things down as that had an earlier deadline.
  • Any news on this one? (12/22) None here, I'm really surprised they've waited this long. (12/22). No news here (12/26)
  • Still nada? Is this a dead parrot? (1/10) Nothing here. (1/11)
  • Request for additional materials (1/9) (2)
  • Thanks for the above post. But would you clarify--what did they ask for? Was this a request for those that have made a short-list? (1/11)
  • Does anyone know what stage of the process UTSC are in? A 'long short-list'? Campus invites? (1/25)
  • Not heard any news about my application. (1/26)
  • Has anyone been invited to campus? (1/31)
  • Any news (for those on the long short-list)?
  • Candidates have been invited and on-campus interviews completed (2/16)
  • rejection recieved (3/9)
  • Position has been filled.

University of Sussex (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured post) in Modern European History: "We particularly invite applications from those with interests in transnational themes, such as the economy, the environment and war."
  • Deadline: 18 Feb 2011 (Interviews 18. Mar).
  • Being unfamiliar with the British system, I assume this means they're looking for a senior candidate, is that correct?
    • Not necessarily; a new PhD or even ABD with appropriate teaching experience, the right expertise and a publication record would be a legitimate candidate. Generally, if it says 'lectureship' then they're fishing for a new graduate 'up to' an Associate Prof, though sometimes the specific requirements will disqualify less experienced applicants.
    • If you look at the further particulars on the university jobs site they are specifying Lecturer A which is the equivalent of entry-level assistant professor.
    • The fact that they are only employing at 'Lecturer A' level suggests they may be a bit mean- a lot of serious research institutions begin recruitment at Lecturer B level.
  • This Institution has been the subject of a lot of bad publicity of late- they decided to scrap research-led teaching in European Social, Economic and Political history for the period prior to 1900 (so students get no French Revolution, no German nationalism, etc) and English social history prior to 1700 (so did away with the social effects of the English Civil War). I leave it to you to decide whether it can still be considered a serious history department.
  • I'm a bit confused by the last comment. I went there for my undergrad (and loved it) and I did a course on 19th c France with a prof who is still there (Peter Campbell) so I don't see how that fits with the no European history pre-1900. Perhaps the previous person is referring to the fact that there used to be interdisciplinary schools that you did you major in. They were scrapped a few years back, but that wouldn't have affected the courses that the history dept offered. I've just checked the website--there are classes offered in these time periods...
  • You will find that a number of people working in those fields were made redundant last summer or forced to leave or forced into early retirement (at least one of them still features on the website because they were given a 'visiting research fellowship' to give them an institutional attachment whilst they look for other jobs). I believe it was handled in a very cavalier way. Professor Richard Evans of Cambridge wrote an excellent piece about Sussex's behaviour in the Times Higher Education Supplement (see
  • There was a lot of publicity about changes in that department but most of the comment was inaccurate. The curriculum hasn't changed much at all from what I can see looking at the website.
  • The pre-1900 curriculum is now mainly being taught by non-specialists- so, no, not all of the comments were inaccurate.
  • It is getting close to the March 18th date (especially if one needs to get a flight to the UK!)...has anyone heard anything? 3/8
  • Invitiation to interview 9/3

University of Western Sydney (Aus.)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in Modern European History
  • to "teach into the History and Political Thought major"
  • Deadline: 29 Apr. 2011.
  • Informed by email that they are ideally looking for a 19th century historian.

Washington University in St. Louis[]

  • Assistant Professor, Modern Western Europe. "Area and chronological expertise are open, although there is a preference for historians of Great Britain and France."
  • Applications due October 15, 2010.
  • Q: Has anyone been able to find the job details on the university's website? Searching by department and by 'history' or 'europe' as keywords isn't bringing anything up! [3 Aug]
  • A: You can find it at this link (the Job ID # is 20536).
  • Applied for this job: 6
  • How does one submit this application? Or is it automatically submitted on Oct. 15, after materials have been uploaded? Thanks!
  • re submitting: the online application was mostly name/rank/serial number type questions, but the system is VERY clunky. They do ask you to upload the CV and cover letter, which was easy enough. It sounds like the letters of rec have to go hard copy to the department. You do have to press the "submit" button and get an e-mail confirmation for the application to be complete.
  • The confirmation e-mail reminds you that your cover letter AND letters of recommendation should be addressed to "HR recruiter." Let's hope they aren't serious. I now have a mental image of some HR person tossing out my application in a huff and not passing it on to the History department...
    • I noticed the same thing. I just have to hope that they'll let that one slide...
    • I find that so preposterous. Most of us are using Interfolio for our letters of recommendation and therefore the salutation has to be general. Aaaaaarrrggghhh
    • I got a confirmation email from the department, so I think they just forward everyone's applications directly to the department and let them deal with the sorting. (fingers crossed)
    • The original ad on H-Net said to just send everything via snail mail, which I did, and have since emailed to follow up (11/2) and the application was received and no further online application need be done.
  • Request for writing sample received (11/8) (X3)
  • Email rejection (11/8)
  • Snail mail rejection (11/12) (x7)--more than 200 people applied for position
  • Did not receive request for writing sample, did not receive rejection. Thoughts? (11/18) (x2)
  • It probably means that you're in a third pool of 'maybes.' Which means ... maybe. But realistically, don't get your hopes too high.
  • invitation to 30-min Skype interview or conference call (12/7)
  • email rejection (12/8)
  • Invitation to campus job talk (x3)

Western Washington University[]

  • One Year VAP (replacing retired German historian)
  • Open to Modern Europe, though Germany preferred
  • Postmark deadline of April 8, 2011 (electronic submissions are required too)
  • I know this might seem like just another VAP job, but this is really a fantastic opportunity for those of you still on the market. The department is really great, incredibly supportinve and collegial. They also give you a wide degree of latitude in teaching/designing your own upper level classes, and the quarter system will enable you to get a lot of teaching experience if you go on the market again. The students are also quite good, more akin to what you would find at UW or Washington State than some of the smaller regional schools. Finally, Bellingham is simply a wonderful place to live, especially for those of you who like nature (the campus actually overlooks the ocean). Good luck in applying for it! The current VAP.
  • to the current VAP or others: is there a sense within the dept that they will be running a tenure-track search next year to replace the retiring prof fulltime? or is there a chance of this becoming a semi-permanent VAP/adjunct situation?
  • It's difficult to say due to budget constraints. My guess is that it will eventually become a TT job again, but I doubt they'll be able to run that type of search this fall. The more likely scenario is that the position would be renewed on a year-to-year basis, at least until the long-term budget situation works itself out.
  • rejection letter (5/25)

Wheaton College[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Modern European History.
  • “The ideal candidate will have expertise in modern Europe (specific fields/countries open), as well as a willingness to support the department's general education program in world history. Responsibilities include teaching both survey and specialized courses in modern European history and participating in world history general education. The department seeks a gifted teacher/scholar, who shares the ideals of Christian liberal arts education and who can communicate a love for history to bright, motivated undergraduates. The successful candidate will have evidence of potential in teaching, research, and publication, as well as general administrative skills."
  • Ad on AHA, including: "Wheaton College is an evangelical Christian liberal arts college whose faculty and staff affirm a Statement of Faith and adhere to lifestyle expectations."
  • Deadline November 1, 2010.
  • There was some discussion on last year's site about Wheaton's strict Christian values and policies, which faculty are apparently obliged to uphold (scroll to the very bottom):,_2009-10

British History[]

Not looking good for the early modernists right now -- 9/1

  • Maybe we can all get the Agnes Scott job.
  • Perhaps we could start a discussion on the "discussion" page - but I'm pretty sure that this is the future of British history in this country. Once upon a time any history department worth its salt had an early modernist and a modernist - but those days are gone. British history is coming to mean British imperial history from the 16th through the 20th centuries. If you don't work on some aspect of the British Empire then history departments these days are not interested.
  • How absolutely true! Except that British Imperial for most departments starts in the mid-17th century.
  • And the Empire doesn't include North America. Ever.
  • I think the days of British historians sliding into "Atlantic World" history are over. I think Americanists have now claimed that territory as their own.
  • Good news! One job at Cambridge for y'all (well, two job's better than one, eh?)...and now another one at Birmingham. Looks like the UK market for Early Modernists isn't too bad this year...

Appalachian State University[]

  • Britain, 1500-1800
  • Deadline November 15
  • Electronic applications will not be accepted.
  • Has the post been advertised on any American websites?
  • Yes - it's on the AHA
  • Also, oddly enough, App. State has an ad on H-Net for a postdoc in British history - it's the exact same wording as an ad they ran last year.
  • It's on H-Netnow.
  • Got snail mail ack letter (11/17). Included A/A form but lacked paid postage!
  • Email request for permission to contact references (12/2)
  • What does this mean? After all, letters were asked for in the application.
  • A: For a guess, the committee has to confirm that the letters are legitimate. (State schools often have to abide by state guidelines, which can be pretty arcane.) I don't know what this means in terms of the search.
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/8) (x3) - by email.
  • Anyone else? I'm assuming they scheduled all the interviews yesterday (12/9).
  • On-campus invite (1/17)
  • Emailed that search is failed "due to state budget issues" (1/20)
  • To the Finalists - that totally sucks. I interviewed at the AHA (thanks for letting me spend that money, by the way), but didn't get the on-campus. I can only imagine your frustration.
  • Why did they re-open this as an early modern European one-year postion? I'd re-apply if I hadn't found a job already.
  • They didn't. The EM 1 year was to fill a new vacancy not to replace the British position, which will likely remain unfilled for quite some time to come.

Baylor University[]

  • Assistant Professor of Modern British History. The successful candidate will be expected to offer survey courses in World History since 1500 as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in area of specialization. For position details and application information please visit:
  • Baylor is actively recruiting new faculty with a strong commitment to the classroom and an equally strong commitment to discovering new knowledge as Baylor aspires to become a top tier research university while reaffirming and deepening its distinctive Christian mission as described in Baylor 2012 ( Baylor is a Baptist university affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas.
  • Anyone know anything? The job posting said the preliminary interviews would be at the AHA. Has anyone been contacted for an interview? (12/19)
  • Someone posted the following earlier but then a user with a different IP address deleted it: "They sent out an e-mail asking for responses to their mission statement over a week ago (which included a clause about "Christian commitment"). Then they sent out e-mails last Thursday (12/17) stating that they had narrowed their choices from 18 to 9 for the AHA. I was not one of the 9." Thanks to the original poster for the information.
  • I heard through the grapevine that this position has been filled. (4/11)

Cambridge University (UK) (Economic/Social)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured) in the Economic and Social History of Britain 1050 - c.1500
  • Deadline: 4 Mar. 2011

Cambridge University (UK) (Political)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured) in British History 1688-1850
  • Teaching requirements for post concentrate on Political History.
  • Deadline: 4 Mar. 2011

East Stroudsburg State[]

  • Britain since 1600, A second field in Middle East or African History is preferred.
  • Deadline November 12
  • Looks like pickings will be slim this year for early modern historians . . .
  • Anyone else notice an interesting thread running through the academic background of the faculty here?
  • Quite local, by my read. Cautionary words about the school on other Wikia pages.
  • Does anyone working on anything earlier than the 18th cent. have a chance for this one?
  • The above link for this job has expired. Here's the h-net link:
  • Email ack. 10/29.
  • Any movement on this one yet? (12/15)
  • Still no news?
  • The AHA job page indicates that they are accepting CVs at the conference so that may be why they haven't moved on any applications yet (assuming that they haven't). (12/17)
  • AHA interview scheduled via telephone (12/20) x3.
  • Centuries for the lucky people (17th, 18th, 19th, or 20th)?
  • 18th
  • 17th (x3)
  • News? 1/24
  • No Invites to Campus Yet? (1/26)
  • Had phone interview on 1/24, told they would get back to candidates in about a week (1/27)
    • Were phone interviews a follow up to AHA interviews, or a completely separate thing?
      • I heard that they were doing both AHA and phone for the first round (but I have no idea if these particular phone interviews were the second round or not).
      • The interview above was a first round interview
      • Any news? 2/2
        • The campus is closed today because of the east coast blizzard so that might be delaying things. 2/2
      • No word yet? (Feb. 7)
  • Is this search getting canceled? I tried calling but have not been able to get in touch with anyone yet.
  • Apparently the search is still on and they are still deliberating.
  • No invites made yet? 2/15
  • Candidates have already visited. Do not know if an offer was made (2/21)
  • Rejection email (3/7)

Georgia Gwinnett College[]

  • In anticipation of increases in enrollment for the 2011-2012 academic year, GGC invites applicants for faculty positions in the history of the Modern British Empire starting August 1, 2011. The primary teaching responsibilities for this position include lower-division US and World history surveys, but the ability to teach an upper-division course on the history Europe from 1789 to the present, as well as to develop more focused courses within the candidate's field of specialization is desired.
  • Open until filled. Note: "In accordance with Board of Regents Policy governing GGC faculty, successful applicants will be eligible to receive 5 or 3 year renewable appointments. Traditional one year appointments may also be approved."

Kings College London (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured) in Late Medieval British History (1100-1500)
  • Deadline: 15 Apr. 2011

Lehigh University[]

  • "Assistant professorship in the history of Britain and the British Empire in the period from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries."
  • "Candidates should be able to contribute to a vibrant graduate [Ph.D] program in Atlantic World History and offer undergraduate courses in their broad research field as well as survey courses in European history, global studies, or British Empire. Preference will be given to candidates who can offer courses in at least one of the following sub-fields: India, the British Caribbean, Africa, the Atlantic World, or modern Europe."
  • Submission (online) due October 25, 2010.
  • The deadline has been extended to November 20.
    • A source or link to that information would be welcome.
    • The H-Net ad linked to above provides an 11/20 deadline without comment. The bottom of the AHA ad says the deadline has been extended to November 20.
    • Ah ha! Good to know, thanks. I hadn't visited that version of the job ad in a while.
    • Received electronic ack. letter today which mentioned the deadline extension. (10/19)
      • Any guesses on why the extension? Smaller-than-hoped-for pool of applicants?
    • Applied weeks ago but have to receive an electronic ack. letter. Anyone else in same boat? (11/5)
  • Asked for writing sample via email (11/16) x3
  • Received email acknowledgement (11/17).
  • Hmm, I wonder if they've requested samples from people who applied on or right before the 20th.
  • --> Given the dates, I would doubt it. I'm thinking they probably replied to the people who had applied by the Oct. deadline, and those of us who applied at the 11/20 deadline will hear soon *crosses fingers*.
  • I applied before the original deadline (Oct. 25) and was one of the ones who recieved a request for a writing sample - so perhaps you are right.
  • Technically speaking it wasn't a "deadline" as they said review of applications will only begin on Nov. 20. Which means, if I get it right, that they still accept applications after that.
  • Any interview action? (12/7) x2
  • Just curious: Did any of the mid-Nov. applicants receive a WS request? Seems like they're probably nearing a short list. (12/8)
  • Yes (to the question about the WS)(x2). Just to clarify: did those of you who posted in response to the question about the interview get an interview request or were you echoing the question? (Sorry if that is a silly question) (12/8)
  • rejection via snail mail 12/15 (x2)
  • AHA interview request today (12/16)(x 2)
  • Any updates or sense of timeframe? (1/14)
  • Surely they've invited people to campus by now--right?? Maybe the top 3-4 just aren't posting here. (1/21) (x2) - Yeah, they're probably hurriedly preparing their job talks. Let us know, if you've received an invite, and put the rest of us out of our pain!
  • Campus invites scheduled
  • Offer made, accepted (5/2)
  • Top 2 choices declined offer.
  • Who they hired is fantastic.

Portland State University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in early modern British and Atlantic history to begin September 16, 2011. Preference will be given to applicants whose research and teaching fields connect the history of Britain (fifteenth-eighteenth centuries) to the Atlantic and/or world history.
  • Send letter of application detailing teaching and research, CV, examples of research, and three letters of reference to Dr. David A. Johnson, Department of History, Portland State University, Box 751, Portland, OR 97207-0751 (; 503-725-4953). Electronic submission of all materials preferred. Screening of applications will begin November 15, 2010, and continue until finalists are identified.
  • Word from the grapevine is current early modern English historian is retiring.
  • Did anyone see that David Horowitz of jihadwatch fame teaches there? It's interesting, bc the rest of the department seems pretty liberal and progressive.
  • Don't think it's the same guy.
  • Received email acknowledgement (11/19) (x3)
  • Does anybody know where Caroline Litzenburger is headed?
  • Received call to AHA/phone interview (12/06) (x3)
  • They want to do both an AHA and a phone interview?
  • I take it there were more than two or three people contacted today?
  • Either an AHA or a phone interview, depending on candidate's preference.
  • They leaning early modern Brit or Atlantic history based on those with interviews?
  • campus visit scheduled (1/14)
  • They are leaning toward awesome.
    • I can confirm this. Awesome friend has interview.
  • It seems they have chosen their candidate, but now it's not clear whether the line will be funded. Anyone have better information?
  • Offer made, declined (5/2)
  • Did they end up hiring anyone?

Oxford University, Jesus College[]

  • Tutorial Fellowship and Titular University Lecturership (CUF) in Early Modern History; this is a tenured position.
  • "The post is for a specialist in the field of sixteenth-century British and European History, with a preference for candidates with an expertise in the religious culture of England and/or Scotland"
  • Deadline: 10 Dec. 2010.

Queen Mary University of London (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in Modern British History
  • Deadline: 31 Mar. 2010

Staffordshire University (UK)[]

  • Senior Lecturer (tenured) in Modern British History
  • Deadline: 20 Aug. 2010
  • Interviews: 13 Sept. 2010

Syracuse University (NY)[]

  • Assistant Professor "Modern Britain and/or British Empire"
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2010
    • This is the third time this job has been advertised in the last 6 years. Anyone know why?
    • It's syracuse.
    • What does that last comment mean? (9/2)
    • Syracuse has run several searches over the last few years that have failed for a variety of reasons. For example, see the discussion about their colonial US job on the 2008-09 US wiki page.
    • The last Modern Britain job search at Syracuse was 2001-2 - the first comment is inaccurate
  • Contacted for writing via email (x2) 10/25
  • They wanted a writing sample in addition to the one in the original submission? Yes.
  • Did anyone else get this request for an additional writing sample or other materials? (11/7) I did, on 10/25 as well.
  • Any movement on interviews yet? (11/20)
  • AHA interview (12/13)
  • How did they contact you?
  • Only one person contacted so far? Unusual.
  • Hired Alan Allport.
    • And before anyone hyperventilates that the successful candidate has been named, the name was stated in the mass e-mail that went out to all applicants.

Texas Christian University[]

  • Assistant Professor Britain/British Empire
  • Deadline November 25
  • "with a preference for South Asia or Africa" - yeah, get in line.
  • Email acknowledgment received (12/2) (x3)
  • AHA Interview (12/10) (x2)
  • Scheduled campus visit.

University of Birmingham (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured) in Early Modern History; specialisation British history, pref. 16th C focus
  • Deadline: 3 Jun 2011, with interviews expected 24 Jun 2011 for a September 2011 start.

University of East Anglia[]

  • Lectureship (tenured) in Early Modern History 1485-1603
  • "The ability to teach specialist level on the reign of Henry VIII is essential."
  • Deadline: noon 1 Jul. 2011

University of Northumbria (UK)[]

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (tenured position) in British History, 1600-1750
  • Likely that the search committee want this position to start in the 2010-11 academic year.
  • "You will be an early career or established research active academic with a relevant PhD and/or equivalent postgraduate or professional qualification/experience"
  • Deadline: 19 August 2010
  • 'Selection date': 19 October 2010

University of North Carolina - Greensboro []

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in Britain and/or British Empire, 1688-present
  • Deadline: December 1, 2010
  • Wasn't this an early modern search a couple of years ago and then cancelled?
  • It was listed as "Britain 1500-1800" two years ago: Not sure why they changed it.
  • It's a shame for Tudor-Stuart people; I think this one would have been a good one for them.
  • Received snail mail ack letter and A/A form. (11/26) (x2)
  • They just cancelled a search in American history. I wonder if this one is on the chopping block too (again).
  • Received ack and A/A form (12/10)
  • AHA interview Scheduled (12/16). According to the chair, I was the last person to confirm an interview time.
  • Invitation to campus (1/11)
  • Rather insensitive rejection letter (3/3)

University of Saskatchewan[]

  • Limited term (five year) academic appointment in Early Modern Britain (1500-1800), to commence on 1 July 2011. We welcome applications in all thematic and geographic areas (including Ireland).
  • Qualified candidates from around the world are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority in the case of equal qualifications.
  • The deadline for applications is 7 January 2011.
  • Who ever heard of a FIVE-YEAR term appointment???
    • This is the practice at a few other places (Hampshire and Bennington spring to mind), although in those cases renewal is an active possibility. Not clear from this ad whether the five-year appointment is terminal or ongoing..
    • Faculty member has been secunded to admin for five years - the position is replacement in the meantime...
    • Any news? (1/23)
    • News? 2/16
    • Still no news? 2/23
    • Anybody heard anything? (03/04)
    • Any news on this one yet? (03/28)
    • This one is done. Offer accepted.

University of St Andrews (Scot.) 13th-15th C[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in late Mediaeval History (c.1200-1500) - Permanent position, hiring at the junior level
  • Your expertise should be in English history or the history "of the territories of the English Crown within this period" but you may be asked to teach more general courses.
  • Deadline: 4. May 2011

University of St Andrews (Scot.) 16th/17th C[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in "Modern History" - Britain in the 16th & 17th C.
  • Deadline: 4 May 2011

University of Wisconsin-Madison[]

  • Assistant Professor, Britain or Ireland since 1688
  • Deadline November 1.
  • Ad on AHA website University website (I changed it so everybody could have access, including non AHA-members).
  • Acknowledgement (snail mail) rec'd 10/30: "initial screening to be completed by December 23". (x3)
  • Request for additional materials 11/17 (x7)
  • Out of interest, what "fields" are being asked for additional materials? (11/18)
  • Last I checked this wiki, someone had responded that they did 20th C & Empire. Please do not delete responses. (11/26)
  • I assume that someone deleted his or her own response, because it wouldn't take Madison too long to figure out which one of the people at the top of its list was reporting to the wiki. If the top of the pool, say, contains only one person who does 20th century and Empire, it's a good bet that the person describing himself or herself as such here is the applicant in question. It's possible that the applicant's describing what he or she knows of the search could hurt his or her chances. Given that this job ad called for both Empire and non-Empire scholars, I highly recommend that the selected candidates not describe themselves. Rest assured that the search committee members are anything but strangers to the internet.
  • The poster above is likely right about why that info was deleted and also makes some good points about why people might decline to provide more details about their field(s) of study. However, I think the above does attribute a more sinister and retributive attitude on the part of SC's than I think is the case. If a particular candidate really has everything a dept. needs and is a good fit in all other ways, I highly doubt the dept. would quash his/her candidacy simply because he/she posted info. about materials requests or interviews on the wiki. If the candidate posted some excoriating or critical comments about the search, I could see that, but basic information shouldn't be a problem with a normal SC.
  • I also can't imagine that any SC would reject someone for posting basic information. I don't think people need to be afraid to use the wiki for what it is - a tool for clarifying and adding transparency to a very complicated and difficult process.
  • You can keep thinking that, but that's not how things work in reality. I'd love to say something more specific, but that's not in my best interest. If someone here asks you to reveal what you study, I strongly advise you to keep mum. You can always insert that information for everyone's benefit after you've been told that you are no longer a viable candidate. If you get the job, everyone will figure out who you are and what you do soon enough. Knowing what interviewees study is useful for guaging one's viability on the job market, but that's information that can wait a few months. 12/6
  • There is indeed something sinister about this person on the inside of the search writing to frighten candidates into not sharing the most basic pieces of information with their fellow job seekers. So what if the rest of the world knows that you are interviewing a set of candidates with a certain distribution of interests? Is what you are doing really that sensitive? I wonder if a certain member of the search committee is not taking his or her self too seriously.
  • AHA interview scheduled (Dec 10). (x2)
  • I have heard that campus visits have been scheduled (1/26)
  • Offer made and accepted.

Wake Forest University []

  • Tudor/Stuart period to the present
  • Deadline November 1
  • Ad also on AHA website
  • Applied for this job: 4 (unless I checked this box a month ago, in which case 3)

They ran an advertisement every year from (I think) 2004-2007--Tudor/Stuart or Victorian. They finally hired someone, but I understand this person died early in 2010. Now it's Tudor/Stuart to present, so 18th and 20th centuries are (presumably) fair game.

  • seriously, I'm sorry to hear about the last hire, but 1485-2010 is a bit vague. I'm sure they've got some ideas - anyone got the scoop? I can't imagine sorting through the pile of applications...
  • 525 years may be strange, but it makes a little more sense than selectively ignoring the 18th and 20th centuries. Maybe they want to find someone who matches up with the deceased one?
  • There seems to be someone there right now as a visiting assistant professor - Jason White - who fits the bill, and does 17th and 18th c. British History.
    • So in other words, it's an inside job.... great.
    • No, it's not an "inside job." The fact that a university posts a job vacancy tells you they want to offer instruction in a given field. The fact that the same university also has an adjunct teaching in the field tells you exactly the same thing. It is not evidence of anything more, as anyone who has adjuncted anywhere can attest.
  • Being an adjunct and being a VAP are not exactly the same thing.
  • In my adjuncting experience they can often be exactly the same thing, the "VAP" label providing an appealing alternative (for both schools and candidates) to the distasteful "adjunct", but still referring to part-time, temporary teaching. Sometimes VAPs are full-time, and sometimes they are on slightly longer fixed-term contracts, but that hardly makes this any more of an "inside job".
  • Well, should learn soon if they want a modernist or early modernist for this gig.
  • Had a miserably unfriendly AHA interview with them a few years back. Rumor has it this is an unhappy place.
  • Any details?
  • So the search and the history of their searches is weird. I had one of the most cordial interviews I ever had anywhere with them at the AHA a few years back. Then we all got the letter saying "the search was inconclusive."
  • Received acknowledgement by snail mail saying they would let candidates know about interviews by early December. (11/10). (x4)
  • Interview request for AHA, by e-mail, 12/2. (x2)
  • Early Modern or Modern for those with interviews?
  • Early Modern (x2).
  • Was under the impression they were contacting candidated today (1/10). Did anyone receive an invite or a rejection email?
  • Campus invites have been issued (1/14)
  • Early modern or modern for the candidates?
  • No invite for this early modernist. But I flubbed the interview, so it doesn't speak to the field preference.
  • Job requires teaching a 2-part British survey, hence the open-ended search with no obvious preference for field and time period. I say this as one who interviewed as a modernist and was asked, first question, "how would I describe my research to an undergradute?" Figure that my fear of an intro-survey heavy teaching future accounts for the lack of an on-campus. Good luck to whomever gets the offer (2/1)
  • And to the last poster: good luck in your search for a job where you don't talk to undergraduates, and do better than a 2-2 at a liberal arts college.
  • It's not 2-2. It's 2-2, 3-2 (alternating years). And the hire is responsible for three different intro-level courses (world, early modern, modern) and one intermediate lecture in any given year. Thus there is no edge to being early modern vs. modern, and they interviewed both. Moot point now, however.

Wilfrid Laurier University []

  • Assistant Professor, Britain and its empire (excluding North America) from 1783 to 1914.
  • The deadline for applications is 10 December 2010.
  • Anybody out there heard anything on this?
  • Rejection letter by mail. 14/01(X2)
    • Whoa. I guess we can assume that the shortlist has been contacted then
  • On campus interview arranged (19/2)(x2)
  • Job offer accepted by Amy Milne-Smith (PhD University of Toronto, 2006), who has been teaching at the University of Southern Mississippi.

French History[]

Georgia Southern University[]

  • Tenure-track position of Assistant Professor of Modern French History.
  • Screening of applications begins October 8, 2010.
  • it looks like this job is to replace Professor Charles Crouch who recently passed away
  • Phone Interview Scheduled (10/15) (x3)
  • Does anyone know what the teaching load there is? (yes: it is 3/4)
  • Has anyone been contacted since the phone interview?
  • Yes, I believe finalists have been invited to campus. (11/6)
  • Offer made and declined. (x2)
  • 12/17 --so are they continuing to choose from the existing pool or re-opening the search?
  • Two people turned down this job--in this market?
  • Exactly. I'm sure they have their reasons. Whatever's going on there, it must be baaaaaad.
  • Any news? Did they cancel the search? (1/18)
  • received a rejection letter today. Yet no word of the lucky candidate. (3/8) (x2)
  • Interesting -- I never heard a word back after the initial phone interview. Rude. (3/14)
  • It's not rude if they were still drawing from the phone pool. I know they were turned down by at least one additional candidate who phone-interviewed but was not in the first group of on-campus invitees.
  • How should one go to find out who got the offer?
  • offer made and accepted

Mississippi State University[]

  • Assistant Professor in French History.
  • Deadline: November 12, 2010
  • Snail ack email (11/10)
  • AHA interview scheduled (11/19) (x6)
    • anybody else have a wacky interview? (1/25) --> not even sure if "wacky" begins to describe it. What I do know is that I prepared for about a week and wasn't given the opportunity to say anything about my dissertation, teaching, or anything relevant to the position. I'm very thankful I wasn't invited to campus and wish the poor soul who gets the job all the luck in the world!
    • Umm... (x4) on the above comment. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one! --> To "The Venting Page," anyone? --> More like "Universities to fear" or the AHA for a formal complaint. I flew across the country for this one "interview." --> Universities to fear: done.-->seems as though we all had the same kind of experience
  • On-campus scheduled (1/17)
  • Very odd/awkwardly worded email rejection received (1/27)
  • that was the oddest rejection letter I've ever gotten. -- agreed. --> was this for people who didn't have AHA interviews? and would you share a little? -- Ditto. You've piqued my curiosity. Perhaps add it to the Universities to Fear page (if the letter isn't too long?)
  • Dear Dr. XXX, I have some news. The department has examined the candidates for our French/ISIS position and has not chosen to have you in. It is not anticipated that we will be revisiting that decision. Thank you for applying and I wish you well in your job search. Yours sincerely,

Alan I Marcus Professor and Head

  • From someone who had an AHA interview (almost the same but lacking subject pronouns... and my news was "bad" -- not in my opinion after the ridiculous interview!): "Have some bad news. The department met last Friday to decide which of the candidates for the French/ISIS post to bring for campus interviews. You were not chosen. I do not think it is likely that we will revisit that decision." (and then another line that referred to the interview) (x2)
  • These are spectacular! Has anyone considered writing back? "Dear Professor Marcus, I, too, have some bad news. You and your colleagues are bugf@ck crazy! It is not anticipated that we will revisit that decision. Yours sincerely,"
  • Thank you for making me lol! Who do these people think they ARE??
  • Uhm. I know nothing about this search, but you might keep in mind that usually rejected applicants are not advised until a contract has been signed. One reason is the off chance that they later do 'revisit' the list of people who have already been told they are not being invited to an on-campus and invite one or two. In which case the uninversity can be sued. And other universities have been. So finding the wording to update people about their status without opening one's university etc. to a lawsuit is a bit delicate. Which might not explain the awk phrasing. But might.
  • That doesn't explain it at all. It is just very awkward and unprofessional.
  • I don't think that the email is really the object of people's fury, at least not mine. I personally paid to fly across the country for this one AHA interview and then was infantilized and treated in ways that are completely unprofessional and not respectful of the money I spent nor the time I prepared 150 pages of documents to send ahead of time and then that I spent preparing for the interview itself (all this represented about 2 weeks of work that I could have been applying other places, working on my writing, etc. + the hundreds of dollars). Many of the rules of the AHA interview guidelines were broken. The awkward wording on the email was just icing on the cake (x2).
  • Received notice that offer had been extended and accepted, just for the record
  • And, to counter the general theme above, I'd like to thank Alan Marcus and the faculty for an excellent on campus experience (though I didn't get the job). And what's wrong with an AHA 'stress interview,' anyway? (x2)
  • Glad to know that the campus visits were excellent. However, a stress interview to me means firing questions about my work, trends in my field, trying to look for holes in my argument. While stressful, this is fair. The MS State interview was nothing like this - no questions whatsoever about my work and most of what I heard was about his impressions of black/white relations in MS. The job was for French history and my project doesn't deal w/ race. Nor was there any reference to the nearly 200 pages of documents I'd prepared and sent -- I really spent time making syllabi that fit the theme of the job ad, for example. The interview was stressful in that I realized the wasted money in flying to Boston about 20 minutes in and on my current practically non-existent salary, not to mention the excitement for the possibility of employment, I was became stressed. (x3)
  • So was this Mississippi State job THE ONLY JOB IN FRENCH HISTORY IN THE ENGLISH SPEAKING WORLD this year? Just one job? Putain de bordel de merde!

Texas Tech University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in the history of early modern/modern France to begin August, 2011. Scholars of the French transatlantic world are especially encouraged to apply. Fields of study that would complement existing strengths in the department include, but are not limited to, women’s history, gender and sexuality, revolution, religion, and empire.
  • Deadline: November 30, 2010
  • any news? (x3; as of 12/14 nothing)
  • Applications are being reviewed over the break and the committee will not meet again until mid-January (12/19) -- thanks for the update; happy holidays everyone!! (x2) (12/20).
  • Any news? (1/24) (1/28--anybody? Bueller? Anything?) x2!
  • Search 'temporarily' suspended (2/5). Does anyone have more details? (2/5)
  • 2/6: did anyone other than me not get an email? -- Didn't get one either (2/6) (x4)
  • 2/7: huh. weird. well here's the full text of the (very considerate) email for those of you who didn't get a copy:
    "I sincerely apologize for the lack of communication about the French search in the history department at Texas Tech, but due to budgetary concerns, the university has been evaluating the critical need for each position and the department has been awaiting final word as to the status of our lines. We have just recently received notice that our search has been suspended temporarily. The department will continue to support and defend the intellectual and academic validity of the French position and I will be in contact as soon as we receive more information from the upper administration. I apologize for this disappointing news. We will keep your file active in the eventuality that the search will continue.Thank you very much for your interest. Again, my apologies for the delay."
  • TX State Budget in Crisis (State deficit of $30 billion).

German History[]

Furman University []

  • Assistant Professor in in 20th century Europe, specialization in Modern Germany or Eastern Europe.
  • Deadline: 1 November.
  • Snail mail ack shortly after deadline--any other news?
  • Did anyone else not get a snail mail ack? (Sent mine right at the deadline.)
  • Any news? (12/7)
  • Still no news here...anyone else? (12/10)
  • Request for interview at AHA by phone (12/10) x2 (12/15)
  • Request for AHA interview by e-mail (12/10), and (12/22)
  • So... Monika Black just left for Tenessee? Any Info about that?
  • On campus visit scheduled (1/20)
  • offer accepted

Georgetown University[]

  • The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) at Georgetown University seeks to fill a tenure-line position in modern German history with an emphasis on the twentieth century. Additional research interests in European and comparative history are desirable. The search committee welcomes applications both from candidates who are tenured, or tenurable, at the rank of associate professor as well as those who are eligible for a tenure-track assistant professorship.
  • Application online due 1 November, 2010.
  • They failed to fill the position twice last year after a senior-only search (they made offers that were ultimately rejected), so they are broadening it this year to include junior candidates. Their preference, however, remains in favor of an associate-level or advanced assistant professor.
  • Does anyone know anything about the tenuring record at Georgetown?
  • [removed]
  • The statements regarding tenure in the bullet preceding this one are misleading. "According to rumor"--as the final sentence reads--is just that: rumor. Georgetown openly and warmly encourages applicants from women, minorities, and underrepresented persons in academia. The university has a liberal family leave policy (for both men and women).
  • The deleted statement was correct. The history department has tenured almost every applicant over the last 20 years and a contentious recent case was settled in the (female) applicant's favor after a threatened discrimination lawsuit.
  • Here are some figures about the "diversity" in GU's history dept. Out of about 39 tenured and tenure track profs about 15 are female. Of these only two are not tenured yet (one has not published a book yet, they got PhDs in 2004 and 2005). Several are full professors. Among other (ethnic) categories there are about 4 Western Europeans, 3 Eastern Europeans, 2 Asians (women), 2 Mid-Easterners, One African-American, at least one Latino/Hispanic. GU has a long tradition of having Eastern and Western European profs, and Middle-Eastern and Latin American profs.
  • Theoretically if an asst. prof with several years of experience elsewhere tranfers to GU she or he would still need to teach at the school for 3 years before receiving tenure and promotion. In practice in the last few years two advanced asst profs (females) with a book each under publication and several peer reviewed articles were apparently tenured in a couple of years after joining the GU history dept soon after their books came out. It seems that publishing a well received book and several peer reviewed article would do the trick for tenuring. In past decades GU did tenure some professors with good teaching skills who published little. But this does not seem possible anymore, as the school considers itself a research university. The school does pride itself on providing good teaching, including to undergrads, so that good teaching skills could accelerate tenure and promotion. Middling teaching skills could retard them in some departments but not necessarily nix them. Re the previous post it should be mentioned that in the past two women have been chairs of the History Dept.
  • Two bullets above ("Here are some figures" and "The deleted statement") are so blatently false as to be libelous. The statement beginning here of some figures mentioning sexual orientataion--an illegal consideration in a position--IS libelous.
  • The bullet beginning "here are some figures" has all of the figures wrong. At present the department has 39 tenure and tenure-track faculty, 15 female, and 24 male. The georgraphical distributions are: US (9), Africa (1), Asia and South Asia (6), Environmental (2), Europe (10), Latin America (3), Middle East (5), Russia and Eastern Europe (3).
  • So applicants, especially at the assistant rank, be at peace: this well-rated university and department hire to tenure!
  • these "figures" are oriented differently - the first poster is referring to the ethnicity of the department, the second to their geographical areas of study.
  • back to the issue at hand: has anything happened in this search yet?
  • supposedly they have narrowed their search down to three people.
  • Does that mean 3 people have been contacted?
  • heard from one person who was supposedly one of three finalists.
  • What's the news in this search?
  • The news is that a former Furman professor (see above post) is a finalist before even teaching a day at Tennessee! A colleague there tells me it's unlikely that department will get the line back (at least not immediately), so this individual is literally eliminating work in the profession. How sleazy is that?
  • If that is true, that is truly screwed up. But I guess she is just taking advantage of the situation, leveraging one book into three positions and a fellowship. Good for her, sigh.
  • "Good for her?" Rank careerism is what it is and it's helping destroy public education. (Ditto. I totally agree.)
  • You all should be ashamed of anonymously slandering a colleague on this forum, esp. one who it seems has neither left her new job nor gotten another offer yet. You're telling me you wouldn't do the same thing if you had the chance? Please.
  • I just wish to add that it is unprofessional to reveal a potential candidate at any stage in a search before that search has been completed (that is, an offer extended, accepted, and the results officially announced). It's not right to the search and it is not right to the candidate. No one should expect his/her name to be revealed before anything is completed on a public site without their express knowledge and agreement. (x3)
  • All of your to-and-fro (especially the disingenuous piety masquerading as "you'd do the same thing" and "that's so unprofessional") is nauseating. Can we restore some ethics to this profession and stop using jobs as stepping stones to other jobs?
  • Really - it's careerism that's destroying public education? Not the fact that the funding for a position got cut after someone vacated it? You're supposed to stay in or take an unsatisfactory job for the sake of the field? This is a job, not a vocation. Trade up while you can.
  • I must say I find this thread revolting. I applied for the position, and am disappointed, too, not to have received an interview. But I think we all know how arbitrary searches are (and besides, the people at Georgetown don't seem to know WHAT they want...). Given the state of the profession and the job market, I think we should all refrain from passing judgment on what others do in this case - especially given the fact that this is a position for an already advanced person. Which means that those passing judgment are, in all likelihood, using their current job as a stepping stone as well! If I'm wrong, well, let the first one cast a stone... (x2)
  • The position may be already filled. The BMW Center website mentions that a new colleague specializing in Modern German History will join the program in Jan 2012. She has a Ph.D. from Cambridge and is a fellow there. She has already published a notable book and several articles in both English and German. Also the School of Foreign Service website is no longer advertizing the position.

Marquette University []

  • Assistant Professor specializing in Germany since 1815 + Holocaust.
  • Deadline: October 31, 2010
  • Are they still trying to find a permanent TT replacement for Rebecca Wittmann who left after only one year (2002/3)?
  • No. Recently tenured professor (at MU 2005-2010) left.
  • ---and I would add, under good terms that had nothing to do with Marquette, no distastefulness at all.
  • AHA interview request (11/23)
  • Rejection letter (dated 12/2) received by snail mail (12/10)
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • This position has been filled

Ohio University[]

  • Assistant Professor, Modern Germany (post 1870)
  • Seeking a candidate prepared to teach the history of twentieth-century Germany, the Nazi period, other courses in the history of modern Europe, and Western Civilization surveys. The ability to teach the Holocaust is an asset.
  • Requires online application:
  • Review of applications begins November 8
  • Some interesting politics here:
    • The current search at OU is not related to the denial of reappointment case discussed in this article
  • They did hire someone late last year as a VAP to teach - I assume not coincidentally - the same fields that are now asked for as a tenure line.
  • Contacted for skype interview (11/19)
  • What happened after Nov. 19? Did anyone ever receive an ack./ AHA interview / rejection email/letter?
  • Skype interviews Dec 1 and 2. No news since.
  • Still no news?
  • Still no news? (Jan. 17)
  • Are we looking at a cancelled search? (2/4)
  • I logged in to HR and saw "Position filled." (2/17) Snail mail rejection letter received. (3/7)

University of Alabama[]

  • Tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor in Modern German/Central European history. The successful candidate will be expected to teach the department’s Western Civilization survey, as well as upper-level and graduate courses in his/her area of specialty.
  • Deadline: November 15.
  • Q: Does anyone know why George Williamson left?
  • He went to FLorida State
  • Contacted for more writing samples 11/18 (x5)
  • Ditto (11/18)
  • Perhaps I wasn't contacted for additional writing samples because my initial sample was that good. /irrepressible optimism (x3!)
  • AHA interview request (12/6) (x5)
  • Campus interview scheduled by phone (1/19)
  • Offer extended and accepted

University of Alabama at Birmingham[]

  • Tenure-earning Assistant Professor position in Modern German History
  • Deadline: December 31.
  • contacted for skype interview via email (1/14) x3
  • Wow, that was fast. May I ask if they requested writing samples/more material?
  • How many people have been contacted for an interview? Can't believe they went through all the applications so quickly - (considering that they probably started only after New Year's, or Jan. 3)?
  • Is this a visiting position?
  • No, no additional materials requested. Skype interview done on 1/20. They received 51 applications.
  • Has anyone been invited to campus? 1/31
  • Haven't heard anything here (2/1)
  • Yes, though I wasn't one of the people who was invited
  • "They received 51 applications" - For those in the know, is this a low, average, or high number of applicants for this kind of search? -- Answer: I consider this surprisingly low. 120 would be more like it. Any other views?
  • That is on the low side. Pitt, for example, received 135 applicants for its similarly-worded ad.
  • I am going to have to disagree here: 51 for a modern Germany search at a smallish southern school is right in the expected range. Of course Pitt would get more - it's Pitt! And their search was for 'central europe', a slightly broader category depending on your interpretation.
  • Was a hire made for this position? (6/7)
  • This position has been filled. (6/9)

University of Colorado at Boulder[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in Modern Germany starting August 2011. Candidates in all specializations for the period since 1815 are welcome to apply.
  • Review of completed applications will begin on November 15, 2010.
  • Great department, and the head of the committee is a treasure. Good luck on this one, guys and gals!
  • anyone heard anything yet?
  • request for AHA interview received (12/9)
  • automated e-mail rejection (12/13) (x4)
  • Anyone know what happened here? Just curious - no news of campus invites. (2/8)
  • I heard that they made their on-campus selections a few weeks ago but I don't know whether they have finished those interviews and/or made an offer. The finalists were very high-profile (3/5)
  • By "high-profile" do you mean high-profile ABDs and recently-minted PhDs? Or high-profile, already established in the field assistant/associate profs?
  • By high profile I meant people with books in contract or in print and a second book well under way, and with work that was cutting edge in the field. Assistant professors.

University of Mississippi[]

  • tenure-track assistant professor with a specialization in the history of Germany, 1800-1945.
  • Open until filled; applications completed by November 5, 2010 are guaranteed full consideration.
  • Anyone have the inside scoop on why Ole Miss has such as odd timeline, 1800-1945? It was the same when they hired several years ago.
  • Their Early-modern Europe person does 18th-century Switzerland/Germany.
  • Request for AHA interview (11/29) (x4)
  • Friendly rejection email. (12/02) (x4)
  • What happened in 18th-century Switzerland?
  • Swiss Chocolate War
  • Campus visit scheduled 1/21
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Seems odd that UM just posted an ad for a "Visiting Assistant Professor of European History for the 2011-2012 academic year. Pending departmental need and budgetary approval, this position may be renewed for a second year."
    • I don't see how that's odd. There are many possible explanations. They have a number of Europeanists. One is going on leave, or they're considering a further expansion.
    • Different poster from above, but I agree that it is odd. Two reasons: 1) they just hired a European (German) historian, so it is therefore strange to immediately hire a visiting Europeanist and 2) if they are hiring a sabbatical replacement, why advertise without any specifics? No timeline, no specialization, regional or otherwise. That is indeed a little odd.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln []

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in Modern Germany/Jewish History/Holocaust history. This is the re-run of the search to replace Alan Steinweis.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 15, 2010
  • Has this search been called off again? 12/10
  • AHA interview request. (12/10)
  • Has anyone heard anything about on-campus interviews? (1/24)
  • I really the only person checking this? Or does everyone else know something I don't?! Oh dear.
  • There wasn't alot of commentary about this one last year either, until it was canceled. Maybe smaller pool of applicants (I assume, because of the job requirements) = fewer potential wiki posters? I wouldn't read too much into the silence.
  • Thank you for posting and for the info about last year's search. I hope the search has not been canceled as it seems like a great place to work. Trying not to read too much into it!
  • I know at least one person has been invited to campus. (1/28)
  • Ah, good to know. Good luck to them!

University of Pittsburgh[]

  • Central Europe, "with a preference for Germany in a European or global context. We invite applications from candidates working on any time period."
  • Applications due October 15, 2010
  • They started a search two years ago (to replace Christian Gerlach, I believe), but suspended it in December '08.
  • Did anyone ever receive an acknowledgement (or even more)?
  • No ack. received - sent it early Oct. (11/16) (x6)
  • Never received an ack, still waiting (12/14)
  • snail-mail rejection letter (12/13)
  • Request for more materials: publications, syllabi, etc. (11/16) -- How many people have been asked for more materials so far?
    • Further materials requested: What time period? Medieval? Early Modern? Modern?
    • Note that this wiki will become ineffective if posters do not reply to follow-up questions such as the ones above -- even with a "decline to answer" answer. Otherwise this just becomes a supreme waste of time.
  • Have interviews been scheduled? Any more info?
  • Snail-mail rejection dated 12/7, received 12/13
  • Any updates? No one posted news of AHA or campus interviews; makes me suspect either an inside candidate or a canceled search. (2/8)
  • There was a round of Skype interviews, followed by campus visits. The search has not been cancelled.
  • I heard this position was filled.

University of Sussex (UK)[]

  • Position: Reader in Jewish History and Director of the Centre for German-Jewish Studies
  • "We are seeking an experienced university teacher with a strong record of research and publication in the field of Modern European-Jewish History and Culture, with a special focus on the experience of German-speaking Jewry. The successful applicant will provide academic leadership for the Centre, organize conferences and workshops, develop links with cognate institutions and maintain the Centre's archival collection, communicating the findings of research to a wider public."
  • Starts January 1, 2011 (or after)
  • Closing date for applications: 24 September 2010

Russian History

Georgetown University[]

  • Tenure-line position in twentieth-century Russian/Soviet history. The search committee welcomes applications from candidates who are tenured, or soon tenurable, at the rank of Associate Professor.
  • Review of applications will begin November 1 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • does anyone know anything at all about what they might be looking for, or whether anyone has an inside track on this one?
  • Heard a rumor that a professor from American U was angling for it. Don't know if that's true.
  • I'm skeptical that he's competitive b/c he's so junior ('07 PhD, albeit from Gtwn). Wouldn't blame him for trying, though.
  • The AU professor in question earned his PhD in '99 from Harvard
  • Also, the AU professor in question has a book out
  • I see who you mean. Clearly has close ties to the department, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's got an inside track.
  • They're not yet at interview stage but invited applicants to a reception for Georgetown's Russia/Eurasia program at AAASS/ASEEES.
  • will decide on 3-4 for on campus by end of Dec; on-campus interviews will begin in January
  • has anyone heard anything from them yet?
  • heard campus interviews list has been finalized.
  • has anyone been contacted?
  • No word as of 1/13/11 (x2)
  • three candidates have been on campus (2/24/11)
  • An offer has been made (3/17/11)
  • The School of Foreign website no longer advertizes the position. Does it mean that the offer has been accepted? If so is it by the AU Asssociate Professor mentioned earlier? Does anyone know?
  • It may not be the AU associate professor. The course schedule for the History Department shows that an Associate Professor in Modern Russian History from the U. of Maryland will be teaching a course in Fall 2011. He has published or edited several books and written many articles. I am not sure if he is joining G'town or just teaching a course on a part-time or visiting basis. His specialization is very much in line with what is called for in the job description. Of course it would be a big deal to give up a tenured position at U. of Maryland.
  • the former UMd prof took the job

Middlebury College[]

  • 3-year VAP in Modern Russia
  • Deadline December 13, 2010
  • Does anyone know what they want you to include in your dossier? The job posting does not specify.
  • Ack/EEO received 12/7
  • My acknowledgement mentioned that they are doing AHA interviews. Has anyone heard about them yet? (12/21)
  • AHA interview arranged via e-mail (12/22)
  • any news here?
  • No news yet. (1/19)
  • campus visits have been scheduled.
  • Offer made and accepted.

Murray State[]

  • Assistant Professor of Eastern European/Russian/Soviet History
  • Deadline October 15, 2010
  • Relatively heavy teaching load
  • Any news?
  • Interviews scheduled (12/03) All of them? Or just yours?
    • Just mine as far as I know - should have said interview scheduled (12/06)

New York University[]

  • Assistant Professor of Russian/Soviet History since 1917
  • who is this replacing? There are already 2 Russian historians at NYU. They're replacing Stephen Cohen.
  • FYI - the online application also requires a "statement of research and goals."
  • heard a rumor that they're looking for a junior scholar.
  • Received email request for all chapters of dissertation (11/15)
  • Polite rejection received by e-mail (11/22).
  • Have not received a rejection or a request for more writing (11/30). Is anyone else in the same position?
  • Seems a bunch of us are, yes. (11/30)
  • Anyone know if they are interviewing at AHA?
    • yes. Email requesting more materials indicated that they were planning on intervewing at AHA.
  • Has anyone been invited for interviews yet?
  • yes, interview scheduled for AHA
  • Congrats! When?
  • via email on 12/6
  • What's going on with this one?
  • who got this one?

Northern Illinois[]

  • Imperial Russia/Soviet Union - Open rank.
  • Deadline November 5, 2010
  • There is currently a VAP/Soviet historian teaching there: he could be an inside candidate.
  • A User ( deleted the following information: *Email invitation to an AHA interview (12/3) (x1)
    (could not undo as there had been several edits)
  • Snail mail rejection letter (12/11) (X4)
  • any news since the AHA?
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/19)
  • offer accepted

Smith College[]

  • Assistant progessor in "the history of imperial Russia and the Soviet Union, including Eurasia, through the twentieth century, with research interests focused in the 19th and 20th C."
  • The position is based at Smith, shared with Amherst, and may involve teaching at other Five College institutions (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts Amherst) on occasion.
  • Application due November 8, 2010.
  • Sounds like they already have their guy -- note, Eurasia.
  • Has Sergey Glebov quit?
  • Any word on how this shared position shakes out - anything good about it? Sounds like it could have its serious downsides: not being rooted in a single department (and not being embraced as a full colleague anywhere), shuttling around to various campuses, etc.
  • Has anyone received an acknowledgement or EEO? (11/30)
  • Only a nice email a few weeks ago asking me to complete the application online (I had sent via snail mail). I believe the EEO was part of the online application. (11/30)
  • Gosh any news here? It's getting close to AHA now.
  • AHA interview scheduled by email (12/14)
  • At AHA they said they'd contact about campus visits "in about two weeks" and schedule in Feb. Has anyone heard anything? No (2/3)
  • They scheduled campus interviews back in mid-January.

Villanova University[]

  • Women and Gender in Modern Europe, Soviet period required
  • Deadline October 8
  • their website lists a visiting assistant professor who specializes in this field and has been teaching there for a long time
  • Their current VAP is also listed as the Director of Russian Area Studies. Given the way the ad is written, they already have their candidate.
  • Now that is flipping hillarious. And by hillarious, I mean really depressing.
  • Perhaps we should consider that this VAP has paid his/her dues and now has the opportunity to become a tenure-stream professor instead of a visitor - which typically means that he/she teaches more classes than his/her tenure-track colleagues for less money? Perhaps we should be happy for this person?
  • Perhaps some sympathy for all the applicants who will put a lot of effort and financial resources into applications that will never be given serious consideration.
  • Yes - sympathy for everybody. Being on the job market totally blows, no matter who you are or what your status.
  • However, almost every job you apply to, no matter if there is a VAP in place or not, is a waste of time, effort and financial resources - when over 100 people apply to each position, the odds are simply stacked against you.
  • Friends, let's try and keep this page informative, with updates on the specific searches only. There are separate pages for discussion, as well as "the venting page," where we can discuss the hardships and frustrations of being on the market.
  • The more dialogue the better -- it's all informative -- when it comes down to it.
  • Has anyone heard anything? (10/19/10)
  • Candidates invited to interview <---when?

Spanish History[]

University of Texas at El Paso[]

  • Tenure-track position in the history of Spain beginning September 2011. Ph.D. required by time of employment. Preferred period of specialization somewhere between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. Willingness to teach World History survey and ability to teach courses on borders within Europe, between Europe and the Islamic world, or between Europe and the Americas desirable.
  • Review of applications will begin November 15, 2010, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • 2-2 teaching load, with PhD students in program all required to do one transnational field.
  • Email ack & eoaa form (12/13) x2
  • AHA interview request
  • Campus interview scheduled (1/24)
  • job offered and accepted (3/1)
  • Congratulations to the successful candidate. It seemed like a wonderful department.