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Anyville Community College - Open: application acknowledged 2/02; phone interview 3/16; rejection letter 3/17; offer made 3/28; offer accepted 4/07

Big Name University - Human Development: application acknowledged 10/15; short list 11/25; rejection letter 11/30; phone interview 12/01; campus interview 12/05; offer made 02/01; offer accepted 02/08

Huge State University - Family Studies: application acknowledged 10/30; search canceled 12/13 - Child Development: application acknowledged 10/24; short list 11/27; campus interview 12/25; rejection letter 12/28

Some Small Liberal Arts College - Open: application acknowledged 11/02; short list 11/30; phone interview 12/16; rejection letter 12/17; offer made 01/28; offer accepted 02/14


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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo -Child Development: phone interview 12/9; campus interview in Jan. , offer made late Feb.

Cal State - Northridge -Family and Consumer Science: application acknowledged 1/10

Central Michigan University -Human Development and Family studies: application acknowledged 11/12; application acknowledged 11/10; phone interview mid-Jan; campus interview in Feb., offer accepted early March

Colby-Sawyer College -Child Studies: phone interview 11/12

Brigham Young University -School of Family Life: campus interview scheduled for Jan 12/10; hiring freeze 12/28

East Carolina University -Family and Community Services:

James Madision University -Child Development (in psychology department): application acknowledged 10/3

Louisiana State University -Child & Family Studies: application acknowledged 10/2; on-campus interview 10/15; rejection letter stating offer made and accepted 12/22

Louisiana Tech University -Family Studies: application acknowledged 10/5; phone interview 10/21; references called 11/3; 12/13 search frozen SC hopes to resume in early Jan.

Montclair State University -Family and Child Studies: application acknowledge 10/2; NCFR interview 11/7

Penn State - University Park -HDFS: application acknowledge 10/10

Penn State- Shenango -Human Development and Family Studies:

Penn State-Brandywine -Humdan Development and Family Studies: video/phone interview 11/12

Penn State-Worthington/Scranton -Human Development and Family Studies: phone interview 10/30; campus visit scheduled for 11/21

Plymouth State University -Childhood Studies: phone interview 11/3; campus visit scheduled 11/10

Portland State University -Child and Family Studies: application acknowledged 12/5; rejection via letter that said slot was filled 2/10

Purdue Univeristy -Family Studies: application acknowledge 10/31; 11/15 "interviews currently taking place"; offer was made and accepted 2/10

Rutgers Camden -Childhood Studies: application acknowledged (10/20 X2)

SUNY - Oneonta -Child and Family Studies: application acknowledged 1/10; phone interview scheduled 2/13

Towson University -Family Studies: application acknowledged 1/15

University of Delaware -Human Development and Family Studies: application acknowledged 12/7; Short list notified 12/16;

University of Guelph -Family Relations (2 openings):

University of Maryland -Family Studies: application acknowledged 1/21; email recieved indicated search committee still reviewing applications 2/12

University of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Coast Campus -Family and Human Development: letter saying search was canceled for now due to budget reasons 2/17

University of Tennessee-Knoxville -Child and Family Studies:application acknowledged 11/13; 10/31; 11/5. Notice of hiring freeze and cancelled search on 12/19.

University of Wisconsin-Madison -Human Development and Family studies: application acknowledged 11/15

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay -Human Development: phone interview 11/3

Utah State -Family, Consumer and Human Development: request for addtional material 1/17; short list 1/20; on campus interview scheduled for Feb 1/24


Auburn University - Human Development & Family Studies (multiple positions): rumored that campus interviews have occurred; 1 offer was made and accepted 12/14

Colorado State University - Prevention (Human Development & Family Studies): phone interview 10/29; campus interview invitations rumored on/around 11/30; campus interviews in January; offer made 2/1; offer accepted 2/11 - Early Childhood (HD & FS): phone interview 10/30; phone interview 12/14; campus invite 12/28; campus interviews in January

Cornell University -Human Development: rejection letter 11/19

Indiana University - Human Development (in Ed Psych): short list 11/26; interview invitation 12/17; interviews in late January; rumored an offer made & accepted 2/22

Northern Illinois University - Child Development: application acknowledged 9/28

Ohio State University - Human Development & Family Science: application acknowledged 10/18; campus interview invitations on/around 12/1; rumored an offer made 2/22

Penn State University - Human Development & Family Studies: application acknowledged 10/9; campus interview invitations on/around 12/1; campus invite 12/14; "search closed" 2/11

Purdue University - Child Development & Family Studies: application acknowledged 10/19; rejection letter 3/10

Syracuse University - Child Development & Family Studies: application acknowledged 12/15; interviews in February

University of Connecticut - Human Development & Family Studies: application acknowledged 9/30; NCFR interview invite 10/07; rejection letter 12/21;

University of Maryland - College Park - Human Development: application acknowledged 10/19; rejection letter 12/18; campus invite 1/4

University of Tennessee - Child & Family Studies: application acknowledged 9/24; campus interview mid-Jan; rejection letter stating search concluded successfully 3/17

University of Wyoming - Human Development: application acknowledged 10/3; rejection letter 11/19

West Virginia University - Youth & Family Studies: application acknowledged 10/18; short list 12/13; campus invite 1/18; interviews in late Jan/early Feb; offer extended late feb; offer accepted 3/5 - Early Childhood: rumored offer extended late feb