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Anyville Community College - Open: application acknowledged 2/02; phone interview 3/16; rejection letter 3/17; offer made 3/28; offer accepted 4/07

Big Name University - Human Development: application acknowledged 10/15; short list 11/25; rejection letter 11/30; phone interview 12/01; campus interview 12/05; offer made 02/01; offer accepted 02/08

Huge State University - Family Studies: application acknowledged 10/30; search canceled 12/13 - Child Development: application acknowledged 10/24; short list 11/27; campus interview 12/25; rejection letter 12/28

Some Small Liberal Arts College - Open: application acknowledged 11/02; short list 11/30; phone interview 12/16; rejection letter 12/17; offer made 01/28; offer accepted 02/14


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West Virginia University -Family Studies (Open): link to posting ; application deadline extended to January 22; offer accepted 3/28.