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Add updates to the end of each entry as they come in: Additional materials requested, video interview scheduled, campus visit scheduled, offer extended, offer accepted, rejection received.

Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street.

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See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2020-2021 .

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Jobs with 2020 Application Deadlines[]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Assistant Professor, Film Studies,[]

We especially encourage applicants with interest in transnational cinematic movements, including African Diasporic/Black, Latin-American/Latinx, and Global Indigenous." Due: October 4, 2020, TT.

Updates: R1: Received a request for writing sample on 10/30 (due 11/4), but nothing since. R2: [Dec. 3] If you don't mind, I'd be interested to know more about the writing sample request. On Oct. 30, I noticed a “writing sample needed” prompt on AJO, but when I checked with the dept., I was told that they had not requested additional materials from applicants yet and didn’t know why AJO had prompted me. Shortly thereafter, the prompt on AJO disappeared. Did they reach out to you to request a writing sample? R1: I initially got an automated AJO prompt but soon after was contacted by the dept via e-mail and instructed to submit the writing sample via e-mail. R2: Thanks for clarifying! Good luck :-) R3: Any further updates? R4: [Dec 11] Got an email scheduling an interview.R3 Anyone else get email for interview? I got writing sample request and haven't heard back since, just want to be sure that if I didn't get asked for interview today, I'm out of the running... R5: Heard offer was made (3/8)

The Ohio State University, Department Chair, The Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts.[]

"The successful candidate will have expertise in one or more of the department’s areas of teaching, scholarship, and practice, which include performance history and theory; theatre design and technology; acting; directing; and film studies and media production." Review of applications begins: January 4, 2021. Tenured (Associate Professor or Professor).

University of Washington (Seattle, WA), Assistant Professor, Cinema and Media Studies.[]

Specialization: Race and Media in the US: "Race and cinema, television, or media in the United States, in any of the following specializations, including but not restricted to, African-American, Latinx, Native American, or Asian-Pacific-American cinema and media." Due: November 1, 2020. TT.

  • Letters and 2nd writing sample requested Nov. 17 (due Nov. 21)
  • Campus Visit Stage (January 2021)

Jobs with 2021 Application Deadlines[]

Boston University (Massachusetts). Visiting Assistant Professor. African-American Cinema. April 11, 2021.[]


Boston University (Massachusetts). Lecturer. International / Non-US Film Studies. March 10, 2021. NT. FT.[]


  • 3/16 request for additional materials + Zoom interview
  • 4/5 post-interview rejection

- offer made

Colgate University (Hamilton, NY) - Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Practice and Theory (one year). April 2, 2021. (NT, FT)[]


Updates: Virtual campus visits (5/3); Offer made and accepted (5/14)

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA) - Assistant/Associate Professor of Science Fiction Film Studies. February 1 2021. (TT)[]

Updates: Interviews by Mar. 5 (half-hour each, 18 slots)

Campus visits (4 finalists) to finish Apr. 7

Top finalist notified: May 3

Acceptance: June 1

Kean University: Assistant Professor, Media & Film or Public Relations. TT.[]



  • Interview invitations went out early March
  • Were interviews actually scheduled? I was contacted by phone by the search chair 2/26 to see if I was still interested in the position but have yet to hear back (3/19).
  • 3/19 I believe interviews are complete. I was offered time-slot options ranging from the middle of last week through late this week.
  • (3/26) Did anyone get a teaching demo request or otherwise hear anything post-interview?

Lignan University (Hong Kong) Associate Professor of Film and Media in Department of Visual Studies. Feb 2021. (TT)[]



Messiah University - Assistant Professor of Film, Video and Digital Media Production (TT)[]



Oberlin College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies. February 28, 2021. One-Year, FT, NT.[]



  • (4/6) Wrote to inquire status a few days ago, haven't received a reply. Has anyone else heard anything?

Quinnipiac University. Film, Television and Media Arts (film studies emphasis). 20 Jan 2021. TT.[]



  • R1: [2/4] Has anyone heard anything? R2: [2/10] Nope. R1: [2/17] Wrote to inquire status yesterday, no response yet. R3 02/28: any word back? R1 [3/1] Still not a peep. R4: [3/10] Interview requested. R5: [3/26] Had initial interview. Said they would be reaching out to people in two weeks.

San José State University - Assistant Professor - Film & Theatre - Film Scholar (TT)[]



  • 02/28: Any updates?
  • (3/1: interview requested)

Shenandoah University - Assistant/Associate Professor of Media and Communication, Film Production (TT)[]



St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY). Visiting Assistant Professor of Film Studies. June 2021. (NT, FT).[]

Specializations in African American cinema, Latinx and Latin American cinema, LGBTQ cinema, or Women’s cinema are especially desired.



University of North Carolina Wilmington - Lecturer in Film Studies. May 13 2021. NTT.[]



University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Lecturer in Cinema Studies (NTT)[]


Updates: first-round interviews have been held (5/7)

Anyone hear anything? Have they scheduled second-round interviews? I thought they'd move fast on this job since it's so late... (5/15)

Nothing here. They said that those who advanced would likely know within a week, and it has been over a week, so they may have moved on already. But they also indicated that they expected the process to move slowly once the search switched from CNST to ENG committees. (5/15)

Argh. Ok thanks for the info!

In my interview it wasn't indicated candidates for the 2nd round would be notified within a week but that they would make recommendations and then ENG would deliberate (5/17)

its June 1: does anyone know anything that can put the rest of us out of our misery?(06/01)

I haven’t heard anything so I just assumed they moved on to the final round of interviews without me or made an offer to someone.(06/06)

I received an invitation for a 2nd round interview today. It seems like there are a lot of slots though, so I wonder if they another candidate fell through. (6/7)

2nd round request (x2) but I don't think a candidate fell through. From my understanding, they interviewed an unusually high number of candidates in the first round, so this may still represent a narrowing down. Although I'm hopeful there's just more slots than people. 06/07

I had a 2nd interview too. I thought they said they’d notify the new hire by early-mid week. Just posting to ask if/when someone gets that call, will you please share with the rest of us? 06/17

I'm still waiting to hear back too 06/21

Got my rejection email. Best of luck to the new hire and to everyone else who went through the process. It’s rough at anytime, but particularly now. I hope we all find jobs we love. 06/26

Villanova University (Philadelphia). Instructor or Assistant Teaching Professor. Film and Media. February 2, 2021. NT. FT.[]



Wellesley College - Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies. 21 March. TT.[]



(3/24) Form email I assume everyone who applied received. Plan is interview requests on 4/1, interviews on 4/8-9.

4/1 today's the day; anyone hear anything?

4/1 Has anyone received a rejection/invitation to interview?

Nothing yet here

4/1 Interview invitations out.

4/1/11:38PM - Womp

We all know how bad this market was going to be but nobody has had any chance this year. Didn't matter about publications, fellowships, awards, teaching etc. And the alt-ac market has been just as brutal.

And more shock doctrine coming next year...

Word on the Street[]

U Iowa: R1: Interviews scheduled for next week. R2: Rejected [Dec. 11]. R3: Campus visit invite [Jan. 6]

U Toronto: R1: Interviews held Dec. 21st. Any word on campus visit invites?

UBC (Vancouver) (3/22) It's not on here but UBC Vancouver sent out rejections. (4/01) UBC completed long-list interviews. Any word on whether shortlisted were contacted?