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RECENT ACTIVITY on French & Francophone 2020-2021[]

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Jobs with 2020 Application Deadlines[]

  1. Auburn University (AL). Assistant Professor of French. 11/1. TT.
  2. Beloit College (WI). Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor of French and Francophone Language and Cultures. Francophone literature and culture. Review begins 8/1. NT.
  3. Boston University (MA). Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Performance Studies. 11/30. NTT.
  4. Brown University (RI). Lecturer in French Studies. 11/15. NT.
  5. Eastern Michigan University (MI). Assistant Professor of French. 12/10. TT.
  6. Hillsdale College (MI). Assistant Professor of French. 11/16. TT. - Interview 12/16
  7. Santa Clara University (CA). Assistant Professor of French & Francophone Studies. 20/21C French and Francophone Studies. 10/1. TT. - Interview 11/20
  8. Stanford (CA). Postdoc. Mellon Fellowship. 11/1. NT. [http://
  9. Swarthmore College (PA). Visiting Assistant Professor (3 years). Medieval to 19C + medical humanities/ecocriticism.
  10. Texas Tech (TX). Assistant Professor of French. 11/10. TT. Modern (18-21C) French literature and culture. - Interview 11/23
  11. UC Berkeley (CA). Assistant Professor of French. 19-21C French. 10/30. TT. 
  12. University of Houston (TX). Instructional Assistant Professor -French   
  13. University of Maryland Baltimore County (MD). Assistant Professor in French and Francophone Civilizations. 12/07. TT.
  14. University of Miami (Florida,). Position Title. Open Modern languages. 11/24. .
  15. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (NC). Teaching Associate Professor of French. 12/1. - Interview 1/12, Offer 2/5
  16. University of Notre Dame (IN). Assistant Teaching Professor - French and Francophone Language and Culture. 11/1. - Interview 12/15, Rejection 2/8
  17. Wofford College (SC). Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Non-western Francophone. 19-21C. 11/1. TT.  - Interview 11/24 ; Rejection by email 12/4; Campus visit invite 12/14; Rejection after campus visit 2/3;

Jobs with 2021 Application Deadlines[]

  1. Boston University (MA). Lecturer in French, FT non-TT, (Deadline extended until March 31, 2021). Interview invitation (04/06) Campus visit 4/15
  2. Oklahoma State University. Open rank -- Pandemic Studies cluster.
  3. Oberlin College (OH). Visiting Assistant Professor in French Cultural Studies. Due 3/15.
  4. College of Wooster (OH). Visiting Assistant Professor in French & Francophone Studies. Due 2/1. Interview invitation 03/02
  5. University of North Florida. Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies with a specialization in the study of Haitian and/or Francophone Caribbean Language, Literature and Culture. Due 2/1.
  6. Hollins University. Visiting Assistant Professor of French. Due 2/26. - Interview invitation 03/05
  7. Roanoke College. Assistant Professor of French. Due 2/26.
  8. San Diego State University. TT Assistant Professor, Pre-19C French Studies. Due 1/15. Interview invitation 2/12. References contacted/campus visit invitation (early-March). Rejection email 5/08.
  9. Tufts University. Part-Time French Lecturer. Due 3/1. Interview invitation 03/23
  10. Truman State University. Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor of French & Second Language Acquisition. Due 3/8.
  11. Austin College. Visiting Assistant Professor of French. Due 3/8. Interview invitation 3/25
  12. Harvard University. Preceptor in French. Due 3/15. Interview invitation 03/31
  13. Allegheny College. Assistant Professor of French and German. Review begins 02/22.
  14. Western Washington University. Visiting Assistant Professor of French. Due 3/5.
  15. Colgate University. Visiting Assistant Professor of French. Review begins 3/15. Interview invitation 4/5; offer accepted (5/13)
  16. University of Sheffield (UK). Lecturer in the History of the Francophone World (Dept. of History). Closes 3/24.
  17. Mercer University. Tenure-track French Faculty. Due 3/15.
  18. Bucknell University. Visiting Assistant Professor of French. Review begins 3/22.
  19. Duke University. Instructor, French Language Program. Due 4/1. Interview 4/12
  20. University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Lecturer of French. Review begins 4/19 or 4/21. SEARCH CANCELLED
  21. University of Virginia. Assistant Professor of French (non-TT). No deadline posted; review begins immediately. Interview invitation 4/8
  22. Grove City College (PA). Assistant Professor of French. No deadline posted; review begins immediately, open until filled.
  23. Gettysburg College (PA). Visiting Assistant Professor of French. Interviews begin April 30.
  24. Williams College ((MA). Visiting Assistant Professor of French. Application deadline June 8. Interview invitation 06/16 Any news? (7/06)
  25. Pacific Lutheran University (WA). Visiting Assistant Professor of French. No deadline posted, review of applications began April 30. Interview invitation 6/14
  26. National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan). Assistant Professor of French (also French Linguistics or French Literature). TT, FT. Application Deadline: August 18, 2021.

Word on the Street[]

Any news from the cluster hire at Miami? -- They interviewed a full professor and she gave a job talk-lecture two weeks ago and I think they are in the process of hiring her. (12/24)

I heard there is a strong internal candidate for Texas Tech. -any news ? (12/14) - Has anyone heard anything since the first round of interviews? (12/19) -nothing here (12/21)

Any news about Berkeley? -nothing here (12/14) - they sent out interview requests + asked for supplemental materials (12/18) — campus visit invitation received (11/01) -- offer made (26/2)

Any news about Auburn? - Auburn has done first-round interviews. - Any news since then? (12/12) - Any news? (01/11) - Offer made to a candidate (02/10)

Any news from Wofford after first-round interviews? - Haven't heard anything yet either (12/09). -They said they will be conducting interviews all this week so interviewees will hear end of the week or next week. (12/10). Added on 12/16: I got a formal rejection email from Wofford on 12/04. Added on 2/1: They made an offer. / 2/3: Got a rejection after campus visit; Congrats to the person who accepted the offer!

Colby is interviewing next week. (12.11) - Whoever is going to be interviewed needs to be careful not to overstep on the other faculty members' research and geographical focuses. - Anyone heard from Colby after first round interviews? (12.22) Colby made an offer (2.26).

Anything from Santa Clara? (12/14) - I heard they've already scheduled campus visits (12/14). Added on 2/1: Any news since they conducted campus interviews? - 2/12: I heard someone accepted the offer.

Curious what campus visits are looking like this year.. ?

Did anyone get an invite from Swarthmore to interview this week? - Still nothing here (12/17). - Invite 12/14. Interviews held 12/17-12/18 - Has anyone heard back after the interviews? (01/06) - On 12/19 was invited for campus visit for second week of January - Anything since the campus visits? (02/01) - Still nothing here (02/08) - received email saying they made an offer that was accepted (2/11)

LSU: Request for additional materials (12/18). - Interview requests sent (01/15) - Campus visit requests (01/27)

Any news from the lecturer position at Brown? (12/18) - Any news since December? (1/27) - rejection email received on 2/22 <--would you mind sharing how far you got in the interview process? - I did not get invited for an interview, but it seems interview requests were sent to selected candidates - rejection email received on 3/1 after campus visit on 2/10

Has anyone heard anything about the lecturer position at Penn? It's not listed above. (12/28) They should have a short-list by mid-January (01/01) Does anyone have an interview for the lecturer position at UPenn? (1/16)- They are interviewing their first selection of candidates (email received 01/31)

Any news from University of Houston? (01/11)

Has anyone heard from Notre Dame? (01/11) - They told me during the interview that they won't be in touch with anyone until they resume classes in February. (01/15). Just emailed them to ask for a status. They informed me that they were pursuing other candidates. (03/09) - They said they would let us know (post campus visit) at the beginning of March, I assume the offer was already made -- OFFER MADE (03/17).

Has anyone heard from Hillsdale College? (01/12) - Nothing since the interview on 12/16 (01/13). - Campus visits scheduled for end of January (01/16) - Rejection by email (02/11).

Any news from University of Maryland, Baltimore County? (1/14) - Nothing here (1/14) - Still nothing? (1/22) - Still nothing here (1/25) Still nothing?? (2/10) I heard they have an internal candidate (2/12)

Eastern Michigan U: Interview request, first-round (1/18) - Any news? (2/19) - Any news since the first round of interviews? (3/10) - They have just concluded the campus visits (3/11). OFFER ACCEPTED (4/1)

Any news from Furman after the first interviews on the first week of January? (01/24) - nothing here (1/27) -note from HR that the search was concluded (2/16)

Any news from San Diego State? (1/27) - nothing here (2/07) still no news? (4/1) First-round interviews were in February, but I have had no news since then (4/11) -I know someone who had a campus visit mid March (4/11) -Any updates? Waiting is tough. (4/16) Waiting is awful, I feel for you (us). -Solidarity, hang in there! Are you also a finalist at SDSU (/any idea when we might hear back)? - When you say "finalist" do you mean that you have had a campus visit and/or heard back after first round interviews? If so, please update!

Has anyone heard from Sam Houston State? (1/27)

French Instructor Position-Mississippi State University, rejection email received on 01/30

Any news from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor? (2/1) No, but I know they have an internal candidate and the job was open for him. (2/1) Welp (2/4)

Any news from UConn? (2/2) Campus visits for the Catalyzing Anti-racist and Decolonial Futures cluster hire took place between 2/8 and 2/19. Any word since the campus visits? (3/3)

Any news from Boston University? (2/20) Virtual Campus Visits took place the week of February 8th. - Any word since the campus visit? (2/25)

Any news from Durham University, UK? It's not listed above. (3/08) Long listed (04/27) Any news? (05/06)

Any news from University of North Florida? I had a Zoom interview on 2/25 but haven't heard anything since. (today is 3/29, it probably doesn't look good!)

Has anyone heard from Hollins University since first round interviews? (3/31) They sent invitations to campus visits last week (04/01)

(2/10: Is it me or is 'still nothing' the most used phrase this year?...)

Has anyone heard from Oberlin since first-round interviews? (4/2); Contacted for campus visit on 3/30 - Heard someone accepted their offer.

Did anyone hear from Austin College after the first-round of interviews?

Has anyone heard from The Georgia Institute of Technologies since first-round interviews? Nothing here (04/12), since they said finalist interviews would be 'mid-April' I assume no news is not good news. Contacted for Campus visit on 4/09.

Any news from Harvard since the first-round of interviews? Nothing here. They told me during the itw that I'd hear from them next week. It's been a rough job market year, best of luck to all (04/10). Thank you, I could not remember what they said about the timeline. I'm grateful for this community because it can be alienating never hearing back from a search committee after a first interview. Still no news (4/15)? Nothing here. I assume that they moved ahead. Best of luck to the finalists (4/16). Received rejection for preceptor position 6/21.

Did anyone get an interview invitation from Bucknell University? I know someone who did. Received rejection email (6/17)

News from Mercer University? Has teaching demo last week (4/14) but haven't heard back. -- Received rejection on 5/28

Has anyone gotten an interview with Gettysburg College (4/26)? / Review of applications will start on the 30th, no? Not sure but the job posting reads: "Interviews will take place via Zoom, beginning April 30, 2021 and will continue until the position is filled.", so I would assume invitations would have gone out by now, no? / Rejection email (05/20) but perhaps one of the best rejection emails I have ever received as it is very thoughtful and well-formulated.

Any news from Tufts after the first-round of interviews?

Has anyone heard from University of Virginia since they conducted interviews? A friend did a campus visit there

Did anyone apply to University of Louisville and/or hear any updates? (Assistant Professor, Term - basically VAP). Applications were due 04/27. SEARCH CANCELLED.

Any news from the University of Alabama (Instructor of French - two positions) after first-round interviews? Has anyone heard anything since the interview? (06/09)

Did anyone apply to the positions at University of Limerick and/or Maynooth University, Ireland (not listed here)? Any news? And does anyone understand about eligibility if you aren't an EU resident/citizen? Some of the language in the application made it seem that you might be ineligible if you're not one, but was unclear. / Rejection from Limerick (05/19). I think you do need to be a EU resident though. - I applied to Maynooth and was also confused about whether EU citizenship or Irish residency was a requirement. In any case, I think it's probably too early to hear back. The deadline was only 3 days ago (05/19). The wording of the ad isn't great, but no I assume they can apply for a visa/work permit on your behalf (otherwise I can't see why they would advertise in the MLA!). Any news from Limerick and/or Maynooth? (06/07) / Like I mentionned above, I received a rejection email from Limerick in May. No news from Maynooth but since the deadline was mid-May, they have probably contacted candidates for interviews. - Rejection from Maynooth (06/11) (x2)

Did anyone else apply for the Assistant/Associate Professor of French Language and Francophone Studies at the American University of Paris position (not listed here)? If so, any news? (05/24) - nothing here. The deadline was 14 days ago so, my hopes are spiraling down but are not entirely extinct yet (05/24) I applied as well. Nothing here either (05/25) Have you seen that the due date on Interfolio has changed? (now 05/25). -Not sure if that's a good or a bad sign though.... - I can picture them flooded with applications. I mean... - I contacted them. I was told that dates for interviews would be known by early June. Good luck everyone! - Thanks for sharing :) / 06/01: Contacted for interview. / I also applied to AUP but did not receive any email for a job interview yesterday. I guess it's over. Did anyone else receive an email yesterday? / Another friend of mine did as well. 06/08: They were ideally looking for someone already present in the EU so I would be curious to know where those who received interview requests are based... / I am in France but my friend is based in the US. / 06/10: Invited for Campus Visit. Lucky you! / OFFER MADE (06/28)

Did anyone apply to Manchester Metropolitan University and/or hear any updates? (Applications were due on 05/24 if I remember well) - Rejection 06/11

Did anyone hear about the job at Queens University (Canada) for the Assistant Professor in Decolonial Feminism and Black Studies position? (02/18)