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What's your Status?[]


Currently in TT job:4

PhD in hand, currently in non-TT job:25

PhD in hand, currently unemployed:8


Adjunct: 1

Other: 2

ABD, but looking to defend this year: 20

ABD in non-TT job: 5


Francophone: 12

Medieval: 2

Renaissance: 6

17th: 4

18th: 6

19th: 14

20th/21st : 16

Other? Define: cinema 2; visual culture 2

SLA/Pedagogy (language and culture): 3

Linguistics and sociolinguistics: 1

Language Background[]

Native speaker: 7

Non-native speaker: 34

Heritage speaker: 4


Appalachian State University []

  • Acknowledgement received 11/02 (email) (x3)
  • References contacted 12/02
  • interview via Skype scheduled (12/3)
  • not interviewing at MLA...going straight to campus visits
  • Position filled (see below)

Augusta SU (TT)[]

Any news? (4/8) I'm waiting too!

4/11 e-mail notifying that search is on-going and that a shortlist will be identified late April (x 2)

5/4 finalists have been chosen (I called to inquire)

Position filled (see below)

Bennington []

Contacted 2/14 for phone interview (x2)

Offer extended and accepted (4/4/11)

Boston College (Visiting, Spring 2011)[]

Candidate already chosen

Bowdoin (2 VAP, 1 year, possible renewal for one)[]

  • Any idea what they mean by "evidence of teaching excellence" in the ad? Student evaluations? Peer evaluations? Syllabi?
  • I would send evals and possibly a syllabus or two.
  • I think it means whichever of the options you see fit to submit. No clear cut meaning.
  • I sent my evaluations. Got interviewed on Thursday. They were interviewing on Friday as well. They're supposed to let us know by the end of next week. 02-19
  • I sent classroom observation reports. My recommenders were contacted on Friday 2/19.
  • Campus visits set up for March.
  • Rejection e-mail received 3/25

Bowling Green SU (Instructor; 1 year renewable; 20-21st)[]

  • acknowledgment received 2/15, 3/15

Bucknell (VAP, 1 year, Francophone)[]

Any update?

Received e-mail stating "position has been accepted by one of the candidates" (4/12)

Bucknell (VAP, 1 year)[]

Brandeis (postdoc)[]

  • Acknowledgment received (email, 11/30)
  • Should this perhaps go on the Humanities and Social Sciences post-doc Wiki?
  • The search is being led by the Romance Studies Dept.
  • Request for writing sample 12/16 (email) - did you not originally send one or is this a 2nd? (This was the first one)
  • Rejection letter received 2/9: "not among the three finalists"
  • Anyone else with no rejection letter and no skype interview invite? (2/13) Yes (x2).
  • Rejection letter received 2/12
  • position filled
  • Extremely nice rejection letter received 2/22

Brown University (Lecturer, 3 yr contract)[]

  • Acknowledgement received 12/8 (mail)
  • Phone interview scheduled

Central Michigan University (TT, Francophone Literature and Culture)[]

  • Any information on whether or not they have invited finalists to campus? Yes they have (a friend was invited)
  • position filled (see below)

Colby College (Visiting, Contemporary French Studies)[]

  • Request for letters of recommendation (x2 11/16, 12/7 mail)
  • position filled (see below)

College of the Holy Cross (VAP, 17th/18th)[]

  • Acknowledgement received (snail mail)
  • position filled (see below)

College of William and Mary (TT, 19th and early 20th c. cultural studies)[]

- position filled (see below)

College of Wooster (VAP, generalist)[]

  • Acknowledgement received (12/6, email) (1/24) (1/27)
  • Skype interviews conducted this week (2/10)
  • Campus Visit scheduled (3/9)
  • Candidate chosen (rejection e-mail 5/5)

Colorado State-Pueblo (Lecturer)[]

Any news on this job?

Coventry University (UK):[]

permanent job (no tenure system in the UK) at whatever level is appropriate to your career so far. Deadline 05-Oct-10.

Dartmouth College (Language Program Director)[]

-- Any news on this one?

-- Offer extended and accepted (02/18)

Dickinson College (VAP, 1 year)[]

  • Has anyone heard from them?
  • I have not heard anything so far.(x2) --> I have not heard anything, either. (1/25)
  • Thanks!
  • Skype interview scheduled for Friday 02-04. (02-02) That makes at least two of us, I wish you your best!
  • Position filled (see below)

Drew University (TT)[]

  • The ad reads "pending budget approval." Any idea on how likely it will be that the search won't get canceled?
  • Request for transcripts (12/01, email) (X11) - review of applications will begin "as soon as the December 3 deadline has passed" - they must have changed the deadline from 11/18 - yes, I just looked at the ADFL ad; they had extended the deadline. --> Though not on the new ad, it sounds like this might be a general request for everyone. -> It also seemed to me that this was a general request for everyone. --> Perhaps I'm trying to look for good news during this bleak job season, but I do know someone who applied and didn't get a request...
  • Request for transcripts (12/02, by email)
  • For those who got asked for transcripts, are you sending official or unofficial ones? In order that they're there by Friday morning, official mailed copies might be tough...
  • I ordered an official transcript to be sent to them, and emailed to let them know that it was coming by next week. I also said in the email that if they would like to have the transcript by Friday, I could fax an unofficial copy to them tomorrow. If I hear back on this, I'll post it here.
  • I asked if I could simply email unofficial grad transcripts and they said no problem.
  • Has anyone heard anything else from them?
  • No news thus far. Are they planning on interviews at MLA?
  • I inquired and they will not be interviewing at MLA. They'll be conducting Skype interviews instead.
  • Ad reposted on Chronicle with deadline 1/17. (1/3/2011)
  • Does anyone know why they reposted? Did they already conduct Skype interviews?
  • Yes, they have already conducted Skype interviews. Not sure why they reposted, but this is the 2nd extension.
  • I inquired and they had to post in the Chronicle to conform to university regulations. So those of us who weren't contacted before probably won't be.
  • Does anyone know if finalists have been contacted for this position yet?
  • I just received email that offer was made and accepted. (x3) (3/28)

Drew University (non-TT, Second Language Acquisition)[]

  • Search canceled.

Duke University (TT, 20th and Cinema)[]

Posted May 9 in the Chronicle.

Duquesne University (Visiting)[]

East Stroudsburg University (TT)[]

  • Rejection email received (1/10) X2

East Tennessee SU (Lecturer)[]

Eckerd College (TT)[]

  • Any word post-MLA?
  • not for me 1/30; I think their J term just ended and they are starting classes on Tuesday
  • any news?
  • 3/2 received e-mail stating the search has been closed because of unforeseen circumstances and they expect to re-open the search next year
  • (4/5) That's interesting^^^ I received an email only today that I was not one of the people selected for a campus visit (back in Nov/Dec). No word of the search being closed...
  • interesting indeed--this has been a weird search overall but now I'm left to wonder where the truth lies...

Elmhurst College ("professional track"??, perhaps will convert to TT)[]

  • Does anyone know what "professional track" means?
  • Rejection received (12/14, by email) x3 (12/15, by email)
  • 3/2: has anyone heard anything about this position?
  • 3/8: offer extended to someone (rejection received). How did you receive the rejection? Snail mail? (by phone, very kindly)

Emory University - Oxford College (TT)[]

  • Acknowledgement received 11/16 (letter)
  • Received letter to schedule an interview at the MLA (12/09) - sounds strange: they mentioned in the acknowledgment letter that review will begin on Dec. 15 - and also stated "If you are planning on attending this conference in January and would like to make an appointment to discuss your application, please contact me via e-mail." Request for MLA interview from Search Chair 12/12 (e-mail) (x2).
  • Any news after the campus visits? Has the offer made? (4/19)
  • No news since campus visit. (4/23)
  • Still no news? Has the offer made??? (5/5)
  • No news yet. (5/11)

Fordham U (VAP; 18th, Comp Lit / Film)[]

-Skype interview scheduled, 4/21

Franklin & Marshall College (TT, Francophone Studies)[]

  • any post-MLA news?
  • offer made

Franklin & Marshall College (VAP, 1 year, possibility of renewal to 3 years)[]

  • Acknowledgment letter received 3/11 (X4)
  • Any news on this search? The acknowledgment letter stated interviews and campus visits would take place in early April. Since I haven't heard anything I'm guessing I'm not in the running. (4/15) --> Phone interviews have been conducted and I believe (though am not sure) that campus visitors were scheduled.

George Mason University (TT, 17th and 18th-century French studies)[]

  • Phone interview scheduled (12/3)
  • Website says position is filled. They promised information to all candidates if this happens, which is yet to arrive. (March 20)

Georgetown University (TT, 19th-century studies)[]

  • Acknowledgement received 11/03 (email) (x4)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/17 (phone) (X1)
  • Has a job offer been made? Accepted? (5/5)
  • Position filled (see below)

Georgia Southern University (TT)[]

  • Email announcing that I'm a semi-finalist (whatever that means) and asking if still interested 1/20 (X2)
  • Phone Interview Scheduled
  • Phone interview scheduled (2/16) via email
  • Has anyone heard from GSU (TT) after the phone interview? Did they already schedule campus visits?
  • No word on campus visits, but the interviewers contacted one of my references today./// Ah, OK! So, first they want to contact references and then to schedule a campus visit. Is it correct?
  • I am not sure what their plan is. It seems like it.
  • Position filled (see below)

Georgia Tech (TT)[]

  • Acknowledgement received 12/02 (letter)
  • MLA Interview scheduled 12/10 (email)
  • Rejection letter received (12/22) (x2)

Georgia Southern University (TT, Modern French History)[]

Georgia State University (Visiting Lecturer)[]

Finalists selected (rejection letter) (5/24)

Gettysburg College (TT, expertise in colonial/postcolonial studies an asset)[]

  • Acknowledgement received (letter) (x3)
  • Are people who are applying for both Gettysburg positions mailing letters of recommendation twice?
  • Any news? Candidates might be contacted by Friday (12/17).
  • Has anyone heard anything about campus visits post-MLA? (1/14)-->I believe the MLA JIL states they have been scheduled. (1/16)
  • Rejection letter received (3/8) (x2)

Gettysburg College (1 year, non-renewable, replacement position, post-1789)[]

Harvard College Fellow (1 year, early modern French literature)[]

Indiana University (TT, French film studies)[]

  • Request for writing sample via email 12/6
  • MLA Interview scheduled 12/10 (email)

Indiana University (Visiting, 1 year)[]

  • Acknowledgment received 12/ 6 (letter)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/10 (e-mail)
  • Rejection received 12/13 (letter) (x4)
  • Have they re-posted the same position on ADFL? What's up with that? 1/16 --- No, not the same job. The new one is a visiting lecturer position; this job is a 16th-18th VAP.

Indiana University (Visiting Lecturer)

  • any news about this job? 3/31
  • offer extended and accepted

Indiana University-Purdue University (TT, Applied Linguistics)[]

  • Any news on this position?

Ithaca College (non-TT)[]

  • did anyone receive an acknowledgment of their application? 1/13
  • not yet, and I had the application in about a month ago? what about everyone else?
  • still no acknowledgement for me either-2/24
  • rejection e-mail from HR-3/21

James Madison University (TT, generalist)[]

  • I called Nov. 29th and the administrative assistant told me that they had chosen the short list and were conducting campus interviews.
  • Very classy email from HR: "Thank you for your interest in employment at James Madison University. The position for which you applied, #0403704, Assistant Professor of French, has recently been filled." Gotta love 'em...

Lake Forest College (Assistant Professor of French and Spanish. Specialization open. Position renewable, with potential conversion to tenure-track after the first year)[]

Lewis and Clark College (VAP 1 year, contemporary French and Francophone)[]

any news? 3/31

4/6 rejection e-mail stating they have chosen the finalists (this is by far the nicest rejection e-mail I have ever received) X 2

Long Island University (TT, Ability to teach Spanish or Italian a plus)[]

McDaniel College (TT, generalist w/ specialization in Francophone Studies)[]

  • Does anyone know if they are doing phone interviews instead of going to MLA?
  • I think they have an inside candidate. --> Yes, as I was looking at the website to work on my application, I noted that of the 2 professors, one is a Francophone specialist whom the ad seems to describe very well. She's in a visiting position, so it all made sense... Wish they wouldn't have asked for so many materials since it's clear that they've already got the candidate that they want.
  • Being a visitor is not necessarily an advantage. Moreover, sometimes people who think they are inside candidates do not get the job. This whole process is stressful and miserable enough. I propose that us "outsiders" limit our speculations.
  • Conducted a campus interview the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Rejection email received (early Jan)
  • Rejection email received 02/01 (x3)

Miami University (visiting, 1 year)[]

- rejection letter received (6/16)

Middlebury College (TT, 19th-century literature and cultural studies)[]

  • Acknowledgement received 11/17 (letter) (x5)
  • Interview scheduled at MLA 12/13

Millikin University (TT)[]

  • request for transcripts 12/14
  • Has anybody heard anything from them post-MLA? 1/21
  • Haven't heard anything as of 1/23. At the MLA, I was told to expect news at the end of the month. X2
  • Any news? 2/16
  • Rejection email (received 3/01) stating that an offer was made to a candidate and accepted.

Oberlin College (Visiting; one-year, possibly renewable)[]

Ohio Wesleyan University (TT, Medieval/Renaissance specialist for a Humanities-Classics department)[]

  • Acknowledgement letter received 11/24
  • Rejection letter stating I did not make short list 1/28

Old Dominion University (TT, open)[]

  • Acknowledgement letter received 12/6 (x2)
  • request for writing sample (12/6)
  • any news about this job? (3/21) About three weeks ago I contacted them, the search was still on

Penn State -- Erie, The Berhend College (Lecturer, 1 year)[]

  • acknowledgment received
  • any news about this job? (3/11)
  • I heard they invited somebody to come and do an on-campus demonstration class (4/27).
  • rejection e-mail stating somebody was hired 5/13

Pepperdine University (TT, active Christian commitment?)[]

  • Acknowledgement received (email)
  • Rejection email (12/20) - they have selected 4 finalists that they will interview by phone.

Princeton University (TT, contemporary and/or Francophone)[]

  • Has anyone heard anything from them? Have they already scheduled MLA interviews? --> Nothing since the acknowledgment in mid-September.
  • I received a writing sample request about a month ago but have heard nothing since.
  • Requests for reference letters, 11/23.
  • Heard that someone got a call to schedule an interview at the MLA a few days ago, 11/30
  • Writing Sample request in mid October. Rejection email today, 12/14.
  • At least you got a rejection letter. I sent in my writing sample in October and never heard from them again.

Reed College (Visiting, 1 year, possibly renewable)[]

  • Acknowledgement received (email) (x3)

Saint Michael's College (TT, "supportive of the mission of this Catholic, residential, liberal arts college")[]

  • Has anyone received a request for reccomendations? Any new if they are going to the MLA?
  • Was opening cancelled? Other positions with same due date (Dec. 1) still appear on SMC's web page, but French one hasn't been there for at least 3 weeks.
  • Does anyone have any new information about this position, as of 1/9? Had MLA interview this past weekend, I'd give them at least a few days to make a decision...
  • Sorry, I am unclear on this: Did they in fact conduct interviews at the MLA?
  • I didn't know that they went to I guess that answers my question.
  • Does anybody know what the status is with this search? Has it been cancelled or did they invite people for campus visits?
  • no news either 1/14 (x2, but classes resume this week, 1/17)
  • they also had a search in Spanish and the Spanish wiki says they scheduled their campus interview around 1/14; I am not sure what that means for the French search though....
  • anyone heard anything since the last post?
  • I have not heard anything, but based on what someone mentioned above concerning the Spanish wiki, perhaps they will hire only one candidate out of the two searches? French and Spanish are both in the same department (Modern Languages). This is pure conjecture on my part, though. (1/25)
  • Hesistant to continue conjecture, but job ad indicated that candidate's ability to teach another language offered by the dep't was desirable. (1/26)
  • Invitation for campus visit, for French (same as noted below) (1/25)

Shorter U (TT, French and English, German, or Spanish; support the U's Christian mission)[]

  • they state in the posting they had open interviews at MLA; does anyone know anything about this?'
  • I made an appointment with the contact and spoke with him at the MLA. It's a broad job and the school is quite conservative.
  • Thanks a lot!

St. Mary's College of Maryland[]

  • Does anyone know if they're going to MLA?

Yes they are (12/17)

St. Mary's College of Maryland (Visiting Instructor)[]

San Diego State University (European Studies)[]

  • Acknowledgement received (11/23, letter)
  • Interview scheduled (see Italian wiki)

SUNY Cortland (TT, SLA/FL education)[]

Stanford University (TT, Francophone Studies)[]

  • Acknowledgement received 11/02 (email)
  • Letters(of rejection?) to be sent out next week (of 12/20)
  • Any news?
  • Heard finalists have already been invited to campus (2nd hand, 01/18)

Susquehanna University (TT, specialization in Francophone Studies preferred)[]

  • Insider candidate? They are not going to MLA and have a visiting already.
  • Campus interviews scheduled
  • Rejection letter received; says they have chosen a candidate. (12/17) (12/20)

Union College (Visiting, 2 years, possibly renewable)[]

  • Have campus visits happened yet? (2/19) Conducted campus visit at the beginning of February, but was offered dates through 2/14. -- Thanks for the update!
  • Position has been filled 4/10 (rejection letter)

University of Central Arkansas, Lecturer[]

  • Spoke to the department today. Three candidates have been shortlisted (01/07)
  • Someone has been hired.

University of Connecticut (TT, assistant/associate, specialization in Francophone Studies)[]

Did they invite the candidates? Please let me know!!!

- Position filled (see below)

University of Georgia (Lecturer)[]

- Position filled (see below)

University of Hawai'i (TT, French and French-speaking Pacific Studies)[]

Has this search moved forward? Edit 03/30: They conducted phone/skype interviews in February.

Any word on campus visits? Search committee has unanimously chosen a candidate (email 05/24)

University of Iowa (TT, Francophone)[]

  • I spoke to the department today and they indicated they will not be interviewing at the MLA, that the committee has not yet met, but that they will be meeting soon. (12/16) --> Thank you so much for finding out and sharing this information!
  • Any recent news on this job? This job seemed to fall off the map? What happened?
  • Extremely impersonal automated email rejection received (4/18). (And thank you to the thugs who deleted the very helpful information about the inner-workings of this search -- those who are after Julian Assange would be proud of you!)

Even if the edit cannot be undone, the info is still available: "*I heard that this search was invented for a daughter of one of the the Deans. When the committee vetting the applications did not put her on their list of candidates to interview, the Dean's office got mad and put the search on hold. Fortunately (?!?), they figured out another way to create a separate position for the daughter. Now that this has happened, the original search will presumably resume again, and candidates on said list will probably be notified in the next few weeks." (However, it's worth mentioning that this should be filed under the rumor category)

University of Kansas (Lecturer)[]

Any news on this job?

References contacted 5/5

Request for phone interview via e-mail 5/11

Filled. 8/11

University of Kentucky (Lecturer in French Studies)[]

  • acknowledgment received, 1/4
  • any news on this job?
  • offer extended and accepted

University of Memphis (Instructor)[]

University of Michigan-Flint (TT)[]

  • acknowledgment received

University of Minnesota-Duluth (1 year VAP)[]

Any news on this job?

  • rejection e-mail (5/24)

University of Missouri-Columbia (non-TT Assistant Teaching Prof or Instructor)[]

  • acknowledgment received, 1/6, 2/10, 2/16
  • received an email saying they received 41 applications and have chosen the finalists (2/21)

University of Pennsylvania (Lecturer)[]

Has anyone received an acknowledgment of receipt? --> No, but my references were contacted soon after I submitted the dossier (b/f Christmas). Thanks a lot, I know where to stand, then. --> Do you mind elaborating? Has anybody received a confirmation? --> New poster here: My references were also contacted soon after I applied in Dec. Other than that, I have not heard anything. (1/25)

-request (by email) for teaching portfolio, statement of teaching philosophy, and sample evaluations 2/16

- I got the same email and submitted everything, but then I saw on Monday that they had reposted the ad. Does that mean they are not interested in ANY of the candidates that applied for the first round? With so many applications received, it's hard to believe...

-I was starting to wonder if anyone had heard anything after sending the additional materials- did you receive any acknowledgment? Where did they repost the ad? Thanks for the info. --> No, I didn't get anything. They reposted on the MLA website.

A: They hired a person for the position described in the first ad. They received approval from the dean for a second position and were required to post another ad. I believe they are automatically considering the applications received for the first position for this new one. --> Thanks for the info!

University of Pittsburgh (TT, 17th/18th-century French Studies)[]

offer extended and accepted. search closed.

University of Puget Sound (VAP, 3 years; medieval, Renaissance, or Francophone)[]

  • Any word on this position?
  • 3/1 Nothing yet - I'm also waiting. x3
  • 3/22 e-mail from HR stating the position has been changed to a one-year visiting instructor position (x5)

'U'niversity of Puget Sound (Visiting Instructor)[]

  • rejection e-mail (5/20) stating the position had been filled

University of Southern California (TT, French or Italian, Mediterranean Studies)[]

- acknowledgment received via email 11/5

- anyone heard anything yet?

  • An Italianist has scheduled an interview (go to Italian 2010-2011)

Any word on campus visits?

• Turned out to be a French position after all. Offer extended and accepted 3/28.

University of So. Georgia[]

University of St. Thomas (TT, Medieval and Renaissance France or Francophonie)[]

  • Has anyone heard anything about this position?
  • rejection email 1/10
  • Have they invited candidates for campus visits yet? (2/18)
  • They completed all campus visits. Decision not yet made. (3/30)
  • Decision made (via rejection email) (4/18)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (TT, French and Arabic)[]

  • Has anyone heard any news post-MLA?

University of Western Ontario (TT, 19th)[]

Acknowledgement received (email) 2/8

Has anyone heard anything about this position?

University of Western Illinois (Lecturer)[]

Any news on this job?

University of Wisconsin-Madison (TT, medieval, 19th, late 20th to 21st-c., Francophonie)[]

  • acknowledgment received by e-mail (1/27) (2/23) X2
  • acknowledgment received by letter (2/14) (2/21) X2
  • Campus invite (3/30) via e-mail
  • Position filled (see below)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (TT, Specialization open, with preference given to Francophone, 20th and 21st Century, Early Modern)[]

  • Is anyone having trouble with their online application system? (solved; the documents just took very long to upload - 11/6)
  • I used it without problems today. 11/4
  • I completed two applications on their site (this position, plus one in Global Studies) on 11/5 without any problems.
  • Rejection email (11/29)
  • Did they schedule campus interviews?
  • Anyone else w/ no rejection email nor interview invite? (12/1)
  • No rejection mail nor interview invite (12/1) (x10, including the person who posed the question) - wow (poster who got the rejection email here) - they must have hated me so much that they wanted to personally reject me. That sucks :-/
  • To poster who got the rejection e-mail, don't fret. I submitted my application at the last minute. Since they've already scheduled interviews, I'm clearly not a contender, but they just haven't had the chance to reject me yet. You were probably organized and submitted earlier, but just didn't correspond with what they are looking for. Hang in there! (x2 I, too, (sans rejection) submitted it the night before it was due!)
  • Also to poster who got the rejection email: it's also possible that yours was one of the applications they seriously considered, and that's why you got the email! No way to tell what it means or doesn't mean, I don't think. Best of luck to all!
  • Email rejection, was never interviewed, just oddly late... (1/13) (x3)

University of Wisconsin-Steven's Point (TT, 20th century/ pedagogy)[]

  • Has anyone heard anything since the phone interviews in December? (2/10)
  • On campus invitation sheduled (2/4)
  • Thanks for letting me know!

University of Zurich (TT, Medieval)[]

  • I heard they have their eye on a Swiss-German candidate with fluent French currently finishing up at the Sorbonne.

Virginia Tech (TT, Specialization in 20th and 21st century French Studies)[]

Finalists invited to campus (01/28)

// Q: how many finalists?

3/31 new posting for same position on Higheredjobs, any explanation for this?

Wake Forest U (Instructor or Lecturer; 1 year)[]

Any news on this job? (3/31) Phone interview scheduled (4/11). Campus visit scheduled (4/11).

Washington & Lee University (TT, asst, pre-Revolutionary literature and culture; film an asset)[]

  • Make sure you check to see if they got all of your materials; they are apparently not looking at the on-line applications at all.
  • Acknowledgment card received (11/19) x2 (12/10) x1
  • rejection email received (12/17)
  • rejection letter received (12/23)
  • Campus visits 1/17-1/25

Westminster C (VAP or Visiting Lecturer; 1 year renewable)[]

  • acknowledgment received 2/14
  • any news on this job? (3/31)

Western Illinois University (Instructor)[]

Any news on this job?

Williams C[]

  • e-mail acknowledgment received (3/10)
  • any news on this search? (4/7)
  • rejection email received (4/22) (x3)
  • position filled

Wingate University (Visiting)[]

  • acknowledgement received 4/7

Wittenberg (visiting)[]

Rejection e-mail 4/15

Yale University (Director of Language Program, renewable )[]

They have already picked their candadidates, received rejection letter on 11/9

failed serach. They didn't hire anyone. They have however reopened their search. - - >

Interviews Scheduled[]

(Schools with which interviews have been scheduled as well as means - MLA, phone, campus) -- Please could we keep this in chronological order? It's so much easier to follow what interviews have been scheduled. Thanks!

Please, put the MOST RECENT ON THE TOP. Thanks!

St Mary's College of Maryland, phone interview sheduled 5/2 (for the Visiting Instructor position?// yes)

East Tennessee SU, contacted for phone interview (4/27)

Oberlin, phone interviews scheduled (4/27)

Fordham, campus interview scheduled (4/19) via e-mail

Wingate U, phone interview scheduled (4/15) by e-mail

Hawaii PU, phone interview scheduled (4/12) via e-mail.

Wake Forest University conducted 4/11

Penn State Erie (The Berhend College), Phone Interview (3/30) via e-mail

U of Wisconsin, Madison, Invitation to Campus (3/30) via e-mail

U of Wisconsin, Madison - Skype interview schedule by email (3/10)(x 2) --has anyone had contact post-Skype? My interview went poorly--screen kept going black and I couldn't hear the interviewers---but you never know! Bucknell University - Phone interview 3/8

Wittenberg University - Phone interview scheduled by e-mail (3/2)

Bucknell University (Francophone) - Phone interview 2/28

Bowdoin 2/19 - Got interviewed on 02/17.

Long Island University - SKype Interview scheduled by e-mail

--When was this scheduled?

-- last week

-- Interview 2/18 - has anyone heard from them? Did they provide a specific timeline as to when they would contact for campus interviews?

--03/01 Also interviewed 2/18 - I understood they were going to contact me last week, but no news either since the skype interview.--Thanks a lot for the information!

03/8 Any information on follow-ups for LIU? I guess the answer is in the campus interview section...

Dickinson College - Skype interview scheduled by email. (02/02) X3

Ithaca College - phone interview scheduled by email (2/03)

Oxford College (Emory U) - Phone interview scheduled by email (1/27)

--Was this a follow-up the MLA interview or a substitute for one?

-- It was a follow-up.

--Any news since phone interviews?

--No news - did anyone else have a very strange phone interview? Another person asked the *exact* same questions (3 of them) as the ones at the MLA.

--My interviewer apologized in advance that the questions were scripted and might involve some repetition.

--Received a message from the search chair telling me that I am one of their ten candidates selected (2/21) X2

University of Georgia: Phone interview scheduled by email (1/27)

Old Dominion University: Skype interview requested by email (1/19) (1/20) (x2) Did they give anyone a timeline post skype? --Not me, but I didn't ask. --Some indication of next week (i.e., week of 1/31), but I am unsure of how firm this timeline is. I gather they have other searches going on. Anyone with news, please post ASAP!

Millikin University: MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/24)

Ohio Wesleyan (Humanities-Classics): MLA interview scheduled by email (12/16) - per Medieval 2011 list

Aquinas College (TT Spanish and French): MLA Interview scheduled by email (12/18)

Drew University: email request to schedule phone interview (12/17)

College of the Holy Cross: email request to schedule phone interview (12/17) (x4)

Oxford College (Emory U) - MLA interview scheduled by email (12/17)

U of Saint Thomas (TT): MLA Interview scheduled by email (12/16)

St. Mary's College of Maryland (TT): MLA Interview scheduled by email (12/16)

Grove City College: on-campus interview scheduled (second-hand but reliable info., date unknown)

Gettysburg (VAP): MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/16)

Gettysburg (TT): MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/16) (x2)

VA Tech: MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/15) (x2)

UConn - interview scheduled by phone (12/14) MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/16) (X2)

University of Wisconsin, Steven's Point--Phone interview scheduled by phone (12/14) (X2)

Colby College - MLA interview scheduled by email (12/13)x2

Franklin & Marshall - MLA interview scheduled by email (12/13)

Georgetown - MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/13) (X6)

Oxford College (Emory U) - MLA interview scheduled by email (12/12) (x3) - " Review of applications will begin December 15th." Another awesome search. Yes, but did anyone else get an email yet? Maybe there are more to come? - At least a second email went out on 12/12, sorry I couldn't update until today. - I don't see how a search committee can make an informed decision about its candidates until it receives all of the applications... that is, unless they already have a candidate in mind. Deadline isn't for another day.

Georgia Tech - MLA interview scheduled by email (12/10)--> Wasn't the deadline 12/16? At least this is what the ad said on the ADFL when it came out and on all of the list serves I received it on??? Deadline was Dec. 6th, per the MLA JIL, which also says they're "no longer accepting applications," sorry.

USC - MLA interview scheduled by email & phone (12/10)

Indiana University - MLA interview scheduled by email (12/10) (12/14) x2

Washington and Lee University - MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/10) x3 (on 12/11) (9 slots total)

East Stroudsburg University- Phone interview scheduled (12/9) (10 slots total)

Reed College - MLA interview scheduled by email (12/9) x2

Middlebury College - MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/10)(12/13) x7

Elmhurst College - Skype interview scheduled by email (12/8) x2

Central Michigan University - MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/07)x2

Lake Forest College - phone interview scheduled by email (12/6)

Appalachian State - Phone interview (12/03/10) x2

William and Mary-Skype interview scheduled by e-mail (12/1) (x5) --> wow, wasn't review supposed to begin yesterday acc to the ad? Yes, review was supposed to begin Nov. 30. Do these interviews replace MLA? Did anyone else get an email yet? They do have a VAP who seems to fit the ad...That makes one-quarter of the jobs I applied for like this (that I know of)! --> This is a bit ridiculous about interviews being scheduled already. Their own ad said that review would begin on 11/30. How is it possible to read through 150 or 200 apps in one day? And the way that the site was it only allowed us to put reference names and gave no indication whether they wanted just the names or letters, so it's possible that if you submitted your application recently your letter writers didn't even have the opportunity to upload their letters before the interviews were scheduled. Really crappy search.-- Are there really 150 to 200 applications per job you think? Not reassuring...

University of Tennessee, Knoxviille - MLA interview scheduled by email (11/28)

JMU - Phone interview scheduled

Brown University- Skype interview scheduled by email (11/24)

Princeton: MLA interview scheduled by email (11/23)

U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: phone interview (11/23). Campus interview will take place 1st week of December.

Union College - MLA Interview scheduled by phone/ contacted by email (2yr)(11/18) x3

Pittsburgh - Phone interview scheduled (11/17/10)

  • Has anyone been contacted post-interview?
  • Another interviewee, no news here either (1/3/2011)
  • Received rejection letter (1/22/2011)
  • Has anyone else yet to receive any news - rejection letter or otherwise? Weren't visits supposed to have taken place by now?

Eckerd: Phone interview scheduled (11/16/10)

Dartmouth Skype interview scheduled by email (11/15/10) (x5)

George Mason - Phone interview scheduled (11/12/10)

  • Post-Skype interview request for more materials from smaller semifinalist group (12/10) (x2)
  • Did they contact you by email?
  • Not the original poster, but yes, the request was made by email.

Susquehanna - Phone interview scheduled (11/05/10, 11/08/10)

McDaniel - Phone interview scheduled (11/03/10, 11/04/10)

Campus Visits Scheduled[]

(most recent on top)

  • Wingate U contacted for campus visit 4/21
  • Bucknell conducted campus visits in March
  • UW-Madison-campus visit scheduled 3/30. Any idea how many candidates have been invited? 3 candidates were invited (4/27)
  • Georgia Southern U - campus visits end March & beginning April
  • College of Wooster - campus visit (3/9)
  • Long Island - already conducted campus visits
  • Oxford College-Emory U. campus visit scheduled (03/01)
  • Bennington, 2/28, visit week of 3/4
  • Ithaca College (02/23) - Campus visit scheduled for 03/02
  • Dickinson College (02/09) - Campus visit scheduled 02/18- how many are invited? not sure. Got the offer today (02-19)
  • University of Georgia (2/7), (x2) - Any idea how many are invited? --> Two. --- Thanks! -- You're welcome!
  • Old Dominion University (2/4) (x2) Request by email. No dates/details available yet.ARE THERE STILL NO DATES AVAILABLE YET? How many contacted?
  • Saint Michael's College 1/25 (x2). Did they send more info, specific dates, details about the interview yet? Thanks
  • Georgia Tech 1/21
  • Gettysburg College, non TT.
  • Indiana University, TT ~1/17
  • Reed 1/14
  • Colby 1/14
  • Middlebury 1/14 (x2) - wow, I thought they were going to wait until after the January term. Any idea how many are invited? did they call or write?
  • Washington & Lee 1/13
  • Georgetown 1/10 (x4) -->Any indication how many candidates they are inviting to campus? Scheduled by phone or email? Phone. They didn't say how many. -->Congrats and good luck! They were really cordial, and it looks like a great department.
  • Princeton 1/10/11
  • East Stroudsburg 12/21
  • Appalachian State --> could you clarify? i was contacted after the first interview with an email indicating they voted positively on my file and that we will be contacted after the break concerning campus visits. did you receive the same email or have they actually scheduled a campus visit with you?
    --same as you. no date scheduled yet, but invited to visit. sorry for any confusion. -- Do you have any dates as of yet?
    --Yes. Ticket is booked (sorry for the delay in replying) 1/11.
  • William and Mary (12/11) (X3). Are the visits taking place pre- or post-MLA? Post-MLA, I think (from Jan. 19th onward, no?)
  • Eckerd College: 3 campus visits scheduled. Can you say when you were contacted for the campus visits?
  • James Madison University (11/10)-- (3 scheduled) --Is this really a campus visit that was scheduled? Isn't that quite early considering that they are accepting applications until 12/1 ? -- Yes, I called JMU and they said that they had closed the search. This was several weeks ago; Oct 27, I believe. --Wow. Thanks! -- Scheduled on 11/10 and will take place the first week of December.
  • Susquehanna U : Campus scheduled
  • Yale University (11/10) : Did they first conduct phone interviews? Idea on how many candidates were invited? Four candidates were invited to Yale

Offers Extended/Accepted[]

6/3: University of Wisconsin at Madison (TT 19th): Formal offer accepted.

'5/20:' Augusta SU (TT) - offer extended (learned via a lovely rejection email)

4/23: Georgia Southern University (TT)- offer extended and accepted (learned via rejection letter x 3)

4/21: Williams College - Position filled (via rejection e-mail)

4/21: Wake Forest University - offer extended and accepted

4/18: University of Kentucky (Lecturer in French Studies) - offer extended and accepted

4/18 University of St Thomas (TT) position filled (learned via rejection email)

4/15 Old Dominion University: position filled (learned via rejection email)

4/12: Bucknell U (VAP Francophone) - position filled (via e-mail)

4/5: Union College - position filled (learned via extremely gracious rejection letter)

4/4: Bennington College - Offer extended and accepted

4/2: Long Island U - position filled (learned via rejection letter)

3/27: University of Georgia (Lecturer in French Linguistics) - Offer extended and accepted

3/25: VA Tech: offer extended and accepted (learned via rejection email). Are you sure they extended an offer since they reposted the job?

3/21: Wisconsin-Madison (TT French SLA) - Offer accepted (grapevine)

Is that the same search as the (TT, medieval, 19th, late 20th to 21st-c., Francophonie) search? They didn't advertise the job as a SLA job if that's the case...

--NO--two different positions. The TT, medieval, etc. search held interviews via skype on March 21-22nd. The committee said candidates will be contacted early next week (week of the 28th) for campus interviews. Best of luck to everyone--sounds like a great job!

3/19: Ithaca College: Offer extended and accepted.

3/14: Holy Cross: Offer extended and accepted.

3/9: Lake Forest College: Offer extended and accepted.

2/16: George Mason: Offer extended and accepted.

2/27: UConn: Offer made and accepted (email rejection).

2/24: Ohio Wesleyan: Offer made and accepted

2/18: Central Michigan: Offer extended and accepted

2/21: has Appalachian State made an offer?

Yes, extended and accepted.

Dickinson College: Offer extended and accepted 02-19.

Indiana-Purdue (IUPUI): Has anyone received news from Indiana-Purdue (French Applied Linguistcs TT), news meaning rejection letters or offer? Did they finalize their search? 02/19

Dartmouth: Has anybody heard from Dartmouth? Is the search still ongoing? - - - > Offer extended and accepted (02/18)

Has anyone received news from Pittsburgh, Stanford, or Colby?

Colby recently extended an offer to one of my colleagues and it was accepted. I do not know the exact date.

No, I was interviewed at MLA by Colby and have had no response. I did see that someone was invited for a campus visit sometime in January. So, I assume that the job may be filled?

Actually, the Stanford campus visits are ongoing (last one in a few days). Needless to say, therefore, no offer has yet been made. / Thanks for the info. Anything about Pittsburgh and Middlebury?

Middlebury: Offer extended and accepted (not sure when) received rejection letter today (2/18) x 3 I thought this was kind of a trip: my letter told me how much they "truly" enjoyed meeting me "in December at the MLA in Philadelphia." How hard is it to proofread a rejection letter for two seconds to make sure you are at least referring to the correct search year and city? --I agree. --Wow. Pathetic! especially since they required so many documents for us for the interview...They hadn't even read my writing sample! --With all the efforts devoted to that interview, we at least deserved a reasonable rejection letter. --Not surprising. The interviews last year in Philadelphia were also poorly organized and conducted. I believe they ended up hiring someone for that position who had not even completed the doctorate, which is criminal considering all the PhDs looking for work. It's clear that they still don't have their act together (2/20). Ok, let's not turn what was obviously a very unprofessional administrative error in a rejection letter (which seems especially bad given all the extra work they required from us for the interview) into a chance to badmouth other candidates who were fortunate on this terrible job market. It's understandable to be annoyed by the rejection letter, but let's not assume this person isn't well-deserving just because the search committee sent out this unfortunate rejection letter.-- From my interview, I believe they had made their top three choice even before the MLA. They spent 15 minutes (out of 30) talking about the great ski slopes of Vermont... Nice people but I just hate the hypocrisy. - - - Hypocrisy is a part of candidate searching process, So, we (candidates) have to prepare ourselves for this kind of issues but I agree with you: hypocrisy is disgusting ...

Princeton: Offer extended and accepted 2/8 -- this information is inaccurate: Princeton just announced who accepted the offer today 3/9 - Where have you read this info? - I'm a member of the department. Oh, snap!

William and Mary: Offer extended and accepted 2/1 // Applicants informed that position had been filled two weeks later... // ANd let's remember that when review was supposed to begin on 11/30, skype interviews were scheduled less than 2 days later -- really impossible to believe that they actually read my application.

Georgetown: Offer extended and accepted 2/2

Washington & Lee: Offer extended and accepted 1/31

Eckerd College: Offer extended and then RESCINDED 12/17 --> huh??? The offer was extended on Wednesday, they gave me two days to decide, and when I attempted to negotiate they rescinded the offer. By email. And when I phoned they wouldn't take my call. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I'm so sorry to hear this. Perhaps you could try to contact the ADFL Executive Board? At MLA last year I went to a few of their job-seekers sessions and they seemed to be concerned about protecting job seekers' interests. I guess other people have told you this, but you probably wouldn't have wanted to work with people like that anyway...

Absolutely unacceptable behavior on their part!! You have my deepest sympathies. Many universities are taking advantage of a job market 'crisis' that they themselves have created. Where's the ADFL? the MLA? the AAUP? I wouldn't hesitate naming names, if I were you. Lee Hilliker? Christine Chabrier? If they had anything to do with this, they should be publicly shamed and ostracized from the French scholarly community.

And likely illegal. I have heard some amazing stories over the years, but this tops it. Undermines everything the MLA guidelines serve to do to protect the job candidates. MLA sanctions are in order... and legal action!

{This person who was offered a 3-1-3 position at a small liberal arts college requested a permanent 3-2 load, wanted to only teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a job for her partner, and other benefits. It was clear from these demands that the person was not well suited at a teaching-focused college.}

James Madison University - Offer extended & accepted 12/14

Word on the Street[]

5/9: Does anybody have any idea about campus visite expenses reimbursment? One College reimbusrsed my expenses with no problem at all; another just never answered my emails.// 5/12 I am having the same problem (one college fully reimbursed everything, the other refused).

4/27: East Tennessee SU (Lecturer) proposed a yearly salary of $ 25,000 for a lecturer position in French (with 4/4 teaching load). What do you think of this salary for an applicant who has his Ph.D. in hand? the same thing you do... I am desperate but decided to draw the line and keep some dignity.// Do you mean you turned it down? Did you find something else?// No, I haven't found a job yet. But I thought this salary itself was an insult for me. They proposed this salary first before they went to the next step: decision of their short list of candidates for a phone interview. //-- I also declined to go forward with the phone interview; and no, I don't have a job just yet... (I have Ph.D. in hand too) // 5/9 I did not apply for this job because I smelt a rat: it was a 4/4 !! and they wanted somebody able to teach French literature, and Arabic or German!!! and what did they offer to this superheroe? a lecturership! That behaviour should be called "canibalism"!

Wow - 25k for 4/4 is HORRIBLE. I would say that about $30k for a 3/3 is fairly average. Not good, but it depends on whether or not the school is well funded. I've heard anything from 34k for a 2/2 to 26k for a 3/3 with no benefits. I applaud you for not accepting the position because no one should. No one with a PhD should be offered such an insulting salary.--I like your commentary! Yes, "No one with a PHD should be offered such an insulting salary." (5/27)

2/28 : UConn: Do you know who got the position ? Sorry, but I don't./// (03/02): Anyway, we'll see the name of this person next year on the updated page of their department.

2/28: UConn: there is a rumor that an insider got the position!

Duke puts up an ad for instructors about this time every year. I would not trust that they actually have very many positions available.

To all of you getting ready for the MLA, good luck! I already have knots in my stomach and I just hope this is the last MLA for a lot of us...

  • How was the MLA?

I'm not sure if this is the place to put this, but I've noticed that several of the jobs for which I applied people have received interview requests and also rejections (i.e., for the same job) and I have received nothing. I can draw my own conclusions, but there are at least 5 jobs like this. I'd rather just get the rejection and not wonder what's going on (and even if they indeed received my app). Is anyone else having a similar experience? Last year I remember receiving rejections at about the same time as everyone else.

  • I was actually just wondering the same thing. There are a few positions from which I've heard nothing at all. I think that it's best if we just assume rejection--if anything positive happens, it'll be a nice surprise.
  • Having been on the hiring end multiple times, I know that rejections often aren't sent until the job is filled. But the question suggests that something is different this year. Are institutions less sure of the money to make an offer and therefore leaving the door open longer? Or with more on-line submissions (and no guarantee that a human has even looked at your file), are the courtesies of follow-up simply overlooked?
  • Not all search committee members are created equal. A couple of years ago, I was never contacted after my on-campus interview. I only know I didn't get the job because a friend of mine received the offer. Conversely, another search committee contacted me at every single step of the application process, even calling to tell me that they had chosen another person but I was their second choice, etc.
  • I have also found that the "courtesies of follow-up" are very frequently overlooked -- I, too, was never contacted after one campus visit, and I know of several other people who have had the same experience.
  • This has increased over the last couple of years. I think it has to do w/ the electronic applications.
  • I applied to 22 jobs, got two MLA interviews and a skype interview. I know the jobs I interviewed for at the MLA went to other people, and I suspect the skype interview will not lead to a campus visit either. To the point: of all the jobs I applied to, only 1 (ONE) place bothered sending a rejection email (prior to the MLA). All the other rejections were "wikijections". I wish search committees would be a tad more humane and email candidates to reject them. Even a mass email is better than this "you don't even exist" attitude.
  • Agreed (with the above). All we can do is try to be better when it comes our turn to run searches.
  • The sudden drop in responses to apps has everything to do w/ electronic apps. If a letter doesn't get sent electronically by a prof, the entire app gets put into limbo. If there's ANY hiccup, the app will not get passed onto the SC.
  • But what about the vast majority of cases when the letters are sent, the application is complete but nobody says anything? Or the follow up after an interview? Probably it's because of economic recession that they don't have paper, envelopes, and stamps to send a rejection letter. Email might be cheaper but, again, recession is such a problem!!! Viva la recession because they need it!
  • Yes, most of the time it has nothing at all to do with electronic applications. There doesn't seem to have been a sudden drop in responses, since this lack of courtesy has been a striking element of the job search process for years now.
  • Based on my own experience, I don't think it has anything to do with electronic applications. Over the past two years, the positions to which I applied electronically had a higher rate of acknowledging receipt of application and informing when the job had been filled.
  • oftentimes, someone in charge just forgets to do this. sometimes, too, staff is so booked up with other work that rejections get lost in the shuffle.

Relevant Reading/Viewing[]