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Jobs for 2022[]


Senior Faculty/Tenured[]

  1. Penn State, Head, Department of French and Francophone Studies. Various fields. Early modern and 20th/21st preferred. Deadline: Oct 1.


  1. ShanghaiTech University, Institute of Humanities, Tenure-track Professor/Associate Professors/Assistant Professor: French Literature.
  2. Georgetown University, Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of French. Francophone Literatures and Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa.
  3. Brown University. Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Francophone literature of Maghreb, Caribbean, Canada, Indian Ocean or sub-Saharan Africa. Deadline: Nov 20
  4. The University of Texas at Austin. Assistant Professor of French Studies. The position is open to any period, though preference will be given to candidates with a strong background and research agenda in postcolonial studies; migration and diaspora studies; and/or France’s global relations (literary, political, cultural, historical) with the Caribbean, Africa, the Americas and beyond. Deadline: Nov 14.
  5. Harvard University. Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Francophone postcolonial studies. Deadline: Nov 1.
  6. Boston College, Assistant Professor of French, African or African diaspora. Deadline: Nov 1.
  7. University of Pittsburgh, Assistant Professor, Black African Studies/African Diaspora. Deadline: Oct. 15, Job Description - Faculty.Professor.Assistant - Full-Time (21006364) (
  8. Trinity College. Assistant Professor of Language and Culture Studies, postcolonial Francophone studies. Deadline: Nov 1.
  9. Smith College, Assistant Professor of French Studies, pre-1900. Deadline: Nov 1.
  10. University of Pennsylvania, Romance Languages Assistant Professor in Global Francophone Studies. Deadline: Oct. 29
  11. Williams College, Assistant Professor of French. Pre-1800. Deadline: Nov 15.
  12. Vassar College, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Pre-1800. Deadline: Oct 15.
  13. University of California-Berkeley, Assistant Professor of French. Medieval French Studies. Deadline: Nov 1.
  14. Grove City College, Assistant Professor of French. Open. Deadline: Review begins Oct. 29 until filled.
  15. Gustavus Adolphus College, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Critical Race Studies. Deadline: Nov 1.
  16. College of the Holy Cross, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in French and Francophone Studies. Modern French lit (19-21st centuries). Deadline: Oct 15.
  17. Lawrence University, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Francophone Studies of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb, or the Caribbean. Deadline: Nov 1.
  18. North Carolina State, Assistant Professor of French. Open. Deadline: Sep 10.
  19. University of Chicago, Assistant Professor, Francophone Literature and Culture or French Renaissance Literature and Culture. Deadline: Oct 15.
  20. Queen's University (Canada), Assistant Professor in Black Decolonial Feminism, Deadline December 10.
  21. Oglethorpe University (Atlanta, GA), Assistant Professor of French, Desired fields: Francophone Africa, The Mahgreb, or Caribbean Studies, Deadline December 31. [1] and
  22. University of California Santa Barbara, Assistant Professor - Translation Studies and Translation Theory (French and/or Italian), Deadline Nov 15.
  23. University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada), Assistant Professor of French Traductology and Translation, Deadline Nov 5.

Full-time, non-tenure-track[]

  1. Wesleyan University, Assistant Professor of the Practice in French. French linguistics. Deadline: Oct 1.
  2. Baylor University, Lecturer. French. Deadline: Oct. 15.
  3. University of Washington, Assistant Teaching Professor of French and Italian. Open. NTT/3-years. Deadline: Nov. 5.
  4. University of Delaware, Assistant Professor of French. Open (language instruction). NTT/3-years. Deadline: Oct. 22.
  5. Carroll College, Visiting Assistant Professor of French. Open. NTT/spring semester 2022. Deadline: Nov. 1.
  6. Penn State University, 2-year Visiting Assistant Professorship in French & Francophone Studies and the African Studies Program. 20th and 21st-century African Francophone Literary Studies. Deadline Dec. 1.\
  7. Tufts University, French Language Coordinator and Full-time Lecturer. Review of applications starts December 1st.
  8. East Tennessee State University, Full-time Lecturer and French Language Coordinator. Deadline: November 30.


Word on the Street:[]

RE: East Tennessee State: Let's ponder the absurdity of a salary of $32,000, for a 4/4. - Urgh, no words. Plus, it looks like you'll need to coordinate the French program too, in addition to the 4/4 load. -- Exactly why I did not even consider applying. It's insulting.

invited for interview on 10/13/21: Wesleyan University Has anyone else received an invitation for interview? I was told by the department that the selection process was still ongoing They invited at least three people so far to interview and said they would be doing campus visits in November and making an offer by the winter break.

Yes, was also invited for interview at Wesleyan and got the same information. I'm waiting to hear back as of 10/26.

What a bumper year for Francophonists. Jealous!

Does anyone know why the Gustavus Adolphus job application portal and info has completely disappeared from their website ahead of the Nov. 1st application deadline? Has the search been closed?

I sent an email about Gustavus Adolphus to the Chair of the search committee and received a response from their Provost. The position has been filled.

Is the deadline for UT Austin November 1st or November 14th? The UT Austin website says that all the materials should be submitted by November 1 AND that the deadline is November 14.

Has anyone heard back from University of Chicago or know whether they are going with Renaissance or Francophone?

-as 11/5, I haven’t heard anything from Chicago

-likewise, still nothing from Chicago (Thursday, 11/4) ; nothing here either (11/17).

- additional material and interview requested from Chicago (11/22, francophonist here) (11/22 x4)

-also got additional material/interview request (11/22, Renaissance x3)

Got an interview at Pitt on 10/21. Have a Twitter mutual who also get an interview.

- A friend got a campus visit invitation from Pitt (11/19)

Any updates on the Wesleyan position? (11/4) Reply: Still waiting to hear back as of 11/4...

Re Wesleyan: they have already chosen the 3 candidates who will have campus visits.

11/7, College of Holy Cross: Any news from College of Holy Cross? Did they contact candidates for first round of interviews?

11/17 Confirmed that interviews were sent.

11/16 A friend received an email this morning for a zoom interview with College of the Holy Cross. EDIT: Make that 2 friends!!

11/9 Anyone heard from Vassar?

- re Vassar: No, not yet for me at least. (11/11). Me neither (11/13).

-re Vassar (11/16): The posting just appeared again in the Chronicle of Higher Education with the application due date of December 8... I don't know what that means... Maybe they didn't find anyone "suitable" in the first round or something.

- re Vassar: 11/23: invited for zoom interview.

11/15 Did anyone notice how the ad for Brown has vanished from the MLA job search website (where it was stated that the deadline is Nov 20), and that on other websites, it says the deadline was Nov 14? EDIT: Nevermind, just received confirmation from the department that the application is still open.

Anyone heard from Penn? Not yet (11/18)

11/17 News on Smith? 12/3 got a Zoom interview,

11/17 News from Lawrence? --> 11/19 got a Zoom interview with Lawrence for the week of 11/29. They said campus interviews will be late Jan/early Feb.

11/17 News from Boston College?

Nothing from BC as of 11/19 [+1]

Interview request from BC (11/22)

11/17 News from West Point?

11/19 News from Baylor ? ; contacted for campus interview (11/19)

11/19 News from Grove City?

11/22 News from Harvard? 12/1 Zoom interview scheduled for Dec 6 (x1)

11/22 News from Trinity (Hartford)?

11/22 News from Delaware?

Received rejection from Delaware. (11/22)

11/23 News from UT Austin? Contacted for Zoom interview (12/2) [x2]

11/24 News from Dartmouth?

Contacted for Zoom Interview (12/1) [x3]

11/27 News from Berkeley?

11/27 News from Duke?

11/27 News from Williams?

11/29 News from Brown?

11/30 News from UBC (Vancouver)?

11/30 News from UCSB?

12/01 News from Washington & Lee?

12/1 News from Georgetown?