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RECENT ACTIVITY on French and Francophone Studies 2021-22[]

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Jobs for 2022[]


Senior Faculty/Tenured[]

  1. Penn State, Head, Department of French and Francophone Studies. Various fields. Early modern and 20th/21st preferred. Deadline: Oct 1.
  2. zoom interviews were conducted up to 12/16. Anything since?


  1. University of Utah. Assistant Professor of French, pre-1800. Deadline: Oct 31. - I'm not a mod here, but I believe a new FFS wiki page needs to be created for the 2022-2023 job cycle. The Utah posting will fit better on a new page. Good luck to all!
  2. ShanghaiTech University, Institute of Humanities, Tenure-track Professor/Associate Professors/Assistant Professor: French Literature.
  3. Georgetown University, Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of French. Francophone Literatures and Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. Brown University. Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Francophone literature of Maghreb, Caribbean, Canada, Indian Ocean or sub-Saharan Africa. Deadline: Nov 20
  5. The University of Texas at Austin. Assistant Professor of French Studies. The position is open to any period, though preference will be given to candidates with a strong background and research agenda in postcolonial studies; migration and diaspora studies; and/or France’s global relations (literary, political, cultural, historical) with the Caribbean, Africa, the Americas and beyond. Deadline: Nov 14.
  6. Harvard University. Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Francophone postcolonial studies. Deadline: Nov 1.
  7. Boston College, Assistant Professor of French, African or African diaspora. Deadline: Nov 1.
  8. University of Pittsburgh, Assistant Professor, Black African Studies/African Diaspora. Deadline: Oct. 15, Job Description - Faculty.Professor.Assistant - Full-Time (21006364) (
  9. Trinity College. Assistant Professor of Language and Culture Studies, postcolonial Francophone studies. Deadline: Nov 1.
  10. Smith College, Assistant Professor of French Studies, pre-1900. Deadline: Nov 1.
  11. University of Pennsylvania, Romance Languages Assistant Professor in Global Francophone Studies. Deadline: Oct. 29
  12. Williams College, Assistant Professor of French. Pre-1800. Deadline: Nov 15.
  13. Vassar College, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Pre-1800. Deadline: Oct 15.
  14. University of California-Berkeley, Assistant Professor of French. Medieval French Studies. Deadline: Nov 1.
  15. Grove City College, Assistant Professor of French. Open. Deadline: Review begins Oct. 29 until filled.
  16. Gustavus Adolphus College, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Critical Race Studies. Deadline: Nov 1.
  17. College of the Holy Cross, Tenure-Track Faculty Position in French and Francophone Studies. Modern French lit (19-21st centuries). Deadline: Oct 15.
  18. Lawrence University, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Francophone Studies of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb, or the Caribbean. Deadline: Nov 1.
  19. North Carolina State, Assistant Professor of French. Open. Deadline: Sep 10.
  20. University of Chicago, Assistant Professor, Francophone Literature and Culture or French Renaissance Literature and Culture. Deadline: Oct 15.
  21. Queen's University (Canada), Assistant Professor in Black Decolonial Feminism, Deadline December 10.
  22. Oglethorpe University (Atlanta, GA), Assistant Professor of French, Desired fields: Francophone Africa, The Mahgreb, or Caribbean Studies, Deadline December 31. [1] and
  23. University of California Santa Barbara, Assistant Professor - Translation Studies and Translation Theory (French and/or Italian), Deadline Nov 15.
  24. University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada), Assistant Professor of French Traductology and Translation, Deadline Nov 5.
  25. Metropolitan State University of Denver, Assistant Professor of French, Deadline January 6.

Full-time, non-tenure-track[]

  1. Grinnell College, Assistant Professor of French (1 year). Caribbean Studies and African Diaspora. Deadline: March 16.
  2. Wesleyan University, Assistant Professor of the Practice in French. French linguistics. Deadline: Oct 1.
  3. Baylor University, Lecturer. French. Deadline: Oct. 15.
  4. University of Washington, Assistant Teaching Professor of French and Italian. Open. NTT/3-years. Deadline: Nov. 5.
  5. University of Delaware, Assistant Professor of French. Open (language instruction). NTT/3-years. Deadline: Oct. 22.
  6. Carroll College, Visiting Assistant Professor of French. Open. NTT/spring semester 2022. Deadline: Nov. 1.
  7. Penn State University, 2-year Visiting Assistant Professorship in French & Francophone Studies and the African Studies Program. 20th and 21st-century African Francophone Literary Studies. Deadline Dec. 1.\
  8. Tufts University, French Language Coordinator and Full-time Lecturer. Review of applications starts December 1st.
  9. East Tennessee State University, Full-time Lecturer and French Language Coordinator. Deadline: November 30.
  10. The Ohio State University. Three full-time, non-tenure-track lecturers in the fields of French language teaching and French and Francophone literatures, cultures, and/or cinemas.
  11. Scripps College. VAP in French.
  12. Xavier University. Visiting Faculty in French and Francophone studies
  13. Wabash College (IN). Postdoctoral Fellow in French. Preference for Francophone specialist. Review of materials begins April 11th.
  14. University of PIttsburgh. Visiting Lecturer in French, 3/3 teaching load. Field open.
  15. Hamilton College (NY). Visiting Assistant Professor or Visiting Instructor of French (1 year). Preference for pre-20th century specialist. Review of materials begins May 2.
  16. Tennessee Tech University. Full-time Lecturer of French. NTT/3-year contract (renewable). Screening begins June 6.
  17. University of Missouri in St. Louis. Assistant or Associate Teaching Professor of French and Spanish. NTT/Renewable contract (1 or 2 years depending on rank). FT.


  1. Beloit College (Beloit, WI, USA). Teaching Fellow - French and Francophone Studies. July 15th 2022. NT. PT. To begin in August 2022.
  2. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (Edwardsville, IL). Lecturer, two sections of French 101. In person. To begin in August 2022. MA in French required. Contact dept. chair Prof. Olga Bezhanova at

Word on the Street:[]

RE: East Tennessee State: Let's ponder the absurdity of a salary of $32,000, for a 4/4. - Urgh, no words. Plus, it looks like you'll need to coordinate the French program too, in addition to the 4/4 load. -- Exactly why I did not even consider applying. It's insulting.

invited for interview on 10/13/21: Wesleyan University Has anyone else received an invitation for interview? I was told by the department that the selection process was still ongoing They invited at least three people so far to interview and said they would be doing campus visits in November and making an offer by the winter break.

Yes, was also invited for interview at Wesleyan and got the same information. I'm waiting to hear back as of 10/26.

What a bumper year for Francophonists. Jealous!

Does anyone know why the Gustavus Adolphus job application portal and info has completely disappeared from their website ahead of the Nov. 1st application deadline? Has the search been closed?

I sent an email about Gustavus Adolphus to the Chair of the search committee and received a response from their Provost. The position has been filled.

Is the deadline for UT Austin November 1st or November 14th? The UT Austin website says that all the materials should be submitted by November 1 AND that the deadline is November 14.

Has anyone heard back from University of Chicago or know whether they are going with Renaissance or Francophone?

-as 11/5, I haven’t heard anything from Chicago

-likewise, still nothing from Chicago (Thursday, 11/4) ; nothing here either (11/17).

- additional material and interview requested from Chicago (11/22, francophonist here) (11/22 x4)

-also got additional material/interview request (11/22, Renaissance x3)

(12/13) Any word from Chicago re: campus visit invites? --> Campus visit invitation (+ additional material requested) (12/13) (x 2)-->Congrats!! Can I ask, did they call you or email? --> Thank you! It was both, email shortly followed by phone call.-->Congrats those who made the cut. Are you Francophonist or Renaissance, if you don't mind sharing? --> Francophonist.

-- (02/1) --> visits have concluded. anyone receive a job?

-- (02/10) --> did Chicago go with Francophonist or Renaissance?

-- (02/14) --> Re: Chicago: I know a francophonist who got a rejection, but I don't know who the dept. ended up going with. --> Thank you for the update! Do you know whether the person got the rejection after a first-round interview or after a campus visit? --> Sorry, I should have specified: after the campus visit!--> So did Chicago go with Francophonist or Renaissance? --> I believe they went with Renaissance, but to be confirmed. (02/23). --> Oh wow, good to know. Do you know if an offer has been made to that person already? 02/24 heard through the grapevine that offer was made and accepted.

Got an interview at Pitt on 10/21. Have a Twitter mutual who also get an interview.

- A friend got a campus visit invitation from Pitt (11/19) --> Has Pitt made an offer yet? --> An offer has been made (3/10)

Any updates on the Wesleyan position? (11/4) Reply: Still waiting to hear back as of 11/4...

Re Wesleyan: they have already chosen the 3 candidates who will have campus visits.

11/7, College of Holy Cross: Any news from College of Holy Cross? Did they contact candidates for first round of interviews?

11/17 Confirmed that interviews were sent.

11/16 A friend received an email this morning for a zoom interview with College of the Holy Cross. EDIT: Make that 2 friends!!

11/9 Anyone heard from Vassar?

- re Vassar: No, not yet for me at least. (11/11). Me neither (11/13).

-re Vassar (11/16): The posting just appeared again in the Chronicle of Higher Education with the application due date of December 8... I don't know what that means... Maybe they didn't find anyone "suitable" in the first round or something.

- re Vassar: 11/23: invited for zoom interview.

- re Vassar: any news about campus visits? (12/01) --> colleague was invited for campus visit 01/01

11/15 Did anyone notice how the ad for Brown has vanished from the MLA job search website (where it was stated that the deadline is Nov 20), and that on other websites, it says the deadline was Nov 14? EDIT: Nevermind, just received confirmation from the department that the application is still open.

Anyone heard from Penn? Not yet (11/18) -> Zoom interview invite (12/4) x 4 -> Campus visit invite sent x2 (12/26). Any news on campus visits at Penn? (3/4) -> I hear an offer has been made

11/17 News on Smith? 12/3 got a Zoom interview,

re Smith (01/14): any news on campus visits?

Still no news from Smith? 02/05? --> not for me at least (2/6)

11/17 News from Lawrence? --> 11/19 got a Zoom interview with Lawrence for the week of 11/29. They said campus interviews will be late Jan/early Feb.

- re : Lawrence (12/9) - anyone get a campus interview invite yet?--> Nothing yet. (12/9)

-re: Campus visit invite (12/13)

11/17 News from Boston College?

- Nothing from BC as of 11/19 [+1]

- Interview request from BC (11/22)

- Campus visit from BC (12/20)

11/17 News from West Point?

- Contacted for Zoom interview

-2/14 Updates from West Point after zoom interviews? Nothing as of 2/26

- 3/1 Any updates from West Point? - 3/2 Nothing here! -3/4 heard an offer was made - Can anyone confirm that an offer was made?

11/19 News from Baylor ? ; contacted for campus interview (11/19)

I couldn't apply to Baylor b/c I'm not Christian...

11/19 News from Grove City?

11/22 News from Harvard? 12/1 Zoom interview scheduled (x1)

Congrats Harvard! Are you a PhD student or prof, what school you come from and how did it go!

11/22 News from Trinity (Hartford)? 12/8 invite to zoom interview

11/22 News from Delaware?

Received rejection from Delaware. (11/22)

11/23 News from UT Austin? Contacted for Zoom interview (12/2) [x2]

--Any news on campus visits for UT Austin? --> Contacted for campus visit (12/20)

No news from UT AUSTIN , its Jan 20th, not a good sign right? ;(

11/24 News from Dartmouth?

Contacted for Zoom Interview (12/1) [x3]

11/27 News from Berkeley?

Request for further materials December 7 [x 2]

Invitation to interview (12/20)

I'm guessing campus visits invitations have already been sent. Can anyone confirm? (17/12) -> Never received a rejection after the first round, but assuming visits have been set up at this point (1/26).

11/27 News from Duke? Rejection received 12/21 [x3]. Does anyone have two cents to share on why they defined early modern as 1400-1700 in the ad? -- Anyone get an interview request?

-- does anyone know if Duke went with French or Italian in the end? No, but would love to know.

11/27 News from Williams?

12/15: email saying that they will meet late December to decide who they will invite for interviews to take place in the beginning of January.

12/30: got invitation for Williams on 12/23

11/29 News from Brown?-->12/13 Any updates from Brown? Not yet, still waiting. But the ad says Zoom interviews will take place in January, so we still have hope! -- 12/15 Interview request from Brown (X2)

BROWN decision came 3 weeks ago, rejected (today is jan 20th)

11/30 News from UBC (Vancouver)?

11/30 News from UCSB? Zoom interview request x3 (12/3) Any word on campus interviews? (12/21) Informed by my advisor, who knows head of search committee, that campus visit invitations have already been sent (1/20)

Any word on UCSB after the campus visits? (3/22)

12/01 News from Washington & Lee? contacted for zoom interview (12/13) - Rejection via email (1/4) - Campus visit invite (01/05)

02/14 -- Does anyone know if an offer has been made at Washington & Lee? Yes, an offer was made and accepted for this position.

12/1 News from Georgetown? contacted for zoom interview (12/3)

Re: the person who wrote "contacted for zoom interview (12/3)" for Georgetown, can you confirm "12/3" (i.e. ten days ago) and not "12/13" (i.e. today)? Thank you!

Re: Georgetown- Campus visit invitation 12/16

12/4 News from James Madison? 12/13 Zoom interview scheduled [x2]

1/11 - any news after first round?

Re: James Madison 1/11 Campus visit invitation

me too for JMU, are we only 2 finalists? I honestly don't know!

12/5 News from Emory?

- Nothing from Emory here (12/5)

- Interview for lecturer position scheduled for Thursday 12.09

-Zoom interview for lecturer position at Emory scheduled for Friday 12/10

12/5 News from Swarthmore? Contacted for Zoom interview (12/10)

12/6 Any update from Wesleyan? Anyone invited for campus visit yet??? See above, but, yes, campus visits have already taken place at Wesleyan. 12/06

--> An offer has been sent out for Wesleyan (12/3) - Turned down offer (12/15)

12/6 News from William & Mary?

-- contacted for Zoom Interview (12/22) [x4]

--- Contacted for campus visit 2/4

12/22 -- any news?

03/14 -- Any news since campus visits for William & Mary?

12/6 News from MTSU? Contacted for Zoom Interview (12/20) [x2]

--Any campus visit news? 1/22 campus visit invite

12/8 News from Dayton? Rejection email from Dayton (12/14) - I have not heard from Dayton here which seems strange if they sent rejection emails on Tuesday. Was anyone invited to interview?

-- contacted for zoom interview (12/16) [x2]

-- Any campus visit requests? Campus visit invitation (1/21)

12/12 Any word on the street from Rhodes?

--campus interview invitation (12/7)

— re: Rhodes. (02/18) Any news since campus visits?

12/15. Is it likely that places like James Madison, Duke, Williams, Georgetown have already scheduled interviews at this point even though no one has updated with an interview request on this page? Just wondering what people think since it is already mid-december.

12/12--Hard to say re: above question. Committees may have been waiting until the end of classes/exam week to meet and then they need to come up with interview times, draft an email for an admin to send etc. Traditionally a lot of first round interviews took place in early January, some folks may still think of that as the timeline. But ultimately who knows? Hope candidates will update

12/12--re: above: Williams's job ad says "the search committee plans to conduct Zoom interviews with 12-15 semi-finalists in January." It's mid-December now, so technically there's still plenty of time for them to notify applicants for first-round interviews. I assume the same is true for the rest of the schools you mentioned.

12/12 re:above -- I agree. I think I remember getting in-person MLA interviews with only a couple weeks notice way back (pre-COVID)

12/16 -- Honestly getting pretty discouraged. Really thinking about just giving up. This market is ridiculous. They make us submit sometimes hundreds of pages of application documents, give no respose.... and for what? An insecure TT with lower pay than many jobs that just require a 4 year bachelors? [x5]

12/17 re: above -- same here. When people ask me if I'm "on the market" I've started telling them "there is no market." This is my last year looking for a position, I'm so burned out after looking for 4 years! (I've told a few tenured academics that and they've been horrified to hear it. But it really is that bad out there.) [x4]

12/17 re: both above -- same. I've been looking for 8 years, held several visiting and temporary positions with stellar evaluations and students telling me that the college is losing one of its best teachers when I leave. But can't get anything permanent or even long-term. And search committees who wouldn't even bother sending you a polite "thank you, but no" after the preliminary interview. [x3]

--re. above: same. It is extremely discouraging. We all have at least 10 years of education, and can barely find a job. Then IF you get one, you have to fight for your life to keep it. Giving it this year, next year, and then I'm out of academia. [x4]

--re: above: Many of the few "good" jobs out there are in locations not desirable to most. Several friends, former classmates, and colleagues have left TT positions for this reason.

--re:above (12/21): hi! as someone "senior" (LOL), I want to extend my commiseration to all of you. The market is in absolute shambles. Every year since 2009, I say: "it's the worst it's ever been". To all of you who won't get a job: you are not defective, you didn't do anything wrong. You probably did everything or most things right, in fact. But there are no jobs, and there won't be more in the future. The reality of tenure at most places now is wondering if your department (or your college altogether) is going to get shut down in the next few years (*fun* fact: at many institutions, it will, within 10-15 years, give or take. Unless you're at a top-20 SLAC or at a large state university. Every institution that's tuition-dependent is utterly effed). I know lots of full profs who wonder if their institutions will remain open until they reach retirement age. If you just finished, or are in the process of finishing, cut your losses now and start working on getting a job in another field in a place you like. Academia is corporate, so better get a corporate job with a corporate salary. The job is honestly not that great (lots of red tape, overwhelming administrators' stupidity, post-covid students are ahem) and not that well-paid. In most cases, you'll live in a undesirable place (many *good* SLAC are located in Armpit, USA), if you're super unlucky there'll even be some confederate flags or other welcoming signs to greet your brown ass, or your same-sex partner, or your mixed-race children, or all of the above (getting into a stream of consciousness here). Sorry for the bleakness, but really, don't feel bad, or unworthy. You're plenty good, and academia doesn't deserve you. It's academia, not you. Happy holidays, all, much love, eggnog, and cookies.

^^To whoever wrote this, you're awesome. Thank you. [x2]

--re above rants (12/21): I was on the market this year and although French is my #1 love, I ended up also applying to a lot of interdisciplinary, more well-paying 'special faculty' type positions (SLA/Applied Lin oriented) and industry jobs. I ended up accepting one of them and it is much more well paying than an offer for a non TT teaching position that I got from a SLAC, and more well-paying than what TT folks are getting at the institution where I currently am. I would totally recommend applying outside of your field of comfort/interdisciplinarily and looking into industry jobs that often have more paid vactions, stability, benefits, pay way better, may have remote options, and are often in big cities/more attractive locations than all the SLACs that seem to be hiring this year. The research skills we cultivate in the PhD are really marketable and I have been pleasantly surprised with how much employers are interested in qualitative data analysis/data visualization etc! Bon courage à vous tou.t.e.s !

-- Thanks for sharing. 45 TT were listed on this wiki for the year 2019-2020; 23 are this year. Job offers have been halved in two years and 2019-2020 was not even a good year (and 2020-2021 was, oh well) . All the while, universities have been increasingly boasting their concern for inclusion and diversity. How on earth could these worthy goals ever be achieved with such a shrunk job market? They can't. We're all aware of this though we all have to pretend otherwise, going through interviewes in a state of perpetual cognitive and emotional dissonance, vocally stating our commitment to inclusion and diversity, all the while knowing that the adjuncts and contingent faculty are those who have been and will continue to be the ones primarily teaching and mentoring most of the disadvantaged students across the board, thus carrying out the heaviest - i.e, most ethical – work while being thanked with resentment and the crappiest and most undignified work conditions. This is a deeply dysfunctional system and such a sickening waste of potential year after year. I've been working on my way out and at this point, I'll seize any alt-ac opportunity with relief, despite all the genuine love I used to have for researching and teaching.

12/27 -- I feel that every one with a tenured position keeps trying to theorize why there are no jobs, and what the winning formula may be for finding a position, when, in reality, the only answer is that the market is bad, and it's a complete lottery. I've seen ABDs with no publications find TTs, I've seen people find positions after 10 years on the market and publishing a couple books, as well as Ivy league grads caught in adjunct hell. And, truth be told, virtually none of the full professors at my alma mater could've realistically found a position in today's market.

12/27 re above: That's been my experience, as well, in terms of colleagues who have gotten jobs and haven't. Completely random, no correlation whatsoever to differences in quality or quantity of research, publications, teaching, advisors/committee/recommenders, language ability, awards, trendiness of research topic, professionalism, collegiality, or interpersonal skills. I am a fairly recent PhD from an elite institution, so it's not related to program quality or age of degree, either. The only correlation is that more Francophonists have gotten jobs, presumably because there are more Francophone jobs. Not that any of those who got jobs were undeserving, but rather that those who didn't get jobs were at least equally as deserving. Personally, for each year I have applied (3 years now), I have received exactly one interview at the "best" TT job I applied for that cycle, and no others, for reasons that are completely mysterious to me and feel random as they were also at 3 very different institutions (one elite private research, one public university, one SLAC). I was fortunate to receive a fellowship in the meantime, but this is my last fellowship year and my last year seeking academic employment. It has helped me to make a very concrete plan B that involves moving to a place I would actually like to live. I keep an eye on job postings in that area for several professions in which I could see myself working, and it has been reassuring to see how many I'm qualified for. I will start applications in the spring. Now, any academic job I apply for has to compete with that plan, and only a few have lived up to that standard this round (not that there were many to begin with, ha). Having this plan has helped me keep it somewhat together through another year of uncertainty and instability. I couldn't personally put myself through this for one more year. Those who have done it for longer, I deeply admire your superhuman patience.

--1/11 My opinion (not confirmed by statistics and based on hearsay) is that part of the problem with getting interviews for tenure-track jobs now is that some people who had tenure-track jobs lost them over the last couple years, and they are probably getting the interviews now, especially for TT positions with a graduate program or at ivies.

--1/13: That's a nice theory, but that has also been true since 2008. I'm also not sure what to make of informal polls show that hiring committees tend to favor ABDs or very recent PhDs. In other words, there is a bias against 'old' PhDs, unless it's a tenured hire of course. For better or for worse, our PhDs get stale every year. That said, I know lots of very interesting people applying for the francophone studies jobs this year, including those who already have tenure-track positions. We will see the results soon enough (like August unless people start posting about it).

--1/13 Yeah, I've been looking at hires in F/FS for the last three years, and it's all over the place: former VAPs with a decent publication record in Lecturer positions, newly-minted PhDs getting tenure-track jobs at R1s. I've also noticed that a good number of people with full-time positions are native speakers of French, either from France or a Francophone region. Of course, that makes sense given the field, but take that for what you will. Good luck to everyone regardless!

--1/13 I doubt elite institutions will hire those who have lost their jobs.. In reality, this year, as much as it sucks like every year so far, is also an extraordinary one because of the number of positions coming out of Ivies and other elite R1s. So everyone is getting on board and applying, including those who already have TT positions but want better/more prestigious ones. Also, if you look at the event calendar for some of these departments, you will see...ahem...the campus visit talks advertised as well (even if they're not advertised as such), and it looks like most of the candidates are NOT ABDs.

--1/13 you are a genius—I can't believe that they release this information publicly! -- Well then, I can go into private investigation if academia fails me :)

--12/17 question: those of you who have been on the job market for a while, should we expect to not hear anything between now and the end of the year with the holidays? --> I believe it depends on a lot of factors. For instance, when does the semester/quarter ends? At Chicago, it ended a week ago, at other places, it still hasn't. Some committee chairs prefer to get this work done along with everything else before the semester/quarter ends, some will only have time for it after it ends and won't hesitate to schedule interviews very close to Christmas break or New Year. It's all over the place, and all depends on intitutional, departmental culture, or even the chair's talent (or lack of) for organization.

-- re above questions: last year a I was rejected on Dec. 23rd after a prelimanry interview 2 weeks earlier that I thought went really well. It ruined my xmas. Don't put anything past them... --> seconded: a few years ago I found out (on the wiki!) that campus interview invitations were sent on either the 22nd or 23rd of December for a job I had skype-interviewed for. They didn't send my rejection until January, but still, this was a committee at an Ivy league school on the semester system). Basically notifications can come at just about any time, but it is often worse for our mental health to pray to hear back on, say, Dec. 23, when that definitely happens but is less common.

-- re above question too: sometimes they don't send answers between interviews and campus visits because things can go wrong and they might need someone from the pool of interviewees for a campus visit (one of the candidates might accept an offer elsewhere).

1/1 question -- How many applications do you think an average position is getting in French&Francophone right now, and about how many of those do you think they select for interviews? --> Not sure about applications, but interviews probably go anywhere from 3-8, and campus visits, 2-5.

-->first round interviews: 8-12 candidates. campus visits: 2-5 (based on first-hand experience with multiple hiring committees). A hiring committee I know of from a couple years ago that sollicited applications broadly from 2 different historical fields got 150 applications, so it is probably safe to say that depending on the specificity of the job ad, applications could range from 50 to 150

-- re:Williams (above) received email today that confirms the above statements. Committee is reviewing dossiers and will make decisions in late December. Then they will contact final candidates for interview in Early Jan. (12/15) [x2]

Poll here: Curious to know if folks who got interviews are ABD or already have your degree completed:

ABD: (x 11)

Degree: (x15)

Poll here: Curious to know how many people applied to everything (anything that could've reasonably fit your profile) and didn't get any interviews? [x4]

12/14 Any news from College of the Holy Cross after first round of interviews? Was anyone invited for campus interview? Nothing yet (12/14) [x1]

- campus visit & interview invitation (12/15)

12/15 Any news from NC State?

-- Applied over 3 months ago, radio silence. -> same, also applied when it was SLA/applied linguistics. Now its for any speciality?? confusing. -- The fact that the ad was fairly general but then had a fairly specific research area randomly listed makes me think it was an ad, comment dit-on, fléché.

12/16 Any news from Dartmouth?-- Nothing yet (12/17)-->Still nothing (12/18)?? Interviews for Dartmouth have already gone out a while back.-->Sorry, to clarify: anyone heard anything about Dartmouth finalist round after the initial Zoom round? (12/20) --> nothing yet! (12/20)-->Still no news? (12/24)

12/17 Any news from University of Montana/DCLCP?

12/21 -- email from human resources, said they would update on the status of application "in the coming weeks"

12/29 CV inquiry/Info request

12/17 Any news from PSU?

12/17 Any news from Tufts?

Nothing from Tufts yet (12/19) (x5)

anything from swarthmore after first round interview? (12/17) --> They said they would contact candidates in early January for early Feb. campus visits. (12/23)

12/20 Anything from Harvard yet? Invited for campus visit on 12/20


-- In Feb. Do you have one too? => 3/14 Any news from Harvard after the virtual campus visit? I heard they had more campus interviews that what you'd expect, and that they shortlisted a few after that. But that's all I know.=> That was fast! Thank you. Have the shortlisted candidates been notified? - I believe so, yes. It's brutal to have to wait until the chosen finalist accepts and for the department to contact us. Take care, everyone.

12/22 -- Union VAP any news? --> Zoom interview invitation on 12/19. (x3)-- 1/9 Any News since initial Zoom interview?

1/9 -- No news yet since Union interview.-->Same here. No news yet (but my interview was only late Friday afternoon (1/9).

1/11 -- I have an interview with Union scheduled for today.—>a first-round interview? (1/11) Yes.

1/19--any news from Union after the first round?-->Just received an invitation for a campus interview (1/19).

2/23 -- any news since the campus visit at Union?—>offer made on 2/24 (2/27)

12/22 -- Georgia State any news? Nothing here (01/10)

GSU Atlanta emailed the candidates january 17th

12/22 -- UNC Charlotte any news?

-nothing here 12/22

- first round interviews are done. More info will be sent after Jan. 4th

any answers after zoom interview for UNC? I had mine on January 3rd so over 2 weeks ago , not a good sign

- Am I to assume that lecturer position are basically as competative as TTs right now? Re: I'd think so, especially considering that some of the lecturer positions out there right now (Emory, Tufts) are more attractive than a lot of the TT jobs available. -- Do people getting lecturer interviews have research interests focused on pedagogy? -- two lecturer interviews so far. No pedagogy-focused research but alot of experience in the classroom. -- I'm in French/Francophone Studies, but having one publication on pedagogy in a peer-reviewed journal might have helped me get interviews for lecturer positions over the last two years. YMMV.

1/8 - virtual campus visit invite.

2/5 - Any news from UNC-C after campus visits ? - nothing yet (2/16). Offer sent (2/18). - 4/4 teaching load plus supervising duties and service, likely for mediocre pay. Thanks, but no, thanks. Congrats on getting the offer, though, it's still a great achievement in today's market! - What exactly is the point of commenting an uniformed opinion and then follow it with a disingenuous "congrats"? People are struggling to find employment and healthcare and you "thanks, but no thanks" an opportunity someone is given to cover those bases. Just keep scrolling, you're not helping anyone. - This is an anonymous discussion board on which anyone can express their opinion, myself included. You read too much into my comment. It was not meant to be disingenuous, and I'm sorry you feel that way. My opinion is not uninformed. The academic market in the humanities is close to non-existent and exploitative. Just stating the facts here. There are much better and more lucrative ways to put one's Doctorate to good use. If the person who got the offer will be happy in that position, then good for them. --> ya, agree with the first response. All of us know without ANY doubt the realities of the job market - that it sucks big time. And you're very welcome to complain about it here all day long. But maybe don't poo-poo on an offer that someone who's reading these comments might very likely take. Plus, for myriad reasons (financial, work visa, etc.) everyone does not have the privilege to turn it around quickly and get a non-academic job even if they wanted to.

12/22 -- Cincinnati any news?

- nothing here.

-- message from Cincinnati that application now under review (1/3) -- was it a stock email or personal? Didn't receive anything. -- It looked like an automated email from the HR. I would not read too much into it. A few years ago, I received a similar email from a different institution, while a colleague of mine did not. Neither of us got an invitation to interview. -- (1/4) Okay, now I've received the same email... weird. -- (1/5) Same, but just today.

- Contacted for Interview (1/10) [x1]

Interview for me too Jan 19th at CincinattI

I heard an offer was made and accepted for Cincinatti.

12/23 -- Any news from Penn after first round interviews? No second round interview notice 1x

12/23 -- Any news from Trinity after first round interviews?

- Invitation for campus visit (12/17)

12/24 -- Interview request from Alfred

1/3--Dartmouth: Has anyone who got a first round interview at Dartmouth heard back yet? --Nothing yet (1/3) [x2]

1/4 Dartmouth- nothing yet -- Still nothing from Dartmouth (1/8)?-->Still nothing here (1/8). Nothing here either (1/8). It might be safe to assume that after three weeks indeed: (1) they have contacted their finalists and none are responding here on the wiki; (2) they are inviting the candidates one by one instead of inviting three finalists, moving to the next only if one does not work (e.g.: accept a different position, do a bad job talk/teaching session, etc.), in which case, it might take a while. I am on a search for a different field right now, and we contacted 3 candidates, aware that one or two might not work for the aforementioned reasons, standing ready to contact, one by one, candidate #4, 5, and 6, should we need to. Last, even at Dartmouth, the Dean/Provost might put the search "on pause" because of Covid-19 changes due to Omicron –though that seems unlikely because the search is related to multiple DEI/Black Studies openings, and they were so nice before and during the interview that I would think they would have emailed candidates.-->Knowing some of these Dartmouth folks personally, I'd be surprised if the didn't write a polite email to say "thanks but no-thanks." It could perhaps be #2, though, I suppose. 1/13 - campus visit invite (x2)

1/3 -- Any News from University of North Florida?

-- Invitation for Zoom Interview (12/21) (x5) ( 5 of us have a zoom with UNF?)

1/21 -- Any news from UNF since first round of zoom interviews? --- First round interviews were still ongoing as of the 21st

1/27 -- Any updates on UNF? Nothing yet. (1/28)

2/9 -- Since it has now been a couple of weeks, any updates on UNF since the first interviews? Nothing yet on my end.

2/14 -- Still no updates from UNF?

2/14 -- Campus Invitation received last week from UNF.

1/5 - Has anyone heard from Brown since the first round interviews?--Not yet. They told me it would be 2-3 weeks, so we are still in that window (1/5). (x2) --> campus visit invite (1/8)

1/6 - General interview / campus visit question. In the past I've waited weeks (sometimes months) after the initial zoom interview to receive a rejection email. However, this year I got my first campus invite literally 3 days after the zoom interview. For those of you who have been through this before, is it usually within a few days that of interviewing that you get contacted for the campus visit? (Also, perhaps next year we should have a wiki section for general process questions so that "word on the street" is more streamline and less chaotic??) --> Really depends on the place; I've had campus visit invitations mere days after, or weeks later. --> In my experience, yes, if you get invited to campus, it's within 3-6 days of the initial interview. If it's been 10 days or more, you didn't make it. Once I got a campus invitation 2 hours after the Zoom interview. -->in my experience up to a week would not be unusual to wait (for either campus interview invite or request for more materials), but it feels like with all interviews happening on Zoom now, the timeline is more sped up for some reason? When I was the grad student member of a hiring committee years ago and we did in-person MLA interviews, the committee didn't even meet to talk about who to invite to campus until more than a week later (strangely, they did not have that conversation while still together at the MLA, everyone just flew home and set a meeting to talk about it like 10 days later). I could see a search happening in a department that hasn't had a new hire in a very long time thinking of things on this more old-fashioned timeline. Each committee is its own idiosyncratic entity - but that being said, I do not recommend sacrificing your mental health by holding out hope for an invitation that, given the time lapsed, is unlikely to come (easier said than done!) --> my campus visit from Brown (see above) came almost 3 weeks after the interview. Another visit this round came more than 2 weeks after. Most schools are struggling right now with the start of the semester, with Covid-related policies changing on a weekly basis. --> I had two campus visits this season. One campus invite came almost a month after the Zoom interview and the other came about 2 weeks after. I was told that for the one that took a month, there was a lot of red tape getting the dean to approve the campus visits, etc, so it took them longer than expected to get the approval to invite the candidates.

Anyone got an interview at Delaware? Someone mentioned a rejection back in November but I didn't see any updates regarding interviews (1/6) Thanks!!

Delaware emailed decisions on December

1/7 -- Any news from Oglethorpe University?

Request for letters of recommendation & course evaluations (1/19) x1

any interviews for Oglethorpe?

Interview request for Oglethorpe (1/26) x1

1/7 -- Any news from Metropolitan State University of Denver? -- Invitation for Zoom interview (1/10) (x2) -- Really, turn around was that quick? only closed 4 days ago... -- I haven't had this happen to me before, but yes, I agree, it was very quick.

1/21 -- Any news from MSU Denver since first round of zoom interviews?

1/28 -- I'm guessing campus visit invites have been sent for MSU Denver, given that the committee was planning on inviting candidates by the end of the month of Jan. Can anyone confirm? They have recently wrapped up campus interviews, and the committee is finalizing deliberations. (March 2)

1/8-- Any news from Emory since the first round of Zoom interviews? - Nothing yet (1/10)

- Invited for Emory campus visit (1/10)

1/9 -- Any news about Tufts yet? Nothing here yet (1/15) [x2]

-- 1/19 Tufts - contacted for Zoom interview [x2]

1/9 -- How are candidates handling campus visits during the Omicron outbreak and concerns such as indoor dining? Is there a way to communicate concern to a search committee without jeopardizing one's candidacy? --> I think you should be fine. I received emails prior to a November campus visit asking about my level of comfort on that front.

1/10 -- Any news from High Point? - Invited for Zoom interview 1/8 [x2]

-- Invited for campus visit 1/31

1/10 -- Vanderbilt, any news? Nothing here yet (1/15) [x2]

Contacted for Zoom interview on 1/21

1/10 -- Aiken, any news?

1/12 -- West Virginia invitation for Zoom Interview 1/12

1/12 : Any news from Williams for campus visits after interviews last week? Merci ! —> Nothing here yet (1/12)

1/14: Nothing here from Williams either. During Zoom interview they said they would notify the finalists by the end of last week. Perhaps they have already reached out but people haven't posted about it?

--I've not heard anything either from Williams (1/14)...wondering if the in-person vs. virtual factor is delaying their process? —-> Thank you for the update! Do you mean deciding to invite for campus interview in-person or over zoom? ----> yes exactly. They told me that the pandemic trajectory at the moment would determine whether campus visits were held on campus or via Zoom. -—> thank you!! Fingers crossed!

--Williams virtual campus invite 1/14. Any news since campus visits? -- 03/06 offer has been made and accepted (not by me haha)

1/12: Queens University, any updates? Invitation for Campus interview 20 Dec. -----> 02/18, re: Queens University. What position was this for? Was it for the French Studies Department?

1/13: I heard that Swarthmore sent email for campus interview this week.

1/14: Any news about Lehman? x 2 - Not for me. The job announcement was very broad in terms of the languages they needed taught and supervised. Like with everything these days, the odds are not in anyone's favor.

2/21: Interview invitations are out for Lehman. They give their decision around March 15 for a campus visit.

3/24: Has anyone heard from Lehman regarding the campus visit?

1/20: Smith, updates after first round of interviews? --> Not yet for me (1/24)

--anyone have Smith news? (2/1) Nothing yet for me (2/4) --> I'm guessing it's time to stop holding out hope for Smith? (2/10) Wish someone would confirm! (2/10) --> Campus visits have taken place (2/11) - Thank you for the update! (2/11) - Received an invitation for a campus visit today (2/18) - Turned down campus visit (2/18) --> Good to know my interview went so well that I've missed out on 2 rounds of campus visits, lol. Oh well. Good luck to those still in the running! (2/25)

1/23: SO, who is out of luck this year with TT jobs, at least going through the news of various campus visits? What do you plan to do, if no lecturer/VAP/postdocs materialize? The horrible job market left aside, what would you have done differently, if at all? --> I'm so sorry to hear you're out of luck. I'm still waiting on one last job, and after that, if nothing materializes, I am moving on and doing something else because I can't stay on the yearlong job cycle indefinitely and I need a more stable life. I wouldn't have done much differently, to be honest. I'm the person that I am and I did what I could. Not finish my PhD and go on the job market during a pandemic, I suppose. Perhaps I would have gotten a little more admin/non-ac experience during my PhD, or maybe a teaching license. My approach has been to figure out what academia can't give me - choice about where to live, for example, or a more clearly delineated work/life balance, or more time for creative endeavors - and to enjoy having that as a consolation prize. Good luck! I've heard it's a decent market for getting hired in admin now, for what that's worth. - I've been encouraging colleagues/friends who are disillusioned with academia to check out the Professor is Out group on Facebook. It's managed by Karen Kelsky, and I've found the community there very helpful.

1/25: any updates on WVU after first round? --> Campus Visit invite (1/24)--> Congrats! in-person or remote? --> Thank you! It's virtual/remote! Probably safer given everything. --> Definitely!!

1/26: any updates from Alfred ? Campus visits are in progress (1/26)

1/26: I know the semester has just started for a lot of schools, but does anyone else feel like things are unusually quiet?

re above: I totally agree, things are very quiet. This is is usually when a lot of VAPs and lecturer positions come out, but there's not much at all this year.... depressing and discouraging to say the least. --> My institution will open one soon (few weeks?), but as someone mentioned here earlier, it takes longer these days because of the amount of red tape to go through: not only Covid protocols (constantly changing) but also lack of financial visibility and therefore hiring commitment. Most schools will wait for Spring census to see where they are, how many students they got, what's the balance btw gen. ed. and majors, failed searches, adjunct availability, timeline of projects that need completion and tagged financial priority, etc. There will be more VAP and PoP.

1/27: Any news from High Point after first round of interviews?

-- Campus visit request received on 1/31

1/28- Any insights on how long it typically takes to hear back after a campus interview? --> Last time I was on the market, my offer (TT) took about 2-3 weeks to arrive, but that was in the good old pre-COVID days. --> Thanks for the insights! I'm assuming things might take a bit longer because of Covid?

1/30 - Any news from Indiana University Bloomington after interviews last week?

2/1 - Any news about campus visits from MSU Denver? Or UNF? - Nothing yet here for UNF and Denver (02/23). MSU have recently wrapped up campus interviews, and the committee is finalizing deliberations.

2/2- Anyone who applied to the French Instructor job at Juniata College got contacted? - Nothing here. - Nothing here either. It's a good school, but not the most desirable location unless you enjoy nature and hiking. - Invitation for Zoom interview (2/10) [x2].

2/4- Any news from College of the Holy Cross since campus visit invitations?

2/8- Any news from Ohio State? - Nothing here.--> (2/10)

2/10- Any news from Alfred after campus visits?

2/16-Any news from Dartmouth after campus visits? Nothing here. (2/16)-->Email from Dartmouth saying the process is slow because they've been meet with some "administrative problems with the search." Said they would try to have a decision next week. Has anyone gotten an offer? I'm trying to suss out what this delay might be... (2/18) - Just speculating about the "problem" here, too! Got the same email on 2/18 (2/20). Nothing from Dartmouth?-->Still nothing on my end. (2/24).--> nothing on my end either –and I think that makes 3 of us... is there a fourth one out there? ;) --> Number 4 here - same email last week; no news yet. (2/24). Any news from Dartmouth? (2/28)—>None here (2/28). x1-->Ok, it's March 1, any one gotten an offer yet? (3/1). Nope. (X2)...It seems there is one more of us hanging out there. So perhaps they got the offer? (3/2). I haven't heard anything yet either - I think there are still four of us waiting? (3/3). Rejection received (3/6) -> (x3) & in solidarity. Thanks for sharing the wait...—>congrats to whomever landed it! --> adding my solidarity. thanks to you all, and yes congrats!

2/17 - Any news from JMU after campus visits? Nothing here (2/19) they give decisions mid March, OFFER MADE.

2/18 Any news from Queens University ? (Assistant Professor in Decolonial Feminism and Black Studies -- French Studies Department) Nothing! Nothing from Queens. (27 feb) 3/01 This is odd, still nothing. The Department Chair had said they would have an answer by mid February. Anyone got news, re: an offer from the French Studies Department?

2/21 Anyone know why the Rollins College TT job in French gets reposted pretty much every other year? Anything wrong with that school? Also, "Requires: PhD in French. Send resume to: Director, Talent Management". Really?! -----> 2/24 That ad is a scam. Wrote to the Romance Languages Department Chair. She confirmed they have no job advertised. - Wow! Thank you.

2/21 Any news from Georgetown after campus visits? --> an offer has been made (2/22) --> Thanks for the update and Congrats! --> offer accepted (2/23)

2/23 Interview request from College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University (VAP). [x2]

2/24 - Any news from College of the Holy Cross since campus visits?

2/25 - The MSU Denver position was posted again today in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The original deadline for application is still there. Is that a mistake or...?

2/25 - Any news from WVU since campus visits or Indiana Bloomington since interviews? I heard an offer was made for JMU

2/27- Any news from UT Austin? --> 3/09 Does anyone have news about UT Austin?

3/1 How many weeks after a campus visit would you expect an offer? Or to reformulate, how many weeks after the last campus visit? By the time the committee decides, and the dean/provost approves an offer, etc. I know this is a very general question, and it depends on the institution and a lot of other factors, but what has been your experience? (3/1) --> It really depends on the institution, but for a public university like UT Austin, with a massive bureaucracy, I would say 2-3 weeks. For SLACs, closer to two weeks. But this market is bonkers, and it's not certain that first picks will accept their offer, so that prolongs the process by about 2 weeks. Hang tight and bonne chance!!! (3/1) -- Merci, et bonne chance à toi aussi! ---> I'd agree with the person above. The department will usually make an offer to their first choice within 2-3 weeks of interviews ending. If they have to move onto their second choice, that adds another 2 weeks. Third choice would add two more, etc. (3/1) ---> My experience has been: 24 hours after the last campus visit (SLAC; I wasn't the last); 3 weeks after my visit (public R1, I went first). For context, one offer was about six years ago, the other three years ago. Interviewing others at a SLAC: we meet the day after the end of the last visit, forward our choice to the provost, who makes the call right away or the day after. --> Sounds like it really varies, thank you for your input everyone.

March 2: Anyone received a campus visit to UNF and UN Charlotte? Not sure if they already started campus visit?

Any news from "Brown" after campus visits?

03/04: I signed an offer letter a week ago, meanwhile I received an offer from one of my top 3 institution. Can anyone tell me if I can rescind after I signed?? - Might not be the best move, but I rescinded an offer last year several weeks after signing it. There were no consequences that I am aware of, other than the chair emailing me and saying I was "unprofessional". The field of F/FS is big enough that it might not affect you. I'm not a lawyer and can't give legal advice, but most employment in the US is "at will", which means the offer letter is most likely not binding. But it's a good idea to read it attentively before doing something like that. Ultimately, it's your choice, Hope that helps. - yes it does, thanks a lot. Did you also sign a contract? The letter says that the signature of the offer means your willingness to enter into a contract with the institution, and that after I sign the contract the employment process begins. Any other similar experience? - No, I just signed an offer letter. In my years on the job market, I've never actually had to sign what I would think of as a "contract". But, again, I don't know all the ins and outs of employment law. The committee might not like what you do, and, chances are, you might not be considered for a job in that department in the future (at least, not by the same committee members). But life just happens sometimes. -- thank you so much for your answer again. I think the language in the letter does show no binding right? So now you are staying at your institution, I am assuming you have a TT? And yes, I obviously won't apply in that institution again ha! The risk we take is anyone can be reviewers or part of your tenure committee but oh well, if they have empathy, they'll understand, thanks again! — (03/06) Here’s my hot take: let the institution know you can no longer accept the position and don’t worry about how they will take it. Think instead of how happy their #2 pick will be getting a call with a job offer. Just focus on the positive for yourself and that other lucky person who now gets to secure a job in this absolutely devastating job market. Congrats!-- thank you for your answer. If candidate #2 and #3 committed themselves to other institutions, the school will be very mad ha! You are right though, as they choose what's best for them, we can do the same. - - as someone who was a #2 or #3 candidate for a job search with NO other prospects, I would see it as a miracle :)

3/3: Does anyone have any info on Sam Houston State University? I am interviewing for the TT Applied Ling / French job next week, but it seems very odd to me that they are doing first round interviews in March. ---- Insane that institution expect you to wait for them until end of April-May to give you a decision. In your case, I am assuming you will have to wait mid April to see if you have a campus interview, so a possible offer in May. Hopefully, you will receive another offer before!

3/5 Wouldn’t it be nice if committee chairs showed more empathy towards candidates? What’s the point of telling a candidate “a final decision has not been made” when the offer is already out there? Those who are not aware of this wiki page wait for weeks to hear about jobs for which they’ve applied: stress, anxiety… no offer, yet no rejection. At least let those who went for the campus visit know that the offer has been made. At the end of the day, chair committees/members have been there so they should try to make things a little better. Rules or whatever this is should not be followed blindly. Some human empathy would go a long way. Sigh!!! Hang in there job seekers! --- I know it feels dishonest to read that a final decision is not yet made when in fact the offer is out there. But if candidate #1 refuses the offer, and the department moves to candidate #2, they'd rather leave that door open and if possible not let candidate #2 know that they were a runner-up. Good luck to everyone out there (Re. But given that candidates start speculating when they do not hear back from the search committee, what's the point of hiding the truth? Some do not inquire but for those who do, they deserve the truth rather than false hopes. And I don't think when a candidate gets an offer, they bother about being a runner up or not. At that point, this is not even an issue anymore) - it is brutal and there is absolutely an element of arbitrariness and luck. You are smart and you deserve good things. --- But those who weren't candidates 1, 2, or 3 don't stand a chance and at least deserve to know after the initial interviews that they are not moving to the next stage. Once I reached out to a committee about 2 weeks after the Zoom interview to ask about the timeline because I had a different offer (--- why do you bother contacting a school where you only had a zoom if you had a concrete offer? --- Because that was a TT position and the offer was a one-year visiting.----- Ohh! That makes sense now! VAP is good too in case you dont like the institution, no strings attached. Also, some schools can offer you a TT if budget approval and good performances. Thank you.) . Their response was, "We are moving as fast as we can, and we will let you know once we reach a decision." Never heard from them again. I feel like search committees members lose their sense of humanity once they find themselves on those committees and literally get to decide fates of people. (Agreed! And that's the issue!)-- we are just disposable like athletes really. They dont care if we wait, they just focus on the best they find. If they have less than 10 zoom, yes, they can let us know. After campus interview, they usually let know everyone after 2/3 weeks. A school told me i'm on the short list weeks after a zoom interview and that they are still reviewing, same day I found out that they gave an offer!!

-- Can we stop all the toxic back-and-forth please? I've been reading the annual French jobs Wiki pages for years and I have never seen things devolve into attacks like this. Maybe we can all just take a step back? [X2] — Yes, this kind of verbal sparring belongs on social media. Please honor the purpose of this wiki where job candidates can stay abreast of job status and contribute transparency to their compatriots. Verbal abuse and pissing contests are beneath us all and they clutter the wiki with unhelpful details.

03/06: Is it true than TT candidates have more chances to be selected in any position (bust mostly TTs position) than Lecturers or VAPs? --> fwiw, no, I don't think that is something you can say is always the case - it is maybe more likely if an Ivy or extremely prestigious institution is hiring, but even then, it depends entirely on the search committee and what they are looking for. Some places really like to hire and invest in recent PhDs with a lot of scholarly promise, and sometimes they are looking for a more established scholar.

3/8: Any news from Princeton? - Invited for Zoom interview (x2)

3/8: Any news from Ohio State? - Invited for Zoom interview (x1) Only one person out of everyone on this page got an interview??

(03/19)— can anyone confirm an interview request, or is this one person a red herring? I am the person who commented. Not "a red herring". Sigh.

[3/10]- does anyone know why the VAP for University of Utah was deleted earlier today? Is the job search cancelled? If so, please leave the job posting and add to it “cancelled.” Otherwise it seems like someone is trying to delete opportunities for wiki followers. - Looks like someone took it upon themselves to “moderate” this page. My previous comments (which I think were useful) were deleted, too. — Tbh, I don’t like how this year’s wiki has gone off-topic so much. It makes finding job listing and updates extremely difficult when forced to scroll through paragraphs of unnecessary content. I agree with the other comment that the wiki should only be for posting information directly related to the job and candidacy. Other job wikis do not have so much clutter and impertinent information.

  • 3/10 A lot of comments and updates were deleted last night, I think inadvertently (someone made an update to an old version of the page). Since there have been a couple subsequent updates since then, it will take a little work/time to get everything back where it was. I am going to freeze editing on the page temporarily until I can get everything restored - 5120j (AcademicJobsWiki moderator)
  • 3/10 Everything is restored and I have lifted the temporary protection. If you are editing and get any sort of warning message, please don't ignore it! Editing a previous version of the page will cause all subsequent edits to get deleted. -5120j

3/11: Has anyone heard from Trinity after campus visits?

For those of you have gotten offers, have any gone to current (ABD) graduate students, or only assistant professors?---> (3/13)- Interesting question. I'd be interested in seeing what folks say. I defended my dissertation in 2020, left academia to do something else for last 2-ish years, and received an offer for a lecturer position for next fall. - I received my PhD a couple of years ago, and am currently in a full-time NTT. I've gotten offers for similar NTT positions and VAPs (which I've turned down, since I'm tired of moving every [other] year), and was a finalist for several TT positions in the last two years. But no TT offer so far. -- I got my PhD more than 4 years ago, am in a TT position, was looking to move "up": applied to 12 jobs, got 5 zooms, 1 visit, 0 offer (fairly similar numbers some other years).---I had many offers, currently visiting.

3/14 - Does anyone have any insight into the Santa Rosa Junior College position ? -- Yes, I got a rejection email today (x1). ---Sorry for your rejection, what is your profile? Masters, phd, abd? (response: my profile is ABD). And professional experiences. Question for everyone: is there a risk for your career to join a community college?

3/16- Any news from Holy Cross? it’s been over a month, so I’m just waiting for the rejection letter at this point but it’d be nice to know. Hi, an offer was made and accepted. -3/24 Awesome, thank you so much for replying, and congratulations!! Thanks!

3/17- Any news from Lawrence (offer, rejection, 2nd round campus invite)? I am trying to figure out why it is taking so long... I received a rejection this week (3/20)--> Thank you for the update.

3/20 - Any news from College of Saint Benedict/St John's University? --> Nothing yet (3/26)

3/24 - Anyone has the latest news from Harvard? - 3/28: I heard they are still reviewing so no news yet (I am an alumna). --> Thank you for the update! Do you know what the process entails usually after campus visits? Someone here mentioned that candidates are shortlisted after the visits, but it would be great to have further insight into the process. / Frankly, no idea. We have no news. We see that some people who gave talks are getting other positions so really, we are in the dark. I'll post here once I hear anything. Offer made on 4/27 / OFFER ACCEPTED

3/24 - Any news from the University of Chicago : Assistant Instructional Professor of French position) ? ---> Nothing yet (3/25)-?--> Still nothing from Chicago? (3/30) - Invitation for Zoom interview (4/5).

3/29 - Any news from Auburn after interviews?

3/30- and from Princeton? 12/4 Still nothing from Princeton??

4/3 - Any news from the Wake Forest VAP? Received email today that they started reviewing applications. --> Any news since?

4/8 - University of Utah request for interview. -- [4/20] Any news from Utah after interviews last week? -- (4/22) Rejection email.

4/12 - Any news on Colgate VAP? — nothing yet (4/13) -- (4/22) Still no word after first-round interviews? (4/24) Not yet for me... I wonder if other people got invitations already? 4/25 virtual campus visits are happening nowm -- 5/4 Any news?

4/12 - Any news from Xavier University? 4/14 - Interview request [x1].

4/12 - Any news from Middle Tennessee State University? 4/21 - Interview request [x1].

4/18 - Any news from Villanova? - An offer was made, not sure if accepted (as it was not made to me). - Offer accepted.

4/20- Anyone gotten an invite to interview for the NYU Clinical jobs? - Invitation for interview (4/22) for Clinical AP, but not the Visiting one (x 3). Silly question what is a clinical AP? - A fancy way to say “lecturer” (a teaching-focused position as opposed to TT). A few other iterations include “teaching professor”, “instructional professor” and “professor of the practice”. --- ha! Thank you for the clarification! "Clinical prof" sounds way better than "lecturer"! Anyone knows where we can see NYU clinical AP salaries? - You can check Glassdoor, but they are not very reliable. If that helps, I got an offer for a similar position at an Ivy in NYC last year, and the salary was 62k non-negotiable. I ultimately had to turn it down

5/06 - Any news from Cornell after interviews last week ?(x2)