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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in French & Francophone Literature & Culture advertised during the 2022-2023 hiring season. This page is for jobs that start in 2023.

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Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

Follow alphabetical order for school names. As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland C, asst. prof., 20th C, due 2022-11-17, link
    • writing sample requested by email, 2022-12-05 (x5)
    • phone interview scheduled, 2022-12-15 (x4)
    • MLA interview scheduled, 2022-12-20 (x3) is that
    • on-campus interview invitation, 2023-1-2
    • offer extended, 2023-3-2
    • offer accepted, 2023-3-3
    • rejection letter received, 2029-6-3

Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street.

RECENT ACTIVITY on French and Francophone Studies 2022-23[]

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Jobs for 2023[]

Senior Faculty/Tenured[]

  1. Boston University, Assoc or Full, 19-century, due 10-15. link
    • Offer accepted December 2022.
  2. Tulane University, Kathryn B. Gore Chair in 19th-Century French Studies (Associate or Full Professor), due 2022-11-15, link
    • rejection letter received 11/28
  3. University of Cambridge, Drapers Professorship of French, due Nov 14, link
    • Rejection Letter Received 12/12


  • American University, asst prof, Environmental Studies and Ecocriticism and/or Theater and Performance in continental France and/or sub-Saharan Africa or the Caribbean, due 11-1-22, link
    • Interview requested 12/9
  • Appalachian State University, asst prof, Francophone, due 12-16-22, link
    • Zoom Interview Invitation 12/30
    • Campus visit scheduled 01/17 x 2
    • Any updates on an offer after campus visits? (3/4)
    • Offer extended and accepted 2023-3-3
  • Baylor University, asst prof, generalist, due 10-15-22, link
    • 11/10: Zoom interview scheduled
    • 01/15 : Campus visit scheduled
    • Offer extended and accepted 2/21
  • Bowie State University, Assistant Professor French, due 10-17-22, link.
  • anyone got an interview BSU and when?
  • Brescia University College, asst. prof., open specialization, due Dec. 4, link
  • Bryn Mawr, asst. prof., Theater and/or performance studies, with other possible subfields in visual studies, new media, and ecocriticism, due Oct. 17, link
    • 11/29: Zoom interview invite (x3)
    • 12/13: Campus invite (x2) --what are your specialities if you don't mind sharing?
    • 2/27: Any updates since campus visits? -- 02/27: Nothing on my end.
  • Colby College, asst prof, open, possible subfields Medical Humanities; Environmental Humanities; Indigenous Studies; Migration Studies; LGBTQIA+ Studies; Critical Race and Ethnic Studies; and/or Disability Studies. due 12-1, link.
    • Zoom Interview invite 12/30 x3
    • Any news since first-round interviews? - Nothing yet, but I do not know when they finished with interviews (1/28)
    • Offer extended to current VAP.
  • CSU Long Beach, asst prof, Medieval, Renaissance, 17th and/or 18th century French Studies, due 11-1, link
    • Zoom interview invite 12/5
    • Rejection post-Zoom interview 1/11
    • Rejection post Zoom interview 1/13
  • The George Washington University, asst prof, medieval and/or early modern French lit and culture, due 10-24, link
    • Zoom interview invite 11/21 x4
    • Any updates after zoom interviews? 01/15
    • Rejection post-Zoom interview 1/13
  • Harvard University, tenure-track prof. 17th & 18th centuries, due Oct. 21, link
    • zoom interview invite 11/21
  • Howard University, Assistant Professor (French & Francophone Studies), due 11-4, link.
    • Zoom interview invite 1/20
  • Hunter College, asst. prof, open specialization, review begins Dec. 1 link
    • Zoom interview invite 1/13 x4
    • Anyone get a campus visit post-interview? (1/23)
    • Invitation to visit campus (1/25) x3
  • Lehigh University, asst. prof., 18th, 19th or 20th/21st Century France, due Oct. 24, link
    • Invitation to Interview sent 11/11 (x3)
    • Invitation to campus visit received 12/21 (x1)
    • Offer extended (2/27); offer accepted (2/28)
  • Middlebury College, asst. prof, pre-1900 lit. & culture, due. Nov. 1, link
    • Invitation to interview sent 11/18
  • Northwestern University, asst. prof, 19th-century, due 11-4, link
    • Zoom interview invite 12/2 x3
    • Campus visit invitation received 01/05 x3
    • Offer accepted 2/24
  • NYU, 2 asst profs, Francophone and Black studies, sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, due 11-1, link
    • Zoom interview invite 11/28
    • Rejection email 12/22
  • Ohio State, asst prof, Black France, review begins 10-24, link
    • Zoom interview invite 12/5 (x2)
  • Pomona College, asst. prof., true generalist (isn't this job for a Francophonist? "in any area of Francophonie (broadly defined)"). , due Oct. 30.
    • Invitation to interview sent 11/22
    • rejection letter received 11/22 (x3)
    • Campus visit invite 12/27
    • Offer accepted 02/15
  • Purchase College (SUNY), asst. prof, French & intercultural communications, due 10-31. link
    • Anything after zoom interviews?
    • Offer extended to a colleague 3/21.
  • Regis University, asst. prof, 18th, 19th, or 20th/21th-Century France and/or Francophone countries, due Nov. 14, link
    • Anyone hear anything after campus visits?
    • Campus visits invitation 01-14
    • Zoom interview invite 11/30 (x2)
  • Rice University, asst. prof, Black French Studies, review begins 11-1 link
    • Interview requested x2
  • Rollins College, asst. prof, generalist w/transatlantic studies and/or Francophone African studies. Pref. given to applications by 11-21. link
    • Interview requested 12/9
  • Scripps College, asst prof, French cultural studies or French intellectual history, due 11-7, link
    • any updates for Scripps? (11/22)
    • Zoom interview invite 12/6
    • My colleague got a campus visit invite (1/16)
    • Offer extended (02/10). It was an internal hire (VAP).
  • St. Olaf College, asst prof, pre-1900 literatures and cultures, due 11/4/22. link
    • Zoom interview invite 11/29 (x3)
    • rejection email received 12/1 (x2)
    • Rejected for campus visit 12/20
    • Invited for campus visit (12/20)
    • Rejected 3/10
  • Texas Tech, asst prof, 20th-21st century, due 11-4, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview received 11/21 (x4)
    • on-campus interview invitation, Dec. 15 (x2) - would you mind sharing your specializations?
    • Rejection post-zoom interview, Jan.15
    • offer extended (2/11)
    • offer declined (3/9)
    • zoom interview (4/24)
  • UC Berkeley, asst. prof, 19th-, 20th-, and/or 21st-century French Studies, due 10/15/22. link
    • Zoom interview invite 12/12
  • UC Irvine, asst. prof French and Francophone Film and Media, due 11.8.2022, link
    • recommenders contacted 12/4
    • Interview requested 12/8
  • UCLA , TT Assistant Professor of Transcultural Black European Studies (includes French), due 12.5.2022 link
    • search cancelled (see Comp Lit Wiki)
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham, asst prof, Proust studies, due 11-14, link
    • Zoom interview invite 11/18
    • Offer extended and accepted 2/27
  • University of Alberta, asst. prof, Francophone Indigenous Literary and Cultural Studies, review of applications begins Jan. 3, 2023 and will continue until the position is filled, link
  • University of Connecticut, asst. prof, 17th or 18th Century Literature, Culture of France, due 12/20, link
    • Zoom interview invite Feb 6 x 2
    • Any updates? Campus visits? Offers?
  • University of Connecticut, asst. prof, 20th and 21st Century French Literature and Ideas, due 12/20, link
    • Zoom interview invite Feb. 6 x 5
    • Campus visit scheduled (2/20) x 2
    • Offer made (4/7)
  • University of Dayton, asst. prof, Francophone Africa and/or the Francophone African Diaspora/the Caribbean, due Nov. 27, link
    • Rejected 3/29
  • University of Florida, asst. prof of Italian and French, "teaching two language and culture courses in Italian and French per semester," due Oct. 31, link
  • University of Guelph, asst. prof. French Studies, preferred specializations: critical studies in improvisation, intermediality, adaptation, storytelling, performance studies, community-engaged scholarship, due March 17, link.
    • Search cancelled (4/10)
  • University of Houston, asst. prof. French literature or culture, with a secondary area of expertise in Francophone studies (Maghreb, North America and/or Sub-Saharan Africa), review of applications began Nov. 1 and will continue until the position is filled, link
    • Zoom interview invite 11/21
  • University of Kansas, asst. prof, global Francophone literature and culture with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, or the Maghreb , due 11-7, link
    • Zoom interview invite 12/1 x6
    • On-campus interview invitation 12/20 x2
    • Campus interview invitation 2/22
  • University of Notre Dame, asst. prof, "any period or field of French and Francophone literature and culture", due Oct. 14.
    • Zoom interview invite 11/22 x6
  • University of Tennessee Knoxville, asst. prof, Francophone, due 11-1-22
    • Invitation to Interview sent 11/8
  • University of Utah, asst. prof, French literature and culture before 1800, due 10-31, link
    • Zoom interview invite 11/22 x2
    • Rejection post-Zoom interview 12/13
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, asst. prof, open specialization, due 11/23, link — They did interviews this week (12/15-16)
  • Vassar College, asst. prof, pre-1800, preference for performance studies, due Oct. 14, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview 11/13 x3
  • Washington College, asst. prof, open specialization, review begins 12/15/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview 1/10
  • Western Washington University, asst. prof, pre-19th century, due 11-1-22, link
    • Zoom interview invite 11/17 x2
    • Rejection post-Zoom interview 12/12 x2
  • WUSTL, asst. prof, Francophone Caribbean literatures and cultures, due 11-14-22, link
    • Zoom interview invite 12/9
    • Campus visit invite 1/18
    • Offer accepted 2/15

Full-time, non-tenure-track[]

  1. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. Full-time instructor in French. 4:4 teaching load, ABDs welcome to apply. Send CV, cover letter and names of 3 references to Prof. Olga Bezhanova at Due 2023-07-15. Link.
  2. Oklahoma State University, Visiting Assistant Professor, due April 21, link
  3. Barnard College, lecturer, language instructor, due Nov. 22 link
  4. Cornell University, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, French language, due 10-11, link
  5. Kansas State University, Teaching Assistant Professor of French, due 1-27 link
    • Zoom interview invite 2/6
    • any news since interviews?
    • Offer accepted/ this is not accurate no offer has been made as of 02/28
    • There was an offer that was accepted Feb. 26th.
  6. Lehigh University, Spring 2023 visiting teaching ass't prof, due 10-10-22, link
    • Zoom interview invite 10/16
  7. Northwestern University, asst. prof of instruction, NTT teaching-track, due 11-11 link
    • Zoom interview invitation 12/14
    • Zoom interview scheduled for the week of 01/05
  8. Tufts University, lecturer, French language, due Nov. 15, link
    • Zoom interview invite 12/22
    • Campus visit invitation received 2/8
  9. UCLA, Lecturer, due 1/15/23 link
  10. University at Albany (SUNY), lecturer, director of French program, review starts 10-17, link
  11. University of Alabama, NTT contract renewable asst prof, int'l student coordinator, open till filled (posted 10-5-22), link
  12. University of British Columbia, lecturer, due 11-15, link
    • Zoom interview invite 01/13
  13. University of Georgia, Academic Professional Associate and French Language Supervisor, due Nov. 15, link
  14. Vanderbilt University, 3-year asst prof of the practice (NTT), language program director, deadline Dec 9 but review begins immediately, link Zoom interviews happening the week of 1/16. This search was concluded and an offer accepted. New job added below.
  15. Vanderbilt University, 3-year Senior lecturer, renewable. Deadline April 5.
  16. University of Pittsburgh, visiting lecturer in French, link. Due 1/20. Specialty open.
  17. Dartmouth College, Lecturer in French, Due 1/30, PhD open, link.
  18. Dartmouth College, French Language Program Director, Due 02/01.
    • Zoom interview received 02/28
  19. Immerse, Inc (fully REMOTE), French Instructors, applications accepted on a rolling basis. Hiring both part time and full time. Part time (~20 hours per week at $25 per hour). Full time: 56k per year and benefits. Link. Opportunities to start PT and go FT in May.
  20. Washington University in St. Louis, Lecturer in French, Due Feb. 28, link
    • Any news on this since zoom interviews?
  21. Skidmore College, Visiting Assistant Professor of French, due March 1, link
  22. Wabash College (IN), Visiting Assistant Professor, specialization open, link
  23. Wabash College (IN), Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Spanish, 03/27, [1]


  1. Eastern Michigan University, part-time lecturer (student teacher supervisor) in world languages, ongoing search, MA or PHD in romance languages (FR/SP), link.
  2. Bentley University, MA part-time adjunct lecturer in French. MA or PhD in French. 2 positions opening Fall/Spring 2023-2024 Link.
  3. Eastern Michigan University, part-time French lecturer for fall 2023, link.

Word on the Street[]

06/07: Has anyone heard from University of Miami or New College of Florida?

05/11: Any word from Oklahoma State University?

05/06: Any word from Duke, Pacific Lutheran, Oberlin? Duke : Offer made and accepted (04/24)--> I want to believe this, but the deadline was 04/30. Context? (05/8). Duke Lecturer deadline was in March. Postdoc in April.

4/10 UConn 20/21 & 17/18 any news received? Was the offer accepted ? Has an offer been made for 17/18?

3/29- Has anyone heard from Centre College (2 Yr VAP)? Interview request. (03.31)

3/19 - Any news from Texas Tech? Was the offer accepted? The job posting has been reposted on Higher Ed Jobs and LinkedIn but with the original deadline (Nov. 4, 2022)… --> 3/22: They have now reposted the job posting with a new April 19, 2023 deadline. What a slap in the face for people who got interviews (and worse, campus visits).

- - does anyone know why they reopened the search? Did their top choice decline an offer?

--are people actually supposed to re-apply to this? I clicked on the link and it said I already submitted an application... are we to assume that they'll just go back down the list? Or should we withdraw the original app and re-apply? I kinda feel this dept. doesn't know what it wants lol.

3/8- Any news on the Barnard lectureship? Has on offer been made?

3/1 - Any news from Vassar?

2/28 - Any news from Xavier after campus visits?

2/25 -- While we're on the topic of Kansas, has anyone heard back from Kansas State (TAP) after zoom interviews? --> Offer accepted / this is not accurate no offer yet for the teaching assistant professor at KSU -- Okay, seriously, what is going on with this? --> There was an offer that was accepted Feb. 26th (as per first answer).

2/22: Any news from Kansas since the campus visits? 2/23: Yes, was offered the position on 2/3 and declined for another offer on 2/15.

2/18: Any updates from Williams College for their Visiting Assistant Professor positions after Zoom interviews? They said they were hoping to make two hires and that they are not doing campus visits.

3/8: Williams College offer extended and accepted 3/3.

2/17: Any news from "Lehigh" post-campus visit? - 2/26: still nothing from Lehigh? - 2/27: Offer received.

2/17: Are there post-interview updates on either of the UConn jobs (20/21C + 17/18C)? - 02/17: Nothing yet from the 20/21C search.

2/17: Anything on Purchase College and Washington College? Did they do their interviews already or maybe the visits or are these fake searches as usual?

2/13: Kenyon -- any news? 02/13: had a Zoom interview on 02/11

2/10: Barnard--anyone been invited for an interview for the lectureship? A friend said they got a rejection email, but I haven't heard anything in either direction. --Had a "finalist" interview (the one and only interview) on 2/28. Committee said they would try to make decisions by mid-March. Anyone else interview? Have news?

02/08: Cornell lecturer - Has anyone interviewed and done the campus visit with Cornell? Any news?

02/08: Purchase - Any word on campus visits?

08/02: Alabama - Anyone have any updates on the Proust Studies job there?

02/02 UConn 17/18 – Have people received an email from HR with an update on the search and the salary range?

01/27 Has anyone applied to/heard from U of Missouri NTT ? It's not listed here.

01/26: Any news on University of Connecticut, asst. prof, 20th and 21st Century French Literature and Ideas? - 02/03: I just received an email from HR saying they're working on it and "expect to have an update to provide you shortly" + salary ranges. I imagine this is because they realize candidates may already be getting offers from other schools and want people to know what to expect from an eventual UConn offer? -- (2/4) was this for the 17/18 position or 20/21. I applied for 20/21 and received no such email... -- (2/4) yeah, that was for the 20/21 --(2/5) I received the same email from HR for 20th and 21st century position

01/26: Any news on Simon Fraser?

24/01 Any news on Purchase?

  • I know someone who interviewed on Zoom in January. I didn't, so I don't have any other information beside this.
  • Thanks for sharing this!

19/01 Just wondering at this point of time if one still does not have any zoom interview, does that mean the chance of getting a zoom interview for this year is slight?

  • For the jobs with deadlines before Jan 1st, yes very slim chance.

18/ Interestingly, the campus visits entry for Northwestern has been erased... an NKVD censorship?

16/ Horrified to see that some universities don't even bother to send rejection emails post zoom interviews, what a lack of professionialism, and basic respect! For instance, the university mentionned below earlier.

- Re: above, the campus visit/hiring process can take months to resolve; they usually don't reject all zoom candidates immediately in case the first campus visits don't go well and they need to keep looking. No news can sometimes still be good news! -- Come on, don't get their hopes up. This does not happen (maybe in >1% of cases). Hiring committees are awful, no need to make excuses.

15/ For the northwestern job, 3 campus visits invites that were sent on January 5th, did I read that correctly? Invites probably sent earlier. Only words of mouth that 3 campus visits have been scheduled

12/ - Any news on a second round of interviews at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) ? Not advertised here but first round of zoom interviews were mid-december. - A friend got a campus visit invite at UMBC (1/13).

8/1 - Any news on any of the NTT positions listed on here? There has been little to no discussion of any of these jobs. I'm interested specifically in info regarding Barnard, Northwestern, Tufts, UCLA, UBC, Georgia, and Vanderbilt. Has anyone had interviews and/or offers for any of these?

  • I heard that Zoom interview already happened for Northwestern NTT position (01/05-01/06)

7/1 I have been asking myself the same question, I see here so many zoom interviews scheduled in December : Northwestern, Ohio State, Notre Dame.... and yet no campus interviews? Would those having received campus invites already share with us? Thanks.

  • --I think the easiest answer is probably that some of the people getting campus visit invites don't use the wiki. Most search committees will invite 8-12 people to interview, so if only 2-4 people post on here that they got a zoom interview, then chances are that the wiki users are a minority of the full group of interviewees
  • --I'd also add finalists may not want to "out" themselves by posting on here. Believe it or not, a lot of tenured profs have a pretty negative opinion of this site.
  • I'm still waiting to hear back from Notre Dame post-Zoom interview lol. These things take time. Search committees want to enjoy their holidays, have their own projects to work on during the winter break between academic terms, probably need to prep for upcoming courses, etc. Hiring stuff isn't always their top priority. Folks who interviewed mid-late December probably won't hear about campus visits for another week or two.
  • 17-1 I know of someone who got a campus invite to Notre Dame
  • RE : that person received a campus invite today on January 17th?
  • [^Re above -- I'm not sure when they received the invite. I learned today (1-17) that they were going to be having a campus visit there]
  • Ok thanks!
  • Which days are campus interviews for Notre Dame?

3/1 - Anyone hear from Berkeley after interviews?

12/30 - any intel on whether or not Pomona College has an internal candidate (one of their VAPs for instance)?

12/29 - Any news from University of Florida, asst. prof of French and Italian?

12/28 - Any news from Vassar after first-round interviews?

12/23 - Anyone hear from UC Irvine after interviews?

  • +1 on this: was told at the end of the interview there'd be a decision by the end of this week, haven't heard anything.
  • 1/19 heard from a friend who was offered a campus visit this week

12/21 - Any news from Hunter College?

12/20 - Just saw that someone posted that they heard from St. Olaf that they won't be continuing on for the campus visit. I haven't heard anything yet from them. Do you mind sharing when they contacted you? I keep refreshing my inbox and spam box!!

12/18 How bad is the job market market for ABDs/Newly Minted PhDs? Is it true that it favors VAPs or TT profs looking to 'move up' ?

  • Too many factors involved to address your question in a way that might be satisfactory, but anecdotally I know of ABDs who have gotten a good number of first round Zoom interviews. Some have even gone on to nab campus visits. Now, getting an offer from there? Who knows why a committee may pick one finalist over another.
  • Been wondering this too. Been on the market 2 years, 1st as an ABD and now as an adjunct w/ PhD in hand. Been getting zoom interviews consistently (and a campus visit last year), but the job always seems to go to a more established scholar w/a book and 5-10 articles. While I have publications, with no institutional backing & a full teaching load, feels like a lost cause.
  • I don't think this is always true. Anecdotally, I got my current job as an ABD, but I can't speak to how common that is. A friend got their first TT job out of a VAP position. Again, anecdotally, but I think it is helpful to go on the market two years in a row as an ABD if you can. The first year I wasn't very serious (and the job I interviewed for at the MLA went to someone with two or so years of adjunct experience), but it was helpful to have been on the market before when I really went for it the next year.
  • -- Thanks for your replies. Genuinely trying to figure out if I should keep at this, or if it's a waste of time/effort.

12/18 Only 2 zoom interviews for the Northwestern French Job?? Seems very limited...

  • - Well, it is possible that not everyone is reading/posting on this board... (12/21)

12/15 Any tips about the U Connecticut position? (Not posted above but I saw it on Fabula)

  • --> be yourself (~ <3 ~)
  • --> Punch your lottery ticket and apply. Somebody has to get it.

12/10 Any news for the lectureship at Northwestern?

12/9 Anyone heard from Barnard about the lectureship?

12/8: Any news on Harvard since the Zoom interviews?

12/8: Any news on Texas Tech since interviews?

  • Nothing yet (12/8)
  • on-campus interview invitation (Dec. 15)

Has anyone ever seen an ad with no deadline? Does it mean internal hire? Or could it be just an oversight?

  • Easiest way to spot an internal search is if the ad is weirdly specific and there's a VAP whose research fits the description.
  • I have seen this twice before, both early in the summer, way off the regular hiring calendar. Once was for a Visiting Associate Professor and another time for an assistant prof but when I emailed the department about it, they told me the search was closed.

12/07: Any news about Irvine?

  • I've heard interviews have been scheduled

12/06 : Still no news about Berkeley? Zoom interviews were sent already?? (12/6: no news yet)

  • 12/12: Interview request received

11/22: about failed searches: does anyone know why when an offer is made and rejected, the search committee can’t just extend an offer to the next “best” candidate they interviewed?

  • -- they can, and they sometimes do. Some committees aren't willing to compromise, or weren't happy with any of the other candidates besides their first choice. But I have friends who got their TT jobs (at highly ranked institutions) as the 'runner-up' when the first choice accepted a different offer - so it certainly happens. But every search/every committee is different.
  • -- I'll add to this that in my experience, the search committee must get authorization from the dean to move down the list; they are not always permitted to do so. Moreover, not all finalists are ultimately determined (by committee/ faculty vote) to be "above the line," meaning hireable.
  • Both points seem valid. I will add that contrary to first round applications, zoom interviews candidates not moving on to the next round all get a rejection letter/email, usually at the same time people get invited to campus visits. So rejections might get posted at some point.

11/22: For folks who have been on the job market before: what is it like interviewing with depts that have French alongside other languages? Are the interviews typically bilingual (French and English), or do they tend to stick to English (esp if someone on search committee isn't Francophone)

  • -- They usually want to hear you speak some French, but will handle that in different ways. I've had an MLA interview that started in French and switched to English, and a Zoom interview that started in English with a French segment in the middle. In both of those cases the search committee chair spoke French and other committee members did not.
  • ------ I'll add to this that there will almost always be some French even if someone on the hiring committee doesn't speak French. If there's a non-French speaker(s), the questions in French tend to be a bit fluffy and not super important to your research and teaching so that it is not a big deal if not everyone understands your answer. The ones in French tend to be fairly simple just to hear you speak French.

11/22 To anyone with a Harvard interview—do you do both 17th & 18th century? Or are you fairly clearly in one of those more than the other?

  • I think, ideally, they would want someone who covers both. The person who did 18th century retired a few years ago and the one working on 17th century just went to NYU. So basically they want someone to replace two people... (I did my PhD there so I knwo the dept. well.

11/19: Any word on Notre-Dame? There was no update below. (x3)

  • --I'm curious what period Notre Dame is going with for interviews, if anyone is willing to share (11/22)
  • 11/19: I heard from an insider that Notre Dame was about to send the Zoom interview requests soon, that was on November 14th. Since then, nothing. Maybe someone got an invitation already?

11/17 Any news from FIT?

  • I had an interview with them at the end of October and they let me know early November that I didn’t make it to the second round (11/18)
  • A colleague got a campus interview invitation at FIT (11/18).

11/16: I know the Spanish and Portuguese wiki has a section about sharing salary offers to help create more transparency and also give folks more confidence/knowledge before going into negotiations. Maybe we want to consider the same? (+1)

11/14 Question: is there any point applying to Canadian Universities if you're not Canadian citizen/perm resident ?

  • Yes! I was interviewed by two and hired by one (still here more than 10 years later). My general impression is that the top tier Canadian universities are more likely to hire international candidates than the others. Just did a quick count, and at least half of the members of my department were not citizens or permanent residents when they applied. Certainly worth applying, in my opinion.

11/13 Any news about Harvard? Notre Dame? I'm guessing Zoom invitations should have been sent by now?

11/11 Interview/materials/campus visit updates should be posted under the jobs in question as in template above.

11/10 Lehigh — any news?

11/08 Bryn Mawr -- any news? --Nothing here (11/17).

  • 11/29: I received the e-mail today to schedule a Zoom interview. (x2)
  • 12/13: Campus invite

11/08 U Tennessee Knoxville -- Zoom interview scheduled

10/30 Princeton -- any news on the lecturer position? -- (11/15) Zoom interviews happened already. --Invited for a demo class (11/14). --any news since?--Not yet. Anyone else do a demo class? --Not invited to do a demo, just told they'd know about enrollment in early December. Did they ask for a teaching video or to teach in-person at their campus? --in-person on campus. --guess that it for me then, bonne chance~

10/26 Super early, but has anyone heard from Berkeley?

  • The medievalist they hired last year just ask for a one year delay before starting (posted 1/28)
  • +1 to "ultimately subjective and idiosyncratic hopes/criteria": committees differ hugely on assessment of candidates. A finalist for the failed search at Princeton (medieval) got a TT the same year and is now tenured at a TOP school. So Princeton could end up hiring one of their students if they rerun that search!
  • fwiw, Berkeley did make a hire in the medievalist search - I don't have up-to-date info on why the person didn't start teaching this year, but I do know first-hand an offer was made and accepted. There is always something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about as outside observers - so I think the "don't get your hopes up about X university" is generally advice we should all take, because we truly never know what a search committee is looking for, what type of person they believe is the right 'fit' for them. (I say this as someone with many years on the job market at various levels of my career as well as experience serving on search committees). And sadly, even in this market, committees often bemoan the relative paucity of candidates whom they perceive as truly exciting and outstanding. A top school having a "failed search" is not necessarily a sign of a lack of unified vision, but can instead be a sign of disappointment in the candidates who applied - but again, based on their ultimately subjective and idiosyncratic hopes/criteria for their future colleague.
  • Comment below: Berkeley is far from the only school to have a failed search—just go through past years wikis, there are failed searches at many top schools (Columbia, Princeton, etc.) The pool of medievalists is also much smaller—maybe none of the (10?) candidates spoke to the department. As to the person who got the TT job in 2020, I think you need to re-check the person's qualifications: they had one peer-reviewed article. Most programs encourage students to publish 1-2 articles. There is no need to do more than that because departments ultimately hire based on the dissertation, its potential to be a book, and the chances of the candidate getting tenure based on that book. (11/12)
  • Don't get your hopes up for Berkeley. They had a medieval search last year 21-22 and failed to find a candidate, in this market that's pathetic. The department is in disarray and members are not united on the direction to take. In 2020 they hired an AP-TT with zero scholarly publications, that should be enough to tell you the state of affairs. (Posted 11/11)
  • I don't know if it helps, but when they ran a similar search two years ago, interview requests went out around December 20. (posted 10/27)

10/26 Is this wiki functioning?? Where is the activity for the current job year?

  • 10/27 It is functioning, yes, but only very recently went online. Please post jobs!