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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in French & Francophone Literature & Culture advertised during the 2023-2024 hiring season. This page is for jobs that start in 2024.

6/6/24 Page for 2025 now available: French and Francophone Studies 2024-2025

Last year's page: French and Francophone Studies 2022-23

See also Critical Theory 2023-2024, Ethnic Studies 2023-2024, Comparative Literature 2023-2024, and Philosophy 2023-2024.

See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2023-2024


Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

Follow alphabetical order for school names. As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland C, asst. prof., 20th C, due 2023-11-1, link
    • writing sample requested by email, 2023-11-15 (x5)
    • Zoom Interview invitation, 2023-12-01 (x5)
    • phone interview scheduled, 2023-12-15 (x4)
    • MLA interview scheduled, 2023-12-20 (x3)
    • on-campus interview invitation, 2024-1-2
    • offer extended, 2024-3-2
    • offer accepted, 2024-3-16
    • rejection letter received, 2024-6-3

Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street.

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Jobs for 2024[]

Senior Faculty/Tenured/Open Rank[]

  1. Durham University (UK). Professor in Modern French and Francophone Visual Studies. DUE unknown (interviews to be held May 1-2, 2024). link
  2. Pennsylvania State University, Assistant or Associate Prof, 20th/21stC Sub-Saharan and/or North African literatures and cultures, due 2023-11-27, link
    • Note that if you are waiting to hear from Penn State, you may not, as it is a fake search for someone that the chair of the department wants.
    • Speaking from within the institution, this above comment is unfounded. The department chair is neither a member of the committee nor involved in the decision to invite finalists. Committee members have no knowledge of such an agenda.
    • Rejection email received on 2024-02-23.
  3. Universität Bonn (Germany), professorship (W3) in Romance Philology/Literary and Cultural Studies (French and Italian). Due 2024-06-14, link
  4. Universität Potsdam (Germany), professorship (W2) in French/Italian. Due 2023-11-30. link
  5. University College Cork (Ireland). Professor (Scale 2) of French. Due 2024-02-13. link
    • Rejection 2024-03-14 (x2)
    • Rejection HR email 2024-05-20. Best wishes to the chosen one!
  6. University of Buffalo, open rank tt., creoles, African diaspora, indigenous studies, due 2023-09-29, link
    • Recommendation letters requested, 2023-10-11
    • Invitation for Zoom interview 2023-10-29 (x2)
    • Interview conducted, 2023-12-5 (x2)
    • A candidate was hired for this position. However, the literature position search was paused/frozen.
    • Follow-up: was an offer made and retracted?
  7. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of Black European Studies, due 2023-11-15, link
  8. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of European Languages and Transcultural Studies, 1000-1700, due 2023-11-15, link
  9. University of Texas Austin. Advanced Assistant or Associate Professor Instruction in French, due 2024-03-10. link
  10. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Tenure Track Professor French Literary Studies, due 2024-04-22, link
  11. Wayne State University, Assistant or Associate Professor of Black Francophone Studies, due 2023-12-18, link
  12. Wellesley College, Associate or Full Professor, postwar and contemporary French and Francophone literature, no due date listed, link


  • American University of Paris, asst. prof., open specialization, due 2023-11-15, link
    • Zoom interview request, 2023-12-20
    • Zoom interview conducted, 2024-01-25
    • Campus visit invite, 2024-02-01
    • Position filled.
  • Arizona State University, asst. prof. French linguistics, French outside of France or foreign influences, due 2023-11-08, link
    • Zoom interview request, 2024-1-4
    • Campus visit request, 2024-02-15
    • Rejection email after campus visit, 2024-04-18
  • Boston College, asst. prof., open specialization, due 2023-11-01, link
    • Zoom interview request, 2023-11-27 (x3)
    • Campus visit invite, 2023-12-22 (x3)
    • Salary: $92k
  • Bucknell University, asst. prof., Afro-Francophone Studies/Sub-Saharan Africa/Maghreb, no due date listed, link
    • Zoom interview request, 2023-11-30 (x3)
    • Zoom interview conducted, 2023-12-08
    • Campus visit invite 2023-15-12
    • Rejection emailed received after campus interview, 2024-03-28
  • Carleton College, asst. prof., pre-20th C, due 2023-10-01, link
    • Recommendation letters requested, 2023-10-3
    • Zoom interview requests sent, 2023-10-11
    • Zoom interviews in progress, 2023-10-19
    • Interviews conducted week of 10/16-10/20
    • Campus visit request 2023-10-26
    • Rejection email received 2023-11-1
  • Case Western Reserve University, asst. prof. French, open field, due 2024-02-15, link
    • Somebody said interview requests have been sent (see at the end of the page)
  • The Citadel, asst. prof., French (any) with 18 credit-hours of Spanish (any), due 2023-11-26, link
    • Someone on the Spanish job wiki said they were contacted, so it's possible they're looking for someone whose specialty is mainly Spanish.
  • Coastal Carolina University, asst. prof., Francophone studies with preference for ability to also teach Arabic, due 2023-12-15, link
    • Zoom interview request sent, 2024-01-26
    • Campus visit scheduled
  • Colgate University, asst. prof., pre-18th C+19th or 19th C+pre-18th, due 2023-10-02, link
    • Zoom interview conducted 2023-10-26 (x2)
    • Rejection email received 2023-10-30 (WGS 17th century // contemp. specialist, no request for letters)
    • Rejection email received, post interview, 2023-12-5 (x2)
    • Position filled.
  • Columbia University, asst. prof., Caribbean and/or African francophone, due 2023-10-15, link
    • Requests for additional materials received, 2023-10-24.
    • Zoom Interviews in progress, 2023-11-10
    • Campus visits in progress
    • Rejection e-mail received. 2023-12-12
    • Offer extended, in negotiations 2023-12-12
    • Offer declined, 2022-12-12 (verified info)
    • Search failed.
    • Salary: $90k-100k advertised
  • Connecticut College, asst. prof., North African Francophone Studies, due 2023-12-03, link
    • rejection email received 2024-02-06
    • Salary: $70k
  • Cornell University, asst. prof., specialization open ("theoretically grounded"), due 2023-10-02, link
    • Zoom interview conducted 2023-10-31
    • Campus visit 2023-11-10
    • Rejection 2024-04-02 (no Zoom interview). (Lol, I had assumed)
  • Davidson College, asst. prof., North or West Africa and diasporas, due 2023-10-16, link
    • Request for additional material received 2023-11-16
    • Zoom interview request 2023-11-21 (x3)
    • Zoom interview conducted, 2023-12-08 (x2)
    • Rejection received 2023-01-29
    • Position filled
  • Duke University, asst. prof., Global Romance Studies (French and Francophone Studies), due 2023-11-01, link
    • Request for additional material received Nov. 14 (x4)
    • Spanish/Hispanophone or French?
    • French
    • Zoom interview request, 2023-11-30 (X2)
    • Campus visit request received, 2023-12-19)
    • Rejection post-Zoom interview (2023-12-28) x 2
    • Offer made and accepted
  • East Carolina University, asst. prof., French-speaking African diaspora, due 2023-11-22, link
    • Interview request 2023-12-04 (x3)
    • Campus visit request 2023-12-13
    • Offer accepted 2024-02-26
  • Emory University, asst. prof., Decolonial Pedagogy with expertise in African Studies, due 2023-11-19, link
    • Request for additional materials and Zoom interview received, 2023-11-30 (x2)
    • Campus visits have been scheduled.
  • Farmingdale State College, SUNY, asst. prof., generalist, due 2023-12-31, link
    • Zoom interviews have been conducted in January (see discussion below positions).
    • Rejection 2024-03-28, no Zoom interview. Likely means offer extended and accepted.
  • Florida International University, asst. prof., linguistics with interdisciplinary research interests, due 2023-12-1, link
    • Zoom interview request sent on Tuesday, 2/13, for an interview on either Tuesday, 3/12, or Thursday, 3/14.
  • Gonzaga University, asst. prof., 18Cor later/Francophone/Film/Cultural Studies/Postcolonial, due 2023-11-30, link
    • Zoom interview request, 2024-01-05
  • Harvard University, asst. prof., pre-1800, due 2023-09-22, link
    • Zoom interview requests sent, 2023-10-13
    • Campus interview request, 2023-10-27
    • Position filled, 2024-01-31
    • Salary: $105,000
  • Laurentian University, assist or assoc, prof. of French linguistics, due 2024-03-15, link
  • Lawrence University of Wisconsin, asst. prof., 20th and 21st-century, due 2023-11-15, link
    • Zoom interview request, 2023-11-30
    • Somebody in discussions below said campus visits were taking place in early February.
    • Search finalized (email sent to candidates on 2/28).
  • Mississippi College. Assist. or assoc prof. of French, linguistics, and culture. due 2024-03-31, link
  • Mount Allison University. asst. prof. or lecturer, French as a second language, due 2024-03-28, link
  • Niagara University, asst. prof., generalist, due 2023-11-20, link
    • Extra materials requested, 2023-10-27 (x4)
    • Zoom interview request. 2023-11-30. (x3)
    • Zoom interview conducted 2023-12-15
    • Rejection (after zoom interview) 2023-12-31
    • Campus visit. 2024-01-31
  • Princeton University, asst. prof., French medieval studies, "review begins late September"/due 2023-11-30, link
    • Zoom interview requests sent 2023-12-21
    • Someone I know got a campus visit
    • Offer has already been extended.
  • Providence College, asst. prof.
    • Zoom interview conducted 2023-12-19
    • Request for extra material post Zoom interview
    • Campus visits scheduled
    • Position filled
  • Santa Clara University, asst. prof., late modern period (18th, 19th, and early 20th c), due 2023-12-20, link
  • St. Francis Xavier University, assist. prof. in French Education, due 03-15-2024, link
  • St. Olaf College, asst. prof., France in its global context, due 2023-10-2, link
    • Zoom interview requests sent, 2023-10-14
    • Campus Visit Invitation sent, 2023-10-28
    • Rejection post-Zoom interview 2023-10-31 (x3)
    • Rejection (no Zoom interview). Happy Halloween! 2023-10-31 (x3)
    • Position filled 2024-03-01
  • Stony Brook University, asst. prof., French and Francophone Studies with postcolonial/decolonial studies, due 2024-01-08, link
    • Zoom interview requested 2024-02-12 (x2)
    • Campus visit request
  • Susquehanna University, asst. prof., francophone (Africa, Caribbean, Indian Ocean...), due 2023-11-01, link
    • Rejection email received 2023-11-21 (x2)
    • Zoom interview request received 2023-11-27 (x5)
    • Campus visit invitation 2024-01-15
    • Offer extended
  • Trinity University, asst. prof., generalist, due 2023-12-1, link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-01-02 (x2)
    • Campus visit invitation 2024-01-19
    • Offers submitted 2024-02-14
    • Offers accepted 2024-02-26
  • Tufts University, asst. prof., Francophone Media & Cultural Studies, due 2023-12-15, link
    • Interview request, 2023-12-21 (x2)
    • Invitation for campus visit, 2024-01-12
    • Position filled, 2024-03-07
  • Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). prof. full time, teaching French (as a first language) and contemporary literature, due 2023-11-13, link
  • Université de Genève, Professeur assistant avec pré titularisation conditionnelle en littérature française du XIXe s., due 2023-10-27, link
  • Université de Montréal, Professeur.e adjoint.e en Littérature francophone des Caraïbes, due 2023-10-31, link
    • Rejection email received 2024-4-5
  • Université de Montréal, Professeur.e adjoint.e de littérature française du XVIIIe siècle, due 2023-10-31, link
  • Universiteit Gent. assist prof., French linguistics, due unlisted beginning Fall 2024, link
  • University of Alberta, asst. prof., Francophone Literary and Cultural Studies, areas outside of Europe in any period, open until filled, review begins 2023-11-15, link
    • interview request 2023/12/13 (x2)
    • Anyone get a campus visit post-interviews?
    • Campus visit request 2024/1/19
  • University of Arizona, asst. prof., French Cultural Studies (preference for 20C/21C; WWII-present), due 2023-11-15, link
    • Invitation to interview received 2023-11-21 (x3)
    • Campus visit invite 2023–12-08 (x2)
    • Offer accepted 2024-03-8
    • Rejection email post-campus visit 2024-03-22. For reference for future applicants, 6.5 weeks after visit took place, and 2 weeks after offer was accepted.
  • University of California, Berkeley, asst. prof., francophone African ("south of the Maghreb"), due 2023-10-31, link
    • Campus interviews scheduled, 01-16 to 2024-01-23
    • Failed search.
  • University of Cambridge (UK), asst. prof., francophone postcolonial/decolonial studies, due 2023-10-15, link
    • Rejection email received 2023-11-10 x2
    • Campus visit invite 2023-11-14
    • Offer extended in early December, in negotiations
    • Offer accepted 2023-12-13
    • Salary: $65k advertised
  • University of Central Arkansas, asst. prof., 20th/21stC, due 2024-03-08, link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-12 (x2)
    • Rejection email received after Zoom interview, 04-03-2024, stating "another candidate has been offered the job and has accepted." Not sure this was sent to other interviewees?
    • Rejection email received 04-11, with similar notice about offer extended to another candidate.
  • University of Chicago, asst. prof., francophone (any period 18C-21C), due 2023-10-16, link
    • Rejection email received 2023-11-17 (x2)
    • Invitation to interview, additional materials requested 2023-11-17 (x2
    • Rejection email post interview, 2023-12-18
    • Did anyone get a campus visit? I haven't heard anything so it would be great if you could confirm.
    • Campus visits have been scheduled.
    • Salary: $79,800
  • University of Edinburgh, lecturer/asst. prof., French and Francophone studies (open specialization), due 2024-02-19, link
    • Rejection 2024-03-20
  • University of Kentucky, asst. prof., 20th/21st French literature and culture/French feminism/graphic narrative and cinema, due 2023-10-26, link
    • Position Filled
  • University of Liverpool (UK), lecturer (permanent), French and Francophone/translation studies (preference for 20C/21C), due 2023-09-08, link
    • Rejection email received 2023-09-18
  • University of Miami, asst. prof., French linguistics (creole or computational preferred), due date unlisted, link
  • University of Michigan, asst. prof., Global French Studies, due 2023-10-31, link
    • Invitation to interview, 2023-11-16 (x2)
    • Rejection email 2023-12-7. Email said they received over 130 qualified applications (x4)...scary (x3!)...
    • Campus invite 2023-12-7
  • University of Notre Dame, asst. prof., open field French and Francophone Studies, due 2023-10-27, link
    • Zoom interview request 2023-11-27
    • Campus visit invite 2023-1-4
    • Rejection email received (no previous interview) on 2024-03-15, stating "we have chosen to fill the position with another candidate".
  • University of Prince Edward Island. assist prof. French-Canadian literature, secondary specialization in Francophone Africa or la francophonie. Ability to teach Spanish a plus. due 2024-05-06, link
  • University of San Diego, asst. prof., francophone arabic/middle east/north africa, due 2023-10-15, link
    • Zoom interview request 2023-11-17 (x2)
    • Campus visit invite 2023-12-26
    • Campus visits conducted in early February
    • Offer extended
    • Offer accepted
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville, asst. prof., early modern French studies, esp. 18th c., due 2023-11-01, link
    • Zoom interview request 2023-11-15 (x3)
    • Campus visits scheduled
  • University of Tsukuba. (Japan). assist. prof. French linguistics. due 2024-02-09. link
  • University of Virginia's College at Wise, asst. prof., French and German, due 2023-12-29, link
    • Campus visits scheduled according to German page.
    • Campus visit scheduled x1 early February for first week of March. Rejection sent 3/21, referees were never contacted, and the search has been reposted as German only, due 5/1.
  • Utah Valley University, asst. prof., French studies, due 2023-12-31, link
    • Zoom interview conducted 2023-01-26 (x2)
    • Campus visit scheduled
    • offer extended 2023-03-04
  • Wayne State, asst. prof., Black Francophone, due 2023-12-8, link
    • Interview request, 2023-12-21 (x3)
    • Zoom interview conducted, 2024-01-08
    • Friend was invited for a campus visit 2024-01-17
  • Western Washington University, asst. prof., Film studies/Ecocriticism/LGBTQ+ literature and/or culture, due 2023-11-6, link
    • Zoom interview request 2023-11-28 (x3)
    • Zoom interview conducted 2023-12-12
    • Campus visit request 2023-12-15 (x2)
    • Rejection email received 12-18 (no prior interview request) (x4)
    • Offer accepted 2/2/2024
  • Woosong University (Daejeon, South Korea). Assistant prof. of French. Start date March or April upon availability. Open until filled. link

Full-time, non-tenure-track[]

  • Allegheny College, Visiting Assistant Professor of French, due 2024-01-15, link
    • Zoom interview request, 2024-2-7 (x2)
    • Campus visit invite, 2024-3-19
    • Offer extended and accepted
  • Amherst College, Visiting Assistant Professor of French (20C/21C), review begins on 2024-02-01, link
    • Zoom interview request, 2024-2-8
    • Campus visit invite, 2024-2-19
    • Post-campus visit rejection, 2024-3-20
    • Offer extended and accepted
  • Augustana College, Visiting Faculty Position in French and Francophone Studies, due 2024-03-15 link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-25
  • Binghamton University. Lecturer.
    • Offer accepted, 2024-04-29
  • Butler University. Instructor in French and the Core Curriculum. Review begins 03-18-24. Link.
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-24 (x3)
    • Campus visit invite, 2024-04-16
    • Position filled per email sent to candidates 2024-05-13
  • Carleton University. Instructor, French Linguistics, 1 yr, due 02/16/2024. link
  • Clemson University. Visiting Lecturer of French and Int'l Health (up to 3 yr appt). Interest in West Africa preferred. due 2024-03-15. link
    • 2024-05-08, Search chair told me an offer has been made and accepted recently.
  • Colby College, Visiting Assistant Professor in French, Francophone and Italian Studies, due 2024-02-05, link
    • Zoom interview requested 2024-2-18
  • Colgate University. Visiting Assistant Professor of French, due 2024-03-08, link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-20 (x2)
    • Position filled
  • College of Charleston. Visiting Assistant Professor of French, due 2024-02-26, link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-19
    • Campus interview invite 2024-04-09
    • Offer extended, in negotiation 2024-04-26
    • Offer accepted 2024-05-02
    • Confirmed that both offers have been accepted, 2024-05-09. They are notifying candidates of this soon.
  • College of William & Mary. Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. due 2024-06-01. link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-06-05
  • Elon University, Lecturer in French, due 2023-10-30, link
    • Zoom interview request 2023-11-16 (x2)
    • Zoom interview conducted, 2023-12-08
    • Campus visit invite, 2023-12-19 (x2)
    • Rejection email received (interviewed 11-16)
    • Rejection email received after campus interview, 2024-03-12 (x2)
  • Emory University: Oxford College. Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor of French, due 2024-03-15, link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-28 (x2)
    • Position Filled
  • Florida A&M University. Full Time French instructor. due date not listed. link
  • George Washington University, Teaching Instructor of French language, due 2023-10-26, link
    • Zoom interview request 2023-11-10 (x2)
    • Rejection (after zoom interview) 2024-01-02
  • Georgia State University. Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies. due date unspecified. link
  • Grinnell College. Assistant Professor of French, French literature and cultures of the twentieth and twenty-first century. due 2024-02-16. link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-01
  • Grinnell College. Assistant Professor of French, literatures and cultures of Francophone Africa and the African diaspora. due 2024-02-16. link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-01
    • Rejection email received 2024-05-09, stating position has been filled.
  • Hamilton College. Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. due 2024-03-08. link
    • Interview requested 3.27.2024 (x2)
  • Howard University. Lecturer in French (Full-time). Open until filled. link
  • Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland). Assistant rank, teaching French literature from a philological and interdisciplinary perspective. Due 2024-05-23. Link
  • King's College London. Lecturer in French language education. due 2024-04-03. link
  • Loyola University Maryland. Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of French, due 2024-03-28. link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-04-04
    • Offer received and rejected 2024-04-24
    • Offer received 2024-05-09, accepted.
  • McGill University. Faculty Lecturer of French as a Second Language, due 2024-03-12, link
  • Middlebury College, Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies, due 2024-03-08, link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-13
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology. Assistant Teaching Professor of French, due 2024-03-20, link
  • Montana State University. Visiting Assistant Professor of French, due 2024-04-12, link
    • Zoom Interview Request 2024-04-23 (x2)
    • Rejection email received, after Zoom interview: 2024-05-11 (x2)
  • National University of Singapore. Lecturer in French. due 2023-12-31. link
  • Occidental College. Visiting Full-Time Instructor of French, link
  • Purdue University. Assistant Teaching Professor in French with joint appt. in African American studies. due 2023-12-08. link
    • Zoom interview request 2023-12-14
  • Queen's University Belfast. Language Teaching Fellow in French, native speaker. Legal/business/professional French desirable. due 05-20-2024. link
  • Soka University, Visiting Assistant Professor of French, due 2023-12-30, link
    • Zoom interview request 01/09/2024 (x3)
    • Zoom interview request 01/11/2024
    • Offer accepted
  • Susquehanna University, Visiting Assistant Professor of French, due April 2024, link
  • Trent University. Assistant Professor, French Literature and Culture (1 yr term). due 2024-04-24. link
  • Trinity College, Visiting Assistant Professor of French/Francophone Studies, due 2024-03-11, link
    • Campus visits might've been scheduled already.
    • Position(s?) filled according to email sent to applicants on 5/6.
  • University of Calgary. Contingent Term Position, French, Assistant Professor (Teaching) (2 yr). Teaching of French as Second Language. Due 2024-04-29. Link
  • University of Cambridge. Assistant Professor of Early Modern French (3 year appointment), due 2024-04-18, link
  • University of Cambridge. Temporary Teaching Associate in Film and Screen Studies in French (1 yr). due 2024-05-24, link
  • University of Colorado Boulder. (.87 FTE) Instructor of French for the 24-25 academic year. due 2024-05-30. link
  • University of Delaware, Continuing Track Assistant or Associate Professor of Game Studies AND Language, OUF. link
  • University of Denver, French teaching assistant professor, due 2023-10-16, link
    • Zoom interview request 2023-11-14
    • Zoom interview conducted 2023-11-20
    • Campus visit invite 2023-12-06
    • Rejection received 2024-02-09, likely means an offer has been made and accepted. R1: Got a rejection a week after my campus visit. R2: I was rejected 2 weeks after mine (email received on 02/04). I also noted that they do have a VTAP in French though...
  • University of Edinburgh. Early Career Teaching & Research Fellow in French & Francophone Studies, due 06/06/2024. Link
  • University of Helsinki (Finland). University Lecturer in French. Link
  • University of Nagoya (Japan). Enseignant-chercheur francophone, due 2024-05-10, Link
  • University of Nebraska Lincoln. Visiting Assistant Professor - French, preference for Sub-Saharan Africa specialist. Link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-02-29
    • Zoom interview conducted 2024-03-08
    • Request for additional materials received, 2024-03-21
    • Was informed an offer was made and is in negotiation as of 04-16-2024 (asked for an update on my application's outcome).
  • University of North Dakota. Teaching Assistant Professor of French. due 2024-06-07. link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-06-13
    • Offer Extended and Accepted
  • University of Oxford, Exeter and Merlon College. Lecteur/Lectrice of French, 1 year, due 2024-04-15. Link
  • University of Pennsylvania. Full-Time Lecturer in French. link
  • University of Richmond. Teaching Faculty in French, due 2024-03-25, link
    • Rejection email 2024-09-05 (2)
  • University of South Carolina Columbia. Instructor of French. link
  • University of Tampa. Visiting Assistant Professor, French. link
    • Rejection 2024-03-13.
  • University of Texas Arlington. Full-Time Lecturer of French, French MA or related field, open until filled, [1]
  • University of Texas Austin. Visiting Assistant Professor, French linguistics, link
  • University of Virginia. Lecturer in French. link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-05-23
  • University of Washington. Acting Assistant Professor of French, due 2024-04-09, link
    • Zoom interview request 2024-04-17 (x2)
    • More documents asked for next phase 2024-05-06
  • Voorhees College. Foreign Languages Faculty, French and Spanish. link
  • Wabash College. Postdoctoral Fellow in French. Preference for Francophone specialist, due by 03-01-24. Link.
    • Zoom interview request 2024-03-21
    • Campus visit invite, 2024-03-27
    • Campus visit conducted early April
    • Offer extended, 2024-04-15
    • Offer accepted in April 2024
  • Wake Forest University. Visiting Assistant Professor of French Studies, due 2024-03-28, link
    • Zoom Interview Request 2024-03-27
    • another Zoom interview request 2024-03-27
    • Campus visit invite, 2024-04-06
    • Rejection (no Zoom interview) 2024-04-09
    • Offer extended and accepted 2024-05-03
  • Washington and Lee University. Visiting Assistant Prof. French
    • Interview request 2024-03-13 (3)
    • Campus visit invite, 2024-03-22
    • Offer extended and accepted
  • Xavier University (Ohio). Visiting Assistant Professor, French. due 02-14-24.
    • Position filled 2024-05-02


Word on the Street[]

  • Please post "Have you heard?" questions here.
  • Please post updates to specific searches above, under the listing in question.

9/9 - Does anybody here know anything about the recently announced UCLA position in Black European Studies? I would apply but I fear they will repeat what they did last year (announce an identical search then cancel it)

  • 10/25 - grad student in the dept, they are very serious about it!

10/14 - does anyone know anything about the Cornell job? It says open, but surely they have an idea of what they are looking for?

  • 10/14 i'd like to know as well--did a faculty recently retire? Also for the person who just got an Olaf interview request, if you don't mind sharing are you ABD, postdoc, lecturer etc? I'd like to gauge whether I still have a chance and it is really tough when you don't know what the typical applicant is like.
  • 10/16 Cornell's doing an open search because a faculty member is retiring, but they're so interdisciplinary that it's basically impossible to replace them
  • 11/2 I had a St. Olaf Interview, and then got a rejection this past week. I'm a VAP.

10/19 - Is this page still active? Harvard said the zoom interviews would be conducted in October. Does anyone know if the invitations for the interview have been sent?

  • Considering that they asked for 10+ items from applicants, the October goal for Zoom interviews seems ambitious
  • 10/20 For those with Zoom interviews at Harvard, what is your subfield or century?

10/19 - I cannot post above because I did not apply myself but I heard through the grapevine that Colgate already sent Zoom interview requests.

  • 10/25 are we sure about this with Colgate? Boo!

10/30 - Any news from Cornell, Cambridge, Davidson, or Chicago?

  • 10/30-^ applied to Cornell and Cambridge and I have heard nothing from either. Does anybody know if St. Olaf Zoom interviews are still ongoing?
  • 10/30 Applied to Davidson and Chicago and have heard nothing from either school

11/1 - Boston College seems to have changed the due date to the 8th, but they deleted the MLA listing. Think they're re-doing it with the new date? Anyone seen this before?

  • Yeah, Notre Dame did the same thing. Don't worry. The MLA listing is probably on auto-delete

11/2- Just noticed the Kentucky position got filled already, but it was posted very recently? I did notice one of their lecturers had the specific interests the ad requested, is that what ended up happening?

  • short duration between posting date and deadline = internal hire. Other internal hires for this year include Pittsburgh and Wellesley.

11/7 - Davidson said they would ask for more info by Nov 6. Did anyone get contacted?

  • I haven't received anything. x5
  • I received an email today (11/16) saying they took more time to go through materials than anticipated, and they asked me for additional documents.

11/9 - I am an ABD, first time on the job market. For folks with more experience here, are there usually new positions announced in November and December, or in the spring? And if yes (for the spring), are the number of them available much lower?

  • 11/10 Usually, the jobs coming later are either lecturer positions or VAP, it's rare to see any tenure-track jobs posted this late in the cycle, although I am sure it's not unheard of.
  • 12/13 I've seen some posted in the spring, too -- it's a question of how many administrative hurdles there are to jump through. Fall is definitely better though.

11/10 - Heard from a faculty that Susquehanna has already sent letter requests.

  • Susquehanna automatically sent letter requests on application submission, i.e. for all applicants.
  • Mandela effect, I thought they were going to ask only if you were shortlisted, as some institutions do (as all should, really, but that's a conversation for another day...).

11/10 - just noticed Cambridge postcolonial position is sending out rejections, is it over email that they are sending them? I expected one and haven't gotten it yet.

  • Same, but I'm guessing it doesn't mean anything. Probably just admin lag.
  • R1: actually I remembered that for some reason Cambridge said to apply with a personal email and not an institutional one. After checking my personal I found the rejection lol

11/10 - Cornell has a TT prof and a VAP coming to campus to do job talks 11/16 and 11/20.

  • Interesting, any info about their specializations?
  • The assistant prof works on 16th-18th century literature, philosophy, ecocriticism, and psychoanalysis; the VAP works on 20th-century philosophy, "style" in philosophy and literature, and also has extensive training in Spanish literature.  (I’m a grad student and copy-pasted from the email we were sent today.)
  • Are they recent (post 2017) PhDs?
  • The VAP got their PhD in 2017 and the AP in 2018
  • 1/12 - An offer has been extended to the AP; I'm unsure if they've accepted yet

11/12 - Has anyone heard from the University of Michigan for the ELP Director position (posted to the MLA job list)?

11/13 - U of Tennessee seems to be done with their search, since they closed the application on Interfolio in the past two days? Has anyone received anything? Nevermind, as of 11/14 it's editable again!

11/15 - heard from a colleague that UT Knoxville scheduled him for a zoom interview

12/25 has anyone heard from Knoxville since the Zoom interviews?

11/16 - Any news from the Université de Genève? 11/23: Nope! I heard from a friend who was a finalist for another position at the University of Genève that the hiring process is slow

11/16 - Does anyone have any idea what area(s) of specialization Boston College is looking for?

  • They are replacing a specialist of 19th century poetry. However, they already have another person who does 19th century poetry. I don't think we know what they want. It will be a wild card search.
  • I've heard they are truly open to any specialization.

11/17- For whoever scored the interview with UMich, is it Zoom or campus? Nearly every school these days does both (Zoom then campus) for tenure tracks right?

  • Yes, it's just zoom.

11/17- Any word on Colgate campus visits?

  • I would also like to know! Anyone hear anything yet? Still eagerly waiting.
  • Just received a rejection email, stating that the final process to hire someone is underway. Congrats to whomever got it!

11/20- has anybody noticed the trend of asking two-for-one professors? Wise wants French and German, Citadel wants French and Spanish, Coastal Carolina wants French and Arabic, Colby wants French and Italian... in addition to all the extra stuff we should have to be competitive at all (PhD minors like language acquisition, translation, feminist theory + some type of x humanities (public/medical/digital/environmental) we also must be equipped to teach two languages and culture traditions... it is excessive, esp. if they aren't asking for comp lit degrees.

  • I feel like schools want two-for-one profs so they don't have to shell out money for another one in a different language.
  • Also, a lot of programs require language proficiency in a second language. French + Arabic is quite common. So it's not totally unrealistic for them to find appropriate candidates. I also think you should apply anyway. These job posts are aspirational for search committees.
  • It does seem to be more common. In some cases committees aren't asking for language proficiency but for significant graduate coursework in another language. Just one more sign of the demise of the humanities.
  • The issue with these dual-language positions is also that you end up doing advising and service for each language, so double the service load.

11/21 - has anybody heard about the Notre Dame position?

11/27 Anybody knows if the changes seen on Interfolio actually tell anything about the school's search process?

  • No, it does not. Sometimes it is just a technical bug, sometimes it is to accommodate people who had difficulties submitting their application.

11/27 Does anyone know why Connecticut College is hiring a North African-ist when they appear to already have a faculty member who specializes in exactly that?

  • Confused by this one too. Maybe the faculty member is leaving? The school is way too small to have TWO Francophone North Africanists.

11/27- Boston College and Notre Dame interviewees, what is your background if you don't mind me asking? Both were open field positions so I am wondering if I was even in their radar in the first place with their preferred specializations...

  • Francophone

11/27 - Anyone know what is going on with Notre Dame? Someone posted above that they received an interview request today but ND also reposted the position and the Interfolio deadline is now Jan. 15. I didn’t apply initially and am wondering if they are indeed still accepting applications.

  • Where do you see that ND reposted the position? I still see the Interfolio deadline as Nov. 6, and I don't see it on MLA.
  • It’s on higheredjobs (searching “French”) and contains a new Interfolio link: Maybe it’s just a mistake, I’m not sure.
  • ND is a mess frankly. Previous person they hired left after many years there, hence them looking for someone
  • Actually, the person left for personal reasons, not because "ND is a mess." I think they genuinely have not found an applicant they want.
    • They did not leave for personal reasons. They left because for years they were lied to with the empty promise that their spouse would be hired.
    • It is a bit odd to repost the position with a new interfolio link, looks messy from the outside. Did the person with the comment above me know the faculty who left? What was their subfield?
    • I'm not the person above, but I know the former faculty member did 20th/21st and is now at Texas Tech.
    • Quite odd to repost the position with another deadline. ND hired 2 TTs last year (Medieval and 19th C). Or are they trying to replace the 20th/21st specialist who just left?
    • They are, pretending that it never happened and that they are growing...
    • Knowing the story, I was very unconfortable when I read the ad... Not a place I would like to work at.
    • ND cares A LOT whether their faculty/applicants are Catholic or not (regardless of what they officially say).
    • Interesting... they do ask about your relationship to Catholicism during the Zoom interview.
  • Any news from them since the Zoom interviews?
    • 12/26 - Nothing on my end

11/29 - Does anyone know what the situation is with American University of Paris? They're hiring for a French Assistant Professorship in American job sites, but then (after a lot of digging), in a one sentence throw-away, they say they only consider people with working papers in France or EU citizenship. Did any of you apply for this?

  • Dang, that's annoying. I applied (as a U.S. citizen w/o working papers).
  • No, that's not true. They will consider people without working papers for this position.
  • ^They are accepting non-EU citizens apps for the position but OP is right that the application asks if you have them cos apparently it is way easier to hire you if you do.
  • OP here: On their site, they say "Please note that except where otherwise stated, French working papers or EU nationality are required in order for applications to be considered". However, this is only on the website and not anywhere else in any of the job advertisements (
  • It kind of sounds like the Canadian jobs, which, if I'm not mistaken, explicitly state that they prefer Canadians (again, probably for visa/administrative headache reasons)
  • Same person who wrote comment 2 here and let me put an end to this discussion: I work there and working papers will not be taken into consideration at all by the search committee. I think this was left from a previous application. That said, the review of applications will take a while with the amount of dossiers they received. News of interviews will come out in January.
  • Thank you for the clarification!
  • 1/1/24 Happy New Year! Any one receive an invite from AUP yet?
  • As mentioned above, invite for a Zoom interview were sent in mid-December.

11/30: -any specifics on the 2 people invited for Zoom for Boston College: (French or Francophone studies? ABD or postdoc or TT?)

  • I know a few people who got interviews, and it's Francophone lit, across a range of ABD/VAP/TT statuses.
  • Not exclusively francophone - I know of multiple people who got interviews who work on European French lit

11/30 Congrats to whom got the interview invite with Duke! Well-deserved after an intense few days of crafting/refining the additional materials.

12/3 - Unsure if this will be relevant for anybody here (hence why I won't add it to the list) but the University of Delaware is looking for an assistant professor in the subfield of cultural studies (in any language) called game studies, aka the study of videogames as if they were literature or film.

  • Careful with this one. They sent the ad a few days ago and it ends on Dec 15, which doesn't bode well. On top of that, they have an inside candidate whose specialty matches perfectly what the ad asks for.
  • I thought this was OUF. Do you mean there's someone in French with this profile? I can't find them, and there are so few jobs this year...
  • Someone in Spanish. The ad mentions several languages, among them Spanish and French. It might be worth trying, but I would be very careful here as the game seems rigged. I feel you about the year being bad. That's academia for you, unfortunately. Good luck!

12/4 - Pitt just announced another assistant professorship (this time in black French studies), but I am afraid of taking it seriously given what they just did with their previous announcement,

  • The health humanities was a fake search for their current VAP, who has been working there for years. I took a look at this new search, and I think it may also be a fake search (PhD in African Cultural Studies? You mean the one that Wisconsin has? Which one of the recent hires has? I smell spousal hire.)

12/5 - Any news about the 2 Montréal jobs, in Francophone and 18th century litt?

12/6 - Has anyone ever applied in the same school 2 consecutive years? Curious about what people think.

  • Been there, done that! The first time, I was all jazzed up, reaching the Zoom interview stage. All hopeful, only to get the "thanks, but no thanks" email later. Classic, huh? But wait, there's more! The very next year, the same college dangled a carrot that was right up my alley. It didnt go well at all. So, if you're feeling hesitant, trust that gut. The academic world is small, but not so small that you can't get another shot down the line. Plus, who knows? In a couple of years, you might be the hot ticket they're all clamoring for as Associate Professor! Patience can be a pretty nifty ace up the sleeve

Thanks for your input!

  • I have applied to the same school more than once (unsuccessfully, for what it's worth). In my opinion, if it's something you really want, you might as well apply. Unless you know someone on the inside, you don't know exactly what they are looking for, what they were looking for last time, whether the committee might be different this time, or where you stood on their list of applicants - maybe you barely missed the cut. I have no idea how often it's successful, but I wouldn't let that deter you.
  • I've definitely heard of people getting interviews the second time around. You really never know... The standard advice is to apply anyway, given the academic job market.
  • I was a finalist once, the following year the same school had a similar opening, but I didn't apply mostly because I didn't know why I didn't get the job the previous year. With no feedback from the committee, it's hard to know what you can/have to do differently the second time :-(

- Are there any standards for hiring former graduates? Some Universities seem to do it without hesitation while others are not. Is it just a matter of personal preferences / affiliations...?

  • Usually, this is a no. Some schools have direct rules. Exceptions are people who attended so-and-so school as an undergrad. But PhDs are messy. I think Stanford hires its own PhDs only, for whatever reason.
  • It depends on the dept, I know Ohio State used to hire their grads too. It is not uncommon to keep recent grads as postdocs or lecturers for a year or two after finishing in special circumstances (eg Covid for instance).
  • My previous department hired a former graduate when I was still in grad school. Since I graduated there have been a few opportunities in my field but my application was rejected. So it could be personal preferences or affinities too.
  • I'd agree that it depends on the personal preferences of the faculty. Stanford, Columbia, and Emory do this all the time (usually as VAPS or lecturers). Most universities, however, have explicit rules against this given how problematic the ensuing questions of nepotism tend to be.
  • When rules apply to everyone, it's fine. But when some departments do while others don't within the same school, it means personal preferences are at play. And it's even more problematic when within the same department, rules vary depending on individuals. In my opinion, Academia is extremely biased (probably nothing new)!
  • Very unlikely, except at Ivys (ex: Harvard or Yale, since they consider there are no "better" Universities to hire from). Otherwise, it's frowned upon.

12/10 - Anybody applying to Spring 24 start date positions? Loyola (Chicago) and UT San Antonio seem to be looking for somebody.

12/11 - Any info on Gonzaga, Trinity or Providence College?

  • I'd like to know about Providence too. It's not listed in the ads, but maybe someone heard and lurks here too.
  • I think they have a VAP in Providence and the job was opened for them! This is my assumption because it was posted nowhere!
  • Providence College sent out zoom invites on Dec. 11. I don't see any VAPs in their department.
  • They do have a VAP but he is not on the department's website!
  • What is the VAP's specialty?

- Congrats to the person who got the Columbia offer! Incredibly quick turn around on their end. / The offer was declined ! Any idea what happened there?

  • If I had to guess, probably the person who accepted the Cambridge offer the following day.

12/13 - Any news from the UCLA Early-Modern job and/or Princeton? Does anyone know when we might expect an email?

  • Hello, fellow medievalist! I have also not heard from either one.
  • At least for Princeton, that may be because the search chair isn't known for her organization skills.
  • 12/19 - I saw on the Italian studies page that someone got contacted for the UCLA job. They have decent coverage in the French section for medieval and early modern studies, so they may be looking to hire someone in the other language sections.
  • Thanks, I appreciate you sharing that information!

12/15 - to my colleague here who also got the UArizona campus that in danger now that the university president has mandated a hiring freeze?

  • I am not that person, but yes, it is probably in danger. What's worse is that they might actually extend an offer and then take it back. Brings back memories of the financial crisis over a decade ago...
  • OP: Darn, disappointing. What do you mean extend an offer and take it back, though? I would assume that knowing they cannot hire they would not proceed right? I am reading Robbins's measures seem to be well-received by the Board of Regents....
  • During the financial crisis, many people who received TT jobs had their offers rescinded after contracts were signed. This is unfortunately the risk of dealing with an at-will labor market.
  • OP: That's terrible. I had the impression that once the contract was signed it was a done deal? Did they get any sort of compensation or anything?
  • I hadn't realized that contracts ever meant anything in this country :D
  • Why would the university continue to go through with the campus invites though if the hiring freeze is certain, or nearly certain? Is it simply a desperate hope? The committee would typically continue the process until the freeze is made official by the Dean and Provost's office. It's extremely unfortunate, but it can happen.

12/16 - Gonzaga email confirms Zoom interview requests will be sent first week of January and campus visits are scheduled for late Jan/early Feb.

  • Sorry, do you mean an email sent to short-listed candidates, or a general response to an application submission? I do not see that info in the general email I received. thanks!
  • OP: There is no indication that I've been shortlisted, the email says it was sent to all applicants. In the body of the email the sender says: "Our goal is to be able to contact applicants selected for Zoom interviews by January 16, possibly a few days earlier." and "Finalists for the position will be invited for an on-campus interview, and we anticipate that would happen at the end of January or the beginning of February."
  • Thank you for that clarification!
  • Hmm... I applied but didn't get any email from Gonzaga as far as I can tell, so not sure it was sent to all applicants.(x2)
  • 01/05 : Got a Zoom interview request after getting that first email from Gonzaga, they must have sent them this past week and are trying to schedule online interviews on 01/12.

12/19 - Did anyone receive news from Buffalo after the Zoom interviews? I am guessing they have already contacted some candidates for campus visits.

  • I am still waiting to hear from them. (x2)
  • Any news ? (01/21)

12/20 - Other interviewees at ECU, can we just take a second to talk about how STRANGE the interview was? I felt like I was talking to members of a cult.

  • In the interest of job market solidarity I'd like to be able to agree, but mine felt pretty run-of-the-mill.

12/21 - Congrats to the folks who got the Tufts and AU Paris interviews! I hope the schools left to send invites have some mercy and don't send any rejections between now and New Year's, not the best feeling to receive these during the holidays.

  • Just writing to say hang in there, to you and anyone else feeling this way. I went through a very difficult couple of years when I first went on the job market, like really dark times for that and other reasons. I had to take a break from it for a year, and now that I'm applying again, I can say that it does get better. The rejections bother me less and I have regained my sense of self. At least that's been my experience. Getting some distance from academia and doing something else for a year helped (and didn't destroy my academic potential as I had feared). Enjoy the holidays!

12/22 - Congrats to the folks who got interviews at Wayne State! Does anyone know anything about their process? I was surprised invitations went out so close to the deadline (12/18).

  • The ad said interview requests would be sent out anytime between mid-December to mid-January, so they may be doing two waves?
  • I do not have any inside info, nor do I have any insight about their process. All I can say is I applied on 12/15, and got a Zoom interview request 7 days later. I was pleasantly surprised, but great news!

12/22 - Anyone get a campus visit invite for Boston College yet? At the zoom interview they indicated they'd be deciding very soon, before breaking for the holidays, so I was expecting finalists would hear by the end of the week. Would be great to know if anyone's received an invite so I can know not to keep waiting.

12/23: Any news from Niagara University since the zoom interview?

^No, but my interview was the 15th, and at the time they told me interviews would still be going on the following week, so it is probably too soon/close to Christmas for any notification.

12/26: anyone gotten a campus visit at UChicago after interviews (or slash didn't get a rejection)?

  • 1/5 Campus visits have been scheduled at UChicago (not sure exactly when the invites went out).

12/27: anyone get campus invites from Bucknell or USD?

  • 12/29: I interviewed with Bucknell but haven't heard anything; I'm guessing we won't until after the New Year.
  • 01/01: I also interviewed with Bucknell but haven't heard anything yet either. I noticed someone wrote they got a campus invite on 12/15 in the list above (on this page)...

12/29 Anyone else received the rejection email post-interview from Duke... but without having done the interview? Suddenly anxious about maybe not seeing/getting the interview invite when they went out. But maybe they just fumbled and copied a text that wasn't intended for me.

12/31. Anybody has any info on Gonzaga and Trinity? Btw if anybody is waiting for UCLA and West Georgia, somebody in the German page said they sent zoom invites a few weeks ago.

  • 01/01: If you scroll up in this section, someone copied some of the contents of an email sent by Gonzaga to "all applicants": I received this email on 12/16 (it was directly addressed to me, not a general/generic collective email), but apparently some candidates did not. So it may not have been sent to everyone. That's all the news I got about Gonzaga, and I suppose it may still be early for Trinity.
  • 01/04: For those who got Trinity interviews: is it weird that the interview is only scheduled to take 20 minutes? It seems like there will be more than one person conducting it, so even over Zoom 20 minutes seems short.
    • Mine's scheduled for 30 minutes?
    • I did not get an interview for Trinity, but had a 20-min interview for another position. It was intense but some places do that...

01/05 : Got a Zoom interview request after getting that first email from Gonzaga, they must have sent them this past week and are trying to schedule online interviews on 01/12.

01/05: has anyone heard anything from Susquehanna since Zoom interviews?

  • I haven't heard anything post-interview, but they said it would be mid-January before we heard anything. Hang in there!
  • Campus visits were scheduled.

01/11. It seems Colgate announced a VAP, in an area close enough to their already ongoing search. Anybody knows if the first search is still happening?

  • Colgate position is filled and the VAP is a  sabbatical replacement

01/16. Anybody has any info on Utah Valley, Farmingdale and Stony Brook?

  • Utah Valley has scheduled Zoom interviews.

01/18 - Has anyone heard back from Lawrence University of Wisconsin? I did an interview mid-December and they said campus visits would be the last two weeks of January, but I haven't heard anything since.

  • I also interviewed with them and was told the same, and I haven’t heard back. I remember they told me to assume my application was active until told otherwise though.
  • (I'm OP) -- I was told the same, but since we are now the last week of January, I'm not sure what to think anymore.
  • I wonder if it is correct etiquette to inquire at this point; I think it is unfortunate how this site is the only way many of us find out things are moving on with searches--and yes I understand committees and HR work really hard, this isn't a diss at them, but at the process in general.

01/18 - Any news from Connecticut College and Coastal Carolina University? I feel like they should have already sent zoom interviews but I might be wrong!?

01/18 - any news from Susquehanna now that we have passed the mid-month mark? They have scheduled campus visits.

01/19 - Any news from Providence College since the Zoom interviews? Did anyone get a campus visit invite?

  • I haven't heard anything from them either way.

01/22 - Anyone hear anything from Davidson? I interviewed in early December but haven't heard anything since.

  • They sent an email on 01/29 saying they already started inviting finalists on campus, stating "the search is still ongoing, and we remain interested in your application at this time."
  • I received the same email.

01/22- To future applicants--You do not hear much at all (positive or negative) in early and mid January. I am assuming it just takes a bit for committees to reconvene after winter break. I am just sharing to possibly save somebody from the anxiety that has been plaguing me lately.

  • This isn't true... I got campus visits and rejections in this period. There is really no set time in which a search occurs, some conclude by December, others take until April, May, etc. depending on TT/VAP/postdoc etc. (x2)
  • Not for everybody, of course, but I think that so many of us are asking here for positions that had Zoom interviews a while ago is sign of a trend. All I mean is that if there are a couple of quiet weeks, that is is not something you know as a first time applicant.
  • Merci beaucoup OP! It really helps.
  • I agree that this is not true. Each university and search committee works differently, and I have received other rejections and requests for interviews in early January. (x2)

01/26 Another request for any news from University of Tennessee, Knoxville?

  • 01/27 no news from them on my end, either...
  • Campus visits were scheduled a while ago
  • Thanks!

01/28: Warning about Tufts: three faculty members of color, two women and one untenured, all left due to deep internal politics about you know what (x2). / I second that warning! Tufts has lost a lot of very good people because of internal politics and a toxic working environment. That said, one toxic tenured prof left and I think things should be a bit better because of that... But there are many many issues there, still./ I just wanted to chime in to say the generic rejection email they sent to rejected applicants was very sloppy, the subject line said "Rejection Template: Fill in" or something like that (x2). Possibly this is on HR rather than the department tho. R1 I knew a faculty of color who also left years ago for the same reasons.

01/28: Has anyone heard about campus visits to the American University of Paris, Arizona State, or SUNY Farmingdale? The Spanish job wiki says that Farmingdale has invited finalists for the Spanish position, but I don’t know if they’re conducting visits for one of their two language professor positions before proceeding with the other.

  • 01/28: Zoom interviews just ended at AUP and candidates should hear next week about campus visits.
  • 01/28: Thank you for the update on the AUP timeline. I greatly appreciate it, and I’m crossing my fingers for a campus visit for what could be my dream job!
  • 01/28: I have not heard from ASU, but I am referring to a lecturer search they posted months after the linguistics TT (did not apply for linguistics TT). Also have not heard from SUNY Farmingdale, re Spanish position I am not sure if Spanish and French are in the same department over there tho.
  • 01/28: Thank you for your input on ASU and SUNY Farmingdale. I applied for the two SUNY Farmingdale positions--both in the same department--and the ASU TT linguistics position. Hopefully, we both get the ASU and SUNY Farmingdale positions we're hoping for.

01/28. Anybody has any info on Stony Brook?

  • 1/29 Nothing from Stony Brook on my end.

01/29: Weirdly specific situation but a friend and I are in the running for the same position, we both have campus visits planned. But before the campus visit, he was asked by the institution to have a phone call with HR to present benefits and salary. I did not receive the same request even though I still have a campus visit. I'm taking it as a bad sign for myself, and a good sign for me. But I have never heard of this practice--has it happened to anyone else? To have an HR phone call before even going on the campus visit? It seems like strange timing to me so I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced it.

  • R1: Is he considering another offer that has been made already? I can see that as something that would warrant discussion with HR, maybe. —> OP: no, he doesn’t have another offer yet. He has a current job, but so do I. It’s all very mysterious!
  • Is your friend international (not US citizen)? Although universities are not supposed to discriminate based on national origin, unfortunately plenty do because they don't want to spend money on visa or green card sponsorship. It might be an attempt to get him to clarify (without asking directly) if he will need sponsorship in the future or not. --> OP: That's a really good point. He did say they mentioned that they can sponsor H1B but they didn't ask him directly if he needs it. He said they just gave him a bunch of info without requesting any input from him. He is in fact international, but so am I! :D
  • Seeing the edits you made above, which clarify that they reached out to him rather than the other way around, I agree that it’s strange. If you are both international, both currently have jobs, neither have another offer, and neither have even done the visits yet, it reads like favoritism. I would be wary of an institution or department that wastes your time with a campus visit if they are already planning on hiring someone else (I know this happens but I find it disrespectful and inexcusable, given how much time and effort goes into the visits when we have other jobs, responsibilities, and lives). However, I would also wonder if they had meant to reach out to you as well but there was an administrative oversight or if there’s simply something we (and you) aren’t aware of. Just don’t let it cloud your visit if you do want the job - even if it is preferential treatment the visits might change their mind. —> OP: thank you so much for this thoughtful reply. You are completely right, it could be a number of things. I have never heard of such a practice and it seems like it is unorthodox, but I can’t let it bother me and ruin the visit. Nothing is set in stone until it is, right? :) thanks all for your replies!!

02/02/24. Did anybody who had a Zoom interview with Lawrence receive a campus invite (yet)?

  • (02/07) -- Nothing on my end either and we're past the weeks they had mentioned would be campus visit time. :(
  • (02/08) -- Campus visits concluded earlier this week.

02/02/24 Another request for news from Providence College. It seems no one has really heard much about this search. Does anyone have info? Is it an insider search?/ R1: Total silence from them with me, but I was not selected for the Zoom interview stage.

02/07 - Any news from Davidson College since the campus visit?

  • 02/07 Heard that a friend of mine got an offer.
  • 02/07 Is your friend a West Africanist or North Africanist? Thanks!

2/7/24 Anyone heard from Stony Brook?

  • 2/7. Still nothing here.

02/07 - Any news from FIU? It looks like it’s been a while since the due date for application… R1; chair said beginning January that decision won't be made before several weeks , I am assuming end of February? ugh so long to wait R2: Do you mean that FIU will send Zoom interview invites in late February, or have they already moved on to campus visits? R2: Just (2/13) got an answer to my question in the form of a Zoom interview request. The interview will take place on either Tuesday, 3/12, or Thursday, 3/14.

^i wonder if the finalists for some of these positions just are not Wikia posters, by now a few of these should have communicated to some applicants. R1 Unfortunately many people look at the wiki, but never update or post anything. If you are reading the wiki, please post any updates that apply to you!

02/08: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you can use a VPN (or a variety of usernames) to post information on this Wiki if you're worried about being identified, and that doing so performs a useful public service. While the Wiki is often a source of stress for many of us (and I totally understand why some people might choose to avoid it entirely), it can also be the only way for candidates to know what is going on with any given search.

02/08: In your experience, after a campus visit, how long is too long of a wait to hear back? I am starting to get in my own head because my previous offers have always come in about a week after my visit but this time around it is taking longer. R1: Do you have confirmation that all campus interviews have been finished? OP: Because I was given a few options when scheduling and I chose the last one, I believe I was the last one but can't know for sure. R2: Which campus ?

02/08: I just want to make a general comment on timelines as someone who's served on search committees and has been a longtime job seeker. The rule is that these searches tend to move pretty quickly behind the scenes. Committees are lazy and don't want to spend a lot of time on it. They'll meet once soon after zoom interviews / campus visits and come to a decision. In my experience group think takes over, and one person is favored from the beginning. Depending on the university it'll then take 1-2 weeks to clear any administrative hurdles and extend an offer letter. So, basically, if you haven't heard back after 2-3 weeks you probably aren't the committee's first choice. Just accept it and move on, and know it's not your fault. Don't let the committee string you along with false hope -- if they're not giving you an update it's likely because they can't close the search until the preferred candidate has accepted for legal/administrative reasons. Keep applying for more jobs, and find a plan B. Having said that, you may still be in play if their first choice declines the offer. Then it's possible they'll continue to go down the list. For tenure-track jobs, that's honestly kind of rare. TTs are hard to get and they usually accept. For VAPs/TAPs/Lectures it's a little more common, but I also wouldn't count on it. R1: As someone who has also been on hiring committees, I generally agree but I would say it can take up to 4/5 weeks. When we had 4 candidates for campus visits, we typically had one per week, so if you're the fourth candidate it will take 3 more weeks to see everyone else after your visit. Add one week for us to have a meeting (typically a couple of days after the last candidate), send our list to the Dean's office to get it approved, inform HR etc. That being said, I agree that if you were not contacted 5 weeks after the campus visit, then it's time to move on. I also agree that at times it is not the individual candidate's fault if they didn't get an offer. We had a colleague announce their retirement and suddenly our search for a generalist was a search to replace their specific area in the middle of the search process. Many things can happen during a search, so if you don't get an offer, try not to take it too personally. As for "internal candidates" it can go both ways. I've seen job ads that were tailored for an internal candidate, they were pretty much "guaranteed" the job, only for the committee to fall in love with an external candidate during the campus visit and give the external candidate the offer. At R1, they like squeezing every drop out of their VAPs and get rid of them after a few years, but that's not true everywhere. R2 Best favor you can do for your mental health is try and find when campus visits end and project a couple weeks from that as the absolute limit. Usually not that hard figure out either when scheduling or on the visit itself.

  • OP, thank you. This is really helpful.

02/11: What is the "normal" number of candidates invited for campus visits? R1: I've never seen more than 4 candidates be invited for campus visits. Each visit is probably close to 1000 USD so I think it is a financial thing. R2: To my knowledge, 3 is standard, but 4 is also common. Once I saw 2.

02/12: Any news from Niagara University since the campus-visit interview?

02/12: Any updates on SUNY Farmingdale? Now that Stony Brook sent Zoom interview invites it seems Farmingdale is the only fall announced position to send anything that we know of? R1: I was going to ask the same question about Farmingdale. I completed a Zoom interview with them on Friday, 1/19, but I have not heard from them since. I also applied for Farmingdale’s Spanish TT position, for which the Spanish wiki says they sent out campus visit invitations the week after my interview, however I don’t know if they are following the same timeline for the French position. I did not apply to Stony Brook because I did not feel qualified. (I am an applied linguist). OP: I had no clue they already sent Zoom interview invites for this position, thanks for the update. Unfortunately I have not heard from anybody about Farmingdale campus visits. I am in the same situation (Zoom interview and then silence) with Lawrence tho, so if anybody reading this has confirmation that Lawrence has sent campus visit invites I'd appreciate it. R1: Farmingdale posted two TT jobs this year: one in Spanish and the other in French. I applied for both. Farmingdale has definitely sent campus visit invites for the Spanish position, as indicated on that wiki, but they may not have sent invites for the French position yet. Perhaps they are inviting candidates for one position before they invite candidates for the other. In the absence of further information, let’s tell ourselves that this is the case. As for Lawrence, I, unfortunately, cannot help you there. I did not apply for this position, which was outside my content and geographic areas. I’ve heard good things about that school, though.

02/12: Has anyone heard from Arizona State (ASU) following Zoom interviews? I am talking about the TT French linguistics position rather than the lecturer position. I completed my Zoom interview in mid-January.

2/13: Anyone know what's up with the failed searches from Berkeley and Columbia?

  • Columbia chose a person who accepted the offer from Cambridge instead. These schools know that they can get the admin to renew the search for Africanists, so they will not settle for just anyone.
    • [An academic jobs wiki vigilante deleted comments above that contain information clearly identifying finalists in these searches.]
    • Edit has been restored, with identifying details removed. I think people are looking for reasons as to why the schools did not pick anyone. This is highly pertinent information for everyone on the job market.
    • These are not reasons, but dismissive comments, almost certainly from a grad student, about people who can still easily be identified to anyone in the know--including the candidates themselves, who may read this page too. Stuff like this should not be posted here.
    • I agree with the poster above that the comments were cruel and unproductive. Candidates for campus visits sometimes get a week or a week and a half notice, during which they have to work with admins to schedule their visit, teach their own classes (if they are a current VAP or adjunct it could be 4 or 5 classes), leave lesson plans to subs or pre-record lectures for when they'll be gone, prepare a 1 hour teaching demo, and a write a job talk which might have very specific demands. It's an insane amount of work, and they at least deserve the dignity of not having their work derided online.
    • I also agree that it is not right to pass judgment on people's work here. That's the responsibility of search committees and departments. We get enough of this nonsense. However, as a CU insider, I will say that the finalists were NOT underprivileged VAP/adjuncts as the above comment suggests (the complete opposite). Places like CU are elitist spaces that would never even consider someone like that, but that's a conversation for another day. The endpoint is that the job talk matters a lot and for future applicants, if you get a fly out, put as much effort as possible into the talk. Searches fail when nobody wows but that is not your fault, it's random subjective criteria.
    • I missed the deleted posts. Any chance we could learn from the pitfalls without making it personal? what went wrong with the job talks of I assume 2 candidates ? Was it length? What were the expectations and what was missing?
      • you're not missing anything - the post wasn't really detailed in the ways you're asking. moral of the story was that you need to give a slam-dunk job talk to get an offer (and I agree with the poster above who points out that what is seen as a great job talk by a given committee or institution is at least in part very subjective)
      • Exactly. There was nothing "wrong" with their job talks, contrary to what previous posters have insinuated. I hope that the future job talks of those who posted those remarks will be as good... And let's please stop using the cover of anonymity to post mean-spirited remarks here.
      • For person who missed it (I am not poster of those comments btw), I think "mean" comments aside, the person said that somebody delivered a job talk on a trendy topic that lacked "critical bite." So what I took from the comments was that you need a strong argument in the job talk.
      • Thank you, I appreciate the insights.
      • Yes. It is important to deliver a talk that has been well-thought out (structure, argument, engagement with audience). The problem with the humanities in these big schools is that they think they are doing rocket science, so you also have to appear as a "serious" person that the faculty can see as a colleague. Much of this is subjective and subject to group-think, but some of it is "objective." The same job talk in one place will wow in one and not in another. However, everyone can agree whether a job talk was well organized and had an argument. This was the issue with the searches at C/B. Good luck to future candidates.
  • ^ Berkeley has failed that search multiple times though, it seems? It is one thing to be selective and another to be really bad at running searches.
    • this is not the case. the searches at Berkeley in the past 4 years or so have all been in different sub-fields than the search this year, and they all yielded successful offers

2/14 Any news from Coastal Carolina since the Zoom interviews?

2/14 Any news from Davidson College and Niagara University since the campus visits? I’m assuming offers have been made already, but I was wondering if anyone has updates!

  • Also still waiting to hear from Niagara! 2/19. Any updates?
  • For Niagara, Offer was made last week and is in negotiation 2/19.
  • 2/28 I received a rejection from Niagara (again, I had received one already in January) so I feel like this means an offer has been accepted.

2/15 Any news from Susquehanna post-campus visits?

  • They have an insider.

2/16 Any news from ASU lecturer position? Or Purdue Fort Wayne (not the joint with AAS)?

  • ASU isn't going to review applications for the lecturer position until after they complete their Tenure-track hiring process, if I'm not mistaken.
  • Does anyone know where ASU stands in their TT French linguistics search? Have they scheduled campus visits? Have they extended a job offer?

2/17 Question for the room about internal candidates. I interviewed for positions where I later found out that they have a VAP for French in their department. Is it silly to still think it's a real search? What is your experience with searches that already have a VAP (especially at non-R1s)? Do these positions nearly always go to the existing VAP?

  • Depends. I was also the victim of an insider search this year (after reaching the finalist stage), but I knew this would likely be the case, so I did not take the visit too seriously. But there are many cases where people hate the VAP and the search is definitely NOT an internal candidate position. I witnessed this when I was an undergrad. Poor guy did end up finding a TT job, but I am sure he still resents the people in that department. But hey, this is why VAPs may be worth it. Some of the hiring liberal arts colleges this year will have TT openings in the next few years.
  • like the above poster, i have also seen searches where the VAP was specifically NOT a favored candidate, and was given an interview as basically a courtesy (which to be honest does not feel much like a 'courtesy' when your colleagues make it clear that they don't want to keep you on). I have also seen cases first-hand in which the resident VAP was a candidate but the search was led in all sincerity to find the best person to hire - which may or may not end up being the current VAP. In my years on the market/observing the market, I would guess I've only seen the perceived 'inside candidate' end up getting the offer about 30% of the time... this is all anecdotal of course but based on my experience I definitely do not think that positions "nearly always go to the existing VAP".

2/18 - Any word on Buffalo or Montreal?

  • No for Buffalo. I wonder if they might be a bit overwhelmed given that there is a parallel in Spanish, I hope nobody is serving in two or three committees at once.
  • A friend of mine received an invitation for a campus visit.
    • For Buffalo?
    • Yeah it's for Buffalo
  • Insider info from Buffalo, There was a hiring freeze for their department due to low enrollment which was found out after the campus visit. So they will not be hiring. Also there is a lot of issues and political turmoil, including investigations from the DEI office. It is an extremely toxic work environment and the writing is on the wall for their department. If you have an opportunity to look elsewhere, particularly if you are LGBTQ+ or a person of color.
  • Regarding the above post, the first two sentences are correct. The rest, not so much, or at least not confirmed. As for the last sentence, of course since there is a hiring freeze, candidates must look elsewhere.

2/19 - I am amazed by how quickly Amherst went from zoom interviews to campus invites--I wish all committees worked as quickly.

2/19 - Any updates from U San Diego?

2/19 - Any word from Boston College?

  • I heard an offer has been made
  • Do you know if it has been accepted or if it is still under negotiation?
  • I don't know for sure, but I am pretty confident this candidate has accepted the offer.
  • Offer accepted.

2/19 - Does anyone have a general impression of what it would be like to teach at an all-male college like Wabash College in Indiana? Worth applying for the postdoctoral position there?

  • I think you should apply and make decisions later.
  • I second the comment above. Wabash also regularly welcomes Fulbright instructors and TAs from different countries, including France. As a former grantee myself, my former colleagues (of different genders) seemed to be pleased with their experience there so I would not let any of this discourage anyone from applying!
  • Honestly, just apply and don't think about it again unless you get an interview. Only places I deliberately avoid are ones that make you state your belief in Christ or something.
  • I think it depends on your time availability, if you are not pressed for time I would say it does not hurt to apply. If you are, I think it is fine to discard positions that you are sure you would not take even if you got them because you don't like the location or because it is not a great fit. If you are in-between about location I recommend checking YouTube or TikTok for footage of the area, if anything to at least get a sense about the place.

2/21 - Does anybody know if UArizona (Tucson) has concluded visits for finalists? And if yes anything on whether an offer has been extended?

2/22 - Folks, the ad for the Africanist search at Pittsburgh is still up? Any insider knows if it is a legit search after all? I do not know with Pitt given the fake search they posted earlier.

  • It is a spousal hire position. Sorry and good luck!

2/22 - Anyone heard from Tufts or Michigan?

  • 2/22 nothing yet...
  • 2/23 Tufts has made an offer.

2/23 - If someone is really unhappy in a tenure-track job and can’t see themselves staying there for long-term, is it sensible to apply for and take any position they think they could get, even if a VAP/NTT position, and hope to get another tenure-track position again in the future? Any experience with this type of situation?

  • I have seen many people leave TT jobs for NTT jobs. To VAP jobs, much less common. You should move to a NTT job (lecturer, prof. of teaching, etc.), but not to a VAP job, as that comes with its own insecurity and unhappiness.
  • I'll rather say that moving from a TT to a VAP is risky for future job application (hiring committee would be wondering why you moved out of a TT for a VAP), but does not preclude finding another TT or a NTT afterward.
  • I suggest asking to the folks in the Spanish & Portuguese and the German pages, they may have useful insights too and both pages are quite active.
  • Hi! Very old timer signing in to try to give some insights. I'd first consider why you are unhappy: is it location? Is it the institution? Is it the people? If the location sucks and you cannot do anything about it (move to a larger, nicer place that allows you to commute); if the institution is problematic (eg. financial issues); if your colleagues are problematic: those are absolutely all reasons to leave the job. It won't get better. What could get better if none of what I previously mentioned is true: the pre-tenure stress. So if that's your issue, I'd stay the course until tenure. Still wanting to move? Getting a VAP will be difficult, they are notoriously unstable; search committees will wonder why you'd go from TT to VAP. I also wouldn't recommend it, because having spent a few years as a VAP, I found it mentally draining. Moving to an NTT could happen if the institution is better ranked; location is better; etc. That's a move that can be justified. As for a getting another TT position in the future: I have found it easier to get a TT position if you're already TT. And realistically, most of us in French who get a TT job will only ever get that one TT job. If you abandon the one you have, you might never get another one. With all my wisdom (LOL), I now know that being in academia is not worth being miserable. But YMMV.
  • I have recently found myself asking the same question as a TT faculty member at a financially-stressed rural regional public institution located a whole day's (indirect) flight or a three-days' drive from my family. I am actively trying to leave my position for a more financially sound and better located school. As a single person from a top-10 U.S. metro, I strongly prefer urban areas. I am applying to all TT jobs that fit my criteria, as well as some more stable NTT jobs (i.e., Asst. Prof. of Instruction) at institutions that fit the same stability- and location-based criteria. I have decided not to apply for VAP's because of the serious risk they entail. Often, they are not renewed, and the VAP is not always hired for a future TT position. Moving from TT to TT to TT is more likely than moving from TT to NTT to TT, though the latter is not impossible. Despite a lack of job offers for the moment, I will stay the course for the rest of this job search season, and I will probably do the same next year, my last year before tenure, if I don't get any job offers this year. After that, I will have to make some difficult decisions. Will I pursue tenure at a financially unstable school in a location I dislike, or will I quit academia? I'm leaning toward the second option. Anyway, I hope this personal story helps by showing what others are doing. We all have our own criteria, but I probably wouldn't apply for anything you can't make a career out of to avoid worrying about whether you have/will have a job.

2/23 - Any news from Bucknell post campus visits?

2/27 - Anybody heard from Cork (Ireland) or from Xavier Ohio's VAP search?

Cork: some people posted rejection letters received mid-March here. That must have been for the three Lectureship positions which were advertised at the same time as the Professorship. Shortlisting for the Professorship is expected late April. (3/28) - Rejection letter received (5/7)

2/27 - Anyone heard anything about the Yale lector position?

  • R1: Nothing here yet for Yale lector.
  • 3/1 OP: Zoom interview invite
  • 3/8: Anyone hear back from Yale post Zoom interview?
  • 3/13 Still no word from Yale post-Zoom interviews?
  • 3/15 Campus invite received
  • 4/11 Anyone have news on the lector position at Yale post-campus visit?

2/28 - I don't know how many finalists for campus visits UArizona (Tucson) had, but it seems two of us haven't heard anything about an offer extended/in negotiations. If the third and/or fourth finalist person comes across this and has heard anything, please let us know--I am basically curious if it is either in negotiations or if the offer hasn't been made yet because of HR or logistic hurdles.

  • An offer has been made
  • 3/4- Do you know if negotiations are still ongoing?

3/1. Added a new tenure-track Mississippi College listing, but I just found out it is a Baptist school so it might be good for whoever is interested to look up what that means/entails for this institution.

3/2 - Anyone know anything re: the Arkansas TT position? The link on here isn't working and I'm not finding it anywhere else. Maybe they didn't get funding or there was an insider candidate?

  • Went back to my application and it says the application would close by 3/1. Then again, the posting did say applications would be received by 3/8 for consideration so could be a technical bug and you might want to email the search committee. Application is still there on UCA website.
    • Thanks!
  • 03/12: Zoom interview request received this morning, for Friday 03/15.

3/2. Any updates on Grinnell VAP in 20th/21st (not Francophone one)?

3/3 In case of several offers, what is typically negotiable during the negotiation phase once the offer has been extended? Also, should you mention that you got a competing offer? Any negotiation advice is welcome. ANSWER (03-04-2024): almost always negotiable: salary, start-up funds, moving expenses. It's better to negotiate a higher starting salary (think compound interests) rather than a bigger start-up fund. May not be negotiable: course releases, a certain schedule, or a certain number of preps (eg. at SLACs, this is often a no-no). Visa assistance if needed. Spousal hire sometimes negotiable, but can be difficult to get. Do mention you have competing offers (you don't have to mention the institutions, just the terms. If the institutions are hugely different in terms of prestige, it may not matter, eg. using medium-ranked SLAC offer to negotiate with R1 may be pointless). Be aware of your audience--that might seem obvious, but certain asks will show you're disconnected from the type of institutions. Congratulations, and good luck! It's a great position to be in, even though it's overwhelming.

3/6. Do VAPs and lecturer jobs ever skip campus visits (post-covid), or are they pretty much standard these days?

  • 3/6: I received an offer for a 1-yr VAP after just a Zoom interview last year, but my experience this year is that most VAP positions are doing campus visits (even for 1-yr sabbatical-coverage positions).
  • 3/6: My experience is that VAP or lecturer jobs can be as demanding in terms of campus visits as TT jobs. I think it is a misconception that because they are not tenured position, the university won't follow the same process. Of course as stated above, exceptions can happen.
  • 3/7 I had a campus visit for a VAP position a few years back. The process was the same as for a TT position, except there was no research talk.
  • I'll chime in to say that I was offered a VAP position a few years before Covid based solely on a Skype interview and no campus visit...but it was a position that didn't get posted until around April, I think, so there also may not have been time for in-person visits. That same year I was also flown out for a campus visit for a 1-year VAP position (which did have a research talk). The job that did not do the campus visit ironically turned out to have better terms, because it was renewable. So I think the budgetary situation of the school/department + the question of timing are more likely to be the main factors in whether they will do campus visits for short-term positions.
  • 3/8- I interviewed for three lecturer positions and a 2-year post-doc in 2022. The post-doc and one of the lecturer positions both had campus visits. Two of the lecturer positions both gave me offers after a 30-minute Zoom interview. From my experience, it can go either way.

3.12. Does anyone have any news about Alberta? I'm assuming they have extended an offer...

3/12. Guys, any updates on Case Western? I would've thought interview requests would've been sent by now.

3/12. Received email that Purdue Fort Wayne Lecturer search (not the one with a joint appt with African American Studies) has been canceled.

3/15. Anything for the VAPs at Middlebury, Colgate and Hamilton? (Might be early but I can't tell with the spring cycle how fast things are supposed to go). And the Wabash postdoc?

  • I can only say that Wabash has started reviewing applications, because they were missing one of my recommendation letters. But nothing further than that! -> Update: They're trying to get all Zoom interviews scheduled by Tuesday 03/26.

3/18. Edinburgh said they'd notify by 3/15, did they mean just shortlisted? Did anybody hear? - Rejection letter received 20/03

3/18. Does anybody know if ASU is done with TT linguistics search? And if yes, are they continuing on to the lecturer search? Thanks! R1: Campus interviews for the TT ling search have concluded, but I have no idea about the instructor search.

3/20. Heard of a tenure track position with a review date of 4/20--it seems odd given that courses at this university end the following week. Could this be an insider search? Has anybody applied to a TT posted *this* late? R1: It might not be an insider search (though it could be). My university is currently running a TT search to replace a departing colleague in a non-French language. (Our colleague accepted a job at his wife's school five hours away).

3/20 - Anyone hear from Allegheny post Zoom-interview? Also, this is a long shot, but anyone happen to know how quickly Colgate might move on their search and/or if they plan to do campus visits?

  • For Allegheny, I have not heard from them since my interview last month.
  • I guess either they're moving slowly or they've gone on to campus invites without anyone updating it. edit: seems kind of surprising that they would go from a campus invite on the 19th to an offer being extended on the 25th...
  • Good luck to whoever accepted the offer: the chair, the students, the depressing location, no diversity whatsoever etc, etc.

3/25. Any updates on Trinity College or Case Western?

  • Case Western Reserve as sent interview invites.

03/29. Any updates on Stony Brook? they had campus visits

03/29: Re: Amherst. What did Amherst decide re: specialty? Francophone or metropolitan? If Francophone, what area?

3/29: A quick word of warning... Always be sure to check the application review date/deadline yourself and don't take it as a given from the Wiki. I've seen two instances where the date posted here was after the review date listed in the posting. I hope this wasn't intentional (so as to have other people applying late), but in any case it's always a good idea to check for yourself...

3/29. Hello, anybody has any updates on Central Arkansas and Washington & Lee post-Zoom interviews? (and Trinity College CT would be appreciated too). Thanks!

  • A friend of mine received a campus visit invite to Trinity last week.
  • R2: I'm also waiting to hear from UCA after the Zoom interview... Nothing so far. Someone in the lists above posted that an offer was made and accepted at Washington & Lee.
  • ^That was an incredibly quick turnaround for W&L if the search is already over. I hope they notify us candidates soon?
  • R2 again: I just got a rejection email from UCA on 04-03-2024, stating "the school fielded a deep pool of candidates for this role. Another candidate has been offered the job and has accepted."
  • R1: I suppose I am receiving that one soon too because I also heard nothing. These spring searches are so quick!? If there was a campus visit(s) it must've been done in a very short period.

4/2. Has anybody been contacted by Butler yet?

4/4. Any news on AUP?

  • Two offers were made and one was accepted. A new search should happen in the near future to hire more people as the department is expending.

4/4. UCA hasn't contacted me about their search being concluded (was interviewed via Zoom too). I find it strange they would be notifying only some candidates about this?

4/5 I was interviewed via Zoom with UCA too. I haven't heard back from them nor got a rejection email. Any updates? 4/8. I am the person who wrote right before you. Haven't heard anything at all since the Zoom interview.

4/8. Has anybody ever gotten a position off those "Lecturer/Faculty Pool" postings? Are they implicitly for adjunct searches?

  • Yes these are adjuncting positions.

4/11. Just now received the UCA rejection that some candidates received more than a week ago. Odd that they'd send them so distant from each other.

4/12. Any news from the University of Texas Austin for the Advanced Assistant or Associate Professor Instruction position?

4/12. UPittsburgh just posted today 2 new posts, a VAP in Medieval/Renaissance and a Visiting Lecturer position, but given how they have posted two fake searches this cycle, I advise caution for those interested.

4/12 News from Yale on the lector position after campus visits? Is anyone still waiting to do their visit?

  • 5.2. An offer has been accepted at Yale.

4/15. A little early but any updates on UW Seattle Acting Prof. and Montana State VAP?

  • For Montana State: I recently got in touch with the committee chair because of an online application glitch, and they said they'll start reading applications later this week (the week of April 15).

4/16. Has anybody heard from University of Richmond or College of Charleston?

  • Charleston campus visits are ongoing this week, decisions will take a few days after they finish. No word from Richmond for me.

4/22. Any updates on Brandeis (lecturer), Clemson, Occidental, and Montana?

  • Montana State is (apparently) calling the people they want to interview on Zoom now, that is the week of April 22. Interviews should happen the following week, so around April 29. No campus visits planned because it's very late. / Occidental sends zooms invites mid- May, unless someone has heard from them?
  • 05/11: Montana State has sent rejections post-Zoom interviews. From the email I received, it looks like an offer has already been accepted.

4/25. so is it safe to assume that Washington and Lee is just going to ghost all interviewees? / Yes, interviews were in mid-march and informed candidates that they would contact the selected person the following week, they've already probably hired someone for a while. Very nice committee btw.

4/26. Any insider here knows if the UMiami TT search is real? It feels odd that they would hire somebody for a TT with no campus visit during the semester.

---> 4/26 It is in fact not real. Sorry to disappoint you. It is reserved for a linguistic candidate from another university in the south. / OP: 4/27. No worries, I am just glad to know! Thank you so much! / It is real ! Interviews are ongoing, if it's fake, why would they waste their time interviewing people. / 4/30: To fulfill labor law requirements, especially when it concerns hiring a foreign national who will need a green card petition. If investigated, the university needs to provide proof that a process was followed to the US dept. of labor. Hope this helps! / 4:30: I was also part of a committee for a prof who needed a green card, we just posted the add, received applications and no follow up . That fulfilled the labor law requirements. / Indeed, interviews with many professors present are kind of odd.

4/30. I know somebody here got extended an offer from College of Charleston last week, does this person happen to know if both VAP positions announced were offered on that same day (4/26), and if both are in negotiation? Thanks!

-—-> It’s unknown if both VAP positions were offered that same day or are in negotiations, but the committee and department are very friendly. If you reached out I’m sure they’d let you know! (5/2)

5/9. Was told that both positions have been filled.

05/01: Did Case Western send invite for campus visits?

--- yes - offer extended and accepted

5/2. Does any insider know if Loyola Maryland is going down the list after the chosen applicant declined the offer, or if the search is "failed"?

5/3. Has anyone heard back from Hamilton College after Zoom interviews?

5/6. Anybody has been contacted by UT Arlington yet?

5/9. UT Arlington is probably sending interview invites towards the end of next week (mid-May)--heard from the chair.

5/8. For Buffalo, do we know if an offer was made and then retracted? The message above is a little bit ambiguous, I am curious if the chosen finalist was actually contacted and then the offer was retracted?

  • 5/8. Were there two positions in French? I applied to one there back in the day, but I cannot remember which one-- I received the rejection back in the fall. A colleague in Hispanic studies was invited for a campus visit in the fall too, before rumors came out that the searches were frozen.
  • 5/8 there was only one position in French, there were campus visits but the search was cancelled because of financial issues at the college level.

5/8. Occidental update: applications start being reviewing towards the end of next week. Those of us still in this, hang in there!/ 5/14: I lost hope, I had so many interviews, my first time only getting rejections. How do they wait that long to hire someone, are there going to be some campus visits? They will probably pick someone who lives in LA.

5/9. Reached out to ASU about the lecturer search announced last fall. Unsurprisingly it is likely being canceled, and technically still ongoing. Wouldn't count on that one. R1 Thanks for the update. Been wondering.

5/13. Any news from Howard University (lecturer positions)

5/14. Question: Does accepting a NTT position make it harder to transition to TT eventually? New PhD, had 2 offers hit... one VAP (very vague on renewal, looks like it's just 1 year) and an NTT with a pretty firm guarantee that it's a continuing role. Salaries are similar, but VAP a little more prestigious. Goal is is to be TT, but want some stability... so leaning NTT. Curious if anyone has any perspective. R1: I don't think they will hold it against you if you take a lecturer position over a 1-year VAP; if you got these offers as an ABD then you will probably do well in the market with a PhD in hand...I feel you on needing stability though, one year positions feel precarious and moving is quite expensive. It comes down to what works best for you in terms of both personal comfort and career but I see no downsides to the NTT role. R2: Please accept the renewable NTT job. Prestige, at this point, is irrelevant; what counts is $$, working conditions (including medium-term future). Having an NTT gives you the flexibility of only applying to jobs you like, not just any TT job. Not all TT jobs are made equal. Some require 3:3, 4:4 teaching. Those are not desirable. Being NTT, you can play a slower game over the next few years to find a good TT job. The only exception to this is if the VAP job has a possible opening in the future for TT. This would just have to be a risky game you play.

5/30 Has anyone heard anything from UPenn for the Lecturer position?

6/26: Using publicly available records, I have added the salaries for some of the positions available here. Hope this helps future candidates to get an idea of the salaries.

6/3. Amherst just announced a TT (francophonist) for 2025-2026, Whoever is in charge, I think it's time to post the 2024-2025 season page.

  • link?
  • Last question this cycle but Louisiana Tech just announced a French TT starting on September 24, any insiders here know if this is a real search? Seems...unusual.
  • 06/27 - About current and future postings: It seems like the TT job at Webster University (St. Louis, MO) is a Fall 2024 hire, as I was told by the department's secretary. I am still working on confirming this info, but honestly I think it'd be great if someone else also doublechecked that. The posting does not mention any start date or deadline. Edit: Got confirmation from the Dean's Office about a Fall 2024 start date. (I shared the same message on the 2024-25 wiki)
  • 7/1. I heard from a former Webster professor that the Webster position is a fake search and they already have somebody. I am not too close to this person so do not take this as a fact, but given the timeline it is plausible.