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Arkansas State University (Generalist with focus on Modern British)

  • See Modern British page for updates

Bard College (Assistant Director Language and Thinking Program)

Q: Is this job listed elsewhere? I haven't been able to find it...Anyone heard anything post-MLA?

This job had an inside candidate; the search was for appearance.

Edgewood C (Generalist: especially interested in Americanist 19th C, also Comp/Rhet) 11/15

  • Ack. of app. 11/19

Is this the same position listed under early/19th C. American? A: yes, they listed several desirable fields.

  • MLA Interview Scheduled (12/10)

Campus Interview reported on Early American page

Florida State University (Open rank, History of Text Technologies, British 1300-1900, Continental 1100-1800, three positions)

Deadline: October 10

I got an e-mail from the chair almost immediately after I submitted my ap, requesting that I have my referees send recs. instantaneously since the committee was meeting the 13th to make decisions about campus visits for november. Than I never heard anything else. Anyone?

I sent my application for this off by email on October 6, and I never got a reply of any sort. Since then, I've double checked the address, and yes...I did send it to the right place. I've heard a rumour that they may be looking for senior scholars only, despite what the job ad may have indicated.

11/4: campus visits apparently already happened. But it may not matter because, according to a local news affiliate, FSU put on a hiring freeze:

11/10: I applied for their post-1900 Brit lit position and had a letter back last week saying they'd received my application. The search committee chair had changed, but said nothing about a hiring freeze on the position.

11/16: See further info under Renaissance/early modern.

11/20: Email acknowledgment of application with AA survey; no mention of positions being filled.

12/17: Offer made and accepted

Georgia Gwinnett College

  • Email acknowledgment (10/?)
  • Email ack w/request to fill out survey (1/13)

Gordon College

  • Ack via mail 1/16
  • phone interview (late Feb); campus visit scheduled.
  • Offer accepted 3/24

Hillyer College, University of Hartford

  • Anyone heard anything from them? 4/19
  • I heard that I was probably not on the campus invite list (email last week some time). "Probably" suggested to me that they were still in the process of finalizing that list. 4/26
  • Thanks for the info. Do you mind if I ask whether materials requests, etc. had preceded this email? Or was that your first word from them? 4/29
  • I had a phone interview with them about three weeks prior to that email. 5/11
  • Rejection letter (semi-finalist) 5/14

Hunter College American and British, lecturer Deadline early April

  • Any news from Hunter?

Kentucky State Deadline 1/15

Marian University Fond du Lac, WI

  • Marian has received over 200 applications and will be contacting semifinalists within the next few weeks. (1/5/9)
  • Email notification of semi-finalist status (top 15 out of 200+ applications); say they will be setting up phone interviews shortly and then campus visits to follow. (1/12/09) (x2)

1/28/09 Email requesting an informal phone interview. I get the impression that this will be another way to weed out candidates for an actual, official phone interview.

  • 2/3/09 To previous poster: Are you sure this is an "informal" phone interview and not the official phone interview? Do you know if they've made decisions as to who else will be interviewed "formally" by phone?
    • 2/4/09 The phone interview Marian schedules is, as I was told by hiring committee, the only telephone-type interview they will conduct. After the phone conversations, they are to decide which candidates they will bring to campus.
  • Sorry, I'm still confused. So have the "official" phone interviews been scheduled or not? 2/6
    • The only phone interviews Marian is conducting happened this week. 2/6
  • (2/10) Has anyone else gotten an email from Marian saying that they are dealing with bureaucratic complications?
  • (3/11) So any word yet on Marian? What happened?!?
  • (3/12) I received an email from the search chair/program coordinator. From what he said, the economy happened, and thus the department was asked to shut down the search. They will be able to post again in the fall of 2010.
  • (3/12) Thanks for the info. I was one of the "semi finalists" and knew that the chance had died on the vine when I never heard back from them ... but I'd been wondering what happened to the search. I'm sorry for the others who made it further along only to have the job shut down. Better luck to all of us for next year!

Maryville University of St. Louis (English TT Generalist) Open until filled. 10/29 Email acknowledgment Where was this ad posted? I can only find it on their web site. Posted in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. But was your email ack just the general online system saying "we got your application" or an actual person? Over on the Comp/Rhet page, someone said they had gotten a letter that said the position was canceled but I have not yet received one.

  • Rejection e-mail (it has been so long I even forgot that I applied there)(1/8)(x2 -- I forgot too. No tears here.)

Missouri Southern State University (Assistant Professor, Generalist, 2 positions open) Deadline: Nov. 3 Snail mail acknowledgment

  • Search cancelled via email 12/12.
  • Received e-mail saying tenure-track search cancelled; changed to "Temporary Instructor of General Literature, One Year." E-mail requested confimation of desire by applican to be considered for one year position by 2/16/09. (1/27)

New York University (Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in 'Literary Cultures' 3-yr max) Deadline: Jan 30

Northwestern State University (Assistant Professor, fiction writing, folklore, etc.) Deadline: Early December

  • Has anyone heard from Northwestern? I received a writing sample request around 12/18, but I've heard nothing since.
  • I wrote Northwestern an e-mail inquiring about the status of my application, since the same thing happened to me, and they just responded that they had to suspend their search due to budget concerns. They said they are hopeful that they will be able to re-advertise the position next year. 2/2/09

Ohio Dominican University (TT or renewable) Review begins Jan. 5

Email acknowledgment 12/12 Conversation with HR revealed search committee formed last week, will call for visits late in Feb. (Update as of 2/10)

*Rejection email 5/20 - position filled

Providence College (any area of fiction 1960-present/ability to teach U.S. writers) Due 11/1

Purdue University North Central (Asst. Prof. British Literature (any periods from 1700 to the present); Composition and Rhetoric; Cultural Studies; Multicultural or Minority Literatures (e.g., Asian-American, GLBT, Hispanic-American, Irish, etc.); Post-Colonialism; Professional Writing.

Deadline:  ? Review begins 10/22 (but ad placed 10/24!)

  • This position was re-listed Dec. 1 on the Chronicle of Higher Education website, so guessing that they won't be doing anything until at least January.

Reed College (Visiting Asst. Prof., Poetry and Poetics) (Due 12/2)

  • The creative writing Wiki is reporting that this search has been canceled; can anyone confirm this?
  • Yes. I received a letter on 12/5. The search has been canceled.
  • Not sure where this information came from; possibly there are 2 similar searches? Or maybe it was TT, but has now been changed to Visiting? In any case, the search is not canceled. I had a request for an MLA interview by phone on 12/17 (x2)
  • I also rec'd a letter saying the Visiting Poet position had been indefinitely canceled. (12/5)
  • The search for Visiting Asst. Prof. in Poetry and Poetics was definitely not canceled. The search for Visiting Poet was canceled. Reed definitely interviewed for the Visiting Prof. position at MLA.
  • Has anyone heard anything re: campus visits?
  • I interviewed at MLA, still haven't heard anything. Has anyone received a call back?
  • Any info at all from Reed? (2/4)
  • Campus visits scheduled (1/10). Sorry I forgot to post this sooner!
  • Any news after campus visits? Have the finalists (3) heard anything, or has an offer been made/accepted? (The last campus visit ended on 2/17). (3/3/09)
  • I haven't heard back after my campus visit. Could be that an offer was made and is still being considered by that candidate... (3/8)

Roanoke College (Generalist)

Deadline: November 1

  • Postcard acknowledgment 11/10
  • MLA Interview Scheduled (12/10)
  • Any word yet on campus visits? (1/12)

Shepherd U (Asst. Prof of Poetry and Poetics), 10/31

  • Anybody have any news about this job? I can't find it listed anywhere else on the Wiki. Am I the only one who applied? :)
  • You are not alone! :)
  • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/4) (x2)

St. Mary's U (San Antonio, TX) (asst. prof., preference given to Rhet. & Comp., Writing, Language, Early Modern Literature, and/or American Literature), Due 12/1

  • Ack. by email 11/21
  • Ack. by email 11/19

Q: Has anyone heard anything about the timetable for this job?

  • Search canceled by email 12/19 (x2)

Tennessee State (generalist, pref. 20th C American or British, Children's, English Linguistics)

Two app. deadlines: Dec. 5 (HigherEd) or Jan. 5 (HR)

  • Q: Anyone know the timelines for these pos.?
  • I applied and have heard nothing. (x 4)
  • Anyone else?
  • Request for phone interview (email 3/2 x 1) (3/6 x 1)
    • Note: As of 3/3, I believe there were other responses to this effect. I think they were deleted between then and 3/6.
    • Question: I responded by email to this invitation and did not get a confirmation or reply. Did anyone else email a response AND hear back? Thanks in advance. I am wondering if I need to get in touch with them another way.
    • A: I also did not get a confirmation; A few days prior to my interview I plan on confirming with the administrator who set up the call.
      • Thanks!
  • Q: TSU was originally looking to fill 3 positions. I wonder, given the economic climate, if they've merged these into 1 or 2? Any idea?
  • Offer extended and accepted (had a campus visit early in the week 4/10)
    • It would be nice if they took the trouble to let others know.

Trinity College (CT) (assistant professor three-year replacement in British romanticism, literary theory or Colonial-period American literatures

Deadline: November 1

  • Email acknowledgment 11/11
  • scheduled MLA interviews (reported on Romantic/Victorian page)

Troy University, Montgomery Campus (assistant/associate professor of English)

Deadline: January 31st

University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (English faculty)(composition/literature)

Deadline: March 16

University of Dayton (Comparative Literature and Social Justice)

Deadline: November 6

11/3: Received request for additional materials (teaching statement, recs, transcript, syllabi, writing sample)

11/14: Request for additional materials (3)

12/9: Received emailed request for MLA interview

1/13: Received request for campus vist

University of Mobile (any period of British literature before the 20th century)

Deadline: October 29

Request for more materials 12/2 (x2)

Request for phone interview 12/2 (x2?) Has anyone scheduled a phone interview yet? I was told that it would be after the holidays, most likely the first week of January, but I have not yet set up a specific time.

1/15: Phone interview

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Has anyone heard anything about the Lecturer/Advisor position? Ack. dated 12/2

Notice of search cancellation, dated 1/28

This search has been suspended due to budgetary constraints (letter dated 1/30).

University of Puerto Rico, Cayey

Deadline: 2/13 (three positions)

University of Saint Mary (KS)

Deadline: October 20

  • Ack. of app. 10/22
  • Anyone heard anything? (1/27)

Offer extended and accepted (2/20)

University of Toronto at Scarborough (Intersections, Exchanges, Encounters Program)

Deadline Nov 14

Does anyone know anything about this position or the status of the search process?

  • I applied for another position within this department, and I have heard nothing either.
  • I applied for the IEE position and haven't heard anything either yet (1/9) (1/13)
  • To the applicant above, was it your sense that they wanted a linguist for this position?
  • Email rejection 1/13

USMA (West Point) Assistant Professor of English Open Field Deadline: February 13

  • Email about missing transcripts (2/20)
  • Acknowledgment of application 3/5
  • Rejection Email 3/17 No luck of the Irish for me.
  • 3/17 email to request campus visit (x2)
  • offer by phone (5/1)

Wheaton College (IL) (assistant/beginning associate professor in any field of British or world literatures in English)

Deadline: November 14

11/5: Received email acknowledgment (will send application to promising applicants, sounds like others will receive no further notification)

11/14 Request for more materials

12/17 Email request for MLA interview (160 apps, 48 made 1st round, 12 being interviewed) 12/17 Very nice rejection by email

  • This position was filled in late February

Hiram College (OH) (assistant professor of biomedical humanities)

Deadline: Review begins November 1

11/18 Request for letters of recommendation (2)

12/4 Email request for phone interview.