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Asian University for Women[]

  • Catch is: It's in Bangladesh. Sounds like an amazing school, though. Anyone else dip their toe in the water?
  • I did. I sent in an application and had a phone interview (via Skype). It sounded like a great opportunity, especially in this job market, but as the previous poster says, it is in Bangladesh...and not Dhaka, but Chittagong, a not very connected city. I have extensive experience (15+years) living and working in south Asia and I love it there, but Chittagong is not a place where I would want to work.
  • A note, as they are hiring for next season as well, across a number of positions: this is the most unethical and unreliable institution that I have ever encountered, though they have since replaced the entire administration (not boding well for the stability of this new school). My partner and I applied and had interviews last year, since we were very interested in the mission of the school and open to moving to Bangladesh. We were extended offers and sent signed contracts. We requested additional time, which granted - written into a revised contract. Two days before our agreed upon and documented acceptance date, we received a short email - forwarded by the admin assistant of the dean - retracting the offer. When we requested a phone meeting, the explanation we received was curt and contradictory. I realize that major changes have happened in the institution and funding may be an issue - understandable growing pains in some respects. But for someone thinking of moving to Chittagong to teach, having a supportive and stable administration that acts in good faith is crucial. I highly caution anyone before they apply here. (Of note, we both have very happy, much better positions now and on a certain level it was a providential retraction!)
  • I'm sorry you had a bad experience. The members of the administration who left were the ones with a strong sense of ethics, not the "entire administration."
  • Thanks for clarifying, and I am sorry to have oversimplified the situation. However, I should note that the persons who behaved in this way were, in fact, the ones who left. Perhaps it was just an outward sign of other things going on, but the way they behaved with us was anything but ethical. That said, it seems that our experience was nothing like those of other folks on the wiki who had actually worked there (you perhaps?)

Cardinal Stritch University (3/31)[]

pending 2010 budget approval.

  • Has anyone heard anything from Cardinal Stritch?
  • No, I never even got an acknowledgment.
  • No, but it's only been 2 weeks...
  • phone interview scheduled (by phone) for Wednesday 4/28 (4/23)
  • Had my phone interview today, and I think it went really well. It seems like the department has some nice people in it. I would really love this job!
  • Good luck to you!!
  • Thanks! I need it. There are so many good people looking for jobs. I would hate to have to be on a search committee and choose just one person. Must be a tough job.
  • Lovely rejection email that nonetheless makes me mad. What the hell do they want??? (4/30)
  • May I ask if the rejection followed an interview? I still haven't even received an ack.
  • Yes, I got an email rejection after a very good phone interview.
  • Sorry to hear that (said the poster who posed the last question). Everyone I've talked to on search committees tells me it's mostly just luck, sometimes mixed with connections. I've abandoned hopes that academia is any kind of meritocracy.
  • I'm the reject-after-interview poster. I'm abadoning the search for a tt job, and hoping that my years in scholarly editing will land me a job in writing/editing/marketing of some kind. After three years on the TT job market, a couple of publications, and six interviews that went nowhere, I'm just done with this BS.
  • I'm in the same boat (only I didn't even get an interview with Cardinal Stritch!). It's complete & total BS. Good luck to you.
  • Good luck to you too! Hope you find what you're looking for.
  • Rejection letter received. 5/10 (x3)
  • Sounds like this search has been scrubbed. They are re-evaluating in the fall.
  • Really? A friend of my had a phone interview this week and then received a rejection; she got the impression they would be doing campus visits later this month.
  • I heard the search had been scrubbed from someone who interviewed with them. Who knows? Maybe she was wrong.
  • I emailed the search chair about this. He wrote back finally and said that they are reopening the search in a few weeks and that they plan to do interviews at the Midwest MLA conference in November. Chicago.

City College of New York (4/30)[]

Carl H. Pforzheimer Fellowship. "The department has particular needs in history of drama other than Shakespeare, and is interested in candidates able to move adroitly among some or all of the following periods: classical, medieval, restoration and modern."

  • Request by phone for letters of rec. (4/28) Letters not requested in original ad, but caller said they were needed to process my application. (x2)
  • Received rejection letter dated on 5/25 (6/3).

Delaware Valley College (2 positions, TT Asst Prof.)[]


Submitted application via email 3/14, acknowledged via email 3/15

Submitted via email April 3, ditto almost immediately. Any idea what the deadline for this is/was?

  • Phone interview scheduled (4/21)
  • Just curious - were you contacted via phone or email? (A: Phone).
  • Any campus visits scheduled yet? (5/7)
  • I haven't heard anything since the phone interview last week. Anyone else?
  • Nothing here, but they said it'd be a couple of weeks.
  • I was told Friday (7th), but haven't heard back them yet.
  • Campus interview invitation via email. (5/10)
  • Congratulations!! Would you mind sharing your area of expertise? (5/10)
  • And which job you're interviewing for? (Thanks. It's the lit job. My area is world lit.)

Goodwin College[]

Deadline: 5/1

Inside Higher Ed:

LINK to HR page

Kenyon College[]

Open 1 yr. VAP (pre-1800 pref)


Also listed on Early Modern page; according to this page, phone interviews scheduled on 4/16.

Molloy College - NY (Asst Prof, TT)[]


Deadline: 5/15

OK, it's just weird to see this job pop up on the ADE-JIL today with the announcement that "Campus Interviews have been scheduled." Inside? (4/30)

Say what? Where did you see this announcement about campus interv's?

  • The job appeared on the MLA job list (JIL) on 4/30 with the note "Status: Campus interviews have been scheduled." Why they'd repost the ad on the MLA list at that point doesn't make sense, nor does selecting finalists before the closing date. I wondered if it was a mistake in the post, or what? Curious. (5/9)
  • Job reposted today (6/23) on Makes note that it is being reposted. Maybe they offered the job but the person didn't accept??

Northeastern State University (OK) (Due 4/1)[]

  • Confirmation (via e-mail) of receipt of application (4/12)
  • Confirmation that the search is ongoing [candidate was offered position and declined] (5/10)

Ohio University: 2 VAPs[]

Park University (Kansas City) (TT faculty in English)[]

  • This job was originally published in the Chronicle, but I can't find the listing anymore
  • Received email acknowledgment on 2/26
  • Anyone have any news? (4/12)


Don't apply to Park U. Faculty have tremendous problems with the administration, which is punitive and piles way too much administrative work on faculty while requiring them to publish in top-drawer journals. It was one of the most demoralizing jobs I'd ever had and hope to get out of here!

Valencia Community College (4 TT in English)[]

  • Any news on this one? (4/22)

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (Georgia)[]

  • Review begins immediately.
  • Didn't they run this same search last year?
  • Any news yet? 5/21

Arkansas Tech University (Considering any sub-discipline other than American Lit., deadline 12/14)[]

  • letter ack with URL for applicant survey (11/10, 11/19)
  • Letter states search timeline: phone interviews in December, campus visits in January (no MLA apparently)
  • They are actually going to hire two people. One will be an inside deal, but they are now also looking for a second person (and, from what I've heard, anyone--including Americanists--will be considered).
  • Letter stating "you are still under consideration [...] but the large number of excellent applicants and the coming holiday season have slowed our selection process." Finalists likely not til second half of January, campus visits in February. (1/1, dated 12/19)
  • SC has contacted my references (1/27)
  • Have they had campus visits yet? (2/25)
  • No campus visits yet. School is waiting to get go-ahead from Admin/State legislature for funding of positions.
  • Campus visits scheduled. (3/16)
  • Did they make an offer for this one? Were both positions funded?
  • Offers made and accepted by both candidates. (4/19)

College of Coastal Georgia (11/1) link[]

  • I checked the HR website, and the original call is no longer listed.  (The link above goes to an expired job bank call).  They now have postings for part-time faculty, so I wonder if this position has been cut.  I emailed HR yesterday, but I've received no response thus far.  (12/10)
  • Received ack with AA form (12/12)
  • Anybody out there??? (12/30)
  • Heard nothing. (1/4) (x 2)
  • Emailed for phone interview. (1/6)
  • The hiring committee is meeting this week. All applications have been read and will soon be put in rank. The position is definitely not going to be cut nor remain unfilled come fall. (1/13)
  • Could the person that was contacted for a phone interview please give an update? Thank you! (1/20)
  • Phone interviews being conducted this week and next; campus interviews of selected finalists to follow shortly after that (2/12)

Cottey College[]

Acknowledge receipt x1

Snail mail rejection (2/1)

Diné College (until filled) link[]

East Texas Baptist University (no date) link[]

Received email with following message: "Due to current economic issues, we have decided not to fill the position at this time. We will retain your credentials for one year in our applicant file for possible future openings." (11/12)

Fanshawe College (Ontario) (10/1)[]

High Point (NC) (rolling)[]

  • I believe this position is also listed on the Rhetoric/Composition page.
  • HPU received hundreds of applications for this position, I have on good authority, and are much less likely to review new applications at this point. But it's not closed yet. If candidates are snapped up by other schools, the position could remain open for a while.
  • Received rejection email; the dept. is hiring for three positions and received 800 applications total. (1/22), (2/3), (2/4x2)
  • Did anyone else find it tacky that the rejection email contained an advertisement for the chair's book as well as a link to Barnes and Noble's website where you could purchase it? Maybe it's just me...
  • I alluded to the same thing (and the unnecessary inclusion of two other searches, to make the total number more impressive) on the Ethnic Studies page. But maybe it's just the two of us. . .

Judson College (AL)[]

  • Link?
  • phone interview scheduled 1/19 x2
  • Learned via email in response to my inquiry that an offer probably won't be extended until mid-April.
  • Campus visit scheduled (early March) x3
  • Offer made 4/14 for Assist. Prof and Dept. Head. pending...
  • Q: Was the above offer accepted? (4/26) A: I declined.
  • Although they were originally planning to hire two professors, one to be Head, Judson is only hiring one this year. Edit: I think now they are hiring two, since they had one retiree and the other is apparently moving.
  • Job offer made last week and accepted. 4/28

Langston University (OK)[]

  • Link?

Lewis-Clark State College (Idaho) (5/7)[]

  • "The Humanities Division of Lewis-Clark State College seeks an Assistant Professor (tenure track) in English, to begin August 2010. Ph.D. necessary at time of appointment. Strengths in rhetoric and composition and secondary education; secondary education teaching experience desirable."
  • So, they want someone with a PhD in English AND secondary teaching experience? Uhm, who does that apply to?
    • I don't think it's that uncommon. I'm one of at least three or four people in my department who have recently finished or will soon finish our PhDs in English and have also taught on the middle and high school levels.
    • Anyone hear anything yet? (5/16) Nothing. (5/17)
    • Anything yet? (5/24)
    • I just received an email letting me know that the admin rev process is still underway, due to commitment/scheduling delays. I also received an affirmative action survey about a month ago via email that didn't include a BCC (um. oops anyone?) (5/27)
    • Any word if this search is still going? (6/21)
    • On-campus visit invite x1

Mohawk Valley CC (SUNY) (12/1)[]

  • Ack with EOAA form (12/10 mail)
  • Received a request for a phone interview on 12/8, but with much regret, I had to decline, as this position begins 1/14/10.  I somehow missed that when I applied.  The man on the phone was incredibly kind.  (12/11)

Mount Ida College (Massachusetts) (12/15) linkorama[]

Received request for MLA interview (12/4, by phone)

Q: Um, aren't they jumping the gun a bit here, seeing as the deadline hasn't even passed yet?

Q: Great question from above! Any information anyone would like to share? Anyone else asked for an interview? Did the committee say how many were going to be invited? Thanks! (12/6)

  • Well, their ad on the MLA JIL puts the status as "No longer accepting applications." Which, yes, is odd since the same ad says "Apply by 12/15 to guarantee consideration."
  • I just found the ad and emailed the human resources office. Someone emailed back and said I could submit an application. When I checked last week, the job was still listed on the HR page.
  • I just received an e-mail confirmation of application today from Mt. Ida (12/08). I am actually surprised they are going to be at MLA, honestly. I've been an adjunct there in the past, and it is a very small school.
  • I'm the one who posted that I received the interview request, and I'm afraid that I have no other information to give. They didn't specify how many people they plan to interview. They also did not specifically say that they had set up all of the MLA interviews, so there's a chance that they're just attending to applications on a rolling basis. I don't know. I'm sorry that I don't have more information.
  • R to OP: Well, thanks for responding and congrats on the interview & good luck! OP: Thank you. One great thing about the wiki is feeling like people you don't even know across the country are actually sending you good vibes. As hard as the market is for everyone right now, that kind of support feels good. Best of luck to everyone!

Q:  Is anyone else waiting for acknowledgment that their materials were received? I still haven't heard that they even have my initial materials. (12/18)

R:  Yes!!!  I sent in my materials in early November, days after the position was posted, and I have not heard anything.  I keep checking my deleted and junk email folders to see if I somehow missed it, but I didn't...  So sad because I was so hopeful about that job.  Congratulations to everyone who has been contacted and is going to interview!!!

  • I wonder how many applications they got. It's a tiny department--maybe they got overwhelmed. I'd still at least like to know that they got my stuff. I was hopeful, too--I have no choice but to stay in the Boston area for my career. I'm here long-term. Looks like more adjuncting in my future!
  • I was told by a reliable source that they received about 700 applications.

I had an interview at MLA and was told they received over 700 applications. I was also told that the position is put on hold. It's not cancelled yet, but cash flow has become an issue for the school because of new construction projects and uncertain enrollments. Seems like an interesting school, albeit very small.

  • 700? Wow. I'll have to admit, I am floored by that number. Maybe I shouldn't be. And after all that they had to put it on hold? This year just keeps getting worse and worse. 1/12/10
  • "Seems like an interesting school":  From all reports, it's the ultimate high school after high school. It is known for its mortuary program, but other than that is not thought of very highly, at least by people in this area. I wonder what the teaching load for this job is.
  • POSITION CANCELED via snail mail 1/14. I'm so happy that 700 applicants spent countless hours applying for this job for nothing. Good times.
  • I nominate this for the Sound and Fury Award for 2009-10.
    • Seconded. Let's all go have a gin and tonic.
    • Delayed Sound & Fury--received "search suspended" letter via snail mail (dated "Spring, 2010") over 2 months after the above posters (3/25)
  • POSITION RE-LISTED JUNE 9. - I just saw this job listed yesterday on They have the deadline as June 15. Maybe they are trying to get fewer apps this time around. The description is super vague, too.
  • Phone interview on 6/18. Moving fast.
  • Aw man. I was hoping for an interview with these guys. What's your field, interviewee?
  • 3 campus visits 6/28-6/30.
  • Offer accepted.

Paine College (no date)[]

Application acknowledged

Phone Interview/"Screening" during first week of March. (x2)

Campus Interview scheduled. (x4)

Just a note. I once took the LSAT at Paine College and was disappointed with the state of the campus and facilities. Maybe they've improved in the last ten years.

Any word from those who had a campus interview? I interviewed and haven't heard a word...anyone?

Nope. Nothing here, either.

Offer received 4/18 via email. (Anyone else hear anything? They were hiring for 3-4 positions, right?) (x3)

Congrats. Offered made for which position? (4/24) Assistant Professor of English, tenure track (4/26) (x2)

Any offers received for history job? (4/27)

I interviewed too but have not heard anything. Not a good sign.

Offers were made to all successful applicants; offers are now "at pending stage". College is awaiting acceptance of those offers.

-"Successful applicants"? What a snotty way to put it. (I wrote that post. The term "successful candidate" was coined by Paine. I simply wrote out what they told me when I called to check on the status of my app).

Question to the two above posters: was the phrase "successful applicants" coined by the 1st poster or by Paine? When Paine contacted me about a phone interview they told me I was a
"second-tier candidate." It was the tip of the iceberg of unprofessionalism and I'd not be surprised if they introduced that type of language.

-Yikes! It's a testament to this market that you didn't slam the phone down.

Sacred Heart University (no date)[]

MLA interview 12/13

They scheduled you on a Sunday?

I just got my ack today (12/14)

Is this one the 1-year position?

It's tenure-track, and they scheduled on a Sunday over e-mail!

Received email that they will be in touch with me to schedule a phone interview after the holidays (12/18) - this must be for the 1-year position since they appear to be interviewing at MLA for the TT post.

  • 12/31: the person above is correct. There is a single 1-year pos, doing phone interviews in early Jan., and two TT, one 18th c., the other comp/rhet., both interviewing at MLA.

Has anyone heard anything further from SHU? (1/29)

Campus Interview scheduled for the one-year position.

Campus Interview, but no date as of 2/7.

  • Is your campus interview for the 1-year position, the 18th Century TT position, or the Comp/Rhetoric TT position? (2/8)

2/25: Has anyone heard any info about the TT positions at Sacred Heart? Has the committee chosen cadidates for campus visits?

3/29: 3 candidates for each of 2 TT jobs to campus last week & this week.

Anyone receive an offer? (4/28)

Has anyone heard anything more? (5/15)

Thomas University (Georgia) (4/15)[]

  • Does anyone know anything about this school? Their website looks so polished that it looks fake.
  • I guess it does look a little strange. But I assumed it was because it's such a small school... They don't have an actual English Department, from what I can tell.
  • I've heard good things about the town. You just have to be comfortable living in rural south Georgia.
  • It might be a bit early still, but has anyone heard from Thomas University? Other than the email ack...
  • No, nothing yet. (4-21)
  • I sent an email query, and was told by HR that the interview process started yesterday. I don't know if this means actual interviews have been set up, or if the committee began reviewing applications. Anyone know more?
  • Nothing. (5/16)
  • OP: Heard through the grapevine that the position was offered to a candidate about a week ago.

University of New Haven, Assistant Professor of English (12/1 rolling deadline)[]

  • Anything at all, anybody???
  • Got my ack 12/22 via email.
  • Does the sound of crickets chirping count?  How about the sound of my dog snoring?  That's got a better chance at counting, because it's gotten cold here and the crickets are all dead.
  • Hellllllllooooooooo, New Haven? Anybody out there?!?
  • I have heard nothing except a 12/22 ack via email. Job no longer posted on their site.
    • Interestingly, I did not get an ack.
    • I sent an email inquiry last week and received a response that I was out of the running (3/10).
    • Hm. I sent an inquiry two weeks ago an have not heard anything.(3/11).
  • Not sure if it means anything for this search, but a posting for adjunct English faculty went up today:
  • I have continued to hear nothing as of 4/30. Sent in a follow up letter a month ago. I even sent in a letter about the adjunct positions a month an a half ago. I have noticed that other job searches there were cancelled and then recently re-opened. But heck, you'd think they would at least send a quick e-mail. I'm geographically restricted to CT, and live outside of New Haven, my career fits their job description, so this has been a maddening tease.

U of South Florida Polytechnic (rolling)[]

  • Has anyone heard ANYTHING from this school???
  • To answer my own question (above): USF has sent me a rejection saying they hired someone (4/22)

William Woods University (Missouri)  Link[]

  • Received letter stating: "While it is never easy to narrow a search, we have recently completed the process." 11/23 x2
    • May I ask when you submitted your applications? (11/24)
    • Mid-october
    • Late October
    • Has anyone who hasn't been received a rejection heard anything?  It seems screwy to send out rejections without also offering some interviews. 
    • Received an email from HR that the position has been filled (1/29)


Has anyone heard anything about the Assistant Professor of Literature and Writing position at Rhode Island School of Design (due date Nov 13)? 12/16

A: Nope - never even got an acknowledgement for the application.