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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in English Literature with an Open or Generalist specialization advertised during the 2023-2024 hiring season. This page is for jobs that begin in 2024.

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Please add jobs in the following format and order them alphabetically by institution.

TT/NT: Tenure-track or Non-tenure track.

FT/PT: Full-Time or Part-Time

For the sake of user-friendliness, please do not add more detailed content of the job ad on this page. (This is a departure from previous years, when these pages tended to become difficult to navigate. The new guidelines are modeled on more user-friendly Academic Wiki pages serving other disciplines.)

Add updates to the end of each entry as they come in: Additional materials requested, video interview scheduled, campus visit scheduled, offer extended, offer accepted, rejection received.

Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street.

See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2023-2024

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Jobs for 2024[]

Centenary College of Louisiana[]

Shreveport, LA. Tenure-track Assistant Professor of English. The ideal candidate would be a generalist who is prepared to teach introductory and upper-level courses in both literature and writing. We particularly welcome applications from candidates with expertise in Global Anglophone, Indigenous, Black, Latinx, postcolonial, and other historically underrepresented literatures and/or experience and interest in teaching creative nonfiction.

Florida State University[]

Tallahassee, FL. Teaching Faculty I, University Honors Program. 1/16/2024. NT. FT.

Huntingdon College[]

Montgomery, AL. Non-tenure-track Lecturer of English.

Huntingdon College[]

Montgomery, AL. Tenure-track Assistant Professor of English.

Rejection received 2/23

Mercer University[]

Macon, GA. Non-tenure track Lecturer of Integrative Studies. Open until filled.

Montana Technological University[]

Butte, MT. Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Literature. Open Specialization. Open until filled.

National University of Singapore[]

TT Assistant Professor of Literature. Open, with preference for Shakespeare, Romanticism, or Asian literature. May 15, 2024, but open until filled. See

New York University[]

New York, NY. Clinical track. Assistant Professor. Deadline: 11/1/2023.

Old Dominion University[]

Norfolk, VA. TT Assistant Professor of Medical Rhetoric or Medical Humanities. Deadline: 11/27/2023 for full consideration.

Ohio State University[]

Columbus, OH. Tenure-track Associate Professor or Professor. Open Faculty Search, American Sign Language, Open Specialization. Open until filled. Apply at:

Singapore University of Technology and Design[]

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in the General Humanities. Original listing at SUTD Careers:

University of Alberta[]

Edmonton, AB, Canada. Chair of English and Film Studies. Associate Professor or Professor. Open Specialization. Deadline: 10/31/2023. Apply at:

University of North Carolina School of the Arts[]

Assistant Professor in Cultural Studies/Humanities (Humanities, Literature, Writing, Cultural Studies or a closely related field). FT/NT (multi-year contract institution). Deadline: 02/29/2024.

University of South Carolina, Salkehatchie[]

TT-Assistant Professor or Lecturer in English. Deadline: 3/15/24 for full consideration. Apply at:

United States Military Academy, West Point. Assistant / Associate Professor of English. Open specialization. Deadline: 12/15/2023. Apply:[]

Wabash College (Crawfordsville, IN, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of English. Writing Studies (specialization open). Review of Applications begins 4-2-2024: Apply:[]

Wilberforce University. Assistant professor. June 14 Apply:

Word on the Street[]

11/7 Any updates on the following jobs?

  • Brevard
  • Claflin
  • Northern St.

11/8: Menlo College (NTT PUI SLAC, not listed) interview request

12/8: Has anyone heard from Old Dominion?

  • Haven't heard anything from Old Dominion (01/03)
  • Rejection notice from Old Dominion (01/04)

12/23: Received email request for first-round interview from Centenary College of Louisiana

12/28: I know it's only been two weeks (and the holidays!) but has anyone heard anything from West Point?

  • Nothing here from West Point (12/29)
  • Me neither 1/3. It's very early.
  • 01/24: Received general email telling us that finalists would be decided by "the end of February" with all applicants being notified of finalist status by "early March"
  • 3/1: interview request
  • 03/18: rejection received

1/2: Any word on Brevard?

  • Nope 1/3
  • Still nothing here 1/24
  • 1/26: Received interview request

1/8: Any news on Montana Tech?

1/12: Anyone hear from Maryville College? (written communication, with gen ed)

1/19: Mercer NTT zoom interviews this week

1/24: Any news re: School of the Art Institute of Chicago?

  • 01/24 Nope!
  • 01/26: Interview requests have been sent
    • Was this for the lit job or the writing one? x2 (no word here on the lit job)
    • It was for the lit position in Liberal Arts.
    • Any word on the campus visits for the lit position? x2
    • Still no news?

2/3: Any word from Alabama A&M?

  • No, but I'm not remotely surprised. They always seem to be behind everyone else (i.e., while other institutions are interviewing/conducting campus visits in the spring, A&M doesn't even seem to contact applicants for an initial interview until the summer before the anticipated start date).

2/19: Perhaps anybody here has heard something of Harvard's Literature and History (Open specialization) position(s)? It was due 12/15/23 if I recall correctly, but not widely advertised.

  • 2/19 Yes, interviews took place a few weeks ago

2/29. Has anyone heard from UChicago's Fundamentals Issues and Text program lectureship in exegesis/hermeneutics? It was due 1/14 I believe.

  • 03/06: Campus visits are complete

3/13. Anyone knows if UNCSA has already sent initial interview invites?

- Yes they have

3/18. Has anyone heard anything from UT Southern?

-4/4. Rejection received. Position has been filled.

5/30 Re Wilberforce University. The university has been and is in a shambles by comparison to the norms at other MW colleges. If you go there, go there with the expectation to leave in a year or two. Yes, it is that bad.