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Jobs for 2021-2022[]

Brown University - Lecturer (2), Institute at Brown for Environment and Society[]

[posted on the AAG website]

Full consideration will be given to applications received by October 10.

Any updates? [Oct. 28]

Haven't heard anything [11/11]

Haven't heard anything [12/9]

I noticed something odd with my application on Interfolio. Long story short, if you notice what I noticed, a new space where it says that zero of three letters of recommendation have been received (and you're not allowed to start the process of requesting such letters), it means that you're no longer being considered for the position, and that is why you were not asked to request that letters be sent on your behalf. [1/11]

Clark University - Assistant Professor of Human-Environment Geography[]

For full consideration, application materials should be submitted no later than September 30, 2021.

Any updates? [Oct. 28]

haven't heard anything yet [11/2]

Haven't heard anything (11/11)

Haven't heard anything [11/16]

Haven't heard anything [12/8] (x3)

Haven't heard anything [1/15]

College of the Sequoias - Geography Faculty[]

The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching physical geography, physical geography lab, and world regional geography. Possible additional offerings depend on the expertise and preference of the successful candidate and could include courses in meteorology and/or geographic information systems.

*** Let me tell you about my experience with this place last spring/summer. They put out the same exact job ad last spring claiming to be looking for a Geography Faculty member. I looked and saw they had an adjunct who was there who did pretty much what the job ad asked for, so i thought, inside hire!! I threw an application together anyway. They called me and wanted an interview with a teaching demonstration and a 1 hour test. That's correct, I had to take a 3 question test after my interview, which made me feel like I was in college again. Regardless, the HR person never sent me the zoom link to the meeting, so I was waiting around during the start time and recieved an email telling me I was late. I said, you never gave me the link, come on people!! Finally I get in and do the interview. After all that I am told I am not hired a few days later, but guess who was there teaching this fall.... that's right the Adjunct. What a Wast of Time. The guys name is Dustin Tsai, seems like they wrote the position for him. So... not sure what this job ad is about but who knows.

Georgia Southern University - Assistant Professor of Geography[]

Screening of applications begins November 29, 2021.

Any updates? [12/12]

Haven't heard anything [12/13]

Rejection Letter [12/14]

Letter telling me that my references would be contacted before they decided who they would interview (first round). [12/14; I didn't post because I didn't want it to look like I was rubbing it it to the person who posted above]. Weeks passed and my references have not been contacted. A Google search provided some discouraging information. According to the Statesboro Herald, even though we're not in a recession and generous funding was granted to colleges and universities last year, the state legislature is demanding more than half a billion dollars in cuts to the state university system. Specific to GSU, it may mean as much as a 30% budget cut, with expected firings of temporary full-time and even tenured faculty, decimation and consolidation of programs, and even elimination of programs. In related news, in the Spring 2022 semester the university is only offering nine sections of Geography courses (some are listed two or three times because they are taught in multiple campuses at the same time) and two sections of 'Thesis'.

Maryland Institute College of Art -- Full-time continuing faculty member in Sciences of the Environment[]

Apply here. Priority app deadline Nov 30.

The department of Humanistic Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) seeks applications for a full-time, renewable appointment in a natural or field science discipline focused on the environment. The successful candidate will help advance and diversify MICA’s Liberal Arts curriculum, particularly in a new interdisciplinary major in Ecosystems, Sustainability, and Justice. Scholars in ecosystem ecology, climatology, biogeography, the biological sciences, and allied fields are encouraged to apply.

We are particularly interested in candidates whose research and teaching investigate climate change or environmental destruction and their intersections with social inequality. The successful candidate will demonstrate familiarity with, and interest in, interdisciplinary and humanist study of the anthropocene. The successful candidate will also be enthusiastic about teaching art and design students and seek an academic career working outside of the traditional research laboratory setting.

This faculty member will teach 18 credits per year (three courses per semester). During the regular academic year, courses meet once per week for 3 hours. In addition to teaching, all full-time faculty are expected to pursue research and professional engagements that contribute to the educational mission of the Division of Liberal Arts and the College. Faculty are also required to meaningfully contribute to curricular development, faculty governance including peer evaluation, committee service, and scheduled student activities and events.


  • PhD in a relevant field by August 2022
  • Demonstrated capacity and enthusiasm for teaching art, design, and humanities students at the undergraduate and graduate levels

Preferred Qualification:  

  • Two years of full-time teaching experience at the college level beyond graduate assistantships

Additional Information:  Candidates must successfully complete a full background check, and comply with MICA’s vaccination policies.

Salary: Commensurate with experience and college policy. Excellent benefits package.

Apply: Applications will be reviewed as they are received. This position will remain open until filled. To ensure fullest consideration, submit application materials by November 30, 2021. All inquiries, nominations, and applications will be held in the strictest confidence.

Mississippi State University - Assistant Professor of Geography[]

The Department of Geosciences at Mississippi State University invites applications for a nine-month tenure-track position in Geography at the rank of assistant professor with an anticipated start date of August 15th, 2022. We seek a geographer whose innovative teaching and research use geospatial techniques to address research questions in human geography, such as urban geography, political ecology, health geography, environmental justice, transportation geography, economic geography, cultural geography, and political geography.

The position will remain open until filled; however, applications must be received by January 3, 2022 for full consideration.

Any updates?

NW Missouri State University - Assistant Professor of Geographic Information Science[]

Education:  PhD in Geography/Geographic Information Science or related terminal degree

       Certification/License: N/A    

       Experience: College-level teaching experience in Geography and Geographic Information Science preferred

       Skills: Teaching ability in Geography and Geographic Information Science and scholarly research in the field

SUNY Oneonta - TT Assistant Professor (Geography)[]

The Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability at SUNY Oneonta invites applications for a tenure track position as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Geography with an emphasis in sustainability beginning Fall 2022. Expectations include teaching, applied learning, research, student advisement, college service, and continuing professional development. The appointment begins Fall 2022 and is part of a cohort of eight new faculty who have a strong interest in one or more aspects of Sustainability.To apply online go to: Please upload a letter of interest, a curriculum vitae, and copies of transcripts (official required at time of appointment). Contact information for three professional references is required.

**A word of warning about SUNY Oneonta. Last year, this department hired 2 new positions. The postings were put out in October and there was no word of anything until May. Me and mutliple others on this platform asked for updates via the department chair and were ignored. Come to find out they hired one inside candidate and another candidate whose last name is the same as the Deans last name (I'll let you figure that one out). They also required letters with the application which is a huge waste of time. Also, one of their tenure track faculty left after being there for 7 years, she now works at a national park in Utah. Very weird things going on with this department.

x2 on the warning above. Before you get too excited about the opening and spend even a second of your time putting an application together, please have another look at the warning, which very effectively summarizes the comments that this department generated in last year's page.

X3. Another burned by this Dept. Stay away! Still have never recieved a rejection letter after three rounds of interview from them for the physical position which was internally hired. 

University of British Columbia - Assistant Professor of Teaching in Critical Cartography, Computational Geographies and Transformation  

Applications due Nov 22, 2021.

I've heard that the search committee has met, but I don't know if candidates have been notified [1/18]

Search failed [1/20]

University of Connecticut, Storrs - Assistant Professor in Geography, human-environment interactions[]

Review of applications will begin October 15

any updates? [Oct. 28]

any updates? [Nov 8]

Haven't heard anything [11/16]

Haven't heard anything [12/8]

University of Delaware - Assistant Professor in Social Dimensions of Climate Change[]

Review of applications begins on October 25, 2021

Any updates? [Oct. 28]

Haven't heard anything [Nov 17]

Haven't heard anything [12/9]

Haven't heard anything [1/15]

Rejection email [1/26]

University of Toronto (St George) - Assistant Professor of GIS[]

Deadline: 10/28

Any updates? I haven't heard anything yet [Nov 28]

Haven't heard anything [12/8]

Visits have begun [1/18]

Univ of North Texas - Assistant Professor of GIS/Computational Science[]

The Department of Geography and the Environment at the University of North Texas (UNT) is seeking a tenure-track Assistant Professor in human geography with a strong computational/GIS skillset (e.g. data science, spatial databases, GIS programming), and topical interests that strengthen or complement the department's research focus, including health/medical geography, urban/economic geography, and environmental justice. In addition to a productive research program, candidates will be expected to have a demonstrated record of publications, potential to receive external funding, commitment to student mentoring and teaching, a willingness to participate in building our department, especially the newly created BS degree in Geographic Information System and Computer Science (GIS+CS), and a strong commitment to diversity. The successful candidate would be expected to teach the undergraduate course "Introduction to GIS Programing with Python", as well as undergraduate and graduate courses in their field of interest. A Ph.D. in Geography or a closely related field is required at the time of appointment. A diversity statement describing how the candidate incorporates diversity, equity, and inclusion into their research and teaching is expected. In that statement, applicants should describe how they incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into their research and teaching practices, and how they would contribute to the development of a diverse and inclusive learning community at UNT through teaching and service.

Virginia Tech - Assistant Professor in Geography[]

The Department of Geography at Virginia Tech is seeking applicants for a tenure-track position in Geographic Information Science at the Assistant Professor level. The department values diversity and continually strives to maintain and promote an inclusive learning and research environment that embraces all students, faculty, and staff. We encourage applications from all interested candidates and are particularly interested in applications from persons identifying with groups currently underrepresented in geospatial fields, including but not limited to Black, Indigenous, people of color, and underrepresented genders. This would include cis women, trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and those who are otherwise marginalized.

Review of Application begins on December 6.

Any update?

West Chester University of PA - 2 Positions (Assistant Prof of Geography and Assistant Professor of Planning)[]

Applied - Said reviewing will begin on October 22, no updates yet, application portal just says "Received" (November 3)

Haven't heard anything [11/16]

Haven't heard anything [12/8]

A source told me some info about one of these positions. Apparently, there was an adjunct who taught courses for the program for 5 or so years and was told a position would open for them. However, last year the adjunct got sick of waiting and now makes abunch of money in industry, so now these adds come out. Not sure what that means for the searches but thought I'd add my two cents. Btw - still have not heard anything and we are going on two months since they started "reviewing" (12/15) <- Thanks very much for sharing this information with us. """You're welcome, btw, check your message wall"""

Rejection Letter [12/20] "This search has been closed."

Recieved a letter (in my spam folder) claiming the search is cancelled and they will re-open it at a later date. 12/20 (Ditto this)

Worcester State University - Assistant or Associate Professor in Human Geography - Environment and Sustainability[]

Review of applications will begin in Fall 2021

Update: Review of applications will begin on or about October 15, 2021

Update: Review of applications will begin on or about November 15, 2021

Any other updates? [Oct. 28]

Haven't heard anything [12/9] (x2)

Haven't heard anything [12/31] (x2)

Haven't heard anything [1/14] (x2)

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