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JOBS for 2021[]

(Insert alphabetically)[]

CSU - Visiting Assistant Professor of Urban Planning[]

Review Date 2/8/2021

Any news?

They are interviewing some below average candidate from nearby Kent State, seems like an inside job.

They are conducting telephone interviews - last week of February

Juilliard School - Asst. Professor of Liberal Arts[]

Job posted on 3/19/2021 at

Review begins 4/6/2021

Longwood University - Assistant Professor - Geography[]

Deadline was 1/14/2021

Any Updates?

1st round interviews conducted mid February

Received an email 4/6/21 saying the position has been filled

Loyola University Chicago (NON-TT Full Time GIS Instructor)[]

Review date was 1/19/2021. Portal just says "in Progress"

Anything else?

LSU - Geography and Anthropology (1 Position)[]

TT Assistant Professors: Deadline was 1/15/2021

Any Updates?

No word as of 3/17

Longlisted in Feb, nothing since 3/27

Miami (Ohio) University - Assistant Teaching Professor/Assistant Lecturer (Full time - International Studies Program)

Screening of applications will begin February 24, 2021

Any updates?

No updates here as of March 11. This is a repeat posting that was previously cancelled because of the pandemic. Last year, they had identified people for campus interviews by a month after the closing date.

Any movement on this one? It's been a month. All I can find is that they haven't made an offer yet.

3/30: Got verification from the search committee chair that they are nearing the end of the hiring process (he didn't specify but my guess would be campus visits or bargaining on an offer).

Nicholls State University - TT Assistant Professor

Contacted for Interview on Thursday May 20th - Interview is May 24.

Contacted for second interview, teaching demo, and student discussion, will take place early June. (May 25th)

Northern Illinois University - TT Assistant Professor (Atmospheric Science in Geography Program)

No closing date - any updates on this?

Three finalist Interviewed last week., Decision should be made soon on Offers. (3/23/21)

Oklahoma State University - VAP in Human Geography[]

Review of applications begins 5/12/2021

Oklahoma State University - VAP in Physical Geography[]

Review of applications begins 5/12/2021

San Jose State - Urban Spatial Data Science[]

TT Assistant Prof - Deadline was 1/19/2021

Reference letters were requested on 1/21/2021. no update since then? Anybody know anything?

In response to above^^^ My references were requested back in December, not that it matters, I guess.

Any movement on this?

Salt Lake CC - TT Assistant Professor - Geography/Geoscience/GIS[]

Deadline was 1/21/2021

HR told me, depending the actual need to fill the position, it could be some more time (4/20/2021)..... ummm ok, what the hell do you advertise a position for if there is not a need to fill it?

Sacramento State - TT Assistant Prof - Urban Planning GIS and Geography[]

Deadline is 3/8/2021

Have received two emails from HR about updating the job description and then 2 weeks later about updating links that were broken in the job ad. LOL It's more active then these other searches.

Screening interviews conducted on 4/2/2021

SUNY Fredonia - Instructor of Environmental Science and GIS[]

Review of Applications begins May 6th (Seems Fast)

Applied (May 5, 2021)

SUNY Oneonta - TT Geography (2 Positions - 1 in Economic Geography, 1 in Physical Geography)[]

Any Updates?

Emailed chair to inquire about the status of the search on Monday Feb 15th and have not received a reply. This gives off bad vibes.

What's the deal with these positions? They got posted December 8, with no review date? And no one has heard anything? They are not responding to inquiries? Very strange - 3\2\2021

We have movement! The application status went from "Open" to "Closed" whatever that means. Still haven't heard a peep though. Though, I did notice that this occurred exactly three months (December 8 to March 8) after the posting.

Was called for screening interview (3/15).

^^ Was it for the physical or economic position?

Still have heard nothing for the economic position, would like to know what position the screening call was for, that was referenced above^^^?

Emailed the department administrator to inquire about the search. Her reply was that, "She could not help me and that she copied career services who should be able too" 3/26/21.... very strange

3/29/2021 - Received an email from HR stating "The department is actively reviewing all applications and will be sending announcements out via email." I did some digging and it looks like two of their current tenure track professors are not on the fall 2021 schedule, very interesting..... I wonder if they are going on sabbatical or have taken jobs elsewhere? There are many classes with no registered instructor too....Has this slowed the process? This whole situation is so mysterious???

Update 3/30- Had an online interview for the physical position 2nd week of March

Update 4/13- Next round of interviews starting this week for physical position

Did they forget they advertised for an Economic Geography Position as well? Or is it a case of they are waiting until the physical one is over? 4/13/2021

Update 4/14 - (Economic Geography) "The search committee has reviewed all the applications carefully and wish to inform you that they will not be considering your candidacy further."

Lol, I also applied for the Economic position but have not heard a peep... No Rejection is good I guess

Oh yah know... still waiting on a rejection, or an interview invite or anything for the economic position.... why are some people getting rejections and others are not? On a side note, any update on the physical position?

recieved this from a faculty member after an inquiry on 4/22: We are in the final stages of making an offer to candidates for both the physical and economic positions and are not looking at any new applications. We anticipate being able to do a search for a third position next year, but we will not know that until early Fall. I am currently not the chair. If you have other questions you could contact the chair of the department

Received Today 5/13/21 - This is a follow-up regarding your application for the position of Assistant Professor - Geography at SUNY Oneonta. Thank you for your interest in the position of Assistant Professor - Geography. We have reviewed all the applications carefully and wish to inform you that we will not be considering your candidacy further. (INSIDE HIRE COUGH COUGH)

5/27- Still waiting on "official" rejection after final round interviews the second week of April... No answer when I reached out about the status, but also an inside hire tip off from a friend in another department.

^^^ Holy Crap! Are you kidding me? Was it for Physical or Economic, both are going to inside hires.... Which is absolutely insane, what a big waste of everyone's times and resources. I imagine they had to have made offers to their internal candidates by now. I was told nearly a month ago by a faculty member that they had made offers to both candidates for both positions. This place seemed so promising and unique but it appears unethical and unprofessional hiring practices are ramped.

^^^ Holy Crap, indeed! These folks asked for three letters of recommendation with the application (meaning, we had to ask people who are willing to help us to take time off their busy schedules to write those letters), then they kept some applicants hanging on for more than 5 months, just so that in the end the job offers "happened to be made" to inside candidates. Keep that in mind if you're ever tempted to take seriously any future job postings from SUNY Oneonta.

^^It was the physical position.

San Diego State University - TT Urban planning and public affairs[]

Deadline Jan 18, 2021

any updates?

Received rejection email Feb 22, 2021

Tarleton State - TT Assistant Professor (GIS - in Multidisciplinary Department)

Interviews conducted Mid-Feb.

Know someone who had an interview today for this position

Short list interviews within the next two weeks!

Texas State San Marcos - Urban Geography and Environmental Geography (2 Positions)[]

TT Assistant Professors: Deadline was 1/15/2021

Urban Geography reference letter request sent out 1/29/2021, letters due 2/12/2021

Which position were the letters requested for? Is it for the Urban or Environmental Geography position or both? Urban, updated above.

Urban - A screening interview on 2/19/2021

Environmental- Interview during week of February 8th

Urban - virtual campus visit invite 3/9/21 for 3/24-3/29

Texas Tech University - GIScience[]

In-person interviews the weeks

3/15 and


4/17 update- confirmed with search chair final selection has been made

Towson University - Urban Geography or Planning (1 Position)[]

TT Assis Prof: Deadline was 2/1/2021

Update - Received confirmation of moving on to next stage (2/3/2021)

Rejection email 2/13/2021

University of Alabama - Instructor (Human Geography)[]

Review of applications begins 5/3/2021

I also applied for this^^^ Hopefully it's not another SUNY. We could always start a new intervention group for Alabama Applicants lol!

LOL I hope this search process is more sane, but I'm not ruling out starting a new intervention group!

Another bunch of [expletives] who ask for letters of recommendation and then can't bother following up with updates or rejection letters.

University of Florida - Assistant Professor Housing, Community Development, Equity and Race)[]

Deadline March 15, 2021 (Review of application will begin on Feb 15, 2021)

Virtual interviews week of 22 March, 2021

Three candidates finalized for campus interviews 04/10/21

UNCC - Urban Planning and Environmental Planning (2 Positions)[]

TT Assistant Professor: Deadline was 1/4/2021

Any Updates?

nothing as of Feb 18, 2021 status on UNCC job portal says “Under consideration by hiring department” but that seems like a stand msg

Same as above^^ application portal has said "under review by hiring department" since 1/4/2021”

Environmental position filled. Any news on the other?

Nothing on the urban yet - The other position looks to be a diversity hire.

Any news on the Urban planning hire?

Anything? March 9, 2021

Rejection letter (Urban) 3/16/2021

US Air Force Academy GIScience[]

In-person interviews weeks of 3/8-3/22.

Deadline for final decision was indicated as 3/26. No word yet.

Updated 4/27- got a call from them letting me know everything was done and I wasn't chosen.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Assistant Teaching Professor (non-TT) of Integrative and Global Studies[]

Deadline was 3/1

Anyone else apply to this one?


3/24: Just spoke to the administrative assistant. She is expecting a list of names for phone/video interviews later this week and will be emailing those applicants soon (this week or next).

3/30: The search committee has apparently called people who they want to interview.

Virginia Tech - Assistant Professor in Social Dimensions of Coastal Studies (Department of Geography)[]

Deadline was 3/1

Anyone else apply? I see current state 'application received'

No word as of 3/17

3/22 invited for phone interview

General Discussion[]

2/15/2021 - General Comment - Does anyone feel like these positions are moving at super slow speed.... and other disciplines are moving faster

True! I wonder why. Most of them have start dates in August, 2021. When will they finalize candidates at this rate?

3/4/2021 - Can we change the name of the page to include "urban planning and urban studies" ? The page won't allow regular users to change it and since there isn't a separate page for urban planning for 2020-21 and I see many relevant postings here, I thought it might help.


The SUNY positions are particularly confusing....

Thank you. But the page header still shows "Geography/Geospatial" and the main page listing shows "Geography/geospatial/GIS." Would it be possible to edit them too?

Hmm, I can not figure out how to change the headers

3/27 - Has anyone else here applied to the SUNY Oneonta Economic Position? And have you heard anything?

3/31 - Also applied for the SUNY Oneonta Economic position, and still haven't heard anything.