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This page is for ongoing Geography Searches for the 2013-2014 Application season

The job season is fast approaching, so here is some basic infrasturcture to get this wiki going. (I'm not great with coding, so feel free to clean it up, add features or change it).

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RECENT ACTIVITY on Geography 2013-2014 Wiki (RSS Feed)[]

Tenure-Track (Human)[]

Arkansas Tech University-Asst Professor in Human Geography (Oct 1)[]

  • Phone interview scheduled
  • Email sent: Search concluded (12/12)

Bryn Mawr College-Assistant Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities (Dec 16)[]

  • On-campus interview scheduled for late February/early March

Cal State Fullerton- Asst Professor of Cultural Geography[]

To ensure full consideration, please submit all materials by October 18, 2013.

  • Has anyone heard anything yet?
  • Nothing as of 11/15/13.
  • Anyone received confirmation of application receipt or any updates?
  • Nothing here (12/5)
  • Received email that they are still in the process of reviewing apps and will hold campus interviews in January (12/20) x6
  • Did not receive 'process of reviewing apps' email, so perhaps this means good things for those contacted...
  • Anyone who received the aforementioned email heard about interviews yet?
  • Nothing here. 1/18
  • Still nothing. (1/26)
  • Phone interviews (2/7)

Carleton University (Canada) - Assistant Professor, Environmental Geography / Environmental Studies (deadline 1/6/14)[]

  • Has anyone heard anything yet?
  • Got a form email inquiring about citizenship / legal residency status on 1/22 (x2)
  • Notified that I made an 'intermediate' list of candidates and they are 'retaining' my application. (2/6) (x3)
  • Got a rejection email - good luck to those who advanced! (2/11)
  • Interviews scheduled (3/13)

Clarkson University (NY)- Asst/ or Assoc. Prof. - Human Health / Environment (Oct. 1)[]

Apply at:

  • Close date: 10/1/2013

Colgate University (visiting assistant professor) (Jan 17)[]

  • Phone interview 2/20
  • Contacted for campus interview 2/25

Dartmouth College - Asst Professor Human Geography[]

App review starts Nov. 15

  • Letter of references requested Nov. 25 (x2) requested Dec 6
  • Question : Are applicants contacted or informed when references are requested?
  • Yes.
  • So if there's no contact it simply means not considered ?
  • Seems that way
  • Different candidates were asked to submit reference letters on different dates?!
  • Maybe. Mine were due Dec. 4. Any further word?
  • Mine were also due Dec. 4th. Have not heard anything yet.

Contacted for campus interview (12/13)

  • Has an offer been made?
  • Yes, an offer has been made. Unsure if candidate has accepted.
  • Offer accepted.

Eastern Michigan University (EMU)- Assistant Professor Urban and Regional Planning, Department of Geography and Geology (Oct 1)[]

  • The Urban Planning job wiki on this site indicates that the campus interviews for this position have already occured

Eastern Washington University (EWU)- Assistant Professor of Human Geography, Department of Geography and Anthropology (Jan 6)[]

  • Any updates?
  • Received notification that application is still under consideration (2/25) x2
  • Phone interviews being scheduled (2/25)
  • Any updates on this position? (3/22) x2

Florida State University - Assistant Professor in Political Geography (Oct 31)[]

  • Received confirmation that application was received, search committee will meet in mid-Nov. to decide who to interview
  • Short list made, letters requested on 11/14. Letters need to be received by Dec 4th, seems like they are not in a hurry.

Framingham State University (MA)- Assistant Prof. Human Geography (Oct. 1)[]

Anyone heard anything?

  • phone/skype interviews in early November
  • Interviews are being scheduled for early 2014

Indiana University, Bloomington - Assistant Professor of Political Geography (Oct. 15)[]

  • Any news here folks?
  • Rejection Letter (Feb 2014)
  • Offer has been made and accepted.

London School of Economics - Economic Geography/ Urban and Regional Economics (Nov 28)[]

  • Any updates?
  • Received a rejection email (Dec 17)
  • Received a rejection email (Jan 30)

London School of Economics - Urban Geography (Dec 10)[]

  • Any updates? (Jan 14)
  • Any updates? (Jan 24)
  • I heard second-hand (from LSE faculty in a different department) that job talks had been scheduled as of a week ago, but don't have further details. (Jan 26)
  • Received a rejection email (Jan 30)

Middlebury College - GIS Teaching Fellows Program (Application due November 1)[]

  • I just saw this re-advertised this week... anybody know what that's about?
  • phone interviews being conducted
  • Search completed (12/10)

Mount Alison University - Human Geography and Environmental Studies (Jan 15)[]

  • any news? (2/22)
  • Nothing here. (3/9)
  • Rejection received and notified position has been filled

Northern Michigan University - Assistant Professor of Human Geography (Jan. 6)[]

  • Any news?
  • Nothing here (1/28)
  • Nothing here (1/31)
  • still nothing (2/22) any news?
  • anyone heard anything?? (first or second hand?) (3/13)
  • Someone from Marquette, MI looked at my profile in mid-January but haven't heard anything. (3/15)
  • Email received: not selected for an interview. Best of luck to those still under consideration. (3/19) 
  • Second hand info: on campus interviews completed (3/20)
  • Received rejection email (3/21)
  • This offer was made and accepted by (4/1) - fact

Ohio Wesleyan University - Assistant Professor of Environmental Geography (Jan 6)[]

  • Any word? (23 Jan)
  • interviews scheduled
  • position offered and accepted (03/18)

Old Dominion University - Assistant Professor Environmental Geography/Political Ecology (Dec 1)[]

Any word on this search?

  • Email received today, 1/6, saying my application was missing a letter of reference.
  • Phone interviews scheduled. 1/20
  • Have campus interviews been completed? (3/5)
  • Not sure- had a phone interview 1/27. They said they would contact everyone regarding whether they had made the next cut around 2 weeks after the phone interview, yet nothing yet. (3/6) x2
    • I'm in the same situation. I figured there would've been some news a month after the phone interview but I've heard nothing.
  • There was an interview for this post on 3/17, on-campus.
  • The position has been filled.

Portland State University - Assistant Professor in Human Geography (Economic/Political Ecology) (Oct 15)[]

  • Any word???
  • does anyone know anything about this search?
  • Rejection email received (11/26); best of luck to those still under consideration.
  • Contacted references on 11/19 with deadline to send letters set for December 2nd
  • question: was the candidate being contacted or only the referees being contacted for the letters?
  • Phone interviews in November, candidates interviewed on campus in early December.
  • I think the on campus interviews just held were for the GIS job. Phone interviews for the human geography position are being conducted 12/12-12/16.
  • Just got a rejection email for the human geog position (12.13) (x2)
  • Did anyone else get an email on 12/17 saying you aren't being invited to campus but we're keeping your file open? Also, anyone know what the point of that is?
  • I got a letter too saying the same thing
  • Has an offer been made?
  • Yes. In negotiation.

Ryerson University- Assistant Prof Geography in Environment and Urban Sustainability (Dec 1)[]

Does anyone know what happened with this search?

  • Rejection letter received (Feb 7)

Saint Mary's University (Halifax) - Assistant Professor in Human Geography (Application due November 15)[]

  • Emails sent to those no longer being considered on 12/02 - Good Luck to those remaining

Southern Connecticut State University - Asst. Professor in Env'l Geography (Applications due December 15)[]

Anyone heard anything?

  • Nothing here (1/8)
  • Nothing here (2/11)
  • Rejection email (3/9)
  • Nothing here (4/10)
  • Rejection email (4/24)

SUNY - New Paltz - Assistant Professor in Human Geography (Application due Nov. 15)[]

  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • Nothing here (12/5)
  • Still nothing (12/20) (x5)
  • Still nothing (1/15) x3
  • Still nothing (1/31) - anyone know anything?
  • Still nothing (2/10) x3
  • Has anybody emailed the search committee to find out what's up? <-- Hadn't thought of that, might be a good idea by now...
  • second hand info: phone interviews were completed in early feb.
  • firsthand info: they had a short, interview list in early Feb.
  • Nothing here (4/10)
  • The position has been filled

Temple University - Assistant Professor in Health Geography and Spatial Analysis (Nov 4th)[]

  • Received email asking for phone interview (12/3)
  • Phone interview held (12/6)
  • Campus interviews to be held in Jan/Feb

Texas A&M University - Assistant Professor for an Environmental Geographer - vulnerability to environmental change (Application review began November 11th)[]

  • Skype interview for long list scheduled for mid December (12/9)
  • Any updates? (1/17)
  • Rejection letter (2/4/14)

Texas State University - Assistant Prof of Urban Geography (Nov 8th)[]

  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Does anyone know the progress of this search?

University of Buffalo - Assistant Professor of Economic Geography[]

  • Review was supposed to start awhile ago - anyone heard anything?
  • The short-listed candidates are interviewing on-campus and giving job talks this week.

Has an offer been made?????

  • I know someone accepted an offer here but not sure whether the geog dept had two jobs opened or not, sorry.
  • It is my understanding that both positions (economic and GIS) have been filled at this time.

University of California Santa Barbara - Assistant Professor in Human Geography (Nov 30)[]

  • Requests for references are out (12/10) X2
  • Interview Reqs are out

University of Connecticut - Assistant Professor, Geography[]

Review starts Nov. 15

  • Email notice of incomplete application. Request to contact recommenders and have them submit letter. (x3)
  • Any updates about this search? haven't heard of anything so far (1/7) (x2)
  • Interviews scheduled for mid Jan.

Any word on the search status?

  • Interviews not yet complete (2/11)

E-mail received search completed - hire made.

Rejection email - search completed (3/19)

University of Delaware - Asst Professor Human Geography/ Human-Enviornment Interactions (Oct 1)[]

  • Emailed confirmation that application was received
  • References contacted October 2nd x3
  • Anybody not have their refs contacted? Just curious if they contacted all references.
  • My references were not contacted. Good luck!
  • Phone interviews completed - 10/25
  • Campus interviews scheduled
  • Rejection email Jan. 9 (X2)

University of Georgia - Asst Professor joint-appointment in Geography and Anthropology[]

Apply at

Application review will begin on January 6, 2014 and continue until the position is filled.

  • Campus interviews scheduled
  • Offer made and accepted

University of Hawaii, Manoa - Assistant Professor, Human Geography (Oct. 1)[]

Rejection email sent 11/8: said that they have narrowed pool to four candidates for interviews

  • Had campus interview in November. Was told they are negotiating with their first choice candidate. It is unknown whether the first chioce candidate will accept the position.
  • Search complete

University of Idaho - Assistant Professor of Spatial Social Science/Human Geography (review begins Feb 3)[]

  • Letters requested (Feb 2014)
  • Phone interviews scheduled 2/18 (x2)
  • Any other news?
  • Campus interviews scheduled ~3/10

University of Kansas - Assistant Professor, Africa (Dec 15)[]

  • Phone interview scheduled for mid January
  • On-campus interview scheduled for late February

University of Kentucky - Assistant Professor, Political Ecology (Jan. 6)[]

any updates? (1/22)

  • campus interviews scheduled
  • Have interviews concluded? Has an offer been made?
  • I heard through the grapevine that interviews have been scheduled but haven't happened yet. Can anyone verify? (2/12) I heard that they were going on, but I cannot confirm (2/12)
  • Received rejection letter- no longer under "active consideration" (2/12)
  • Has an offer been made?

University of Mary Washington - Assistant Professor, Human Geography (due Feb. 20)[]

  • Search chair emailed me on 2/19 to let me know I was missing two letters. Seems like a nice guy.
  • any updates? (3/14)
  • Haven't heard anything (3/14)
  • Notified that another candidate was selected (3/25)

University of Miami - Assistant Professor, Medical Geography (Nov. 15)[]

  • References contacted 11/19

University of Minnesota, Minnesota Population Center, Open Position, Demography (10/1)[]

  • - Phone Interviews ~ 10/20
  • Search Closed

University of Nevada, Reno - Assistant Professor Cultural/Economic/Environmental Geography (Dec. 5)[]

  • Received rejection email 12/11 (x3)
  • Phone interviews happening 12/13-12/19
  • Any updates? (1/22)
  • Campus interviews scheduled and are happening soon. (1/23)

University of Oregon, Asst. Professor of Human Geography (10/1)[]

  • References requested for a long list (Nov)
  • Rejection Letter 12/20
  • Campus visits scheduled during January

University of South Carolina (SC) - Assistant Prof. Economic Geography (Oct. 4)[]

  • - References contacted on October 1st x2
  • - Campus visit scheduled October 29
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Texas at Austin - Assistant Professor of Human Geography (Oct. 1)[]

  • any news? (11/01)
  • still nothing?
  • campus visits scheduled late Nov
  • Rejection Letter 12/20
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Toronto at Scarborough - Assistant Professor, Comparative Global Cities (Nov 12)[]

  • Long list contacted for references and writing sample November 20
  • Sounds like a very fast review. not being contacted, good luck!
  • Any updates from people on the long list? (Dec 9)
  • Campus visits scheduled for January
  • Yes, there is a total of three candidates.
  • Congrats to whoever got the job and the best of luck to the rest of us elsewhere.

University of Utah - Asst. Professor Medical/Health Geography (Oct. 1)[]

  • Search completed.

University of Washington - Assistant Professor Nature Society/Global Change (Jan 3)[]

  • letters of reference requested (12/26), (01/09)
  • request for sample publication (1/15) (x4) (1/27) (x1)
  • submitted app on 12/15, letters requested on 12/26, request for 1 pub 1/16. Due date for letters and pub 1/20.
  • Have interviews been scheduled yet?
  • I've not heard anything yet.
  • Any updates? (2/14)
  • Sounds like they have probably moved on to telephone interviews.
  • What do you mean "sounds like"? Have you heard something or is this just an assumption?
  • On-campus interviews scheduled

University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley - Assistant Professor in Human Geography (Application due October 20)[]

Wright State University - Assistant Professor (Human Geography/GIS) (due Jan 14)[]

  • Any news?
  • Phone interviews scheduled
  • I heard they've made someone an offer

Tenure-Track (Physical)[]

Gustavus Adolphus College- Assistant Professor in Physical Geography/GIS (Nov 1)[]

  • Candidates called for phone interviews (12/2)
  • Campus interviews scheduled (12/5)
  • Search completed (1/6)

University of New Hampshire - Assistant Professor in Human-Environment Geography (Dec 1)[]

  • Received email confirming receipt of application a day or two after submission
  • Any word? (12/31) Nothing yet, except for the Employment Data Form request on Dec 16 (1/6)
  • Interviews scheduled (not sure if completed yet)
  • Received email saying the search is completed (4/1)

University of Wisconsin- Lacrosse: Assistant Professor in Physical Geography (due Oct 1)[]

  • "No longer under consideration" email sent 10/16/13. Good luck.

Tenure-Track (GIS)[]

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania - Assistant Professor of Geography/Environmental/Land Use/GIS (due Jan 13)[]

Georgia Southern University - Assistant Professor of Geography/GIS (due Oct 15)[]

Portland State University - Assistant Professor, GIS (Oct 15)[]

  • Phone interviews completed
  • Four on-campus interviews scheduled for 12/4-12/11
  • Search concluded

Salisbury University - Assistant Professor Geography/GIS (Nov 3)[]

  • Rejection letter received on 01/23/2014

South Dakota State University - Assistant Professor GIS (due Oct 17)[]

University of Buffalo - Assistant Professor of GIScience[]

  • Interview Completed

University of Colorado Colorado Springs - Assistant Professor, GIS (Oct 1)[]

  • Interviews scheduled (perhaps even completed by now- 11/18)

University of Utah - Assistant Professor GIScience[]

  • Interviews Complete

University of Wyoming- Assistant Professor GIScience[]

VAPs, post-docs & other temporary gigs[]

Colgate University (NY) - Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography (Jan 17)[]

  • Any news on this search? (2/13)
  • Phone/Skype interviews week of Feb 17.

Allied Fields[]

See Cultural Anthropology 2013-2014 and Physical Anthropology 2013-2014[]

Colorado Mountain College - Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty (Feb 15)[]

  • Any updates on this position? (3/18)
  • I've heard nothing, yet (4/17), but learned from a friend working there, they can take months to just get to calls.