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This page is dedicated to academic jobs in German. The jobs found here are added by individuals as well as drawn from sources such as the MLA job listHigher Ed Jobs, the Chronicle of Higher EducationInside Higher, and other lists and websites.

Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland U, asst. prof., 20th C, due 11/1/21, link
    • writing sample requested by email, 12/1 (x5)
    • phone interview scheduled, 12/15 (x4)
    • MLA interview scheduled, 12/20 (x3)
    • on-campus interview invitation, 1/15
    • offer extended, 3/15
    • offer accepted, 3/25
    • rejection letter received, 4/1

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Tenure Track Faculty Positions []

  1. Amherst C (MA), open rank, 19th and early 20th C., due 12/1/21, link
    • Zoom Interview scheduled, 12/22 (x3) --> which rank did you apply for? --> asst. prof.(x2) --> thank you! Good luck!
    • on-campus visit scheduled, 1/24
    • notification that search is concluded, 3/21
    • offer accepted, link
  2. U of British Columbia (Canada), TT teaching/applied ling. position, due 10/31/2022, link This posting should be listed on the German 2022-2023 page.
  3. California SU, Sacramento, asst. prof., due 12/15/21, link
    • Any word from them? --> Nope. "Im Wiki nichts Neues..." (1/18)
    • Zoom interview invitation, 1/21 (x4)
    • virtual campus visit scheduled, 2/15
    • Offer extended, 3/18
    • Offer declined, 3/21
  4. Centre College, assist prof. due 5/27/22---They just announced hiring of a TT a few weeks ago. Anyone know if this is a different position or administrative mix-up? Danke!
  5. Iowa SU, asst. prof., 20th and 21st C., due 12/3/21, link
    • Virtual Interview Invitation, 12/22 (x2)
    • on-campus interview invitation, 1/9
    • offer extended, 2/17
    • offer accepted, 3/3
  6. Princeton U (NJ), asst. prof. review begins 11/5/21, link
    • Zoom Interview invitation, 12/1 (x2) --> has anyone been invited for a campus interview?
    • Campus visits have taken place. 2/3
    • offer accepted, 3/2, link
  7. Rice U (TX), asst. or assoc. prof., Black German Studies, Turkish German Studies, German Colonialism, Immigration and Multiculturalism in Germany, or Environmental Humanities, review begins 10/1/21, link
    • Zoom Interview scheduled, 11/3 (x3)
    • Rejection after zoom interview, 12/29 (x2)
    • Has anyone received an offer since campus visits? (3/7) <⁠— I haven't heard yet but at this point I assume another candidate has
    • Has anyone had more news since campus visits? (3/18)
    • Has someone accepted an offer yet? Any news?, 4/8
    • Notification that another candidate has accepted offer, 5/2
  8. Stetson U (FL), asst. prof., Film Studies, Race/migration Studies, and/or Jewish Studies preferred, review begins 12/1/21, link
    • Virtual Interview scheduled, 12/24 (x4)
    • on-campus interview invitation, 1/7 (x2)
    • An offer has been extended, 2/12
    • Search concluded, 2/14
    • offer accepted, link
  9. Tufts U (MA), asst. prof., International literary and cultural studies (one or more research areas in: Arabic, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Japanese, and Russian), due 10/18/21, link
    • Writing sample requested via email, 11/8 (x3)
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 12/7
    • Rejection email received, 1/16 (unconfirmed info, but I was told that all final candidates are Chinese literature scholars) <~~untrue
      • 2 chinese/japanese/korean lit scholars, 1 scholar medieval arabic, 1 scholar german/russian/french
  10. United States Military Academy (NY), open rank, due 10/1/21, link
    • Offer accepted, link
    • rejection email received, 1/20
    • ^not really great taste to have these links to individual profiles^ -- why? I found it really helpful. -- I'll also add that it's not an individual profile. it's a German department's public Instagram page.
    • As far as I knew the person linked to was already an assistant professor at West Point? I guess he wasn't tenure track before...
  11. U of Minnesota, asst. prof., review begins 10/25/21, link
    • Zoom Interview scheduled, 11/16 (x9)
    • Has anyone received word about on-campus visits? Thank you! (12/28) --> campus interview invites went out before Christmas.
    • Rejection email received, 1/4 (x5), 1/10 (x1)
    • Has anyone received an offer since campus visits? 2/25 --> nothing here 2/28
    • Has anyone heard back about the postdoc search they are running simultaneously? 3/3 (x2) --> there is a discussion about PPFP on the Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs Wiki but no word about Minnesota yet --> rejection for postdoc/notification that another candidate has accepted, 3/5
      • Has anyone else received a rejection notification? I think they might have forgotten to send the rest of them out to other candidates (3/29)
      • I did not and had a virtual visit for the TT position. I figure it was just a mix up/forgotten.
    • rejection for TT job/notification that another candidate accepted, 3/5 (x2)
  12. U of Texas, Austin, asst. prof., 20th and 21st C., due 11/8/21, link
    • Rejection letter received, 11/29 (x5)
    • Zoom Interview scheduled, 11/29 (x4)
    • Any news? 2/2
    • waiting forever for updates, 2/25 --> campus interviews have been scheduled
    • does anyone know if any offers have been extended? 3/21
    • offer accepted, 3/25 link
  13. Valparaiso U (IN), asst. prof., open specialization with preference for pre-1900, due 11/15/21, link
    • Zoom Interview invitation, 12/6 (x4) --> any word on campus invites? (1/14) --> none here (1/15) (x3) <-- Anyone else have updates? Seems pretty well beyond the likely window for news at this point unless something got stalled with the search... (1/20) --> still nothing here (1/21)
    • On-campus interview invitation, 1/11
    • Rejection email/notification that search is completed, 2/13
    • offer accepted, link
  14. Wittenberg C (OH), asst. prof., review beings 12/1/21, link
    • Zoom Interview invitation, 12/17 (x2).
    • Any news? They seemed to be in a hurry to bring candidates on campus during the Zoom interview but I have not heard from them. Perhaps no news is bad news in this case?
    • Campus visits have taken place
    • Rejection email indicating position has been filled, 4/8
  15. Yale U (CT), asst. prof. review begins 11/15/21, link
    • any news here ? Did they start interviewing?
      • I have no idea; complete radio silence from this end, too (x1; 12/27)
      • I inquired per email to the search chair yesterday; they are "on a late cycle with this search" and haven't started interviewing yet.(12/27)
    • Zoom interview invitation, 1/12 (x5)
      • <-- Just curious, are you ABD or PhD in hand? -- Postdoc (x2), assistant prof (x2), ABD (x1)
    • Rejection email received, 2/6 (x5)
    • were rejections from interviewed applications? <--- yes! (2/8) <--- no (2/10)
    • sigh. Never interviewed and no rejection, either. Come on, Yale. Be a leader! Tell ppl when they are out of the running.
    • Rejection email received (no interview), 2/10 (x7)
    • Offer accepted, link

Senior Faculty Positions[]

  1. Johns Hopkins U (MD), assoc. or full prof., review begins 12/13/21, link
    • Campus visits scheduled, 2/26
    • Offer extended, 4/12
    • Rejection letter stating that search has concluded, 4/14
  2. U of Chicago (IL), full prof., pre-1900, review begins 10/1/21, link
  3. Washington U in St. Louis (MO), assoc. prof., review begins 12/1/21, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 12/17 --> congratulations! May I ask what your current status (employed as Ass.Prof./Assoc.Prof.?) is? Thx! --> Assoc.--> thank you ! Good luck!
    • offer made

Visiting/Non-Tenure Track/Term-Limited Faculty Positions[]

See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs

  1. Auburn U (AL), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., review begins 3/18/22, link
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 3/21 (x2)
    • any update?
    • no news 4/15
    • rejection Email saying search concluded
  2. Bryn Mawr C (PA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., expertise in 20th and 21st Cen. literature and film preferred, due 3/18/22, link
    • any news here?
    • no news (4/29)
    • interviews have already taken place (4/30)
      • I didn't have an interview myself, but a former graduate colleague interviewed with them last week.
    • rejection email 5/16
    • position filled, link
  3. Colgate U (NY), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., open specialization, review begins 4/26/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 5/3
    • rejection after Zoom interview, 6/8
    • position filled, link
  4. College of Charleston (SC), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., review begins 5/15/22, link
  5. Denison U (OH), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof. or instructor, due 4/1/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 3/25
    • were any more interview invitations sent out after 4/1?
      • Yes, I received one on 4/28, but declined as I'd already accepted a position elsewhere.
  6. Duke U (NC), 1-yr. renewable instructor position for up to 3 years, due 4/15/22, link
    • email indicating offer has been extended (5/3)
    • position filled, link
  7. Furman U (SC), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/11/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 4/6
    • search concluded
  8. Grinnell C (IA), 1 yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/31/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 4/15 (x2)
    • Any news?
    • Nothing 5/8 (x2)
    • Email indicating another applicant has been hired
    • rejection email 5/18
  9. Harvard U (MA), 1-2-yr. college fellow in German lit. and culture, due 3/21/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 4/15 (x2)
    • Rejection after Zoom interview 5/2
  10. Knox C (IL), visiting asst. prof., renewable up to 5 years, focus in Areas of interest include Jewish studies, gender and women’s studies, film studies, Black German studies, business German and/or other areas, due 3/30/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 4/18 (x4)
    • Campus interview invitation 4/25
    • Offer extended 5/6
    • Offer accepted 5/9
    • Rejection after Zoom interview 5/9
  11. Lawrence U (WI), 1-yr. visiting ass. prof, due 5/15/22, link
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 5/23 (phone call) (x2)
  12. Michigan SU, 1-yr. instructor / asst. prof., review starts 5/6/22, link
    • position filled, link
  13. Princeton U (NJ), Lecturer of German, due 05/13/22, link
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 5/24
  14. Rhodes College (TN), Visiting Assistant Professor of German, position open until filled, link
  15. Skidmore C (NY), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 4/1/22, link
    • interview scheduled, 4/5
  16. Stanford U (CA), 2-3-yr. Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities, 11/1/21, link
    • Letters of rec requested. Application has made it to the 'departmental review' phase. Finalists will hear back around the end of January/beginning of February.
      • did you receive notification that letters or rec were requested? —> I received notification that I should ask my letter writers to prep their letters, since letters are due for finalists on February 2 but said finalists won’t receive notification that they’re finalists until circa January 31. I believe letter writers just submit to an email address.
      • Finalist selection from the director came out today 2/2 (at least for German). Total no. of finalists is 19.
    • 3/2 Notification of alternate status. Would great appreciate any news/info from the offer recipient--and congratulations!
    • 3/16 Rejection email received (x2)
    • ”we received 374 applications for 4 positions.” Lost the lottery another go! At some point we run out of coins for the slot machine. Congrats to the lucky recipients!!
  17. St. Anselm C (NH), asst. prof., open specialization, due 11/15/21, link
    • any news here? Have they interviewed?
    • I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow. I was notified on 12/20.
    • 2nd round interview scheduled, 1/11 (x2)
    • Filled: link
  18. St. Lawrence U (NY), 1-yr visiting asst. prof., specialization in film, due 2/7/22, link
    • Offer accepted, link
  19. St. Norbert C (WI), 3-yr visiting asst. prof., specialization in teacher training, due 5/1/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 5/19
  20. South Piedmont Community C (NC), Foreign Language Faculty position (German), open until filled, link
  21. U of Cincinnati (OH), 1-yr visiting asst prof./Coordinator, German Studies, review of applications will begin May 31, 2022, link
    • Position filled, link
  22. U of California, Los Angeles, lecturer, due 1/15/22, link
    • Interview invitation, 2/8 (x3)
    • Any news here?
    • No news after Zoom interview, 4/7
    • Rejection after Zoom interview, 4/7 (x3)
    • Offer accepted link
  23. U of Missouri, 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., specialization open, open until filled, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 5/10
  24. U of Puget Sound (WA), 1-yr visiting asst. prof., specialization open, due 3/4/22, link
    • Zoom Interview scheduled, 3/21 (x3)
    • Campus visit invitation 4/5/22
    • Position Reposted on Higher EdJobs on 4/19/22 (looks like an automated renewal?)
    • Offer made 5/6
    • Offer accepted 5/12
  25. Wake Forest U (NC), 1-yr visiting asst. prof., due 2/20/22, link
    • Zoom Interview scheduled 2/25 (x2)
    • Rejection after Zoom interview, 3/11
    • Offer accepted, 3/17 link
  26. Weber SU (UT) one-year Instructor of German, with the ability to teach a second subject in the department or the Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities, due 03/30/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 4/7 (x2)
    • Virtual campus invitation 4/15 (x2)
  27. Wells C (NY), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof., Languages and Cultures, position open until filled, link
    • does anyone know more about this opportunity? I can't seem to find what languages they are hiring for or any information about the Arts and Humanities division they mention in their listing.
  28. Wesleyan U (CT), 3-year Teaching Fellow, interest in language pedagogy, due 3/15/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 3/25 (x3)
    • rejection email after Zoom interview 04/03/22
    • any further updates? The post-interview suspense... (4/14) <-- no, also still waiting (4/18) <-- me, too; I really expected to hear back by now. Best of luck to all of you out there reading these updates
    • Offer extended, 4/18
    • Offer accepted, 4/28
  29. Williams C (MA), 1.5-yr. visiting asst. prof., specialization open (18th C. onward), starting Spring 2022, due 10/15/21, link
    • Zoom interview invitations sent out, 10/27

Applied Linguistics/Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director Positions[]

  1. Loyola U Maryland, Language Learning Center Program Director, due 2/1/22, link
  2. Ohio SU, Lecturer and Coordinator of Language program, review begins immediately, link
    • Zoom interview invitation 4/20 (1x)
  3. Texas Woman's U, COORDINATOR, TEACHING, LEARNING & ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. Reviewing now, rolling applications. Job Code: IRC37877.  Résumé and Cover Letter Required. Application Link. Inquiries welcome at cfe[at] (
  4. Vanderbilt U (TN), Director, Center for Languages and Global Engagement, review begins 3/14/22, link[1]
  5. York College (PA), World Language Media Center Coordinator/language instructor, due 4/30/22, link

Renewable Non-Tenure Track Lecturer/Instructor Positions[]

  1. Appalachian SU (NC), lecturer, review begins 3/25/22, link
    • Zoom interview invitation, 4/1 (x3)
    • second-round virtual interviews to finalist candidates, 4/18 - 4/20 (x3)
    • any updates?
      • nothing yet and I keep checking here for them. Such a nice committee and department!, 4/22 (x2)
      • any updates?
    • Written offer extended, 5/17
  2. C of Charleston (SC), instructor/lecturer, due 12/13/21, link
    • review begins, rolling applications
    • Zoom interview invitations will be sent out in Jan. 2022
    • Zoom interview scheduled 1/3 (x4)
    • Rejection email received, 1/3 (x1)
    • Rejection email after Zoom interview, 2/1 (x2)
    • Campus interviews scheduled for the week before and after spring break
  3. Hunter C (NY), Lecturer, doctoral schedule, review begins 3/24/22, link
    • any updates? —> nothing here either, 4/16 (x2)
    • Zoom interview invitation, 4/14 (x1)
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, lecturer, due 9/30/21, link
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 10/20 (x3)
    • on-campus interview invitation, 11/16 (x1)
    • offer extended, 12/17
    • offer accepted, 12/20
  5. Northwestern U (IL), asst. prof. of instruction, due 12/15/21, link
    • Has anyone heard anything about this position?-->nothing here, 2/7 (x7) --> was this an inside job?
    • Zoom interview invitation, 2/18 (x3)
    • Second round of zoom interviews have taken place, 3/31
    • Rejection email after second interview indicating that someone has accepted the position, 4/14
  6. Ohio SU, lecturer, review begins immediately, link
  7. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, asst. lecturer/asst. prof. of practice, no due date , link
  8. Texas Tech U, instructor/lecturer, due 5/1/22, link
    • virtual interview invitation, 5/10 (x3)
    • second-round interview invitation, 5/17 (x2)
    • offer extended (5/24)
  9. U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, two three-year instructor positions, open specialization, review begins 4/15/22, link
    • first round interviews conducted (second-hand information from someone who's interviewed with them)
  10. Vanderbilt U (TN), senior lecturer, due 12/10/21, link
    • Video interview invitation, 12/21 (x2)
    • Rejection email, 12/21 (x4)
    • On-campus interview invitation, 1/27
    • Rejection email, 1/31 -- indicating that only one person was invited for campus visit ("we have now extended a campus visit to another candidate")
    • offer accepted link
  11. Washington U in St. Louis (MO), open-rank teaching-professor-track, specialization in pedagogy, due 1/7/22, link
    • Virtual interview invitation, 1/29 (x3)
    • Virtual campus interview invitation, 2/10 (x3)
    • Offer extended, 3/1
    • offer accepted link

Part-Time/Adjunct Positions[]

  1. Bard C Berlin, Lehraufträge: German Language Instructors/Deutsch als Fremdsprache, link
  2. Colorado C, 1-semester sabbatical replacement in German Studies for spring 2023, due 4/25/22, link
  3. Middlebury C (VT), Instructor of German for 7-week summer program, due 12/3/21, link
  4. Old Dominion U (VA), Adjunct Faculty in German Studies, one or two online instructor positions for Fall 2021, due 8/19/21, link
  5. Tufts U (MA), Part-time German Language Lecturer, link
  6. William & Mary (VA), Adjunct German Language Instructor: two sections of first-semester German in Fall 2022; two sections of second-semester German in Spring 2023. Can be remote. link

Spring 2022 Positions[]

  1. Illinois SU, 1-semester instructional asst. prof., full time NTT, open till filled, review begins Sept. link
    • Position filled, 10/18

Faculty Positions outside of Canada and the U.S.[]

  1. ShanghaiTech U (China), open rank, German lang. and lit., link
  2. Stellenbosch U (South Africa), assoc. prof. or full prof., due 9/10/21, link
  3. Universität Hamburg (Germany), associate prof. (W2), Neuere deutsche Literatur, Kinder- und Jugendkulturen, due 4/14/22, link
  4. Universität Köln (Germany), Professor (W3), didaktikorientiert, Literarisches Lernen, Ästhetik und Heterogeneität, due 4/4/22, link
  5. Universität Paderborn (Germany), associate prof (W2), Neuere Deutsche LIteraturwissenschaft, due 3/24/22, link
  6. Universität Siegen (Germany), assistant prof (W1, TT), Deutsche Literatur und ihre Didaktik, due 3/28/22, link

Multi-Language Faculty Positions[]

  1. C of William and Mary (VA), 2-yr. visiting instructor or visiting asst. prof. of Italian and German Studies, open until filled, link
    • search failed
  2. U of Illinois Urbana Champaign, 1-yr lecturer/instructor in Scandinavian and German Medieval Studies, due 5/2/22, link
  3. U of Memphis (TN), Instructor of German and Classics, due 4/8/22, link
    • position filled, link

Other Germanic Languages[]

Other German-Related Faculty Positions[]

  1. Freie U Berlin (Germany), part-time Translation Position, link
  2. U of British Columbia, asst. prof. of Nordic/Scandinavian Studies, environmental humanities, due 11/1/21, link
  3. U of Colorado, Boulder, Louis P. Singer endowed chair in Jewish history, modern European history, due 9/13/21, link
  4. U of St. Andrews (Scotland), part-time admin. pos., Coordinator for the German Screen Studies Network, due 4/23/22, link


Change the count in the category to which you belong. This permits us to have somewhat of an overview on the nature of the market demographics in German Studies. 

ABD (early): 1

ABD (will finish this academic year): 12

Ph.D. in hand (visiting asst. prof., lecturer/senior lecturer, post-doc, adjunct): 2

Ph.D. in hand (alt ac): 2

Ph.D. in hand (unemployed): 1

Assistant Professor: 1

Associate Professor: 1

Full Professor: 

Search Committee Member: 1

Lurker: 4

Concerned grandmother:

Faculty "Job Coach":


  • Anyone know what's going on with West Point? I assume they must've sent out interview requests along time ago if they haven't canceled the search or something.
  • I moved the Bard/Berlin position to the adjunct/part time categories since they're paying per class, rather than offering a proper salary for a full-time position. Nothing about the ad itself suggests the positions are full or part time, but paying per class suggests this adjunctory.
  • Taking every liberty to subvert this page by calling attention to the inability of these employers to return the basic courtesy of their applicants. Really, the humanities should be better than this. Universities, you should let your unsuccessful applicants know they're not going to the first round, never made the longlist. It's a short email that would acknowledge the effort it takes to apply in the first place. A template would begin with something along the lines of 'Dear Applicant' and end with a parting word that encourages one to keep on. In these times, it is literally the least you could do. (x4) (🤬) --> AMEN!!!
  • Why the heck is Furman the ONLY place that is requiring dossier delivery? I know this is relatively normal, but search committees need to do better and not make applicants pay to apply to their contingent position.
  • The Kafkaesque lack of transparency with these searches (weeks and weeks after people have had Zoom interviews and campus visits) is a joke. Damaging and dystopian. We are human beings.
  • Having been on the job market for two years in a row and returning from a 3-year hiatus in a fixed-term position, I can tell you that a lot of what you're experiencing here is common place. You shouldn't think that, simply because they're institutions of higher education, that they regard you as little more than sacks of meat capable of providing pedagogical labor. I mean, sure, the folks within the hiring departments see you as more than that, but the institutions overseeing them and the hiring processes for these positions do not.
    • Just because it's commonplace doesn't mean we shouldn't critique it. Many of us have been on the market for years, and it's dehumanizing to say the least. I'm also not convinced that search committees/people in hiring departments *do* see us as more than our labor. If they did, they'd send rejection emails, follow up after interviews, keep us informed on the progress of the search, etc etc. The humanities can and should do better.
  • Per an email I received from the search committee chair for the Knox position, "This is a longstanding visiting position we've had at Knox. In that regard, yes this is renewable and we've enjoyed a few visitors staying several years. However, both AAUP guidelines and our own faculty handbook indicate that full-time faculty must be provided an opportunity for review and promotion to associate professor with tenure on the same schedule (6 years at Knox). In the past, administration has not committed to a second tenure-line. So that's a long way of saying, yes, it's absolutely renewable, but these renewals have been limited in the past. " He also sent a separate email extending the application deadline and extending the focus of their search.
  • Have known a couple of people at this position. True the admin will not commit to a second tenure line or more than one year contracts.
  • ^^^ that’s disgusting! Somebody needs to step up and speak out!
  • ^^^I agree, but that could be said of almost every position (outside of TT) on this list. It depends then on whether there are limits or you have a supportive department/admin. Neoliberal university and an over- saturated market.
  • Per an email exchange with the search committee chair for the App State position, I confirmed that the position is renewable and moved it to the renewable positions' section.
  • Position at Duke moved to term-limited, as it is a 1-year renewable with a threshold of 3 years (i.e., no more than three years)
  • Position at Princeton moved to term-limited, as it is a 1-year renewable with a stated threshold of 2 years (i.e., renewable only one additional year; term-limited contingent on enrollment and departmental need)
  • Solidarity with everybody waiting to hear back on things. This year has been brutal even with a decent number of positions available <~ sending warm thoughts & good luck your way! And, yes.
  • Hallihallo, does anyone know if the new Centre College TT listing is "aktuell." I saw via a social media post a couple of months ago they had hired a TT position, and was wondering if the listing might be an administrative thing. Danke!