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This page is dedicated to academic jobs in German. The jobs found here are added by individuals as well as drawn from sources such as the MLA job listHigher Ed Jobs, the Chronicle of Higher EducationInside Higher, and other lists and websites.

Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland U, asst. prof., 20th C, due 11/1/21, link
    • writing sample requested by email, 12/1 (x5)
    • phone interview scheduled, 12/15 (x4)
    • MLA interview scheduled, 12/20 (x3)
    • on-campus interview invitation, 1/15
    • offer extended, 3/15
    • offer accepted, 3/25
    • rejection letter received, 4/1

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Tenure Track Faculty Positions []

  1. Amherst C (MA), open rank, 19th and early 20th C., due 12/1/21, link
  2. California SU- Sacramento, asst. prof., due 12/15/21, link
  3. Iowa SU, asst. prof., 20th and 21st C., due 12/3/21, link
  4. Princeton U (NJ), asst. prof. review begins 11/5/21, link
    • Zoom Interview invitation, 12/1 (x1)
  5. Rice U (TX), asst. or assoc. prof., Black German Studies, Turkish German Studies, German Colonialism, Immigration and Multiculturalism in Germany, or Environmental Humanities, review begins 10/1/21, link
    • Zoom Interview scheduled, 11/3 (x2)
  6. Stetson U (FL), asst. prof., Film Studies, Race/migration Studies, and/or Jewish Studies preferred, review begins 12/1/21, link
  7. Tufts U (MA), asst. prof., International literary and cultural studies (one or more research areas in: Arabic, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Japanese, and Russian), due 10/18/21, link
    • Writing sample requested via email, 11/8 (x3)
  8. United States Military Academy (NY), open rank, due 10/1/21, link
  9. U of Minnesota, asst. prof., review begins 10/25/21, link
    • Zoom Interview scheduled, 11/16 (x6)
  10. U of Texas Austin, asst. prof., 20th and 21st C., due 11/8/21, link
    • Rejection letter received, 11/29 (x5)
    • Zoom Interview scheduled 11/29
  11. Valparaiso U (IN), asst. prof., open specialization with preference for pre-1900, due 11/15/21, link
  12. Wittenberg C (OH), asst. prof., review beings 12/1/21, link
  13. Yale U (CT), asst. prof. review begins 11/15/21, link

Senior Faculty Positions[]

  1. Johns Hopkins U (MD), assoc. or full prof., review begins 12/13/21, link
  2. U of Chicago (IL), full prof., pre-1900, review begins 10/1/21, link
  3. Washington U in St. Louis (MO), assoc. prof., review begins 12/1/21, link

Visiting/Non-Tenure Track/Term-Limited Faculty Positions[]

See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs

  1. Stanford U (CA), 2-3-yr. Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities, 11/1/21, link
  2. St. Anselm C (NH), asst. prof., open specialization, due 11/15/21, link
  3. U of California Los Angeles, lecturer, due 1/15/22, link
  4. Williams C (MA), 1.5-yr. visiting asst. prof., specialization open (18th C. onward), starting Spring 2022, due 10/15/21, link
    • Zoom interview invitations sent out, 10/27

Applied Linguistics/Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director Positions[]

Renewable Non-Tenure Track Lecturer/Instructor Positions[]

  1. C of Charleston (SC), instructor/lecturer, due 12/13/21, link
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, lecturer, due 9/30/21, link
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 10/20 (x3)
    • on-campus interview invitation, 11/16 (x1)
  3. Northwestern U (IL), asst. prof. of instruction, due 12/15/21, link
  4. Vanderbilt U (TN), senior lecturer, due 12/10/21, link

Part-Time/Adjunct Positions[]

  1. Middlebury C (VT), Instructor of German for 7-week summer program, due 12/3/21, link
  2. Old Dominion U (VA), Adjunct Faculty in German Studies, one or two online instructor positions for Fall 2021, due 8/19/21, link
  3. Tufts U (MA), Part-time German Language Lecturer, link

Spring 2022 Positions[]

  1. Illinois SU, 1-semester instructional asst. prof., full time NTT, open till filled, review begins Sept. link
    • Position filled, 10/18

Faculty Positions outside of Canada and the U.S.[]

  1. ShanghaiTech U (China), open rank, German lang. and lit., link
  2. Stellenbosch U (South Africa), assoc. prof. or full prof., due 9/10/21, link

Multi-Language Faculty Positions[]

Other Germanic Languages[]

Other German-Related Faculty Positions[]

  1. U of British Columbia, asst. prof. of Nordic/Scandinavian Studies, environmental humanities, due 11/1/21, link
  2. U of Colorado Boulder, Louis P. Singer endowed chair in Jewish history, modern European history, due 9/13/21, link


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