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This page is dedicated to academic jobs in German that begin in 2023. The jobs found here are added by individuals as well as drawn from sources such as the MLA job list, Higher Ed Jobs, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed,, and other lists and websites.

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Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland C, asst. prof., 20th C, due 11/12/22, link
    • writing sample requested by email, 12/5 (x5)
    • phone interview scheduled, 12/15 (x4)
    • MLA interview scheduled, 12/20 (x3)
    • on-campus interview invitation, 1/15
    • offer extended, 2/15
    • offer accepted, 3/15
    • rejection letter received, 5/15

Last year's page: German Studies 2021-2022.

See also Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Ethnic Studies, and Philosophy.

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Tenure Track Faculty Positions[]

  1. Auburn U (AL), asst. prof., open field, due 11/1/22, link
    • Invitation to zoom interview, 11/4 (x8)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 12/1 (x2)
    • Position has been filled (email notification), 2/21
  2. Bard C (NY), 2 open rank on tenure track, open field, due 11/7/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 12/19
    • Candidates have been invited for campus visits, 1/17
    • Informed by email position filled, 5/8
  3. Colgate U (NY), asst. prof., 19th/20th C, due 11/1/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 11/18 (x3)
    • Rejection email received (no interview), 12/5 (x11)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 12/16
    • Any word on whether an offer has been made?, 2/18
    • Not yet. They mentioned that we'd hear back towards the end of February. Good luck!
    • Has anyone received clear plans for a visit or been to campus?
    • Yes, I thought they scheduled all visits towards the end of January / early February.
    • Offer accepted, 2/23
  4. Cornell U (NY), asst. or early assoc. prof., 20th/21st C, due, 11/1/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 12/6 (x2)
    • Rejection after Zoom interview, 12/23
    • Rejection (no campus visit) indicating position has been filled, 3/1
  5. Creighton U (NE), asst. prof., interdisciplinary approaches, review begins immediately, link
    • received rejection notice via (snail) mail, 11/12 (x4)
    • rejection posted in portal (no email or notification), 11/8 (x2)
    • According to the portal, the job search is still open, but my application is rejected. Did anyone get an interview?
    • My recollection is the rejection letter indicated the search was complete. A reliable source told me this was a search initiated by the dean's office (i.e. they were hiring a specific person for something else, but giving them a tenure home in German, so they were required to go through the motions of a search)
  6. Duke U (NC), asst. prof., open field, due 11/1/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 12/3 (x4)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 12/19
    • Position filled, 3/13
  7. Furman U (SC), open rank, due 11/7/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 12/16 (x3)
    • 1/27 any updates?
    • Currently on campus visits
    • Position filled
  8. Grinnell C (IA), asst. prof., due 11/15/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 12/7 (x2)
    • Campus invites were sent out (info from someone who was invited)
    • Offer made
    • Offer made and accepted 3/3
    • Rejection email (no interview), position has been filled 3/10
    • Rejection email (with interview), position filled, 3/10
  9. Hunter C (NY), asst. or assoc. prof., open field, SLAT/OPI preferred, due 3/6/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 3/13 (x2)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 3/30 (x2)
    • Any updates? 5/11
    • Rejection e-mail, 5/11
    • was this a rejection after a campus visit?
    • Rejection email, position filled, 6/15
  10. Lawrence U (WI), asst. prof., due 10/31/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 11/29 (x3)
    • Rejection email received (no interview) indicating that candidates have been invited to campus, 12/20 (x6)
    • Rejection email after Zoom interview, 12/20 (x3)
    • position accepted, link
  11. Oberlin C (OH), asst. prof., due 12/20/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 1/13
    • Position filled, link
  12. The Ohio SU, asst. prof., 20th/21st C, due 11/14/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 11/28 (x6)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 12/16 (x3)
    • Rejection Email received (no interview), 12/19 (x5)
    • Rejection email after campus visit indicating that the position has been filled, 2/17 (x2)
  13. Stanford U (CA), asst. prof., open field, due 11/1/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 11/22 (x3)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 12/11
  14. U of British Columbia, asst. prof. of teaching, due 10/31/22, link
    • Request for follow-up materials, 12/2 (x7)
    • Request for follow-up materials, 12/27
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 1/10 (x4)
    • Invitation to campus interview, 1/25
    • Rejection email, no interview, 1/27
    • Rejection email after interview, 1/30 (x4)
    • curious to know: any updates?
  15. U of California, Los Angeles, asst. prof., Transcultural Black European Studies, due 12/6/22, link
    • Email received that search has been cancelled this year, 1/4 (x2)
  16. U of California, Berkeley, asst. prof., due 11/1/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 11/21 (x3)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 12/10 (x2)
    • Rejection Email, no Interview, 1/3 (x5)
    • Position filled, link
    • second position created, filled, link
  17. U of Georgia, asst. or assoc. prof., 20th/21st C, due 11/18/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 12/2 (x6)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 12/22 (x2)
    • Any update? (2/27)
    • Nothing on my end ... trying to convince myself that I'm a patient person. Best of luck to you! (2/27)
    • I ask because I beleive they have to remove the job from the website once a contract is signed but I noticed that all jobs at UGA were posted on DiversityJobs about 2 weeks ago? I don't know what to make of this...(2/28)
    • Offer was accepted today, 2/28, link
    • Aren't they required to stop advertising it on thier website or other website then? Confused.
    • Probably. But that might be something the administration has to update. You can always contact the search committee chair if you have questions.
  18. U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, asst. prof., Scandinavian and German medieval studies, due 11/1/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 12/3
    • Any updates?
    • Rejection letter stating interviewees had been selected 2/6
      • Did you have a Zoom interview or is this the first time you heard anything?
      • First time I heard anything
    • Position filled, link
  19. U of Rhode Island, asst. prof., due 11/30/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview (1st round), 12/21 (x3)
    • Are there any updates?
    • Not yet on my end. They had J-Term, but their semester started on 1/23. Not sure what's going on. Maybe it's being held up in the administration.
    • nothing here either. In my experience this much time means one is no longer being considered. You are so collegial and I wish you the best.
    • Agreed. It would be nice if they'd just let people know. They'll probably wait until someone signs the contract before they send out all the rejection emails. I hate that approach.
    • any updates?
    • Not on my end, but during my zoom interview, they said they'd be doing on-campus interviews in February. Seems like they're just going to let everyone know once the position is accepted by someone, 2/15
    • On-campus interviews took place in early February. As of the week of February 13th, candidates were informed of decision being made soon.
    • Rejection email from Human Resources on 3/17. They didn't even have the decency to send out personal emails from the Search Committee Chair. Our department did and I know others do.
    • Why do you care? At least, they don't hide their corporate mentality, even when promoting DEI.
    • I would say, at least they have the decency to send out the corpo-speak letter. Other places just ghost.
    • If I may, I'd like to bring into the conversation that many universities and larger departments will limit what can get conveyed to candidates until the very end of the search. I know it's difficult and tremendously wrenching, as well, to wait after an interview and now know. Having been a candidate who had an interview, I remember how careful the interview was planned; out of all my many interviews these past few years, it's the only department / search committee that clearly communicated to candidates exactly what the procedure was, with introductions of each member, with information beforehand in a lovely document that also had how long each question's response should be. I think this really shows something special about this place. Best wishes to all reading this, and best of luck in these precarious, difficult times.
    • I know. At least they sent a letter. And yes, I was also really impressed with the document they sent out, outlining the procedure for the Zoom interview, introducing the hiring committee, etc. That should be a model for other departments - and I've been on both sides of the table in interviews. We also had to wait until our #1 candidate signed the contract and the deal was sealed before any emails could go out. That's pretty standard. But we did send those out as soon as we could and they were sent by the Chair and the Head of the committee. That's one thing our department and university did right during our hiring process for our open position this year. Good luck everyone.
  20. U of Washington, Seattle, asst. prof., 20th/21st C, due 11/1/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 12/5 (x3)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 1/5
    • Rejection Email, position has been filled, 3/1
  21. U of Wisconsin, Madison, asst. prof., due 11/15/22, link
    • Requested writing sample, 11/23 (x12)
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 12/5 (x4)
    • Request for letters of recommendation after Zoom interview, 12/15 (x2)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 1/5
    • Offer accepted, 2/24, link
    • Have any of the other finalists received rejections? 3/4
    • nope -.-
    • Additional offer accepted, 3/17 -> Was this a search for multiple openings?
  22. Washington U in St. Louis (MO), asst. or assoc. prof., due 11/15/22, link
    • Invitation to zoom interview, 12/20 (x5)
    • Rejection via email, 1/20
    • Invitation to campus visit, 1/16
    • Rejection email received, no interview, 2/22 (x3)
    • Position has been filled, 3/10
  23. Williams C (MA), asst. prof., open field, due 12/1/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 12/24 (x3)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 2/2
    • Anyone heard?, 3/9
    • Rejection Email (no interview), position has been filled, 3/10
    • Rejection Email (with interview), position has been filled, 3/10 (x2)
  24. Wofford C (SC), asst. prof., due 11/4/22, link
    • Invitation to zoom interview, 11/12 (x3)
    • Rejection email, no Zoom interview, 12/9 (x2)
    • Rejection email, with Zoom interview, 12/9 (x1)
    • Rejection email, with Zoom Interview, 12/20 (x1)
    • Position has been filled (email notification), 12/20

Senior Faculty Positions[]

  1. Catholic U of America (DC), assoc. or full prof, chair of dept. of modern langs., 10/1/22, link
  2. Coastal Carolina U (SC), assoc. or full prof., chair of dept. of Languages and Intercultural Studies, open until filled, link
  3. James Madison U (VA), full prof, academic unit head of Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures, review begins 11/18/22, link
  4. Kennesaw SU (GA), assoc. or full prof., chair of dept. of World Languages and Cultures, due 10/14/22, link
  5. North Carolina SU, Department Head of Foreign Languages & Literatures, open until filled, link
  6. Saint Louis U (MO), Department Chair, Languages, Literatures. & Cultures, review begins 11/1/22, link

Visiting/Non-Tenure Track/Term-Limited Faculty Positions[]

See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs

  1. Albion C (MI), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., immediate consideration, open until filled, link
  2. Appalachian SU (NC), 1-yr. German lecturer, rolling deadline (originally circulated as email on 5/24), link
  3. Carleton C (MN), multiyear visiting asst. prof., begins Jan. 2024, full consideration if submitted by 3/17/23, open until filled, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 3/22
    • Invitation to Campus visit (2 candidates only), 4/1
    • It is weird! Some interviews took place on 4/2
    • "Given the current state of the job market, it is not surprising that we had an exceptionally strong pool of candidates. We have offered the position to one of those candidates, and I am writing to let you know that the search is now closed." 5/2 (x2)
  4. C of Charleston (SC), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof./instructor (4/4), review begins 5/22/23, link
  5. C of Wooster (OH), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 1/23/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 2/9
    • Invitation to campus visit
    • Position filled, link
  6. C of Saint Benedict and Saint John's U (MN), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof., review starts 3/13/23, link
    • Don't know if this was made public knowledge, but I heard the German major (along with French, Japanese, etc) was being eliminated and the program phased out. Could just be a proposal and nothing official.
    • Alumni were notified via email that on 2/24/23 the CSB and SJU Boards of Trustees approved the elimination of the German major and minor. Lower-level language sequence courses will continue to be offered. (The same goes for French Studies, Latin and Japanese majors and/or minors while Asian Studies, Chinese and Greek will be phased out entirely.).
    • That's devastating. I'm very sorry to hear confirmation. If you have any information on how we could support them (petitions/protests), please let us know!
    • Confirmed now by the sidebar on every one of their language program pages, phase out of all language majors/minors over the coming year. Language sequences continuing. Certainly seems at odds with "As perennial leaders in the number of students who study abroad, CSB and SJU provide an outstanding platform for the study of languages and cultures.
  7. Concordia C (MN), 1-yr. visiting instructor or visiting asst. prof., due 4/24/23, link
  8. Dartmouth C (NH), 2-yr. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, migration studies/Black German studies/multilingualism/postcolonial studies, due 9/19/22, link
    • rejection email, no interview, 1/31
    • Rejection received, 2/1
    • Position accepted, 2/13, link
      • Fantastic news, and so well deserved!!! Congratulations to this year's recipient and to Dartmouth!
  9. Kalamazoo C (MI), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 2/20/23, link
    • Invitation to zoom interview, 3/2 (x2)
    • Rejection email after interview, congrats to the other person, 3/20 (x2)
    • Position filled
  10. Lafayette C (PA), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/20/23, link
    • Invitation to zoom interview, 3/27
  11. Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte (Mainz Germany), 1-yr. IEG Fellowship for postdocs, (dissertation in hand required for application), due 10/15/22, link
  12. Middlebury C (VT), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 12/12/22, link
    • Invitation to zoom interview, 1/11 (x3)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 1/20
    • Position accepted, 2/3
  13. Oklahoma SU, visiting asst. prof., due 4/28/23, link
  14. Rice U (TX), 2-yr. lecturer in German Studies, review starts 3/31/23, link
  15. Rutgers U (NJ), 1-yr visiting lecturer, review starts 5/19/23, link
  16. St. Olaf C (MN), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof., review starts 4/3/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 4/5 (x3)
    • Any updates? Request for additional materials, 4/26
    • Position accepted, 5/3
  17. Swarthmore C (PA), 3-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 4/28/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 4/28 (x2)
    • Any updates?
    • Invitation to campus visit, 5/5
    • Position accepted, 5/15
  18. Temple U (PA), 1-yr. asst. prof., due 11/7/22, link
    • Invitation to Interview, 12/1
    • Invite for Second Round Zoom Talk, 12/9
    • Position accepted, 1/8
  19. Union C (NY), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 2/1/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 2/8 (x2)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 2/17
    • Informed the search has been completed, 3/27
  20. U of Arizona, 1-yr. lecturer in German, due 4/1/23, link
  21. U of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1-yr. lecturer in German, review begins 6/19/23, link
  22. U of Pittsburgh (PA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., full consideration if submitted by 5/15/23, open until filled, link
  23. U of Richmond (VA), visiting asst. prof., renewable up to two years, due 3/23/23, link
    • Rejection Email, no interview, position filled, 4/24, (x4)
    • Was it an inside candidate? Were there any interviews?
  24. U of Virginia, 3yr-NTT Assistant Prof, review begins 06/29/23, link
  25. U of Wisconsin, Madison, 1-yr. Solmsen Fellowship, pre-1700 Europe, due 10/27/22, link
  26. Wake Forest U (NC), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/27/23, link
    • Rejection email, no interview, 5/3
  27. Wellesley C (MA), 1-yr. visiting lecturer, due 3/13, link
    • The ad lists this as a 0.8 FTE position. Should it be moved to part-time?
    • The position seems to be a 2-2 and according to this chart anything above 0.5 FTE is benefits eligible, which is why I listed it here. I assume the 0.8 FTE is to justify a lower pay, but I don't know.
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 3/15
    • Rejection after Zoom interview, 4/18
  28. Wesleyan U (CT), 1-yr. teaching fellow with option of another year, due 3/15/23, link
    • Rejection email (no interview), 3/24
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 3/27
    • Any updates? I assume an offer was extended, but it would be great to know. 4/21 <~ I’m in the post-interview suspense too, and have the same idea. Congrats to the successful candidate who was offered it. Also, best of luck to all reading this.
    • Offer accepted, link
  29. William & Mary (VA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof./instructor, due 3/19/23, link
    • Position filled, link
  30. Whitman C (WA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/15/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 3/28 (x2)
    • Rejection email after Zoom interview (search has been completed), 4/21 (x2)
    • Position filled, link

Applied Linguistics/Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director Positions[]

  1. Binghamton U (NY), German Instructor (tenure-track) and Language Coordinator, 11/30/22, link
    • Letters of Recommendation requested, 12/13 (x2)
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 12/15 (x2)
    • Additional materials requested, 12/15 (x2)
    • any updates? — nothing here, solidarity and good luck! 🍀
    • Invitation to campus interview, 1/25
    • Any updates?
    • Are there any updates?
    • Offer extended, 3/16
    • Offer declined, 3/26
    • Rejection email, search closed, 4/5
    • curious to know: with or without offer accepted?
  2. U of Arizona, 1-yr. lecturer and language coordinator, 2/28/23, link
  3. U of Arkansas, teaching asst. prof., review begins 12/31/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 1/24 (x2)
    • any updates? -- none here, 2/17 (x2)
    • Invitation to campus interview, 2/23
    • Go Razorbacks! :-)
    • Offer extended, 3/17
    • Offer declined, 3/26
    • Position filled
  4. U of California, San Diego, Language Academic Coordinator/Lecturer, review begins 11/30/22, link
  5. U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, teaching asst. prof./German Language Program Director, review begins 1/15/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 1/23 (x2)
    • Invitation to campus interview, 1/30
    • Offer accepted, 3/26
  6. Wittenberg U (OH), Director of Language Learning Center and Language Instructor, 8/17/22, link
  7. Yale U (CT), Director of the Center for Language Studies, rolling deadline, started 3/15/23, link

Renewable Non-Tenure Track Lecturer/Instructor Positions[]

  1. Columbia U (NY), lecturer, due 11/15/22, link
    • Invitation to zoom interview, 12/5
    • Invitation to campus visit, 12/20
    • invitation to zoom interview, 2/14
    • campus visit, 3/6 <— did you just now have the visit? My visit was in late January already and I haven’t heard anything since! - yes, I only heard back last month; honestly I was very surprised, I assumed they had filled the position.
    • Rejection email indicating position has been filled, 3/22
  2. Emory U (GA), asst. teaching prof. in the lecturer track, due 11/15/22, link
    • Invitation to zoom interview, 12/1 (x3)
    • any updates?
    • email received that the position has been filled, 3/15 (x3), link
  3. Harvard U (MA), 1-yr.* lecturer in German Studies, due 4/15/23, link
    • renewable up to 2 additional years
  4. Northern Arizona U, asst. teaching prof., due 11/14/22, (extended to 11/30), link
    • Email to all candidates, informing them of the extended deadline, 11/21
    • E-mail (12/12) to schedule Zoom Interview for 12/13 (x2)
    • Rejection Email, no Interview, 1/3 ( x2)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 1/6
    • Offer extended and accepted, 2/16
  5. Rice U (TX), lecturer, due 9/18/22, link
    • Invitation to Interview, 10/6
    • Rejection email after Zoom interview, 11/3
  6. Smith C (MA), core lecturer, due 2/11/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 2/22
    • any updates?
    • Currently on campus visits, 3/26
    • Offer accepted, 4/18
  7. Stony Brook U (NY), lecturer, due 1/20/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 3/10
    • Rejection Email, no interview (other candidate moved forward), 4/17
  8. U of Arizona, lecturer, due 3/1/23, link
    • The linked page said job deleted 12/23 and I could not find any other posting. Search canceled?
    • Emailed the SLLC HR contact and received a response saying: "Thank you for your interest in this position. This position has been cancelled as our department no longer needs this role.
  9. U of California, Santa Barbara, 1-yr. lecturer appointment with possibility for renewal, review begins 6/6/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom interview, 6/8
  10. U of Delaware, continuing track (teaching) asst. prof., due 11/11/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 11/28 (x2)
    • email indicating the position has been filled, 3/17
  11. U of Denver (CO), teaching asst. prof., due 11/14/22, link
    • any updates?, 1/27
    • Rejection Email, no interview, 3/17
  12. U of Kansas, asst. teaching prof., due 3/13/23, link
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 3/23 (x4)
    • (hiring committee member) We have a couple more interviews early on this coming week and will then make a decision for round two/on campus, 4/2
    • (hiring committee member) We have concluded all first round Zoom interviews and selected a group of candidates for on-campus invites. Those emails will go out by Friday at the latest (there are a couple of admin things we have to do first w/HR before we contact anyone). I will make another update here once the on campus invites are sent out, 4/5
    • Invitation to campus interview, 4/5
    • Really appreciated the timeliness of the updates; definitely helps those of us not invited move on, rather than agonizing indefinitely. Best of luck!
      • You're very welcome! I'm glad the updates were helpful. I remember being a candidate and trying to look for any smoke sign that would indicate some sort of news. It was exhausting and unproductive to play detective like that on top of everything else. 4/28 👍 👍 thank you
    • (hiring committee member) All of our second round/campus visits are concluding today. We will meet on Tuesday, May 2 to discuss everything and 'rank' the candidates (never liked this term). An offer should go out next week (depending on what we may need to do with HR first). I'll be back here for another update then. 4/28
    • (hiring committee member) We had our meeting this morning and have agreed on the ranking of all 4 candidates. Our committee chair now has to go through additional admin steps before the offer goes out (they have to write a justification for our ranking, have HR put together a formal offer w/salary, moving expenses covered, etc.). We are moving as fast as we can given our dependence on other university offices, but just in case you don't hear from us within the next 2-3 days, please keep in mind that we will be in touch as soon as possible. I apologize for any potential (additional) wait. If you have any questions, please let me know. 5/2
      • Any updates yet? Is the offer still being held up by bureaucracy? (5/15)
      • Rejection received; position has been filled (5/22)
  13. U of Maryland, 2-yr. lecturer of German, 5/1/23, link (originally via email/pdf)
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 5/15 (x2)
  14. U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, teaching asst. prof. of Business German, review begins 1/15/23, link
  15. U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, teaching asst. prof., review begins 4/14/23, link
  16. U of North Georgia, lecturer in German, no deadline posted, review begins ?, link
    • Found this position on Inside Higher Ed on March 14.
    • Position filled, link
  17. Vanderbilt U (TN), senior lecturer, due 12/12/22, link
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 1/14 (x2)
    • Rejection email, no interview, 1/27
    • Informed not on short list after Zoom Interview, 1/31 (x2)
    • curious to know: any additional updates?
    • Position filled
  18. Weber SU (UT), instructor, open until filled, link
    • Invitation to Zoom Interview, 12/4 (x2)
    • any updates?, 1/27
    • Position filled

Part-Time/Adjunct Positions[]

  1. Bard C Berlin, Lehraufträge: German Language Instructors/Deutsch als Fremdsprache, link
  2. Elon U (NC), adjunct instructor, rolling deadline, link

Spring 2023 Positions[]

  1. Lehigh U (PA), 1 semester-1.5 yr. visiting asst. prof., due 10/1/22, link
    • invitation to interview, 10/7
    • second round interviews underway (learned this from someone invited to interview), 10/28 (x2)
    • offer extended (learned from the person to whom the offer was made), 11/16
    • offer accepted
  2. Princeton U (NJ), 1 semester lecturer, due 10/31/22, link
    • Position filled, 12/7
  3. Rhodes C (TN), 3.5 yr. visiting instructor/asst. prof., due 11/10/22, link
    • Any updates??
    • offer extended (learned from the person to whom the offer was made), 12/12
    • Rejection letter received via email, 12/13 (x4)
    • Position filled, 12/7
  4. Wayne SU (MI), teaching asst. prof., link

Faculty Positions outside of Canada and the U.S.[]

  1. Cambridge U (UK), Schroeder Research Associate (3yrs ), due 5/2/23, midnight (BST), link
  2. Cambridge U (UK), Assistant Prof. of German (4yrs), 20th century, due 4/27/23, midnight (BST), link
  3. Cambridge U (UK), Assistant Prof. of Medieval German Lit, (3yrs), due 4/27/23, midnight (BST), link
  4. Macquarie U (Australia), 3-yr. lecturer, due 8/7/22, link
  5. Melbourne U (Australia), lecturer on-going x 2, due 11/4/22, link
    • rejection email received, 11/14 (x5)
  6. U of Bristol (UK), Language Teacher in German, due 4/11/23, link
  7. U of Innsbruck (Austria), Full Prof. of Mediavistik, due 5/15/23, link
  8. U of St. Andrews (Scotland), 1-yr. assoc. lecturer, due 10/8/22, link

Other German-Related (Faculty) Positions[]

  1. DAAD (London, UK), Programme Officer, due 4/16/23, google doc link (originally via email)
  2. LALIA Berlin (Berlin, remote), German Program Coordinator, link
  3. Goethe Institut (DC), Language Program Officer/Project Manager. due by 2/12/23, link (no visa sponsoring)
  4. U of Massachusetts, Amherst, assoc. dir. of DEFA Film Library, link
    • Position filled, link
  5. U of Massachusetts, Boston, asst. prof. of comp. lit. and cult. studies (incl. German), due 11/15/22, link
    • Saw on the comp lit wiki page that they sent out an interview invitation, 12/14

Multi-Language Faculty Positions[]

  1. U of Idaho, 1-yr. lecturer of German and/or Spanish (4/4), rolling deadline with pref. 4/3/23, link


Change the count in the category to which you belong. This permits us to have somewhat of an overview on the nature of the market demographics in German Studies.

ABD (early):

ABD (will finish this academic year): 9

Ph.D. in hand (visiting asst. prof., lecturer/senior lecturer, post-doc, adjunct): 14

Ph.D. in hand (alt ac):

Ph.D. in hand (unemployed): 1

Assistant Professor: 3

Associate Professor: 1

Full Professor:

Search Committee Member: 1

Lurker: 2

Concerned grandmother:

Faculty "Job Coach":


  1. Any word if Berwald got let go again for sexual harassment/assault? Otherwise, that would be a metoo warning for Kennesaw.
    • As best I can tell, he isn't. At the very least, he's no longer listed among the department's faculty on their website.
    • Yeah, I could only see an (older?) blurb on his being chair. Those senior faculty who continued to hire/enable him should be ashamed. (I know they're not.)
    • His term at Kennesaw was up and he's now chair of Middle Tennessee State Univ
  2. Gosh, this might be the banner year we've been waiting on since 2018. So many jobs! Keep it coming, universe! Signed, a curmudgeonly applicant. But seriously, wow, it's simultaneously exciting and terrifying to see so many of them out here already.
    • I can't decide if this is the saddest or the funniest thing I've read today.
    • Per wiki there are more jobs than applicants, but the same 3 are probably getting invited to all the interviews. What's going to happen?
    • maybe people aren’t using the wiki? The numbers don’t make a ton of sense otherwise…
    • I heard from a friend that Duke had over 120 applications. So, I don't think the numbers on the wiki are very representative.
    • The wiki is a place to find out when one is not long-listed or short-listed for positions, since applicants are not informed of this by potential employers in a timely fashion. It’s a tough world out there - wishing you luck and sending solidarity. Take care!!
    • Just to second everyone here: most jobs these days receive 100+ applications, invite 10-20 candidates for zoom interviews and 3-4 to campus. So yes, the numbers here don't really mean anything, it's just info where they're at in the process. Because the universities will only let you know at the end of the process that you weren't the chosen one.
    • Just be patient: people post updates when they have them; it can be a frustrating waiting game.
  3. Does anyone have any explanation why Rhodes College keeps looks for VAP every year?
    • If I had to hazard a guess, either 1. it's a permanent fixed-term position like the one at Knox College or 2. there's something about the department or position that's driving Germanists away, constantly leaving them with a need to fill vacancies. Ball State had this problem until the administration decided to slowly dismantle its German program.
    • Actually, the tenure-track professor took a leave of absence in Spring 2022. They extended leave through Fall 2022 and then announced resignation.
  4. Anyone know why the Ohio State job is marked "expired" when you click the link? Is it off the market or is this an error?
    • I think the job is still open. I just changed the link to the Academic Jobs Online posting, which is where the IHE posting said to apply anyways.
    • Thank you!
  5. Warning re: Wofford. Extremely toxic department with a history of abusive behavior toward junior faculty.
    • Thank you for sharing this information! It is important to know when we make our decisions! -this year's applicant.
    • I had a campus interview there many years ago. It was weird. I guess nothing has changed.
  6. I thought Oberlin hired a tenure track German prof. a few years back . . . is this an additional tenure line?
  7. The Vanderbilt position is not the same position as advertised in 2021. This is an additional position and will be the second new hire in two years.
  8. Warning about UW-Seattle: also extremely toxic, highly incestuous department, lots of leadership problems. The new blood brought in in the last years helps, but insecure, bullying faculty who hire primarily for obeisance still hold all the reins.
    • Thank you for sharing! An older colleague told me that it was toxic about 30 years ago, but I didn't think that was still the case.
    • What do you mean by incestuous?
    • let’s just say there’s been too much romantic drama of all kinds for the program to be able to fulfill its mission. More than a few couples existing in and generated by the dept, some public and some not, additionally creates interpersonal minefields and mobbing.
    • As an alumnus of the graduate program: can confirm. This is a highly toxic, ideologically intransigent program. The faculty have contempt for their own material, contempt for their students, and above all else, contempt for each other. Knowing the current faculty, I'm fairly certain this search will end with a spousal hire. The previous comment about this program being too intellectually incestuous for its own good is an astute observation.
    • Another confirmation of this department’s toxicity and overall negligence from a former doctoral candidate. Anyone who joins this dept will have to pull the extra weight of the ever so touchy profs/advisor who simply don’t read or return work, fail to advise, or are just never around. They put ”missing stair” people in integral positions. The sadism is deep and entrenched. I often witnessed the intentional humiliation of my peers.
  9. Moved the U of Arkansas position... It is renewable but it is also a Language Coordinator position
    • Thanks for letting us know. My heart quickened tremendously when I couldn't find it during my first scroll-through. Wishing you the best, may we both get a second call back! :-0
  10. Head's up on KU position. Metoo whisper network on Greenberg in the Department.
    • Hiring committee member here (female). Thank you for posting this. It's the first time I hear of that. FWIW, Greenberg is far removed in general - mostly travels and is rarely on campus. He also has absolutely nothing to do with the hiring process or will have anything to do with what the new ATP's responsibilities will be. The German Studies cohort is the one to focus on (esp. the GS ATP/Lang. Coordinator who is already here) as well as the dept. chair. I'm also happy to answer questions here - I've been on the other side of this and want to make sure we do everything we can to make the process as comfortable as possible!
      • 03/23: (same person as above): We sent out emails for first round interviews.
  11. When can you expect to hear back after a campus visit if the committee didn't give you a specific timeline?
    • Varies widely. Could be a week, could be a month, sometimes even more. They will probably have done campus visits over 2-3 weeks, then the committee needs to meet after all the visits are over, they may need to also have a department-wide meeting after that, then they will make a hiring recommendation, which has to be approved by several instances above before they can actually make a recommendation. Depending on their institution, that could mean another 2 or 3 weeks after their last visit. So if you are the first visitor, and it is a high-bureaucracy place, you could be looking at 6 weeks. If you know any of the factors, you can possibly guess more easily (small college is probably quicker, maybe they gave you several possible dates for your visit, in which case you might be able to guess about how long the overall window is). You can always reach out to the committee chair and politely ask. -->Thank you, this is very helpful.
  12. Moved the Wesleyan and Richmond jobs to "Visiting/Non-Tenure Track/Term-Limited Faculty Positions" since both are limited to a maximum of two years.
  13. Is this Rice position new or is the one listed above the same (with a new Interfolio link)? Reads the same, I believe. Maybe it was a failed search and reposted? If somebody knows more, please update the Wiki accordingly. For this link, the beginning of the review processes has been moved to March 31st. The old position needs to be either changed (replacing the old link with the new ) or second positions needs to be opened. Thank you.
    • I believe it is a new opening - I applied to the one last fall, got a Zoom interview but was rejected after. That one was renewable, while this one seems to only be a 2-year position.
    • Thx for the info. I added the position to term-limited
  14. This was from a rejection email. "It was a very difficult decision, as we had 123 applicants." There are ~71 jobs not including the senior positions here. Big Oof to the 52+ rest of us. — I have a hunch the results are a little skewed by a few high achievers receiving multiple offers. Try not to let it get to you; it is a lottery, after all. And sending good luck and solidarity here.
  15. I know this is an odd question..but does anyone know if a department would rather hire a let's say in their opinion mediocre candidate (or not their top 3 choices) just because they need to fill a VAP or would they rather close the search and make do without a replacement? Just speculating here.
    • Most universities have strict hiring rules. You can check the provost/ academic affairs/ HR page of each university and read up on it, or talk to your advisor about this. There is lots of paperwork involved for the search committee chair or the department chair. Each candidate is ranked. Search committees have to submit a rationale for each candidate for on-campus visits. After the on-campus visit, they have to submit a ranking for the candidates and rationale for their first-choice. Usually, this paperwork goes to the dean / provost and then the EEO. I have not heard of search committees hiring the "mediocre" candidate. Sometimes they have no other choice than to close it. Nowadays, this rarely happens, because it is already quite difficult to get the search (in German) approved the first place.
    • I do not think there is any such thing as "mediocre", "best", or "worst" candidate. The criteria for these categories cannot be defined by the members of a search committee. For most openings (teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced language classes), many candidates are overqualified. Therefore, the rationale of search committees for their choices is modified at all times. The decision is made by "convenience" rather than merit. In case this convenience (whatever it is) is not to be had, the search fails.
    • It's a good question. The short answer is yes, searches can (and do) fail if a department isn't able to hire one of their top choices. There can be many reasons for this. The strict hiring rules mentioned by the poster above can be one. Another reason would be that the committee has basically exhausted their process and budget: maybe they've brought several people for an on-campus interview, and end up not being able to hire any of them; now it's a couple months after the initial interview, they don't have the funds to do another round of on-campuses, and by this time it would be quite likely that even their backup candidates (say their 5th-8th choices) have taken positions elsewhere. There's a lot that would speak against moving further down the list. And finally (and I suspect this is a main reason), small programs like German don't get to hire very often, and when they are given a hire, people tend to want to do it right: if the alternative is between hiring someone whose application or profile they weren't enthusiastic about, and failing the search in the hopes that they can run it again next year with a better result, most committees would opt for the latter. For many positions, a hire is a long-term commitment to someone; that someone needs to be able to attract students, build the program, and (if applicable) have a really good chance of getting tenure. But even for a short-term hire like a VAP, committees will tend to want to hire someone who can contribute to the program by bringing in (and helping retain) students. If a candidate's application or interview doesn't convey that impression, a committee may well fail the search rather than hire them.
  16. Don't speculate because you never know what these committees have in mind. To the number 14: what do you mean by "solidarity?" There is no genuine solidarity in the humanities. Of these 123 applicants, at least 30 (if not more) are advanced assistant professors already in TT positions (this is my guess). They think that they have suffered too much and want to make you feel the same by taking any chance you would have (what a great solidarity!). But the search committees (who think themselves of gods watching the unfolding tragicomedy from Olympus) feel the "highest pain" when they send you these automatic emails. We really do not know anything about your obscure decision process and it must be extremely "difficult" to make it appear "fair." We feel your pain!
  17. Head's up on Lalia Berlin. This position is paid well below the going rate, and they also claim materials you create in that position. Bad management practices-underpayment, planting their friends in classrooms to inform on teachers.