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**Zoom interviews scheduled, 7/1
**Zoom interviews scheduled, 7/1
*'''U of Arkansas''', 3-yr. instructor, due 5/30/24, [ link]
*'''<u>U of Arkansas</u>''', 3-yr. instructor, due 5/30/24, [ link]
**Zoom interview scheduled, 6/6
**Zoom interview scheduled, 6/6
**Rejection email after interview 7/5
**Rejection email after interview 7/5

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This page is dedicated to academic jobs in German that begin in 2024. The jobs found here are added by individuals as well as drawn from sources such as the MLA job list, Higher Ed Jobs, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed,, and other lists and websites.

6/6/24 Page for 2025 now available: German 2024-2025

Last year's page: German Studies 2022-2023.

Next year's page: German Studies 2024-2025.

Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland C, asst. prof., 20th C, due 11/12/23, link
    • writing sample requested by email, 11/15 (x5)
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/5 (x3)
    • on-campus interview invitation, 1/15
    • offer extended, 2/28
    • offer accepted, 3/15
    • rejection letter received, 5/15

See also Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Ethnic Studies, Northern European Studies & Languages and Philosophy.

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Tenure Track Faculty Positions

  1. Appalachian SU (NC), asst. prof., due 11/20/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/5 (x13)
    • On-campus interview invitation, 12/14 (x4)
    • anyone get an offer yet?
    • I guess so, according to the time frame provided to me during the visit.
    • are there any updates?
    • no word (x1)
    • Offer accepted, 4/15
    • Position reposted on The Chronicle of Higher Education. A mistake? Link
    • that is really unusual; it looks like it’s the exact same posting as earlier. Maybe contacting the search committee chair would be helpful. Good luck, everyone!
    • Rejection indicating position has been filled, 5/16 (x2)
  2. Bowdoin C (ME), asst. prof., due 12/1/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/18 (x5)
    • Any updates?
    • Rejection email, no Zoom interview, 2/22 (x5)
    • Rejection email indicating that position has been filled, 3/27 <- can you confirm the email was about the TT asst. prof job and not the VAP job they posted? <- I confirm!
  3. Dartmouth C (NH), asst. prof., environmental humanities, Black German studies, or both, due 10/31/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/7 (x2)
    • On campus Interview invitation, 1/5 (x1)
    • Offer accepted, secondhand information, 4/22
  4. Denison U (OH), asst. or assoc. prof., German and commerce, due 12/3/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 1/10 (x3)
  5. Michigan SU, asst. prof., sociolinguistics, due 11/10/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/5 (x3)
    • Rejection email, 1/22 (x2)
    • Were the rejections for people with Zoom interviews?/Did anyone get a campus invite yet?
    • I interviewed over Zoom but have not received a rejection email or a campus invite.
    • Thank you for the reply! Same here, Zoom but neither rejection nor campus invite.
    • Sure! Thank you, too. The Waiting Place is a hard place to be. :)
    • I was just interviewing for another position and they had one of the German candidates in Lansing as of 1/30. They were staying in the Marriot. <--- Thanks for letting us know, I figured it was too late! Good luck on the Japanese position!
    • For the week of 3/3/24, the search is still not completed, which means communication with candidates remains quite limited. Thought those of you waiting alongside me might want to know. Good luck everyone and best wishes to you all.
    • rejection email received from HR department (post-interview), 3/28 (x1)
    • email received from search committee chair in addition to previously listed correspondence (post-interview), 3/28 (x1)
  6. Oklahoma SU, asst. prof., due 11/26/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/17
    • On-campus interview invitation, 1/18 (x1)
    • Rejection email indicating position has been filled, 4/2
    • Rejection email indicating position has been filled (no interview), 4/16 (x3)
  7. Pennsylvania SU, asst. or assoc. prof., German linguistics/applied linguistics, due 11/1/23, link
    • Letters of recommendation requested, 11/2 (x3)
    • Zoom interview requested, 11/17 (x1)
    • Rejection email, 12/4 (x5)
    • Campus Visits concluded, 2/1
    • Has anyone received an offer?
    • Offer extended and accepted, 2/15
  8. U of California, Los Angeles, open rank, Black European studies, due 11/15/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/4 (x1)
  9. U of California, Los Angeles, open rank, European langs. and transcultural studies 1000-1700, due 11/15/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/15
    • On-campus interview invitation, 1/26
  10. U of Pittsburgh (PA), asst. prof., diversity studies, due 11/5/23, link
    • Letters requested from listed recommenders, 11/16 (x3)
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/6 (x2)
    • Have people long been invited for campus invites already?
    • Checked application portal - "Candidate no longer under consideration", 2/23
    • Offer accepted, 4/5

Senior Faculty Positions

  1. Clark U (MA), assoc. prof. or full prof., French/German/or Spanish, Henry J. Leir Endowed Chair in Languages and Cultures, due 11/3/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/8 (x1)
    • References requested, 12/12 (x1)
    • On campus interview invitation, 12/20 (x1)
  2. James Madison U (VA), assoc. or full prof. and chair, foreign languages and cultures, due 11/17/23, link
  3. Ohio SU, advanced assoc. or full prof., Ohio Eminent Scholar in German, review begins 12/10/23, link
    • On campus interview invitation, 1/16 (x1)
  4. Samford U (AL), prof. and chair, World Languages and Cultures, due 10/16/23, link
  5. U of Alabama, assoc. prof., applied linguistics, due 10/1/23, link
  6. U of Texas, Austin, advanced assoc. or full prof., Texas chair in German studies, review begins 12/1/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/8 (x1)
    • On campus interview invitation, 1/20 (x3)

Visiting/Non-Tenure Track/Term-Limited Faculty Positions

See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs

  1. Allegheny C (PA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 2/1/24, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 2/12 (x3)
  2. Boston C (MA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/15/24, link
    • I'm curious to know if there are any updates yet (x2)
    • Rejection email indicating position has been filled, 4/24 (x2)
  3. Bowdoin C (ME), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 2/12/24, link
    • Rejection email indicating position has been filled, 3/28 (x2)
  4. C of Charleston (SC), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 2/26/24, link
    • Rejection email indicating search has concluded, 5/10
  5. Cornell U (NY), postdoctoral fellow, early modern and/or 20th and 21st C, due 1/15/24, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 1/31 (x3)
    • Rejection email, 3/1
  6. Dickinson C (PA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 4/12/24 link
    • Position filled, 5/24
  7. East Carolina U (NC), instructor, asst., or assoc. professor (3 semester fixed-term appt.), due 10/22/23, link
  8. Grinnell C (IA), 1-yr. instructor, asst. prof., or assoc. prof., post-18th C, German-Jewish studies, Black German studies, Turkish-German studies, Gender and Sexuality, and Film and Media studies, post-colonial studies, due 3/1/24, link
    • Rejection email indication position has been filled, 5/24
  9. Hamilton C (NY), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 4/8/24, link
    • Offer accepted, 5/10
  10. Ohio SU, post-doctoral scholar, Germanic studies and environmental humanities, due 11/15/23, link
    • Rejection email, 12/12 (x4)
  11. Reed C (OR), 1-yr. visiting position, lit/media/film/other, due 1/15/24, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 2/8
    • On-campus interview requests sent, 2/21
    • Rejection email indicating position has been filled, 4/2 (x2)
  12. U of Alabama, postdoctoral fellow, review begins 12/1/23, link
  13. U of Minnesota, Twin Cities, postdoctoral fellow, race, migration, and minority cultures, due 11/30/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/21 (x3)
    • Rejection email, 3/1 (x3)
  14. U of Pittsburgh (PA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 5/1/24, post-1832, link
  15. U of Rochester (NY), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 10/30/23, link
    • Request for additional materials, 12/15 (x1)
    • Rejection email indicating position has been filled, 3/28 (x1)
  16. U of South Florida, visiting asst. instructor/visiting asst. professor of instruction, closes 5/7/24, link
  17. U of Utah, 2-yr. postdoctoral fellow, due 3/1/24, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 3/16 (x3)
    • Offer accepted, 4/15
      • Heartfelt congratulations to you and to the search committee!
      • Thank you very much!
      • You are most welcome! I look forward to reading your work and citing it in the future :)
    • Rejection email received from search committee chair (post-interview), 4/16 (x1)
  18. Wabash C (IN), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/1/24, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 3/13 (x3)
    • Invitation to campus visit, 3/22 (x1)
    • Verbal offer extended and accepted, 4/2
    • make sure to get it in writing!!
  19. Wake Forest U (NC), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/29/24, link
    • interview request, 4/19 (x1)
    • rejection email received, no interview, 5/12
    • offer accepted, 5/9
  20. Washington C (MD), 1-semester (fall 2024) visiting asst. prof., review begins 5/8/24, link

Applied Linguistics/Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director Positions

  1. Binghamton U (NY), asst. prof. and head of German lang. instruction, due 11/10/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 11/17 (x3)
    • Any updates?
    • None so far, 1/23
    • Campus visits scheduled
    • They seemed so nice, would have expected a bit more than being ghosted for so long tbh.
    • Public university. They often do not / cannot send out rejections until the search is concluded.
    • In general I think it would simply be appropriate to communicate a rejection instead of leaving applicants hanging in the air for so long. After all, it's the applicant's future that's at stake here and, in my opinion, not letting them know is both rude and inappropriate.
    • Friends, this is why the wiki exists. Search committees aren't being mean or "rude" when they don't notify you immediately. They are adhering to written-in-stone HR policies and procedures that they are obligated to follow (even if they have personal qualms about them, as most faculty do). But they could lose the line if they violate those policies! (And for the record, these HR policies about keeping folks under consideration exist for a reason; every once in a blue moon, multiple finalists accept other offers before the search concludes, or they just aren't a good fit for the institution. In these situations, the SC might go back to the long list and invite additional candidates to campus visits. This is why HR mandates no updates be given until the search is complete.) Please don't take it personally--or rather, try to take heart in the collective project that of the wiki, which tries to increase transparency and reduce heartache in a way that institutions/search committees are simply unable to do.
    • Rejection email indicating an offer has been accepted, 2/26 (x2)
    • thank you for letting us know; was not long listed so didn’t receive any notification just yet. Congratulations to the recipient!
  2. Columbia U (NY), lecturer, due 11/1/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 11/17 (x1)
    • Any updates?
    • Friend of mine has a campus visit scheduled, 1/26
    • Offer accepted
  3. Johns Hopkins U (MD), lang. prog. dir., due 1/15/24, link
    • Zoom Interview, 2/23 (x2)
    • Campus visit scheduled
      • Best of luck with the process, and congratulations on the campus visit! Please let us know if/when there are any updates.
      • Are there any updates?
      • are there any developments here? Would still be very interested and still looking (post-interview)
  4. Ohio SU, lecturer, assistant to lang. prog. dir. due 12/15/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 1/9 (x3)
    • Invitation to second round interview, 2/6 (x2)
    • Offer accepted, secondhand information, 3/8
    • what does secondhand information mean exactly?
    • I didn't post that, but in my case "secondhand information" is that it's someone in my program and one of our professors spilled the beans. But I also received a rejection email indicating that an offer had been extended. <-- same, re: this position

Renewable Non-Tenure Track Lecturer/Instructor Positions

  • Bryn Mawr C/Haverford C (PA), lecturer, due 12/4/23, link
    • Zoom interview requested, 12/15 (x2)
    • Campus interview requested, 2/2
    • Rejection received after campus interview, 3/7
    • Rejection indicating position has been filled, no interview, 3/7 (x4)
  • Clemson U (SC), lecturer of technical German, due 11/1/23, link
  • Princeton U (NJ), lecturer, due 4/25/24 link
    • Zoom interview requested 4/28
    • offer accepted, 5/13
  • Texas SU, lecturer, promotion eligible to faculty of instruction line, open until filled, link
    • Zoom interviews scheduled, 7/1
  • U of Arkansas, 3-yr. instructor, due 5/30/24, link
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 6/6
    • Rejection email after interview 7/5
  • U of Delaware, asst. or assoc. prof. (continuing track), language and game studies, due 12/14/23, link
  • U of Denver (CO), 3-yr. teaching asst. prof., due 10/1/23, link
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 10/10 (x3)
    • On-campus interview invitation, 10/23 (x1)
  • U of Florida, lecturer or asst. instr. prof, due 11/3/23, link
    • Letters of recommendation requested, 11/28 (x2)
    • Zoom interview requested, 1/3 (x2)
    • On-campus interview invitation, 1/26 (x1)
    • Good luck on whoever gets the job lol. This was one of the most unprofessional interviews I have ever attended.
    • Please tell us more! What happened?
    • Request for additional information, 3/1 (x2)
    • Was the request for additional information from people who had already had a campus visit?
    • For me, at least, yes. (x2)
    • Does anyone know if an offer has already been made?, 3/19
    • Rejection email indicating an offer has been accepted, 3/25
  • U of Nebraska, Lincoln, 3-yr. renewable asst. prof. of practice, due 11/2/23, link
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 11/22 (x3)
    • On-campus interview invitation, 12/21 (x2)
    • On-campus interviews concluded, 2/6
    • Is the position filled??
    • Rejection email indicating an offer has been extended, 2/20 (x5)
  • Washington SU, 2-yr. renewable asst. instructional prof., due 3/31/24, link
    • Request for interview received, 4/12 (x2)

Part-Time/Adjunct Positions

  1. C of the Holy Cross (MA), part-time visiting instructor, link
  2. Elon U (NC), part-time visiting instructor, link
  3. U of Delaware, part-time visiting instructor, link

Spring 2024 Positions

  1. Colby C (ME), 2.5-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 11/3/23, link
    • Rejection received, 1/8 (x1)
  2. Howard U (DC), lecturer, due immediately, link

Faculty Positions outside of Canada and the U.S.

  1. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (Germany), prof., medieval German lit., due 1/19/24, link
  2. Kanazawa U (Japan), assoc. prof or lecturer, due 4/12/24, link
  3. Nanyang Technological U (Singapore), lecturer, due 9/17/23, link
  4. National Taiwan U, asst. prof., tenure track, due 8/23/23, link
  5. Trinity C Dublin (Ireland), 2-yr. asst. prof. in German lit. and culture, due 5/10/24, link
    • rejection letter received, 5/22
  6. U of Antwerp (Belgium), junior or senior prof., German lit. and culture. due 2/26/24, link
  7. U of Turku (Finland). university teacher of German. due 3/14/24, link
  8. U of Warsaw (Poland). asst. prof., German Studies, due 3/23/24, link
  9. U of Zagreb (Croatia), asst. prof., German studies, due 2/1/24, link

Other German-Related (Faculty) Positions

  1. Ohio SU, lecturer, Yiddish, review begins 4/5/24, link

Multi-Language Faculty Positions

  1. U of Virginia, Wise, asst. prof., French and German, due 05/01, link
    • Campus interview scheduled (x1)
    • Just saw this show up in highered, again. Any news on why?
    • This looks very strange. I had a campus visit with them. I got a rejection email from the chair of the Search Committee on 03/21/24. Don't know if the search failed. —> French had a campus visit, too, but received a rejection on the same day (3/21). Referees report the search committee never tried to contact them.
    • I guess they are focusing solely on German this time around.
  2. U of West Georgia, asst. prof., French and/or German, due 11/17/23, link
    • Zoom interview scheduled, 12/5 (x2)
    • Has anyone heard from West Georgia?
      • From the other person who did a Zoom interview (presumably): Nope. I assumed it's a no at this point as they had said they anticipated their campus visits to take place end of January/early February.
      • Rejection email indicating that position has been filled, 3/27


Change the count in the category to which you belong. This permits us to have somewhat of an overview on the nature of the market demographics in German Studies.

ABD (early): 1

ABD (will finish this academic year): 17

Ph.D. in hand (visiting asst. prof., lecturer/senior lecturer, post-doc, adjunct): 11

Ph.D. in hand (alt ac): 2

Ph.D. in hand (unemployed): 3

Assistant Professor: 4

Associate Professor:

Full Professor:

Search Committee Member: 1

Lurker: 2

Concerned grandmother/grandfather/gender non-binary elder: 1

Faculty "Job Coach": 1


  • The Texas State position just looks like an ad for a hiring pool to me. Unless there's some indication that they are specifically looking to hire someone in German from that pool for the coming academic year, I'm not sure it really makes sense to include hiring pools on this wiki. Many universities have them and they don't normally get posted here, which makes sense since they don't normally result in a hire.
    • Search committee member here! We have updated the posting. Due to the short notice, we originally had the general "pool" posting up while we waited for the more accurate posting to be approved (applications submitted under the "pool" link will still be considered, of course). The link should now take you to the Lecturer in German posting. The position will start in Fall 2024.
    • thank you, search committee member! That is very good to know! Best wishes & good luck with the search.
    • Thank you! To all interested and eligible candidates: please apply!
    • Search committee chair here! We will start scheduling interviews on July 10th! Please apply before then if you are interested in the position. Thank you!
    • Many thanks for letting us know! Having a date in mind is always helpful.
  • Does anyone know if Rochester started interviewing?
  • Anyone have updates/news re: the Dartmouth job? Seems like an oddly long time for no movement on first-round interviews...
    • Just got the invite today, which did feel a bit late. Especially considering that a job I applied for with a deadline two weeks later let me know a few days ago.
  • The position at the University of Pittsburgh is no longer available when you click the link. This is the message I get "Sorry, that job is no longer available. Here are some results that may be similar to the job you were looking for." I know the deadline was November 5. Did something happen?
    • I think that was a link to a third-party site. I just changed the link to the posting on Pitt's HR website.
  • About the Denver position: Did the invites to the on-campus interview next week go out right after your zoom interview or did they send out invites this week?
    • I didn't get an invitation, but a friend got hers this week Monday (for a visit next Tuesday, 10/31).
    • DId she get the job? It would be nice to hear back from Denver, even if they decided not to chose you.
    • She did not, and apparently they never even contacted her again after the on-campus visit and a follow-up zoom call, so who knows what's going on there. It's not like it takes a lot of time and effort to send our a rejection e-mail.
  • Hello -- I am adding Scandinavian positions as there is no page for them elsewhere and many Germanic Studies PhDs have expertise in other Germanic languages
  • Please don't.
  • Dear Search Committee, I am writing to you before you come up with your job ad. If you want to hire a person of color, state it out in your ad and not when you bring a person of color to campus, you, a white search committee member, will then racial profile the candidate of color and start telling them that you would like them to mentor your students of color, that you are happy to hire a person of color. I do not have a problem being hired because I am a person of color, but please state it in your job ad so that people like me will know and accept what we are signing up for. By the way, you ended up hiring a White person.
    1. That sounds like a terrible on-campus experience, I'm sorry to hear it! But there are often legal reasons and other considerations why job ads can't or don't state outright that they're looking to hire a person of color. It's also important to remember that search committees aren't univocal—sometimes they're composed of people who can't stand each other! Maybe hiring a person of color was a priority for the person you talked to, but not to others, or not to the committee chair. It's often hard to know the dynamics at work until you're in a department. Finally (and sorry if this is already something you know) it's worth remembering that posts to the wiki are seldom 100% anonymous. It's really easy to look up your location from your IP address (which is associated with your post in the site history, which anyone can access). I've looked up your IP address and know what town you're in (unless you've taken precautions to not post from your actual IP address). Anyone looking to shitpost about the field on this wiki should have the good sense to use a VPN or TOR or something like that—this is especially true for grad students and others in precarious positions.
    2. In defense of the original poster, the description of the situation is not so much a sh*tpost as completely accurate. :)
    3. To #1 -- I'm sorry you had that experience. That just stinks. I agree with the other "#1" -- job committees are rarely unified about anything. A job ad is a political document that is equal parts what the dean's office wants + what specific faculty members *think* they want and were able to convince the committee to put in the ad + what the faculty members collectively think the dean's office wants. I nonetheless think it is a valid concern to voice and hope someone takes the message to heart.

      To all those reading who might already know this but need a reminder: you will probably not get a tenured position this year. Or next year. If you do get an academic job, it will probably be precarious employment for a limited period of time. It's okay. You are more valuable than what certain people in the academy believe your success or failure on the academic job market indicates. Success on the academic job market does not mean you are more valuable or even more intelligent. Your supervisor probably lacks the perspective to tell you this, but then again, having that perspective might require them to come to terms with the fact that were they to also go on the job market today, they would almost certainly also not find an academic job. It's okay. Life paths are always a mixture of luck, happenstance, and effort. It was true for previous generations; it is true for you. You can come out the other side of this and find meaningful employment -- just probably not as a tenured professor. It may not look like you expect, but you can do it. You are strong. You are resilient. And you are adaptive. How do I know this? You wrote a f***ing dissertation. And you have everything you need to write your next life chapter. Good luck! - A concerned grandfather who, if he set his VPN correctly, is currently in Cyprus.

    4. Thank you concerned Grandfather. I guess it's time to look for another career that would give someone as least stability. It does not worth it any more struggling to get a job where there are only 10 permanent jobs in the whole country.

  • I am a tenured faculty member going into retirement. Why do you think that being tenure-track in this day and age is "meaningful employment?" Just to be able to teach well and do decent research I had to put up with so much shit over the years that I seriously doubt that it is worth it.
    1. "Meaningful employment"? I'm just looking for basic job security.
  • At what point are we allow to start panicking about the complete lack of TT German jobs? I mean, where are they?
    1. Glass half empty: this time last year there were ten. Glass half full: most (slightly) hadn't been posted yet.
    2. About a week ago, I gathered data from wikis of years past. Results:
        • 22–3 7 (02.09.) 29.1% // 13 (15.09.) 54.16% // 24
        • 21–2 5 (06.09.) 33% // 6 (15.09.) 40% // 15
        • 20–1 0 (15.09.) 0% // 1 (15.09.) 11.1% // 9
        • 19–20 9 (06.09.) 45% // 12 (14.09.) 60% // 20
        • 18–9 8 (06.09.) 30.8% // 14 (15.09.) 53.8% // 26
        • 17–8 8 (06.09.) 33.3% // 9 (15.09.) 37.5% // 24
        • 16–7 4 (06.09.) 23.5% // 6 (15.09.) 35.3% // 17
        • 15–6 7 (06.09.) 25.9% // 10 (15.09.) 37% // 27
        • 14–5 8 (06.09.) 26.7% // 11 (15.09.) 36.7% // 30
      • My analysis: the glass is not even close to being half full. Start looking for other employment. [Apologies for the wretched formatting; I welcome someone who knows how to structure this better]
    3. Look no further - Adjunct Nate Silber has gathered all data regarding the train wreck that is the German Studies job market up to 2019 here:
    4. The most astonishing thing about Nate's blog is the data it supplies about hiring practices. It turns out that German departments don't actually hire their own grad students and instead mostly hire from Germany and comparative literature. US doctoral candidates in German studies should be aware, therefore, that their field does not plan to hire them. And degree-granting institutions should perhaps be reminded that this behaviour is not only unethical but deeply self destructive.
      1. Jein, TT at this point means usually (in a few rare cases, not) you have an Ivy PhD (which usually means your family had the money for an undergrad degree at an Ivy):
    5. "start looking for other employment" resonates very strongly with me. It is sad, but I cannot let my future depend on 6 TT jobs at this point.
    6. Is the Appalachian position actually TT? The job listing says otherwise:
      • No inside info here, but I believe that may be the job posted on last year's wiki, and that maybe they extended the deadline. Down below it says the position was posted 5/24/2023 and initial review begins 6/07/2023. So fingers crossed a TT ad is forthcoming.
      • Just posted a link to the job announcement and added due date.
    7. If you are one of the people who did not get a job this year, please do not feel bad about yourself. Looking back over the number of jobs which have been available for at least the past 8 years, this is absolutely the worst year for the German job market. In previous years, there have been as many as 3 times more jobs available. So please don't feel like it's you, because it's not. There are simply more people looking for jobs than there are positions available, and as far as staring into the great beyond, many of us are in the same boat. Your German language skills still make you very marketable. That doesn't mean go teach. Go into industry and earn a decent salary. Your retirement fund will thank you later.