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This page is dedicated to academic jobs in German. The jobs found here are added by individuals as well as drawn from sources such as the MLA job list, Higher Ed Jobs, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher, and other lists and websites.

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Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

Highlight new offers for the first week:

First week: Midwest Dreamland U, 16/17th c., due 11/1/08

Following weeks:  Midwest Dreamland U , 16/17th c., due 11/1/08

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland U16/17th c., due 11/1/08
    • writing sample requested by e-mail 12/1
    • phone interview scheduled 12/15
    • MLA interview scheduled 12/20
    • on-campus interview invitation 1/15
    • offer extended 3/15
    • offer accepted 3/25
    • rejection letter received 4/1

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Tenure Track Literature/Culture/Film Faculty Positions[]

  1. Ball State U (IN),  asst. prof., generalist, open until filled, link
    • Phone interview scheduled 4/15
    • On-campus interview scheduled 4/21
    • Offer extended and accepted
  2. Boston C (MA), asst. prof., due 11/15/14, link
    • Invited for MLA interview via email, 12/17 (2x)
    • Invited to on-campus interview 1/25 & 1/26
    • received rejection email, position has been offered to someone else 3/10 (link)
  3. California Polytechnic SU, San Luis Obispo, asst. prof., due 12/15/14, link
    • Telephone interview scheduled via phone, 3/20, 3/25 (2x)
    • On campus interviews scheduled via phone, 4/20 (x3)
    • Offer has been accepted; rejection received by email, 6/12
  4. Fullerton C (CA), tenure-track instructor, due 3/11/15, link
    • Rejection received by e-mail (4/15)
  5. Indiana SU, asst. prof. of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics (German), no details given, link
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, asst. prof., specialization in contemp. German studies with direct relevance to cultural anthropology, media and arts, digital humanities, urban/youth/popular cultures, ethnicity/diaspora, or German history/literature/cultural studies, due 10/1/14, link
    • Invited for Skype interview, 10/22 (5x)
    • Invited for on-campus interview, 11/7 (3x)
    • e-mail sent to preliminary candidates (skype interview) saying that they weren't selected for the position (1/26)
  7. Michigan SU, asst. prof. of German studies and global studies, due 11/30/14, link
    • Invited for online interview, 12/19 (4x)
    • Campus interview scheduled
    • offer made and accepted
  8. Michigan SU, open rank, German literature and culture, due 11/30/14, link
    • Invited for online interview, 12/9 (2x)
    • Offer extended and accepted 
  9. Palomar C (CA), asst. prof., due 1/9/15, link
    • Request to flll out an equivalency form because they will only accept the name 'German' for a degree title
    • Rejection received by e-mail stating that other candidates are being interviewed (5/12)
  10. Portland SU (OR), asst. prof., due 12/15/14, link
    • Invited for Skype interview, 1/10 (3x)
    • Campus visits scheduled (3x)
    • Offer extended and accepted (link)
  11. St. Olaf C (MN), asst. or assoc. prof., review begins 10/1/14, link
    • MLA interview scheduled (4x)
    • Rejection received by email, 1/3
    • Request to contact references (1/20)
    • Campus visits scheduled (3x)
    • Offer extended and accepted (link)
  12. Texas Christian U, asst. prof, 1750-present, due 11/21/14, link
    • Request for writing sample, 3 letters of recommendation, and teaching evaluations (11/18 x2), (12/5 x5)
    • Invited for MLA interview (12/22 x 2)
    • Invited for campus interview (1/26)
    • Offer extended and accepted (link)
  13. Truman SU (MO), asst. prof., review begins 3/16/15, link
    • Offer extended and accepted (5/8)
  14. U of Alabama, asst. prof., area of expertise open, review begins 11/1/14, open until filled, link
    • Invited for Skype interview (1/7)
    • Campus interview scheduled (x2)
    • Rejection letter received: Position has been filled (4/20); rejection letter and e-mail received stating another candidate has accepted the position (4/21)
  15. U of Arkansas, asst. prof., 1700-present, due 12/15/14,link
    • Invited for Skype interview (1/15 x5)
    • Invited for campus interview (2/3 x3)
    • Email: position filled (3/13)
  16. U of California, Berkeley, asst. prof., 1750 to the present, due 11/3/14, link
    • Invited for MLA interview, 11/28 (4x)
    • campus visits have been scheduled (Events )
    • Rejection received by email 2/24
    • Offer extended and accepted (link)
  17. U of Colorado, Boulder, asst. prof., any research specialty post-1750 (Romanticism, gender studies, queer theory, psychoanalysis especially desirable), review begins 10/1/14, open until filled, link
    • Request for writing sample, letters of recommendation, and skype/phone interview 10/9
    • On-campus interview invitation 10/24
    • Offer extended 11/14
    • Offer accepted
  18. U of Mary Washington (VA), asst prof., preference for Holocaust Studies, Memorial Studies, and experience conducting short-term study abroad, due 12/1/14, link
    • Invited for phone interview 1/13 (x4)
    • Invited for campus interview 1/26
    • Rejection received by email stating position has been filled 3/9
  19. U of Massachusetts, Amherst, asst. prof., specialization open, preference for lit./cult. theory, gender studies/queer theory, Enlightenment/Romanticism, drama/performance studies, due 12/1/14, link
    • Invitation to MLA interview 12/13 (x2)
    • Invited for campus interview 1/29
    • Position has been filled, rejection received 4/3
  20. U of Massachusetts, Boston, asst. prof., German studies and film, due 12/15/14, link
    • Request for letters of recommendation 12/31
    • Invited for Skype interview 1/8/15 (x3)
    • campus visits scheduled
    • Offer extended
    • Offer accepted
  21. U of Michigan, asst. prof., esp. interdisciplinary research foci such as migration/diaspora studies, ethnic/minority studies, or transnational/comparative studies, due 10/15/14, link
    • Invited for MLA interview 12/15 (x3)
    • Invited for campus interview
    • Offer made (link )
  22. U of New Hampshire, asst. prof., research area open, preference for interdisciplinary fields and/or comparativist research in the 20th and 21st C, due 12/15/14, link
    • asked for recommendation letters 12/18
    • Invited for Skype interview 12/22 (x5)
    • campus visits scheduled
    • received email stating that the position has been filled 2/24/15
  23. U of North Carolina, Asheville, asst. prof., 20th or 21st C German lit. and culture, due 10/13/14, link
    • Invited for MLA interview 12/5 (4x)
    • Invited to campus (1/22)
    • Received email stating that position has been filled (2/19)
  24. U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, asst. prof., medieval German studies, due 11/7/14, link
    • MLA interviews scheduled (reliable second-hand)
    • campus visit scheduled (reliable second-hand)
    • offer made and accepted (reliable second-hand)
  25. U of Pennsylvania, asst. prof., 20th and 21st C, modernism through the present, due 11/10/14, link
    • Request for letters of recommendation 11/21 (6x) and 11/24
    • Request for writing sample 12/4 (x3)
    • Invited for MLA interview 12/10 (3x)
    • Invited for on-campus interview 1/13
    • rejection email 4/10
    • offer made and accepted (reliable second-hand, 4/9) (link )
  26. U of Southern Indiana, asst. prof., review begins immediately, continues until filled, link
    • Invited for Skype interview, 12/11
    • HR website states: "Position Filled", 05/12
  27. U of Washington, asst. prof., late 18th, 19th, or early 20th C German lit. and culture, due 10/31/14, link
    • MLA interview invitation by phone, 12/15
    • Invited for campus visit (Events
    • offer extended and accepted (link )
    • rejection email stating job has been filled 
  28. U of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, asst. prof., screening begins 2/3/15, link
    • If applying, please do a search of UW budget cuts Gov. Walker has proposed (2/6)
    • email notification that the search has been cancelled due to budget cuts, 3/10/15
  29. Wayne SU (MI), asst. or assoc. prof., contemporary German cultural studies, link
    • Invited for Skype interview, 11/24 (3x)
    • Campus interviews have been extended
    • offer accepted (link )
  30. Williams C (MA), asst. prof., specialization from 18th C to present, interdisciplinary and/or comparative focus strongly preferred, due 12/1/14, link
    • Invited for MLA interview, 12/18 (x2) and 12/19
    • Invited for campus visit, 1/10
    • Received rejection by e-mail stating position has been filled, 2/19

Senior Faculty Positions[]

  1. Duke U (NC), two full-time, tenured faculty positions at rank of assoc. prof., specialization open but applicants specializing in Enlightenment & Goethezeit; 19th C; German-Jewish Studies; lit. & intellectual history welcomed, due 12/5/14 for full consideration, link
    • Campus visits scheduled (link)
  2. Michigan SU, chair of the Dept. of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Langs., review begins 10/10/14, link
  3. U of Missouri, St. Louis, prof. and dept. chair, Dept. of Anthropology, Sociology, and Languages, review begins 11/1/14

Visiting/Lecturer/non-Tenure Track Positions[]

See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2014-15

  1. Amherst C (MA), full-time lecturer in German language and culture, multi-year renewal contingent upon 3rd-yr. review, review begins 12/1/14, continues until filled, apply by 12/10/2014 for full consideration, link
    • Invited for Skype interview (12/12)
    • Invited for 2nd interview at MLA (12/18)
    • Campus interview scheduled (x3)
    • Rejection received by email stating another applicant has accepted the offer (3/30)
  2. Antelope Valley C (CA), adjunct, due 12/8/2014, link
  3. Auburn U (AL), lecturer, review begins 5/31/15, link
    • Phone interviews have been held (2nd hand)
  4. Baylor U (TX), regular lecturer, due 10/15/14, link
    • Skype interview requested (11/5)
    • Campus interview scheduled (1/12)
    • (Very kindly worded) rejection received by e-mail (not a finalist) (3/16)
  5. Boston U (MA), lecturer, due 11/14/14, link
    • Skype Interview requested (12/15)
    • Invited for campus interview (1/14) (x2)
    • Received rejection saying offer has been extended to and accepted by another candidate (2/18)
  6. Carleton C (MN), 1-yr. asst. prof. or instructor, open until filled, link
    • Skype Interview scheduled (1/31)
    • Offer extended and accepted
  7. Catholic U of America (DC), asst. prof., area of expertise open, focus in cross-cultural or multicultural studies desirable, review begins 12/1/14, closes 12/10/14, link
    • Request for writing samples, course evaluations, and sample syllabi 12/7 (9x)
    • Invited for Skype interview, 12/12 (3x)
    • Contacted for on-campus interview
    • tenure-track converted to visiting asst. prof. position
    • offer made, 3/19
    • offer accepted 3/31, link
  8. Centre C (KY), 2-yr. asst. prof., a period prior to 1900, due 1/26/15, link
    • Search has been cancelled, notification by email, 11/18
  9. Christopher Newport U (VA), lecturer, 20th C German lit. and culture, review begins 3/16/15, link
    • Campus visit scheduled, 4/9
  10. Coastal Carolina U (SC), lecturer, intercultural communication, due 3/15/15, link
    • Contacted for phone interview 4/3
    • Follow-up Skype interview scheduled 4/9
    • Contacted for official letters of recommendation 5/12
  11. Colby C (ME), 1-yr. faculty fellow (sabbatical replacement), due 1/30/15, link
    • Contacted via email for Skype interviews (6x) 2/13
  12. C of Charleston, full-time adjunct instructor, due 6/24/15
  13. C of the Holy Cross (MA), visiting asst. prof., post-1750 and/or film, review begins immediately, link
    • Contacted via email for Skype interview 4/2
    • Contacted to schedule campus visit 4/21
    • Offer made and accepted (5/4)
  14. C of William and Mary (VA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 5/8/15, link
    • Skype interview scheduled (5/14)
    • Offer extended and accepted (reliable second-hand)
  15. C of Wooster (OH), 1-yr. leave replacement, due 2/20/15, link
    • Rejection received by email; position has been filled 4/21
  16. Concordia U (Quebec), limited-term appointment, German language and culture, due 3/1/15 link
  17. Cornell C (IA), 2-yr. visiting, asst. prof., generalist, review begins 4/22/15, link
    • Rejection email received; position has been filled 5/22
  18. Cornell U (NY), visiting asst. prof., specialization open but film and/or media preferred, due 12/15/14, link
    • Contacted for skype interview 3/24
    • Rejection received, position has been filled 4/17 ( link)
  19. Cornell U (NY), visiting lecturer, coordination experience preferred, due 12/15/14, link
    • Contacted via email for Skype interview 2/24
    • Offer made 3/27
    • Offer accepted 4/3 (link)
  20. Elon U (NC), 1-yr. full-time visiting position, available immediately, open until filled; last-minute replacement hire (resignation), contact swindham[at]; tenure-track search to be conducted in 2015-16
  21. Ferris SU, full-time temporary faculty, due 6/19/2015, link
    • Phone interview requested 6/25
  22. Franklin & Marshall C (PA), visiting asst. prof. or instructor, due 12/15/14, link
    • MLA interview scheduled (12/18) (2x)
    • Campus interview scheduled
    • Offer extended and accepted
  23. Hamline U (MN), 1-yr. lecturer in German, due 1/31/15, link
    • Telephone interview scheduled (2/12)
    • Position has been filled (reliable second hand)
  24. Harvard U (MA), 1 - 2 yr. College Fellow in German, due 4/3/15, link
    • Offer extended (4/24)
    • Rejection received via email (5/15)
  25. Hobart and William Smith C (NY), visiting instructor, due 3/1/15, link
  26. James Madison U, 1-year renewable German instructor, open until filled, link
  27. Kenyon C (OH), 1-yr. VAP, open specialization, review begins 2/9/15, link
    • Skype Interview requested (2/20) (2x)
    • Invitation for campus visit (3/4)
    • Offer extended (4/2) and accepted (4/6)
  28. Kutztown U (PA), 1-yr. part-time position teaching beginning and intermediate German, review begins immediately, open until filled, link
  29. Lafayette C (PA), lecturer, due 11/7/14, link
    • Skype interview requested (11/18) (2x)
    • MLA interview scheduled (12/10) (2x)
    • Rejection received by e-mail (1/30) (2x)
    • On-campus interviews scheduled
    • Offer extended and accepted (reliable second-hand)
  30. Lawrence U (WI), postdoctoral fellow in German and global studies, due 2/16/15, link
    • Phone interview requested (3/5)
    • Offer accepted (link)
  31. Longwood U (VA), 1-yr. VAP, due 4/25/15, link
    • Skype interview requested (5/6)
    • Offer made and accepted
  32. Louisiana SU, instructor, due 4/13/15, link
  33. McGill U (Montreal), faculty lecturer, due 3/6/15, link
    • Online interview requested (3/21)
  34. Montana SU, 1-year VAP, due 5/15/2015, link
    • Skype interviews have been held
    • Email received stating search has been concluded (6/22)
  35. New York U, 3-yr. faculty fellow, due 2/16/15, link
  36. Northern Arizona U, instructor of German, 1-yr., renewable, due 4/4/15, link
    • Rejection letter received (reliable second hand)
  37. Northern Michigan U, 3-year asst. prof., due 11/10/14, link
    • Skype interview requested (12/5) (2x)
    • Rejection received by e-mail (not an interviewee) (12/23)
    • permission requested to contact references (1/24)
    • Invited for on-campus interview 1/29
    • Offer accepted (reliable second-hand, 4/9)
  38. Northwestern U (IL), 2-5 year appointment in German Studies through DAAD, only EU citizens may apply, due 11/2/14, link
  39. Pennsylvania SU, 3-year lecturer, must have experience teaching online, due 11/15/14, link
    • Skype interview requested (11/26) (2x)
    • Additional materials requested after interview (12/4)
    • Rejection received by e-mail (2/18)
  40. Ohio SU, lecturer, due 5/10/2015 link
  41. Oklahoma SU, VAP, due 5/6/2015 link
  42. Princeton U (NJ), 1-yr. lecturer, link
  43. Purdue U (IN), VAP, renewable, review begins 1/26/15, open until filled, link
    • Skype interview requested (2/12)
    • letter received stating that position has been filled (4/27)
  44. Rhodes C (TN), 2-year asst. prof., specialization open, some preference for 20th and 21st C literature and culture, due 11/15/14 link
    • Invited for Skype interview, 12/10, 12/17
    • Rejection received by email, other applicants have been selected for interviews (not an interviewee), 2/24
  45. Rutgers U, 1-year lecturer, due 5/15/2015 link
    • Position has been filled 6/21
  46. St. Lawrence U (NY), visiting asst. prof., due 3/1/15, link
    • Rejection email received, position filled 5/22
  47. Sam Houston SU (TX), lecturer/visiting asst. prof, link
    • Skype interview requested (3/2)
    • Rejection phone call stating that offer has been extended and accepted (Skype interviewee) (3/23)
    • Offer accepted (link )
  48. SU of New York at New Paltz, 3-year lecturer, link
    • Skype interview requested
  49. Smith C (MA), lecturer in German studies, review begins 3/9/15, link
    • Campus interview scheduled (3/31)
    • Offer extended and accepted (4/23) (link)
  50. Swarthmore C (PA), 3-year visiting asst. prof., German and gender and sexuality studies, due 12/10/14, link
    • Skype Interview requested (12/11) (2x)
    • Campus visit invitation (1/15)
    • initial offer made and turned down  (2/12-20)
  51. Texas A&M U, 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 6/1/15, link
    • Rejection received via email (6/22)
  52. Tufts U (MA), 1-yr. part-time lecturer, German lang. and lit./culture for AY 2015-2016, review begins immediately, link
    • phone interview requested (3/9)
    • Rejection received via email (5/13) (phone interviewee)
  53. United States Military Academy (NY), 3-year instructor or asst. prof., due 12/8/14, link
    • e-mail received requesting additional information (2/18) (3x)
    • Skype interview scheduled (2/24)
    • Phone call requesting additional materials (2/27)
  54. U of Arizona, non-tenure eligible asst. prof., 1750 to the present, review begins 11/15/14, link
    • MLA interview requested (12/9) (2x)
    • campus visit invitation (1/20)
    • offer made and accepted (2/19)
  55. U of California, Irvine, lecturer for spring 2015, European and German Studies, due 11/16/14, link
  56. U of California, Santa Barbara, lecturer, background in applied linguistics desirable, due 2/9/15, link
    • Request for additional materials (3/4) (3x), (3/10)
    • Skype interview scheduled (3/10) (4x)
    • Follow-up Skype interview scheduled (3/20) (2x)
    • rejection received saying that another candidate was chosen for the position (3/24) (3/27)
    • Offer extended and accepted (4/29)
  57. U of Central Arkansas, visiting asst. prof. 20th or 21st C preferred, review begins 3/1/15, link
    • Preliminary phone interview requested (3/7)
    • Campus visit scheduled (3/17)
    • Offer extended (4/14) and accepted (4/17)
  58. U of Connecticut, visiting asst. prof., 19th through 21st C German Studies, due 4/20/15, link
    • Skype interview requested (5/4)
    • Offer extended and accepted
  59. U of Memphis (TN), instructor, due 4/24/15, link
    • Skype interview requested (reliable second-hand)
  60. U of Miami (FL), lecturer, review begins immediately, link
  61. U of Minnesota, 2-5 year appointment in German Studies through DAAD, only EU citizens may apply, due 11/2/14, link
  62. U of Minnesota, Duluth, 1-yr. lecturer or asst. prof., due 6/8/15, link
    • candidates have been contacted for phone interview (reliable second hand)
    • Position has been filled (6/24)
  63. U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1-semester visiting lecturer in German for fall semester 2015, due 08/14/15, link
  64. U of Pennsylvania, 2-5 year appointment in German Studies through DAAD, only EU citizens may apply, due 11/2/14, link
  65. U of Pittsburgh, 1-yr. non-renewable lectureship, beginning late August 2015, review begins 7/31/15 link
  66. U of Tennessee, lecturer, due 5/8/15, link
    • Skype interview scheduled (5/13)
  67. U of Virginia, lecturer, link
  68. Virginia Commonwealth U, instructor, due 1/12/15, link
    • Phone interview requested (2/27)
  69. Wabash C (IN), visiting asst. prof., due 3/9/15, link
    • Campus visit held (6/30)
    • Offer extended and accepted (7/2)
  70. Wake Forest U (NC), asst. teaching prof., 20th and 21st C, due 5/8/15, link
  71. Washington & Jefferson C (PA), one-semester asst. prof./instructor of German, review begins 1/1/14, continues until filled, link
  72. Wesleyan U (CT), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof. in German Studies, due 4/15/15, link
    • Skype interview requested (4/22)
    • offer accepted (5/1)
  73. Yale U (CT), senior lector, due 6/8/15, link
  74. York U (Canada), sessional assistant professor, due 2/27/15, link
    • Email received that position has been cancelled for budgetary reasons (4/21)

Applied Linguistics/Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director Positions[]

  1. Carnegie Mellon U (PA), open rank prof. in second language acquisition, due 10/31/14, link, also posted at Linguistics 2014-2015
    • Received rejection by e-mail (12/17)
  2. Carson-Newman U (TN), asst. or assoc. prof. of linguistics and German, open until filled, link
  3. Dartmouth C (NH), language program director, due 11/15/14, link
    • MLA interview requested via email (11/26) (5x)
    • Invited for campus interview (1/16) (3x)
    • Offer extended and accepted (2/7)
  4. Oakland U (MI), asst. prof of teacher education (K-12), language of specialization open to French, German, Japanese, Spanish, due 2/5/15, link
    • Skype interview requested (1/23)
    • Campus visits scheduled
  5. Rice U (TX), lecturer in German, training in second language pedagogy, due 11/15/14
    • Skype interview requested (12/3) (2x)
    • Rejection received by e-mail after I wrote to request more information (1/28)
    • Status on Interfolio updated to "Closed - Position Filled"
    • position re-posted (4/21/15): link, application deadline 5/17/15
  6. U of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras,  asst. prof., second/foreign lang. acquisition, review begins 2/1/15, link
    • Reposted with a new deadline, see below
  7. U of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, asst. prof., SLA, due 3/30/15 link
    • Invited for Skype interview (4/17)
  8. Washington U (MO), lecturer in foreign lang. pedagogy or 2nd lang. acquisition, due 3/1/15, link
    • Skype interview requested (3/15)
    • offer made and accepted
  9. Webster U, Director of Webster in Vienna, open until filled, link

Faculty Positions outside of the US[]

  1. Bergische U Wuppertal, Juniorprofessur für Germanistische Linguistik, due 11/21/14, link
  2. Chinese U Hong Kong, prof., assoc. prof., or asst. prof. of Second Language Acquisition / European Linguistics (incl. German), 3 yrs., renewable, Reference Number 1415/029(737)/2, open until filled, link
  3. Deutsch-Jordanische Hochschule (Jordan), Promovierte Lehrkraft für Fach- und Wissenschaftssprache, link
  4. Durham U (UK), full-time lecturer in German, preference for mediaeval/early modern studies, visual culture, contemporary studies, or science and culture studies, due 12/19/14, link
    • Invited to informal meeting at MLA (x2)
    • Rejection Received (2/10) (x2)
  5. Eberhard Karls U Tübingen, W3-Professur in Professional School of Education, Deutsche Philologie und Didaktik der deutschen Literatur, due 4/10/2015, link
  6. Europa-U Flensburg, Universitätsprofessur (W2), germanistische Literaturwissenschaft mit Schwerpunkt "Deutschsprachige Literatur des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts im europäischen Kontext", due 10/23/14, link
  7. Friedrich-Schiller-U Jena, Wissenschaftliche/r Geschäftsführer/in, Europäisches Kolleg „Das 20. Jahrhundert und seine Repräsentationen“,  due 11/15/2014
  8. Friedrich-Schiller-U Jena, four positions as wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter/innen (Doktorand/innen), Europäisches Kolleg „Das 20. Jahrhundert und seine Repräsentationen“, due 11/15/14
  9. Fritz Bauer Institut (Frankfurt a. M.), Wiss. Mitarb., "Die deutsch-israelischen Beziehungen in den Geisteswissenschaften zwischen 1970 und 2000",  due 10/15/14
  10. Georg-August-U Göttingen, W3-Professur für Germanistische Mediävistik/Ältere deutsche Literatur und Sprache, link
  11. Ghent U (Belgium), full-time lecturer (tenure-track) in German applied linguistics, Dept. of Translation, Interpreting and Communication, German Section, due 3/27/15 link
  12. Gulf U for Science and Technology (Kuwait), asst. prof., due 12/1/14, link
  13. Karl-Franzens-U Graz, Professur für Neuere deutschsprachige Literatur, Schwerpunkt 18. und 19. Jh., due 1/2/15, link
  14. Koç U (Turkey), open rank in Comparative Literature, focus on German, due 1/15/15, link
    • Rejection Received (2/26) 
  15. Leopold-Franzens-U Innsbruck, Universitätsprofessor/in, Fachdidaktik des Unterrichtsfaches Deutsch (Literaturdidaktik), due 10/15/14
  16. Leopold-Franzens-U Innsbruck, wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in, DFG-Projekt "'Versuch‘ und 'Experiment': Konzepte des Experimentierens zwischen Naturwissenschaft und Literatur (1700-1960)," due 11/18/14
  17. Seoul National U (South Korea), DAAD-Lektor, due 4/17/2015 link
  18. Tamkang U (Taiwan), asst., assoc., or full prof., je nach Erfahrung und Qualifikation, due 2/27/2015 (?), link
  19. Technische U Darmstadt, W3-Professur, Germanistische Computerphilologie/Korpus- und Computerlinguistik (Schwerpunkt Mediävistik), due 2/28/15 
  20. Technische U Darmstadt, W2-Professur, Schwerpunkt Digitale Literaturwissenschaft, due 2/28/15 
  21. U Brunei Darussalam (Brunei), lecturer/assistant professor of German language, link
  22. U Brunei Darussalam (Brunei), Education Officer in German language, link
  23. U of Cambridge (UK), German teacher in Cambridge University Language Programmes, link
  24. U of Geneva, Assistenzstelle in germanistischer Mediävistik, due 4/1/15
  25. U Hamburg, wissenschaftl. Mitarbeiter/in im Projekt »Geteilte Erfahrung Migration im deutsch-türkischen und türkischen Film«, due 10/21/14
  26. U Heidelberg, W3-Professur für Neuere deutsche Literatur (Nachfolge Helmuth Kiesel), Schwerpunkt Literatur und Kultur des 20. Jh. und der Gegenwart, weiterer Schwerpunkt erwünscht, vorzugsweise Klassik und Romantik, due 12/31/14
  27. U de Lausanne, Ordentliche Professur für germanistische Linguistik (100%), no due date given
  28. U Paderborn, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin/wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft, insbesondere Literatur des 17./18. und des 20. Jahrhunderts (Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L), due 11/13/14
  29. U of St. Andrews (UK), Professor of German, any area of German Studies, due 11/14/14, link
  30. U of Sydney (Australia), lecturer in Germanic Studies, due 2/15/15, link
  31. Vietnamesisch-Deutsches Zentrum Hanoi (Vietnam), freiberufliche Lehrkräfte für Deutsch als Fremdsprache für Stipendiatensprachkurse, due 12/15/14, link

Multi-Language Faculty Positions[]

  1. Howard U (DC), asst. prof. of French and German, due 5/28/15, link
  2. New Mexico SU, college asst. prof. of German and Portuguese, due 10/15/14, link
    • Rejection e-mail; recruitment process has ended and a candidate was selected (11/10)
  3. St. Edward's U (TX), asst. prof., qualified to teach another language taught in the department, preferably Spanish, due 12/1/14, link
    • Skype interview requested 1/17
    • Campus visit scheduled 2/3
    • Offer accepted (link)
  4. U of Chicago, asst. prof. comparatist, nineteenth- and twentieth-century German and Russian literature and culture, due 09/22/14, link (also posted at Comparative 2015 and Russian/Slavic 2014-2015)

Other Germanic Languages[]

  1. Harvard U, preceptor in Scandinavian, review begins 1/20/15, link
  2. U of California, Berkeley, lecturer in Dutch (beginning spring 2015), due 11/5/2014 link
  3. U of California, Los Angeles, lecturer in Swedish, due 2/15/2015 link
  4. U of Washington, asst. prof. of Norwegian
  5. U of Wisconsin, Madison, asst. prof. of Norwegian

Other German-Related Faculty Positions[]

NOTE: German History positions are also posted at European History 2014-15

  1. Brandeis U, Albert Abramson Chair in Holocaust Studies, due 11/1/2014 for full consideration 
  2. Loyola U Maryland, asst. prof. of modern German history, due 11/15/14, application link ; link with extended description and additional submission requirements
  3. Missouri Western SU, asst prof. of English Grammar & Linguistics, experience teaching German is desired, due 01/15/15, link (also posted at Linguistics 2014-2015)
  4. Murray SU, asst. prof. of English Medieval Literature, ability to teach German courses required (graduate coursework in German), due 12/1/14, link (also posted at Medieval 2015)
  5. U of Chicago, asst. or assoc. prof. of philosophy, German idealism, due 9/30/14, link
  6. U of North Carolina, Asheville, asst. prof. of modern German or Central European History, incl. colonial or postcolonial African History link
  7. U of Utah, asst. prof. of history, 20th C German history, due 10/20/14, link


  1. U of Massachusetts, Amherst
    • In the initial application, they requested contact information for references. On 12/1 I got an e-mail asking me to request letters from the three recommenders. I'm not sure if this is a sign that I'm being considered further or if they sent that request to all applicants. (5x)
    • I spoke with Human Resources after I submitted the application, and the system is set up to automatically request letters after you submit your application.
  2. Virginia Commonwealth University
    • I submitted contact info for my rec letters but they haven't been requested.  Did this happen to you?
    • 2/26: They also have not requested my rec letters.
  3. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    • Has anyone heard anything?
    • Haven't heard anything, also waiting ...
    • They have started contacting candidates for phone interviews (3/26)
    • According to the information posted above, the committee contacted candidates for on campus interviews even before all of the first round phone interviews were conducted. Does anyone have any insight into this or into the current status of the search?
    • Thanks for posting this! I had a phone interview with them on 4/10 and was also wondering.
    • Ok, the date on which candidates were contacted for campus interviews has now been corrected above.
  4. Can't we introduce a way to highlight new offers for a week or so? I always find it very difficult to detect the new ones.
  5. I like the idea of highlighting new offers once a week!
    • An additional suggestion for seeing what the most recent changes are: Where it says "Edit" at the top of the page, you can click the arrow, and select "history" and from there you can see when the page was last updated and compare with earlier versions to see what changes have been made. -- Thank you!
    • RSS Feed to show recent edits has been installed at the top of the page. For more instant updates, subscribe to the RSS feed for this page through any available RSS reader.
  6.  Any news on the University of Southern Indiana position post-Skype interviews?
    • Nothing here.
  7. I don't think the UC Santa Barbara position is filled yet, but they have narrowed it down to four candidates. They are having follow-up interviews as I write this (3/24).
  8. University of Pennsylvania (TT position)
    • Does anyone know where in the hiring process they are? Did they make an offer to a candidate? (3/26)
    • Yes, they did and it was accepted. I've updated above. (4/13)
  9. Is there a reason why the links to departmental Web sites congratulating students on receiving jobs, and therefore evidence that job searches are over, keep getting deleted? I think it's quite useful to see who has received the various jobs when we actually have evidence about this.
    • Yes, please keep those links!
    • If you are talking about the Cornell U position, I deleted (numerous times!) one link because there are TWO positions at Cornell U, and someone kept linking the same person twice, and it wasn't accurate. I kept the VAP link, which is accurate, but deleted the visiting lecturer link.
    • OK, thanks!
  10. Any News on the Truman State job?
    • I received an e-mail this morning from a department chair saying we should all congratulate one of the former graduate students from our program as he had accepted a TT job at Truman State (5/9).
    • I heard from a colleague that one week ago they were contacting people to see if they were interested in interviews.  That certainly moved fast.
  11. The lecturer position at Rice was listed under both 'Visiting/Lecturer/non-Tenure Track Positions' and 'Applied Linguistics/Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director Positions', so I deleted it from the former category. Also, in case anyone is interested to know, I had interviewed for this position back in December and did not get it; then it was posted again in spring. I received an e-mail from them on 5/5 inviting me to apply again, stating that they were hiring another lecturer (in addition to the one who had already been hired) "due to student interest."